Aaron Eckhart says Heath Ledger’s friends pass around his old iPod

Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal were on Good Morning America The Today Show this morning to promote their upcoming film The Dark Knight, which opens Friday and has morning shows starting at 12am selling out around the country. It’s getting widespread critical acclaim, particularly for late Heath Ledger’s harrowing performance as the joker.

Matt Lauer brought up the subject of Heath’s performance and said it’s too bad that he’s not here to accept all the kudos and accolades for one of the best performances of his career.

Maggie Gyllenhaal was understated and kind in her response. She said “He’s so incredible in the movie and it’s so terribly sad that he’s not here that it’s difficult to really feel how sad that is in the midst of all these TV shows and cameras. It’s like you have to protect yourself a little bit because it’s such a shame.”

Aaron Eckhart said that he met Heath’s mom at the after party and that “she was very upbeat, very proud.” Eckhart told her a story about how Heath Ledger’s friends now have his old iPod and are passing it around and sharing his music.

He said “Whenever we went into the trailer we would say ‘Whose iPod is this?’ because it would be some whacked out music that nobody had ever heard of before, and it was Heath’s and that iPod has since become a symbol of Heath and his friends pass it around to each other, download the music and then pass it on.”

Director Chris Nolan said that Heath did get to see some of his performance before he died. He said “He saw the IMAX prologue. We [screened] that for him in London.”

I wonder what kind of music Heath was into and if we’ll get any details about what he kept on his iPod. It’s kind of a nice memory to have someone’s music and that’s touching that his friends are sharing his iPod.

Header: An ad for The Dark Knight starring Heath is shown in New York City above a Keith Haring mural. It’s two blocks from the apartment where he died. Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal are shown at The Dark Knight premiere on Monday. Credit: PNP/WENN

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    I never took much notice of HL until I saw Cassanova. I just kept thinking “Wow. He’s another Errol Flynn” He had that same cheekiness behind the eyes.That indefinable attractiveness that is Star Quality

    It’s sad

    nice dress Maggie

  2. I choose me says:

    Maggie G, looks great. Still sad about Heath and can’t wait to see the Dark Knight in part to see his performance and because its Bale dammit and he is an equally talented actor imo, as well as sexy.

  3. kerri says:

    i dont think that i have ever seen a single one of heath’s movies .. i rarely see a movie before it comes out on dvd, but i LOVE the i-pod thing! music is so personal, so sharing what he liked is like having a piece of him!

  4. Bodhi says:

    I love Maggie…

    Thats really sweet about Heath’s ipod….

  5. Mairead says:

    True true. I think the promoters of the film are handling it fairly well – paying homage to a stellar delivery, but recognising that The Joker, and therefore Heath, was only a player in the overall franchise. It seems to me that they’re resisting the temptation to go overboard on the Heath angle because his demise was so recent.

    The advertising for this particular film was always going to centre on The Joker, but if you pay attention to the billing order on the poster in the top pic, Bale is still number 1 and Caine (*worship*) is No. 2 as it should be.

    And Maggie looks terrific in that dress. :D

  6. gg says:

    Michael Caine is the MAN. I love him!

  7. Blackalicious says:

    I’ll admit it: I finally saw Brokeback and he did a good job but his character mumbled! he was supposed to be like that but my hearing sucks (thanks to my own ipod).

    I like this sharing of music story.. it’s poignant. MUCH better than stupid Sienna Miller saying she is sleeping in the PJs he gave her when she was filming with him (innocuous, they did not hook up thank god. hate her!)

    Hopefully someone downloads a cd of it and gives to Michelle – it would be lovely for Matilda to have something like that. Hopefully someone thinks of that.

    Cannot wait for the movie. I am not even into Batman but b/t Ledger and Bale..
    Bale is a class act, protean talent and I love how gracious he is. No griping about being overshadowed by the reviews Ledger received. Some actors would be pissy about it even if they were jealous of an actor who passed away.

  8. CNH says:

    I adore Maggie! She is always so understated and packs a talent that others….ahem…Lindsay Lohan…don’t have. I think it is great that Ledger’s iPod is a source for comfort music is wonderful to aid in dealing with emotion.

  9. fsdf says:

    very touching

    Maggie looks so nice in that dress!

  10. Kolby says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie – man, what an incredible cast!

  11. Jolie says:

    I adore both Bale and Heath…they are both sexy as hell…
    Bale is and always will be one of the top actors in the world…
    however Heath is excellent and I believe completely insane and wicked in the show…
    The movie is there to pay tribute to Heath’s legacy, as well as celebrate the ability of Bale to revive a role made dead by others who have attemtped. He is the best Batman there ever was for me…
    and we shall not even go into other roles he has done, and how immersed he is in his roles.
    He rocks, and so does Heath…
    I adore them…

    Music Ipod thing is brilliant…



    PS. I am not Jolie…but I love her:-)

  12. chamalla says:

    That’s a great story, and a wonderful way for his friends to remember him. I just teared up a little…

    Adding props for Maggie, who is a goddess. I’d pay to watch her read the phone book.

  13. Scott F. says:

    Can’t wait until I can get out to see this movie. Bale is hands down the best Batman ever. I admit I was reluctant to get behind Ledger as the Joker, but like most people I changed my mind as soon as the trailers came out. I just had a hard time reconciling the kid from A Knights Tale and 10 Things was going to be a deranged megalomaniac.

    As far as Gyllenhaal, she is a huge upgrade in talent over Katie Holmes, but I just can’t buy into this whole ‘beauty’ thing. You could find sea monsters in the deep crevices of that woman’s face.

  14. Jaundice Machine says:

    I’ll see your Christian Bale and raise you Adam West as the greatest Batman – ever!

    In all seriousness, it’s a really sweet gesture, and I hope his family and friends eventually find closure after such an untimely passing.

  15. Scott F. says:

    Conceded, Adam West is the shit. He’s the funniest thing on Family guy. I still remember his guest shot on the Simpsons when he was ragging on how all the new Batmans were wearing those plastic body suits.

    “That was all West baby.”

  16. KDRockstar says:

    *interrupting Bale drool-fix*

    This is the Today show, not GMA.

    *continue drooling*

  17. Sue says:

    Katie Holmes ruined the last film for me she was so miscast-putting it kindly.

  18. Bodhi says:

    The movie is there to pay tribute to Heath’s legacy, as well as celebrate the ability of Bale to revive a role made dead by others who have attemtped.

    Erm, the movie is there to entertain. It was made before Heath’s death. While I’m sure it’s an amazing tribute to a man who left us far too soon, it wasn’t meant to be.

    As far as Gyllenhaal, she is a huge upgrade in talent over Katie Holmes, but I just can’t buy into this whole ‘beauty’ thing.

    Some folks think that having a brain & a personality is beautiful. Maggie isn’t a conventional beauty for sure, but, but she is far more attractive than Kat(i)e Holmes

  19. bob says:

    Matt Lauers’on the Today Show, not GMA. Get it right

  20. iheartlasagne says:

    I’m very excited about this movie, still very saddened by his passing. Mostly wanted to agree w/ Bodhi (as usual, for some reason!) regarding Maggie G. She is stellar and I personally find her very attractive. Guess I like quirky beauty anyway, I think SJP is also very pretty. Oh well, I’ve always hated to conform.

  21. iheartlasagne says:

    OOOOoooh, Bob, what a burn. Get a life, CB doesn’t even live on this fucking continent!

  22. CB Rawks says:

    “Katie Holmes ruined the last film for me she was so miscast-putting it kindly.”

    Absolutely agree.
    It was impossible to stay in the moment and suspend disbelief when her presence was instantly causing my teeth to start grinding away like they had minds of their own. They all hate Katie Holmes, apparently.

  23. CB Rawks says:

    I too adore Adam West. Just wanted to add that. I recently heard him on Fairly Odd Parents, as a cat superhero that kept yacking-up huge green fur balls at everyone. That was a strange cartoon character to fall in love with, but I did.

  24. Grant says:

    First movie I saw with Mr. Ledger was “A Knights Tale” and fell in love with him. He was Flynn, Newman, Redford, Valentino all in one – a classic actor with such promise. I feel very sad that he is gone – I anticipate Dark Knight to be his glory, I also saw Brokeback, and will continue to see his films for years to come – be in peace Heath. Everyone should see all his films – you will agree. Classic!!!!

  25. mollination says:

    haha Iheart– I was just about to say the same thing (ie. agreeing with bodhi…as usual!)

  26. bonkers says:

    poor kid is stoned in ev pic i ever saw o him.

  27. Big Al says:

    His first lead role (A Knight’s Tale, 2001) in a film and his final film role (The Dark Knight, 2008) focused on the everyman protagonist, set against an unforgiving public; to be accepted as a “true” knight.

    Knight’s Tale is an excellent film-check it out.

  28. Joyce says:

    I absolutely loved Heath in everything I’ve seen him in, from Knight’s Tale, to 10 Things, to Brokeback to The Dark Knight. His performance was one of the best I’ve ever seen, he truly played the part the way it should have been played (and I was skeptical at first as well). He will be missed. I’d love to know what type of music he listened to, too. Good way for friends to remember him. Maggie was great in it as well. She is an unconventional beauty, with brains, independence, and strength. Katie was a wet dish rag.

  29. az says:

    Eckhart, the Mormon, says he listened to “whacked out music,” says AOL… What’s NOT whacked out music to a Mormon?!?

  30. me says:

    “Katie Holmes ruined the last film for me she was so miscast-putting it kindly.”

    So true. Most of the cast was incredible but every time she came on screen I couldn’t even concentrate on the movie. I was so glad when they recast her part. I miss Heath Ledger (I KNOW I’ve never even met him, but still).

  31. Andrea says:

    I’m dying to know what’s on Heath Ledgers ipod I have been wondering the past two years. I hope we get to hear Heaths Crazy Wacked Out Ipod somday soon. <3 May you Rest In Peace Mr. Ledger, we love you.