Keith Urban got Nicole Kidman $73,000 Cartier ring as baby gift

Nicole Kidman is one lucky woman. Not only did she somehow manage to gestate without ever having a belly that indicated anything more severe than a little bloating, but she’ll probably come out of the whole thing with nary a stretch mark. And if her labor is as seemingly low-key as tiny as her pregnancy, she’ll pop the kid out in under half an hour. And for all that, she’ll get quite the “Thanks for having my baby” present from husband Keith Urban: a $73,000 Cartier ring.

With Nicole Kidman due to give birth in early July, Keith Urban has purchased a surprise present to give to his wife in the delivery room — a $73,000 Cartier Trinity ring! “It’s three rings intertwined, so it’s very symbolic,” the insider says of the popular design, which is set with multi-colored pavé diamonds and is meant to represent the three stages of a relationship: yellow gold for friendship, rose gold for love and white gold for fidelity.

“It’s three turned into one and that’s how it will be with Keith, Nicole and the new baby,” notes the insider. Cameron Diaz owns the same ring, as does Katie Holmes, who received hers for Mother’s Day. The Trinity ring was created by Cartier in 1924 and is still one of its most recognized designs today.

[From In Touch]

It’s a slightly odd choice given that Nicole’s ex-husband’s new wife has the same ring – but I’m sure she’s not complaining. It really is a lovely piece of jewelry. I made the mistake of looking at it on Cartier’s website – that can really get distracting. I would definitely be willing to have just about anyone’s child for that. Joking. Mostly.

Nicole is expected to give birth anytime. She hasn’t been specific about a date, other than that it’s in early July. Though if I were her, I’d put a rush on it. Jewelry is totally worth it.

Here are Nicole and Keith at the Academy Of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 18th. These are the only photos I could find of Nicole where she actually looks pregnant. Images thanks to PR Photos.

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  1. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    I dislike combinations of different kinds of gold on one piece of jewelry. But then again, I dislike Keith Urban.

  2. Ron says:

    Big Surprise here is everyone on the face of the planet knows about it. Funny thing is, this is technically the Holy Trinity Ring. So the fact that Tom gave it to Kat-E is pretty funny. Those damn thetans are playing mind games with their King…um…Queen again! Princess?

  3. Celebitchy says:

    Kaiser I agree. I am a minimalist with my jewelry and try to stick to silver and platinum. I really don’t like the multi-color combinations. That said, that ring is gorgeous and I would gladly accept it as a gift.

  4. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Oh, yeah, CB. I would totally take it. And then try to return it to Cartier for one of those really beautiful white-gold pendant necklaces. :)

  5. kerri says:

    i usually dont like that combination either, but for some reason, i am very jealous!! i LOOOVE that ring!

  6. daisy424 says:

    My fifth child weighed 12 lbs and all I got was stretchmarks………..

  7. Bodhi says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t turn it down either!!

    My engagement ring is both white & yellow gold, but thats because we had my grandparents’ rings melted down to make mine

  8. NHchicky says:

    I don’t like the ring at all. Hideous.

  9. Celebitchy says:

    OMG Daisy did you have a natural birth with your 12 pounder?!

    Bodhi – how did your ring turn out, was it like swirls, flecks or bands or did it turn into a different color?

  10. Bodhi says:

    Well, the band itself is my grandpa’s yellow gold band & the setting part is the white gold from my grandmother’s ring. they used the white gold to replicate her original setting on her engagement ring. So the jewelers didn’t really mix the two metals together.

    It looks awesome, btw :D

  11. breederina says:

    Love the ring, very deco. The rose gold makes it work.
    Must point out to husband since we have 3 children this would be a very appropriate gift around here as well.
    Amusing re: Holy Trinity.

  12. daisy424 says:

    Yes CB, all natural, I dilated too quickly for meds. I had gestational diabetes. It was difficult, I am only 5′ 2″.

  13. Bodhi says:

    Yikes Daisy!

  14. Celebitchy says:

    Bodhi your engagement ring sounds beautiful and a very good way to combine those two metals. Thanks for explaining it to me, I was having a hard time picturing it and it sounds lovely.

    Daisy congratulations! My son was almost 9 pounds and hearing your story I think I gave myself too much credit for a natural birth with him.

  15. kate says:

    poor nic – why can’t she ever find a man who isn’t a midget?

  16. c says:

    I would love to have ANY ring if it was coming from Keith!!
    But I do like this ring as well. I love the colors!

  17. Mairead says:

    Aren’t those rings also known as Russian wedding rings? I remember a girl from school getting one after he went to Russia and she explained what it was. Hers was just one colour of gold or silver though. (it was years ago)

    Oh and best of luck to Nicole.

    and, Daisy… 8O well done

  18. RAN says:

    Is it just me or is $75k a ridiculous sum of money for that ugly ring? I get it’s Cartier and all that and I think the symbolism of the 3 colors is sweet, but $75k? Give me a big honkin’ stone (emerald, diamond, ruby, etc) for that kind of money!

  19. Helen says:

    I bought my husband a – masculine – ring after we had our last baby. Our elder children had been so badly behaved that week I stuck a note in it saying ‘Diamonds are forever, but our kids will leave home eventually’! Not very romantic!
    I love this ring though. It sells for about $US700 without diamonds, apparently.

  20. kit says:

    It’s a nice ring, but doesn’t look like $73k worth. I could do better.

  21. janepitt says:

    Keith looks like he should be hosed down. The man always looks like he just ended a drunken binge. Someone should tell Baby Jane that we know she is pregnant. She doesn’t have to keep pulling her dress to emphasize her stomach. I’m beginning to prefer Tom and Katie over them.

  22. can says:

    Keith is sooo cute. That is a very nice gift. I think the rings gorgeous.

  23. Emily says:

    I can’t wait to see her baby – it’ll be soooo cute! :-)

  24. annonymous says:

    I personally don’t like the combination of colors on the ring; but I love the idea of what it stands for.

  25. LP says:

    How is the ring worn? :?

  26. Love that google, fine site. So long.

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