Tara Reid’s new squeeze

Tara Reid squeezed some hapless bearded man in between her ankles while out for a swim. She might have been on vacation from her life of drinking and showing up at events, but it was probably just a day at the beach since she was seen at an X-Games kickoff party on 8/2.

The Chic Mommy has an hilarious Tara Reid interview, in which she says her “hooters are under control.” They were making most of it up though. Sky.co.uk had the original from an FHM interview back in February, and it has some real gems:

“I work really hard. I don’t just party. I work with charities and I’m a huge family girl. I’m with my family every Sunday.

“I just bought my parents a house on the beach, three houses from mine.

“I’m sensitive and I care what people write about me. I don’t like that they make me look like an idiot. I’m not an idiot.

“I’m smart. I’m a lot smarter than people realise.

“I just want to act again. I’m more than they’re letting me be. I need a chance. If I get that chance, people will see.”

Yeah, you heard that already, I know. Poor Tara hasn’t got a chance.

The girl’s face looks like wax, but she’s actually quite pretty when she cleans up. Tara serves as a good example for why one should stay off the juice.

Here is Tara with her mystery man [from Teddy & Moo] and at the X-Games kickoff party on 8/2. [From Hollywood’s Best]

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