Gwen Stefani isn’t scared of weight gain anymore

Gwen Stefani has talked many times about her weight, and how she really has to work at keeping thin. Which is my favorite celebrity statement to read. Nothing makes me more furious than reading that a celeb lost the baby weight running around after their new child, because I’ve discovered something – babies can’t move!

Gwen says the time has come to relax when it comes to her fitness regime.

She says, “At school, I remember thinking that I wished I could like a girl that was so skinny and got to eat whatever she wanted. I always had to exercise. My weight fluctuated and I got chubby again in 11th grade – at like 16 – and then I was like, ‘You know what? I’ve had enough of this up and down thing!’”

“So I got on the swim team and I was more determined not to be that chubby girl any more. Ever since then I’ve been able to control it, but it sucks. Nowadays I just try to realize how stupid it is, because nobody cares – except me!”


Gwen doesn’t care right now because she’s about 8.5 months pregnant. However, she’ll probably weaken in her vow as soon as the baby is born.

Gwen and husband Gavin Rossdale are expecting their second child any day.

Gwen and Gvain are shown out in London on 7/1/08, thanks to WENN.

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15 Responses to “Gwen Stefani isn’t scared of weight gain anymore”

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  1. saintdevil says:

    Unfortunately it isn’t true that noone cares but her.

    Any celeb who gains weight will be scrutinized and find herself in the “worst beach body” – category soon.

  2. heehee says:

    I love that line- babies cant move LOLOL

    Well she has personally realized that she made a bigger fuss than necessary. As a celebrity, though, in the interest of her career she will go back to staying in shape. That doesnt mean she has weakened or forgotten the whole 9+ months experience being heavier again. :)

  3. Alexis says:

    She says that now, but the first time she is called fat, she’ll be back starving and exercising furiously.

  4. CandyKay says:

    I don’t know if that’s true, Alexis. I’m pretty much the same weight that I was before I gave birth to my daughter – at least I’m wearing the same clothes – but I do know that I care a lot less than I used to.

    I think my attention is just focused on other things, like the fact my daughter just wiped her spaghetti face all over the couch instead of using a table napkin. I think that if someone called me fat, I’d just be too tired to respond.

  5. Tammy says:

    She is absolutely beautiful, especially pregnant.

  6. elisha says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress. I want it.

  7. xiaoecho says:

    god almighty that dress is DIVINE!!!

    ….oh, and Gwen, just try staying even a little chubby after the baby is born and see if no-one cares – skinnyness is part of the job description and the press will tear you to bits if you try to look like a normal woman

  8. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    I actually thought she was prettier after Kingston was born. She looked curvier, and younger.

    I hope she realizes how much that platinum blonde hair ages her.

  9. daisy424 says:

    I agree with Kaiser. That HAIR, the color is too light, it washes her out, not flattering. She needs some lo-lites to warm up her face and to add dimension to her cut.

  10. Ron says:

    Ok now I absolutely love Gwen, have met her and she is honestly as sweet as can be. However, let’s think about Kirstie Alley…..even before the whole Jenny Craig debacle. That bitch hadn’t worked in years, she was busy fending off the thetans, and she STILL was on the cover of every celeb rag for packing on the pounds. People love to see and idol of any kind fail. Oh look, she’s a fat ass now. I mean let’s face it, if Vicki Lawrence ballooned up to 300 pounds, she’d be on the cover of the Enquirer next week. You’re screwed Gwen, you’re going to have to be on that damn exercise bike for the rest of your life!

  11. ri23 says:

    Pregnant or not, I personally could not deal with the body scrutiny from the press and the public (me included) these people live with. I mean, the truck loads of money would help, but the constant scrutiny would suck ass.

  12. kate says:

    gwen’s hair reminds me of cotton candy -i want to take a bite out of it.

  13. Cassie says:

    I’m surprised to hear that she has to work at her weight, actually. I’ve never seen a picture of her with the least bit of fat anywhere. I always assumed she was just one of those lucky bitches with a fast metabolism. It’s reassuring and refreshing to hear otherwise.

  14. AC says:

    She got REALLY skinny when her first Pop Album came out … but i’ll admit it looks good on her. She has always fluxuated but I love her all sizes. I think she looks AMAZING preggers and yeah okay, she’s gained weight but she looks as good pregnant as most people do normally. I mean her arm is barely thicker than mine probably right now. I mean come on!

    She wont get stick thin right away. She lost weight after kingston but she kept a little on for breastfeeding which was very becoming of her. She had been too thin before kingston anyway. She is a person you know puts her health and her babies health above other concerns.

    I love her so much. and she looks amazing preggers. I hope its a girl! (but im betting on boy)

  15. Anne says:

    Maybe she just means to obsess a little less about it? It wouldn’t kill her (or her career for taht matter) to gain 5 or 10 lbs. She would look the same just a wee bit more full.

    Pregnancy can do that, you learn that being big and ‘fat’ isn’t really the end of the world.

    I weigh the same I did before pregnancy but I don’t worry about it as much. Could be age, too. The things that matter in life become more clear as I age.