Julianne Hough says bf Ryan Seacrest fills her car and hotel rooms with flowers


Former Dancing with the Stars professional and country singer Julianne Hough was on Ellen yesterday. Hough, 22, talked about her relationship with 35 year-old Ryan Seacrest, which is going strong a few months after they first went public this summer. It sounds like things are still pretty romantic for the two of them, as Hough said that Seacrest regularly puts flowers in her car and hotel rooms to the point where she finds it embarrassing.

“He’s phenomenal,” Julianne Hough gushed about her ubiquitously employed boyfriend in an interview airing Tuesday on Ellen. “He’s really romantic. He’s not even in town and I got in my car and there are flowers everywhere!”

And to think, most guys just leave fast food wrappers in the car.

But apparently the E! News anchor, American Idol host, longtime radio personality and Emmy-winning reality-TV producer is good at the in-person stuff, too.

“And for my birthday, same thing,” Hough continued. “Like, flowers everywhere. I was almost embarrassed. You walk in and you’re like, “Is this my room? I don’t even know.’

“I’m kind of embarrassed,” she added, a hint of a blush creeping into her cheeks.

“Like in a hotel room he did that?” asked Generes, a good friend (and onetime colleague) of Seacrest’s who obviously wants to get to the bottom of this oft-long distance relationship.

“Yeah, because we’re obviously traveling,” Hough said, keeping the conversation clean.

And though Hough and Seacrest haven’t done too much parading around in public together, they have spent time with Hough’s parents.

“Yeah, but everyone’s like, ‘Oh, you met the folks!'” Its like…I don’t know. Both of our folks are like our best friends, so when we hang out, its more like hanging out with friends.”

[From E! Online]

I’m surprised that Ryan is with a woman and that they’ve lasted more than a few weeks, but good for them I guess. I just found his relationship with Teri Hatcher a few years back so staged, particularly those makeout pictures taken on what she revealed was one of their first dates. Maybe Julianne is more his speed, although these quotes are making it seem like he’s more into her than she is into him. Also, he must be watching too many romcoms because I’ve never heard of people giving massive amounts of flowers other than in the movies. I definitely don’t run in those circles where anyone could afford that, though. Even if you’re richer than sin, why waste all those flowers when one gorgeous bouquet will do?

Hough is in that Burlesque movie, with Christina Aguilera and Cher. I have to say I like her better as a blonde. Here she is at the premiere of Burlesque last night, in a dress that does nothing for her coloring or figure. (Ryan was there too!) Compare that to the photo of her as a blonde in the yellow dress below. (At the CMT Awards on 6/9/10.) She needed to wipe off the orange, but the blonde looks better on her.

Header image is from 7/7/10. Credit: Bauergriffinonline. Images below credit: WENN.com





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26 Responses to “Julianne Hough says bf Ryan Seacrest fills her car and hotel rooms with flowers”

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  1. guesty says:

    the blonde is prettier. maybe ryan’s just metro & all but idk…it just seems so awkward.

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL They look like sorority sisters in that first pic who haven’t seen each other in ages. I think its all so sweet. Happy for Ryan.

  3. Winnie says:

    I don’t really have a problem with Ryan Seacrest, but this fake relationship gets on my nerves. I love how Perez outs everybody except for Ryan..cuz he has some development deal with him. So, its ok to out some gay celebrities, but not the ones you have a vested interest in?

  4. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Wow, kinda weird.

    I like flowers and all but I dont want to have to pick them out of my car!

  5. PrettyTarheel says:

    Huh. Blonde was definitely better. That’s the first time I’ve ever actually looked at her face with any interest. I mean, if Seacrest has deemed her pretty enough and shiny-teethed enough to beard for him… What? Taylor Swift was busy?

  6. Vee says:

    I remember Julianne first on the scene in DWTS. She was a good Mormon girl from Utah who was still heavily influenced by her parents. She then dated a good boy from Nashville, Chuck Wicks.
    There is nothing wrong with ambition, and clearly Julianne has it, she just may be the female version of Ryan. Not saying it’s wrong, just making a statement.
    And she is much better as a blonde.

  7. Justez says:

    I love her hair in the first picture, wish mine would do that. And gotta admit, I had the same exact thoughts in Searrest as you.

  8. Lola7 says:

    Wow, she is so pretty. Much better as a blond tho…

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    is she wearing colored contacts?

    if not, her eye color would FREAK ME OUT if I had to look at it every day. maybe it’s just the lights but in that last pic I’m reminded of a zombie movie.

  10. Ferguson. says:

    In the picture of the Burlesque Premiere she looks way older than what she really is; and that’s one of the reasons why she looks so much better as a blonde.

    She’s beautiful, though.
    And Ryan did nothing to me, so I guess I’m happy for him and his obsessive relationship.

  11. Carmen says:

    Is it just me or has she missed the fact that Ryan is gayyer than a fruit basket? There is nothing wrong with being gay so why doesn’t he just come out of the closet already??

  12. Alexis says:

    Aw cute. Children of the radioactive, genetically modified corn, all grown up.

  13. Abby says:

    that gold dress is gross. She’s tiny, why is she wearing that?

    I’m surprised they have lasted this long…

  14. Hollowdoll says:

    This PR relationship is rediculous. It looks like he started watching 80’s movies to figure out how to be romantic with a woman. My advice for him is to rent Say Anything next. Loyd Dobbler rocks!

  15. Henriette says:

    Yeah, that’s because he can’t fill her &$(^ with his @$%* !

  16. TaylorB says:

    First of all, that dress is horrid.

    Secondly, if you are a gay man who will not get out of the closet and you want a ‘beard’ I don’t think you could do better than picking a very hot, chaste, mormon girl so you can date for a few years and never be confronted with the sex issue. Not that I am saying Seacrest is gay, just a thought.

  17. Meanchick says:

    This whole thing seems uncomfortable and staged.

  18. Maritza says:

    I really miss Julianne in DWTS, she is such a great dancer! Ryan must be on cloud nine because she is so beautiful and talented and a really sweet girl, I wish them lots of happiness!

  19. Liana says:

    I can’t with Ryan Seacrest. He just annoys the pee out of me. Don’t care a whit about his sexuality, HE just annoys me.

  20. Str8Shooter says:

    And she filled HIS car with the latest DVD collection from Raging Stallion…LOL!

  21. Camille says:

    @Liana: I agree! Can’t stand the guy.
    He does ping on my gaydar, but I don’t care either way.

    Julianne looks much better blonde that is for sure. She reminds me of that Pratt girl from The Hills. They could be sisters.

  22. Sunshine says:

    Why all the hate for this couple? I hope they get married and have cute babies…

  23. Lanette says:

    umm who do they think they are kidding? this is just sad…everyone knows what he is.

  24. bored says:

    Didn’t Katie Holmes say in an interview that Tom Cruise does the same thing for her? He makes sure there are roses everywhere for her (car, hotel, her trailer, etc) when she is travelling and apart from him.
    So, Seacrest is following Cruise’s lead here. Maybe it is in the Hollywood beard manual. Send flowers – it will make people think it is love, not a shame. Following the Tom Cruise example – it’s not really throwing people off the scent Ryan!

  25. Liana says:

    I actually don’t think he’s gay. I just find him arrogant and annoying. She’s really adorable, though.

  26. Jacq says:

    “Most guys leave fast food wrappers in the car” well, you see, Ryan doesn’t to those things because he is more like most…. women.