Evi and Randy Quaid’s insane three hour interview with Esquire

Actor Randy Quaid and his lawyer Catherine Sas (back, right) leave Government of Canada offices after his Immigration and Refugee Board hearing was postponed to November 23rd in Vancouver, British Columbia on November 8, 2010. Randy Quaid is seeking asylum in Canada from what he calls Hollywood star whackers.  UPI / Heinz Ruckemann Photo via Newscom
We’ve kind of ignored Evi and Randy Quaid since they fled to Canada after squatting in the guest house of a mansion they used to own in the 90s. They’re seeking asylum in Canada, having forfeited the $1 million bail bond they posted after their arrest. Evi’s father was born in Canada so she’s been allowed to stay, but Randy has to fight for his immigration status. These two have spouted conspiracy theories in the past about nefarious forces out to kill them and somehow siphon off what income they have coming in from residuals. They ratchet up the crazy in an epic interview with Esquire, and what initially sounds amusing soon becomes alarming once you realize they’re truly convinced that people are trying to kill them. In one passage, Evi describes the various scenarios through which these unnamed “Star Whackers” are going to murder her and Randy. It’s disturbing how thoroughly she’s thought this out, and makes me worry that they’re going to commit suicide together. Evi and Randy have seen various friends and acquaintances die unexpectedly, like Sean Penn’s brother Chris, Heath Ledger (who starred with Randy in Brokeback Mountain) and David Carradine. It’s all part of a plot by some seedy “Star Whacker” underworld, they maintain, and unless they’re allowed to stay in Canada they think they’ll fall victim to it too.

Evi Quaid on how she and Randy will be killed
They will be killed in one of three ways, she says. (She does most of the talking.) She has interrupted the killers practicing. “Staging scenarios,” she calls them. Dry runs, rehearsals, blocking for a gruesome play.

Their most likely end, the Quaids believe, will involve knives. Randy will be drugged in his sleep — “They know he has sleep apnea,” she says — and Evi will be stabbed to death. Then they will put the knife in his hand. He will wake up and be locked away forever. Or he will kill himself in his terror and grief. The Star Whackers have stolen some of his songs — he writes sad, introspective songs on more crumpled sheets of paper — and the killers will lay one out on the nightstand or the kitchen counter. “Randy’s songs read like suicide notes,” Evi says. “That’s how the cops will read them.”

Or they will be hanged together, Randy and Evi, strung up from the rafters in a garage. Another song will surface. It will be ruled a double suicide.

Or they will be found in their car, parked overlooking the steel-gray sea, and they will be found sitting, frozen, hand-in-hand, their insides brimming with a lethal dose of Demerol, administered through Evi’s stolen migraine medication. “A pharmacist told me they could put one hundred times the lethal dose in a single pill,” she says.

The Star Whackers could, at least. They are good at what they do. Heath Ledger. Chris Penn. David Carradine. Ronni Chasen gunned down only last week, five bullets in her chest. Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson, they’ll be next. Make them seem crazy, make them seem as though they were going to fall over the edge anyway, and then give them one last little push…

On who is out to get them and Radar’s law enforcement ties
A dirty cop in Santa Barbara, and his brother, working inside Hollywood. Agents, former business managers, accountants. A corrupt sheriff in Texas, drunk and toothless. Banks. Studios. Insurance cons and actuaries. Radar Online.

“Radar Online is owned by the police,” Evi says firmly. She sounds entirely convinced. “They called the Dairy Queen in Marfa, Texas, to spread rumors about us when we lived there. Everything came out of the Dairy Queen…”

On their friends who have ‘been killed’
Sas leaves. Randy and Evi share a private joke about Star Whackers: The Musical. They laugh loudly at the idea. It will star all their dead friends. Heath Ledger, tight since Brokeback Mountain. Chris Penn came to Randy’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony; there he is, you can see him in this photograph, smiling in the background. “And here’s David Carradine!” Randy bellows. “Oh,” he says sadly. Carradine had called them only the week before his demise, unaware that the killers had already followed him to Thailand. The killers made millions off the Carradine hit. Insurance, siphoned royalty checks, wagers. So many revenue streams and waterfalls. Randy’s still making money off Days of Thunder. “The Days of Thunder angle is very interesting,” Evi says before she decides it’s better not to go down that road.

On who will kill them
“Who would they have do the actual stabbing?” Evi wonders aloud in the empty, windowless room.

She runs through the possibilities: The same people who killed Robert Blake’s wife? Or maybe the people who killed Phil Hartman and his wife? The people who shot that poor woman in Phil Spector’s house? The people who gave Michael Jackson those tainted drugs?

“I feel like we’re really close,” Evi says. “We’re this close to solving our own murder. It’s the only way I’ll be able to keep Randy alive.”

[From Esquire]

I guess the most surprising thing, as Jezebel points out, is that these are two people operating under the same delusion. It’s one that’s rather chilling given the focus of most of their conversations. It’s easy to notice that Evi is vague and speculative about who could be trying to kill them, but when it comes to how they’re going to die she has all the specifics down. Evi and Randy are staying in what she describes as “a secret hotel apartment bunker thing” in Vancouver, British Columbia after being turned away from several hotels.

Actor Randy Quaid's wife Evi leaves Government of Canada offices after her husband's Immigration and Refugee Board hearing was postponed to November 23rd in Vancouver, British Columbia on November 8, 2010. Randy Quaid is seeking asylum in Canada from what he calls Hollywood star whackers.  UPI / Heinz Ruckemann Photo via Newscom

Actor Randy Quaid leaves Government of Canada offices after his Immigration and Refugee Board hearing was postponed to November 23rd in Vancouver, British Columbia on November 8, 2010. Randy Quaid is seeking asylum in Canada from what he calls Hollywood star whackers.  UPI / Heinz Ruckemann Photo via Newscom

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  1. flourpot says:

    Jeez, what kind of drugs are these people on?

  2. Rita says:

    Obviously, when the “star whackers” turned the neutron influence ray on Evi and Randy it worked like a charm. Incredibly sad that the “mushroom” they shared joined them in this cray-cray psychosis. Their case cries out for better food safety laws.

  3. mia says:

    This is really, really sad.Evie sounds like she is the brains of this relationship mayhem.
    The Dairy Queen in Marfa, Texas though….could there be something to this?? jk

  4. Caz says:

    As a Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver, I am offended they are wasting our resources and our official’s time with this nonsense!!
    She sounds like she’s trying to sound mentally ill but can’t quite cut it. It’s attention seeking behaviour. We have enough issues right now, we dont need this pretend bullsh!t…..

  5. Tess says:

    Sigh. He was so good as Cousin Eddie.

    But some forms of insanity are entertaining, too. I’m surprised the recent murder of that Hollywood publicist hasn’t sent them right over the edge.

  6. guesty says:

    the recent story of that publicist is tragic…very old hollywood-esque-ish.

    conspiracy theories can be fascinating but these two seem to have a big ole case of the crazy.

  7. ssshht says:

    it is called a psychosis! And it is not uncommon for people with those tendencies to “track” each other and then trigger the delusions. but it is very dangerous, they should be committed.

  8. Westcoaster says:

    Has Dennis Quaid made any public comments on what is going on with his brother?

  9. SamiHami says:

    This is so sad. Why haven’t family members stepped it to get them some help? They are clearly a danger to themselves and possibly others.

  10. teri says:

    I find this very sad but yet troubling. There is something going on, I for one don’t think some of the earlier suicides were from their own doing. But living in fear will eventually make one go bonkers.

  11. Praise St. Angie! says:

    somehow, “bat-shit crazy” doesn’t quite do them justice.

  12. Bella Mosley says:

    I agree with SamiHami. Someone needs to get them help. They could see a star whacker in an innocent bystander and hurt them or worse. Very Frightening and sad.

  13. Bronwyn says:

    It is extremely difficult to get a family member committed. Someone going bat-sh*# while lacking any control over themselves and endangering others is very different from the folie a deux these two seem to share.

    I bet at least one of their families were stepping in (which likely would have seperated them as well) and that really drove this odyssey to Canada.

    I wonder if Randy always had some kind of Mental illness, found someone with a similar issue and now enable and feed off of each other, like a shared drug habit (Bobby & Whitney?)

    So sad…

  14. Crash2GO2 says:

    Evi is definitely psychotic (I’ve seen them interviewed and she does the typical psychotic rambling) and she’s got Randy paranoid and convinced. Good Lord, this can’t end well. I doubt they will hurt anyone but themselves (psychotics rarely do), but I can definitely see where they might decide to double suicide.

  15. mslewis says:

    Everything came out of the Dairy Queen…”
    Well, heck, everybody knows that!! That’s where people go for gossip in Marfa and every other small town in America. The Dairy Queen rocks!!

    Seriously through, Randy was okay until he hooked up with this woman. I believe she was always sh!t-face crazy!! When they first got together she was just eccentric and then she just got crazy and Randy was dragged along with her.

    I think Dennis has given up on Randy. I seem to remember that in the beginning of the crazy, Dennis tried his best to help but it didn’t work and he hasn’t spoken to Randy for several years. I don’t think anybody in the family talks to them. (I seem to remember reading an interview that Dennis had where he was asked about Randy and Crazy. It was several years ago and I don’t think Dennis is asked about them anymore.) I also don’t think these two have any “friends” because everybody knows they are crazy. This stuff has been going on for years and it has only gotten worse.

    Whatever, I feel really sorry for Randy because the man has talent. He was the best thing about “Independence Day” and he is outstanding in just about every movie he is in. It makes me sad to see what he has turned into.

  16. whatever says:

    i believe Randy, and his wife is the crazy one…wifey is in cahoots w/ the “star wackers”…Randy wake up.

  17. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Wow! I mean just Wow…

    They are both delusional and psychotic.

    The family needs to get them some SERIOUS HELP.

    Now, off to Dairy Queen.

  18. Ron says:

    I think they should just move into the RV with Ruby Sue, Rocky and Snots.

  19. Str8Shooter says:

    Why isn’t this potato-faced loser in jail already? Hasn’t him and his nutjob wife trashed like 5 hotel rooms already and skipped their court hearings?

    Celebrity ‘justice’. Right

  20. The Truth Fairy says:

    This all seems crazy, until you do a Google search about Michael Hutchence (of INXS) and his estate.

    The Quaids haven’t mentioned him as an example, but the very exact thing happened to him – famous person dies mysteriously and his estate disappears. Makes you wonder ….

  21. lovelylaura says:

    She is absolutely right about DQ. In small towns throughout the South, that is where EVERYONE congregates and shares the day’s gossip. It’s even on their signs: “Where people come to meet and eat”!!!

    This is a sad state of affairs for the Quaids. I hope they get some much-needed help.

  22. Jeri says:

    How did he manage to have such a long career up to this point. Is this a new delusion?

    Wonder if they believe it or latched onto it in a Lohan type way to excuse their behaviors.

    (Gee… does wiki have “Lohan” down as a verb yet??)

  23. Whitey Fisk says:

    I’ve never heard any of their interviews before, but based on this one I’d say it’s pretty clear that the wife has schizophrenia.

  24. d says:

    I think it’s Evi’s madness talking. She’s vague about who because there’s a part of her in denial that SHE will/wants to kill them both. She’s clear about how because she’s thought it through that much, that much she can deal with. When her psychosis breaks is when she’ll snap and kill or attempt to kill. That’s my prediction. Randy is an abused spouse in deep emotional/mental S***. IMO.

  25. Chris says:

    This is what happens when people have too much money and too much time on their hands to contemplate their mortality.

  26. slymm27 says:

    wait……was that a movie script??

  27. Molly says:

    It makes me sad that Randy has allowed this crazy woman to take over his life. He was/is a very talented actor. He needs to walk…. NO RUN from this woman.

    As for the Dairy Queen in Marfa Texas, Well Hell Ya….. that’s where you go to get all of the gossip, don’t ya know?

  28. fred says:

    You don’t think all of these Hollywood ‘accidental’ deaths are a bit suspicious??
    I think Randy Quaid has great courage for speaking out about all of this suspicious goings on. Personally I think these stars are ‘whacked’ and coerced, blackmailed and their money stole. There is terrible abuse going on in hollyweird and this couple have the guts to actually try and tell us.

  29. a is for apple says:

    i noticed that some of the conspiracy people seem to venerate them for “speaking out” on behalf of others.
    this is false. they don’t really give a crap about these little conspiracy nutters…they are just on the bandwagon to save their own ego asses.
    the fact is that they chose to stay at some very ritzy hotel and ran off without paying the bill. the is just shady.
    they, as is mentioned in this article, have done it several times.
    maybe if they had the humility to live like us regular folks and stay at a holiday inn (lol) or a one bedroom apartment that they can afford, there would not be this level of batshit drama.
    there may be something to the odd circumstances surrounding the deaths of some of the celebrities mentioned, but on a more realistic level, many had various drug addictions and their own human challenges, which unfortunately do not always get resolved nice and tidy in 90 minutes on a glorious sound stage. some of those people died of health issues and old age.

    both of them are being fucked up drama queens who havent gotten over their hollywood entitlement attitude.

  30. CB Rawks says:

    I want Randy to be rescued. Do they still do those vigilante rescues from cult compounds, where a bunch of ex navy seal mercenaries (ooh, navy seals!) will swoop in and stuff you in a sack and bring you home?