David Beckham says his family is not leaving L.A.

Frantic – absolutely frantic – rumors have been floating around the interweb for the last couple weeks that Posh and Becks aren’t happy in America – specifically Los Angeles – and planned on relocating asap. Absolute panic ensued. At least for the paparazzi and Us Weekly. Okay, and maybe a few bloggers. Thank God OK! Magazine is here to help. They had an important heart-to-heart with David Beckham (and by that I mean they checked out his webpage) who assured them the family loves L.A. and would never consider moving. You feel that? Yeah, that’s your pulse slowing down as you stop panicking. Happened to me too.

Rumors having been floating around lately that David and Victoria Beckham are miserable living in L.A.. Just this morning a story in the British press said that Posh and Becks’s dream of making it in the US is “in tatters” and that they have been bickering about how to escape.

Well, the gossips must know something that David doesn’t, because today he said that, far from being homesick, the Beckhams feel “settled” in the States and “can’t imagine” being anywhere else! …It seems like only a few weeks ago I arrived in Los Angeles with my family ready for the next chapter in our lives,” he wrote on his website this morning…. A year later and we feel so settled here, everyone loves California and everyone has made us feel so welcome.

“I can’t imagine being anywhere else in the world right now.”

[From OK! Magazine]

That was easily the closest I’ve ever come to getting sick to my stomach from celebrity-induced relocation panic. What in the world would happen if the Beckhams moved back to London? It’s practically the same thing as dropping off the face of the earth! So now that we’re all calm and cool, here are some pictures of David looking pretty.

Here’s David with son Brooklyn leaving Madeo restaurant in L.A. on Tuesday. Header of David and Victoria Beckham leaving Il Sole on Monday night. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Syko says:

    Oh, thank God, I was so worried. Because you know, the British have not yet developed the art of photography, and even if they did, it takes so long to bring them over on a ship that they’d be out of date before we got them, and we wouldn’t know what Posh is wearing these days. If anything.

    If Becks would like to relocate by himself, however, I can offer him room in my apartment. With benefits.

  2. lady garden says:

    on behalf of the UK may i just say thank fuck for that

  3. Jack says:

    LOL Lady Garden, me to, another Uk-er. We did well shipping them off hehe!!

  4. lb says:

    Okay Uk-ers, we will keep Becks/Posh and you can keep Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Christian Slater and Kevin Spacy. Seems like a nice even trade.

  5. Mikw says:

    Becks needs to get away…to escape the Scieno clutches of Tom Cruise!

  6. geronimo says:

    Take Madge back. She’s not happy here, she needs a bigger stage. We just want what’s best for her. 😈

    I don’t mind if Posh comes back but I guess if Syko wants David, they need to stay put. Hope it’s purely a sex toy you’re after, Syko, not conversation or anything complicated like that… 😀

  7. Syko says:

    Oh god no, no conversation. I can’t stand his girly voice!

  8. I choose me says:

    Ha! Naughty, naughty Syko.

  9. jake says:

    Is that the Tom Cruise claw he’s using to steer Posh? So creepy.

  10. Syko says:

    I was wondering about that steering thing myself, she looks half sick and not too steady on her feet, and he looks worried. Too much wine with dinner?

  11. pissoff says:

    Who cares?