Enquirer: Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough got engaged in Paris (update)

According to the National Enquirer, Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough are taking their fauxmance to the next level. They claim that Ryan, 35, proposed to Julianne, 22, during their well documented Paris jaunt and she accepted. The Enquirer’s gossip guy, Mike Walker, name drops Seacrest practically every week with the most insignificant gossip. If anyone would get an exclusive on Ryan’s engagement, it would be the Enquirer. I know a lot of people think Ryan bats secretly for the other team, and the way the whole “kiss on the beach with Teri Hatcher” played out (particularly the way she explained it) make me think that could be the case and that he plays the media to his advantage. It’s possible that he is straight and just very fussy, though. It happens. I could also see him going for a much younger non-challenging partner like Julianne. (If he goes for chicks at all, other than in photo ops.) Here’s the Enquirer’s report. It’s like Ryan took a page out of Tom Cruise’s book.

The “American Idol” host surprised the “Burlesque” star with a proposal during a recent vacation to Paris, sources say, and he’s even cutting back his workload to start a family!

“Ryan is ready to make Julianne his bride, but he wanted to blow her away with the most romantic proposal possible,” an insider divulged.

“With only a few weeks before ‘Idol’ is back on TV, he organized a quickie trip to Paris and invited his sister and his parents along so they could share in the happy occasion…”

To prove how serious he is about building a solid future together, the ambitious go-getter is scaling back on work, the insider said.

“Ryan is planning top opt out of renewing the contract for his syndicated radio show,” said the insider. “Julianne has transformed him from a work machine into a love machine.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, December 13, 2010]

Julianne has transformed him from a work machine into a love machine.” Are you kidding me? This is just spin control for the fact that he’s not going to continue with his radio show for whatever reason.

You know, if they’re both happy with this arrangement, whatever it is, good for them. Congratulations on their engagement whether it’s for show or not. I can’t see any self-respecting woman going along with this (if it’s not real, etc) but Julianne did get to go to Paris and I bet she dropped a lot of Ryan’s cash on nice designer things. I also bet he helped her pick them out. And I swear to you – I wrote all that before I saw these photos of them buying Louboutins. Hand to God, to borrow a phrase from Kaiser. (I thought Ryan was staring at the shoes, but he’s entranced with his own reflection. I think we know who his real love is.)

Update: Julianne’s brother, Derek Hough, says that as far as he knows his sister isn’t engaged.

Photos are from 11/26/10, thanks to Fame.





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  1. Sumodo1 says:

    I knew it! How Seacrest-y to put a ring on a child’s finger at Christmas time? The cheesy bastard is such a fame-ho.

  2. bellaluna says:

    Wow, they’re really playing this beard thing until the bitter end, aren’t they?

    And who the hell-o carries a shopping bag like that (with the designer label facing everyone walking toward her)? I know, I know!! *raises hand, a la Arnold Horshack* An insecure beard fiancee! What do I win? 😀

  3. hmm says:

    umm is it just me or does julianne look maybe 15?
    it looks like he’s out with his younger sister?? and he is looking rather old these days?

  4. Kaboom says:

    Who did they get engaged to?

  5. redlips says:

    If they are both happy, then, Congrat’s!

  6. Bonfire Beach says:

    She looks like Peaches Geldof in the last photo.

    And my mom just commented yesterday about this relationship, “I thought he was gay?”

  7. mimi says:

    I believe Ryan and Julianne got ‘engaged’ just as i believe Swillenhaal are actually in a ‘real’ relationship- PLEASE!!!

  8. DGO says:

    Isn’t this like her 3rd or 4th engagement? Plus she’s got a rep for going for old guys with money (Helio).

  9. Po says:

    Ha! That’s all

  10. heatheradair says:

    But her boots! Her boots! They’re just about the greatest thing EVER.

    I’ll say this: he strikes me more as ASEXUAL than gay…….and I think you’re right, CB, having a young, easily-influenced, easy-to-manipulate “companion” is probably about as much as he has time for……

  11. Roxanne75 says:

    I can’t imagine being with him…super fussy and super particle and orderly I see him being. I am sure he is way into himself and having the things around him just the way he likes it…hope they make it work, you know they won’t. As with everything in Hollywood this will end in a nasty divorce…shame.

  12. jen says:

    I’m sure she’ll be as happy as Rock Hudson’s wife was.

  13. Me1st says:

    didn’t he just sign for 3 more years of his radio show??? someone please look into that because i think i read somewhere where he tweeted that or something. This story might be true but not that part.
    I know many men that are not only straight but they act like they are gay, what is the big deal? its almost 2011, who cares?

  14. ElizabethM says:

    I love that the article mentioned BOTH American Idol and his radio show. After all, you can’t waste free publicity on just announcing the engagement. /sarcasm

  15. devilgirl says:

    Is it just me, or is Ryan Seacreast looking more odd than normal lately? His face has either been badly “toxed” or he had some work done, but he definitely looks more alien than he used to.

  16. Hollowdoll says:

    I definitely think he did something to his face. I am not surprised that he is mesmerized by his own face in the mirror. Gay or Asexual this is totally another PR relationship like Swillenhaal.

  17. alexandra says:

    Another Ricky Martin!

  18. Marjalane says:

    Yeah, I think this is Julianne’s third engagement. For a “devout Mormon”, she seems to play pretty fast and loose with her affections! I’d buy that Ryan is asexual; He was such an asswipe during last years American Idol, it was like he had the chip of all times riding on his shoulder. I think he was jealous of how much money Simon had- he was always bringing it up.

  19. Emmy says:

    Did he borrow her coat? ’cause that sure looks like a womens cut. It gives hime a hour-glass figure!

  20. Fauxhemian Delight says:

    Good grief, why does he even bother? Sure, the ladies in the Midwest might be bothered by him having a case of The Gays, but seriously, he could look like the biggest queen on the planet, never bother with a girlfriend, and I doubt they’d even notice. These are the same old ladies who were shocked to hear Liberace was gay.

  21. Rita says:


    “is Ryan Seacreast looking more odd than normal lately?”

    I know you how you meant it but I had to laugh “more odd than his normal odd”. Funny what some of us think is funny. Go gurl!

  22. bagladey says:

    That would make engagement No. 3 for Julianne. When we were first introduced to Julianne on Dancing With the Stars she was 17 years old and engaged to a guy in college and her wedding was imminent. Then she became a country singer and got engaged to a country star and now it’s Seacrest so she’s climbing the ladder. Who would be the next step up after Seacrest?

  23. Kbomb says:

    Two tiny tiny little people who look the same in love in Paris. It’s as adorable as a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. An adorable gay kitten wearing a coat with a velvet collar.

  24. Kim says:

    I know a girl who will only have sex with a guy if they are committed as in engaged. Maybe she is like that. Also why do people think he’s gay? Has any man claimed to have m had sex with him? Hell even Clay Aiken had men claiming to have hooked up with him before he came out.

  25. Jenny says:

    Kim, what I heard from a friend who worked in research for a network, is that Ryan was “with” Merv Griffin for years as a “friend.” Part of the deal was Merv helped to launch Ryan’s career. Now, this could have been a one time sexual relationship, a kind of casting couch arrangement but there have been rumors for years challenging the straightness of Ryan. I don’t care either way, gay or straight, he seems cheesy as hell and I am not a huge fan. I guess I find it sad that he can’t seem to be an authentic person.

  26. Tory says:

    That is not the overcoat of a straight male.

  27. happygirl says:

    @ devilgirl – I agree! What’s going on with his face?? I don’t understand. And, I really don’t think it’s the result of bad lighting or the “I’m too sexy for this shirt, these pants, these shoes, this city…” look he’s got going on in the 4th pic. And…am I delusional or is he looking in the mirror and sticking his tongue out in that 2nd pic? Making sure all the blue slushy sno-cone is off? Someone help me out here….

  28. icantbelievethis says:

    I would beard for Seacrest for those boots!

  29. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    HAHAHAHA…That pic with him in the mirror is FUNNY!!!!

  30. the other mel says:

    I find it interesting that even y’all don’t mention the age difference the way you would have if it were a 35 year old woman with a 22 year old guy, regardless of the question of sexual preference.

  31. Samantha says:

    I want to know why Julianne stopped dancing on the stars? She was a real hotsy totsy dancer. Did she have an affair with one of the celebrities and was forced to quit?

    Good luck to her and Seacrest. These guys always pick young women to marry, because they can!

  32. Grace says:

    This is another Jessica Simpson/John Mayer situation, where they’re getting uglier together. I don’t think I’ve ever seen either one look this bad.

    And they both look annoying – like the kind of person I would want to slap. I rarely get that feeling just from looking at a picture of someone, but I feel that way when looking at both of them.

  33. Anon73 says:

    seems “the hardest working man in show business” found himself a wife-for-hire in his life production of Proving to America I Am A Heterosexual. ; -)

  34. loveyourwork says:

    @Anon73 – LOL!!!!!!! soooo great.

  35. janie says:

    the label is on both sides of the bag, no way around that.
    if he did propose, aren’t his parents with them? that seems kind of strange, either have both sets of parents or neither.

  36. Athena says:

    What is with the middle America BS? Like there are no gay people in the rest of the country aside from California and New York? Please. I don’t know who he is fooling but no one is buying it least the people in middle America.
    I dislike him immensely, he comes off as arrogant, mean, cocky and full of himself and there are now are pics to prove it. I catch him sometimes on E!News with Giuliana and he so pompous and juvenile to her. I saw a behind the scenes thing too(I think in the Oscars) and he made some mean joke to her and walked away before she could say anything. Cant.Stand.Him.

  37. devilgirl says:

    @Happygirl- No, it isn’t bad lighting! It just hit me, he is starting to resemble Moe Syziak from The Simpsons!

    @Tory- No it isn’t! And that black tee under it certainly is doing him no favors.

  38. Ron says:

    Ryan just signed a 60 million dollar 3 year contract with Clear Channel, his Idol Contract is 45 million for 3 and his E contract is 36 million for 3….. I’m sure that has nothing to do with Julianne’s feelings for her..I mean him. Daddy can I please have these bitchin boots to go with my Chanel coat? Pleeeeease!

  39. Maritza says:

    I don’t know what people are looking at because he looks very handsome and Julianne is really cute, they make a beautiful couple.

  40. Abby says:

    I like her as a blond so much better, thought they were and odd pairing to begin with. If they are happy, I am happy for them

  41. Jayna says:

    She’s just cute okay without the blond hair. The blond hair she’s adorable. He’s not gay. He likes the gay jokes about him and isn’t threatened. Simon made a ton of gay jokes to his face, and they are great friends. If he was truly gay and hiding it, Simon would never do that. He’s a metrosexual and loves his hair product. Big deal. Julianne is very driven in her career right now, so probably the relationship works since he is too and understand each other on that level.

  42. nofreelunch says:

    @Kaboom: LMAO that can’t be topped

  43. DGO says:

    I saw some unflattering pictures of her today at some charity event. She looked heavy (despite looking fine in these shots) and she was wearing a new pair of Louboutins. I almost didn’t recognize her, how round her face was. Is it because she’s stopped dancing as much as before? Whatever it is, she looked horrible.

  44. HakuraChii says:

    Honestly, my FIRST thought looking at this was “God, he looks like one of those mannequins in the men’s department at Macy’s…” The expression rarely changes, and that jacket is definitely not masculine, no matter how ‘metro’ a guy is.

    I do get that ‘asexual’ feeling from him. He seems like a very odd combination of a game-show host (which the hair and teeth) & a newscaster from one of those big networks. Getting engaged in Paris is just so cliche. It’s like they’re trying *too* hard to make it look ‘real’, and achieving the opposite.

  45. truthzbetta says:


    Ask Terry Hatcher who told the whole story of how Seacrest orchestrated a phony kiss with her and called the paps ahead of time to get a cover.

    Secrest In (Closet).

  46. truthzbetta says:

    Oh Gawd and the DOB with the youngie got engaged in Paris to boot? That always screams phony just like when Tommy did it on the Eiffel tower during his film promotion.

    Run Hough, run. Ask Katie, the dough’s not worth it the whole fake existence.

  47. heathen says:

    IMO, it is more possible for Venus to cross Pluto than it is for Ryan Seacrest to be straight. Julianna is desparate to be a “star” and she thinks being Ryan’s beard will help her (I don’t think it will — it worked for Nicole Kidman with Tom Cruise, but Ryan’s height is about all he has in common with Cruise). They think it is a win-win for the both of them.

  48. Bee says:

    @Jen, I think both Julianne and Taylor are on the road to being the next Phylis Gates Hudson. The lucky girls. They’ll get to go shopping in Europe while Ryan has his little “all boys” parties like Rock did.

  49. ster says:

    I cannot believe that nobody is mentioning the 13 year difference between them!! Even if he might be gay, and if she may be using him, that age diff is crazy people!

  50. Karen says:

    My dear commenters, the reason nobody is mentioning the age difference is because we don’t even believe the “relationship” is real. Real as in the “boy loves girl who loves boy”. Instead we have a variation of “boy who loves boys and loves career who needs to marry girl who loves boy”.

    As for why she no longer appears on Dancing with the Stars – why would she schlump it week after week on a TV show when she can travel the world on Ryan Seacrest’s dime AND generate more publicity for herself??? Dating Ryan is an easier gig than DWTS!

  51. Bunny says:

    I don’t understand the people who think they make a good couple.You know a marriage would only end in divorce,that is so sad to me.Shes way to young for him even if its a real relationship.

  52. Jayna says:

    It’s odd. She wasn’t beautiful in Burlesque. Not beautiful anymore in any interviews I’ve seen. I thought it was the blond hair. But someone was right, her face is bigger now. Maybe she’s going to be one of those girls who is their most stunning at 20 (because she was amazingly beautiful on DWTS) and kind of never be as beautiful again.

  53. nrrvus says:

    Look he’s clearly gay and she is obviously his beard{ Whore)
    He will come out like Ricky martin in a few years, no harm no foul.None of my business.

  54. Liana says:

    He’s so elfin… in the Keebler way.

  55. Isa says:

    Isn’t Julianne supposed to be a virgin, waiting for marriage?

  56. malachais says:

    I have to agree with some of you – what happened to Julianne? She used to be so beautiful, I’m guessing it the darker hair color. In my opinion, the hair color washes her out a bit, and makes her look plain. Considering she is natural blonde, she should have just kept it.

  57. constance says:

    I pity him. He seems to play the media and its all about his sexual orientation. Insecurity is a bitch. lawl

  58. Jen says:

    @Samantha – she left Dancing with the Stars to focus on her country music career. I think her first song was a hit, but I haven’t heard anything else from her….she should probably go back to DWTS.

  59. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I think 22 is too young to get married, regardless of his age (altho I think 13yrs is too big of an age difference, especially when the younger partner is so young).

    And I’m glad to see some other posters have mentioned the “asexual” vibe! I’ve thought that for years. I’ve never thought he was gay–just way more in love with himself and more invested in his career so that sex, relationships, etc just aren’t important or a turn-on for him.

  60. Kim says:

    Kelly Preston called her up and gave her a long list of what she will be dealing with married to a man in the closet & everyone knowing it yet youll have to deny it for life regardless of the proof.

  61. coucou says:

    She looks better blonde. For real. Only Jen can pull this brown off.

    The very fact that he encouraged her to wash out her beautiful blonde tends to make me question the whole arrangement! Perhaps it’s because now she’s not prettier than he is.

    I think it’s so funny someone said he looked old…he’s, uh, 35. Y’all better enjoy your 20’s while they last, because trust me, they FLY by…take many pictures.

  62. lucy says:

    Age difference! He’s 35 and she’s 2 2…it’s only 13 years . What about H.hefner who’s 80 something and the girl that he’s engaged to is 24, that’s almost 60 years difference..and folks they are getting married this summer!!

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