PETA wants Sharon Stone’s brain

There is a really funny website that I adore called It features real letters, notes, and postings people have sent in that are either passive aggressive, all-out aggressive, obsessive, or things that should just have been said outright instead of posted in a note. Ingrid E. Newkirk, the president of PETA, sent a letter to Sharon Stone two days ago, offering her a brain scan at PETA’s expense. It seems they’re pretty worried about the state of Ms. Stone’s prefrontal region. I’m pretty worried about her whole brain, but the caring folks at PETA have thoughtfully narrowed it down.

I am writing with an offer that could provide an opportunity for you to escape all future public condemnation when you show insensitivity to the suffering of others.

Given that millions of people – including children – were killed, injured, and left homeless by the recent earthquake in China, everyone was shocked to hear you dismiss the devastating effects of this disaster. However, your cavalier attitude did not come as a surprise to us. We are used to the indifference that you flaunt and the callous remarks that you make about the suffering and death of the animals whose fur you wear so often.

Scientific studies suggest that the prefrontal regions of the brains of people who lack empathy might be underdeveloped. Here’s our offer: Would you allow PETA to pay for a scan of the prefrontal region of your brain to determine if comments and actions that seem to demonstrate a lack of empathy are the result of a physical defect?

You don’t have to be a member of Mensa to understand that the suffering endured by animals in the fur industry is supported by your desire to deck yourself out in fur. The type of thinking that would allow a perhaps otherwise intelligent woman to deny the cruel consequences of her actions can be established through a brain scan. We urge you to undergo this test at our expense. With help, you might be able to develop empathy and curb your urge to scoff at various forms of misery and violence. Please contact me to make the necessary arrangements.

[From PETA letter]

This is my favorite angry letter of all time. Offering to buy a famous celebrity a brain scan under the obviously fake guise of concern because you think she’s a crazy bitch? Brilliant. You know the follow-up letter will be to buy Stone a needle and thread and pay to have her mouth sewn shut… for her own sake.

PETA can be pretty out there, but I dislike Sharon Stone above all other people. So I am fully in support of this brain scan. And if they can somehow get her locked into the mental ward while they’re at it, I will gladly become a card carrying member of their organization.

Here’s Sharon Stone at the Angel Awards in Los Angeles in August 2004. Header of Stone at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party in Los Angeles on February 25, 2007. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. lola lola says:

    Yeah, why has she gone so fur-crazy in the last year or so?

  2. steph says:

    I get so tired of PETA…if animals were not made for eating and wearing, why were they made out of meat and fur? Just kidding but I do think Sharon Stone’s a bitch.

  3. Cassie says:

    I think she’s just gone crazy-crazy in the last year or so, personally.

  4. Because I say So says:

    PETA’s almost as crazy as Sharon at times, but this is hilarious.
    I didn’t even know Sharon Stone was still relevant, but maybe that’s what her fur-scapades are for

  5. Ron says:

    Ingrid Newkirk thinks that a gerbil should be President, soooooo let’s scan her little lobe first. GO MEAT! Someone call Dicker and Dicker of Beverly Hills, I need a new mink!

  6. anon69 says:

    Sharon has been wacko for more than just a few years. I remember hearing years ago that she said she had breast cancer and then stopped drinking coffee and the cancer went away.

  7. Scott F. says:

    I love how they equate compassion with intelligence. Yeah, because being compassionate automatically makes you intelligent, and vice versa?

    Or is it more likely that the more intelligent you get, the more you’re able to distance yourself from extraneous bullshit like sentimentality? Cause I’ve gotta say, it was learning about biology and nature that caused me to stop feeling guilty about killing animals for my survival, health, warmth, ect.

    Does a wolf feel guilty when it rips a sheep to pieces? You think that shark feels a pang of regret when it takes a chunk out of a harmless surfer?

    To me, real intelligence involves understanding the world for what it is, not what you want it to be. In the real world, things eat other things – get over it.

  8. Celebitchy says:

    Damn you, JayBird, for making me spend so much time on that passive aggressive notes site.

  9. daisy424 says:

    When was the last time anyone ate mink?

  10. Modifien says:

    It’s really depressing how much bravado flails about anytime compassion to animals comes up in a story. O.o If you choose to eat meat, wear leather, and drink milk, that’s your own choice, but the callousness so many toss around and the blatant ignorance about the horrid treatment of animals in industrial settings endure is horrible.

    I’m a vegan, but I understand that it’s a personal choice to eschew these things or not. People, please understand that your image of peacefully grazing cattle and pigs happily rooting in mud is not the reality of any but the tiniest minority of animals. Animals in the fur trade are kept in cages so tiny they can’t, or barely can, turn around. They are left out in all weather conditions, suffer untreated illness, injury, and they go insane. Really insane. They bash their heads against the corners of the cages endlessly, hour upon hour. It is not uncommon for one to be skinned while still alive. Please educate yourselves, none of you are this cruel, it’s horrible to read such awful comments coming from people who really are better than that.

  11. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Meh. I think they’re both (Stone and Newkirk) pretty crazy. Stone’s insanity is well-documented, but as for Newkirk… why this long-winded bullshit when she’s just trying to say “Bitch, You Crazy!”?

  12. NHchicky says:

    I am compelled to add that PETA puts to death MORE animals than they “save” every year!!! PETA is the devil.

  13. Curly Fry says:

    First of all, I’m not the biggest PETA fan (I can’t stand behind any organization that is SO hypocritical) but this letter made me smile.

    However, people don’t wear fur because of biological reasons, like being cold. (I can see it now… “man, that was the best 10 grand I’ve ever spent, no more cold nights for me!!!!)
    No, a wolf doesn’t feel guilty for ripping a sheep to shreds, but it also doesn’t lock up the sheep in a tiny pen or breed it with the sole purpose of killing it so it can wear its skin, making the sheep’s life a living hell because it is only worth something if it is dead.
    Humans redefined the natural order of things, so feelings of right and wrong become an issue when living creatures are treated with cruelty just so someone can have a new coat.

    And…end soap box speech 🙂

  14. Bob says:

    She already HAD a brain scan.

    It came back negative…


  15. A.J. says:

    I’m not a fan of leather/fur/whatever, but to each their own. Shoving your agenda down others’ throats in such an attention whoring manner is just retarded.

    PETA can be just as obnoxious and intrusive as the celebrities they often target. As horrible as it is to say, quite often I don’t even want to read or hear what PETA has to say because I find their statements condescending, preachy, and hypocritical. Half the skanks they hire to get naked on ads for them are often photographed wearing the very items they harp about abstaining from- Pamela Anderson and her Ugg boots, anyone? Or how about Eva Mendes and her leather Birkin bag? PETA are just a bunch of trolls who either kiss as much celebrity ass as possible or talk shit in an attempt to stay relevant, and nothing more.

    Having said that, I did laugh at the letter.

  16. Jenna says:

    Has anyone ever thought that she is wearing an intense amount of fear lately just to get under PETA’s skin? I wouldn’t put it past her. 😛

  17. Powerade says:

    i’m so f’ng annoyed. wearing fur should be a peronnal choice. what hap’nd to freedom of choice? gimme a break. and how’s it different than wearing leather shoes or leather jackets? some idiot picked fur to concentrate on and now hurds of idiots follow w/o using their own brain and thinking about the cause they’re supporting so blindly.

  18. Ron says:

    Mink is delicious! I love it in a good stew with woodchuck! My Grandpappy makes the best one. 😆

  19. ri23 says:

    Sharon Stone would be delicious. Bonehead actors make the best stew. If we aren’t supposed to eat people, then why are they made out of meat?

  20. Scott F. says:

    ri23 – You realize that even most animal species don’t eat their own unless it’s a special circumstance? I would point out a stat my Psych teacher gave us when I was in school: 86% of people in documented disaster/war situations where cannibalism was the only option, actually did the deed.

    That’s right – for all our high and mighty morals, our lofty ideals, our enlightened dispositions, and all the other BS that radicals like Newkirk spew, 86% of HUMAN BEINGS will eat their own kind before letting themselves starve to death. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Stalingrad, or any other major city in Russia during WWII that was under siege.

    So please, lets all just admit the truth – we only give a shit because we have the LUXURY of giving a shit. As soon as life becomes ‘eat this or die’, we’ll shovel forkfulls of our own neighbors into our mouths rather than dying for those high ideals.

  21. Anna says:

    I don’t particularly like Sharon Stone’s ways. And I’m against wearing real fur because there are true alternatives that are just as good. I’m also against stuff like animal testing for cosmetics.

    But I do have to say one small thing in Sharon’s defense. Some years ago, in 2001, she had a brain aneurysm. Those are proven to often change behaviour. Especially for the worst. People can become more aggressive, less empathetic and colder. As far as I know, nobody really knows why this is, except that it has something to do with parts of the brain having been slightly damaged by the aneurysm. A friend’s mum has had exactly this happening to her after she got brain damage from a car accident. She has grown moody and angry even though she fully recovered otherwise. So all this poison spewing forth from Sharon’s mouth and all this excessive fur-wearing might simply be symptomatic. It doesn’t make it more right though (especially for someone as intelligent as she is), but maybe it’s just really hard to control.

    It did make me laugh though, to see that they demanded all this. I’m sure they’d actually find some of the evidence they claim to be looking for! 🙂

    and Powerade: there is a difference between wearing fur and leather. Leather is most commonly made out of cow, pig etc skins. Animals we eat anyway and that are bred for this purpose. There’s lots of them to go around and if we eat them, we might as well use the rest of the body too. Furs are different because they are taken from much rarer animals in a lot of cases and these animals are skinned alive often and suffer horrible conditions in fur farms. And if it’s not like this, they are hunted for their fur because they’re particularly rare.

  22. frewt says:

    I don’t think the patronising, superior tone of that letter is amusing in the least, I think it shows up the writer to be a condescending asshole actually irrespective of the issue. And do we know that fur is real? And how do we know its not rabbit or fox taken from culled animals where they are feral vermin? I don’t actually know if that happens or not but my point is some selective use of animal products could be sustainable and humane.

  23. Julia says:

    To Powerade:

    The difference between wearing fur and wearing leather is that we eat cows, and cows are not killed by anal electrocution. 🙂 Animals for fur are raised in horrible conditions (many times packed in cages where they get broken bones from being piled on each other) and then killed in terrible ways to keep from damagine the pelts.

    I eat meat, so I am not against killing animals per se, but I do think there is a difference between killing an animal and torturing one for expensive fashion.

    To Frewt:

    The fur she wears is real. It is not culled from feral vermin, as the condition of such fur would hardly be worth wearing on the red carpet. She recently wore an actual rat foot as a pin. The woman is literally a nutso. 🙂

    In general:

    I get frustrated when people assume that to be anti-fur you have to be vegetarian or vegan. I have no issue with animals being killed for food, shelter, and warmth. However, I do think that as human beings with the higher reasoning skills necessary to possess a moral fiber and sense of ethics, we have the responsibility to take life circumspectly. A good measure of this, to me, is by looking at how much of the animal is used. If it is discarded after a small portion of skin is taken, that’s different ethically than if it is killed humanely and used in its entirety.

  24. I'm Amazed says:

    I feel so ignorant! although I don’t wear fur, primarily because I live in Norfolk, Virginia (Home base of PETA), I didn’t know about the wretched conditions animals are subjected to when raised for fur. How awful. I thank you all for the mini education since it didn’t come from fanatics but rather emphatic individuals. I will most definitely will not ever wear fur, regardless of where I happen to live.

  25. ri23 says:

    Dear Scott F.: Are you baked? I don’t care about your psych professor or if animal species eat/don’t eat their own. And I don’t need special circumstances, like famine, to eat people. Hell, if I ran out of Honey Nut Cherrios today, I’d make a nice salad, hit my neighbor on the head and have a lovely BBQ.

  26. Simon Scowl says:

    Talk about glass houses…

  27. kate says:

    sharon stone is batshit crazy, full stop.

  28. sue mac says:

    If I eat it I wear it…….simple.

  29. Erin says:

    SHALLOW AND VAIN . . . .

    this is what a life in Hollywood does to you and Sharon is living proof. How sad that her message to the world is cruelty to animals. How ignorant and self centered!

  30. Tom says:

    As I see it, this is already an old topic, but I think, PETA be on wrong way: they should fight for better treatment of farm animals than against wearing of fur.
    I love animals, too, but I like if a lady wear an elegant fur. Sharon looks great in that fur cloak.