Sarah Larson: I showed those bikini wrestling pics to Clooney before they hit ‘net

I got the chance to read Sarah Larson’s full interview with Hello! Magazine and it has a couple of gems that I haven’t read elsewhere. Other outlets focused on Larson’s claims that she’s still friends with Clooney, that she will miss his “extraordinary dance moves,” and that she in talks for a lucrative modeling contract. There are some more things she said that are interesting enough on the surface. She strikes me as bland person despite what she’s accomplished in life – winning Fear Factor, earning plenty of money as a cocktail waitress, and scoring a date to the Oscars with Clooney.

On the photos of her bikini wrestling in Vegas: I was working

“I wasn’t shocked when those pictures taken of me in Vegas surfaced,” says Sarah. “I knew once I started dating George they’d come out, so I showed them all to him before they were published as they were posted on various websites. Most of them are of me working. All the girls I worked with were my friends so we got paid to have a great time together. I think it’s funny that they are made out to be scandalous. My thoughts on them… ‘so what?’”

[From Hello! Magazine, print edition, July 14, 2008]

There aren’t many people who get paid to get on all fours in swimwear, to wrestle with women, or to have men lick their feet. The jobs that usually involve those type of paid activities are legal in the state of Nevada, but are technically not allowed in the city of Las Vegas. I’m not saying that was involved in her job, but you can see how people would get confused as to what it is she did exactly.

On how she got into cocktail waitressing although she has an undergraduate degree in microbiology

“I worked there [at a homeopathic medicines company in Vegas] for about a year but it wasn’t paying my bills,” she says. “So I started modeling and that led to cocktailing.” It was, she admits, a big leap from the world of alternative medicine to the service industry. “Sometimes I feel I had two different lives. I like the fact that I have this obscure degree that people don’t see me as having and I can pull facts out of the air and shock people every now and then.”

Good for Larson for going to college and I would not have expected that from her. She didn’t give an example of any supposedly shocking facts she knows about microbiology or homeopathic medicine, though. In fact I haven’t heard much that’s all that interesting or unique from her.

On not needing a man to be fulfilled

“I don’t need a man to make me happy. I think you should be happy on your own and if you find someone who complements that happiness then that’s a great thing… I like a guy with a good sense of humor, have their own way of thinking, [sic] and be mature enough to communicate in a relationship.”

On using her fame “for something good”

“Eventually I’d like to start my own business and fade into the background,” she says. “I think fame is only appealing if you can use it in ways to help people. I’ve never had the desire to really want fame, and not that I have it I’m trying to use it for something good.”

Before we all scoff at Larson’s charity lip service, Hello! does say that she has “spent the last four years volunteering with AFAN (Aid for AIDS in Nevada)”

At least she knows her 15 minutes are up and says she’s ready for it. This interview with Hello! was her last hurrah and she doesn’t have delusions otherwise. She’ll pop up occasionally in LA and get her photo taken at some paparazzi hot spots. We may see her in some print ads. Either way, she’s over but she’s doing fine.

I wonder when exactly Larson showed Clooney those pictures, though. Was it before or after that motorcycle accident they were in together last September? There is no way this girl would have stuck around for so long if that didn’t happen. My sister in law had a theory that Clooney kept her around until the statute of limitations on suing him ran out, but that would have been two years and Clooney held out for less than a year.

George Clooney and Sarah Larson are shown below at the Michael Clayton premiere on 9/24/08, a few days after their accident. Credit: PNP / WENN. Inset image: at the 2008 National Board of Review Awards at Cipriani on 1/15/08. Credit: Flashpoint / WENN. Header: on 5/5/08 out for dinner in NY. Credit: Ron Asadorian / Splash

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  1. geronimo says:

    “..I have this obscure defree..”

    What now? Larson’s version of a degree?

  2. Celebitchy says:

    geronimo I type these things in myself and am not always accurate. So if you see an error in a print edition quote just point it out and I will fix it.

  3. sassyspank says:

    she really isn’t that good looking. she reminds me of a mousy sorority girl – with the vapidness to back it up. kind of made me look at clooney differently – isn’t he supposed to be a fairly deep & intelligent guy? she always kind of seemed like a dimwit.

  4. geronimo says:

    Um, this was entirely aimed at Larson, not you, CB. I thought that would be fairly obvious. Just having some fun at the expense of this pretentious, two-bit never-been.

  5. Celebitchy says:

    geronimo I didn’t take offense or anything. When I clarified the thing about Cher’s boyfriend I didn’t take offense either. Just because I respond it doesn’t mean I’m mad or anything.

  6. geronimo says:

    lol, written word misinterpretation! Fine, just claryifying where I was coming from – Larson attack not CB spelling attack.

  7. shadow side says:

    When Larson said she showed George the photos before they were “published” she meant before they were published in print magazines in March.

    Unfortunately she neglected to inform him of their existence until AFTER they hit the internet. Larson said she showed George the photos and videos “as they were posted on various websites”.

    That means he was finding out about them at the same time we were. It means he didn’t find out about the Mavrix photos (no panties, crotch shots with stars) until they were posted on Mavrix in October. He found out about the “N9NE Girls Gone Wild” videos when they were posted on YouTube in November. He found out about the Viply shots (S&M photos, crotch shots without stars) when they were posted just before his UN gig in January. He found out about the Playboy Bunny photos when they were posted on the web in February. He found out about the LastNightsParty photos (licking porn mags, dry humping a guy who wasn’t Clooney, giving another guy a hand job, etc) when they were posted on websites just before “Leatherheads” opened in March.

    How magnanimous of her to tell him about the photos at the same time as the entire planet was also finding out. She knew the photos existed, said she knew they would surface when he went public with her, but never warned Clooney about them until they were being posted drip, drip, drip, month after month on the internet.

    I wonder why he broke up with her?

  8. jennifer says:

    she is thinks so highly of herself :lol:
    bitch please

  9. shadow side says:

    Just as a clarification, I know the Viply pics were posted in Europe at the end of October, but they stayed buried in cyberspace at the time. The Viply link never hit the U.S. or English language websites until January just days before the UN ceremony when someone posted it on deadc’s blog. So depending on when Larson, herself, stumbled across the link (I doubt she speaks German) would have been when Clooney found out about those lovely S&M photos and the more graphic crotch shots. Could have been October if Larson was really looking for them, or could have been January when they circled the globe and were popping up on English language sites and searches. You’ll have to forgive me if I doubt Larson was bright enough or savvy enough to have caught them on the German site in October when nobody else did either.

  10. Leni says:

    He wanted someone young enough to be able to show off to the world and have fun with. That is what he got. They both got what they wanted. End of story.

  11. ri23 says:

    She stopped being news when she stopped banging Clooney. 15 minutes are up.

  12. photo jojo says:

    Why is this woman still in the gossip mags? What has she done except date a famous actor? Wow… pin a gold star on HER chest!

  13. Jack says:

    well all credit to her, she has the knack to keep regurgitating stuff to keep in the public eye! she’s like Katie Price lol! :lol:

  14. photo jojo says:

    Don’t get me wrong… if I ever dated George Clooney it would be ALL I would talk about at parties or with my friends. Every single sentence would start with “Well when I was dating George…” even if it had nothing to do with the conversation! :lol: I just don’t get why she’s still in the mags is all…

  15. Anne says:

    She does seem dim. Her ‘obscure’ degree isn’t so much obscure as it is a junk science degree.

  16. anon says:

    how is a degree in microbiology a “junk science” degree? When you have an infection, don’t you like to know how to get rid of it?

  17. CiCi says:

    Anne – What is your completely worthwhile degree in? Graduating from college with any degree is an accomplishment that the majority of people never achieve and she should be proud.

  18. Snowblood says:

    However, she should NOT be proud of scuffing off her worthwhile education in order to make a career out of soft-core prostitution, which is basically what she is, a type of whore. I suddenly grew an opinion about her other than just mildly turned off and not too interested, aftyer reading this article – Shadow Side’s illuminating posts here, all those disgusting photo ops she happily engaged in, not just one time, but over and over again, hand jobs, x-rated snatch shots, oh my god, she’s a common petty whore. And willfully so, which is somehow worse in my eyes, I mean – she had a college degree, and isn’t a drug junkie, how the hell is someone going to CHOOSE a life of semi-prostitution over a self-made educated career?

    She’s pathetic, no wonder Clooney let the vapid tramp go.

  19. CiCi says:

    eh. i think people are very harsh on sarah. there’s a lot WORSE things out there than sarah larson. she may not have had the best judgment in letting herself get photographed in half the shots, but she is what she is: a party girl by profession. so what if she doesn’t want to work in a lab with her microbiology degree? it’s probably not her personality to do so and it’s her prerogative. she should do what she enjoys.

    there are millions of girls out there taking pics like hers and worse and their photos simply end up on myspace – not as paid promo pics. if she wants to be a party girl by profession, fine. I wouldn’t call the girl a petty whore, but she shouldn’t expect to marry a “high profile” person like George Clooney.

    (and don’t get me started on George Clooney and the fact that he is JUST ANOTHER REGULAR GUY cuz that’s a whole OTHER issue for me. LOL Because he IS – he was a drama geek in highschool just like everyone else before they hit it big and got “packaged” and “promoted” into some ‘sexiest man alive’ thing. It’s not like any one human being is not deserving of him or something. When I say Sarah shouldn’t expect to marry him, it’s because he’s high profile and has a career dependent upon image – NOT becuase he’s God’s Gift. But that’s beside the point.)

  20. kate says:


  21. Anne says:

    Sorry, I guess I read that wrong, didn’t realise it was a degree in microbiogy! :oops: I didn’t see anywhere in the her interview that she had a degree in microbiology just that she worked at a ‘homeopathic medicines company’.

  22. Hungry Kya? says:

    She looks much better now. Her face is bad in those pictures. Maybe its the “bangs”. Anyhoo…….

  23. paris herpes says:

    Clooney’s probably gay and this is a cover up. Why else would he date this dimwit!?

  24. Jaundice Machine says:

    Uh . . . which college did she “graduate” from again?

  25. Snowblood says:

    Paris Herpes, that’s just ridiculous, to call his dingbatty choice in girlfriend an indicator that he bats for the other team. So, this would mean, then, by your logic, that all the handsome, charming, fun-loving playboy men of the world who’ve ever made ill-advised (read: dick-fueled) decisions regarding their shallow, whorish girlfriends or wives are all homosexual men? How does that even make the remotest bit of sense? George Clooney is not gay, not even a little bit bi. I don’t get the slightest blip at all on my gaydar from him, never have.

    @ Jaundice Machine, yeah I was just thinking, I bet she doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree at all, it’s probably something some reporter/writer/blogger re-said or deliberately misinterpreted while writing some piece, somewhere, and that the truth is more likely to be that she just worked for a while for a homeopathic company. :roll:

  26. Judy says:

    hose are mild compared to that thing MCCatney married LOL Those pics are not as raunchy as miss I want a 100 millon Heather. But I can see Georges pint here. Woan need to start tinking about their future before they pull this kind of nonesense unless you see your future as a hooker.

  27. shadow side says:

    Larson got her B.S. at Evergreen College in Washington State. It’s an “alternative evaluations” college which means they don’t issue grades. Evaluations are strictly comments. While this can be a great way to evaluate liberal arts programs, it is a ridiculous way to evaluate a science program. It makes it very difficult to get into graduate school and pursue a serious science career. In the sciences it would be much more difficult for her to compete against students who were issued grades. So while Larson got the degree it wasn’t the most rigorous science program by any stretch and we have no idea how well she did because she wasn’t issued any grades.

  28. DLR says:

    I think it is kinda clear why George dumped her. She’s not too brill in the cerebral stuff. :roll:

  29. Granger says:

    Why does everyone assume Clooney is particularly brilliant? Sure, he’s involved in political and humanitarian efforts, but that just means he’s a good reader and feels passionate about a certain cause. You can sound articulate about anything you’re passionate about. Doesn’t mean you’re a rocket scientist.

    I don’t think any of the photos we’ve seen of Sarah have been very flattering, but they don’t prove to me that she sleeps with men for money. All they say to me is that she’s a pretty woman who chose to use her body and sexuality rather than her brain to make a living. I don’t agree with that philosophy, and I hope my daughter has more self-respect when she grows up — but Sarah’s chosen profession doesn’t strike me as any worse than, say, an actor’s. They get naked all the time and practically fuck people on camera, and they make millions for it. Most of us don’t get half as ruffled about that as we do about someone like Sarah.

    Personally, I think George wanted to get laid, and have a bit of fun with a pretty, young, non-celebrity who’d be awed by and have a good time in his world. The relationship probably lasted longer than even he expected it to.

  30. 123 says:

    so, she has a degree in microbiology?. well, good on her.. you go girl.!! get away with your brainy self.!! as for sarah’s fifteen minutes she at least understands it is what it is.. make your money lady i aint mad at cha!!now can someone tell me why AUDRINA PArTRIDGE OR WHATEVER THE HECK HER NO TALENT NAME IS famous exactly?. not to mention the entire THE HILLS CREW.. what is their claim to fame exactly?. fake tans?.

  31. 123 says:

    and since the majority of americans just about complete high school its not for anyone to scoff at this womans academic acheivment even if it was from a community college its better than most of you have so shut up..

  32. Anne says:

    Shadow Slide, I had a feeling she wasn’t ‘really’ educated. The alternative colleges are fine but I agree, in the area of science it’s very important to have a proper education.

    The best job she could get with that degree is at a homeopathic medicines place.

    I also agree with the person who said we have pretty high standards when it comes to Clooney. We assume he’s smart but when it comes to women, he’s not or he doesn’t like his women to be as smart.

  33. bros says:

    123, i suspect the majority of the posters on here are not simply high school graduates. stop getting your panties in a bunch about us saying larson has a bull S. degree. for a science degree? come on.

    and as of 2004, 28% of americans had a college degree and 86% had a high school degree, both of which can only have gone up since then.

  34. Whatever says:

    @Shadow side

    Those viply link was making rounds in the U.S. in November. That is why people were pissed that George Cloonay had the nerve to take her to the Nobel Laureate ceremony, when her vagiae was exposed on the Internet.That link was on many “gossip” mainstream sites in November, she knew as well as Clooney they were out there.

  35. shadow side says:

    @ Whatever, thanks for that. I didn’t know the Viply pics made all the rounds in November, although my point still stands. Larson never told Clooney about all the photos back last summer before he went public with her. She knew they existed but she never warned him. She showed them to him as they were being posted on websites. So he found out at the same time as the rest of world, not before.

    And I didn’t think he should have taken her to the Nobel Laureate ceremony even when the crotch shots appeared in Mavrix with the stars still on them.

    There were more pics to follow. The Playboy Bunny pic and all the LastNightsParty pics and videos that came in Feb and March 2008, so there was a steady stream of these things coming out and Clooney’s finding out about them along the way, not before. He was probably starting to wonder how many more were out there and when this was going to stop.

    I think Clooney was a little slow in understanding how important the blogosphere and other virtual media really are these days. When Larson says, “I showed them all to him before they were published as they were posted on various websites”, I think she’s getting that distinction from Clooney. Being published in the print media versus being posted on websites. Clooney thought as long as the worst of them weren’t being published in the mainstream print media and were just being posted in the virtual world, there wasn’t going to be a PR problem for him. I think he underestimated how many people are getting information and forming opinions based on user-generated media these days. That’s why he was slow to realize there was a serious problem with these pics and his public reputation was deteriorating because of Larson. He thought because “People Magazine” and “Harper’s Bazaar” were still portraying Larson as a demure little princess everything was fine. He was wrong.

    Clooney and his publicist have tons of clout and influence over the mainstream media but they have none in cyberspace. Clooney can’t control the message on the internet so whitewashing his bimbos isn’t going to work anymore. If he’s going to keeping dating lewd women with photogenic crotches he’s going to have to come to terms with this fact and realize his public reputation will suffer the consequences.

  36. momma mia says:

    HOLY MOSES!! I knew the was a slut, but I had NO idea that she’s a sleeze/slime scuzz. I hope George went straight to the Emergency Room (ER :wink: ) to get himself checked out after those phots hit the internet. Nice reporting Shadow. 8)