PopEater: Angelina Jolie is “grossed out” by Thanksgiving


I tend to think this story has the whiff of bullcrap, but whatever. According to PopEater’s gossip guy Rob Shuter, Angelina Jolie hates Thanksgiving. She hates it because she’s a friend to the Native Americans, and she thinks celebrating Thanksgiving would be a celebration of the systematic genocide of Native American peoples. Which… I mean, I understand that point of view if we’re just talking about history and stuff, and whether or not we should teach children the revisionist history of the first Thanksgiving and the plight of the Native Americans. But as a modern tradition, it’s come to mean something really nice, and I honestly don’t see Angelina refusing to let her family celebrate.

While everyone is preparing to give thanks tomorrow, one of America’s most famous families, the Jolie-Pitts, have decided to sit this Thanksgiving out.

“Angelina Jolie hates this holiday and wants no part in rewriting history like so many other Americans,” a friend of the actress tells me. “To celebrate what the white settlers did to the native Indians, the domination of one culture over another, just isn’t her style. She definitely doesn’t want to teach her multi-cultural family how to celebrate a story of murder.”

Angelina has been filming her directorial debut, about a Serbian man and Bosnian woman who fall in love during the Bosnian War. Angie, always extremely sensitive to the suffering throughout the world, is filming in English and the native languages.

“Angelina gets so grossed out by Thanksgiving that she has made sure her family will not be in America this year on Thursday,” an insider tells me.

And although Brad Pitt recently told ‘EXTRA,’ “We’ll whip up a turkey somewhere,” he certainly hasn’t shared that plan with Angelina. A family friend tells me, “If Brad wants turkey, he will have to cook it himself. For Angie, it will be another day when America tries to rewrite history.”

[From PopEater]

I love the line “If Brad wants turkey, he will have to cook it himself.” OH SCANDAL. You know Brad will just try to deep-fry that sh-t and he’ll end up burning down the chateau. Just as the pilgrims intended!

Back to the discussion on revisionist history, I’d just like to tell a story from my own perspective. When I was very young – like, elementary school – my grade had to use this very dated Virginia history book that was full of all of these crazy lies and half-truths about slavery and the tragic history of original Virginia settlements (crazy sh-t went down in Jamestown, for real). Even at my young age, I knew it was crap. The lesson: kids aren’t stupid. They can comprehend that the revisionist story of Thanksgiving is crap, while also being taught that it’s a modern tradition we should embrace. Give these kids some credit! Empress Zahara demands some ham.





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  1. la_chica says:

    she hates thanksgiving because it require eating

  2. devilgirl says:

    I am inclined to not believe this. Brad was saying not long ago they would be cooking up a turkey some place.

  3. Liana says:

    I do believe this is bullshit.

  4. bellaluna says:

    For a non-revisionist lesson on what happened to the Indians, watch Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Though not a surprise to me, I haven’t been able to finish watching it. The Native Americans asking for “the brown bottle” from the doctor looks (to me at least) like how alcoholism was developed in their culture.

    @ la_chica – That’s the first thought I had!

  5. heathen says:

    Put me down for “this is bs.”

  6. olivia says:

    Jolie’s sort of got it right. If you’re a turkey it’s definitely a “story of murder”, genocide even 🙂

  7. Marie says:

    I am Native American and I am for one not offended by Thanksgiving, nor is my family. I guess we look at it to each their own, and we are eating turkey tomorrow. 🙂

  8. Erin says:

    @la-chica! Soooo funny! And so true!

  9. MissVJJ says:

    Meh.. It wouldn’t surprise me. I know a lot of people who believe Thanksgiving is a celebration of genocide.

  10. Erin says:

    She takes herself so seriously, I would not be surprised if this was true.

  11. margaret says:

    Hey! I, too, experienced the

    antiquated Virgina history books. And yes, we, too, knew what they were pushing was crap. Most people understand that having a day of rest and thanks that is not politically or religiously slanted is a good thing, tho I fear even that is slipping away as more and more stores are open on T’Day. ah well!

  12. brin says:

    Just thought of the movie “Giant” where the little kids are sitting at the table & they realize that the roast turkey is their pet turkey “Pedro” and they all start crying at the table…lol! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. k says:

    Like Angie or Brad themselves would actually be doing their own cooking.

  14. Abbs says:

    Okay, I’m not at all religious but I love Christmas as a time to reconnect with loved ones you may not see all the time/hear from, tell people you may see all the time you love them, have fun at parties while wearing some sparkling clothes, eat some good food, and believe in Santa again. I just think it’s a good time. I feel the same way about Thanksgiving.

  15. Cheyenne says:

    I once watched Alton Brown demonstrate the “safe” way to fry a turkey on “Good Eats” on the Food Channel. It seemed like it was more complex than planning a military campaign.

    Anyway, I’m betting this story is bullshit, but the Boo-Hoo Sisterhood will be all over it.

  16. Reena says:

    Complete BS as this gossipist at Popeater is best friendses with both Ian and Morton who wrote failed books full of lies about Angelina. He like those 2 BFF failures have no Brad and Angelina actual sources, LOL, he just wants hits the day before TG. It seems to me from the media that for many Black Friday is more important than TG. BTW, I don’t eat turkey so for me it is never Turkey Day.

  17. skibunny says:

    This is off topic but I’m Canadian and Thanksgiving isn’t as big a deal up here. I read someone’s post a few threads back. She describes AJ as having a narcisstic personality disorder. Interesting. I was married to someone for thirteen years who has that disorder. I would say the poster was Bang On! S’pose I’m gonna be attacked now.

  18. Hautie says:

    Just a random bias thought… and not referencing this BS story about Angelina.

    I hate how random people use the plight of the American Indians, to push their own agenda.

    As a member of the Choctaw Nation, I am always fully offend by anyone claiming their BS harpy personal views, are based on any tragic history concerning any American Indian.

    It is always done to gain some kind of attention for their own personal agenda. And has nothing to do with the past. Ugh.

    And that is the end of my personal rant.


  19. Ferguson. says:

    Im from Argentina, people here dont have any idea what Thanksgiving is. We only get to ‘experience it’ through movies, so I used to think it was a day on which the family gets together just because and eats some Turkey, didnt care about the reason, until I had to do some research on it for my english class. We were all surprised when we learned what it was all about.

    What Im trying to say here is that, Im with Angie. I can understand her point of view.

    Anyway, happy thanksgiving to everyone up there. From your very-southern sister.

  20. Raven Sparrow says:

    I bet Brad can actually whip up a good turkey!! I’d love to hang around with him, he looks like fun. I’m loving the pics with Shiloh.

    Also I’m thankful for all these AJ stories and for all the crazies posting here (and I mean this in the nicest way – pro & anti Angies)…thanks for the laughs! 😀

  21. girl says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving, revisionist-history memory is having our meal at one of my soldier husband’s houses. There was another invitee there who was a good-old southern boy, etc. Pointing out my family’s obvious non-whiteness, he made some silly speech about this being like the first Thanksgiving because we showed up, kids in tow. It was really quite condescending.

    He was not happy when I turned to him and said very sincerely, “Gee, I hope this doesn’t mean you are going to beat the crap out of all of us and take our car and house.”

  22. Jaxx says:

    Someone needs to check their history books. Thanksgiving was celebrated and the native americans were invited to partake with the white settlers BECAUSE those settlers would not have survived their first winter in America had not the natives showed them how to do so. They then shared that meal and gave thanks to their benefactors.

    Of course later those settlers weren’t so thankful and treated the NA’s horribly but that’s another story.

  23. Kim says:

    This is BS Angie did an interview with Jerry on Extra while promoting a film when she talked about what the family was doing for Thanksgiving. She mentioned she likes pumpkin pie. Jerry asked who would cook her or Brad and she joked “the kids”

  24. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Skibunny is right, in Canada it’s not nearly the massive holiday as in the States (bigger than Christmas I understand) however we celebrate it as a harvest-related thing. Nothing whatsoever to do with Pilgrims, Plymouth Rock or American Indians or as they’re referred to here (more respectfully) as First Nations peoples. Though as I understand it too, few Americans wave the flag and go “Woo-Hoo Pilgrims!” at Thanksgiving either.

  25. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Oh Cheyenne frying a Turkey is as dangerous as it is delicious. I have seen many a house set ablaze in a quest to have yummy turkey. My family has never attempted it but my family down south won’t quit until they have burned down every last home they live in.

    Awww I think these pics of Angie and Brad are sooo sweet.

    LOL Yes thank you Kim. There seem to be a lot of Kims posting here, so I am saying thank you to the NICE Kim. 😀

  26. Lynnie says:

    She’s just “grossed out” by anything related to eating.

  27. anon says:

    Oh an insider and family friend, are speaking to the rags for her now, OK 🙂

  28. lisa says:

    Another day and another Sh*t story about Angie to feed the non fans.. Well they can have an early Thanksgiving snack. THAT stupid story acts as if Thanksgiving is a new holiday. Angie and Brad have both spoken about celebrating the occasion.. and seriously if they didn’t so what. It is not a religious holiday. People who don’t like her flock to any negative story not even allowing a few brain cells to be used.

    I wish that “friend gave more information”..funny Brad just talked about their Thanksgiving plans.. They are a couple for 6 years. that’s 6 years of holiday celebrations.. LOL

    but hey let the haters enjoy yet another stupid story.. It has become so predictable.

  29. craigc says:

    Enough of this b###h already!!!
    Talk about self-important!!! jeez

  30. gg says:

    a) Ham should be outlawed. It’s BAD for you! b) Is it completely impossible that Pilgrims and American Indians ever ate together, even once, and said – “hey, cool – eatin with friends”?

  31. say what says:

    This crazy b%tch is going at it again.
    People say Tom Cruise is crazy. Jeez, this one takes a cake. The only reason she hasn’t joined Scientology is because of too much competition. Travolta, Cruise etc. She would want to claim she invented Scientology.
    Now this nonsense. Nobody gives a damn what she does as long as she keeps her trap closed.
    Sure they’re going to “whip up turkey somwhere” Talk about stability for the kids. Dear kids, we are going to have a Thanksgiving dinner. Mom and dad don’t have a clue where. Maybe on the plane??

  32. Bodhi says:

    @ gg – No, its isn’t. When the Europeans got to the now US, they had a reciprocal relationship with the natives. Obviously it wasn’t all “oh thank you white men for bringing us Jesus, guns & booze, please accept our maize & our women”, but there was a give & take between the 2 communities. They actually were able to co-exist for a little while.

    Edit: “native Indians” doesn’t sound like something that AJ would say, whether her altruism is for show or not

  33. jen says:

    Her Indian name should be Sitting Idiot.

  34. devilgirl says:

    I hate ham! Now that Jon Hamm is another issue altogether. He has grown on me.

  35. yourmomma says:

    “But as a modern tradition, it’s come to mean something really nice”

    oh well thats good, who gives a shit about the native americans right? just as long as you have a celebration that you pretend is all fluufy bunnies and turkey right?

  36. Kendra says:

    I think this story is bs. What I do not understand is why all the hate , if true, if Angelina does not like Thanksgiving.

    Does Angelina not have the same rights as you and I to have likes and dislikes? Does she not get to make choices for herself, just like we do?

    So she does not like turkey? So she does not want to celebrate Thanksgiving? Is Angelina hurting someone?

    Get a life people, to have so much hate just because someone does not want to eat turkey is to much.

  37. 4Real says:

    She’s just mad because her family is “manufactured” and she can’t eat or cook FOOD!

  38. Tazina says:

    There have been so many stories lately that have turned out to be utter nonsense. This is one of them.

  39. Tomas says:

    She needs to get over herself and stop believing people care what she thinks…she’s an absolute joke.

  40. daisy424 says:

    Great write up 😉

  41. Kim says:

    4Real is “manufactured” code for “adoptive”? If so, I guess Sharon Stone, Mia Farrow and Marie Osmond’s families are “manufactured” .Please explain. Oh and yes she has stated many times she can’t cook.As for eating I guess she eats enough to be able to carry her almost 6 y.o. daughter in the 1st pic and her 4 y.o. daughter at the same time.

  42. bellaluna says:

    @ girl – OMGoodness! Thank you for the wonderful laugh!

    Okay, PLEASE let’s not turn this into another bought of ugliness. Yesterday’s deal with Fantasia was enough.

    Let us be thankful for our abilities to read, write, have Internet connections, and mutual respect for differing opinions – WITHOUT attacking one another.

  43. girl says:

    Yes, I’m curious to know what “manufactured” means in that post.

  44. Kendra says:

    It is a shame, someone would use ” manufactured” to talk about adopted children.

  45. TeeTee says:

    hmm, she needs to “just say no to drugs”

    we all have our issues, huh?

  46. devilgirl says:

    I think that ‘manufactured” might mean her image is manufactured, right down to the family. At least that is what I got out of the post.

  47. neelyo says:

    She’s not the only one. I appreciate the spirit, but I hate all of that horrible food. The smell of turkey makes me sick and I’m not a big fan of any of the other traditioanl foods.

    @Cheyenne – Frying a turkey is so dangerous. Check the local paper the day after Thanksgiving and there are always many fires and accidents related to people trying to fry their turkey.

  48. someone says:

    Then she and I are even, Im grossed out by her….

  49. Kim says:

    Devilgirl maybe you are right .I guess I’m sensitive because I have family members that were adopted so it drives me cracy when people refer to adoptive parents as”baby collectors” or accuse them of buying kids. As for Angie’s image admitting she is a mother of 6 who can’t cook detracts from her superwoman image IMO.Well anyway I ‘ve got to go pick up pies for Thanksgiving.Have A Happy Thanksgiving and don’t overspend on Black Friday (smile)

  50. poppy says:

    Rob Shuter should be deported, I guess if he don’t mention Angie no one would read his lies. I can’t understand for someone that don’t have friends who are these friends telling
    popshiter this nonsense, they’re pulling it out of Rod’s Arse. I realize that no one checks to see if a story is true or not it is all about hits. And to folks that always believe these lies, I feel sorry for you, can’t be that stupid.

  51. REALIST says:

    Angelina-hard core. And I thought I had all these holiday restrictions for this or that reason.
    Xmas drives me crazy because everyone gets so stressed out and buys all this crap because the retailers push and push. Meanwhile, you’ve got homeless people going to soup kitchens for a meal. Now, if you’re there serving the meal, different story.
    Of course, my kids, now 10 and 9, had a cow the first Xmas post-divorce when they didn’t get a trainload of stuff from me for Xmas. The gifts were thoughtful, not crap. But they wanted the crap, and that’s what their dad (and his mother) are for.
    I live in Seattle, and their campaign is “give experiences (concert tix,etc) instead of stuff”. Good plan!
    Turkey Day-my only problem with Thanksgiving is I like chicken, don’t like turkey. The damn turkey takes forever to bake, and it always ends up dry, dry, dry.
    Thanksgiving is probably mostly historical myth, anyway, but it’s also time to chill out with people you love without having to go out and buy them something you think they want.

    Anyway, may everyone out there enjoy their holiday and be safe if traveling.

  52. SuperSleuth says:

    My family looks forward to getting together and celebrating each other. We are all so busy in our day to day lives that sometimes we neglect the ones we love the most. This is a day that we relish and appreciate the love we all have for one another; mother, father, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, husbands, daughters, sons, grandparents.

    We celebrate the day with family and give thanks for our blessings. Nothing more.

    We’re all only on this earth for a very short time. Can’t we just savor the time that we have together? Why do things always have to become so political?

  53. lrm says:

    This week I checked out the Plimoth Plantation website [in Plymouth, spelling differs]-for my son-as they have alot of interative historical activities and videos, etc.
    I grew up in MA, and went on fieldtrips to many of these ‘new settlement’ locations, multiple times…But we live in CA, so my son is wanting some first-hand info.

    Anyway, you will find on this site, the story that yes, there were both indians and white settlers and it was called a ‘feast’. You will also find information about what the indians taught the settlers,what foods were eaten, what the housing and living conditions were, etc.

    No, they do not go into alcoholism and genocide…which actually happened over time, across the country. it’s not like one small group of pilgrims took down the entire native population in one winter!

    Nor did native americans succumb to disease or cultural ravage in one season.

    Anyway, I tend to believe at this point that the truth is somewhere in the middle-yes, there was a feast, but no, the history overall is not roses and glory.

    I appreciate those who have commented, being native themselves and tired of the PC bullsh*t. I agree.

    And, as a parent, I will say that we need holidays and traditions, just as other cultures have. My child needs that sense of continuity and celebration of life, family, and goodness. So I will have my own meaning for any holiday I please, thank-you-very-much. Seriously, are we supposed to be generic robots b/c some holidays are rooted in sordid history?

    thanksgiving to me is as others have said: A celebration of thanks and gratitude for what we have, family, health, friendship, etc. And a great day to relax and enjoy food, without extreme commercialism. It’s just having a meal!

    I am sure other cultures can find sordid h istory in their traditions, in some cases, as well. Is anyone parading around preaching that they should not celebrate them?

    As for Christmas-I told my child that I celebrate the spirit of the season-b/c i get so tired of the born again christians we know, saying it’s jesus’ bday celebration-when clearly [aside from the name], it is associated with many traditions-advent, yule, tree, solstice, etc. We celebrate joy, good cheer/goodwill and festive energy. End of my story.(:

  54. Listerino says:

    I’m from Australia originally but now live in the USA with my fiance, and this Thanksgiving will be my first. I’m looking forward to it but find it amusing that my fiance’s family were all surprised that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all in Australia. I guess most American’s don’t even remember what Thanksgiving is about and so think it’s like an international holiday or something.

  55. ALB says:

    It is legitmate at least. Her mom was French Canadian and Irquois.

  56. REALIST says:

    @Kaiser-I love the “Empress Zahara” moniker. Thank goodness she and Shiloh have different tastes in attire, or they would be slugging it out as teen sisters.
    Speaking of history, maybe Angie wasn’t aware that Shiloh was one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War…
    [Sorry for the chatiness, but ex-hubby has the kids until Saturday and I’m kinda bored..]

  57. redlips says:

    Thank you, Jaxx! I am so happy at least one person payed attention in History class. Yes, that is what it is ALL about!

    This is the third site I have read this so, I am very inclined to believe it. If AJ thinks the Native Americans were treated so badly, then maybe she needs to adopt one or two!

    EDITED: That chin……oh my!

  58. mystified says:

    In defense of 4real and “manufactured” family. I assume she means that she thought her family was “manufactured” for publicity so that she and Brad can seem all multicultural and sophisticated and better than everyone else.

    For over 12 years, we’ve been the adoptive parents of a son from Russia who looks as if he could be our biological child. So I guess we just look like one of those “good ole” Southern families that Girl likes to belittle.

    Sometimes when people find out that he is adopted from Russia they ask why we didn’t adopt from Africa, Asia (he actually is from Asia) or Latin America implying that we might be racist. You know: Southern + white adopted child = racist. Talk about condescending. We’re not rich like that Bradjolinas, so we simply adopted from the country that was the least expensive to adopt from at the time. Of course, since he looks like us, we’re not advertising our multiculturalism like “Saint” Angelina or Madge.

    I do care about genocide, however. I consider myself to be a friend of the Armenians, so I don’t celebrate Turkish holidays or drink Turkish coffee.

  59. Crash says:

    Oh, Hicks. “First Nations People? really??!! can we all waste anymore time being over the top “Politically Correct? We’re more PC than youuu are. nah nah nahnah nah. hahahahaha. I don’t care what you call me. Either should anyone else. It’s how you treat me that matters. Words are cheap and useless and a misleading cover” for some of the worst bigots I have ever met in my life. People! get over yourselves!

  60. bellaluna says:

    @ REALIST – Hey, girl! I hope you have a happy holiday! I was in the same boat as you (except it was daddy’s side-piece’s parents who had the money) so we sponsored another, less-fortunate family’s Christmas one year. (We were a sponsored family the first Christmas after I left him, and I decided we should do the same when our financial situation got better.) It was truly an eye-opening experience for my children to pick out gifts for other kids who had less than they had. And I absolutely made it a family affair; they chose the gifts for the children (with my approval, of course).

    Yeah, I tend to agree with devilgirl about the whole “manufactured” thing – I don’t think the commenter meant AJ’s family is manufactured (that’s just cruel); I think she meant AJ’s image is manufactured. Adopted children are just as much family members as birth children.

  61. devilgirl says:

    @Kim- Same to you and everyone else, have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

  62. jc126 says:

    Regarding adopting American Indian children, it’s unlikely AJ could even if she wanted to; many, if not most, AI kids up for adoption have to be adopted by an AI family that’s officially enrolled. I think the law is called the Indian Child Welfare Act. Seems to me like adoption to another ethnic family would be preferable to letting kids languish in foster care.
    I believe this story is total BS.

  63. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Hey, Crash…

    That is indeed what the indigenous peoples are called under Canadian law and related legislation. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. Has nothing to do with me or my government being “PC.” They were the “First” nations on the western continents were they not? That’s called ACCURACY not “political correctness.” The Canadian government has just codified what is a fact.

    @ Mystified, I hope you don’t smoke Camels then, they have Turkish tobacco in them. I hope too you observe April 24th with your Armenian friends. Peace with you on that one if so.

  64. Cheyenne says:

    @jc126: Back in the 1950s and early 1960s the adoption agencies were taking Indian children wholesale off the reservations and placing them in adoption with white families without making any effort to find Indian adoptive families for the kids. Hence the Indian Child Welfare Act mandating that Indian children be placed with Indian families unless there is no Indian family available.

  65. Louise says:

    Do the haters actually believe every single tabloid story/rumor or just want an excuse to bash the Jolie-Pitt family? They celebrated Thanksgiving in the past so why would Angelina hate the holiday so out of the blue? Think people, think.

  66. Cheyenne says:

    Damn, I knew the Boo-Hoo Sisterhood would be all over this thread. Didn’t take long.

  67. mslewis says:

    This is a bunch of bull but, of course, as Mr. Shuter knew when he wrote it, a lot of people will believe it. I’m just wondering who these “friends” are since, as we have all been told, Angelina has no friends!!

    Also, Angelina’s grandmother on her mother’s side is Native American, isn’t she?

    I will be spending Thanksgiving Day alone, for the first time ever, because my entire family will be out of town, scattered all over the U.S., and two in Africa and one in Europe. I couldn’t get away and didn’t really want to. This is just another day in my book (and a wonderful 4-day holiday). Being alone means I don’t have to eat that awful turkey!!!

    Have a happy holiday everybody in the U.S. and drive carefully. I don’t want to lose any of the people I love having discussions (arguments) with!!!

  68. BRE says:

    I am probably the only one here that believes this story might be true. The only reason is that a few years ago when she got really anorexic skinny her brother said she has difficulty eating when she visits all these countries where everyone is starving. Perhaps she feels that resricting herself or her family of experiences shows simpathy towards other people.

  69. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Funny BRE, Joan Crawford had a similar notion and we all know how that turned out.

  70. Bodhi says:

    @ redlips ~ the fact that this has been posted on several different gossip sites does not make it true. They are all taking it from popeater, which is another gossip site. Because that is what it is, gossip. Gossip does not equal fact. Sometimes, yes, but often not.

    But I still love it!

  71. Tammy says:

    @REALIST try Reynolds turkey size oven bags, you will never have a dry turkey again, it seals in the moisture as it cooks and you don’t have to baste the turkey.

    @#53 talk about re-writing history Christmas is most certainly about Christ. Whether you celebrate Him or not is your individual right and decision.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  72. N.D. says:

    It’s really weird to read this story mere days after Brad himself said that they will celebrate Thanksgiving inspite of being in Europe. I don’t know how anyone could believe that after 6 years together they don’t have these matters settled between them and that he doesn’t know what their family holiday’s plans are.

  73. di butler says:

    This supposedly came from a “friend” and we all know that’s BS. Cleaning ladies, nannies, and body guards don’t count as friends.

  74. Miriam says:

    2 days ago X17 posted pictures of the Jolie-Pitt household departing Budapest and heading to the USA for Thanksgiving. Here’s the link to this entry.


  75. redlips says:

    @Bodhi – Nor do I believe everything I read however, in this case, I believe it!

  76. Sally G says:

    Ironic for Angie to be talking about revisionist history, something she has indulged in herself on numerous occasions.

  77. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Oh for pete’s sake, who cares if she does or does not celebrate Thanksgiving?

    When I was a kid, Thanksgiving at school meant watching It’s Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown, making paper hats and finger turkeys (where you paint all around your hand with your fingers splayed to make the feathers). That was pretty much it.

    Thanksgiving is no longer about any kind of historical genocide-my ancestors walked on the Trail of Tears and my Cherokee grandma always had a massive Thanksgiving. Why? Because it was about bringing the family together to talk about our lives and be thankful that we have each other.

    Can we please stop ruining a nice holiday with all of this PC nonsense? If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, great. But don’t sh*t all over it, calling it a celebration of genocide and revisionist history because it just isn’t anymore.

  78. teri says:

    I’m sure the Jolie Pitts will enjoy Thanksgiving where ever they are. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. : )

  79. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘Though as I understand it too, few Americans wave the flag and go “Woo-Hoo Pilgrims!” at Thanksgiving either.’

    That made me laugh.

  80. Liana says:

    I guess most American’s don’t even remember what Thanksgiving is about and so think it’s like an international holiday or something.

    Way to generalize based on your fiance’s family.

  81. kiki says:

    my extended family is Crow and I have many Lakota friends who are very involved and invested in their traditions and heritage and they all celebrate with traditional turkey and eating and singing and family and all the rest…so. Um. Ok?

  82. Kate says:

    It’s interesting that sites like this attract very conformist thinking.

  83. Kim says:

    Shes not Christian and celebrates Christmas right? Im not saying you have to be but based on her line of thinking she shouldnt celebrate Christmas or Easter. She is just a hypocrite. When her father has an affair she disowns him but she has slept with married men more than once but its ok? Well of course she denies it but we all know its a fact.

    She could turn it around and use it as a lesson in tolerance to her kids but no selfish as ever because she doesnt believe in she denies her kids Thanksgiving.

    Sally G – u r so right

  84. Kim says:

    If it was a matter of Thanksgiving being about food and with all the starving children in the world i can see if that was her reason for not liking it but to not like it based on the history of it well then she shouldnt be celebrating any holidays except perhaps Valentines day since every holiday has some history behind it that isnt 100% all good.

  85. MimiBRASILMFU says:


  86. me says:

    Well, she is never in the USA and choses to raise her children like nomads so why would anyone be suprised that she doesn’t like a traditional US holiday.

  87. girl says:

    I was NOT belittling southern families I said “good old boy” different thing entirely. I may have given a little more credit than I should have that people would understand what was meant by that.

  88. mia says:

    Interestingly, some Native Americans owned slaves (African) and certain tribes were known to be notorious thieves.
    American History is very interesting if everything is included even the not so nice parts.

  89. KateNonymous says:

    When I saw the headline, I thought it was going to be about how she thinks there’s too much excess without thought for the bounty that lets us have that excess. And she’d have a point. There are plenty of us who think that!

    Oh, and for those of you who don’t like ham, you just haven’t had it the way I make it. It’s amazing. Turkey, on the other hand, is over-engineered and over-rated.

  90. Deb says:

    And yet she can portray characters that kill? Is that ok because it’s pretend, and because the pay is sweet?

  91. CB Rawks says:

    “I’m looking forward to it but find it amusing that my fiance’s family were all surprised that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all in Australia. I guess most American’s don’t even remember what Thanksgiving is about and so think it’s like an international holiday or something.”

    Listerino, I had that exact same experience when I was in America!
    Also, a lot of Americans are unaware that there even ARE other countries in the world. That could account for it. 😉

  92. Matt says:

    As British guy living in Australia, I know that both my country of birth and the country where I now live both have very shady pasts in terms of imperialism and the genocide of natives. However, I have always found it weird that Americans comemmorate such a dark period of their history in a Christmassy-type celebration. I suppose it has taken on a new meaning and brings families together, which can only be a good thing.

  93. Athena says:

    She’s never been in America during Thanksgiving since she hooked up with Brad they have always been elsewhere like Vietnam and England. I totally buy that she doesn’t like Thanksgiving. She’s more of a citizen of the world person and had said in a past interview she doesn’t see borders (when asked why she doesn’t adopt from the US) which is funny because when she wants money or aid or whatever she always comes to America to get it.

  94. mystified says:

    Girl (#73). Thanks for clearing that up. Maybe my menopausal hot flashes have made me overly sensitive.

  95. whatever says:

    Face facts.

    Angelina Jolie HATES the U.S.A. She has made many disparaging remarks about our country over the years.

    Yet, she sees no problem collecting millions of dollars paid for by the American public.

    Maybe American’s should start boycotting any and all endeavors she puts forth, that means her movies, and anything else she tries to peddle.

  96. Chris says:

    What was the last great film Angelina Jolie was in? And why do Brangelina fans pretend that Mr and Mrs Smith never happened?

  97. Sakyiwaa says:

    @someone; i’m grossed out by you.
    like whatever. she doesn’t like Thanksgiving.(don’t believe Popeater though) like big deal. trying to make someone conform to your beliefs now, are we? like how many of you turn away Christian witnessing? people don’t want people… even God… to tell them what to do… but it’s okay to insult another human being for their choices. mm’kay. we are free people.

  98. Stronzilla says:

    Forget the turkey. Given the acting prowess of the couple involved there should be no shortage of…ham.

  99. lisa says:

    The story is a fake.

    And the funny thing is popeater has more hits on this story then any other story they have ever posted.. hmmmm

    Look for more crap on Angie from them. I guess they like every other site *this one included…has hit on the formula..

    Post any piece of shit story on Angelina and the crazies will come out of the woodwork to post a comment. Don’t worry if it is not true or that it makes no sense especially considering she and Brad have both talked about celebrating.. and don’t mind if not celebrating Thanksgiving is not a National Affront.. OH and of course when the story is proven UNTRUE like the other 99%… don’t ever go back and correct them.

    there are some seriously sick people in this world. And Angie and Brad are not two of them.

  100. Sakyiwaa says:

    #85 “Well, she is never in the USA and choses to raise her children like nomads so why would anyone be suprised that she doesn’t like a traditional US holiday.”
    Ummm…okay, so if you’re American and you don’t live in America and spend your Thanksgivings in America, you’re not a traditional American…hmmm. Cos there NO other country in the whole world that Americans should live but in the good ol’ US of A.

  101. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Athena,…because when she wants money or aid or whatever she always comes to America to get it”
    Personally, i think it’s all America’s fault,for being such a rich, good policy-making, hoilday-loving, hardworking as well as celebrity-obsessed, pop culture-loving nation.:)
    we should be glad we are seeing a couple of ‘Robin Hoods’ in this lifetime (yep, Angie isn’t the only one. Depp too lives in France but comes to the US to take your millions and gives them to other people.),
    “robbing from the rich and giving unto the poor.” hmmm, like the sound of that. It called charity. didn’t you know? *Sorry*, the disparity between the US and most countries around the world JUST had to be so empirically wide and diverse. *too bad* you have so much more money, liberty, education, etc. than a Somali woman.

  102. N.D. says:

    @whatever “Angelina Jolie HATES the U.S.A. She has made many disparaging remarks about our country over the years.”

    Could you please bring some direct quotes to back your statement?

    @Athena They’ve been in US for TG last year.

  103. Karin says:

    Even if she doesn’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving… SO WHAT? I personally don’t give a crap about Thanksgiving either.

  104. latam says:

    I really doubt this story is true.

    and as for the “manufactured” family I find it very hard to believe a woman would adopt 3 kid and have 3 of her own in order to save her image.

    Do people who say that have children? They change your life, its a huge commitment. There are easier ways to change your image.
    Just like there are far easier ways to pretend ur a humanitarian, she doesnt have to go to countries, conferences, forums so people should stop shitting on her for it.

    No matter how crazy you lot say she is/was he obviously cares.

  105. teri says:

    So you’ve heard Angelina say she hates the USA? I’d like links please where I can view them @whatever. You may hate her guts but to me Angelina is a very generous kind hearted woman. Her actions alone shows a great deal of compassion for fellow human beings. I’ve only seen alot of hatred and judgmental words coming from your post. Anyhow Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  106. Lemon Drops says:

    She grosses me out.

  107. Louwho says:

    I totally believe this. Wasn’t there some beef between Brad’s family and Angelina about celebrating Thanksgiving some years ago? She is so obnoxious and pretentious.

  108. skibunny says:

    @Sakyiwaa: in case you haven’t heard the US is broke and pretty much owned by China.
    I’m not American.

  109. laura says:

    that’s funny b/c angelina jolie grosses me out.

    can we please STOP TALKING ABOUT HER AND HER GROSS ‘PARTNER’? i don’t care if they have thanksgiving or perform animal sacrifices in the name of the devil….they are both gross and not so very talented, genuine or interesting.

  110. Liana says:

    oh yay for the good old USA bashing.

    You people DO know that Thanksgiving wasn’t actually a national holiday until 1863 right? And that days of Thanksgiving were practiced regularly by the Pilgrims. And you do know that early Thanksgivings were to commemorate the successful harvest? It doesn’t commemorate genocide.

  111. Cheyenne says:

    whatever: Angelina Jolie HATES the U.S.A. She has made many disparaging remarks about our country over the years.

    Do you have a reputable to any of those disparaging remarks, or is that just the voices in your head talking?

    (P.S. “Reputable link” does not mean a tabloid.)

  112. skibunny says:

    Bill Hicks is God:
    Well they claim they were the “First”. But do we know for certian? But yes, you are right we do call them First Nation,by their choice. They find native or indian offensive.

  113. Janice says:

    I don’t know if this story is entirely true? There are pictures of the Jolie-Pitts getting on a plane heading back to the USA for Thanksgiving.

    Thanksgiving is an American Holiday that was established by the President of the United States in the year of 1924. The meaning of Thanksgiving is = Harvest Festival. Which is to give thanks to a bountiful harvest. Historians have said the first recorded Harvest Festival in the USA was in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This is why in the USA Native Americans and Pilgrims are connected to Thanksgiving.

    Most Americans don’t own farms or have anything to do with getting in the Harvest. Many of us add a religious aspect to Thanksgiving by giving thanks to God for blessing us with the ability to have food on our tables and family to help us when we don’t.

    United States history is as complicated, sorted and ugly as other countries. I’m African American and chose to celebrate Thanksgiving for what it is. Giving thanks for what I have and appreciating it. I also try to give to my church food bank when I can, because I know there are those less fortunate then I am.

  114. Summer says:

    I hope the people who are reading this from other county realizes that not all Americans are naïve and slow that we will believe everything we read with out real facts to back it up. Brad just said less then two weeks ago at the Megamind premiere in NYC that they will be celebrating Thanksgiving their just not sure were but why believes the facts. (FYI MTV has the interview.) She “hates” America so much that she just donated $150,000 to a SOS children’s charity earlier this week, $100,000 to Global Green USA and to the Epidermolysis Bulloma Medical Research Foundation, $5,000 each to two orphanages visited by Jolie, and $20,000 to an art park in Los Angeles and also donated money to hurricane Katrina not only that she and Brad own two home in the US. Get live people this was so obviously a BS story it just sad that so many gullible people find it true but I guess hate will make you believe anything.

  115. Nataha says:

    Why believe real life evidences like pictures of the Jolie-Pitts getting on a plane heading back to the USA for Thanksgiving when there are fake stories with no facts to back up no theses clams out there.

  116. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Yes Skibunny, we know for certain through archaeological and anthropological evidence so it isn’t a “claim.” I’m not sure why you question whether they were first. As opposed to who else?

    Natives don’t consider the term offensive, where did you hear
    that? “Native leaders,” “Non-Natives,” “Native Canadians etc.” are used probably more by the press and colloquially than “First Nations” is.

    Like anything else, whether it’s offensive or not depends on who’s saying it and how. The term could be offensive coming from you since you didn’t capitalize it. I could be offensive coming from someone who would consider it a “claim” they were here first.

    I would certainly hope that folks should have the right to choose how they are referred to and addressed don’t you? I would; particularly if my people had been here for 15-30+ thousand years, (depending on which of the nations we’re talking about), forcibly displaced and victims of the largest genocide humankind has ever seen: 23 million people at least.

  117. Cheyenne says:

    @Nataha: Because people believe what they want to believe. Some people posting on here seem to think it’s a capital crime that this couple is happy with each other and their children.

    @Laura: Of course you can stop talking about her and her “gross partner”. Just don’t post on any thread about them. Elementary, isn’t it?

  118. Bill Hicks is God says:

    *It* could be offensive…left off the “t.”

  119. Linda Guest says:

    Don’t let political correctness ruin all of our holidays.

    Thanksgiving is a day to get together with family members. Please, AJ, do not ruin that for others.

  120. bambam says:

    What nasty rumour will they come up next? Angelina is the anti-christ? LOL

  121. LOL says:

    God, she’s an idiot.

  122. Shannon says:

    @Tammy I’m sorry but no, Christmas was not originally about Jesus. Jesus was born in June. The celebration of Christmas was moved to December because it was the Pagan celebration of the winter solstice, and as with many holidays, the clergy decided it would be easier to convert people by simply placing their own holidays on the days people were used to celebrating them. This had the effect of erasing the original holidays.

    For proof, all you need to do is consider the Christmas tree. I’d love to know how you think that relates to Jesus. It’s actually the Tree of Life, and decorating it has always been an important part of the winter solstice.

    So for those of you calling us non-Christians hypocrites for celebrating Christmas, please stop being so grinchy; you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Even aside from the pagan implications, Christmas has become as corporatized as any other holiday. Hell, I know Jewish people who celebrate Christmas. Santa, trees, exchanging gifts – these are about celebrating togetherness, not religion. The same could be said for Thanksgiving. Whatever the original meaning was, it’s not set in stone. Traditions can evolve, you know.

  123. tp says:

    Thanksgiving is really the celebration to gods for the harvest. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving nor Christmas both are pagan holidays.

  124. Vi says:

    Being European I find the idea of thanksgiving really weird. I mean what is there to celebrate about colonialism? From an outside perspective thanksgiving is really odd.

  125. skibunny says:

    @Bill Hicks is God: from what I understand the first people to arrive here came from the Bering Sea by land when there was still land. Perhaps you are correct and they were what we now referr to as First Nation.
    My closest friend is Cree. Although she cannot speak for all she does not like to be referred to as Indian or Native. And yes folks should choose how they want to be referred to.
    There was a program on the CBC not long ago about the Residential Schools issue. It made me even more sympathetic to what happened to these people.
    I did not mean to come across as offensive believe me.

  126. Liana says:

    Being European I find the idea of thanksgiving really weird. I mean what is there to celebrate about colonialism? From an outside perspective thanksgiving is really odd.

    Thanksgiving is not about colonialism. Bah, whatever.

  127. kelly says:

    Liana, I agree, as another nonAmerican. From here it sounds completely like celebrating colonialism at it’s absolute hideous worst. In New Zealand we at least have a reparation and land-return process with the Crown and iwi (tribes); it’s not perfect but at least it’s not glittery, turkey-humping denial. I frankly could not imagine celebrating an event like Thanksgiving.

    Not that we haven’t all been colonizing each other since walking out of Africa, but hell, shouldn’t we have realized that celebrating it is a bit *offensive*, particularly to the many native Americans denied due process? If there was more of an effort toward reconciliation and recognition, it might not seem so gratuitous.

  128. hannah says:

    obviously from an outside perspective a holiday looks weird. they all do. break down any holiday to its roots and they are weird.

    anyway, god liana, i’m with you. the “stupid american” thing gets so old. these people who bring it up so often are no smarter than their american counterparts. especially due to the fact that they base their opinion of everybody in a massive country based on what they see on tv. What they see on TV is the worst of the worst in most cases. regular, smart people aren’t on “reality shows” because nobody wants to see that, its just not as funny. and to those same people who feel they are far superior, your country copies the crap america puts out…the canadian jersey shore show?

    also, if you are friends with stupid americans, the ones who don’t realize thanksgiving isn’t a world-wide holiday, it may say something about you as well.

  129. Cheyenne says:

    Linda Guest: Thanksgiving is a day to get together with family members. Please, AJ, do not ruin that for others

    Oy-vay. Just when you thought you’ve heard it all.

    Considering the source of this story about AJ hating Thanksgiving, the report is almost certainly a fraud. Do you really believe anyone close to her would talk about her to a hack from a gossip web site?

    Critical thinking is your friend. Try using it sometime.

  130. SuperSleuth says:

    Have I slipped into the twilight zone? Maybe I’m on the wrong website. I am an AMERICAN, reading articles about mostly, you guessed it, AMERICAN celebrities. A PROUD AMERICAN. I don’t enjoy all the bashing going on by a select group of seemingly anti-American posters on a website that is meant to entertain me. It is offensive to me.

    I would be disappointed to find out this story is true, and I honestly hope it isn’t. Because if it is, if Angelina Jolie loathes the history of the very country that has made her so rich,maybe she should give back all the money she’s made here.

  131. N.D. says:

    Sure, TG drifted away from Piligrims but not too far away. It’s still in your history textbooks and movies and whatnot. It’s not like pagan origins of Christmas that most people ain’t even aware of. More like Jesus birthday stories on Christmas that may be ain’t as important for majority now but still rather well known and firmly assosiated with this holiday.

    P.S. The story is still BS though 🙂

  132. Jen D says:

    I think it’s funny that some people seem to feel that whether or not a celebrity celebrates Thanksgiving will somehow hinder their celebration of it. It’s genuinely interesting to see everyone’s interpretation of what Thanksgiving is about, though (not being snarky).

    I’m Canadian. It’s never been a big deal for us.

  133. Random Info says:

    From Wiki

    The event that Americans commonly call the “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated to give thanks to God for helping the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony survive their first brutal winter in New England.

    The first Thanksgiving feast lasted three days, providing enough food for 53 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans.

    The New England colonists were accustomed to regularly celebrating “Thanksgivings”—days of prayer thanking God for blessings such as military victory or the end of a drought.

  134. lisa says:

    All the people posting nasty comments why in the world would you care what Angie and her family do or not do. As if Popeater actually has had any exclusives about this couple. OH wait the “unnamed friend of the family”.. LOL

    why is that friend not saying where the couple and kids are at this time. Why not some other details on what they are doing. Just Angie does not celebrate Thanksgiving.. when there is video of her talking about her/Brad/kids having Thanksgiving plus Brad just talked about it.

    It is beyond silly that people need to obsessively hate on this ONE woman. That Angie not liking something real or not makes the blogs daily and out comes all the people that don’t like her or are tired of her.

    ONE would think people have more things to do on this Holiday they are so offended that Angie supposedly dose not celebrate, that they have left their IMPORTANT family gathering to run all over the web and post a nasty comment. I guess this Holiday is not as important as some claim.

    This story is a complete lie and I am sure most of the people here know that yet HATE can’t take a holiday.

    Shame again on this site because it seems you have a mission to post every negative thing you can find on her. Silly. I hope Angie/Brad/Kids are having a wonderful day together. Enjoying all their time together. hmmm maybe some of the haters should do the same with their families. I mean that is the reason for the holiday..

    Stop being so ugly to a woman that has done nothing to you.

  135. bored says:

    “Im not religious but I like to celebrate Christmas.”

    Well, you shouldn’t. How about you go celebrate Eid instead because you like not eating during the daytime sometimes? Or is that ludicrous?

  136. mln says:

    First off I am pretty sure this story is B.S. and it’s pathetic that it made it to Fox News when the only source is a mysterious “friend”. I wonder if anyone will ever bother to ask her if she celebrates Thanksgiving and if her stating she does (as Her & Brad have in several interviews before) will get as widespread attention. Second I think if there is any offensive holiday it would be Colombus Day.

  137. crtb says:

    I love Thanksgiving! it is a time for family and friends to get together and share good times and good food. What could be better than that!

  138. Tammy says:

    @Shannon, stop spreading propaganda.

  139. katie says:

    Shannon did you walk this earth back then???

  140. Cheyenne says:

    Shannon’s not spreading propaganda, although I doubt her date of June for Christ’s birth; it was probably closer to March. Or if the Catholic date for the Immaculate Conception (December 8th) is accurate, then it would have to be September. At any rate, it’s almost certain Christ was not born on 12/25 and the celebration of Christmas has deep roots in pagan festivals.

    All holidays seem to get politicized sooner or later. This week some Teabagger said Thanksgiving is a Socialist celebration.


  141. ReallyRosie says:

    Wow. I love Hollywood Gossip. That is why I am here. I am a little sad to realize how many people know SO much more about celebrities than American History. Thanksgiving was brought to us by Abraham Lincoln to give thanks to the Union. It was a political move to raise the nation’s morale that was beaten up by the Civil War.

  142. skibunny says:

    If in fact this story is true why be so negative in regard to Thanksgiving? Do something positive to help the “plight of the Native Americans”. Help fund the building of a school on a reserve or two.

  143. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Cheyenne: This week some Teabagger said Thanksgiving is a Socialist celebration.

    How the heck did they swing the logic on that? Sharing food and company is socialism?

  144. Tammy says:

    @cheyenne look up the definition of propaganda.

  145. Runs with Scissors says:

    The fact that this BS made it to Fox “news” is not a big shock.

    AJ is threatening to a lot of people. She doesn’t let anyone put her in a box.

    It’s one thing for a woman like her to be stared at and drooled over like an object on the screen, but make her the brains behind the camera and people get threatened.

    Reminds me of when Katherine Bigelow was nominated for the Oscar for Best Director and all her male competitors would talk about was how hot she was and how sexy her legs were. Made ’em feel more comfortable, trying to keep her down, while pretending to elevate her by complimenting her looks.

    I think AJ’s pushing buttons with a lot of people.

    She’s already ruined Thanksgiving and (straight) Marriage for America, what’s next, Black Friday?

  146. LindaR says:

    @Cheyenne – as always, I am loving, and agreeing with, every remark you make.

  147. Cheyenne says:

    @Hamm: the words Teabagger and logic do not belong in the same sentence.

  148. Cheyenne says:

    @Tammy: Perhaps you need to look up the word yourself, or better yet, stop twisting Shannon’s words around. She’s not slamming Christmas, she’s simply stating a fact: Christmas is a religious holiday that is rooted in pagan tradition. What’s the big deal?

  149. Gingerina says:

    They look like a happy family. Really.

  150. Katherine Mac says:

    I’m not sure what it says about the education in the US & elsewhere that so many believe fake nonsense from gossip blogs.
    The Jolie Pitts spent a number of Thanksgivings in the US – even having TURKEY!. They have both spoken about it themselves. Paps insisted one year they followed her brother from a grocery with bags of pumpkin pie to the JP home in LA, 3 years ago they were in Springfield MO at Brad’s parents (which they visit regularly) and 2 years ago they were in New Orleans where Jolie had been seen buying a turkey in a store & joking about cooking her 1st turkey. Brad’s sister wrote about 1st meeting Zahara at the Sr.Pitt’s over the holidays 2005. Don’t you remember anything you read?

    Jolie has always been very supportive of our troops and, unlike many, supportive of their role as peacekeepers. There are NO citations of her dissing her country.

  151. Katherine Mac says:

    Forgot to respond to this rather illogical idea:

    “. . . yet she can portray characters that kill? Is that ok because it’s pretend, and because the pay is sweet?”

    Yes. It’s okay because it is pretend and that is her job. Seriously you think it is wrong to play characters who aren’t “nice.” You think that means an actor approve of their behavior?

    So Anthony Hopkins approves of serial killing and cannibalism? So Sean Penn approves of murderers? Charlize Theron approves more serial killing? Need I continue with the endless examples that make such a statement totally off-the-wall.

  152. Tammy says:

    @cheyenne, stop spreading propaganda.

  153. Kim says:

    Christmas is a holiday observed on Dec 25th to mark the birth of Jesus.

  154. Kim says:

    Angie talked about celebrating Thanksgiving @the CCOBB premiere in NOLA to a local reporter.This guy appears on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee and most of the stuff he says turns out to be false he used to work for the tabloid OK magazine.He just mentioned that this week on Today Show.He accomplished his goal get attn to his gossip site by using AJ’s name.

  155. Cheyenne says:

    @Tammy: What, you again? You sound like a broken record.

    @Gingerina: Yes they do look like a happy family. That’s what has the haters so riled up. They think they have no right to be happy with each other and their children. You have to be really miserable to resent the happiness of people you don’t even know.

  156. Cheyenne says:

    @Hamm: I checked it out. I was Rush Limbaugh who said it. Go figure. He also said the Native Americans are to blame for lung cancer because they introduced tobacco to the Europeans.

  157. Liana says:

    Or if the Catholic date for the Immaculate Conception (December 8th) is accurate, then it would have to be September.

    The Immaculate Conception was the conception of the Virgin Mary without sin. The Annunciation is the celebration of the conception of Jesus (which is generally celebrated on March 25). Most biblical scholars place the birth of Jesus around March, going by astronomical data.

  158. MimiBRASIL says:

    I am loving the history class specially the good teachers= sane poster’s=AJ FANS + Non fans but with a brain. And as always rolling my eyes with the “i believe anything coming from a gossip site or magazine that say s… about AJ + people that don’t read a article or pick up 2 or 3 words to resume a whole article in SHE SAID=HATERS PEOPLE

    @Cheyenne i love and agree with everything you said keep going. hugs from Brasil

  159. Bill Hick is God says:

    No worries Skibunny, it’s all good 🙂

  160. Sakyiwaa says:

    so cool… this thread eventually got sane. Despite the cuckoo posters, there really are some amazing posters here as well. you know yourselves. shouts to all the objective posters and still in the spirit of Thanksgiving… That’s the one thing I’m thankful for on the blogs! 🙂 Enjoy your week!

  161. Sakyiwaa says:

    …funny. i don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving. (scream from crazies!) ok. relaaaaax, its only becos i’m not American. (rolls eyes) But check this out: i’m actually very, very thankful for every day i’m alive. Thank God everyday for what i’ve got cos i know it could be worse. yeah, some peeps ACTUALLY live that way in other parts of the world. 🙂 (surprise, huh)
    PS. pics of Paxie’s b’day are up and they all look like they’re having a rollickin’ time! go JPs! ciaobella.

  162. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    My ex husband is full blooded native american and his family will eat some turkey and massive amounts of food on Thanksgiving.

    They really dont care anymore. damn

  163. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Cheyenne: Figures. He’s an assbag and a half.

  164. KateNonymous says:

    “Being European I find the idea of thanksgiving really weird. I mean what is there to celebrate about colonialism? From an outside perspective thanksgiving is really odd.”

    @Vi: Being someone who has studied history, I find your implication that Europe is somehow immune from colonial involvement really weird. Where do you think the Massachusetts settlers came from?

    “Or if the Catholic date for the Immaculate Conception (December 8th) is accurate, then it would have to be September.”

    @Cheyenne: The Immaculate Conception resulted in Mary, not Jesus. Common error, though.

    …but back to Thanksgiving. I can understand why some find it ironic, but irony is a luxury of hindsight. Certainly the original Thanksgivings were not ironic in intent.

    Personally, what I can’t stand is the build-up to the shopping frenzy. And the televised sports. Because, to me, the (contemporary) irony is saying “Thanksgiving is great because we get the whole family together,” and then insisting that the meal be scheduled for halftime.

  165. wonderful says:

    Katenonymous: Where did you get the idea that the poster you are replying to is stating that she, a European, does not understand Thanksgiving because they consider themselves totally independent of their colonial counterparts? She was not saying that AT ALL. Why would Europeans celebrate a holiday that began in the colonies? No where does she say that Europeans are “somehow immune from colonial involvement.” You should think twice before declaring yourself a learned student of history, lest you sound uninformed before those with extensive academic backgrounds in history.

  166. KateNonymous says:

    Maybe I made a leap, but that post does sound like somehow Europe is divorced from colonialism–which of course it isn’t. But there could also be a language issue here, so perhaps you’re right.

    Except for the part where you’ve confused my interpretation of another comment with an interpretation of history. That’s a bit of a jumble there.

    And then there’s this: “Why would Europeans celebrate a holiday that began in the colonies?”

    Did I say they should? I wouldn’t expect anyone outside the U.S. (with the possible exception of Americans overseas who miss celebrating it) to have the slightest interest in Thanksgiving. I’m not sure why you think I posted otherwise. Perhaps we’re in a bit of a pot-and-kettle situation here.

  167. wonderful says:

    “And then there’s this: ‘Why would Europeans celebrate a holiday that began in the colonies?'”
    I wrote that to illustrate the only way in which the poster stated Europe seemed distinct from America, I should have better clarified that.

  168. yoli says:

    nice words of vocabulary