Angelina won’t sell twin photos for 16 mill unless mag stops using “Brangelina”

Brad and Angelina on 1/27/08 when her pregnancy was just a rumor. Credit: PRPhotos
In the $6 million deal with People Magazine for the first photos of her rarefied twins, Jennifer Lopez reportedly stipulated that People never refer to her as “J. Lo” again.

The first photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins could fetch nearly three times the amount paid for J.Lo’s babies Max and Emme. And like Lopez, Brad and Angelina also have a moniker they’d like to shed in the deal. TMZ claims that bidding for the first photos of the fifth and sixth editions to the Brangelina clan has reached the astronomical price of $16 million. Angelina doesn’t want to put up with the blended name for her relationship any more and is throwing that into whichever contract she signs. She supposedly hates the nickname “Brangelina” and will strike it forevermore from the magazine that buys the rights to those coveted first photos:

A source in the know tells TMZ that one of the conditions of getting the J-P twins’ first pictures is that the winning mag is forbidden from using “Brangelina.” Multiple sources tell us the couple hates the moniker — but no one more than Angelina.

BTW — the bidding is now at $16 million. Take that Levi Alves McConaughey.

[From TMZ]

$16 million for photos of babies who are going to be stalked and photographed for the rest of their lives? At least it will probably all go to charity. It hardly seems worth it for the magazine it if you think about how much the babies are going to change in a few months. It’s also doubtful that whichever magazine(s) they’re featured in will sell well enough to justify that exorbitant amount. The glossies are said to be shelling out insane amounts of cash for baby and wedding photos in order to forge valuable relationships with the celebrities, not to necessarily recoup their investment in one issue.

I always thought Brangelina had a nice kind of ring to it and am surprised that it bugs Angelina so much. It’s fallen out of fashion recently, but we occasionally rely on it to write titles that are short enough to fit on our homepage. It’s kind of amusing that the name pisses Angelina off and now I want to use it more. It’s like a dumb nickname for the prom queen that seems benign but bugs the sh*t out of her. Of course you’re going to use it to refer to her behind her back whenever possible.

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  1. Anastasia says:

    As long as she’s giving the money to charity like she did with Shiloh, it doesn’t bug me as much. Now if it were JUST to make money off them, like what JLo did, THAT bugs. But at least something good will come out of it. A LOT of good, actually. $16 million can buy a hell of a lot of wells and mosquito nets and food rations.

  2. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    I think the TMZ name thing is bullshit. I can’t imagine that The Brange cares what they’re called.

  3. lanette says:

    i really doubt she cares. she seems to just live her life and that is cool.

  4. Granger says:

    $16 million is obscene and I can’t even imagine that much money. But Anastasia’s right — if they use the money for charity, then it doesn’t bother me.

  5. Enonymouse says:

    It’s called exploiting whether it is for charity or not.

  6. kristin says:

    It still bothers me. The magazine can give them 16 Mil just for some dumb baby pictures? Why can’t the mag just donate the money to charity?

  7. nena says:

    Brad looks so old!!

  8. daisy424 says:

    Well, People almost doubled their sales for that issue of Shiloh 1st pictures. It would also increase their website traffic. I can see them going that high for twins.
    Anastasia is right, it will be a big donation to some lucky charities.

  9. velvet elvis says:

    I don’t know…behind closed doors I kind of see Angelina laughing and getting off on the whole Brangelina name thing.

  10. Leandra says:

    Why the big deal? Better B&A get the money for charity rather than the paps selling the pics to tabloids or Internet gossip sites. The pics won’t be that good anyway. The babies are usually sleeping so you don’t really see what they look like. Plus why all the frenzy? Two girls who look like Shiloh…not exactly a surprise.

  11. steph says:

    God that’s a bad picture of Brad, I never saw what the whole big thing about him was anyways.

  12. WTF says:

    Whether it is for charity or not, 16 million dollars for pictures of babies is ridiculous. And anyone who honestly believes that the whole 16 million will be given to charity have been blinded by the large amounts of light glowing from “saint” angelina. Angelina and Brad really aren’t giving “their” money to charity, it is the magazine’s money.

  13. Bob says:

    She just wants the tabloids to start using “Angiebra” so she can have top billing.

  14. Anna says:

    More power to her is all I’ve got to say to that! I hate that “Brangelina” thing – sounds like some fancy high fiber cereal brand. But I hate all those silly contractions, they are so unbelievably stupid.
    Go Angelina! Go Brad! Go get your names back! 🙂

  15. Blackalicious says:

    @Brad’s stage makeup and poufy layered hair: he looks like the creepy guy who works nights at the Walgreens down the street. Always makes excessive awkward small talk about items purchased and stares..*shivers*

  16. aury says:

    😆 well he finally looks his age.

  17. countrybabe says:

    Whose to say they gave the money to charity from Shiloh’s pictures. Unles they are going to give it in installments. She did give Pax’s orpahange 3 million, maybe it was just that recycled money.
    But I agree with Kristin, when the babies will probably look like Shiloh, what a surprise.

  18. mattieb says:

    More tab fiction. I highly doubt they have time to care if they are called Brangelina with all that is going on in their lives. No one knows if they will sell any pixs at all. They did not announce the pregnancy in any formal way, just let a pregnant Angelina be seen on a red carpet. I say wait and see what happens.

  19. mattieb says:

    Countrybabe, they did not give Pax’s orphanage $3 million anything. The US govt recently did a through investigation of Vietnam orphanages and doptions and did not find any large donation by Angelina or Brad or anyone else. What is the source of your allegation? Brad and Angelina have given $$millions out to aid groups all over the world through their Jolie-Pitt Foundation, most recently $1 million just last month, $500,000 to USO for kids in the US who lost a parent in Iraq or who have a parent/parents serving in Iraq, and $500,000 to rebuild schools in Iraq and for the education of women in Iraq. They did give $300,000 worth of badly needed equipment to 2 maternal hospitals in Namibia where Shiloh was born.

  20. czarina says:

    Part of selling the photos right away is, I would think, about having SOME control. If they didn’t just put them on the market, they’d have photogs camped on their roof or trying to run their car off the road to get the “first” pictures.

  21. Savanah Anderson says:

    You know what A. Jolie needs to put a sock in it! That helfa wanted the media to blow her and Brad’s relationship up any way they could because her intentions were to hurt Jennifer Aniston. But now it seems like she’s gotten what she wanted out of Brad and she doesn’t want to be referred to as Brangelina. Well I haven’t like either one of them since they did that to the American Sweetheart (Jennifer Aniston). And they can kiss my @ss. I would never ever support Brad or his hoe again!

  22. twokids2 says:

    Well, what did they expect by having twins…privacy?
    They knew very well what they were getting into when they went to a fertility clinic. They knew that their chances of having a multiple pregnancy were high. Think about it, it was all well planned by those two. Then they would sell the pictures and “donate” the “proceeds”. They even use their kids to make money. How shameful. They just justify their actions saying it is all for “charity” when what they really really really want is the media attention. Well I just hope that whichever magazine pays that ridiculous amount of money don’t sell any at all, then we will see if they will take the money out of their own pockets for their so call “charity”.

  23. bros says:

    oh my god twokids 2 and previous poster savannah. get a grip. lay off whatever drugs are making you completely paranoid. are you seriously suggesting her pregnancy is just a media bid and a huge consipracy to get attention and $$? there are MUCH easier and quicker ways to make a buck and get attention than being bogged down with a double pregnancy for 9 months. you just make yourself sound stupid. same for you “america’s sweetheart” jen.l

  24. Hollz says:

    uh, twokids2, Brad and Angie get the money REGARDLESS of how many copies sell.
    That being said your full of crap. Your entire argument is based on them going to a fertility clinic- which there is NO EVIDENCE of besides the fact she’s having twins- which, is a NATURALLY occurring thing- not every multiple birth is the result of a trip to the fertility clinic.

  25. kpiz says:

    you said it, bros. as if they are having kids and building a family for publicity and money. BUT i have to comment on brad’s dyed hair vs. his natural facial hair. wtf?!

  26. Anastasia says:

    What Angelina and Brad are doing is really quite smart: they are controlling the pics. If they don’t do this, the paps will be practically killing people to get pictures of these babies and will probably no doubt endanger people for real to get the pics, because they can fetch a high price.

    By beating them to the punch, they are ensuring that no one gets the “FIRST PICS EXCLUSIVE” except who THEY choose.

    As for the money, as a couple of people have pointed out, it’s about business. The issue with the pics of the babies will probably sell out. Most definitely higher sales than Shiloh, simply because there are TWO of them this time.

    So yeah, some mag like People WILL pay the money because their ad revenue will go through the roof, their sales will be through the roof, don’t worry, they’ll more than recoup it.

    Then A&B can turn around and give that huge sum to some lucky charity or charities. Last time I think UNICEF was the lucky recipient and they do really good work for food and health issues with children in impoverished areas of the world.

    Sixteen million, like I said, is gonna feed a hell of a lot of third world kids. So good for them for taking what’s going to happen anyway and getting the money to charities instead of lining the pockets of paps.

  27. Anastasia says:

    twokids, you have zero idea what you are talking about.

    First of all, I’d like a source, a good one, for your assertion that they went to a fertility clinic. A solid, airtight citation.

    Then I’d like you to back up with evidence your assertion that they intentionally got pregnant with multiples for PUBLICITY. Go ahead, try to actually support that statement.

    Are you a close personal friend? If so, you’re a shitty friend.

    Do you work for them? If so, they need to fire you.

    Short of that, there’s no way you can support your statements.

    Read my comments above for more info on how the magazine biz works.

  28. Anastasia says:

    LOL Savannah is Jennifer Aniston. And what in the hell is a “helfa?”


  29. lunachick says:

    Good for them – you know they’ll use it for a good cause. As far as I’m concerned, the more money that flows from mass-market crap like the tabloids to legitimate charities, the better.

  30. vdantev says:

    Good for them, it’s time for these idiot hack writers to invent a new stupid cutsie nickname for their obedient drone readership to lock onto.

  31. mattieb says:

    I just had to say this, Angelina got pregnant very easily with Shiloh, they needed no fertility assistance, and there is no proof or evidence of any kind that they needed fertility assistance conceiving the twins. Angelina’s uncles on her mother’s side were twins and her 1st cousin has twin girls. Brad’s sister has twin girls. Twins run in both families. Angelina is just 33, was 32 when she got pregnant with the twins. Some of your comments are just crazy and not based on reality.

  32. anna says:

    Jen was never America’s Sweetheart to most people, she was just an actor on an old tv show, nothing more than any other woman on that show. Jen herself said there was no cheating, they just wanted different things out of life and were miserable together. Jen did not want kids, Brad did. They moved on and both seem happy with their present partners. How horrible for any woman to resort to name calling of another woman who they do not even know and who has caused them no harm.

  33. Leandra says:

    They didn’t go to a fertility clinic. Twins run in the family but it was still a shock to know they were having two.

  34. chuddies in a twist says:

    After reading all of your post, I have come to the conclusion that you all NEED TO GET A LIFE!

  35. Leleila says:

    They’re selling out their own kids imo, and in many others opinion too. If they truly are donating, which is highly unlikely, lets see them let the magazine donate it to the charities of their choice with proof of course. But, that isn’t likely, not likely at all.

  36. Because I say So says:

    I agree with the sensible posters: that $16 mil is a lot of money, but they’re controlling how they will be portrayed and where it will be donated. If they donate the money or a magazine does, what does it matter? What I do find ridiculous is that pics of babies could go that high. Take two old women, shave them bald and put them in pink nappies. Same thing

  37. Bodhi says:

    Wow, thats an obscene amount of money. I hate the name “Brangelia” too, but I doubt that they actually give a shit.

    Of course BP&AJ went to a fertility clinic & PLANNED the pregnancy to coinside with her movie releases. OF COURSE they did. 🙄

  38. Prissa says:

    I’m so late on this one, but before I even read the article or comments, I MUST comment on Brad. That brown hair with the grey sideburns and grey goatee looks absolutely ridiculous. He looks like David Carradine in a wig.

  39. Prissa says:

    If it’s true it’s really stupid. Which ever mag gets the photos will not use Brangelina – so what! Countless other mags will as will blog sites, online mags, entertainment television sites, the general public etc. etc. etc. How DUMB!

  40. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    I think there are some new BADettes… Nice work!

  41. Indie says:

    I haven’t heard the moralists bitching about Mathew M and and JLo getting money for their children’s picture and pocketing but let us castigate Brad and Angelina for speculation that they will sell the picture and donate it to charities.

    There will be no selling of the Jolie-Pitt’s twin picture to any magazine, there will be no EXCLUSIVES to any tabloid either and I include People mag in that tabloid category. The gossip hacks that write repeatedly about this people can’t seem to read them at all. When People mag got the baby picture exclusive, they also got the “I’m pregnant” and a few other exclusives from Namibia but this time around no media outlet has been able to get anything out of them and they are all speculating like everyone else. They have released statements to AP which every other media outlet has quoted, so methinks that one or two pictures will be released to AP and then circulated if they release any picture at all. So some of you should get of your high horse until there is something to be indignant about. I think it will be silly of them to turn down $16m to fund their favorite charities and I believe the media will hound them until they get that one shot. If what the paps are doing at the maternity hospital is any indication of what they will do for a picture.

    And by the way, I haven’t read the posts from those that have convinced themselves that Jolie will whore out her pregnant self for media attention decry the length that the tabs are going to get a picture of her when she has clearly stayed out of the limelight unlike Gwen Steffani who has been photographed pretty much every other day, if that was Angelina she would have accused of trying to force her pregnancy down our throats especially Anniston’s throat.

  42. silentA says:

    Selling out their kids? If they were Dina Lohan or Denise Richards…ABSOLUTELY.

    But at this point, they are probably doing their kids a favor by dictating the publication that gets the first pictures.

    If they didn’t, they would be caught in a paparazzi shit-storm that is traumatic and DANGEROUS.

    And FYI, I have no kids, but when I do, if someone wanted to buy pictures of my infants for a cool $16M, (the thing I assume I will be most proud of in this world, and will want to share with everyone anyway)ALRIGHT.

    Jesus, th JPs can’t do a damn thing right.

  43. bc says:

    savannah, hahahaha!!!!!!! savannah is definately jenn aniston!! LOL!
    i love it!

  44. journey says:

    re: the comments on bradley’s two-tone hair. some men go grey in the beard long before the hair on their head changes color. my dad had coal black hair, but his beard always grew in red and gray.

    and brad’s job does frequently require hair dye. the hair on his head is probably a remnant of his last role, and the beard has probably grown out au naturale since he’s been off waiting for the babies to arrive. but excuse me for being logical when so many just want an excuse to squeal and make ugly noises about the happy couple. 😛

  45. Lola says:

    Pimping is pimping, it doesn’t matter for what reason. Selling sex and giving the proceeds to charity is still prostitution.

    If you sell your child’s pictures, give the money to charity (if you eventually do), get all the credit and a tax reduction for the donation. At the end of the year, you get Reuters to announce how much you donated when your next movie is coming out, is that still charity? I wonder. It is trade. $$$ for image and publicity.

    And that excuse of controlling the image, believe me if these two did not make a circus out of everything they did, call press conferences to say Angelina is doing well, no one would be breaking windows to get pictures of their babies.

    Even all this $16million hype is put out by their camp.

    FYI People’s editor admitted that they never make the money from pictures sold. Infact they did not make that much money from Shiloh’s issue. No issue makes profits of $16 million. And this one won’t. He said they do it to for reputation.

    Brangelina is a nice monicker, I like it, Brangeloonie too. May be we should call the kids Brangelings.

  46. daisy424 says:

    Lola, you didn’t post a nasty comment about the Obama daughters getting coverage. In fact, you were complimentary to them. That is publicity for a presidental campaign.
    Pimping is pimping, can’t have it both ways.

  47. vdantev says:

    chuddies in a twist: After reading all of your post, I have come to the conclusion that you all NEED TO GET A LIFE!

    Who put a gun to your f*ckin’ head, chump ?

  48. Indie says:

    Lola, your bitterness towards Brad and Angelina make you irrational. People mag editor never said any such thing. The pregnancy announcement got them 18million hits, the most they have had up to that point. The Shiloh edition sold extra 800 thousand copies and the cover price was increased by 50cents and they sold premium ad for the pages near the pictures, and they got 21million hits on website when they posted the pictures, and the numbers that I am giving are all verifiable not something pulled out of the thin air like most you haters like to do.

    It is your prerogative to dislike or even hate any celebrity that you want to, but it is callous to spread lies just to justify that hatred, there is enough facts if you want them but of course you prefer unsubstantiated rumors.

    I am amused at how a woman like Angelina, the only A list actress without a publicist or agent is able to have as much power as is ascribed to her by detractors. More power to her.

  49. Please says:

    Why do you believe everything you read??

  50. countrybabe says:

    Mattieb, They gave 17 million in charity one year. That seems to be about 10 percent of their salary. Not 1/3 like their fans say. That’s still good, but they didn’t give that every year.

    The last I heard the Vietnamese adoption system has been closed to the US recently for adoptions. I didn’t say that had anything to do with Angie.

    Mainly because south east Asian countries are corrupt when it comes to kids. They let her adopt, when unmarried couples aren’t supposed to adoopt according to their own rules.


    Next you’ll deny she sold the pictures of Pax for 2 mill then?

  51. Bodhi says:

    A People spokesperson has denied the $2 million deal and calls it “absurd,”

    From countrybabe’s link…

  52. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Jesus, you are so full of shit, countrybabe.

    Angie adopted Pax as a single parent. She followed the rules. The end. A year later, Vietnam temporarily shut down foreign adoptions, because there was some concern over child trafficking for prostitution.

    $17 million is not 10% of their yearly salary. They do not make $170 million a year. Try Math for Dummies.

  53. Codzilla says:

    OK, so maybe Brad’s hair color is leftover from a role (even though he’s showcased his share of lame looking highlights over the years). But that doesn’t excuse the style, itself, which looks like something you’d see behind the wheel of a minivan in the parking lot at Bed, Bath & Beyond. What was he thinking? And why didn’t Angie step in? If my husband came out of the bathroom with a hairstyle like that, I’d laugh until I choked. And then beg him not to leave the house.

  54. sassyspank says:

    chuddies in a twist: this site is called “celebitchy” – dedicated to yapping about celebrities. If you didn’t get that from the get-go, who’s the f’ing loser, loser? This site is for fun and the 5 minute gab in a long work day. Now, kindly f’ off:)

  55. Laila says:

    These two are fake with their fake charity. They should just go away.

  56. Terissa says:

    First off Angie and Brad have done far greater things for all people around the world. Many celebs could do much more but don’t and just pamper themselves. Making an ignorant comment about they’ll just keep the money from the twins photos is just ignorant on your part. When and if the x decides to have a baby I hope you’ll hold her to a higher standard and demand her to donate all of it to a charity since she doesn’t do sh*t now. Americas sweetheart? I think not! 🙄

  57. dana says:

    Brad looks so old and tired, Angelina pretends to hate publicity but she loves it. 16 million dollars for pictures, that’s really crazy, there are people dying around the world if Angelina was so generous the pre-condition for taking the money should change from a stupid thing like caring about the nickname (brangelina) and come up with something good instead, like advising the mag to donate money if they have so much that they hardly know what to do with it. Sick jerks, you know how many children 16 million dollars can feed??? Jesus, there are much more important things in life

  58. sus says:

    oh she will pimp theese kids to she did it whit all the other ones no dout about it she is a selfish attention ho there is nothing she woudent do to get some media attention and that inclute pimping her babys she is a sick mental brat and i dont care if she give it to charity it is still pimping and in the end they get it all back in tax reduction LOLA YOU ROCK GIRL

  59. merve says:

    ben merve elazığ dan size sesleniyorum çılgınlık yapmak isteyen varmı yani canpibajik

  60. anthony says:

    I agree with Terrisa, Angelina and Brad Pitt have brought the spot light on many under served issues and for that no matter what its something you and i can not do. people must enjoy this because look positive or negative people are socializing about it. when i saw the popular video clip on zoogatv i shared it with all my friends. so it is of interest.

  61. Great post! I just suscribed to your RSS feed. Your site is kinda messy in my browser. I used Konqueror. Just to let you know.