Liz Hurley is cheating on her husband with an Aussie cricket player (update)

Photo by: KGC107/  2010  7/27/10 Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne at the Glorious Goodwood Horse Races. (Chichester, West Sussex, UK)  Photo via Newscom

Okay, this story was broken by The News of the World, and allegedly they have photo evidence, but you have to PAY to see or read the stuff online, and I’m not paying for it. Especially when other news outlets are doing such a good job summarizing. Apparently, Elizabeth Hurley is screwing around on her husband Arun Nayar with an Australian cricket player named Shane Warne, the dude in the photo above, with Liz just a few months ago. NOTW apparently has photos of Liz and Shane in “a series of steamy-looking clinches.” The two know each other, obviously, and have been quite friendly in public before. SCANDAL. The Daily Mail has some interesting photos here, and here’s the basic gist:

Liz was waking up this morning to a string of allegations in The News Of The World after she was seen in a series of steamy-looking clinches with cricket star Shane Warne. The paper also claims that she’d spent two nights with the womanising Australian, 41, in his London hotel suite this week. The report says the pair were also captured on video embracing and kissing outside restaurant Sake No Hana.

A source is quoted in the paper today as saying: ‘They were so passionate they looked like honeymooners. It was electric.’

The News of the World said: ‘Hurley and Warne roared with laughter and chatted like old friends during the lively meal in a first-floor room. And at 1am they were spotted going down the escalator to the lobby area. While they waited for their coats to be brought to them Hurley reportedly pulled Warne towards her into a darkened doorway, cupped his face with her hands and leaned in to lock lips. After releasing from their clinch they gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled adoringly.’

They were also said to have flirted again in front of Liz’s ex fiance Hugh Grant during the meal on Wednesday night.

The 45-year-old actress, swimwear model and mother of eight-year-old Damian, who now runs an organic farm in Gloucestershire, wed Indian tycoon Arun Nayar in 2007. They tied the knot in a string of extravagant ceremonies that she sold to magazines for millions.

There were rumours last year that their marriage was in trouble, all hotly denied by Liz.

Hurley and Warne were reportedly spotted exchanging more lingering kisses after popping out of the cricketer’s luxury £1,750-a-night suite at the Bentley Hotel in South Kensington – less than one mile from Hurley’s London home. On their second night together, they were locked away in the same suite for more than 11 hours, the paper said. They were also seen smooching and kissing again during a meal on Thursday at San Lorenzo in Chelsea.

A witness told the paper: ‘They looked completely smitten and blissfully happy together.’

The pair, who first met in July at Goodwood races, have been exchanging flirty Twitter messages for months. At first, the banter was about the fact that they were initially reported as ‘old friends’ after their first meeting. But the tone between them soon got more and more familiar, with Hurley calling father-of-three ‘Angel’ in public messages that could be seen by her 35,138 followers, and the 251,281 people that subscribe to Warne’s Twitter feed.

In one bizarre message that appears to be a coded message from a dog, Hurley tells Warne: ‘Sammy sends you a special lick and says he’d like to put his silky head on your shoulder.’

More recent Tweets came this week when Warne messaged Hurley about a adventure park ride he went on during a trip to Abu Dhabi, saying: ‘I screamed so loud when ride took off I’m surprised you din not hear me back in the uk !!!’

Liz replied: ‘Oooooh, I loved scary rides – remember to scream if you want to go faster!’

She also calls him her ‘favourite Australian’ and calls herself a ‘Converted Cricket Fan’.

A notorious philanderer, Warne split from Simone, the mother of his children Brooke, 13, Jackson, 11 and Summer, 8, after a string of affairs. They divorced in 2007, but got back together in 2009 for a trial reunion. However, it didn’t work out though he still lives with his ex-wife in Melbourne.

There has been no response as yet to the MailOnline about the allegations from either Hurley’s or Warne’s representatives.

[From The Daily Mail]

Yeah, Liz was doing him. Poor Arun! He made her wait and wait to get married (and boy, was his family pissed), and now she’s screwing around on him. This is just my opinion, of course – I think Liz is kind-of an old whore who will do just about any famous or rich guy (bless her heart). And she loves her glamour – it was only a matter of time before she tried to release herself out of the “I’m just a country gardener” shackles. And this is how she’s done it.

UPDATE: And now Liz and Arun have just announced their split! Oh, Liz. You old whore.

Elizabeth Hurley’s three-year marriage to Arun Nayar is on the rocks. On Sunday, the model-actress, 45, Tweeted: “Not a great day. For the record, my husband Arun and I separated a few months ago. Our close family & friends were aware of this.”

Hurley’s announcement coincided with a News of the World report claiming her alleged affair with cricketer Shane Warne; the tabloid has pictures and video of the couple kissing, and says that they spent the night together Wednesday at London’s Bentley Hotel.

[From Us Weekly]

Wow, that’s convenient! She and her husband separated months ago and she only thought to announce it AFTER she’s caught screwing another dude.

Photo by: KGC107/  2010  7/27/10 Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne at the Glorious Goodwood Horse Races. (Chichester, West Sussex, UK)  Photo via Newscom

Photo by: KGC107/  2010  7/27/10 Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne at the Glorious Goodwood Horse Races. (Chichester, West Sussex, UK)  Photo via Newscom

KINGSBARNS, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 08: Shane Warne, former Australian cricketer, in action during the second round of The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at Kingsbarns Golf Links on October 8, 2010 in Kingsbarns, Scotland. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Photo by: JP/AAD/ 2010  11/8/10 Elizabeth Hurley at the Red Night Dinner . (London, England)  Photo via Newscom

48284, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Tuesday December 7, 2010. Elizabeth Hurley is seen wearing a lace top and black bra while leaving C restaurant in London with a female friend.  Photograph:  Smart Pictures,

Photo by: MP1/Xposure/ 2010  6/30/10 Arun Nayar and Elizabeth Hurley at the Elephant Parade and Auction in the Royal Hospital Gardens. (London, England)  Photo via Newscom

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  1. brin says:

    Note to Liz: Don’t visit the in-laws anytime soon….they will have you jailed…or worse.

  2. malachais says:

    Wow, I only know Liz’s history with Hugh as the scorned girlfriend, but I don’t know much else. Arun looks a lot better than Shane, eek. Arun – call me!

  3. Klate says:

    Liz, in this relationship as well as the one with Hugh Grant, does not practice monogamy and does not expect monogamy from her men. No big deal to either of them.

  4. Bella Mosley says:

    I had forgotten about her. I guess this is one way to get back into the spotlight. I’m really surprised tho, that anything she does is newsworthy.

  5. Kiska says:

    She’s separated from her husband so that means all bets are off. Have fun Lizzie, you big slut!

  6. gircco says:

    “I think Liz is kind-of an old whore who will do just about any famous or rich guy (bless her heart).” – thank you for this Kaiser, you made my day!

  7. lena80 says:

    She already confirmed that she has been separated from her husband via her twitter… “Not a great day. For the record, my husband Arun & I separated a few months ago. Our close family & friends were aware of this.”

    So she’s free to boink whoever

  8. Kaiser says:

    lena – yeah, I just saw that she’s trying to claim she’s been separated for a while. The whole thing is pretty suspicious.

  9. lena80 says:

    Yeah Kaiser it is…I’m wondering if her husband will dispute it.

  10. Chris says:

    Didn’t Arun leave his first wife for Liz?

  11. tuscan sun says:

    This is so weird. It doesn’t look to me like she was being discreet about her affair at all. Making out in public places, flirting with him on twitter? How can she claim this isn’t a good day? How can she pretend to be surprised this got out? Either she wanted the press to find out or she’s not very smart. Either way, this sure as heck wasn’t the classy way to handle it.

  12. becky says:

    if i was married to the hotness that is Liz’s husband i probably wouldn’t even look at another man… of course i have no idea what kinda husband he is, if he’s nice…
    but it’s not like she married some rich ugly guy and is screwing around with the hotter younger poolboy, which imo makes this a bit more interesting
    btw, i dunno how much work she had done but i wanna age liz hurley style!

  13. Listerino says:

    Shane is the biggest man-whore in Australia. If she thinks he’s going to stay faithful she’s an idiot. This story is just gross all round.

  14. guesty says:

    salaciously scandalous!

  15. Devon says:

    When I read this earlier, I thought to myself “here comes the divorce announcement in 3,2,1…” and BAM! here it is. My 90s self still hopes that her and Hugh will get back together. They were beautiful.

  16. devilgirl says:

    The only thing really scandalous here is that atrocity on her head.

    If she doesn’t want Arun, I will gladly take him. He’s hot.

  17. Rita says:

    In the Daily Mail pics she is clearly wearing her wedding ring. Perhaps her claim to be seperated for months would “ring” with a little trueth if she wasn’t wearing her promise to be faithful. I use to like her but now…slutsville.

  18. lin234 says:

    What was the story between Arun and her?

    She certainly wasn’t being discreet at all. She should have at least released a public statement when she was seeing another guy if she had nothing to hide. Just as a precaution since she’s been out and about in public with him- the media was bound to catch on.

  19. *-* says:

    oh, can you blame her..lmao!

  20. Sigh. says:


    Another one proving that million (plus) dollar weddings are a waste. of. money. Throw it on the pile.

    I hope someone is helping her son adjust.

  21. Camille says:

    This was just on our news show earlier lol.
    I don’t know how Warne gets the ladies, he is so damn fug. Wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole.
    The whole timing of their relationship is also dodgy, cheating much?

  22. norma says:

    he’s probably fun to be around – same can’t be said of misery-guts hugh grant, and cadaverous steve bing.

    still, an aussie cricketer with dodgy highlights called shane that shags like a dingo -i suppose all the rajhastan wedding yah yahs was just a stage (£).

    will the real ms hurley please stand up? and take down that ridiculous twitter picture she’s chosen for herself – it’s screaming mid-life crisis.

    @devilgirl: couldn’t agree more! that would only work on a girl under 25, and even then, not with the rats tails.

  23. jzhz says:

    Wow, that guy she’s cheating with is sooo unattractive. Her husband is much better looking – but that doesn’t make him any more or less worth cheating on. Who knows what was going on in that relationship. It’s just notable that he’s handsome.

  24. Lj says:

    good for her!

  25. REALIST says:

    OMG, her (covert) nickname at Lauder was Sleez-E! I wonder why?
    She is so fortunate she got knocked up by a filthy rich guy and married another filthy rich guy. Oh, and she has another filthy rich guy who used to be her BF and is still a very good friend and the godfather of little Damien! (The American filthy rich guy who knocked her up wasn’t too pleased with his son’s name..)
    Somehow, I don’t think fidelity is a big issue in E’s life anyway. I think her beauty, plus money and fame and trips and nice clothes are much more important. This woman’s got at least nine lives, so no worries, mate-she’ll land in her feet!

  26. mslewis says:

    Well, Lizzie started “dating” Arun while he was still married so, what’s the big deal? I don’t think very many people expected this to last very long. His family hated her guts but he married her anyway. Maybe they will forgive him now and set him up with a nice (young) Indian girl.

    Also, just this past summer Liz, her son, Hugh and Arun were all on a yacht together sailing around the Med. Were they “seperated” then? Strange, I think.

    P.S.: Do cricket players make tons of money? Is this guy really rich enough for Lizzie? Yachting is expensive.

  27. Sam says:

    Oh mslewis…Warnie was/is a player that comes along only once in a generation. He is very famous everywhere except US. Very rich…but still attached to his ex-wife and four kids. Poor Simone!!!

  28. birdgherl says:

    I am so distracted by the highlights I can’t think.

  29. REALIST says:

    @Brin-second the in-law statement! I was dating an Indian guy at the time Liz got married to Arun who told me that his family would never accept me for marriage because I was white and had been divorced (No comment on the entire culture, just this guy’s family..)

    I remember at the time looking at all the pictures of Arun’s female relatives greeting Liz with kisses and thinking about what they were really saying to her in their minds. “Bitch-whore-bitch-bitch-whore”. At the time, I gave that marriage 2 years, and I figured Liz would be the wanderer (at least the indiscreet one).

    As for me, broke up with my Indian guy, never had to meet the family-he was very educated and intelligent, but that was about it. Hey, life is just too short to deal with some wrinkle of the caste system in the 21st century.

    I know Liz received different treatment, probably because she was “Elizabeth Hurley” and Arun must have had a backbone and stuck up for her with his family.

  30. Chris says:

    There’s video of them kissing here:

    Warne is a retired cricketer and is famous for playing up on his on again off again wife. According to a recent tweet Liz said that she and her husband have been separated for a month or two now and that her family and close friends knew about it.

  31. Jayna says:

    Her husband was so gorgeous. But it was telling in her last interview she mentioned her best friend is still Hugh but didn’t mention her husband much. Now I see why.

  32. Feebee says:

    Shane Warne? Seriously Liz, Shane Warne??!!!

    That’s all I can say, for pete’s sake.

  33. lrm says:

    i love liz hurley. i dont know why-she’s innocuous to me anyway….
    i think she’s gorgeous, human and classic superifical celebrity-old school really.
    Reminds me of CZJ in a way….
    I think it’s great to have celebs who dont try to be who they are not, and dont try to preach to us and tell us how to be green or how to eat in a regular basis. [oh sure, liz has told us about her alcohol diet before, but that makes her even better to me!]

    Anyway, love liz-she’s prob. a bitch, but i cannot get riled up about her enough to care. she’s harmless in my mind. and i could care less if the husband’s indian family hated her. you know these cultures where noone is allowed to marry someone outside their culture, or caste or even skin tone?

  34. Matt says:

    There are now reports down here in Oz that Warne’s on-off wife is currently moving out of their shared home in Melbourne.

    I think it is very fishy that she didn’t announce her separation prior to all of this stuff coming out.

  35. Mairead says:

    They split, I’m shocked I tells you. SHOCKED! I’ve heard of summer romances, but never Ashes romances :lol: (The Ashes is on at the minute – unfortunately I’ve not had time to follow it. Alas).

    But Arun will have the perfect opportunity to quote The Duckworth Lewis Method:
    “I hate Shane Waaaaaaaaane” :twisted:

  36. bagladey says:

    @birdgherl I don’t know if those are highlights in Shane Warne’s hair or just the effect of his hair cut because SWarne naturally has straw blond hair and the colour of his hair in the photos of him in the grey suit is the darkest that I have ever seen his hair in two decades.

  37. P.J. says:

    Hurley and Arun had the most ostentatious wedding I have ever heard of in my life. Weren’t there celebrations going on for a couple of weeks all over Britain and India? And now they split after only 3 years?

    Ah, Celebs! I’m shaking my head….

  38. Alix says:

    Am I the only person who considers being separated as still being married? Can’t anyone keep it in their pants until the divorce is final? Ah, don’t tell me, I already know the answer…

  39. jc126 says:

    She’s always been a disgusting human being for assorted reasons. Remember when she said she’d “kill herself if she were as fat as Marilyn Monroe?” Idiot.

  40. Confuzzle says:

    Warne is such a disgusting pig. He’s been shagging his way around every skank in the UK for years. He’s white trash with money.

    It’s all over the Australian news

    Heh no captaincy for you, Warnie.

  41. Emily says:

    I’ve been hearing this on the radio all morning, and my only reaction is that she could do much better than Warney. Ugh. Everyone knows what a sleazy man-whore he is, this is going to end with him getting caught with other women.

    mslewis:cricketers who are as good as Warney was get paid a lot. They also get a shitload of endoresment deals.

  42. Kiki says:

    I have been dating this Aussie guy for over a month and am completely smitten by him… However, I’m single… Bad bad girl Hurley…

  43. argirl says:

    Does she know she has a huge flower on her head?

  44. Melissa says:

    Ugh – the Brits and their hideous hats – the horror!

  45. Anti-icon says:

    Every time Liz Hurley makes another romantic move, it just makes Hugh Grant seem that much more….likable.

  46. Kat says:

    He’s a walking STD. Steer clear, Liz (and everyone else, for that matter).

  47. Solveig says:

    That aussie guy looks like Tom Jones, eww…

  48. Shay says:

    News of the World is starting what Rupert Murdoch wants all news agencies and outlets to do online, to pay for content.
    He can go and shove it. Why should people have to pay to give these b grade actors and womanizing sport people more publicity?

  49. velcrodots says:

    Shane Warne?!? Ugh. Ah well, as the song goes, “Warney put your wanger away!”

  50. Devon says:

    Alix, to me it depends on how separated you are. My parents were separated, never divorced, but it was pretty much a divorce. The marriage was Over but they both knew they never wanted to marry again and figured the cost of the divorce wasn’t worth it. They both dated other people and up until my Dad passed away both didn’t regret getting the big D. Same goes for my uncle and his wife. She left him one day claiming to be a lesbian (I say claiming because now she’s with a man) and they couldn’t afford to get divorced. My uncle has been with my aunt for 17 years now, no intention of getting married again so what’s the point? My aunt is fine with it, my cousin’s mother is fine with it. Who cares in that situation?

    However, when you have a couple who are doing a trial separation, I think you most certainly should keep it in your pants. What if you get back together and you’ve slept with someone else? I don’t know how you could get passed that.

  51. slymm27 says:

    i remember asking for a cheating woman after tony parkers sexting escapades came out….wow! I didnt think i will get one so soon. Seems has managed to make a mockery of marriage, morals and dignity are in the dumps. Everyone walks around like a crazed horny animal. Its all about sex, the way you dress, eat, everything is so sex related, people are starting to function with nothing but their genitals. Sad! Pathetic…no control. Some1 should have stoppedd nicole from going on with that wedding. Watse off time and money. I await katie holmes and katherine heigls news. Those women have a piece or two on the side.

  52. CB Rawks says:

    I went to school with Warne’s wife Simone. She was a bitch, but I do feel sorry for her having such an asshole for a husband. Crappy stuff to happen near Christmas time, for their kids and everything.

  53. Ella says:

    Arun was so stupid to put that washed out hussy above his family.

  54. Lola7 says:

    I never understood why Arun married this classless gori in the first place. I am sure his family are giving him a well deserved tongue lashing. Find a proper desi like you deserve.

  55. Ella says:

    #29– Didn’t either Arun’s family disown him or vice versa?

    I don’t know. I’m half indian-half irish… so I’m not against the idea of a mixed relationship, given that I’m a product of it.

    But to imply that the caste system in the 21st century is archaic.. is a bit insulting. It works. Indians divorce way less than western society.
    Marrying another indian with like values would probably be the best “chance” at future happiness. Same religion, food, etc…
    Especially one who is already divorced? If someone is divorced once, they are more likely to divorce again than someone who hasn’t (is their rationale.) Keep in mind that most indian girls (and guys) are virgins at marraige. They’d prefer that..
    Now I cannot marry a decent indian guy because I’m not pure indian–even though I was raised by my ma (indian) and have the same values… but I don’t take offense to it, because it works (as a whole.)
    My mom married and divorced an irish american…it turned out horrible for her. He was a lying, physically and emotionally abusive cheater. She should have married an indian (not to say that all white guys are abusive or cheaters, but she would have had more in common with another indian)… She would have been able to have more stability and they could have enjoyed the same things (she is very americanized, but still loves indian food, talking about her childhood, etc…)
    My grandparents didn’t mind my mom marrying a euro/american. But they didn’t really care too much about her welfare. Would have been nice if they cared.

  56. Samantha says:

    Wow, Liz, what up? What does you see in a double-chinned, unattractive washed up cricket player, must be swinging but still…did your husband cheat on you and this is payback? How about getting some therapy and working it out in a healthy way for the sake of the kid….is he away at boarding school? No doubt.

    You’re right, she is getting too old for whoring.

  57. Jayna says:

    LOL I doubt she is cheating. She’s way too public about all of this. That means one thing. Her husband is having an affair and in love with someone else and leaving her or just plain lost interest and is leaving her, so she is very public with the first available guy, a whoredog, because she is the one being dumped and her pride is hurt. At her age, she is trying to show everyone she is still desirable

  58. Isabel says:

    This woman has strange taste in men. Her husband would be the acception. She really is a money whore isn’t she. Steve Bing knew that and refused to marry her when she got pregnant. Sad. The child looks just like his dad.

  59. Cakes says:

    Hes fug, she needs a stylist (whats with that thing on her head????) and a lesson on keeping her legs closed. Sheesh! Square dancers change partners less often than her.

  60. M&M says:

    Can we just agree that Liz is basically a very upscale hooker?

  61. Persistent Cat says:

    To the commentor that said he’s famous everywhere but the US, he’s not famous in Canada.

    Are we sure he’s straight? Because he looks super gay. Nice facelift, cheeseball.

    Any maybe she’s announcing the divorce now because she has to. Maybe they feel the world doesn’t need to know everything they do.

    Regardless, that NofW article is pure fromage. “steamy clinches,” “locked lips.” Good Lord….

  62. Raven says:

    Not uncommon anymore for couples to split without announcing it. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are a good example of this and another couple that I can’t remember now announced just recently that they had separated a few months ago.

  63. crtb says:

    She and her husband treated their help like slaves. No days off. 18 hour work days. Minimal pay, if and when they paid them. They both should burn in hell.

  64. crtb says:

    Did I miss the part where it says how Arun was married with children when he took up with liz? And he threw them away to be with her? Not feeling too sorry for him. Payback is a b1tch!!

  65. frewt says:

    Warnie is not only deeply unattractive but he’s also as dumb as a post. Liz has finally hooked up with her equal.

  66. rb says:

    lola7 – that’s kind of a racist comment. Not to mention Arun is half-white himself. He’s half german so these comments about his indian family not accepting her don’t really make sense.

  67. DrM says:

    OMG. Just to clarify…Shane Warne is no ordinary (now retired) cricket player LOL. The guy is a legendary sleaze bucket (google him) who has bonked his way across several continents, with some very questionable women. He has three kids, a wife who takes him back again and again and AGAIN despite it being bleedingly obvious (he admits to it) that he’s bonking whoever, whenever, wherever. He still lives with her in Melbourne (says they live together but aren’t ‘together’ even though they are (last time I looked) still married…his wife gives interviews where she comes across as totally pathetic…”but I LoVE him” that sort of stuff…). He’s thick as the wall, has his own show of some sort on Aussie telly and is a lot more interesting than Liz LOL. For some bizarre reason women love him. I saw him in a bar once in Adelaide…off his face, smoking like a train and groping everything in sight… LOL

  68. My2Cents says:

    Warney? Why would she touch him? He is like the Paris Hilton of cricket for you’s who don’t know.
    Good luck with that one Liz.

  69. vegemite says:

    Please!Its a perfect match.He is a serial cheater and she has always cheated.It was rumoured that she’s had threesomes and cheated while with Hugh Grant.

  70. Candy says:

    It just shows that after infatuation, reality kicks in…if they are not happy with their marriage, they look happiness from somewhere else, maybe physically at first…then came the emotions.
    But Liz Hurley is making a big terrible mistake messing around with Shane Warne who is a low life citizen. If there is a male whore, he is the one. Liz Hurley is very beautiful and should look around for someone who is decent and respectful.

  71. Kat says:

    @My2Cents: “He is like the Paris Hilton of cricket…”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Bravo!

  72. Jazz says:

    Good Lord, does this mean we have to see Liz Hurley in all the magazines and all over the internet again?! Would of thought she could do better, but then look at her kid’s father – fug city!
    And I suppose we’ll have to look at Simone Warne’s mug on the cover of Woman’s Day for the umpteenth time “My Broken Heart” or “Simone’s shattered family”. God save us all!!

  73. Bee says:

    I hope Arun had an iron clad pre-nup.

  74. anon says:

    “Everyone walks around like a crazed horny animal. Its all about sex, the way you dress, eat, everything is so sex related, people are starting to function with nothing but their genitals. Sad! Pathetic…no control”

    :-( it is pathetic

    Love your posts, hilarious,
    unfortunately everyone keeps proving you right :-)

  75. Karen says:

    I hate what this latest scandal is doing to both Elizabeth and Shane’s kids but my goodness, I am *loving* the comments and extra information provided by the Aussies and Brits.

    Keep it up, Celebitchy readers…I love all of your comments :)

  76. Chica T says:

    I agree with Karen. What is this doing to all the kids involved?

  77. dahlia47 says:

    Wow! Really? I don’t know why she would risk what she has for this guy! Her man is very rich!

  78. Emily says:

    @Jazz, OMG, I didn’t think of that. Ugh. “Simone tells-her pain” “How Shane hurt me”-as if she hasn’t already learnt her lesson! She really is the most pathetic woman.

    It’s such a shame, I used to really like Warne when I was a kid and he was one of the best bowlers around. Now he’s just this gross, overweight sleazeball who helps get his ex-wife on crappy magazine covers.

  79. Paige says:

    i’m an Aussie and Warnie is the biggest joke ever!!! they have him doing ads now for Maccas (Macdonalds)… and a sports/ clothing range that they are flogging for Christmas!! bizarre

  80. Caz says:


    Can’t wait for more with these two
    sad excuses.

    Warnie is a WANNABEE Hollywood star.

    I laughed at the pictures of his mum and dad cleaning up his Austentacious mansion in preparation for Liz and the sex fuelled weekend.

    God he could have paid other people.

    Most ordinary Australians think he is a GOOSE ..exceptions of those who are cricket fans..
    Liz has greatly lowered her standards. I’ll give this relationship 5 years MAX.