Security and camouflage-clad paparazzi clash outside Brangelina estate (update)

Brad Pitt issued a public cease and desist earlier in the week declaring that he would sue any publication that printed photos taken with a telephoto lens of his family on their property in what was “a malicious violation of Mr. Pitt’s right of privacy, including under the laws of California and France.” Agency Bauer-Griffin secured those first post-twins photos of the famous family playing in their backyard with a giant inflatable ball. The twins were not outside, but their older kids were seen playing along with Brad, Angelina, and Brad’s mother and brother. Bauer Griffin removed the photos from their website after Pitt’s legal letter, but it was a little too late for In Touch, which purchased the exclusive rights and ran a huge spread with the pictures this week.

Brad and Angelina went to great pains to secure their privacy by leasing an 880 acre estate in the South of France that includes a lake, moat and surrounding forest. Their security team consists of four body guards and six French ex-military who patrol the perimeter. [1] Photos of the family are worth a mint, though, and all that land and protection won’t deter persistent photographers when the payoff is so big.

There was an altercation between two paparazzi photographers dressed in camouflage and two of their ground security men earlier today. Both sides escaped with minor cuts and bruises and were taken to the local police department for questioning. Fights aren’t supposed to be funny, but the whole scenario sounds humorous, particularly since the two security guys who were involved applied for four days off work for their pain and suffering. You know they’re going to be loafing around on the beach with their families:

French police say camouflaged paparazzi who got on to the grounds of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s chateau in southern France fought with the Hollywood couple’s guards.

Police spokeswoman Capt. Olivia Poupot said Friday the two photographers were wearing camouflage clothes. She said police officers took them and the two guards in for questioning after Thursday’s bust-up at the Jolie-Pitt family’s Miraval estate.

The police captain said both sides filed legal complaints accusing the other of battery and causing injury. She said she believed the injuries were bruises and scratches and “nothing nasty.”

Nevertheless, the guards got doctors’ notes giving them four days off work; the photographers did not, she said…

oupot said she didn’t know how long the paparazzi had been on the chateau grounds or further details about the “altercation with the guards.”

“One can imagine that if you discover someone in your garden who is taking your photo then you’re not necessarily going to politely show them the way out,” she said.

Police took everyone downtown to the nearby village of Carces and took statements. A judge will rule on whether the legal complaints should be pursued further, she said.

Poupot said it was the first time the chateau has called on police to intervene since the Jolie-Pitts settled there earlier this year, ahead of the twins’ birth.

The police captain said she had no information on the nationalities or the names of the photographers.

“I won’t hide for you that this kind of thing is really not the type of problem that interests us,” she said. “There are, in my opinion, far more important things than paparazzi taking photos of a glamor couple.”

[AP via The Huffington Post]
So the police are basically saying they’re not that concerned about the photographers staking out Brangelina’s place and don’t want to be bothered with all the b.s. that goes along with taking care of those relatively minor issues. Meanwhile the security guys are taking this as an excuse to take a vacation. If I learned anything from those “Year in Provence” books it’s that things can work a little slower in France than outsiders are used to, and maybe it’s not unusual to take a few days off there after some on the job stress. (With apologies to our French readers if my opinion is overly biased or wrong, and I hope you’ll let me know.) These guys could have been hurt worse than was reported, but it doesn’t seem like it.

You can see the security guys sitting there smoking and playing cards when they spot the photographers crawling around on the ground in their combat gear, black stripes painted under their eyes and wearing fanny packs with their camera equipment. The photographers try to run away and the security barely catches up to them huffing and puffing, and pulling them down to the ground where a minor scuffle ensues. It had to be the most exciting thing that happened all week for those photographers apart from those photos that they’re likely to get sued over.

Update: Reality is much more sobering than our imagination. People Magazine reports that there are accounts by both the paparazzi and the security staff about alleged brutality by the other side. A male and female photographer were there, and the male claims he was attacked with a walkie talkie bash to the head and defended himself by smearing blood on the guards and telling them he was HIV positive. He says he bit one guy and broke another one’s finger in what sounds like retaliation. Brad and Angelina’s rep confirms the incident, saying their staff member was attacked. No one has been arrested and it’s up to a judge what happens next:

The photographers, identified as freelancers Luc Goursolas and Marianne Saint-Arroman, clashed with the Pitt-Jolie security in the woods around Chateau Miraval, where the couple have been staying following the birth of their twins.

Trevor Neilson, a spokesperson for the couple, tells PEOPLE one of the paparazzi “viciously attacked a staff member, breaking his finger and wiping blood on his neck, arms, legs while saying he had Hepatitis C.”

Goursolas confirms to the AP that he fought with guards, saying he broke one guard’s finger and bit another, drawing blood. A guard, he claims, bloodied by hitting him on the head with a walkie-talkie.

“I was pouring blood. I threw myself at them, put blood all over them, and told them that I had HIV so they would stop hitting me,” Goursolas told the AP.

But both sides conflicted on whether the guards were actually on the Pitt-Jolie’s property.

[from People]

[1] We usually don’t do footnotes as they’re too formal, but I wanted to let you know that the detail about their security team is from the National Enquirer, print edition, August 4, 2008 in a story about how Angelina is having a hard time after the birth of the twins. I haven’t read it elsewhere yet and wanted to provide a reference.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Well, if the French police don’t care, perhaps the Brange security guys can just shoot the paps?

    Sidenote: CB is always a wealth of info about European laws. Who knew that you could be arrested in Britain for yelling at your mother? (Christian Bale)
    Why are the French so lenient about breaking & entering on private property? There’s some guy in Texas who shot two people breaking into his neighbor’s property – and he’s probably getting away scott-free.

    Shoot ‘em all. Let God sort ‘em out.

  2. Anastasia says:

    And this is exactly why I said selling the first pics of the twins (as they did with Shiloh) would be a smart move on their part (although–was it ever confirmed that they are doing that? Who got the deal? People? Do we even know?).

    Because once those first pics are out, any subsequent ones just aren’t going to fetch that high price. So the paps are trying their damndest to see if they can get those first pics and get the money themselves. Which means stuff like this happens.

    Also, I have a prediction: they won’t have any more biological kids. They’ll adopt one or two more and stop at about eight kids. Hey if that crazy family in Arkansas can have 18 biological kids, I’m sure these people can handle seven or eight.

  3. Bodhi says:

    Photogs in camo? Thats kinda scary

  4. Jay says:

    This is scary and funny at the same time. Having crazies crawling around like vipers waiting to take photos of children is gross in and of itself. Strikes me of pedophelia. Why would anyone risk possible arrest for a picture? We know they sell for small fortunes, but jail time is not worth it. I agree, this is why they want control of their own family. Crazy paparazzi should not benefit. Trespassing is also not a laughing matter.

    However, the picture in my mind of these guys crawling on their bellies in fatigues no less, waiting to take a “sneak” photo sounds like something out of a bad Charlie Sheen movie–Hot Shots or something.

    In reality, this is not funny at all, but distrubing. I hope this type of thing does not escalate beyond a few bumps and bruises just for pictures. The paparazzi are out of control. Even this family deserves privacy. It is not like they running around looking for this, like so many others do. I say give them a break.

  5. Anastasia says:

    Jay, I tend to agree. There are celebrities who parade up and down Robertson Avenue every day, eat at the most pap-laden places in LA all the time, and then bitch when the paps are following them. I have a lot less sympathy for those particular celebrities. I mean, they INVITE the paps into their lives and then moan when they don’t want them there.

    On the other hand, when a family is on a huge piece of private property in the middle of nowhere France and even have a stinkin’ MOAT around the place, it’s pretty obvious they don’t want paps crawling around in the bushes trying to photograph their newborns.

  6. Mairead says:

    Anastasia… did you just make a prediction??!!? :o

    Ruh-roh, the Queen of Brangelina Prediction Makers might not be pleased 8O

  7. Guest says:

    They could release a free picture of the tiwns to all the news outlets and then the price would go way down. As for the problems they are having. Maybe they should come home to the US they never had this many problems here. I just don’t know what to think. Halle Berry was photographed in her back yard and she didn’t make this much of a fuss. Should she sue? Honesty they have for the last three years had many pictures taken of their childrn, they have sold pictures of their children why the big fuss now? I really don’t understand.

  8. halcyon says:

    but they aren’t JUST taking pictures are they? they’re actually trespassing. that is illegal. WAAAYYY over the line. it’s one thing to take their pictures when they’re out in public, but to actually trespass on private property? i fail to see how that could be justified. selling pictures in a magazine is NOT a waiver of one’s right to privacy.

  9. geronimo says:

    Pics are worth a shedload of money. Paps like shedloads of money. The threat of prison (laughably unlikely) is not going to keep a determined pap from tracking down his/her prey, not when the prize is that high. This will continue to happen until the official pics hit the media. Sad and wrong but true. All they can really do is up their security.

  10. Tina says:

    This family is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Halle Bailey had 4months before a picture of her baby was snapped, there were no paps crawling around her home. She was up and about two weeks after having a baby, Nicole Kidman could not wait to be seen by going to lunch after 4 days and mattress shopping, but these are the ones the internet gossips call classy.

    Angelina and Brad are being hounded in their private property and yet people call them the famewhores or accuse them of whoring their kids out when the greedy paparazzi will go to all length including breaking the law to photograph people in their homes.

    It is ironic that you hardly see Brad and Angelina out and about like other celebrities, they hardly go to premieres except for their movies and yet the retards are always saying they are sick of seeing them. I don’t know any other couple that media go out of their way to cover so extensively, it is just a sick world that we live in when people think it is okay to invade someone’s private property just because they are celebrities.

  11. Syko says:

    I find the whole thing frightening. Having strange men dressed in camo with paint on their faces crawling around your property is just not funny. Possibly it would be in a movie, but in real life, that’s the stuff they make nightmares out of.

  12. Guest says:

    Trespassing is WAY different from the normal pictures taken on the street. Personally, anything you do in public is no longer a “privacy” issue, however when you’re on your own property you have every right to expect privacy and protect against trespassers. As for selling baby pictures, like Anastasia said, it decreases the value of paparazzi pictures and creates a safer environment for your child. Plus, in situations such as Brangelina and Nicole Richie and many others, its a great way to “raise” money for charities. If magazines are willing to pay you money for the picture, and your just going to give it to charity, then I have no problem with taking it. It gives millions to charities that would lose out otherwise.

  13. geronimo says:

    Um, Guest, do you have a dual personality or are there two different ‘Guests’ here? I’m guessing two Guests. Otherwise, one of you is arguing with yourself…. 8O

  14. Shane says:

    I suspect Angelina may be having a harder time bouncing back this time around. She is juggling alot. I hope they have hired multiple nannies. That still can’t buy you sleep though, when you are up every 2 hours for the next 4 months……hope she is taking vitamins, especially an iron pill. Knowing her, she is probably trying to lose the baby weight already and utterly exhausted from not eating enough while lactating.

  15. Kaiser says:

    She looked healthy in the stealth illegal pap photos that started this mess, Shane.

    *Whispers* Unlike, say, Nicole Kidman’s posed pap pics, with her pillow baby, concave stomach, white capri pants and botox.

    Um, what?

  16. Musey says:

    I think I might be a little bit in love with that French police captain.

    I mean, yes, it’s creepy and horrible and wrong that the paps are going that far, but come on, Brangelina have their own security. Let the hired security handle it and let the police deal with crimes perpetrated on people who *can’t* afford 50 bodyguards and a moat.

  17. Guest says:

    There two of us posting as guest. Selling your babies pictures regardless of where the money goes is really not right. Releasing a free picture to all the news outlets would also make a safe environment for the children. They make millions and millions a year. Could they not just release a picture and then donate 11-16 million of their own money to charity. I am not sure either that the two million they made off Pax’s pictures ever went to charity. It is assumed that this money will because Shiloh’s did. But have Brad or Angie ever said where this lastest money will be going? Remeber to that the money that is given to charity is given to their own charity. They use this money to pay Brad’s brother and other people. So if they gave a cheque to say some African group, fine but to donate it to your own charity it is hard to tell where the money is really going. Also why can’t they just stay a little more low key like Matt, Johnny, Halle etc. Honestly it is easy to be in a home and not have pictures taken. There are rarely pictures of them when in California and basically none of them in their yards. Huge stars manage it all the time. They need to plan a bit better where they live this fighting and law suits is really over the top.

  18. Kaiser says:

    Hmmm… might I suggest the new names, then? First Guest should be “Hater” or “Crazy” or “Obsessed Antiloonie”.

    The second Guest on this thread should be something nice like “Sebastian”…

  19. jennifer says:

    guest 3.1 and 2-There are rarely pictures of them when in California and basically none of them in their yards. Huge stars manage it all the time.
    did you saw maddox bday pics (california,usa :D )?they were taken by helicopter.or did you their atv ride?they were taken by helicopters
    or their house in texas while filming tree ?pics taken by heli?

  20. Mairead says:

    Have you been at the Brideshead Revisted box-set again Kaiser :P

    y’know – I don’t think the post directly above yours (Guest – 5.53pm) is that outlandish – why not do what Salma Hyek did and release a nice photograph and bollocks to charidee?

    The photogs are going to be pains in the arse anyway but at least they get to do it on their terms rather than favouring one mag over another. Wasn’t that part of the reason that some of the media kind of have it in for them – because they gave an exclusive to one over the others?

  21. pamela says:

    Julia Roberts singled out a magazine to give first pictures of her twins to, somehow she was not given a hard time. Again as I have said, one set of rules for Angie, and another, and more lenient set for every other celebrity.

    Even in regards to her weight, they keep harping how skinny she was last year. Does anyone think if that was another high profile actress who had just lost her mother, and had explained that grieving coupled with breast-feeding was the reason for the weight loss, would not be given sympathy and consideration? I tell you this family is resposible for the success of the cottage industry of tabloid gossip, albeit, not intentionally.

  22. someone says:

    As much as I dislike Angelina and Brad, I understand why they are upset. someone is trespassing on thier property to get pictures of thier two new blobs, and then thier 11 to 20 million dollar paycheck will be hoo

  23. Manny says:

    This is the usual conversation with these two. It is all their fault and they somehow force crazy people to rent helicopters, airplanes, boats and crawl through the bushes to get pictures. If they were as “fame” crazy as implied, they would have rented a condo in NYC, and walked down Broadway, not in the middle of nowhere in France.

    The dumb photograher admitted to walking “five hours” to get there, which means it is not exactly on main street. What kind of idiot does that. He also admitted biting the guard-canablism too.

    Unlike the others who sell and keep the money (JLo, McConnewhatever, Alba and others before them as this couple is not the first to take money) they always give it away. And, who says for sure they are selling them anyway. If they do, it means more housing for New Orleans, not more fancy clothes or surf boards for themselves.

    Bottom line, everyone deserves privacy. They are not cavorting on beaches, in swimming pools or on yachts, showing all their body parts or lunching at the Ivy. Those people are the famewhores. This is their home. Put yourself in their shoes and see if you like crazy people hanging off trees to take pictures of you, famous or not.

  24. Anna says:

    The growing craziness of paparazzi freaks me out and they become more and more dangerous. I’m surprised the police would take this lightly.
    On the other hand, I understand the captain’s comment about other things being more important to take care of. Just by comparing our capital city to NYC (I haven’t seen much of the US yet), the difference between your police and ours was quite a surprise. We don’t have much officers (just finding one on the streets isn’t an easy task), who obviously give priorities to murder or abduction cases. I know my parents have been robbed 4 times in 2 months and not much was done. CB’s remark about things getting slowly here is quite true (and it makes me laugh a bit because it’s exactly the south of France’s reputation ^^).
    Maybe they should get some advice from Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis on how to be left alone and not have their kids photographed.

  25. "Someone" Is An Idiot says:

    “Someone” – you’re a moron. Brad & Angie won’t be keeping the the money for the pix. Unlike JLo, McConaughey, Britney and a host of others, Brad & Angie will donate the money to a variety of charities. YOU may snarl at the prospect, but I can assure you that the many charitable organizations who have benefitted from their largess in the past are waiting with baited breath to see if they will once again get millions of desperately needed dollars because the world is obsessed with the Jolie-Pitt biological offspring. Organizations like UNICEF, UNHCR, Global Action For Children, Children’s Defense Fund, Doctors Without Borders, the World Food Bank, American Cancer Society, Habitat For Humanity and Pitt’s own Make It Right Foundation for building homes in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans are ALL hoping Brad & Angie hold out for the highest possibly payout.

    So shut your gob. If someone is going to benefit from the millions of dollars at stake I’d much rather it be a charitable endeavors like the ones listed above than some fat, greasy, sleazy paparazzo who would sell his own mother for a ham sammich.

  26. Kaiser says:

    Holy crap. just put this up:

    “The photographers, identified as freelancers Luc Goursolas and Marianne Saint-Arroman, clashed with the Pitt-Jolie security in the woods around Chateau Miraval, where the couple have been staying following the birth of their twins.

    Trevor Neilson, a spokesperson for the couple, tells PEOPLE one of the paparazzi “viciously attacked a staff member, breaking his finger and wiping blood on his neck, arms, legs while saying he had Hepatitis C.”

    Goursolas confirms to the AP that he fought with guards, saying he broke one guard’s finger and bit another, drawing blood. A guard, he claims, bloodied by hitting him on the head with a walkie-talkie.

    “I was pouring blood. I threw myself at them, put blood all over them, and told them that I had HIV so they would stop hitting me,” Goursolas told the AP.

    But both sides conflicted on whether the guards were actually on the Pitt-Jolie’s property.”

    *puts blanket over head*

  27. daisy424 says:

    Just waiting for a glass of wine in a Paris cafe takes forever.
    s l o w.

    @Anna, thought you lived in Switzerland not France.

  28. geronimo says:

    CB, Hot Post alert:
    The ‘Ang in-vitro’ post links to ‘Joe Pesci’s “Wise Guy” rap video’.

    God. Imagine if this pair actually got on the property and into the house. They don’t sound like they’d care too much how they got their pictures. Horrible.

  29. Syko says:

    Kaiser, that is just terrifying. I couldn’t live like that.

  30. Trace says:

    The paparazzi are really getting out of hand. Like this couple or not, they do have 6 young children. Being a mother myself, if I were Angelina, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night and be constantly worried about the safety of my children. France supposedly has the strictest privacy laws against paparazzi, but from the article it doesn’t seem like the police take these things too seriously.

    I was wondering what it would take for this couple to get some privacy. This may be far-fetched, but maybe issue weekly photos of themselves to the various publications? This way, the value of paparazzi pictures would be decreased significantly and maybe they wouldn’t be hounded as much. But then, of course, there will be the negative backlash accusing them of being famewhores and publicity seeking.

  31. daisy424 says:

    Perez has the pics

  32. xiaoecho says:

    Sorry, they have bought this on themselves as they did with the birth of Shilo.

    A couple of short weeks ago their gyno made an announcement to the press that he was going to make an announcement to the press.

    Sums it up really

    They are not stupid. They have been in the game long enough to know exactly the effects of their actions. They encouraged the market for pictures in the lead up to the birth and are now bitchin’ about the consequences to them and their children, of that promotional strategy. Exactly the same strategy was used when Shilo was born

    Other celebs manage to keep their plans and whereabouts secret when they want privacy. Brangelina have more choices than most and manage to drop completely out of sight when it suits them

    They thrive on this!!

  33. Tina says:

    Where have all the critics and detractors that call them famewhores or criticized them for having their doctor address the media and get all the information out to cut out all the speculations. How come nobody forced or harassed other new mothers to release pictures of their children. If the magazines stopped paying the paparazzi such exorbitant amount of money for their pictures, and if the blogs stopped posting every little morsel of gossip about them and their family, maybe the interest will wane. They have never complained about their pictures being taken in public places, how come other celebrities that have sold their children’s pictures and pocketed the money are not being hounded and how can any body justify grown people invading someone’s compound where little children are running around taking pictures of the children.
    What if they choose not to release the pictures of the twin, it is within their right, last I checked there is no law that said they have to release their children’s pictures for free so the sick minded can pounce like vultures.

  34. me says:

    i agree whit the spokeswoman there are more important things than paps taking photos of celebs and if they dont want that they shoud go and stan on a island somwhere and we woudent have to se and hear from them again that woud be great

  35. BARBARA says:

    Brad and Angelina want attention!! They make me sick. I don’t believed they had twins on their own. Either she was inseminated or she pretended to be pregnant while someone else had twins and they adopted!!. I wish we would quit hearing about “BRANGELINA”

  36. Anne says:

    All they had to was GIVE a photo of the twins to whichever rag they wanted – problem ended. Not that I agree with the stalking and tactic of the paps but really, the $$ value already put on those kids’ heads is rediculous and Pitt and Jolie are part of the problem.

  37. Snowblood says:

    Yes, Anne, but if they just GIVE a photo of their babies away, then all those charitites which are desperately counting on the big donations from the sales of said pics will go without! I mean, I totally see what you’re saying, and agree with you, but on the other hand, then the charities go without, so it’s like a rock\hard place sort of situation.

  38. Snowblood says:

    And hey, you guys, the paparazzi aren’t just now suddenly “getting out of hand,” I mean – Princess Diana, remember? The paps have always been a ludicrous menace, since the fifties and sixties at least! It’s nothing new. They go apeshit when a new super-interesting, super-popular star puts her/himself out there, like Britney Spears, Princess Di, the power-beauty couple known as the Jolie-Pitts, I mean the list goes on and on and it changes from month to month, but a true paparazzo and his or her true aim never changes.

    I do have to admit, though, yes it’s awful about the bad-guy paps in the property and all but reading the story this morning with its accompanying mental images truly was hilarious. Sorry! Is that bad? It was funnier, still, ’cause I’ve read all the Peter Mayle books as well, so it was so easy to imagine the French police/guards and the camo-decked out crazy paps having this absurd, cartoonish squabble – oh, too funny. I’m sorry! That’s some funny-ass shit right there!

  39. Anastasia says:

    Kaiser, good God, that’s horrible.

    All this “they deserve it” crap reminds me of that horrible defense that is sometimes used for rape.

    No, they don’t deserve this. No one does. They are in the middle of nowhere, France, holed up in their home. Again, it’s got a freaking MOAT around it, people. Security guards. That’s not people wanting photos taken, folks. That’s what people do who want privacy.

    Freaking scary. I hope they’re setting up that first shoot soon so that these crazy paps can stop this shit and the charities can benefit from the payout.

  40. Snowblood says:

    Yes, what Anastasia said! I second that, and I too really cringe at the “they deserve it” commentary. No one, NO one deserves that, just as no one deserves to be raped.

  41. fee says:

    Being this rich and famous – ninja paps would be the least of your worries – imagine the nutters out there thinking of kidnapping your kids let alone trying to get a photo, so I imagine they’d be well within their rights to shoot the bastards first and ask questions later.

    As for everyone having bitch-fits over the price getting paid for the baby photos, if there wasnt the demand for them there wouldnt be the prices offered….if the mags are willing to part with such ridiculous amounts of money, more fool them….at least something good will happen with the cash paid – not like other celebs who’d just use to cash for themselves.

  42. hattieb says:

    The paps were arrested and the Chateau Miraval is filing tresspassing charges as well. The paps were settled in for the long haul and were found quite near the house where the family lives, they put up a fight and injured the guards, some of whom work for the Chateau itself.

    There is no proof that the pixs of the twins will be or have been sold. People Mag said there is no bidding going on for the pixs and that they would know if there was because they would want the pixs. All the $$ thrown around are just lies. It is irresponsible for tabs and blogs to lie about $$ and make paps harrass this family.

  43. journey says:

    too bad ang didn’t go all lara croft on the camo clad intruders. i can see her being a mama bear protecting her cubs.

  44. cara says:

    I just don’t get it. I am so over them. Wake me when Anisten adopts quietly from Missouri.

  45. jennifer says:

    ^jennifer told larry king that she will not adopt ,she want her own kid 8O
    so you can go and sleep forever
    PAPS are way too crazy:hepatite,hiv? 8O

  46. LL says:

    This incident is frightening. No one deserves to be stalked. There are six innocent children involved here. From the pictures that were taken, they seem to be normal, let’s play soccer and swim in the pool types, so let them do it in peace. PS, for those thinking that Angelina is not doing well, she was running around with them and looked rather heatlthy to me, not bone thin like Kidman.

    People in camo means they don’t want to be seen. Also, maybe they had other things in mind besides photos. Horrible thought, but possible. They deserved the beat down that they got. The paparrazi in question had been arrested before, so this is not new for him. He is a jerk from way back.

    Halley Berry has now joined in complaining about illicit photos taken on her property of her and her family. Are you going to say that she deserves it too? Why doesn’t she just release a photo of her daughter, like you say this couple should. If they are in “public”, click away. In the privacy of their own homes, leave others and Brad, Angelina and their family, alone.

  47. czarina says:

    What pisses me off is that the paps tresspass onto the Jolie=Pitts’ property, with the intention of stalking them and photographing them without their knowledge, and when they get caught they actually have the nerve to try to press charges against the security guards??
    They ought to be grateful they aren’t in Florida or Texas, where the guards could easily have shot them point-blank and said “oops” later.
    I thought the police spokeswoman’s statement was appalling: I have never heard of any police anywhere PUBLICLY announcing they thought a crime was not a big deal! I mean, Bale YELLS at his mother, and he’s at the police station for, what, five hours?
    It was a completely irresponsible statement. You don’t announce that the police don’t care if people try to break into other people’s homes or property! What if there are kidnappers looking at this place? What if the body guards go too far because they know the police aren’t going to do anything.
    I hope this person got a serious dressing down for making such a stupid statement.

  48. Kaiser says:

    Agree with the BADettes:

    “Brange deserves it” = she was asking to be raped because she was wearing a short skirt

    Perhaps it’s because I’m a Southern girl, but these paps should have some Old Testament justice.

    As I said in my first post – Shoot ‘em all, let God sort em’ out.

  49. Anastasia says:

    Can I ask what a BADette is?

  50. I choose me says:

    A BADette is a member of the B.A.D. club. Brad & Angelina Defenders.

    It’s great fun. We drink whenever the crazies descend upon a Brangelina thread. Wish I had a drink right now. Alas I’m stuck at work.

    BTW. ‘Crazies’ do not refer to those who do not like Brangelina or who could give a rat’s ass about them. Crazies refer to the conspiracy theorists and the ‘Angie is evil incarnate’ posters.

  51. countrybabe says:

    I choose me please, refer to yourself as a Brangeloonie. This is correct term for people who think everyone else is crazy except for the Brangeloonies themselves.

  52. Nan says:

    Me, I can take or leave them. But people who come into blogs just to blast them or others they don’t like seem a bit unstable to me. If you don’t want to read about them or see pictures, then don’t click on the link. No one forces anyone to read about people they don’t like, then complain when there is a story. Me, I hate the people who go out of their way to have photos taken ie Paris and a quite a few others. I also never click on those links as I don’t like them. Why waste time reading about someone you don’t care for.

  53. daisy424 says:

    Countrybabe; It doesn’t matter in the least to me if you like or dislike this couple. You have every right to your personal taste in celebrities. Fucking scream it from the rooftops as far as I care, good for you.

    What does matter to me is when posters such as yourself don’t get their facts right and post inacurate comments/facts. It doesn’t matter if the thread was about Oprah or AJ.

    A direct quote from you in another AJ thread in which you accuse/attack me for being wrong in my dates;
    “I hate when people try to lie for Jolie…”

    You referred to me as a liar. WTF? All of my facts for that comment came from Wikipeia. Are they liars?

    Now, what were you saying about crazy?

  54. Anna says:

    I know it’s not L.A. and Europe is small compared to the US, but Nice isn’t exactly the middle of nowhere. It’s one of the big cities in France, and besides Paris, the south is where celebrities are all heading to. So, just to point out they’re not really lost in the middle of the mountains with only sheeps for company. Paps can find them easily. ;)

  55. Anne says:

    @Snowblood -The ‘charities’ could just be given the $$ by J and P without selling the photos, they have 30x that in bank accounts already. The charity is their own anyway, the 10-20 mil they will get from the sale of photos is nothing to them.

  56. I choose me says:

    Sorry countrybabe, I’d much rather refer to you as a dumbass. I don’t recall calling any names, so what’s the matter, shoe-fitting a little too well?

  57. daisy424 says:

    You keep skipping around to different AJ threads. Please excuse the cut and paste.:wink:


    “Married over rides being together or not together.”

    Maybe to you, but not to Ms. Aniston.

    This is from People’s site;

    Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston started dating the summer of 2005.

    This was before Angelina conceived Shiloh.

    Aniston herself clearly doesn’t feel the way you do or she wouldn’t have started dating Vaughn until October of 2005 when her divorce was final.

    cb; moderation again?

  58. someone says:

    WoW! I thought I was on JustJared for a for them giving the money to charity..theres no proof they did that…when the got 4 mil for Shiloh, they gave 1 mil to thier own charity..Jolie/Pitt foundation..don’t know what they did with the 2 mil they got for poor little Pax…And Im pretty sure they will sell pics of these two blobs also…I have a right to my opinion the same as everyone else on here. Calling me an idiot, just shows your really should go to JustJared and whorship at the Skankalina Alter with the rest of the Brangalunatics.

  59. RAN says:

    Just a quick note… I thought Wikipedia was a completely reliable source of info until my kids showed me how I could edit the information as long as I opened an account.

    In fact, Wikipedia is so easy to edit by anyone – when Barack Obama finally took the lead over Hilary Clinton, I went to Wikipedia to look him up because I was concerned about his background. The first thing I saw when I went to the page was his picture with the N word scribbled all over his face. Clearly someone had input their own opinion on the site as I’m sure the Wikipedia folks didn’t do that.

    The racist comment has since been removed, but by seeing it with my own eyes, and being able to make updates as I please, I can tell you it’s not a reliable resource for information.

  60. daisy424 says:

    Thanks RAN, :wink:
    tbs, I did cross reference before typing.

  61. RAN says:

    You’re welcome Daisy. Quick question, I’m just curious and you can tell me to mind my own business if you want, but… what is your little picture of? I think they’re called gravatar or something like that. Anyway, yours looks cute, but I can’t tell what it is.

  62. RAN says:

    @Daisy… my comment is still awaiting moderation, so I’ll try again… First of all, you’re welcome :wink:

    I wanted to ask you a question about your post picture – it looks very cute, but I can’t tell what it is. You can tell me to myob, but I wondered.

    Thanks to CB, I’ve finally figured out what ‘awaiting moderation’ means (Thanks CB!), so I must have used one of the key words that causes moderation – sorry for that CB

    Have a nice afternoon everyone! I’m off to the movies with the kids

  63. daisy424 says:

    I know, I’ve got 2 comments still waiting moderation. :|
    The pic is of a cocker spaniel balancing an egg on a spoon in her mouth. On her head she is balancing 3 beverages on a tray.
    Not my pup though, I have Labs.
    Have fun with the kids.

  64. Anastasia says:

    Someone, maybe next time they can send you your own personal copy of the financial papers so that you can be happy with them.


    Good Lord, give me a break. And you are NEVER going to know 100% for sure unless you are their accountant, you dip.

  65. Lola says:

    Wow, Brangelina are doing so much to endear themselves these days aren’t they? They remind me of Sienna Miller, court attention and cry foul. I doubt they mind the attention. Their fear is a photog getting the pictures of twins and they lose their money. It is after all more that what they get for their movies.

  66. Kaiser says:

    Barfy Lola = hippocrat

    She said she would stop posting on Brange threads. Why the hypocrisy, Barfy?

  67. daisy424 says:

    Really Lola, please post the link to the pictures of Brad sucking Angelina’s breasts on a public beach.

    Anastasia, you crack me up.

  68. Nan says:

    CB, I never posted this. It is obviously not my style. I caught another post supposedly written by me in a Brangelina post around 7/15. It mentioned stats on Brange. I would never care enough. It also said I am sick of them. I guess w/my need to be moderated you, by accident, posted someone else’s post with my name.

  69. Nan says:

    I would never post about Paris or use her as an example. And never use ‘ie’.

  70. Reality Check says:


    You know you should go to FF or D-listed you’re gonna be welcome there with open arms with the rest of the crazy fat hags X fans like you! :roll:

  71. Reality Check says:


    J-lo, Alba and the rest pocketed the money of their baby pics but nobody give a shit but when it’s the JPs even if the money will be given to the charities you fugs haters are still posting crap about it. YOU people are full of hate BRAD Pitt did not dumped your crazy ass so move on people.

  72. Sick that the paparazzi uses these tactics, well, it’s there job but do they really need to go that far?

  73. Jenny says:

    How time flies! Hard to believe it has been almost 2 years.