Christian Bale’s family argument was over money and they’re selling the story

Christian Bale and his wife at the premiere of The Dark Knight in Spain last night. Credit: WENN
A lot of you speculated that the assault charges against Christian Bale were brought by his mother and sister after he refused to give them money or otherwise snubbed their requests for assistance. You may be right – and they may have had a secondary reason for reporting the non-assault to the police and making the story bigger than it needed to be. TMZ reports that his mother and sister are planning on selling their side of the story to news outlets for a lot of money. Just because Bale won’t hand money over to them doesn’t mean they can’t cash in on their famous family member. All of this bad blood is said to stem from Bale choosing to live with his father after his parents divorced over 15 years ago:

Sources tell TMZ Christian Bale has had a long-standing difficult relationship with his mom and Bale’s camp believes the motivation for the whole assault charge may be $$$.

We’re told when Christian’s mom and dad divorced nearly two decades ago, his mom forced him to choose between the two. Christian picked his dad, and father and son moved out to L.A. in 1992, where his dad became his manager.

Somehow Bale’s relationship with the mom has been “bitter” ever since. Bale has told friends his mother was extremely jealous of both his and his dad’s success.

Last Sunday, Bale let his mom and sis into his hotel suite, though it was by no means an olive branch. As we first reported, there was physical contact, but somewhere in between a push and a brush. No one fell and no one was hurt.

Christian’s camp thinks this could be nothing more than a shakedown. We’re told some newspapers and mags have already been throwing around “insane” amounts of money for the story, so mom and sis could score big.

But our sources say the cops are starting to see the whole thing Christian’s way, and the charges could disappear faster than Batman.

[From TMZ]

That’s pretty deplorable if it’s all true. TMZ talks a lot of crap about people but they have solid information and they had exclusives in the Heath Ledger story ahead of the rest of the press. So it seems accurate and that would explain how Bale got arrested for what should have been a private family argument. We’ll have to see who has his mother and sister’s “exclusive!” story about Batman’s raging temper and what kind of lies they spin in their attempt to get some money and revenge on Bale for not paying them the boatload of cash they feel they’re owed.

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  1. geronimo says:

    Quelle surprise. :roll:

    This story was very suspect from the get-go and a lot of us called it, and I am now happy (and a little bit smug) to be vindicated. Families, eh.

  2. daisy424 says:

    Motivated by $$ to smear your son’s reputation and ruin his film career.
    With a ‘loving’ Mother like that, who needs enemies?
    I hope this comes back to bite Jenny in the ass.
    He is giving a press conference now in Spain.

  3. Kay says:

    Knew that would happen :roll:

  4. ri23 says:

    Yeah, it was fishy from the beginning. So he has crazy, greedy family members. Welcome to the club. It’s called almost everybody and we all meet at the bar.

  5. Ruby says:

    What a pair of nasty, vindictive losers.
    I hope they get the nasty karma that they’re due…

  6. Al says:

    I doubt he is guilty of beating up on his family. As far as on set is concerned. How come an actor can take 6 to 10 takes to get it right and the crew has to be perfect each time?

  7. daisy424 says:

    Well Al, I guess it’s because acting isn’t precise, but operating a boom is.

  8. just me says:

    I said it before, sometimes your family can be one of your worst enemies….pathetic.

  9. Dingles says:

    I think it was someone on this site that said ‘nothing brings out the beasts in people like weddings, funerals and great success.’ Whoever said that, you were dead on.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Bale; his public persona is solid and the public will not be too kind to manipulative, bottom-feeding family members. Yeah they might get a million for shopping around their sob story, but Bale will earn 20x that in a year AND retain his dignity.

  10. Bodhi says:

    I’m shocked! :roll:

  11. Kolby says:

    He looks like he’s a little more well-rested than he seemed at the London premiere. I hope this whole thing blows over, and if it means he has to cut his mother and sister out of his life completely, so be it. He has a wife and young child to protect.

  12. kate says:

    yikes! no wonder christian chose to live with his father.

  13. Anne says:

    He does look better. His wife looks all glowy and healthy, he usually looks like he hasn’t seen the light of day for months – pale and dazed.

  14. Che says:

    I agree with you, Dingles.

    CB gave an interview a while back where he talked about almost being thrown out of his home because he and his wife were broke and couldn’t pay the rent. Where were his loving mom and sister then?

  15. I choose me says:

    Gah – sometimes I just frigging hate the tabloid media. Was channel surfing last night and caught Showbiz Tonight going on and on about this. They had a panel of opionaters on and the host, some ditzy blond whose name I disremember kept asking them if this could hurt his career. How he’s always been a bit mysterious blah, blah. Basically playing up what little information they have etc. I mean the chic was practically salivating over the “Batman arrest shocker.”

    *takes deep breath* I’m starting to get into a rant so I’ll just end by saying. Bale has always seemed to be a class act and I’m not terribly surprised that mom and sis are trying to cash in on his success. It’s like when someone wins the lottery and cousin so and so twenty times removed and the most casual of acquaintances crawl out of the woodwork hoping for a favour or a handout. Way of the world these days.

  16. cc says:

    Way to be a close, loving family….

  17. duda says:

    Bottom line is its his money… He can choose what he wants to do with it, being family doesnt make him the family atm. He was given a choice at a very young age, his mom has been bitter ever since. Protect your wife and daughter and yourself. Team Christian!

  18. Trace says:

    This isn’t surprising. I remember reading an interview he gave in Parade. He talked lovingly about his father. His father was remarried to Gloria Steinem – the feminist activist. I believe he said some nice things about her, too. He didn’t really talk too much about his mother, though, and now we know why.

  19. Karen says:

    I am not going to buy any magazine that would pay such a mother.

    The guy worked so hardall his life and now that he is finally getting recognition, his own mother is set to destroy him, so she can get some money.

    His mother and sister make me sick.

  20. Jenni says:


  21. MommyFabulous says:

    I’m pretty sure he’s bulletproof right now, so his public image is safe. Maybe this will even help his career?

    But how sad for him that he can’t even trust his own mother.. :cry:

  22. ziggybutterfly says:

    I don’t know everyone’s jumping on Christian’s side here, sounds to me like this guy can be a real jerk on set. And just b/c your mother’s a crazy bitch… I mean, would that stop you from taking care of her? It’s not like you have to talk to her on the phone every day, just set her up at least. The guy’s got millions.

  23. Kolby says:

    ziggybutterfly – there is one story – and it’s heresay – that the guy is a jerk on set. And even if he IS a jerk on set, that’s his job and probably doesn’t reflect his personality outside of the workplace. And guess what – nobody owes their parents a damn thing, no matter how successful they are.

  24. Scott F. says:

    Come on Ziggy – family is NOT unconditional. When I was a wee tyke my family went through a custody battle over my ass that lasted 5 years and cost my family a combined 300 grand or so. If you don’t think something like that can build up enough bad blood to last a lifetime, then your family is FAR more understanding than mine.

    I still only see my mother when she comes by to see her granddaughter a few times a month. She feels exactly like you do – that family is more important than all the horrible shit she did. I disagree wholeheartedly. If there is one group you should be able to count on above all others to NOT hurt you, it should be your family. If they can’t live up to their part of that arrangement, you don’t owe them a damn thing.

  25. ziggybutterfly says:

    Hence the financial success of the nursing home industry.

    I don’t know, JMO. My mom’s a crazy bitch too, but I love the old girl, ya know? If I had his money I’d make sure nothing bad happened to her…

  26. ri23 says:

    ziggybutterfly: Who said he wasn’t taking care of his family? There’s a difference between “taking care” of your mother and sister and being asked to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sounds like a shakedown to me.

  27. gg says:

    None of us knows the real story behind his mother, but bottom line is, it’s ultra-sleazy to demand money from your child. And I bet if she asked nicely and had a real case of need, he would have felt for her. But ambushing him in a hotel room, not at home, no family talk, nothing — bah, let her starve. And if they were drunk? I’d shove their po-faced asses outta my hotel room too. Drunk people asking for money are not attractive.

    Another thing – don’t assume he’s never given her money before this and she’s not just wanting more where that came from.

    I’m guessing she’ll probably blow whatever money she whores herself to TMZ for quickly anyway.

  28. jinx says:

    It’s sad, but with little in the way of a personal relationship, his mother chose to grab some quick cash instead of having relationship with her son and her grandchild.

    His mother and sister will never see that little girl again, and it was for money?

    As for this hurting his career, what a lame thing for any show to say. He’d have to kill a bus load of orphans on their way to get their smiles fixed for that to happen.

  29. ktclear says:

    You are all a bunch of moronic idiots.

    It says clearly states that “Christian’s camp thinks this could be nothing more than a shakedown” which basically means OF COURSE they’d say that, they’re defending Bale. Nice bit of unbiased reporting here, way to go, Celebitchy!! You suck.

    Everything about the story is conjecture, NOTHING is based upon recent facts and nothing is from anyone BUT Christian’s camp and you’re all saying that he’s “vindicated” now??

    Come on, people. Use your head for something other than to keep your ears apart. Your deductive reasoning sucks, you’re all just a bunch of ordinary run-of-the-mill gossip mongrels. I don’t care if he’s guilty or not, but I DO care about facts and they are not here.

    This article would shine in the Weekly World News, right next to “Batboy Terrorizes NYC”.

    PS he also threw a hissy fit at a cameraman a few days ago, but since your beliefs fluctuate from day to day, you probably don’t care to remember that

    PPS quit your wining, you spineless victim.

  30. Kolby says:

    I don’t see the connection between him possibly throwing a “hissy fit” at work and him having an argument with relatives with whom he already has a rocky relationship. Movie sets are highly charged atmospheres, and it’s not unheard of for actors or director or whoever to get caught up in the heat of the moment and blow off steam (if that actually happened in this case). Using one situation to explain another doesn’t really work in this case.

  31. Karen says:

    Had my mother been willing to hurt me just in order to get some more cash- then I would never want anything to do with her.

    It is the parents who are supposd to take care for their children and if there is a parent who is trying to exploit the son, then she should go to hell.

    What kind of a mother files a complaint about her son?!

  32. ri23 says:

    ktclear: Yes, we can tell you don’t care about guilt, just the facts. Calm thyself. It’s just a few people talking about an actor, not a historical debate. But nice manifesto. Now take your meds and go to your happy place. (PS: it’s spelled “whining” and it’s what you’re doing.)

  33. Little Hutt says:! What a shame, petty things coming from his own family.

  34. Lola says:

    His relatives went to the police a day later. I have never gone to the police for even my worst enemy. I don’t care what he did to them. It was a day later and they were in no immediate danger. I am firmly in Bale’s corner. His reputation is solid and safe.

  35. Scott F. says:

    Anyone else get the feeling the reason they waited till the next morning is so they could sober up? Police tend not to listen to drunken ramblings.

  36. daisy424 says:

    @ktclear;you’re all just a bunch of ordinary run-of-the-mill gossip mongrels.

    Welcome to the club! You just joined ‘our’ ranks by hitting the submit comment button. :wink:

    Scott F;I agree.

  37. gg says:

    ktclear, I’d get clear of a few of the insults if you want anybody to listen to anything you have to blurt about.

    I wonder – does your name have anything to do with The Cult? If so, that would explain your unwarranted anger.

  38. Snowblood says:

    Agree with Scott F., I thought the same thing the first I heard this story. I knew these bitches were shaking him down from the start, too, I had a feeling, and then voila – it was true.

    Who IS that crazy Ktclear guy who just posted?? Wow, scary crazy. What a mean, abusive and meaningless pile of verbiage, there, how utterly rude. Yeah, when anyone gets crazy-rude to me, my mind just shuts them off and I can’t hear or understand one word of what they’re saying, at all. I tune out violent verbal abuse.

  39. me says:

    Good to see him smiling again.

  40. Codzilla says:

    Damn, I feel really bad about implying in one of the earlier Christian stories that he was rumored to be an ass. I’ve had firsthand experience with greedy, fucked up family members — as many of you have — and I really feel for the guy.

  41. Amy says:

    Ktclear = Christian Bale’s Mom

    Hee hee. :D

  42. Nan says:

    Daisy, you are a riot today.

  43. Poor guy, what an amazing actor, and what a crazy family. The green eyed monster will get you every time. Team Christian.

  44. ktclear says:

    I pray that none of you would ever be part of a “jury of my peers” should I ever need one. Being discriminating is obviously not your forte’. I’m actually surprised that no one else noticed the lack of facts being presented here. Ok, maybe not.

    From what I can tell, Scott F. wrote the book on being a whiny victim. If you just keep telling yourself “I’m always nice and they’re always mean!!” enough times maybe you’ll start to believe it.

    Holding onto the past is a sure way to create illness in your body. When you’re lying on your death bed, still angry at everyone who wronged you, you can clutch your ‘hollow victory’ tight and say, “I chose being right over being loving!!” over and over again. And STILL nobody (besides you) will care about your pathetic, divisive, egocentric, self-perpetuated drama.

  45. daisy424 says:

    A jury of your peers doesn’t exist.
    With some therapy you can get over your glaring
    paranoia and anger issues.
    You’re a whiny hypocrite.

  46. VINCENT says:


  47. Joy says:

    Christian am so sorry bout this false alarm. I hope ur wife is taking it pretty easy and she is there for u 2. Ur mom and sister needs to get on track and u don’t owe them a dime. That is ur chioce to give them a dime or not. Before u became somebody they didnt see no reason to file an assault but now???? anyone who believes their story is just a dummy. Good luck in ur career and life. Stay bless.

  48. makes sense says:

    Let’s see. A man gets along smashingly with his wife, but gets into an altercation with his mother and sister.

    Sister tells reporters it’s a family matter, but mother and sister report him jointly to the police and intend on going to a news rag for the purpose of being paid for their views, as opposed to saying it out loud to the press when first questioned.

    Sounds fishy.

    Also, for those few who think it’s somehow execrable of someone to dislike a parent and want them out for panhandling, you’ve never had emotionally or verbally–and especially not physically–abusive parents, now have you? (I think his mother is probably strictly an emotional case, but who knows? Maybe she shoved him first.)

    Even if Bale does have a temper, it’s a temper I recognize. My brother won’t even speak up unless you get him really, really pissed. He’s tired most of the time, works nonstop, and has a similar look in his eyes. If you’d drive him to push you–believe me, you’d be asking for it.

    I don’t care what withered chromosome she doesn’t have, or what her age is, or even if she is his mother–she had to say something really rash, deliberate, hurtful, to get that kind of reaction, and now she wants to sell her little feud.

    What a cow.

  49. Pattie says:

    I came across this page by accident and out of idle curiosity began reading.

    Asking myself WHO IS Cristian Bale, must be someone IMPORTANT to generate such passionate posts.

    Oh no, he’s just another flipping dirt rich celeb who had an argument with his family, over money.

    Come on guys, do you know him or his family personally, do you care if he’s right or they’re right or if his PR machine is even telling the truth.

    As for the posts that say, you owe your parents nothing, I’m sorry for your parents and you and suspect that if you have kids, they too will grow up feeling they owe you nothing and then you will know what family really means, when you’re old, not healthy and alone.

    this is the problem with the media and celebs now, everyone thinks they know them personally – try getting to know your family and friends better and caring about them, they are the people who are part of your life and most likely to stand by you.

  50. Ditto says:

    Love your post Pattie. For once somebody with some common sense. I know it’s interesting following these stories about celebs just like a gaper’s delay when someone gets compacted on the side of the highway from some accident.It’s human nature, just the nastier side of our nature just as both Christian and his mom/sis showed with the argument and later having to report it to the police. In my opinion unless there’s a danger of more physical and I mean bloodshed abuse there is no reason to further tear apart family ties. The pushing,shoving, and bringing the police into a preschool type of showing match is idiotic and only done for money for mom/sis and more press for his movie.It’s a shame that his family doesn’t get along but you’re never going to get along with your family %100 the time.I do believe you should make sure that they’re cared for in their old age no matter what they’ve done unless you’ve had to deal with physical abuse as a child, just make sure that somebody knows and the parent is taken care of by the state system. Problem is if celebs pays off relatives just sets him up for more and later financial abuse. He should just make sure that his family and their basic needs are taken care of through a trust or attorneys and leave them be until he and they can come to their senses. But it’s up to him how much bad press he wants to take off this mess. He had to get that temper from somebody and my guess is he probably got it from both mom and dad. Never just one side to any story. Didn’t anyone ever tell you it takes two to tango(fight)>?

  51. Pattie says:

    It just amuses me that so much attention is given to the personal side of these people’s lives.

    Who cares that someone you don’t know, just had a baby, divorced, had surgery etc etc.

    Obviously an awful lot of people or the mags wouldn’t survive and they wouldn’t get paid a fortune for the ‘first and exclusive photo’ of a wedding or baby.

    Do we just have too much money to waste? or now have the medium of internet to express our personal feelings and vent our own opinions?
    Or does everyone want to be them?

    I have enough of my own little dramas in family, work and friends from time to time and that keeps me busy.

    Damned sure I wouldn’t want to be a celeb, scarey thing having all these people thinking they know you and have an opinion on your life.

    Actually, once I was standing in a queue waiting for coffee, when I spotted this lady in front of me, who I was sure I knew, vaguely and couldn’t place her.

    So I said, excuse me I know that I know you from somewhere and it’s driving me nuts trying to work it out.

    She looked a bit embarrassed and said, I’m an actress on “Prisoner” (the old tv. soap) I was more embarassed at the public revelation that I watched such mind numbing rubbish, still, I was a single mum at the time and alone in the evenings :lol: that’s my excuse anyway.

  52. pippin says:

    You said it KAREN!

    What kind of Mother and/or Sister would report their son/sibling to the police for something as non-violent as this?
    According to the police reports there was no falling down or physical injury placed upon any one’s person, so why would the Mother report this? UNLESS there was an agenda there. Which is really how this story sounded from the get-go.
    Face it – most people here have commented that was their own belief when the story broke. It just SOUNDED too fishy to be something so devious.

    the American public knows Christian Bale from his previous movies and prior interviews. He’s always come off as someone very contemplative and thoughtful. I’m not saying he can’t possibly be the jerk his sister and mom are trying to make him out to be but it’s unlikely he’s is just that in this particular circumstance, given the details about this incident.
    It’s the “age old” story of someone’s kin or distant kin trying to cash in on their relative’s success. It’s Pretty obvious to every resonably minded person what’s going on here.

  53. lenden says:

    this thread is so fun to read.

    based on my experience, children don’t have to feel they owe their parents anything. it’s up to them if they will make it their responsibility to help them with whatsoever.

  54. daisy424 says:

    Pattie, I agree with most of what you say.

    I do however respectivly disagree with the ‘owing parents’ comment.

    He doesn’t ‘owe’ his Mother $$, or respect for that matter.

    I have the respect of all my children who are adults ranging in age 30 to 18. Not just because I gave birth to them, but because I show them respect and unconditional love.

    Respect is earned, not owed :wink:

  55. Ling says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to heap all the blame on the mother and sister. I don’t see how TMZ’s facts sound any more credible than those found in any sleazy, highly-fictionalized tabloid story out there. We weren’t in that room, we don’t know what happened, and if this were anyone else – Tom Cruise, for example – people would be lighting the torches right now.

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