Rihanna on her most awkward moment – getting recognized by a bikini waxer

Rihanna must have told this story before, because when she repeated it on the Graham Norton show he’s the one who brought it up. It also sounds vaguely familiar to me. Apparently Rihanna went to get a bikini wax and asked for an older woman who only spoke Russian to service her. She ended up with a 25 year-old American woman, who recognized her and made her feel incredibly uncomfortable as she ripped off her pubic hair.

I went to this wax salon, and she recognized me before I took my clothes off. And I think she just couldn’t wait until we were alone so she could just ask for an autograph or something…

And then obviously I’m laying there and in pain, she just decided to bust out… Every time I get a wax I always specify the lady is old and speaks Russian or no English. And she was [a] 25 year-old American and she was basically like “I know who you are” [makes ripping motion] “You’re Rihanna aren’t you?”… Awkward, it was probably one of the most awkward moments of my entire life.

[From The Graham Norton show via Wizbang Pop]

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again here, I’ve never gotten a professional bikini wax. There are lengths I will go to for beauty, but I’ll probably never go that far. The one time I tried this at home I got one strip off and vowed to never do it again I was in such agony.

Colin Farrel was on that show, though, which makes me imagine that I might get it done for his sake. Never say never, right?

Story via Wizbang Pop

Rihanna is shown at the AMAs. That dress isn’t one of her worst. She looks pretty good here but she probably really needed that bikini wax ahead of time despite her nude-colored underwear. Credit: WENN.com





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  1. Stronzilla says:

    And I don’t even want to know what the waxer did with the used strips. They probably ended up on eBay.

  2. nycmom10024 says:

    Cute clip. She may be one of the few performers that I perfer to listen to when they are just being themselves.

  3. gabs says:

    I would be embarrassed too. She looked gorgeous last night. I liked all her looks. Her live singing made me cringe a bit but she looked great and danced, so whatever.

  4. PrettyTarheel says:

    Wow, normally I think she looks like something a mad scientist designed, but this outfit was gorgeous on her. Funky enough to be RiRi, but flattering and fun.

  5. Heather says:

    Her hair looks better.

  6. Lindy says:

    Yeah, I’m really liking the kool-aid hair styled like this–and that dress is beautiful! She looks great!

  7. guesty says:

    can’t stand the haircolor…but the dress is fab.

  8. teresa says:

    That’s exactly why I do my own! (And that I love the pain)

    I mean, you never know where your waxer will turn up. The red carpet, 7-11 or the PTA…

    All I know is I would def make the loose-mouthed bitch pay for this shit!

  9. devilgirl says:

    She looks very pretty, IMO. Love the dress. Her hair, while a hideous shade, looks better with the big curls.

    I am in the minority, but I like RiRi. I hate to admit it, but I still like the Umbrella, ella, ella song.

  10. xxodettexx says:

    LOVE the dress [i am a huge nut for the color red]

  11. Listerino says:

    I had it done once for a special occasion. The pain alone was reason not to go back, but I also broke out in an awful rash that lasted over a week. Never again.

  12. Obvious says:

    she looks fab here-even with the kool-aid hair

  13. cherryberry says:

    Loving that hair!

  14. J says:

    I really like the change in hair color to a darker, still unnatural but not Kool-Aid red. However, why so bedhead? Her hair looks too messy to me. I LOVE the dress though.

    I don’t like Rihanna all that much, but I’d like to see her go back to a more glamorous, adult and less silly/crazy look.

    Also, @Celebitchy. Try the No-No. It’s very good for removing unwanted hair and is pain free once you learn how to use it. It even works for bikini.

  15. Katija says:

    @ J

    Seriously? The No-No works? I always stare at it for ten minutes when I’m at Sephora but then end up leaving without it. LOL, at the risk of sounding overdramatic, I have been lied to by so many hair removal gimmicks/companies before, I’m reluctant to fork over money for anything besides razors and shaving cream anymore!

  16. anon says:

    “No! No! Thermodynamic Hair Removal – Costing $250 for the device and $21 for replaceable blades the No! No! is a combination of shaving and heat to remove unwanted hair. The term “thermodynamic” in the name is just a fancy way of saying it produces heat to burn away hair which is literally what it does, along with shaving at the same time. There is no research showing this works, and physiologically it really can’t work. Singing hair on the surface of skin (and you will smell burnt hair after using it) does not carry through to the root at the base of the hair follicle frying it into nonexistence. If that did happen you would surely get a fairly serious burn, but thankfully only the surface is affected. It will feel like something is happening when you use it, but other than shaving there is no other real benefit to be had. Our verdict? Just say “no” to the No! No!” (from http://www.cosmeticscop.com)

  17. Eleonor says:

    She doesn’t need a bikini waxer, she needs -desperately- a hairstylist!

  18. sapphire says:

    Her look is MUCH improved. I really prefer the hair toned down.

    I’ve the DIY and salon versions, and I prefer the salon-hurts lots but less than strips at home. And it takes under 5 minutes when the waxer knows what she is doing.

  19. Lola7 says:

    Love the hair color!!!

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