Real Housewives of BH: Camille vs. Kyle, Kyle vs. Kim, Kim vs. Taylor

Spoilers for last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
I’ve never gotten into a previous Real Housewives season except for a passing interest in the New Jersey housewives, but the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are fascinating. My favorite by far is 49 year-old British restaurant magnate Lisa, who is bitchy but fair with the ladies and has ended up narrating most of the shows.

This week, most of the housewives went with Camille to New York City to see her husband Kelsey Grammer’s Broadway premiere of La Cage aux Folles. (Adrienne stayed behind to attend her uncle’s funeral.) In NY, we saw an escalating feud between Camille and Kyle (Richards, one of Paris Hilton’s aunts) that spilled over onto the other women.

Camille vs. Kyle
Camille initially seemed willing to forgive Kyle over a perceived slight in which she insisted that Kyle asked her “why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey?” Kyle maintains that she never said this, and that her innocent interest in Camille’s trip to Hawaii without Kelsey was completely misconstrued. Camille kept needling Kyle about it over dinner with the other women in New York, even after she to seemed to forgive Kyle and make up. It was surprising how much Camille harped on it and seemed unwilling to let a minor incident go. In response, Kyle blew up at Camille and asked her sister, Kim, to back her up. Kim witnessed the discussion between Camille and Kyle and would presumably know whether Kyle actually said that to Camille. Kim is painfully shy, though, and she turned red and refused to get involved when Kyle put her on the spot.

Kim vs. Taylor; Kyle vs. Kim
Camille seemed to think everyone was against her and got paranoid that they were calling her insecure behind her back. She left the dinner table, and then Kim accused Taylor of talking smack about Camille. Taylor got defensive and threatened to take Kim out back and “go Oklahoma on your ass“. Kyle started crying over the argument with now gratefully absent Camille, and both Kyle and Lisa blamed Kim for not having Kyle’s back.

At lunch the next day without Camille, Kim and Kyle continued to argue over whether Kim should have defended Kyle against Camille. Kim tried to give the ladies bracelets that her mother designed, but it didn’t go very far to mend fences. Then everyone went to the premiere and to the after party despite all the tension over the simmering fights. It went fine and Kelsey seemed to be a calming influence on everyone.

Camille is petty and narcissistic
Here’s my assessment of this – Camille is the worst. She is surrounded by sycophants she pays to cater to her and she should have dropped this argument after Kyle apologized. Her behavior with the other women’s husbands while they were in Vegas was despicable. She’s incapable of relating to men without being flirty and overtly sexual, and she’s incapable of relating to women without being petty and picking fights. She even threatened Kyle’s husband’s job after their argument, telling her hair and makeup people “[Kyle's] husband is a realtor. That’s done… My husband is higher on the list, he’s an A list celebrity. There’s a big difference between that and the local Beverly Hills realtor… I don’t think my husband and I can do business with them, knowing what his wife has done to me.” (Kyle had previously told Lisa that she was worried that her husband’s business would suffer since Kelsey was one of his clients.)

Kyle and Kim: sisters fight
As for Kyle and Kim, they have longstanding issues as sisters but their fights seem relatively normal to me. (I don’t have a sister and might not be able to judge, but it’s not like they’re at each other’s throats.) They need to stop blaming each other though. Kyle should have kept her anger in check with Camille, and she should realize that it’s not in her sister’s nature to get involved. Doesn’t Kyle know Kim by now? She’s uncomfortable in social situations. I’m surprised Kim is even on the show.

These shows should have a voting aspect to them where both the participating women and the audience get a say on who stays on. I think Kim and Camille should be the first to go. The prize for staying until the end should be a hefty donation to charity, and you know that Lisa or Adrienne would take home the crown.


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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Camille is a nutcase. Not one person who watches the show actually thinks Kyle said that to Camille. I also don’t think Kim could have made a difference. Kim is Kyle’s sister Camille would have just said that she was defending her sister. Camille is good drama though.

    Some siblings just don’t get along and I am the same with my sibling. They fight way to much for me though.

  2. neelyo says:

    Their faces are terrifying but they’re a more likable bunch than the usual assortment of Housewives.

    I think Lisa’s lying about her age.

    Kyle and Kim’s relationship reminds me of Blanche and Baby Jane Hudson.

    Poor abused Taylor and her ignored offspring!

    I don’t believe there was a death in the Maloof family, she was just smart enough not to want to do to NYC.

    Camille is a ghoul. I think Kelsey encouraged her to do on the show because she’d be exposed as such and he’d maybe get some sympathy. But it’s a reflection on him that he ended up with someone like her. There are too many horrors to count: making her mother’s cancer all about her, awkwardly playing with her children like it was the first time, doing shots with the other wives’ husbands after claiming she doesn’t drink. Awful!

  3. Marjalane says:

    Camille is a nasty piece of work. I can’t imagine how bad she is when the camera’s aren’t on her. Does anyone know what the age difference is between Kim and Kyle? Kim just has this perpetual look of fear on her face, which is fine when you compare it to Taylor and her GIANT hemorrhoid lips, but overall it’s a trainwreck of a show and I love it! I think I could give up all other TV and be perfectly happy with all the Bravo trash! I just discovered “Millionaire Matchmaker and I love it-

  4. guesty says:

    camille & adrienne are my favorites so far even tho they seem completely disconnected from their kids.

    kyle imo is the epitome of a mean girl.

    & lisa seems way older than 49. taylor is just meh & her husband is just awful. complete mismatch.

    as for kim…she’s painfully shy. aww.

  5. annaloo says:

    WOw… they look so scary!!!!

    Tucked and plucked, sticks with tits! It was frightening to scroll through the page. Did you place Camille’s face last on purpose? It’s the worst of the bunch and it succeeded in startling me.

  6. kelBear says:

    I like Lisa the best her accent is awesome. I like Kyle also but gosh every time I look at her I see Paris Hilton so it turns me off of her.

  7. LeeLee says:

    I have never seen this show but those faces look ridiculous. Was changing channels the other night and saw Lori Loughlin is on 90210. She was barely recognizable. So sad these women are paying to look deformed and what magic mirror is telling them they look better?

  8. devilgirl says:

    I missed last nights episode, but I think Kyle is totally justified to get angry over being accused of saying something that she most certainly didn’t.

    Lisa is my fave. She is funny and sensible. Plus love her Pom.

  9. ziggy says:

    what a bunch of superficial plastic clowns!

  10. maya says:

    I like Kyle, Lisa and Taylor the best. I wonder of Kim is in theraphy? If not, she needs to be. Camille is the worst, I’m sure no one likes her.

  11. SuperSleuth says:

    I thought it was telling when Camille went to Kelsey’s dressing room after the show and he couldn’t seem to get her out of there soon enough. They seem very disconnected and their kiss was very awkward and almost seemed forced. She is something else.

  12. grazi says:

    it was actually funny how awkward the backstage interaction between Kelsey and Camille was! that did not look like wife and husband at all! lol
    yesterday was the first time i watch this show, and i guess ill be watching again…. (so ashamed of myself! lol)

  13. lin234 says:

    First time watching a housewives show and I am loving this series. Admire and love Lisa, Adrienne, and Kyle. Hate Camille and Taylor. Taylor is the “poorer” version of Camille. Taylor is such a social climber. She sucks up to Adrienne and Camille but hates on Kim- who may be her equal or less in terms of monetary value. I think she’d suck up to Lisa more but Lisa is too smart to believe in her fake personality. I think she doesn’t like Lisa and would try to start something with her if Lisa wasn’t so rich. Everything that comes out of her trout lips is a contradiction to her real life. She fell in love with her douchebag of a husband at first sight and married for love? Come on. I was embarrassed for her when she told everyone how she pursued him for 3 months.

    In her blog, Taylor admits she instigated the situation between Camille and Kyle by mentioning something Kim had said to her at the airport. It makes sense that Taylor was trying to become closer to Camille and threw Kim under the bus in order to make conversation.

    I have no respect for Camille between the way she tried to one up her cancer ridden mother about how tired she was over vacationing in Hawaii. Ugh. Anyone else catch how after the call with Adrienne, she hoped nothing else would go wrong for the premiere? Like Adrienne’s deceased uncle should have known better than to interfere with Kelsey’s big premiere. She’s a disgusting excuse for a human being. I believe that she choose to twist Kyle’s words on a day when there was no filming because she wanted more screen time. She’s insane. Kyle is pretty good at making friends and so I’m sure she knows what is appropriate conversation and what isn’t. She may be frank with her sister but it doesn’t make any sense why she’s say anything close to what Camille is accusing her of. All of Camille’s “friends” seem to be hired help. I wonder what her “tennis partner” Nick does to have so much free time to hang out with her during the day. Unless he gets paid to be her “friend”. In the first few episodes Lisa and Kyle were the main draw. With this fight, Camille is getting a lot more screen time.

    lol I’m finally getting why reality shows are so popular. :P This is my guilty pleasure. Who can resist looking into the world of BH especially with power players like Adrienne and Lisa are on the show?

  14. Tess says:

    This show is mainly a hoot, except for the moments of insight into the cost of all the excess.

    Poor little Kennedy. Her mother is almost as heinous as the soon-to-be-single, Camille. I think on the parenting scale, her husband has her beat by a country mile. Taylor is just simply all about Taylor. The only time that child seemed happy was when the father got her a puppy.

    And, so far, I have a soft spot for Kim, who seems like she’s fagile and damaged and carries some pain, but basically, not a bad person.

    Kyle is thoughtless toward Kim and I believe she manipulates Kim’s kids to feed her own ego, which causes Kim considerable emotional anguish.

    Lisa is fun. Adrianne? Hmmmm. Not so sure, yet. Wouldn’t want to cross either of these gals.

  15. RHONYC says:

    kyle is so gully with it.
    she got that ‘neck-swingin’ down to a science. lol :-)

  16. loganvegas says:

    Camille is truly a disgusting human being. Using a surrogate because she has an irritable bowel? Doesn’t everyone? So classy how she brags about her 3,500 square foot apt in NYC being so tiny. And when Kelsey and his new girlfriend lost their unborn child she was actually gleeful!

    Poor Taylor seems to literally be starving for her husband’s attention. Feel sorry for her but is it really possible she is still in her thirties?

    I think Kim is going the way of Bensimon from NY. She looks right there on the edge.

    Would anyone let Adrienne’s husband perform surgery on them? He looks like an ape!

  17. Riley says:

    I love this group as well. It makes my Thursday night wine so much more interesting. Anyway, I am Team Kyle and Lisa all the way. Taylor is boring boring boring and her husband is social moron. I can’t blame him though because I am sure he agreed to the show so his wife would have something to do while he is on his business trips. I don’t think he cheats, though. Kim is hyper and emotional and I do think Kyle kind of carries her through. I also think Lisa is lying about her age by about 10 years. I think the gay guy living with them his her husband’s lover. I don’t think her husband is gay but kind of a bisexual in the vain of David Bowie. I realize I am probably way off on that but why else would some gay guy just be living off of them unless he is a love child or something. It is strange. I do love Lisa though and loved her quip about setting Kim up with someone who “is still prison.” I thought Kyle would be a real bitch because I saw interviews with her from way back when her niece was all the shiz. She seemed like a real bitch in those interviews. But I have to say, I think her husband is adorable and she does seem really grounded by her family. Camille is the jealous psycho. She has psycho eyes and you can tell Kelsey hates her. Also, I think Kelsey is drinking again. He seems drunk on the show. Adrieene I don’t have much of an opinion of because she really hasn’t had too many exciting scenes and she has been removed from so much of the drama. Good for her I guess.

  18. Lila says:

    I like Kim. However, the term she’s looking for to describe herself is INTROVERTED. I’m not so sure being a child star has anything to do with her restrained behavior or awkwardness in social situation. I do like Kyle; I just don’t like Kyle with Kim. She’s seems to thrive on having the upper hand now that he sister’s life has taken a turn. If you recall Kim’s earlier career success and her former status as the most successful of the 3 sisters, it’s easy to see why Kyle is making the most of it now. Camille is a joke. The ditsy personality of Kelly Bensimone with the grandiose self delusion of Danielle Staub. Whoever said that Kelsey encouraged her to go on the show to expose her and let us all see what he’s been working with hit the nail on the head. It’s, as Camille poignantly put it, “MACHIAVELLIC”. lol. Oh, and Taylor looks like a pelican.

  19. Riley says:

    Did anybody watch the After Show with Andy Cohen lastnight? Kelly Rippa’s husband was totally flirting it up with Andy. It was also a lot of fun to watch.

  20. kim says:

    I think Kyle may have said something snarky when they were talking about the Hawaii trip. I love her (and her sexy hubby, mamma mia! :) ), but she’s not innocent either, and she needs to stop being so mean to crazy Kim. That said, whatever was said was blown way out of proportion, and Camille needs to learn to accept an apology instead of looking for people to beg and grovel and wipe her butt.
    I love Lisa! Adrienne… I like that she is down to earth (or seems like it), but she should be nicer to her hubby. Can’t stand Taylor… and Camille is all kinds of crazy. I hate that she flirts with every guy around her (married or not), or told the whole world that she put her friends up and fed them. And she was really nasty when talking about Mauricio. Well guess what, hun, Kyle still has a good man (even if he IS a Realtor). Where is yours?

  21. Riley says:

    Oh another thing I meant to mention about the show, What is up with Camille and that weird dude that always pops up. Sounds like he is married with a child. His wife cannot approve of that relationship.

  22. bellaluna says:

    Camille, Camille, Camille; doing this show is undoing everything you tried to do with that interview to People magazine a last month.

  23. MyCatLoves TV says:

    I was so happy that there was finally a HW franchise with over the top money like it started with the “behind the gates” on OC. Yeah, I admit it. I watched them all (DC was dull, Jersey got too violent). It’s what the show has always promised…behind the scenes with rich bitches.

    I love Lisa. She may look older than 49 by Bev Hills standards but for normal American standards she looks pretty good for fifty. She’s still thin and tight…that takes work for we women of a certain age. The “change” can be unkind to our bodies and our mid-section. So I am for sure Team Lisa. She is smart, she is funny as hell, she is a wonderful mother and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Very likeable for all time zones. Rare for the HW franchise.

    Camille is horrible and a stereotype of what we assume of trophy wives of the super rich. I about puked the episode she said all the her slave women worked so hard but she worked something like 3x harder. Camille, honey, those women run their own lives and families and then run yours. Get a grip! And YOU work 3x harder. Gag! Kelsey obviously talked her into this show so she would be busy while he banged a younger flight attendant. The scenes he is in reeks of awkwardness for the viewer. So knowing what we know now makes Camille’s interviews pretty sad. If she were not such a nasty trick, we might feel sorry for her. But Kelsey was a complete pr*ck as well. I read that when Camille got upset about the dissolution of their marriage he replied “Oh grow up!” Thirteen years and all you get is that dis? Wow. And he supposedly also said about his kids “they’ll get over it.” Father of the year he is not. They actually deserved each other. I feel sorry for the flight attendant and any man Camille puts her hooks into in the future. I am ashamed to be the same species as those two.

    Kim is sad. I look at her face and I see pathology. She is needy and weak. She continues to be unable to grow past her “glory days” of her youth. I don’t hate her. I kinda pity her. Her younger sister has the Type A personality and runs right over her. They love each other but don’t understand each other because they are opposites. Sisters out there understand this.

    What a mess! And God help me, I love it so!

  24. standards says:

    I read something that said Camille was talking about taking steps to keep the paparazzi away from them in Hawaii and Kyle said, “why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey there?”. I can see Kyle saying that.

  25. Uzi says:

    I watched one episode a couple of weeks ago when I was bored and got hooked! I love Lisa and Kyle. Taylor is pathetic; she obviously married for money and social status and I feel so sorry for her daughter, Kennedy. The contrast between Kennedy’s cold, over-the-top birthday party and the one for Kyle’s daughter was painful to watch, and Lisa was spot on with her comments about the difference. Camille is flat-out disgusting and I’m glad she’s being publically humiliated by Kelsey. He’s an a-hole, but at least he has a job. What kind of woman has four nannies for two children, plus an army of “staff?” I cringed at Camille’s comment about Kyle and her husband’s “lower social status.” There’s a rumor floating around the internet that Camille was one of Heidi Fleiss’ “girls;” I hope it’s true and we hear more about it.

  26. bros says:

    taylor’s husband is a bespectacled uncle fester, and creeps me out. camille is a delusional wonk-eyed plastic insecure brat, and every word coming out of her mouth about how important her husband is and how hard her life is because she has to manage multiple households, I just laugh, knowing her claim to fame is about to end. kyle is reasonable, the most natural, a good mother, and right to point out her scared-filly sister kim is a bizarre insecure needy thing with no backbone. adrienne and her husband are both probably sub-terrainian mole people, or ape-troll hybrids or something. and of course, lisa rocks.

  27. anoneemouse says:

    Almost embarassed to say this but this show has become one of my weekly guilty pleasures. Can’t STAND Camille. She’s such a whiney, vain, snob. It was almost nice to know that Kelsey cheated on her and dumped her while she was acting like a diva on the show.

  28. mymy says:

    “I like Kim. However, the term she’s looking for to describe herself is INTROVERTED.”

    You hit the nail on the head. I am an introvert and it took me so many years to figure this out. I mean I thought what the heck is wrong with me? My guess is she had a very controlling narcissistic mother.We hate to take sides. About Kennedy that girl is going to be messed up big time. What a idiot her mother is. Darn ugly also. The kid would have been happy with a puppy and a small child centered birthday party. Just so gross the way the mother was posing all over for the camera the party was about her not her four year old daughter. Disgusting. I am glad the dad just went ahead and got the dog.

  29. Kim says:

    Riley- I missed the after show but I know Andy is good friends with Mark and Kelly. She always talks about having dinner with Andy and with Neil Patrick Harris and David. Those guys and Anderson Cooper are “her gays” as Kathy Griffin puts it.Smile. RHO-BH has replaced RHO-Atlanta as my favorite. My favorite is Kyle.

  30. ghostbuster says:

    thank you thank you thank you for covering these ladies. i do adore them, well all except camille. wow. what did kelsey grammer ever see in her. i mean she has big boobs and is really really flirty with all men, but it all seems for show. her ‘a list celebrity’ comment about her and kyles husband was just, low and petty. also her constant ramblings about how all the girls are jealous of her. why would anybody be jealous of her? as the countess luann sang ‘money cant buy you class’ i was really wanting to root for her big time, being that her husband left her and their children for another woman, but i find it hard to have any sympathy for her judging from her protrayal of herself on the show. :(
    btw what is she so busy doing? she constantly mentions how busy she is, but she has 4 nannies, a house manager, makeup and hair people. sooo… i havent really figured it out yet. the other ladies ive gotten what their jobs are. thanks

  31. beatbox says:

    OK, so say what you will about Camille. But @loganvegas — she may take antidepressants to control her irritable bowel condition, thus not be able to carry kids. I’m not depressed, but I have to take them for my IBS; otherwise, I am hospitalized with horrid paid in my stomach. This nightmare has been going on for 10 years. There’s no way I could have kids b/c of this condition. So…try to reserve your judgements about people’s medical issues. It really annoys me when people treat IBS like it’s just a casual hang nail. It’s a real, debilitating disorder.

  32. original kate says:

    that pomeranian is cuter and more interesting than any of the housewives.

  33. JustBored says:

    I love Lisa, she is fair and fascinating all at once. I love the way she talks and the way she dresses. So classy.

    As for Kyle, she is a bitch and I do believe that she did say something about Camille. She is such a bitch to her own sister Kim. It is so sad to watch her talk down to her. As if she is better than her.Uggh I hate that. She even plays Kim kids against her. Her husband is nice though.

    Kim is shy and introverted and she keeps talking about being a child star. She should not have signed up for RHOBH though. She looks like a scared little puppy all the time and its almost sad to watch. Seems like she is on the brink of a major meltdown. She is now over the hill and I think that is why Kyle treats her so horribly because she may have resented her back then and now is her time to get back at her. Sisters yes, but that Kyle is a bitch.

    Taylor and her husband is so strange. That man is a control freak. That child of theirs is sad. She did not even like that over the top party.

    I like Adrienne too, shes got the money to back her up and she is generous with it. She does not get involved with the drama like Kyle and Camille does.

    Camille is a nut case. It is so strange to see her giggling all the damn time and flirting with the guys on the show. She may be skinny but she is not great looking in the face. So damn vain too. That man that keeps popping up I am sure she has something going on with him and if not, she is just so self absorbed and love the attention from men. She is a stranger with her kids, so hands off, its sickening. Kelsey obviously is done with her and you can see why. Imagine her being like that with every man she meets. Acting like a giddy teen in heat. Ughh.

  34. Cath says:

    Camille is crazy, but Kyle is a bitch. The way she talks to/treats her own sister? Like dirt. I dont believe Camille, but I have a hard time not laughing when Kyle gets what she deserves.

  35. brenda says:

    Lisa and Adrian seem the most normal. Taylor just looks scary. She needs to stop messing with her face. She is also a liar. She was the one who talked about Camille being insecure and then turned around and blamed Kim for it.

    I also thought the interaction between Kelsey and Camille was so awkward. It seemed like they were on a second date instead of a couple who has been married for 13 years.

  36. gaugustaus says:

    A few days ago I was home during the day giving myself a pedicure & needed something to occupy my mind without much distraction. I ended up watching all the episodes on On Demand. I was feeling pretty embarrassed by this new guilty pleasure, because I’ve never watched any of the other RH incarnations because of how inane they appeared. But this one has me hooked and reading everything else people have said makes me feel a bit better.

    Camille is just such a horrible person she makes me sick. She validates herself through “A-List” Kelsey and Kelsey this and Kelsey that. I’m delighted how that marriage has disintegrated. Kyle & Lisa are wonderful.

  37. winterwilde says:

    Add Taylor to the divorce pile also! She is painfull to watch. Here is a post from another site on Camille. You may have to take it with a grain of salt:

    “FredPalerThis is absurd, and as someone who knows both parties, let me respond to Camille. First, let’s keep this in mind: when Kelsey met Camille, she was a Playboy model, a soft core porn actress in such films as “The Naked Detective,” and a prostitute in the Arab world, which is where she made most of her money (by the way, ask her about Prince Jefri’s trial, and watch her jaw drop). Despite this – maybe because of it – Kelsey married Camille, and they were fine. But then Camille seemed to feel Kelsey owed his success to her; she also decided that she needed more attention, and in her 40′s, decided to go back to modeling her plastic surgery, and appearing on TV. Kelsey was worried that the new attention on Camille would cause attention to her past, particularly her on and off stints in Brunei as one of the Sultan’s prostitutes. How would the kids feel about this? So when he was in New York, he thought that maybe his relationship with Camille had run its course. He did the best he could. He helped her with her irritable bowels, looked past her past, and brought her in as a mother and a partner. But it seemed as if she was looking to become famous at the expense of her family, and that was a bit too much for Kelsey. So his former wife should just let it go, and move on with her life, too. Hopefully she will get the fame and credit she wants.”

  38. garvels says:

    This show is my guilty pleasure too. I don’t know why, since their extravagant world and life style is in stark contrast to my penny pinching,coupon collecting, pauper reality. I love, love Lisa and her husband and their cute little doggy.Her houseboy also adds a fun and unique dimension to their household.

    What I found refreshing about this show is that I believe 3 of the husbands (Lisa’s, Kyle’s and Adrienne’s) actually really love their wives and it truly seems like their marriages will last-which is almost completely unheard of these days.

    There isn’t enough space for me to comment about Camille-LOSER-UGH! I honestly can see why Kelsey ditched the beeetttccchhhhhh! All I can say is that Kelsey better not fire Kyle’s husband as his real estate agent due to his ex-wife’s tirades and INSECURITIES!

    I also like Kyle and Kim. I can see Kyle has been trying to help her sister but is growing impatient with her older sister’s current state. Kim seems to be mildly depressed and going through a midlife crisis probably due to her divorce and financial situation. Kyle was too tough on Kim when she didn’t speak up for her at the dinner with Camille. Kim clearly is not strong enough to get involved with these type of conflicts and confrontations. She probably should have passed on the show and booked time with a Life Coach instead.

    Adrienne seems like a strong, considerate, determined lady and her husband is sweet and supportive.

    Taylor on the other hand is a duck faced, gold digging agitator.She has to be in her 40′s. Her lips are so big-hideous!!! I wanted to reach through my TV screen and pop them! I am convinced she only married her husband for the money.There is no love there! She attempts to play the victim card. She seems to enjoy depicting her husband as unreasonable and controlling. Her husband, who works long hours to support this wench, seems to understand the needs of their daughter better than her. Loved it when he gave Kennedy the doggy. Taylor seems to suck up to Adrienne and Camille because they have lots of money! I agree with another person that Taylor probably knows that Lisa has her social climbing number.

  39. Fue McCormick says:

    I think Kim should try blue contact lenses, ala her neice Paris and the other sister who no one ever remembers. Either that or let her hair go dark. I heard that 20 years ago she was involved with a guy who (I think) was murdered.

  40. Kiska says:

    Here are a few impressions the women on the show:

    I love Lisa and Adrienne. Both women are successful, honest and straightforward women. The others I consider bitchy, whiny, and catty. Camille is psycho and needs therapy. How Kelsey stayed with her for 13 years is questionable. Kyle is a hot-headed Demi Moore look a like with a hot husband. She is an instigator for most of the drama on the show. Her sister Kim is a timid co-dependent passive aggressive dim-wit. Finally, there is trout-lipped Taylor who is very insecure and has a husband who clearly doesn’t love her.

  41. says:

    My husband went to high school with Camille and for senior year, she was actually titled “most likely to become a gold digger”. Hahahahaha

  42. LondonLady says:

    Camille is totally projecting on everyone in the show and is a total hypocrite. She says how dare Kyle talk to her like that, when she made up what was said, and then slags off Kyle to the nth degree behind her back, fabricating what happened when telling her story to friends and on camera.

    I wonder where the Ex Mrs Kelset Grammer will fall on the social ladder….surely lower than the relatives of one of the largest hotel chains in the world…

  43. Jeannified says:

    So glad that I have DVR, so I can watch this episode tonight! LOVE this show!

    The ladies – LOVE Lisa!!! Adriana is great, too. Down to Earth as far as they all go…both Lisa and Adriana are. Taylor…I like her, but she’ sort of redneck’y and a mess. Priorities are a little skewed. Kyle and Kim…issues. Kyle…I like her and her immediate family, but she can be mean, but I still think she’s pretty ok. Kim…too insecure and codependent. Camille…a real piece of work, and NOT in a good way! Man, she is as narcissistic as they come! She continues to amaze me with her narcisism! I am CONVINCED that kelsey set her up to do this show, so that he could leave her and she could come after him in New York very easily. Also, I’m sure he wanted everyone to see how she REALLY is, so he wouldn’t get so much flack. Smart move.

  44. Jayna says:

    I am addicted to the Bravo Real Housewives shows, except I don’t watch New Jersey.

    But I am loving this one. Finally, some that are truly rich. All I have to say is Camille is a nut job. I can’t stand her phony, contrived little girl ways she tries to use, like tilting her head, lowering her eyes, blah, blah. She has the need for men’s attention, even Kelsey’s best friend, who I am sure is on the payroll, so puts up with it. The girl Kelsey is with now is okay looking, but fresh and natural, and body just okay, yet he fell in love with her over Camille’s hot body. I have to admit Camille has an amazing figure. But the girl looks at Kelsey with such a natural happiness and love, unlike Camille with her phony looks at men, and I’m sure Kelsey. She needs help.

  45. wunderkindt says:

    So glad Kelsey dumped that aging hooker.
    The flight attendant Kayte is a better choice: She looks like a normal sweet girl.

    Camille = PSYCHO!!!!

  46. wunderkindt says:

    Kelsey was a GENIUS for getting Camille on the show: Now everyone can see for themselves why he HAD to dump her!

  47. Actor101 says:

    People in Hollywood live in a bubble…theirs..Ordinary people who are middle class can’t relate to them, and their rational. All I can say is that they are pretty neurotic and self-absorbed.

    Camille is like the character in the movie, “Mean Girls”. She is boring, and well just not a nice person.

    Kyle is well, a bitch…she might look like Demi Moore, but way over the top.And if my mother saw me treating my sister like that on national tv, she would kick my ass.

    Kim is normal, believe it or not…she just does not know how to play the game of Hollywood yet…since she has been out of the spotlight for so long…it has changed, and is foreign to her.

    Taylor reminds me of Tamra from O.C. RH’s s

    Adrienne- I like her because she just tells it like it is.. and really tries to include everyone.

    Lisa- Shining Star..she is smart, funny,
    and tries to e a mentor.

    The thing that got me was that these women always needed their husbands…omg.. except for Lisa and Kim..Wow…tanks ladies for setting us back to the 50′s…yeah…you rock…not!!

  48. Trippin says:

    Camille does need to grow up. Jeez I’ve had way worse things said to me and you forgive and move the f-ck on. Good for Kelsey he got away from her.

  49. Amanda says:

    LOVE that crazy nutjob, Camille. Absolutely fascinating TV.

  50. Someone Else says:

    If you’ve ever spent time in Calabasas, you’d see that Camille’s behavior isn’t all that shocking.

    My best friend moved there 15 years ago. I thought it was so great because here she was ”living the dream”.

    Then I went to visit. Yes, the houses are beautiful, but the people living in them are something else.

    They say money changes people. That is true in the case of my friend. I wish I could say she’s become a rich snob living amongst the very wealthy. Instead, she’s a neurotic mess that cares only about the Joneses and is slowly turning herself plastic.

    You see, if you care what the Camille’s think they can make your life hell. For some reason, my friend gives a s%^t and it’s making her life hell anyway.

    American dream, my ass. American nightmare’s a bit more accurate.

    (Oh, and Kelsey’s Not A-List. :) )

  51. redlips says:

    I adore Kyle and Lisa however, I think Kyle should have taken her sweet rear to the airport and left NY, ASAP. Camille is looney tunes, and Kelsey needs to thank God he is no longer with this neurotic witch! Taylor’s daughter……bless her little heart. Whoa! My prediction is she will grow up to be another Lilo, unless disciplined immediately.

  52. caroline says:

    Love the show…. my favorite RHO series yet. i laugh when i think of the other series where the wives THINK they are so rich but are just wannabes, going bankrupt and very tacky. Although speaking of tacky…. Taylor went way over the top for her child’s birthday party…. and was so pitiful looking and tacky while posing for all HER pictures taken at the party. That lady has problems. She truly thinks she is beautiful… as all the women do…. but please…. she needs to remove and add something to fix her face. As for Lisa. I do like her a lot! But she did say some mean things about Taylor’s husband looks when her own husband is a throw back to another era. No room to talk about others for sure. I like her husband though. But none of them should truly talk about the others husbands. Except for Kyle’s husband… what a doll and seems so nice and genuine. Kyle is fun to watch but very mean to her sister which makes me agree with another writer when they say it must have been hard to grow up with a famous sister. Kyle thinks she is gorgeous… and while her hair is absolutely gorgeous… and her figure… that is what makes her sexy, not her face… although she is by no means ugly. Kim is very strange. BUT… geez… with all that money and all the consultants they have around them… why doesn’t anyone do something with her eyebrows???? A little different shape, lift… would take that sad puppy look off her face. Her eyebrows are hideous. Camille … oh my. Where to start with her. I agree with all said. I’m ashamed that I’m actually happy Kelsey is leaving her. Not that he is a prize… he isn’t… but I love seeing her put down a few pegs. That smirk on her face is just waiting to be slapped off. ha Can’t stand her. I could reiterate all said above but I won’t… but I have absolutely no feelings for Camille and her pending divorce. I felt sorry for her mom sitting there staring at her daughter as if she couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. Adrienne is classy… although her hair and makeup is way over the top… but she is genuinely a worker… and I applaud how she and her family acquired their wealth… by working! Like the most in order of Lisa, Adrienne, Kyle, Kim, Taylor and then can’t even put Camille on my like list. Great show. And I love Andy!!!!!

  53. cuca says:

    Who would be interested in Camille without her husband? NOBODY. Everything she has is because of him. When she said that her husband was higher in hierarchy than Kyle she was right, but Kyle’s wife loves her, respects her; Camile’s husband doesn’t lover her or respect her and once he is gone she will be what she is: a lonely, empty, insecure, vain middle aged ugly woman. Kyle, on the contrary, is a beautiful, engaging, fun, strong, loved middle aged woman. AND Kyle has real friends while Camille only has pets: people who leak her hand to get a treat. Those kind of people are what she deserves because she is nil. Zero. She is so delusional that she thinks women envy her!!!

  54. venus7 says:

    Camille is awful! She really is the epitome of a terrible, vacant, empty, sad person. She said Kyle was jealous of her but everything I hear Camille say about others needs to be turned back on herself. There is nothing good about her. She can’t even garner sympathy from women across the country at a time when her husband is leaving her for a younger woman.

    I hope that she can take an honest look at herself and see how the “Jesus Complex” she claims to have is really just plain narsassicm.

    She comes across as mean,petty, useless to everyone including her children – basically ugly on the inside and out. Really an empty, sad person. If she could see what everyone sees on TV with any perspective she might see that she doesn’t have any true friends – just hanger-ons who want to suck off her money and her soon to be ex-husband’s fame.

    Whatever Kyle said – I am sure she was on the money. Kyle seems intelligent, much more down to earth than Camille and true to herself. And she apologized and made the effort! Camille just wanted to take her hurt and anger about Kelsey out on someone instead of facing her true demons and the fact that her life was falling apart around her.

    Camille is a lost cause I am affraid. As delusional as Daniel Staub.

  55. venus7 says:

    One more thing. I love Lisa. She is a class act and so cute with her husband.

  56. DianaDee says:

    I can’t stand that arrogant brat KYLE! She’s an abusive woman but deflects criticism from herself by standing behind the sacred mantle of motherhood.

    I love Lisa, Kim and Adrienne – they’re genuine. Lisa is sharp but never cruel, Adrienne is down to earth and kind, and Kim is so unique. I can understand that Kim did not have a normal childhood and missed out on the developmental stages that would have better socialized her. But I like that she’s not a loud, social climbing barracuda like Kyle or Taylor. Kim is so expressive and interesting to watch.

  57. Misty says:

    What Kyle probably said that was very close to what Camille thought she said was, “Why would you be interested in going to Hawaii without Kelsey there?” However, to Camille, who is so self-absorbed, all she heard was all about her and twisted that to say, “Why would anybody be interested in you without Kelsey there?” Kyle would never say that even if she can come off a little rough around the edges. Kim and Kyle’s relationship is very strained and frankly, it’s hard to watch…very sad. Oh and IMHO, Camille looks at Nick with far more love and admiration than she does Kelsey. Oh and I just love Lisa and Adrienne! They are awesome!

  58. justsayin2010 says:

    Did anybody notice how many people told Kyle “this isn’t you” referring to how she acts with this situation, and all Camille’s friends reference that this is just MORE girls who are “jealous” of her? I found that to be somewhat strange. And was the pyschic friend actually talking about Camille when she said Kyle was not, how did she put, “emotionally satisfied” or “emotionally unfulfilled” in her marriage? Camille is a nutcase (and her psychic friend, too). Can somebody tell Allison that she was not cool smoking a fake cigarrete and holding it that way. And we understand if she’s a lil crazy but does she have to make all those faces that make her look EXTRA crazy? And why didn’t she tell her friend that it would be she who would be getting divorced?

    I dont know if Kyle’s husband cheats or not, but she NEVER got disrespected and treated like crap like Kelsey does Camille. I hope she has a plan for coming out of her husband’s shadow. She might shine if she saw a SHRINK first!

    Taylor, do something with those lips, puhleez! They are awful! To women thinking of getting their lips done, the top lip bigger than the bottom lip IS NOT CUTE. She might be cute if it wasn’t for those lips.

    Love Lisa, love Adrienne. Team Kyle 100%. Kyle, has a good man, and a good family, but her sister is hella weird.

  59. donnaka says:

    I feel so bad for Kim. She doesn’t play the game and so she confuses the other women – they don’t know what to make of her. Sounds like her mom pushed her into show business and she never had a life of her own. Now that she’s “useless” (i.e. no longer a star), she’s treated with contempt by Kyle. I like Kyle, except when it comes to how she treats her sister.
    I felt bad for Taylor because of her past, but she is an instigator! She did start the whole thing. And obviously, she married for money. She needs lots of therapy!
    Adrienne really impressed me in the finale – she seems like a good person.
    Lisa’s just a hoot.
    Of course, Camille is just awful – getting away from Kelsey might be the best thing for her – bring her down to reality.

  60. rhiannon says:

    Taylor seems like a person who is in awe of the Beverly Hills lifestyle. She most definitely lost out in her youth and is making up for it now. Her husband actually seems like a nice man. As far as her little girl, I actually felt sorry for her at her birthday party. Taylor acted like it was her own party, she was all dressed up in a party dress while little Kennedy was dressed quite casually. Taylor is on a me trip, therefore she wants her husband to throw roses her way.

  61. rhiannon says:

    Another thing I noticed was that Kelsey’s new girlfriend is the complete opposite of Camille. While Camille is as fake as a blow up doll, her replacement actually looks plainer and more natural. Kelsey probably got tired of being with such a superficial person. Camille should keep her mouth shut about having a surrogate, any stupid person can figure out the reason behind that. She was simply too old to carry those children. I’m sure she is at least 49 or 50 years old right now.

  62. rhiannon says:

    What I love about Adrienne is she seems to have no time for B.S., drama, or stupidity. She seems to really have it together. Taylor should take some lessons from her and curtail the whining. Lisa is also great and extremely entertaining. She definitely can see true colors on people and knew what Taylor was up to.

  63. Cindy says:

    I think the reason Camille hates Kyle so much is she thinks Kyle plotted with her husband. Kelsey clearly planned his escape by encouraging Camille to go on the show. He knew everyone would see what she is and a divorce wouldn’t hurt his career. Camille realizes that was his plan and with Kyle encouraging her to come on the show, I think she suspects she was in on the plan.

  64. carimeli says:

    Why did Kim say to Kyle “you stole my house! Does anyone know why she would say this?

  65. Gigi says:

    I love Camille. She has class
    Style and sophistication. She us gorgeous and us smart and witty.