Kid Rock broke up with his last girlfriend by text message

The model Kid Rock was dating right before he reconciled with Pamela Anderson is heartbroken by how quickly he moved on – and how coldly he dumped her. Jill Marie Gulseth, 22, tells In Touch that Kid Rock broke up with her unexpectedly via text message:

Sexy brunette Jill Marie Gulseth dated the rocker for three months earlier this year until he ditched her to focus on winning former fiancée Anderson back…

Gulseth tells In Touch magazine, “To be broken up with in a text was just so shocking and upsetting. I cried a lot to friends and family.”

The 22-year-old beauty adds, “It’s not easy seeing it in the news every day. I mean, I was just with him at his house a few weeks ago. When we were together, we never spoke about Pam. I honestly wasn’t focused on his history – I was focused on our future.”

The future’s kind of hazy with Kid Rock, and this naive chick is much better off without him.

It seems to be kind of popular among rock stars to dump their girlfriends via SMS. Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine told Jessica Simpson he was “really busy” and “needed space” in a text message. The poor girl never saw him again.

Picture from x17online.

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