Raccoon McPantless: “I heard that Glasgow is the craziest crowd in all of England!”


What are we going to do with little Raccoon McPantless? The girl is seriously dumb. Like, Jessica Simpson-level dumb. And our Raccoon is proud of her stupidity too – she doesn’t want to go to school or read a book or do anything besides be a pantless raccoon. Sigh… tough days ahead for Raccoons. Anyway, a few days ago, Raccoon was performing with her band, The Pretty Reckless, in Glasgow, Scotland. Yes, SCOTLAND. And our little Raccoon uttered these words to the crowd: “I heard that Glasgow is the craziest crowd in all of England!” Here’s the video:

It’s one pitfall of live music that has been experienced many slow-witted performers around the globe for years, but when you mistake a Scottish crowd for an English one, perhaps the act of ‘forgetting what country you are in’ is taken to a whole new level.

This is what happened to Taylor Momsen as she took to Glasgow with her band The Pretty Reckless on 13 December — and unsuprisingly she was on the receiving end of a symphony of boos as the crowd twigged onto her slip-up.

As reported by the Daily Record, she told the audience that her band have “heard that Glasgow is the craziest crowd in all of England”, but despite an initial cheer, her pep-talk statement fell flat on its face.

Paul Krane, who was at the gig, said: “People began to cheer as they presumed she was going to say Scotland, but when the penny dropped all you could hear was boos. It was right at the start of the gig and it took the shine off it. I was really looking forward to it, but after Taylor said that it just left a bad taste. She didn’t even apologise.”

Thankfully for the patriotic Scots, the Gossip Girl star took to Twitter after to apologise, but it might not hold quite enough repentance to ensure a smooth visit next time she is in Glasgow. She said, “Glasgow, I love you, I now HAVE to tour SCOTLAND (haha, sorry bout the slip up!)”

[From AOL UK]

Okay, at least she has a sense of humor about her dumb mix-up? Urgh… I guess. I also have to admit that I doubt most Americans would even see the problem with this – we’re not even great with our own geography, much less another’s country’s. Not everyone has a fetish for Scottish men, you know (mm… Butler moobs). Hopefully, Scottish men don’t have a thing for raccoons!

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Hello Cleavland!

  2. ave says:

    Kristen Stewart told D.Letterman she wants to drive from London to Russia. She also was surprised on her visit to Brazil that the country has cities with tall buildings and not just jungles.
    Lady Gaga thinks Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland are the same country.

  3. tuscan sun says:

    Scots are very patriotic, just like Americans are.
    I bet an American audience would “boo” if a British band said Chicago was the craziest town in Canada.

  4. Bill Hicks is God says:

    If she doesn’t know Scotland isn’t “in” England then she certainly won’t know what a “Glasgow kiss” is when a pissed-off Scot offers to give her one…

    I can’t wait!

  5. poopie says:

    how is this waste of space relevant? just what we need : another uneducated, no talent hunk of human wandering around contributing nothing. MCSTUPID

  6. Kaye says:

    @ Bill Hicks is God: I wonder how many people wikipedia’d “glasgow kiss” like I just did.

    And I totally just verbified wikipedia. I am sorry.

  7. Deens says:

    You can drive from London to Dover and get a ferry across to France…with your car on board. So yes, you can drive from London to Russia, what lies in between is Belgium, Germany and Eastern Europe.

  8. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @Tuscan: Usually when an ignorant venue faux-pas like that happens, it’s the other way around 😉 Sidney Crosby was booed by his Pittsburgh Penguins home ice audience because he scored the winning goal for Canada at the Winter Olympics. There’s patriotism and there’s sour grapes. Luckily, most Americans I know are aware of the difference.

    Regardless, isn’t that what these people who tour are supposed to have: managers to tell them where the hell they are and what they’re supposed to be saying to that crowd in terms of location at least?

  9. Shay says:

    It’s a golden moment.
    And it all happened live in front of a face to face audience and not on Twitter. Many Americans may be patriotic, but unless they are regular travellers, they have no idea about any other nation outside the USA.

  10. Bill Hicks is God says:

    LOL Kaye, no worries 🙂 and my bad: So no one else needs to Wiki, it’s a head-butt.

  11. Vi says:

    yeah it’s stupid but being from ireland we get those kinds of mix ups from americans too and i don’t think it’s really a big deal.

  12. Nicky says:

    Scotland and England are interdependent on one another but there has always been rivalry to some extent. I’m sure it would have been a bit embarrassing for her although bands who tour here do it all the time. I’m sure more people found it funny than insulting.

    @ Praise St. Angie, LOL I thought of that too when I read this! Spinal Tap are the benchmark for all cliche rock bands.

  13. DetRiotgirl says:

    More disturbing than the actual story, is that header pic. Is she not wearing underwear? I feel gross just looking at that!

  14. Bill Hicks is God says:

    This may not be as prevalent anymore but not so long ago Brits referred to all of us “across the pond,” as Americans. Drives Canadians nuts…”over home” should know better.

  15. Mel says:

    Bill Hicks is God (Great name btw and yes he is) –

    I’ve NEVER heard a Brit refer to a Canadian as an American or confuse the two and I’ve been knocking around England for quite a few years now:)

  16. Awkward Turtle says:

    Silly Raccoon! Every true Brit knows that Dublin is the craziest city in England. Duh.

  17. meg says:

    OH god- as a Scot, I would’ve thrown a bottle at her head at the very least! Did she have a lobotomy and it just wasn’t reported? (or maybe she doesn’t know…)

  18. ave says:

    Deens: no one in Europe says they can drive from England to Russia or continental Europe.

  19. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Thanks for confirming Mel, that’s good to know 🙂

  20. Praise St. Angie! says:

    @Nicky…yeah, I was going to add “I wonder if she got lost on her way to the stage”.


  21. Novaraen says:

    Glasgow is a lot of fun! 🙂 Would love to go back there someday!

  22. Tigger says:

    Why is she stupid? That’s a bit ignorant. Haven’t we all said something that we didn’t realize was wrong? No matter how big it was.

  23. Vanilla says:

    I don’t think it’s such a big deal – I’m from Europe but I only found out accidentally that you don’t refer to Scotland as England. It may be offensive to the people living there but to the rest of us it’s not so if we make this mistake it’s natural that we won’t realize how big it was.

  24. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I’ve heard it, quite a bit, actually. To be fair, some of that was playing ribbing meant to get a rise out of me. It’s either ‘America Jr.’ or exaggerated accents, right? It’s kind of funny until it gets boring, but then it stays boring. That’s fine, it’s not a glove slap from the keepers of international diplomacy, and there were far, far, far better times there than in the nothing city from which I came. Still, everything’s so expensive and impersonal now and I’m finally realizing that those landmarks of my childhood weren’t crack houses, they were crack homes.

  25. Alice says:

    “Goodnight Springton, there will be no encore.”

  26. jover says:

    This is hilarious considering how raccoon mcpantless fronts like she is all worldly and sophisticated; she’s just a self-absorbed catered to tween living out her fantasy until even the novelty wears off as girls like her front bands everywhere – and she pisses on GG but that’s the main reason anyone even bothers with her.

  27. Bodhi says:

    In the grand scheme of things, no it isn’t a big deal, but she is still ignorant for saying it.

    And really, is she going commando in the top photo? I feel like such a perv for looking!

  28. original kate says:

    “I was going to add “I wonder if she got lost on her way to the stage”

    i wish she would get trapped in a pod onstage.

  29. jen says:

    December 21st, 2010 at 1:52 pm
    “Goodnight Springton, there will be no encore.”


    Doesn’t this trick always say she doesn’t need education? Yeah, thought so.

  30. Lady Jane says:

    Was at an gig by The Go! Team! in Dublin and the stupid lead said, “It is great to be in the UK!” – the crowed HATED her for that. And she is English. So stupidity isn’t reserved for this stupid Taylor skank.

  31. LittleDeadGirl says:

    It may not be a big deal if you’re not well traveled but I’m guessing the girl fucking flew to Scotland or took some form of transportation to get TO Glasgow … was she never told what country she was currently in? I mean on come … sad sad sad … my disdain for this twit grows even more. We have more access to education than ever and sadly the media now pushes stupidity on us as being cool … sure that’s gonna lead to only good things for us all

  32. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Tigger, you’re confusing ignorant with rude. Ignorant means without knowledge, or uneducated, which Momsen clearly is. And yes, ignorant can mean “stupid.” Ignorant people certainly are stupid when they make no effort to change that.

  33. December says:

    Does she have breast implants? I swear her boobs are bigger looking than they were a year ago. Either they got big naturally, she’s wearing a good bra, or she got implants (which wouldn’t surprise me).

    Also, she might want to rethink her image. While Courtney Love was “wild”, no one EVER respected her. She was a fucking joke in the industry. The only reason people paid any attention to Courtney Love was to see how much bigger a fool she could make herself out to be.

  34. Gabriela says:

    Liam Gallagher once said ‘Good evening, Manchester’ while they were in London.
    So I guess I’ll forgive Raccoon this time.

  35. kelly says:

    What did you expect? Gravitas?
    Sigh. In my day, violent and disfunctional though it was, pieces like this would hardly have made it off the bus on a Friday night (after changing out of their civilian clothes on the way into town) before someone beat the shit out of them for being a smirking tryhard.
    That’s why kids are such whiny sappy twats today- they don’t have to run any gauntlets, they never get chased by skinheads with cricket bats, they never get stopped by the cops for being a freak, and mummy buys their storebought image for them from Hot Topic because its THAT fucking passe.
    Actually, I feel sorry for them, poor little overprocessed buggers that they are. They’ll never know what it’s like to really rebel, to take risks with their person and find out what hardcore really means, and that’s a big thing to lose.

  36. Cel says:

    Canadians can be called Americans – as they live on the contintent of America. Just because citizens from the US have hijacked the name, doesn’t mean it only refers to them.

  37. tuscan sun says:

    I’m Canadian and I’ve never heard a fellow Canuck call themselves an American. Never. I’ve heard Canadians call themselves “North Amercians”, but never “Amercians”.

    “Amercian” is understood in Canada to be a U.S. citizen. At least that’s always been my experience.

  38. Bill Hicks is God says:

    I can’t read #36’s name but the continent is North America, not America. Mexico is part of North America. According to your logic, that would make them Americans too. Somebody better tell Arizona.

  39. Cel says:

    OK its North America, so you can be called a North American if you are from Canada, USA or Mexico. What’s the problem?

    You don’t here the French/Germans/Italians up in arms because they can be grouped together as Europeans.

  40. jen says:

    Cel – erm, there IS NO problem with being called North American. We had a problem with you referring to Canadians as Americans, not with you referring to us as North Americans. America is a country, North America is a continent. Just like France/Germany/Italy are countries, Europe is a continent. Of course you wouldn’t hear French/Germans/Italians up in arms about being called European, because THEY ARE European, just like Canadians are North Americans. But you WOULD hear them get up in arms if you were to refer to the French as Italians or Germans. Because they are NOT Germans or Italians, they’re FRENCH.

    I can’t believe this has to be spelled out… O_O LOL

  41. Cel says:

    Jen – get your facts straight before trying to lecture.

    North and South America are sub-contintents of the contintent of America.