Shia Labeouf’s passenger in DUI accident was Adrian Grenier’s girlfriend

Adrian Grenier and Isabel Lucas on 6/4/08. Credit: Tina Gill / PR Photos
Shia LaBeouf’s passenger in his drunken 3am car crash has been revealed – and she’s none other than his Transformers 2 costar, Isabel Lucas, who also happens to be Adrian Grenier’s girlfriend. Fellow actor Grenier is understandably reluctant to comment on the accident, in which his girlfriend escaped with minor head injuries while Shia underwent “extensive hand surgery” at Cedars Sinai due to damage to his left hand. Shia was taking a left at a light when he was broadsided by another vehicle, flipping his Ford F150 truck over. The person in the other vehicle was also taken to the hospital but sustained only minor injuries. Police said Shia was “visibly intoxicated” at the scene, and he has been charged with a misdemeanor due to the fact that no one was seriously injured.

Who was Shia LeBeouf’s mystery passenger in his weekend DUI crash? Aussie actress Isabel Lucas, his co-star in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” the sequel to last summer’s blockbuster.

Sources say Lucas was riding shotgun with LaBeouf when he made a left turn on a red light and got broadsided in his Ford F150 around 2:45 Sunday morning in Los Angeles.

The actor suffered hand injuries and was arrested for drunk driving. Lucas was admitted to Cedars-Sinai hospital for “minor head injuries” and later released. A rep for the film said that Lucas is fine and back on set filming.

But the perky blonde is about to have another headache.

We hear her boyfriend Adrian Grenier, who she began dating in February, is none too happy that his ladyfriend was partying with her handsome costar at 3 a.m.

Grenier was testy when we asked him how Lucas was feeling post-crash, and refused to comment.

The two began dating after bonding over environmental issues. Lucas will star in Grenier’s upcoming series “Alter Eco,” which he produced for the cable channel Planet Green.

[From NY Daily News]

There was a lot of dumb luck involved in this accident in that Shia was driving a pretty solid car and people escaped relatively unharmed. If anything should take a hit it’s Shia’s rising career – unless he quickly steps up to the plate and admits that he was wrong and takes full responsibility for his actions. Mischa Barton isn’t my favorite actress, but I like the way she handled her DUI by admitting guilt. It’s an idiotic thing to drive drunk and these stars need to grovel to the public afterwards and seem sincere about it. Don’t be arrogant about driving wasted – that’s how you got in that mess in the first place.

Isabel Lucas is shown campaigning to stop the slaughter of whales in Japan in December, 2007. Credit: INCO/Fame Pictures

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  1. Bebu says:


  2. Nan says:

    Wow, I think that girl is really pretty. Reminds me of that beauty w/hair slicked back & wet in the Aqua di whatever ad compaign. Who was that gorgeous model from 10 years back?

  3. Blackalicious says:


  4. Bodhi says:

    I also give props to Mischa for owning up to her actions, but I still hate her ;)

    I really hope Shia does the right thing

  5. Jen says:

    LMAO, Blackalicious.

  6. Vibius says:

    How did she own up? Shes only sorry because it put her in the same company as Paris and Nicole

  7. Jaundice Machine says:

    Jesus. . . where are the razor-rattlers bitching about Lourdes? This is a grown woman with the Siberian Forest between her damn eyebrows.

  8. MonicaBee says:

    I am willing to be Adrian’s shoulder to cry on in his time of need. It’s gonna be a big sacrifice on my part, but I’m just gonna have to suck it up…

  9. saintdevil says:

    Is there anyone out there who also thinks that “Transformers” was the suckiest movie of its season and it doesn’t need a sequel?!

  10. Mairead says:

    CB, to be fair I would think that the car turning over is less to do with dumb luck and more to do with physics. Trucks have a higher centre-of-gravity than normal cars and are more likely to overturn from a sharp manouvre or side impact from an object with similar mass and/or a greater velocity.

    And that ugly lump of metal had better be running on bio-ethanol. :roll:

  11. wienna says:

    wow….Australian soap actors are really making an impact in Hollywood. I remember Isabel in Home & Away. Glad to know she’s stepping up.

  12. whippersnapper says:

    “is none too happy that his ladyfriend was partying with her handsome costar.” When did my grandpa Charlie start writing for the NYDN?

  13. tp Vero says:

    Is it a requirement to have an unusually large head to be a celebrity? The area from her eyebrows to the top of her head is phenomenally and unusually large to my eyes.

    They’re young they get drunk. Everyone yeses them and fawns all over them.. they are too ignorant to know how dangerous this is. The pre-fame friends they do have, who try to keep them to their former self, soon get dumped because the liars are just more attractive and ‘cool, and honesty is not prized in our society. Many go off into oblivion working in diners or dress shops. UGH.. It is always the same old story.

    What dumb thing to you have to do to flip your truck at that particular intersection in Hollywood? Someone was high and their center of gravity was definitely off.

    Do we need another Transformers sequel? –No– but don’t get me started on the lack of creative people in Hollywood and their inability to move an audience without special effects, killing people every 6 minutes, or having young men and women dress up like vampire, transvestite sadomasochistic whores. Such a bore and such a laughing stock around the world.

  14. Jenni says:

    Nan – are you talking about Helena Christensen?