Christie Brinkley’s husband was into webcam sex, spent 3k/month on pr0n

Christie Brinkley fought to have her divorce proceedings with her husband of 12 years, Peter Cook, made public. Her lawyer is said to have advised her to keep the details private out of concern for her two children with Cook, Sailor, 10, and Jack, 13. The trial is barely underway and Christie has learned that there’s much more to her husband’s wild ways than she assumed. She said of his shocking testimony that she “heard a lot of new things I didn’t know” and needed “some time to let it all absorb.”

Cook, 49, took the stand yesterday on the first day of court and started crying while he confessed to infidelity and an addiction to online porn. He admitted to webcam sex and to an affair with the 18 year-old he hired to work at the architecture firm he owned. Cook said he gave the woman he cheated with, Diana Bianchi, $300,000 last year to keep the affair private. To make it worse, Brinkley, 54, is said to be the one who paid for everything in their marriage:

Cook, who broke down crying after getting grilled on the stand today by the supermodel’s lawyer, admitted he masturbated in front of a web cam and frequented escort, porn and swinger sites, all while married to Brinkley. He also admitted that he had sex with then-teenager Diana Bianchi in his office while she worked for him. He testified he gave Bianchi nearly $300k hoping to keep their tryst on the down low. He said he would leave money for her under a rock outside his office and more cash behind a painting. He also said he bought her a $2000 watch and lingerie.

Attorneys for Brinkley have laid out a sordid story of Cook’s history — get a load of this stuff!

They’ve alleged, among other things, son Jack accidentally found porny pics of young girls on Cook’s computer. The lawyers have also highlighted Cook’s felony cocaine conviction and the time he served in jail.

[From TMZ]

Brinkley and Cook had a prenup and Brinkley will be able to keep her $30 million mansion. They are fighting over custody of their two children.

The other woman, Diana Bianchi, testified and said that Cook hired her to work at his office and gradually convinced her to date him. She says she sex with him about 10 times. They stopped seeing each other at the end of 2005.

Christie Brinkley’s 22 year-old daughter from her marriage to Billy Joel, Alexa Ray Joel, also took the stand. She painted a picture of Cook as a controlling man with a mean streak and told a story about how he once pushed her head into a bucket to get her to clean up some water.

Cook admits spending $3,000 a month on porn in 2005, and said he often used porn to rev things up in the bedroom with Brinkley.

Lawyers for Cook tried to make Brinkley out to be a bad mother for working to make her divorce public:

Brinkley fought a bid by the children’s legal guardian to close the trial to the public, and Cook’s lawyer said the model was partly to blame for an unseemly spectacle.

“For goodness sake: She’s on her fourth husband,” Sheresky told the court. “Your honor, we’re here because of the self-indulgent wrath of a woman scorned.”

“What kind of a mother wants her husband flogged in public?” he said.

[From AP via Huffington Post]

Brinkley isn’t the person who had an affair with someone 30 years younger and then try to pay them off to keep it quiet. Yes she was scorned, but it’s stupid to complain that she wants her husband’s awful behavior made public. She might regret it now, but the things he did were inexcusable and you can understand how she would react that way. It’s a shame their kids are going to hear about it, though.

Christie Brinkley and Diana Bianchi are shown outside of court yesterday, thanks to Lisa Wagner at Splash News.

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  1. heehee says:

    …The mother of children who come from a flog-worthy bastard!!! Dont set a bad standard, in my mind, by quietly ‘allowing’ a man/father/husband to behave that way as though he can get away with it and pretend that nobody is hurt. I think hes fully to blame for the pain caused in the situation. What he does is sick and destructive, so by bringing it public Christie makes it clear. Otherwise she would basically be condoning such behavior for her sons. 👿

  2. blaugrau says:

    I think is very sad that she wants all these details made public. What he did is not illegal, maybe it is morally abject and insane, but in her aim to punish him she is making more harm than good, especially for the childrens sake.

  3. Alexis says:

    Pathetic! Both of them are truely, truely pathetic. He is a disgustung perv and bad, bad husband (BAD HUSBAND!), but you know what, she IS a bad mother for trying to hurt and humiliate her children’s father publicly. It’s more then “a shame that her kids are going to hear about it”. It’s detrimental to their well being. Perhaps she is justified, but what good is that when your kids grow up marred by your selfish behavior. I doubt Brinkley would take any responsibility in that. The same way she takes no responsibility for why her marriage is ending. If you marry a perv, scum bag expect him to behave in a pervy, scum baggy manor. They should both be ashamed.

  4. Mr. T says:

    Well, it just goes to show you that being married to a super model isn’t all that its cracked up to be. Married 4 times? Sheesh, I’d give up after 2!

  5. LDB says:

    The facts are…He is not a great husband, father or human being for that matter and his life will reflect the choices he has made (NOTE: Sharon Stone…this would be the RIGHT instance to use the word “Karma”)

    I’m sure she is bitter..but unfortunately her revenge has ultimately only really hurt her children. Sad!!! I bet she won’t be so eager to sit down in a few years and hear from them how much.

  6. Susan says:

    I can’t believe she has been married 4 times. Remember that guy she married because they got in that helicopter wreck together??? She sounds flaky.

    I’m not sure why she wants it all public. If it’s custody she’s worried about the lawyers could handle all that privately.

    Don’t think I’d want the world knowing what a sleazeball I married…. 😕

  7. daisy424 says:

    I agree with Sandy. This has less to do with money, than custody of the children.

    Her lawyers have to paint the worst picture of Cook, so the judge will grant Brinkley full custody of the kids. She has to prove that it is in the best interest of the children, that he doesn’t get custody. She had to go public. New York is not a no-fault state.

    If Cook gets custody, he get full child support from Brinkley. She has the deep pockets not him.

    Remember K-Fed??

  8. Susan says:

    She does not have to “go public” with all the details. They could do it in a closed courtroom.

  9. Canadian cutie says:

    The children would have found out the facts about the disasterous marriage even if it was kept out of the press. There still would have been “leaks” to the press, or someone would have sold their story for millions of dollars, (a nanny, the mistress, the landscaper, etc.) Christie had to flog Peter (character assasination) to obtain full custody of her children. That is the way the system works. What a mooching, crybaby perverted phoney!!

  10. queenie says:

    It is more than obvious the guy is a sex addict and should seek extensive counselling with a specialist. If he has sociopathic tendencies, then I am sure Miss Christie was in a living hell with him. Good for her to get it out in the open. Assholes like this should be shown no mercy and no protection. Every woman on the planet should know exactly what he is.
    Also most women don’t go into marriages with men like these with any knowlege of their addictions and creepy patterns of behavior. These men are very adept at living double lives and keeping their tracks covered…to point.
    As for some of the comments, I will never understand why women choose to defend creeps like this and otherwise spend time tearing each other down. Were the situation reversed, you would NEVER see a guy do the same thing. Do yourselves a favor and read some of Sandra Brown’s MA work on dangerous men or Patrick Carnes’ PhD extensive research on sex addictions and the devastation it causes to families.

  11. Cinderella says:

    It’s obvious Christie hates this man for what he’s done, so she has no problem publicly humiliating him. The kids aren’t exactly tots, so they probably already know too much anyway. You can imagine the fights that went down.

    She may not want the kids to have a relationship with him right now because of his problems. It must be awful for Jack & Sailor. In addition to everything else, their friends are probably not allowed hang around them as long as Peter Cook is in the picture.

  12. vdantev says:

    3,000 a month ? Can you say frigid ?

  13. queenie says:

    3,000 a month? Can you say ASSHOLE?

    Grab a fn brain vdantev!!

  14. vdantev says:

    Oh that’s right, Queenie women never do ANYTHING wrong in a relationship. They are purest heaven-sent virginal angels from on-high dipping their wings to bless us mere mortals with their nectar and ambrosia.

    Get a f*cking grip, as in now.

  15. Susan says:

    He’s definitely a perv. And, sorry, but it’s not Christie’s fault he was paying $3,000/month on porn (of her money).

    I just disagree with putting it out there for the public. The JUDGE is the ONLY one who will make the custody decision. Not the public. So, the only reason I can grasp is she just wants to publicly humiliate him — while ALSO public humiliating her children with him.

  16. queenie says:

    vdantev = misogynist

  17. Nan says:

    She is living up to all the stories on Long Island about how dumb she is. She paid for everything? I believe it. She was busy trying to be Grace Kelly when she should have done some kinky things w/him. The difference between a truly sexy woman & one who is not, comes down to who is paying for things. If your guy insists on paying for most things, you know you are hot. The other way around, you just made a bad decision on choosing a user and a sponge.

  18. Nan says:

    Oh, and her eyes…she’s on something like Zoloft or Paxil. It took the shine right out of her eyes. I’m sure she needs it. I am not judging but those eyes say “I’m on an anti-depressant”.

  19. The Man says:

    Oh golly gee!!! Men across the world cheat on their spouses in the worst manner!!! How is Peter Cooke now the poster child for Bad, Bad, Bad, husbands!!! I really don’t get it!!! He didn’t beat her, abuse drugs, squander money, treat her like crap. Treat the kids like crap.

    Maybe she didn’t satisfy him, he fell out of love with her, and he resorted to very private and deviate behavior to get his rocks off! whoopti-doo!

    The Diana girl wasn’t a minor, she had sex with him 10 times or more!!! i mean come on people…get off your moral self-righteousness. He didn’t force himself on her! Did you all ever consider that she enjoyed it? So much so that, she let him do her time and time again…

    We are all sexual freaks in one form or another in the privacy of our bedrooms or wherever you like to get down!

    He’s just been exposed for doing what some guys think to do…or have done once upon a time in their lives…

    granted the sensible/responsible fella may have not cheated on their “spouse”..but perhaps a girlfriend or two..I guarantee it.

    Christie is not the victim! she knew what she was getting her cobb web twat in!

    She is a low down, miserable, failure of a mother, irresponsible, jealous, has been, money hungry C@#*T!

    Maybe if she swallowed a load…she wouldn’t be in this mess.

  20. PissyChristy says:

    The only difference between Christy and her husband is Christy didn’t watch internet porn. She is a cheater….it destroyed her marriage to Billy Joel.

    It is sad that she would command such a public spectacle when the only ones that will be affected are her children. Bullying is the favorite passtime of many kids and don’t think for one minute their children will not hear what their father was made to divulge in court. Truly classless and tacky.

    Christy says it is because she is fighting for her kids. Seems like a no-brainer to me. The kids generally go to the mother anyway unless she is unfit. That is not the case here. So what was to be gained by all this….nothing more than a crazy scorned woman that really should take a long hard look in the mirror and figure out why she has been married four times. Not a good track record.

    I have little sympathy for this woman now.

  21. daisy424 says:

    Uh, I thought that Billy was the one who cheated, he was constantly on the road and they had differences on where they wanted to live.

    The children lived in that house and saw this first hand. It’s not like it was a secret to them, didn’t their son find the porn on HIS computer?

    To say that maybe he fell out of love with her and she didn’t satisfy him; You’re putting the blame on her for his behavior. You cannot satisfy a sexual addict. I am sure Cook kept his hunger for porn a secret until after they wed.

    BTW, you spelled cunt wrong.

  22. northwesterly says:

    The Man:

    Wow. So we should get off our moral high horses because Peter didn’t rape the girl, and she wasn’t underage?

    Not only was he a sexual pervert, but he DID squander money. 3K/mo. on porn?! 300K to keep the girl quiet?!

    It’s frightening to me that anyone would justify his infidelity by suggesting his wife didn’t swallow his cum.

    I also don’t see how the well being of thier kids falls on her shoulders to keep quiet. Thier well being and the safety net of thier family was destroyed when Peter Cook screwed women outside of his marraige.

  23. I also thought Billy Joel was the one who cheated on Christie, and I heard he was very jealous of her fame. He felt like he was known as “Mr. Brinkley” and it bugged him. I also heard he was mean and abusive to Christy.

  24. vdantev says:

    Queenie= unrealistic, over-reacting child

  25. Trashaddict says:

    The man had the nerve to cry on the stand?
    He badly needs to be bitch-slapped. Hell, he’d probly like it.

  26. drm says:

    My my my the intelligence level on this comment line is dropping by the second, all of it generated by haters, regardless of sex (gender is a construct people). Queenie, great suggestion about Carnes work.

    He’s disgusting yup (Peter Cook), but should she make it a huge public spectacle? Probably not. Makes for interesting reading though. And I agree with people who said if you get with someone who has cocaine and felony convictions you *might* want to rethink your relationship. Ms. Brinkley’s split with “helicopter wreck” guy was pretty acrimonious too as I remember. Not nearly as public but they didn’t like each other at all by the time they split up.

    I think she needs to ask herself what she wants to accomplish by doing this? It will upset her children terribly and I think in the long run she’ll regret it, even if it makes her feel somewhat mollified now. This is one subject I can talk about with some knowledge, my first husband left me for one of my best friends while I was overseas…and no vdantev I’m not frigid just for the record 😉 He took everything, my house, all my savings, the whole nine yards, I was left with two suitcases and a whole lot of rage. My oldest kids know about it only because they worked it out and told me. My two younger kids still don’t know, I just say “Dad decided he didn’t want to be married to me anymore” which is as close to the truth as I want to come.

    Looking back, 7 years down the line I’m GLAD I took the line I did. I told my older children that while I was upset, he was still their dad and our problems were our problems end of story. Kids have a right to love their dad and have a relationship with him. Was it easy? No. It was very very hard. VERY. I wanted to tell EVERYONE…but I didn’t want my kids to have to deal with that fallout.

    I have a lot of sympathy for Christie, we all make mistakes, so she’s on number 4, big whoop. We all want to be loved, and I’ve made my fair share of poor choices, so I won’t judge. He’s a scuzz, she’s better off without him, but getting rid of him on the down low would have been better for the kids I think.

    End of novel 😛

  27. natalie says:

    This guy is a pervert, a cheater, a lyer a creep (who charged Mother’s Day flowers to her account) and someone who squandered her hard-earned money. He wants full custody so he can continue cashing in and Christie had to prove (in open court) by humiliation, yes, that he is an unfit parent. Unless there are some surprises to come, I hope this guy gets absolutely nada – he has taken enough from her already. Her third husband also took money from her (over a million dollars) and didn’t repay it, it’s no wonder there was bad blood there too. Christie has to start making better choices in men or just stop getting married.