Christie Brinkley vows she’ll never marry again

After the way her last marriage went, you can’t really blame Christie Brinkley for being turned off by the institution. And after a total of four marriages, the model now claims she will never marry again. Which is probably for the best. While the court-ordered psychiatrist said she was healthy and sane, and that her anger at ex-husband Peter Cook was to be expected – he also said she needs to work on her “choice of male figures.”

“I’m not going to marry again,” the model, 54, told the New York Post hours after her trial ended Thursday. “I know too much about the marriage laws and divorce laws. Getting married again would not be a very intelligent thing to do.”

At her trial, a court-appointed psychologist said Brinkley “needs to start working on deeper issues,” including “her choice of male figures.” Still, she says airing her dirty laundry at the public trial was worth it. “I’ve got my sweet freedom!” said the model, who retained sole custody of her kids and will keep all 18 properties in the Hamptons that were being disputed. (She agreed to pay the 49-year-old Cook $2.1 million.)

“I was fighting for my family,” Brinkley said. “I think when you’re fighting for your family’s well-being, almost anything you have to go through is worth it.” She kept a sense of humor when asked if she were glad the ordeal was over. “I was down to my last outfit!” she cracked. “It had to end.”

[From Us Magazine]

Christie gets to keep all of her 16 Long Island properties – which cook wanted, arguing that while she paid for them, he helped pick them out. And of the $2.1 million he was awarded, sources say the vast majority of it will go to his legal bills.

Here’s Christie Brinkley outside the courthouse in Long Island with a school project she completed with her son Jack that was entered into evidence. Images thanks to Splash.

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  1. Anastasia says:

    Good for her. Who needs it? She’s got her own money. It’s not like she wants to have more babies. So what would be the use? She could have a boyfriend, sure, but if he turns out to be a big putz, she could just kick his ass to the curb, nice and neat and no courts.

    I think I would have stopped two weddings ago if I were her, but that’s me.

  2. I think she should never marry again because she has always wound up with the wrong men over and over again.

    She’s been married 4 times, that’s enough. Really.

  3. daisyfly says:

    She probably sai the same thing after her second marriage…

  4. Cassie says:

    Dear Christie:
    Good idea! Please stick to it this time, for your kids.

  5. velvet elvis says:

    The marriage thing is not really working out for her so… good call.

  6. Diva says:

    I wonder what she’s going to say about that remark when she’s planning her next wedding….

    “I said that before I knew that there were really GOOD men out there.”

    “All my previous husbands weren’t real men, I’ve finally found a real man to spend my life with.”

    “I never said that.” or “The statement was taken out of context.”

  7. Kelly says:

    It is too bad her marriages don’t work out. I’m sure she didn’t go into them thinking, “i’m going to get a divorce eventually.” She’s probably just a woman that gets infatuated too easily.

    With that said, good for her that she won. He shouldn’t get crap for cheating. She’s obviously not perfect. She’s trying to achieve perfection, but that doesn’t make it okay for him to do the things he did.

  8. janepitt says:

    Best statement she’s ever given.

  9. gg says:

    Totally Agree!! 😀 Not one house went to him. Kick ass !! I do hope somebody signed a gag agreement.

  10. vdantev says:

    uh-huh 🙄 she’s into serial matrimony, face it.

  11. hairball says:

    I am very happy for her. The guy is a total classless loser. Did anyone notice her horrific man hands in the pic?

  12. Scott F. says:


  13. kelly says:

    I think she had her property first and her children’s mental health second.

    She turned things into a circus and she is happy?

    She was known to be a gold-digger who married for money and accumulated wealth by marrying rich men.

    I don’t really see what’s laudable about any of her choices.

  14. Diva says:

    Kelly… she made her own money, and alot of it, I’m sure.

    She didn’t turn it into a circus, New York divorce court did. You have to prove why you want a divorce there, still, so she had to put it all out there on the table.

    I’d be willing to bet she marries again, though.

  15. hear hear says:

    I think her behavior is mad by optioning an open court. I don’t understand how she can explain it as she’s fighting for her family when at the same time, she’s alaso done quite a bit more damage than her husband. Its not unusual for fathers to request sole custody of children even if the father “lacks judgement and dated an 18 year old girl”. Christy needs to learn that marriages aren’t perfect, most men cheat, most wives forgive or dont forgive, but plz don’t have the lawyers call the father of your children(who was once family!)names.

  16. Diva says:

    Most men cheat?

    Is that true?

    Or just your experience?

  17. geronimo says:

    Love the generalisations. Most men cheat? No they don’t. Some men are serial cheaters, some occasional, the majority probably not at all. Can’t be judging all men on personal experience. And pointless to judge all men by the skanky end of Hollywood/celebrity standards.

    Also, just for balance, women cheat too, all the time, just not ALL women.

  18. british bitch says:

    Bollocks, she´s bridezilla.

  19. british bitch says:

    Most, if not all men cheat. It´s genetic.

  20. daisy424 says:

    It’s true british bitch,’testosterone levels in men make them more vulnerable to infidelity. This theory is based on the notion that men are genetically inclined to cheating because they are embedded with the notion that the survival of the species is dependent on their procreation’.
    But,’The theory of man being prone to cheating does not really hold water because while it may be true, there is no excuse for not being able to suppress these urges’.

  21. CelebrityMan says:

    It is necessary to choose the husband more attentively. 4 times to marry…. 😕

  22. Nan says:

    She lacks her own identity, remember? A Grace Kelly wannabe. I don’t care what you look like, without a strong sense of identity men will be more attracted to women who have this priceless trait.

  23. gracie says:

    hear, hear….what are you saying??

    Most of what you wrote just sounds crazy to me. She shouldn’t call him names because he “used” to be family?

    So like if he was a child molester dad she shouldn’t call him on it because he’s the “dad”? Like that?

    She did what she had to do. You on the other hand kind of sound like an enabler to me.

  24. vdantev says:

    There’s being a good parent and all that, but people who get called ‘super moms’ need to slapped. And then locked in an all male strip club overnight with 3 bottles of tequila and a fat stack of dollar bills.

    Do them some good to get a little dirty.

  25. Anastasia says:

    Kelly, she made millions and MILLIONS as one of the first supermodels back in the day. She hardly needed to marry for money, LOL. In a couple of cases (this and her last marriage) it seemed to be the other way around, in fact.

  26. Anastasia says:

    He’s married to one of the world’s most attractive women, who clearly has it all (in the financial/career sense) and he throws it all away for a brief interlude with a teenager and Internet porn. I don’t blame Brinkley’s view (about not marrying again), current trends tend to sabotage marriage or the idea of monogamy in a world of convenience and instant gratification. I think a man’s tendency to cheat isn’t DNA related, it’s more like operant conditioning because it isn’t economically feasible for a man to procreate with every woman, even in ancient times. The idea of men being biologically prone to infidelity is insulting to men but a small portion of men utilize the excuse because they can’t handle the vows/agreements they make concerning relationships. Rather than admit that they can’t make promises, they fall back on the supposed theories – that are only theories.

  27. hear hear says:

    no, it is not from personal experiece, I guess I shouldhave choose my words more carefully, I now go with”some men cheat”. I feel Christy should have put her children’s emotional health first in the case of a divorce.They are not contesting about money, as a woman of means, intellect and experience, the easiest way to win this fight is by proving Cook as an unfit husband, now that she’s aired her dirty laundry, Cook gets visitation rights….Christy could have got the same results if they negotiated in private.

  28. Dan Mac says:

    From a man’s point of view..
    Probably not enough mirrors in the house for the both of them…
    I think most everyone is right about him being a low life….but any of my guy friends have all commented on the same thing..why would a guy be cheating on such a great looking lady? Simple…no sex…at all…at anytime, First it starts with “There’s not enough time” to ” You’re messing my hair” or the often repeated “Not Now!” and then it develops to always being “Not Now” ”
    One has a sense that husbands and children are simply accessories to the fabulous life of Christie. I’m sure her kid is pleased as peaches that their school project was wheeled out for the media to show how their mother made it for them.
    The divorce spectacle itself was carefully calculated as well…negotiations continued throughout the first phase of the hearing, and she settled after her side had demolished him. Part two where his lawyers would have exposed some of her imperfections was not let out of the bag, as it would have damaged the “Christie Brinkley” brand.
    Maybe he should have played the same game as her and burned every bridge in their relationship publicly…but he didn’t ..most likely to prevent even further embarrassment to the kids..if he had called her bluff and continued on into phase two, he would have destroyed any potential for his kids to have a better life with their he shut up and took the payment..and didn’t seek to bring her down a few notches..

  29. DLR says:

    Well, well, well, that psychologist sure took Christie down a peg or two. She does have issues about men. Billy Joel wasn’t that bad of a man, was he, or did he cheat on her too?

    It would be interesting to see if any of her 3 ex-husbands also cheated on her. A guy will cheat if he’s not getting the attention he needs. It’s that simple.

    Well, I bet Christie will have a young fella on her arm in the next two months, and I bet she’ll eat her words as she trips down the aisle a fifth time in the next two years. 8)

  30. I think getting married four times and having kids with three different men is, well, kind of skanky. Sorry folks.

  31. Nan says:

    She didn’t grow up with her real Dad. What happened there? Seems to be the root of her problem. I think that is what the psychiatrist meant. She never dealt with it in her 20’s or 30’s. If you do not put these issues to bed early on, they will haunt you forever. See? This poor woman is being tormented by past demons and she is 54 yrs. old! Look and learn.

  32. King says:

    Maybe this guy never got any at home, we don’t know what kind of sexlife they had if any. It’s no excuse for cheating, but it could be why he did it.

  33. snappyfish says:

    She cheated on Joel with the Taubman guy. She said that when she met Taubmen she knew he was the man she was supposed to be with. Then she came out and said he was a con man after her money…..rememeber the ridiculous ski wedding? It has been the man’s fault with her for husband 3-4.

    Now in her defense her first husband was a race car driver and he was killed. It is possible she has been trying to fill his void and has been unable. Looking for him in someone else.
    which isn’t possible.

  34. Kiki says:

    Please the woman is so insecure she has to have a man on her arm. I remember a photos and a magazine article showing her with her two younger children on the beach. The article was saying how happy her marriage and family life were according to her. She wants us to believe she is pretty, successful, and happy. Underneath is a woman who will shame and embarrass her own children publicly and unneccesarily; this case could have been private. This speaks volumes on “the real Christie Brinklley.” She needs a shrink and so do the kids. What a shallow woman.

  35. Lizzie says:

    After 4 failed marriages why would you want to try again. Relationships maybe but not marriage.

  36. Man Cheat says:

    Life goes on. If marriage will make her happier, what’s wrong with marriage?
    Perhaps, she has met a man who she believes will make her happy.