Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are living together, but aren’t a couple

Pamela Anderson leaves me utterly confused, probably because gazing into that cleavage is kind of hypnotic. Her breasts just seem to have a career of their own, separate from the body they are attached to. I have no idea exactly what it is she does for a living, her career seems to be based entirely on blonde hair, a tan and her previously mentioned assets. It doesn’t seem to matter that she’s over 40 and looks like she’s ready to be skinned for a handbag, she is still trading off of her physical attributes.

This is not the part of Pamela Anderson that is causing me confusion today, I’m confused by her relationship with Tommy Lee. Pam tried to explain their living situation.

She says, “We’re great friends. We just live together. And we’re ex-husband and wife.”

And, although there is no romance between the pair, she hasn’t given up hope of one day reuniting with him: “It’s kinda silly. I don’t know where that’s gonna go. The dream would be that all of us could really be together, but we’re better friends.”

San Francisco Chronicle

This comes after a friend of Tommy Lee’s claimed if you were nice to him, he’d show you naked pictures of Pamela Anderson on his cell phone that he’s taken in recent weeks.

From these pictures you could safely assume that Pammy and Tommy are engaging in carnal acts, and they live together, and have children together. I think Pam, despite your confusion and denials, that you are a couple. None of these attributes fits into the ‘just friends’ category.

Why is the couple living together? Is it to be closer to their children, or to share cash resources? I’m trying to imagine the house rules – Is Tommy allowed to bring a girl home for sex but not invite Pam?

Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee and their kids are shown filming scenes for her reality show on the beach in Malibu on Memorial Day, 5/26/08. Credit: Mike/Fame Pictures

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  1. Alexis says:

    Pretty sure it’s just for the reality t.v. show. Girl (tongue in cheek right?)on the loose.

  2. Enonymous says:

    Pamela Anderson has already confess in interviews in UK that she and Tommy Lee are actually a couple, so now she changed her story, what did they break up again already? They are so predictable to the point they are getting totally annoying (even more so then before, if possible). They should get over themselves, they are not Ross and Reachel lol, know one actually cares if these two are together or not.

  3. Shane says:

    I think they are in love, but both suffer sex addictions they can’t conquer.

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey! Where’s Countrybabe telling us this is old news?
    Anyways, Helen. Pam’s mansion is being built or renovated. Thats why they are co-habitating according to Pam.

  5. daisy424 says:

    Helen, I think Pammy joins in on the sex when Tommy brings another woman home. 8)
    She used to be so beautiful when she was the Labatt’s Beer Girl.
    Use sunscreen Pam, you look older than me.

    Kevin, you’re priceless!

  6. Nan says:

    Nothing wrong w/living w/an ex. I’m doing it now (I felt sorry for him at 1st) but now we are the best of buds. Both cheering each other on in new realtionships. We don’t have children but Pam does & is smart for opting for this set up. They are probably best friends.

  7. kate says:

    pam & tommy are fuck buddies. and thank god they have each because they are both aging badly.

  8. tp Vero says:

    If you meet Pam on the beach at Malibu or something, she has an ‘every-girl’ persona that really makes you want to like her. She has a down-home quality that makes her seem like all the friends you have ever had. She is a Canadian that just got her American citizenship, but when you think that these two made the sex-tape a career move, you have to wonder. Would you want your child hanging around with this couple? And what about their own children, one of them may be level enough to feel some embarrassment regarding such an amoral lineage.

    I think their situation is rather sad. And if you have sex with either of them it would be wise to consider they may have contracted a few medical conditions, (because of their wild ways), that you don’t want to get. That lifestyle they have embraced has its downside. Keeping themselves in the news this ways makes up for many deficiencies in the talent department.

    Is is me, but most of the people we read about in these pages are not known for their talent.. are they?

  9. cara says:

    Prime example of how a woman can go insane trying to be a sex object for men.

    How she supports PETA and yet desicrates her body is beyond me. It’s beyond hypocritical and is obsurd.

  10. SolitaryAngel says:

    I’ve known many couples who have had a hard time “letting go”; granted, they don’t live in the public eye, but I think despite the TV show (which I’ve never watched), the remodeling, the possible cash-flow problems , I think there is an underlying reason these two are always together.

    Pam has Hepatitis C, which is a serious disease. Unless she gets a liver transplant one day, it will kill her. There will be times when she’ll be too sick to take care of the kids, and I think it’s great that Tommy Lee is so willing to be there for her and/or them. Her periods of illness will come and go, more and more frequently until…

    Her time is ticking down, and as many good memories as she and Tommy Lee can make for those kids as a family, they should and no matter what other reasons there are, it’s the kids who are important.

    From a medical standpoint, it’s not easy to watch someone die; that Tommy Lee is willing to be there says more for him as a person than anything else he’s done. I’ve always liked him, and now I might begin to respect him.

  11. sauvage says:

    @ Solitary Angel:
    Pamela Anderson got her Hep C from Tommy Lee. They used the same tattoo needle to get their names tattoed on their ring fingers instead of exchanging wedding rings (when they got married for the first time). So chances are good he will die first. Just sayin’.

  12. Cinderella says:

    I think she lives with him for financial reasons, but that’s just my thought. Tommy has always been close to his boys, so I don’t think this is being done merely for them.

    I also don’t think either party would stay faithful long enough to remain a couple.

  13. mollination says:

    I think they are both doing okay on cash.

    What’s wrong with two people in a unique living situation if they’re both okay with it?

    And naturally, I’m thrilled if they aren’t really a “couple”. I can go back to my game-plan of seducing Tommy (who is aging JUST fine in my book) this summer at his concert (which is one of many on Motley Crue’s summer amphitheatre tour. So again, I think he’s okay on cash).

  14. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ sauvage: Thanks for the clarification! 😳

  15. Cinderella says:

    I think he still has money, but she doesn’t.

  16. Shane says:

    Tommy Lee is such scum.

    Seriously, would anyone have sex with that nasty inkbucket?

  17. Brittany says:

    OMG they are living together! Yay! Then he will definitely be on the new show! Can’t wait!

  18. Angie says:

    These two need to really just be together forever! They’re like magnets to each other no matter how much they break up!

  19. Pamlover8 says:

    They just belong together!

  20. cabowabo says:

    Pam looks great, give her a break! They are soulmates & belong together…both seem like very sweet people…

  21. Natalie says:

    I also have had a family member with Hep-C I believe if you take care of yourself you should have no complications. The first thing is to curve your drinking habits that breaks down your liver quicker if you take you medications and eat healthy I feel you could live a long healthy life. Sadly I lost my brother in law he did not take care of himself addicted to drugs and alcohol he selfishly risked his life not doing the right things to stay healthy . But if he did what the doctors advised him I feel he would still be here today but he could not kick his habits, he left two beautiful daughter’s. I think Pamela Anderson is a smart girl and has educated herself on the risks of what effects Hep-C would cause, it could progress serious damage to her body and I think eating healthy and being aware is important part of having this disease.