Christina Applegate’s boyfriend found dead

The on-again, off-again boyfriend of Samantha Who actress Christina Applegate has been found dead in his apartment. 26-year-old Lee Grivas apparently died of a drug overdose, though official autopsy results haven’t been released yet. Applegate had been dating Grivas for over two years.

Some very sad news for Christina Applegate. E! News has confirmed that an investigation is under way into the circumstances surrounding the death of 26-year-old Lee Grivas, an aspiring photographer who had been dating the Samantha Who? star off and on for more than two years.

“I am profoundly saddened,” Applegate said in a statement to E! News. “Lee was an incredible human being who was an extremely important and beautiful part of my life. He is missed beyond words. He touched so many and I feel much sadness for his mother, brother and all of his family and friends.”

“We’re very happy with each other,” Grivas, told People in 2006. “I like making her smile and she likes making me smile. It’s really innocent and fun.”

[From E! News]

The National Enquirer says that Grivas’ body was found by his neighbor on Tuesday and he was pronounced dead early that evening. They have a little additional information on Grivas’ life and death.

Lee Grivas, was found dead of an apparent heroin overdose. Grivas — a fisherman, skateboarder and aspiring photographer — died July 1. A source close to Grivas told The National Enquirer: “Lee also had a long history of drug problems, dating back to his teen years. Christina broke up with him a number of times because of his struggles with getting clean. She loved him, but couldn’t stand by and watch him ruin his life.”

After the lovers reunited in April, Grivas left Christina in a last-ditch bid to get sober, according to the source. “Christina loved Lee dearly and even dreamed of starting a family with him,” the insider told The National Enquirer. “Unfortunately, Lee’s battle with drugs got the better of him. Christina is still in complete shock. He was just so young!”

[From the National Enquirer]

What an incredibly sad story. Our hearts go out to Lee’s friends and family.

Here are Christina Applegate and Lee Grivas leaving the Petrossian Paris Boutique & Cafe in Los Angeles while Christina hides under a black sweatshirt on April 23rd. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Anna says:

    What a tragedy. My condolences to Christina and to Lee’s family.
    Losing somebody to drugs is awful. And losing the fight against drugs too. I hope they will pull through this alright.

  2. velvet elvis says:

    This is tragic of course but it’s pretty much typical Hollywood news.

  3. CB Rawks says:

    Oh! Poor Christina! 🙁 That’s so sad.

  4. lunachick says:

    Oh that poor girl…my sincere condolances.

    It is just so hard to watch a loved one self-destruct with drugs, to see them unable to escape an addiction and unable to respond to your attempts to help. To actually lose them to the fight though…I haven’t experienced that and hope I never have to. I’m so sorry, that just sucks. 😥

  5. honeymoon says:

    Its as sad as Ledgers death, I dont know why people risk their life for drugs… I really cant understand that.

    Its really sad.

  6. vdantev says:

    Wow, that’s harsh. What a shame. Poor Christina 🙁

  7. mollination says:

    Oh that’s so sad! I’m so sorry for his family and Christina. At least he didn’t suffer and it wasn’t horrific or anything. Something horribly tragic happened to my boyfriend’s friend this weekend (and he SAW it happen) and I just don’t wish that upon anyone. It makes me appreciate the peace someone feels dying this way… not that it’s any different (death is death) but thank goodness he went peacefully. Still tragic, sad, and unneccessary.

  8. Ron says:

    Very sad. Please take from this tragedy, that if you know someone who has a drug problem, do anything to get them help. I had an immediate family memeber who was heading down this path and we had an intervention and got them into rehab and now two years later things are so much better. Drugs, be they street or prescription, are insideous and may start innocent enough but this sad story can be the end. I don;t want to preach but be careful….

  9. Shane says:

    I wonder if anyone every gets off Heroin.

  10. Asmodee says:

    Some of these stupid women love drug addicts. They want to “cure” them, but of course if they did, they would get bored and leave — thus turning the guy back to drugs.

  11. hmm says:

    Would an obvious question be: does she do drugs as well? I just question the wisdom of a thirty-something year old woman getting involved with a twenty-something heroin addict. If he has been battling this since before she met him, why get involved unless she’s doing some shady things as well.

  12. Trashaddict says:

    I didn’t used to like her when I heard she was diddling with the “Married with Children” guy, but then I saw her in “The Sweetest Thing” and I really liked her style.
    I am sorry she has to go through this….

  13. Danny says:

    Christina…call me…

  14. Susan says:

    Why do people risk their lives for drugs? It’s called ADDICTION!

    Drugs kill…..

    My boss’s son’s friend just od’d a few weeks ago – he was 20.

    My husband is a recovering meth addict and we know several people who od’d. 🙁

    And, yes, people do get off heroin. With the help of God.

  15. Annie says:

    Poor Girl…
    It is just so hard to watch a loved one self-destruct with drugs, to see them unable to escape an addiction and unable to respond to your attempts to help. To actually lose them to the fight though…I haven’t experienced that and hope I never have to. I’m so sorry, that just sucks.