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34 Responses to “Reggie Bush wants a little less junk in Kim Kardashian’s trunk”

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  1. Megan says:

    I thought black guys were supposed to like big asses? I think your boyfriend should love you for what you are!

  2. TIA says:

    Ohhhhhhhh please, he is lucky to have her. Look at his outfit, what is he five years old. Maybe he needs to work on his face, and they can call it even. Men are scum sometimes. He has a beautiful woman and he thinks something is wrong. UNBELIEVABLE !

  3. Megan says:

    I do think thought that her ass is more fat than just big but toned. It seems like everything she eats goes straight to her butt.

  4. lulu says:

    what’s wrong with his request? her ass IS too big, and their coupling is all for image purposes anyway. in real life, any man that pushes his gf to lose weight would be an ass, but in this case it’s understandable.

  5. AP says:

    I am glad I do not have a butt like hers.

  6. KLO says:

    I think she’s super gorgeous. But i don’t really believe that the man is forcing her to work out, maybe just helping out with it…..?

  7. Joe says:

    Word is around USC is that Reggie had problems keeping the staff at full mast.

  8. kimmi says:

    There is nothing wrong with Kim’s butt. She is not paper thin but neither am I, and I resent the implication that there is something wrong with or “gross” about my natural shape. If Reggie doesn’t like the way she looks, he knows where the door is. He’s not that hot himself.
    And Meghan, I don’t think all black men do in the same way that not all white men don’t.
    P.s. My Jewish partner loves my curves:)

  9. Carla says:

    @Joe – Word is Reggie is having problems lifting the staff because it’s so big.
    Too big for one man to have.

  10. ri23 says:

    Another skank famous for being sleezy. Can’t throw a rock in L.A. without hitting three or four of them. Yawn.

  11. lola lola says:

    Her bum doesn’t look proportional to her frame at all. She looks double-wide in pants. Something that big isn’t going to fight gravity for very long–so maybe some toning is just the trick.

  12. mrs favre says:

    Breakup coming 3 2 1….

  13. The Whom? says:

    I don’t believe this story. I bet he asked her to make the ass implants smaller. She can always become Ice T second skank. He loves big silicone ass.

  14. Shizza says:

    I dont believe that shit

  15. yeah right says:

    Dunes in Manhattan Beach?? That beach is flat. I don’t buy this story.

  16. Dani says:

    Are you crazy? That is a dang lie. Black men love the ass honey and no black man would ever ask a woman to lose it. Unless he was raised by white people in a white town with white girls.

  17. notprfect says:

    White girl here. My white bf loves my big bootie & so do I. :mrgreen:

    I think kim’s butt does look kinda out of place on her body, she’s pretty slim all around(untoned, but NOT fat) and then there’s that big ole ass. Where did it come from? ❓ 😐

    “I mean LOOK at that butt, it is SO big. It’s so round. It’s just like…out there. I like big butts and I cannot lie…” Ah, Sir Mix A Lot knows where it’s at. 😆

  18. Syko says:

    First off, I think her butt is disproportionate, but what I mostly hate is how she uses it – you never see a picture of her without her having her butt stuck out as far as possible, and looking back over her shoulder so the photographer gets the full impact. I don’t much like her, I don’t see why she is famous, and wish she would go away.

    However, if a man ever tried to make me change my body or any aspect of my appearance for him, he would be an ex-boyfriend so fast his head would spin.

  19. that_girl says:

    WTF? What man doesn’t like a big tush? I don’t buy this story.

  20. Jaundice Machine says:

    Good point, Lulu. I was about to get all up at arms over such an insensitive comment, until I realized that this is a just a plastic Hollywood couple – with not a thought beyond money floating through their precious plastic heads.

    Someone (less lazy than myself) should post Sir Mixx-a-lot’s classic love story and remind Reggie just where all those benjamins come from in the first place.

  21. countrybabe says:

    Dani maybe he prefers white women for their small butts. I think he wanted someone with a trunk that big he would have a black woman.

  22. Jenna says:

    Yeah, this story is not true. Kim has the power in the relationship, obviously. I read the site called Bossip and it’s clear she controls it. She always has him holding her purses and a bunch of other things. She is only with him because he is ‘what is hot’ at the moment.

    Also, her face can make her look like a camel. Don’t get me wrong she is very pretty but some angles it kinda looks funny. And yes, her butt to me is a little flappy looking. I would love to have her butt though. I can see Reggie wanting her to work it out to make it less jiggly or whatever.

    Just my opinion. 🙄

  23. A.J. says:

    Hey, Kim seems pretty happy with her looks, and has stated numerous times that she is comfortable and proud of her big ass- shouldn’t that be all that matters? I personally can’t stand her, but you have to admit that her confidence is pretty impressive. My ass isn’t even half the size of hers, yet I don’t dare rock revealing, derriere-accentuating clothes like she does. More power to her, says I.

  24. madame xxx says:

    Wow such fuckin haters, Kim is a beautiful girl, and I’d give my left fake tit to look like her and have her cash…And a big black cock to go w/it, good times…Im sure she cares what ever anyone says…give me a break, cunt laughs all the way to the bank.

  25. MIA says:

    Who can blame him? I think most of us have seen those bikini pics of her…Without spanks on, that ass is saggy with cellulite GALORE. 😕

  26. paris herpes says:

    Her butt looks a little jiggly to me. She wears slutty clothes to accentuate it though, which makes her an attention whore. She’s pretty, but she wears like a pound of make-up and ends up looking like a clown half the time. She needs to let that ass and face of hers breath sometimes.

  27. Kelley says:

    Here’s the thing – there aren’t many pics of her before the whole Kardashian phenomenon but the few I have seen her ass was never, I repeat never that large. On the Ray J tape her butt doesn’t look halfway as big as it is now, old pics of her with Paris her ass is not that big either. Totally implants. Trust.

  28. Meg says:

    Uh, Reggie,you knew she had a fat ass before you met her. You knew she had a fat ass, when you decided to date her. Shut up and deal with it, you jackass!

  29. Tamara says:

    I am a Black woman with a big booty and there is nothing wrong with Kim’s butt. As for you that are not used to such a thing, her proportions are very normal and somewhat average to women of color. She and Jennifer Lopez are the same height and probably around the same weight. Is JLo’s ass fake? No… So why assume Kim’s is fake? She is non-Black so what’s the difference.

  30. Kelley says:

    Here’s the thing – there aren’t many pics of her before the whole Kardashian phenomenon but the few I have seen her ass was never, I repeat never that large. On the Ray J tape her butt doesn’t look halfway as big as it is now, old pics of her with Paris her ass is not that big either. Totally implants. Trust.

  31. What's all the hype about??? says:

    He probably wants her to tighten it but to “lose” it… doubt that. You can tell either a white dude/chick wrote that OR Reggie has a small dick and can’t handle the booty. That’s the only reason a black dude would ask a girl w/ a phatty to lose it. Seriously… smells like a fake “source” to me!

  32. What's all the hype about??? says:

    Also to Kelley, you obviously know nothing about ass so let me school you. If you have a NATURALLY curvy frame, when your weight changes… so does your curves. Take Trina (rapper) for example. When she lost 30lbs, her ass dropped something serious. Now that she’s putting it make on (the weight), you can see her old figure (the one w/ the phatty) coming back. In those old pics, Kim is smaller OVERALL than what she is now. So if she’s putting on weight… so is her ass. That’s probably why she’s working out… so she can lose GENERAL weight.

    Also a female doesn’t need implants to have a phat ass. So anywhere in the midwest or down the east coast and you’ll see I’m right. 85% of those women have NATURAL phat asses!

  33. angel says:

    There is nothing genuine about this ho except for her sluttiness. Her ass was never this big and her face was never that pretty. The proof is in the pictures:

  34. Other Karen says:

    That’s a pretty rude request. If he was concerned about her health or wants her to present herself nicely in public and take pride in her appearance, that’s on thing. But otherwise, where does he get off making those sorts of requests?