Joe Simpson says he’s modeling Jessica’s career on Angelina Jolie

Celebs attend the Shine On Good HouseKeeping Event of 125 Years Of Women Making Their Mark in NYC, NY on April 12, 2010. Pictured: Jessica Simpson Fame Pictures, Inc

OK! Magazine got an exclusive interview with Joe Simpson, post-engagement. I have to admit something – whenever I think about Jessica’s engagement these days, I always get a wave of happiness thinking about how she was c—kblocked by Kate Middleton. After Jess tried to steal Nick Lachey’s thunder, Jess had her own thunder stolen! Instant karma. Anyway, Papa Joe Simpson is trying to get some attention for his beloved daughter (Ashlee doesn’t count!) and so he’s given a shockingly delusional interview. Well… most of it is his normal BS, but then he utters this line: “She is an example of a woman who had overcome obstacles and moved forward. If there’s one woman that Jessica and I are looking at — and where I want Jessica to be — it is Angelina Jolie.” Yes. Jessica Simpson is modeling herself after Angelina. In what way now?

Just after Jessica Simpson announced her engagement to Eric Johnson, her dad, Joe Simpson, sat down with Daphne Barak for his first-ever in-depth interview for this week’s issue of OK!. The stage dad opens up about Jessica’s future, business and weight and even confronts those nasty control freak rumors.

Daphne, who knows Joe well, says he is overwhelmed with fatherly pride. “I am so happy!” Jessica exclaimed to her father, who tells OK!, “I’m very happy for Jessica.”

Joe also added, “May they have a lifetime of joy and happiness.”

Jessica and Eric’s engagement isn’t the only thing the Simpson’s are celebrating though. “Jessica does not have to work anymore,” Joe reveals. Her businesses with be making a turnover of $700 million by the end of this year!

With everything going so well for the Simpson family, Joe must have seen it as the opportune time to let his guard down and finally open up to the public.

Joe on being the misconception of him as a control freak: “We let the girls [Jessica and sister Ashlee Simpson-Wentz] know we are here for them no matter what. They suffered so much in front of the world that I would not imagine it is possible unless each time it happened, we were there to take care of t hem. I am so happy my daughters want to spend time with us. This is one thing people who judge me don’t understand.”

Joe on the secret to The Jessica Simpson Collection’s huge success: “We always knew Jessica is Midwest America. Some people, when they move to Hollywood, they change. They buy different clothes, have different budgets. We never forget where we are from, where Jessica is from. And that is the clothes and accessories we are producing.”

Joe on Jessica’s weight: “I have nothing to do with Jessica’s weight. Jessica has been working since she was 12. She was told how to look perfect. How many people can look perfect all the time? I think she’s an all-American girl. She is sending a message to the world that it is okay to be normal; it is okay to indulge. Her message is: “Let me be normal! Everyone else gets to do it.”

Joe on what he wishes for Jessica: “She is an example of a woman who had overcome obstacles and moved forward. If there is one woman that Jessica and I are looking at — and where I want Jessica to be — it is Angelina Jolie.”

[From OK! Magazine]

New game: how Angelina and Farty McDumbAsABoxOfHair are different. Angelina has a thriving film career, while Jessica couldn’t pay someone to put her in a movie these days. Angelina is not managed by her freaky, trainwreck father. Angelina doesn’t make international headlines for wearing God-awful mom-jeans at a chili cook-off. Angelina also has never farted so loudly in a business meeting that her mom had to yell at her. Of course, that last one is pending. If Angelina was a gasbag, don’t you think the tabloids would have pounced on it by now?

In all honesty though… it’s completely dumb to use Angelina as a model – Jessica isn’t going to be an actress anymore, and her biggest success is as the face of a clothing brand, and as a former reality star and singer. You know who Papa Joe should use as a model? Dolly Parton. For real.

40284, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Thursday May 6, 2010. Joe Simpson arriving back at his hotel in NYC after attending the Operation Smile Event with his daughter Jessica Simpson. Photograph: Darla Khazei,

PARIS - AUGUST 17: US actress Angelina Jolie attends the premiere for 'Salt' at Le Grand Rex on August 17, 2010 in Paris, France. (Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images)

Celebs attend the Shine On Good HouseKeeping Event of 125 Years Of Women Making Their Mark in NYC, NY on April 12, 2010. Pictured: Jessica Simpson Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. aenflex says:

    not in a million fucking years.

  2. bite me says:

    that is the nastiest and most evil thing someone has ever said about LA JOLIE, damn joe, please papa joe for the love of all things holy retratc that statement..and dolly has beauty and brain

    EDIT: i hope maddox come for his arse, no one disrespect his mama like that

  3. normades says:

    Um, Angelia Jolie is an Oscar winner, can you imagine Jess winning an Oscar???

  4. Michael says:

    LMFAO. then drop 50 lbs, win an oscar amongst other awards & give a shaiz about poverty, the earth & people in need.

    well i guess she already does plenty charity by providing a jobless loser an extravagant life.

  5. sashavice says:

    I wonder what “LoveAngelina” will have to say about this

  6. flutters says:

    “You know who Papa Joe should use as a model? Dolly Parton. For real.”

    @Kaiser: It pains me to disagree with you but I really do. For all the talk of her assets, Dolly Parton is a GREAT singer-songwriter and Jessica Simpson is not remotely in her league in either respect. Dolly worked it then and she works it now but she had and has the substance and talent to back it up. Jessica’s vapid and her live singing is terrible because she doesn’t know how to use her voice.

    Dolly’s also witty while Jessica’s unintentionally funny. And Dolly gives every sign of respecting herself and not being consumed by raging insecurity like Jessica is. Bottom line is Jessica could NEVER. Dolly is every bit as unattainable as Angelina for Jessica.

    The person who’s got more of a chance of ever filling the poor man’s Dolly shoes is Kellie Pickler. Despite her dumb moments, Kellie has a real and strong presence that makes her likable the way Dolly is and she knows who she is as a person and artist way more than Jessica does.

    What Jessica needs to do is find her own way. Sadly she’s spent her whole career copying other people and doesn’t really know how to be herself as an entertainer outside of Newlyweds.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, papajoe, good luck with that.

    (Michael, to be fair, Simpson is involved with Operation Smile, so she does do charity work, but certainly not on the level as Jolie…)

  8. Nanea says:

    Joe Simpleton in all his earthly glory!

    *shakes head in disbelief that his older daughter doesn’t cut the ties*

    How about – if he wants to be taken seriously about modeling Chestica’s career on AnJo, he should convince Jess to start donating time and money to worthier causes than paying for the upkeep of the “fiancé”.

  9. Stronzilla says:

    Cut to Budapest: Brad, on what he wishes for Angie, “If there is one woman that Angie and I are looking at — and where I want Angelina to be — it is Jessica Simpson.”

  10. devilgirl says:


  11. bagladey says:

    “Jessica does not have to work anymore,” is a brilliant way to dismiss the subject of Jessica’s entertainment career being over.

  12. heathen says:

    Why Dolly Parton? She doesn’t have a clothing line, does she? Plus, Dolly is a seriously gifted singer/song-writer –country music might not be for everyone, but Dolly is a legend. Flutters is exactly right. Dolly’s career is just as impossible for Jessica as Angelina’s is, if not more so because unlike Angelina, Dolly didn’t have a famous dad to open doors for her –she was dirt poor growing up & used her own beauty, brains & talent to get everything she has.
    JLo would be a better model for Jessica. She can’t sing, can’t act & has the clothing line, perfume and all that other gawdawful cr@p.

  13. Girafe99 says:

    She looks cross eyed in that first photo, is it a pose gone or wrong or is it real issue?

  14. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I applaud Joe for aiming high. I always aim high, its not about if you get there which some people won’t (say like modeling Jessica Simpson’s career on Angelina Jolie) its that fact that your tried.

    Joe is gonna make this girl look like a fool. Why does she keep him in her employ? Even Beyonce got rid of her dad as a manager, I think.

  15. Hollowdoll says:

    I totally agree with Flutters. JS is no where near being in Dolly Parton’s league and never will be.

    If 9 to 5 comes on, I have to watch it. And no I never saw a move called Rhinestone. 😉

  16. brin says:


  17. liz says:

    Neither here nor there. Also, Ange is not a mind-numbingly idiotic gas bubble of dumbass

  18. W.O.M. (use to post as Bea) says:

    Well said, @flutters (#6). Also Dolly plays 9 musical instruments AND has been married for 43 years. Jessica is never going to be able to live up to those numbers.

    Jessica should aspire to having the career success of Charo.

  19. guesty says:

    that’s funny.

  20. NayNay says:

    Okay, I almost choked while drinking my coffee. Is papa Joe kidding us? Something is definitely wrong with this dude. There is no way in hell, that Jessica could ever, ever, ever, compare to Angela Jolie. Nice pipe dream, though.

  21. Feebee says:

    Jessica can’t even remember the words to one of Dolly’s biggest hits ever. Jessica doesn’t have Dolly’s work ethic or her nous. The Angelina thing is so stupid only Papa Joe could utter it, only he (and possibly Le Lohan about his offspring) could believe such nonsense.

  22. anti says:

    oh man, that guy is delusional.

  23. Marie says:

    Bahahahahahahahahahaha…I just shot coffee out of my nose.

  24. Moops says:

    I’m thinking Pam Anderson is as high as Jess should aim. Seriously. Pam is famous for … boobs, and being in a popular show despite her bad acting. Her real genius is keeping us interested in her, through high-profile relationships and ridiculous antics. Jess has boobs, but her reality t.v. show is no Baywatch.

    Hmmm… the more I think about it, the Pam bar is too high for Jess. Maybe she should try for the Olson twins’ career instead. They made $$$ off of crappy tween-movis in the ’90s and K-Mart fashion lines, and now they just spend their money and show up in tabloid stories about their weight loss/gain. Sounds about right.

  25. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Hollowdoll, 9-5 is one of my favorite movies.

    “because I’m a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot?”


    and Rhinestone is TOTALLY underrated. I know it got crappy reviews and it’s silly for sure, but I think Parton and Stallone were so funny together! Good comedic chemistry.

  26. Majosha says:

    I’d be embarrassed for him if he wasn’t such an insufferable dickbag.

  27. Javagirl1 says:

    I don’t really like or dislike Angelina Jolie…but not in a million years will the two of them be comparable. Although to me Jessica seems more suited for Brad. AJ just seems too smart for him….well a lot of women do.

  28. Diane says:

    Love Angelina: Very gracious of you.

  29. happygirl says:

    OMG just choked on my Funyun reading the title.

  30. The_Porscha says:

    Actually, Kaiser, you are on to something. While I worship Dolly Parton and am averse to anyone unworthy being associated with her (like Farty McDesperate, above), if Jessica started following that example, it’d probably be her highest success. Dolly is a straight shooter with wit and grace, and… well, the more I type that, the more I realize how different the two can be. This is going to take locking the two of them in a room for awhile, isn’t it?

  31. Johnny Depp's Girl says:


  32. Ernestine says:

    You SERIOUSLY just compared JESSICA SIMPSON to Dolly Parton?!

    Um. I HIGHLY doubt Jessica could pen “Jolene” or “Coat of Many Colors.”

    You need to issue a big, fat apology to the pneumatic treasure that is Ms. Dolly!!!

  33. Relli says:

    Is it a requirement that if you start your kid out in Hollywierd at young age you have to go to the Academy of Grand Delusions becuase if you replaced Papa Joe with Dina or Michael it could be an interview about Lindsay. He is so nasty and way to throw a bone to your “midwest market” douchebag.

  34. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    But Charo plays the guitar really well. Maybe Carrot Top or Pauly Shore would be a better choice, buddy.

  35. Kaiser says:

    My point about Ms. Dolly was that she’s branded herself extremely well, and she should be a role model for all young celebrities who want to do more than just “Act” and “sing”. I would never disrespect Dolly! I just think the Dolly Model would be a better path for Jessica.

  36. LindaR says:

    Really! And how’s that workin’ for ya Joe?

  37. PJ says:

    Hooking up with Brad Pitt is the best thing Angelina ever did for her career. Since she’s been with him, she’s been offered a series of terrific roles that she never would have gotten without him.

    So things don’t look good for Jessica, since Brad is already taken.

  38. Persistent Cat says:

    What obstacles???? Why do these idiots constantly talk about the “obstacles” they had to overcome. Was Jessica (or even Angie for that matter) born into a third world country or desolate poverty? A country where women aren’t allowed to vote or drive? Fought a serious illness? No.

    I’m sick of hearing about these “obstacles” they had to overcome. Jessica wanted fame at any cost, she did whatever she could to put her name in print, they need to start dealing with the consequences of their actions and stop making it seem like they’ve conquered mountains and changed the lives of millions.

  39. Persistent Cat says:

    Oh, and I cry for the world if Jessica is really worth that much. I hope he’s exaggerating to make her sound more successful than she is.

  40. Ernestine says:

    You know what, Kaiser? I kind of agree with you.

    I still think J-Simp is nearly comatose in terms of cerebral ability — whereas Dolly sometimes PLAYS dumb and acts self-deprecating, but anyone that prolific and infamously flamboyant has GOT to be a genius. But they both have something in common in that they seem like sweet people. Ashlee has always struck me as kind of a twit,
    but Jessica seems relatively friendly. Again: dumb as hell, but nice.

    She has 700 MILLION DOLLARS?! Oh my GOD. Papa Joe’s right! Jessica doesn’t need to sing or act anymore. She can just keep churning out tacky shoes and branding herself as a busty blond “personality” rather than a celebrity with actual talent or purpose.

    Next up: her own amusement park? I can see it. Or maybe her own shopping mall. That’s more likely.

  41. Ernestine says:

    Ditto Persistent Cat, BTW.

  42. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Pj, Angelina has 3 Golden Globes and an Oscar, a host of other impressive acting awards…all pre Brad.

  43. Sara says:

    He’s kidding right?????????

  44. mln says:

    @PJ I highly disagree Angelina Jolie as pretty much always been famous & amoung the most talked about women in Hollywood since GIA. She was picked to replace Nicole Kidman because Brad wouldn’t do MAMS without an A-list actress.

    As for Jess and Papa Joe when is she going to get rid of him he really is embarrasing and dumber than even she is.

  45. TG says:

    I feel sorry for Angelina all these Z list actors and parents are always spouting off her name.

    Joe and Dina should go off into the sunset together – they are both very delusional about their children’s talents.

  46. Carrie says:

    Can I just comment about how much I love the photos you use for Jessica Simpson posts? She almost always has her shoulders hunched like a linebacker, and in this one she’s trying to give “sexy face” so hard that her eyes have crossed.

    I’ve said it a million times, but WHY DO YOU MAKE IT SO EASY TO MOCK YOU, JESSICA??

  47. sapphire says:

    Delusional is right. What is with these dum*ss parents who’s mouths are permenantly flapping? Lohan, Spears, Simpson….

  48. devilgirl says:

    The difference with Dolly, is she has talent.

  49. lucy2 says:

    LOL!!!! I don’t even like Jolie much as an actress, but even I think that’s a hilarious comparison.
    Seriously, I kind of wish she’d just quit trying to be famous. She should just enjoy the money she has, and stay out of the spotlight, I think she’d be a lot happier because nothing is working for her and she gets criticized.

  50. Kim says:

    #37 Angelina was making $15 Million for MMS before Brad and had signed to work with Deniro in Good Shephard. Her careeer was fine pre Brad.As for Joe Simpson’s Statement, I’m speechless.

  51. yeng says:

    Even modeling her career after Dolly Parton would be an insult to Dolly Parton.

  52. fabgrrl says:

    Hey, leave Dolly Parton out of this!

  53. Jeri says:

    JOE SIMPSON is just as DELUSIONAL as the LOHANS.

  54. Ron says:

    Well then the first thing he needs to do is call of the engagement and look for a D lister that can further her ascent!

  55. 4Real says:

    bwahahahahahahahahaa! Is Joe drinking again??? Now we know why her SINGING career is an epic FAILURE! This is why she did “Employee of the Month” and “Dukes of Hazard”?? To be more like Angelina?? LOL!!

  56. DetRiotgirl says:

    Lmao! This was the best thing I’ve read in a long time!

  57. bellaluna says:

    I swear to Buddha, if I was Tragically McObvious or Blohan, I would have a gag-order served on my parents. For. Real.

  58. bella says:


  59. lila says:

    LMAO @ stronzilla

  60. happygirl says:

    Didn’t Jessica actually FORGET the lines to a Dolly Parton song she was singing? Or have I sniffed too much glue this morning?

    Edit: Sorry, Feebee…should have through all the comments first! Hey…at least I know I haven’t sniffed too much glue! LOL

  61. flutters says:

    @Kaiser: I see what you’re saying. I think they tried the Dolly Parton model back during Jess’s failed attempt at a country career. They even had Dolly write a song on Jess’s album and sing with her to show that she forgave Jess for messing up her song.

    But that’s the thing with the Simpsons. They try one model, Jessica fails at it, so they go looking for a different model. Wash, rinse, repeat. They never stick to one and they’ve never really tried to just figure out who Jessica is.

  62. Kate says:

    Several comments:

    1. Moops — I agree 100%. I have said for several years now that JS is the new Pam Anderson — she became famous for boobs. That’s it.

    2. Yeah, Papa Joe is delusional, but I’ll give him credit. He realized the cash cow that is celebrity sponsored fashion wear and they have made a killing on it. Seriously, if it weren’t for her clothing line, would anyone still talk about her? I doubt it. (And for the record, for the life of me I don’t understand the appeal of the JS collection and I have no idea why a store like Nordstrom carries her shoes).

    3. I don’t believe the JS clothing line is worth $700 million, but I do think the line and JS herself are worth millions. Not bad for a talentless dolt with big hooters.

    4. To echo the majority of the board — comparing JS to Dolly Parton is really offensive. Dolly Parton is brilliant and a self-made woman. JS has big hooters, a double-digit IQ and a father who figured out how to make money off of both. Don’t for one minute think that JS is the “brains” behind her multi-million dollar career.

  63. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Dolly is awesome & Jess is not. I have no idea what Dollywood is like but I can totally see Jess running some little truck stop/amusement park called “Farty Mc-I Bought Myself a Man-Land” & singing…whatever it is that she sings for a small crowd & serving up fried oreos & funnel cake herself.

  64. anoneemouse says:

    “Jessica does not have to work anymore,” Joe reveals.

    That is the politically correct way of saving she has no offers to work.

  65. LolaBella says:

    Ah Delusion, thy name is Joe Simpleton.

    $700M? If Jess is worth this much how come we never hear about her topping any Forbes list?

    Also, she is an absolute idiot to not sign a pre-nup. Get on that Pimpa Joe!

  66. StPeteGirl says:

    She looks like a bulldog to me. No neck, big face, thick upper body….

  67. mslewis says:

    $700M? If Jess is worth this much how come we never hear about her topping any Forbes list?
    Her CLOTHING LINE will sale $700M this year. That’s what he’s saying. Jessica won’t personally receive $700M. After she pays expenses (payroll, rent, manufacturers, TAXES and the stores that carry the clothing/shoes take their (large) cut; then she has to pay a percentage to various personal employees (agents, managers, Papa Joe, etc. and the person who actually designs the stuff) Jessica might personally receive $40M out of that $700M. Still a lot of money but not $700M.

    Also, I wouldn’t take what is on the Forbes’ lists to be true and accurate. Actually, their lists come from someone sitting down and looking over public papers and then making a GUESS about how much these people are worth. The numbers are not written in stone because none of these stars have to make their true salaries public.

    Anyway, I think it’s a shame that Joe Simpson is again making his daughter a laughing stock. He seems to be as stupid as she is when it comes to the media. It’s too bad she won’t break away from him because she seems like a nice girl.

    P.S.: Jessica’s shoes and handbags are very nice, well made and pretty. That’s why they sell well.

  68. bambam says:

    Papa Joe says “where I want Jessica to be” – if this line doesn’t scream control freak, then I don’t know what is.

  69. Bailey says:

    Jessica should start by getting a neck. the pose is so unfortunate and hilarious.

  70. Amy says:

    He talks about her like a product. What a weird interview!

    Also, I am SHOCKED this idiot is so rich. Most of us work our asses off to score a bachelor’s degree and earn ~$50K a year if we’re lucky. That’s the American median, right?

    Well, “Chicken of the Sea” Barbie here is gonna churn out $700 million worth of business this year. The mind boggles…

  71. MissyA says:

    This is so totally awesome. How lucky for us that the Simpsons have paparazzi on speed dial!
    I mean, delusion this grandiose generally indicates a neurological disorder, or a tumor.

  72. ziggy says:

    jess needs to kick her dad to the curb as her manager- he’s done little to help her ‘career’ of late.

  73. Persistent Cat says:

    @Amy, no kidding, eh? It’s frustrating.

    Her shoes are nice but I can’t bring myself to buy them as I don’t want one single penny of mine to contribute to her anything.

  74. lala in nYc says:

    um, no. jess should be jess. no need to emulate another celeb.

    although, it would be great if she picked a charity or cause she really cared about and spent time with them. i’m trying to do the same

  75. DrM says:


    *get a pre-nup pronto…

  76. Moreaces says:

    wait wait,, getting up off the floor.. Waaaaa hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA hAAAAAAAAAAAA

  77. Moreaces says:

    I’m thinking Pam Anderson is as high as Jess should aim. Seriously. Pam is famous for … boobs, and being in a popular show despite her bad acting. Her
    Much better choice

  78. lu says:

    The first thing that comes to my mind about Jolie is her humanitarian work.
    So no.
    Jessica +Africa= Miriah Carey stupid comments.
    Dumb people have limits

  79. Moreaces says:

    Next up: her own amusement park? I can see it. Or maybe her own shopping mall. That’s more likely.
    Or maybe a chicken joint,, and not the Tuna kind of Chicken.

  80. mauibound says:

    I’m not a jolie fan but modeling jessica’s career after her’s? Bwaaaaa Haaaaaa Haaaaaaa! OMG that’s the best BS i’ve heard in awhile!

  81. Jayna says:

    “Where I want her to be.” LOL This is hysterical. That means it is just a media creation. Angelina became who she is from evolving and doing what she wanted from the heart, not because her manager wanted to create her persona.

  82. LolaBella says:

    “Or maybe a chicken joint, and not the Tuna kind of Chicken.”

    ROFLMAO. She will NEVER live that down. 😉

  83. Bella Mosley says:

    Too Funny. Thanks for the chuckle.

  84. Samigirl says:

    I don’t know where esj got “friendly” out of something named Celebitchy. smh….

  85. Persistent Cat says:

    @emj, what obstacles?

  86. says:

    While I think this is an asinine comment, I cannot stand Jolie so I’d rather see her become more successful than Jolie( although I am not delusional and know this will not happen)

  87. gg says:

    I was going to make a comment but everybody above has done it for me. lmao!

  88. Ruffian9 says:

    “Hooking up with Brad Pitt is the best thing Angelina ever did for her career. Since she’s been with him, she’s been offered a series of terrific roles that she never would have gotten without him.”


    Try the opposite……

  89. truthzbetta says:

    She’s trying to think too hard in the first picture, and her eyes are crossing in full retaliation.

  90. Camille says:

    Hilarious 😆 .

    And if Jessica is worth so much that she ‘doesn’t have to work any more’, then why doesn’t she quit the ‘entertainment’ biz, marry her dodgy fiancé, have a billion kids and also allow herself to get as fat as her genetics want her to be. Cos you know that is in her future anyway. I just wish it would happen now, rather than later.

  91. Jacq says:

    I’ll buy this story as soon as Angelina buys her own ring.

    And, yes, without an ounce of sarcasm, Dolly would be great. She seems like quite a wonderful person and a smart business woman. Famous for music and a few bit movie parts. Touche, that’s a good fit!

  92. dovesgate says:

    Yanno, I like Jess. She seems like a sweet, friendly, if empty headed gal. I’m glad her clothing line is going great. I’m glad she bought herself a man. Now she needs to go home, pop out a few babies, and disappear for a while. Let her come out and about for her line’s publicity and go back home again like Kathy Ireland.

  93. Tapioca says:

    Wow! Such bitterness over a girl whose crimes against humanity are what, exactly?

    So she’s not the most talented actress or the brightest bulb, but she can still hold a tune and her car-crash love life is keeping tabloids/gossip readers happy. If every c’leb you disliked “retired” tomorrow, what the heck would Celebitchy write about?!!

  94. nnn says:

    Angelina would have never dated a urinator man who publicly claimed that he only date DUMB women.

    Angelina is not dumb per see

  95. Sandy says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! wow

  96. telesma says:

    Hoooooooooo….thanks, Joe, I needed that laugh.

  97. Isa says:

    Another difference the Jolie and Simpson is that:
    Angelina has a neck whereas Simpson doesn’t!

    Quick, someone bang the gong!

    Anyway, I pretty much co sign what mslewis said about her company. She does make a ton of money from it, but probably not 700 million. The way Joe said it was kind of misleading. It may make a turnover of 700 mil but a lot of it is going back into the company.
    Her line is very nice but I think that a lot of the clothing is just her name stamped onto other people’s work.

    Still, he is probably correct about Jessica never having to work again. But I think we’ll be seeing her face for at least another two to three years. She’s so full of TRY!

  98. Anon says:

    Crimes against humanity? How sad.

    Go ask the refugees, you might learn something.

    Crimes against humanity is the harm agents and publicists do when they aren’t privy to 10 or 15% of the actor’s pay and it goes to charity instead.

  99. Sakyiwaa says:

    didn’t Dolly Parton get a boob job? nice role model for Jess.

  100. Meanchick says:

    Joe Simpson should put the crack pipe down.

  101. Susan says:

    “We never forget where we are from, where Jessica is from. And that is the clothes and accessories we are producing.”

    What does Joe Simpson mean when he says “we”? Jessica has credited her mother Tina with the success of her clothing line in past interviews. Joe Simpson should just shut up and take credit for what he’s responsible for-Jessica and Ashelee’s acting and singing careers or lack of. Enough said.