View costars pissed that Barbara Walters keeps shilling her memoir on air

There’s yet another feud brewing among the women who host ABC talkshow The View. In Touch claims to have insider information that some of the hosts on the panel are complaining about how often executive producer Barbara Walters talks about her bestselling biography, Audition. Joy Behar has a book that could really use the on-air publicity, and Sherri Shepherd has a new memoir coming out, but neither have been allowed to mention their books much and are complaining to higher-ups:

An insider tells In Touch that Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck aren’t happy that Barbara keeps using the ABC talk show to shill her memoir Audition. “Off the air, the co-hosts have complained to executives that the show has become an infomercial for Barbara,” says the insider. Adding to the annoyance? “Joy didn’t get to promote her recent book When You Need a Lift nearly as much, and Sherri has been asked to wait to announce her deal for her outn memoir, Permission Slips, until Barbara’s summer book tour is over,” says the insider. A rep for The View denies that there’s any tension over the book.

[From In Touch, print edition, July 14, 2008]

Barbara Walters really came off as a shrew while she was promoting that book. She rudely said to Ellen that ““I love you whether you ever read my book,” even though Ellen was praising different parts of the book and asking questions about it. Walters essentially dissed Ellen by suggesting she hadn’t read it.

There was also a controversy over the married US Senator she admitted having an affair with and the way she so candidly talked about the debacle with Star Jones getting freebies for her wedding by mentioning sponsors right on the show. Barbara also told Oprah that it was obvious Star had gastric bypass surgery, something Star had previously admitted, but said that it was ridiculous that Star kept insisting on air that pilates and diet were helping her lose weight so quickly. Of course Star deserves the criticism and she shot back with a rude ass response of her own. It seems that Barbara isn’t so different than Star and will use the show for her own purposes as much as she wants to.

I’ve watched The View both with Barbara Walters and without, and the interviews flow better when she’s not there. She asks rude questions and sits there like a smug queen. Whoopi really pulls that show together and adds a lot of humor. She should be in charge and Barbara should retire.

Photo credits: Walters is shown at The Trover Shop bookstore in Washington, DC on 5/8/08, thanks to photographer Carrie Devorah for WENN.

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14 Responses to “View costars pissed that Barbara Walters keeps shilling her memoir on air”

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  1. vdantev says:

    Then they need to get their own damn show. Problem solved.

  2. Abby says:

    Damn, she is OLD. I agree, she IS very rude, and sometimes she says really awkward things, too. I’ve seen the other hosts widen their eyes and then hurry to cover up her mistakes sometimes. She’s probably getting a bit senile. Time to go.

  3. velvet elvis says:

    Barbara Barbara Barbara….why are you doing this?? You used to be such a respected journalist…now you’re just another media whore. And old as dirt to boot. Please retire already and take the last dregs of dignity you still have left with you.

  4. snappyfish says:

    It is Walter’s we are talking about. She is as old as most dinosaurs but like dinosaurs she knows where most of the bone are buried in the Television industry and you don’t mess with her.

    The other women wouldn’t have ‘the view’ without her. Joy Behar and Whoopi are v v funny, Sherri and Elisabeth should be glad they are employed. Neither of them has anything interesting to say. Usually idiotic drivel.

    Point is, it is Walter’s show, she is their boss. and since she is the executive producer, to whom exactly are these women running their complaints to? Other people who work for Babs.

  5. Leandra says:

    She’s had a good run but why not retire? Why not enjoy some down time? Travel – whatever. She can leave now with dignity and respect but if she keeps working, she may lose a great deal of it which is already happening now.

  6. devilgirl says:

    She is just an old, greedy, desicated, slut. Who wants to read about her skanky affairs when I can simply save the money and see all the same sleaze from my ex boyfriend. I am tired of cheating sluts!

  7. lulu says:

    what an old hag! retire already!

  8. Anne says:

    I don’t watch the view but I did hear her do an interview on CBC Radio One here in Canada. She mentioned the title of her book and who published it so often I shut the radio off.

  9. Blackalicious says:

    devilgirl gets a cookie for using ‘dessicated’. And true, true.

  10. Tess says:

    The show would be so much better if they had one conservative who could really hold her own against the three liberals. One against three really isn’t very entertaining.

  11. Ron says:

    They can bitch all they want..Barbara owns the show. The person who owns the enterprise can do anything they want and all of the worker bees have to deal with it, or leave their mulitmillion dollar “jobs”. Doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon….

  12. Amy says:

    @Tess — I completely agree! Also, I just can’t stand how they all start talking at the same time. Like a bunch of squawking birds!

  13. it's me says:

    So they are not mad that she is beating people over the head with her book, they want to be able to do the same with theirs?

  14. dawn says:

    Barbara is a respected journalist no one can take that away from her! Whoopi is a great comedian! I have watched the view since it aired as far as the other ladies are concerned they need to shut up they were unknowns before the view and now are famous because of Barbaras star there paid well and still would be unknowns without her she may need to take a break but she is an inspiration to women and has a right to promote her book wherever she pleases specially on a show she developed and created!!!