Angelina Jolie, Brad & Empress Zahara’s magnificent shank-eye in Namibia


This is a new photo of Angelina, Brad, Shiloh and the Empress in Namibia, day unknown. Apparently the other people in the larger photo (below) are the Jolie-Pitts’ hosts in Namibia, at least for the weekend. One of the adult men is Dr. Rudie van Vuuren, a “famous physician, cricket player and conservationist.” Sure. I’ll buy that! I have two favorite things about this photo – one, Shiloh’s shaggy hair. She’s growing out her pixie cut, and it looks adorable. My second favorite, and maybe my favorite thing of all time: Empress Zahara’s side-eye cutting like a goddamn knife. Who is she about to shank with her eyes? Her MOTHER? The Empress friggin’ slays me.

Angelina Jolie held Zahara while Brad Pitt had Shiloh in his arms as they posed with their host family and a few new friends in Namibia over the weekend. The Jolie-Pitts are in Shiloh’s birth country staying with Dr. Rudie van Vuuren, a famous physician, cricket player and conservationist, his wife Marlice, also a well known conservationist, and their son Zacheo.

The family runs the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary and Lodge, where Brad, Angelina, and their kids decided to spend Christmas this year. Angelina and Brad were spotted doing last minute gift shopping on Friday, ensuring a special holiday for their six kids. Brad is finishing out his year of facial hair with sexy stubble while Shiloh’s famous blond locks are growing out. The Jolie-Pitt family is always among the most talked about stars and in 2010 Angelina and Brad kept their passion strong all year long.

[From PopSugar]

Sigh… I wish I was in Namibia, being given the royal shank-eye. Must be lovely.


Photo courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Kiska says:

    The Empress is priceless. She has such personality.

  2. bite me says:

    la jolie looks beautiful

  3. guilty pleasures says:

    I am a-sceered of Miss Z!! Adorable family, charmed lives.
    Adopt me?

  4. brin says:

    Didn’t even read it yet, just love the title!

  5. aenflex says:

    Zahara is amazing. Bless Shiloh’s heart, I hope she doesn’t end up homely.

  6. Bodhi says:

    Every single child in that photo is absolutely adorable!

    Shiloh’s snaggley teeth crack me up; I lost all of my front teeth at different times & was snaggle-toothed for ages. I don’t think Shiloh will end up homely, I think her hair is that awkward phase & she just has more a little more puppy fat than Zee. Brad had around face when he was little (I think)

  7. Anon says:

    I can’t wait to see who Zahara grows into. She is such a fierce and beautiful little girl.

    And Shiloh looks adorbs as ever.

  8. Eleonor says:

    They should teach classes on how side-eye properly.

  9. Kim says:

    Cool- friends all over the world, they were probably shopping at the mall for local kids or the host family’s kids.Beautiful families.Shiloh looks just like Angie did as a toddler

  10. Macheath says:

    It looks like she’s giving that boy with the plastic bow and arrow the eye.

    She’s all like, “Guards, remove this unkempt ruffian from my photo!”

    Z has a seriously beautiful face; I think she’ll grow up to be gorgeous.

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Adorable. They look so happy and well rested. They are just having a good time. I don’t know what more I can say about the kids but they are adorable and just kids. Cute.

  12. lisa says:

    Aww very nice.

    Angie has no makeup on and man she looks stunning. Really unfair.

    They look very happy. I guess they have lots of friend all over the world. I think it is great that they could have gone to an expensive location and all. I recall some site saying they were on an EXOTIC VACATION.. that picture does not look exotic. it looks like a lot of fun.

    I want to go to Namibia now.

    regarding missing teeth. I tell every child I meet that is snaggle-toothed that this is the cutest they will every be. Nothing like it.

  13. JenJen says:

    Zahara is the only one not smiling again.

  14. Solveig says:

    The two blonde guys behind Angelina are the twins (Tax and the other), all miraculously grown up, I guess.
    The Jolie-Pitts can do wonders.
    *according to their fans*

  15. Kim says:

    Really JenJen well Shiloh is not smiling either or the two men standing behind her. Go to the archives there are many pics of Zahara smiling.

  16. adele says:

    I think she is eyeballing the young man, Zacheo, and his bow and arrow!

  17. Trish says:

    Beautiful photo. Shiloh is definitely Daddy’s girl. Love that! She will grow into an amazing woman one day. Love to see great parenting. Beautiful, amazing, selfless people the Jolie-Pitts. I do admire them as Humanitarians and True American Movie Stars.

  18. Moreaces says:

    Zee is just beautiful, as is Shi, I wonder if Shi will demand a hair cut soon, it is growing out quite well, I liked her with the short due,, anyway Thnaks for the new picture Kaiser

  19. Kiska says:

    P.S. I love the lighting on that picture. It looks that they are bathed in gold.

  20. nnn says:

    Beautiful picture. Everyone in that picture seems so relax and quietly happy.

    Namibia has a very serene athmosphere. It’s a beautiful country but Africa bar the hunger and desease is such a beautiful continent.

    On another note, Pitt has to be one of the most fit man of his generation ! Look at those arms and neck…swoon..

  21. Sumodo1 says:

    Zahara could give Tyra Banks a “smize” lesson in side-eye. That kid would slap her mama!

  22. Heavenbound says:

    I think Shilo is very cute.

  23. Kim says:

    Sumoodo1 What is “smize”

  24. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Kim Thats America’s Next Top Model terminology for “smiling with your eyes.” 😛 Smize. Its so funny Sumoodo1 brought that up because I am watching a ANTM marathon on Oxygen right now and this was the season where the word was given a full episode and superhero via Tyra dressing up and calling herself Super Smize.

  25. Mairead says:

    The Empress isn’t giving La Jolie the shank-eye, she is merely sizing up her minions 😈

    And Shiloh is seriously a mini-Brad 😀

  26. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I agree, its the bow and arrow kid.

    She is trying to melt him with her eyes…

  27. Kim says:

    Oh that’s funny I haven’t watched that show in years. Thanks for the new term.

  28. anon says:

    @Mairead I think she is sizing up her minions too 🙂
    Love to see Shiloh and Zee, hope a picture of all the children surfaces.
    Angelina and Brad look pretty good too 🙂

  29. tj says:

    the jolie press machine hard at work…AGAIN.

  30. lisa says:


    ITAWY regarding Brad. The man has never been out of shape. pisses me off each week that he is not listed on the HOT GUY FRIDAY.. all because some crazy women go nuts. He is still quite yummy to me..

    Anyway. Brad is on my FOREVER LIST.. Forever hot..

    @tj.. why is it that when Brad/Angie are pictured you and other scream PR machine. PR for what exactly. I have seen countless other pics of many celebrities over the Holiday. But they are not allowed to ever be photographed without someone screaming PR..

    honey they don’t need to work PR. The interest is there. See you think it is PR and you are still here.. CASE CLOSED.

  31. chris says:

    Zahara is so cute! Shiloh looks huge. She looks as if she’s already bigger than Zahara. Zahara is kind of tiny and delicate though.

  32. Crash2GO2 says:

    Haha @ Solveig!

    I can’t get over how big Shiloh is. And I agree that Z is checking out the little dude with the bow and arrow.

  33. fanny says:

    There must be a-picture-a-day rule for these people. Anyway, Zahara is very lovely, indeed, and can certainly hold her own in the beauty arena. Love the archer in the mix.

  34. bizzy says:

    zahara: mother, put me down, you’re not kidding anyone, i’m clearly the same height as you already. wait ’til i’m eighteen. in stilettos.

  35. Kloops says:

    I love this photo. Yes, it could be total media manipulation, but it looks like a happy family having a good time with friends. Totally normal and down to earth. If it’s legit, those kids are going to end up happy and well adjusted which will be no small miracle given the media circus that surrounds them.

  36. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Love love love the Empress! She’s making the same sort of “Are you fucking serious?” face that I made when Future Mr. DreadPirateCuervo very unexpectedly proposed on Christmas Eve. Yeah, I’m romantic like that.

  37. jen says:

    look like fun

  38. Louise says:

    Looks like Zahara is looking at the kid with the bow and arrow. If she had a problem with Angelina I doubt Zahara would let her hold her. Zahara smiles a lot. Unfortunately the media gave her this “evil bitch” personality and refuse to let it go. She has a great smile.

  39. Cyui says:

    Both those girls are gorgeous. Yeah Z is eyeing that little boy. There are great places…countries in Africa. So don’t make ignorant comments about famine and crap there. They have places with corrupt government. Where a small percentage has the wealth and 99% are impoverished. There are countries with greedy ass governments and with what has happened to us in the last years…we could be like that too. That’s why you’ve gotta vote. Pay attention to your local elections.

  40. Liana says:

    I wish I could give my non existent (so far) children adventures like that!

  41. Whatever says:

    Where a small percentage has the wealth and 99% are impoverished.

    Like the US is becoming, where 2% have 98% of the wealth. People absolutely need to vote and watch elected officials like a hawk, since the US no longer has a free press to do it for us.

  42. German says:


    Shiloh and Zahara with other children. Look at their faces. All the other children are happy looking.

    Plain photo op.

  43. Crash2GO2 says:

    “Shiloh and Zahara with other children. Look at their faces. All the other children are happy looking.”

    Oh give me a break. Those two have cameras pointed at them 24/7. It’s no wonder they look bored about yet another photo op.

  44. lisa says:

    the kids seem more interested in the people around them not the camera. I like that they don’t mug it up for the camera. Plus since Brad has his camera around a lot not to mention the Paps. they get their picture taken a lot.

    Angie and Brad usually pose for pics when they go places. People want a group shot. It happens when you are famous.

  45. PleeFlaUsA says:

    I feel bad for Zahara. I think she will have some serious identity issues growing up. She’s blessed to have a family that loves her but the fact that none of them look like her will hurt her. They shouldve adopted a black boy too. I can just tell she feels different & not in an “I’m unique therefore I’m awesome” way. She wants hair like her sister or mothers, blue eyes as well… I hope that she will eventually know that she is beautiful just the way she is <3

  46. gamblea says:

    I too think Z is giving the little boy the look. When you hold a kid on your hip like that they are in front of you, she would need to turn her head more to see her Mom.

  47. redlips says:

    Where are the other 4 children?

  48. Cheyenne says:

    @redlips: What do you care?

  49. mln76 says:

    Zahara really does seem to be peaking at that boy with the hulla hoop 🙂 Uh-ohhhh

  50. Cyui says:

    Exactly they are too busy reporting on Brangelinas Winter Break. You’ve gotta go to the BBC for that. Africa has wealthy people 2% just like in America. The problem is the people not in the 2% are impoverished in some areas, not all. It’s places with corrupt governments. They even run over your business with a tractor, if you sell goods for money. Basically starting an independent business. That’s why it’s not a money thing. You could give a country a billion it would just go to the 2% that are rich. They were trying to get rid of the middle-class here in America, from 2001 to 2008. There are great places in Africa, but like other places in the world…the bad places are really bad…cause of effed up governments.

  51. Sparkly says:

    I wonder the same thing about the other kids too, tbh. They only seem to take two or MAYBE three out at a time. Afraid they’ll lose them? Have a day-of-the-week system? Did the Pax kid disappear and they’re covering it up?

    And, no, I’m not a hater. I like them and would totally adopt a whole gaggle if I could afford them. I just think it’s odd that they’re never all together.

  52. Cyui says:

    How many times has it been said here that Zahara has two Ethiopian cousins and Black nannies. So please…and when did Jolie and Pitt say they weren’t going to adopt again. Wasn’t Maddox 6,7, when Pax came home. Zahara is 5.

  53. lisa says:

    The other kids could be doing some activity. This is JUST one picture. Does not mean the other kids were not with them or around somewhere.. THEY are just not in the picture.

    They have 6 kids regardless of whether all of them are seen or not.

    Why it bothers people is beyond real. But if we did see all the kids I’m sure there would be some other comment about using all the kids for PR.. never fails.

  54. Rena says:

    According to comments at other blogs and multiple tweets the Jolie-Pitts are in Springfield MO with Brad’s family. Angelina said they would spend New Year’s in MO and it appears that is where they are now. They were supposely seen at KMart yesterday and and B&N today. Angelina was seen in WalMart a couple of times when they were in Texas in 2008 so KMart may be true, LOL. They seem to visit MO often. A close family is great for all especially the kids.

  55. redlips says:

    I simply asked a question. Don’t read anymore in to it, please! We have a “staged” photo, meaning, they are poising for someone to take the picture. Where are the other 4 children? Why were they not in the photo?

  56. hellen says:

    “I can’t wait to see who Zahara grows into.”

    Grace Jones. Only with more attitude.

  57. KJ says:


    You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. You can infer all of Zahara’s racial insecurities from paparazzi photos? That’s an amazing gift you have there. You know why kids feel bad about being “different?” Because adults like you tell them that they should be. “Oh, I feel so bad for you, being different and all. It must be so hard, you must feel inferior.” 9 times out of 10, kids don’t think about their race in such complex terms unless it’s brought to their attention. Shame on you for imposing self-loathing on a child.

    I know nothing about how she feels but she seems like a happy, well adjusted girl who knows that she’s beautiful, unique in a positive way, and loved.

  58. Cyui says:

    I will be happy for this family when their where abouts aren’t reported on all the time. They like to disappear with their peeps …let them. That’s a bad thing about twitter allows people to cyber stalk people. Not just celebs.

  59. Cyui says:

    Why didn’t anyone point out Shiloh playing with her poppas necklace. So sweet and cute.

  60. anon says:

    @lisa “But if we did see all the kids I’m sure there would be some other comment about using all the kids for PR.. never fails” yep they can’t win. I like to see them all together or however their parents see fit to have them with them.
    @mln76: looks like Zee has a crush, so cute, she is checking him out 🙂

  61. beanie says:

    Yes indeedy..the Empress Zee is ready to get back to playing with her friend so enough with the photos! LOL!

  62. Rena says:

    Cyui, I agree with you but this is the world we all live in these days, we are all subject to being seen and reported on just going about our daily lives. Brad and Angelina actually do a pretty good job of staying out of sight for days or even weeks until they are spotted and reported on and they are never seen each and every day like some celebs are unless they are working. The people in MO and NOLA seen to leave them alone for the most part. And the Jolie-Pitt kids are seldom seen in LA even though the 4 oldest go to school there.

    This is why I don’t understand why anyone insists of saying they are PR/media seekers. There are plenty of celebs and their kids who are seen daily and who are praised. Double standard in full effect. I guess some people can’t deal with what is but insist on living in what isn’t. What a negative waste of time and energy.

  63. Whatever says:

    “Where are the other 4 children? Why were they not in the photo?”

    Could be a million reasons. Maybe the little ones were napping and the boys off playing. Maybe they didn’t want to be in it. My son did this on Thanksgiving, so he is not in the pic with his siblings and cousins. Oh well, can’t force him and we have tons of pictures of him. The kids are there because it was taken where they are staying.

    As far as the comments about Z’s race and needing a black sibling, please. Look at our president, raised by his white mother and grandparents, went to a white prep school and he turned out just fine. The same will be true of Zahara and I’m certain her parents tell her she is beautiful just the way she is.

  64. Lanette says:

    the kids are beautiful

  65. truthSF says:

    Michael K. from Dlisted sumed up Empress Zee’s expression perfectly:

    “Zahara throwing a “Bitch DON’T EVEN” side-eye at a little boy who has no idea what’s about to come his way”

  66. Isa says:

    Shiloh has been missing that tooth for quite a while, hasn’t she?

  67. Bodhi says:

    I lost an upper front tooth when I was, like, 6 & it took a entire year to grow in. Sometimes it just happens

  68. truthzbetta says:

    Brad looks good for a change. Still weird that he’s wearing same style shirt as Angelina, and they put the kids in the same color shirts too.

    Him copying his woman du jour is super odd but it’s a great photo. Looks like something to put in a lobby with the heading “Welcome to Summer Camp Jolie Pitt” above a cookie jar or something.

  69. truthzbetta says:

    omg, I just caught that Pitt’s sunglasses also match the ones hanging on Angelina’s neckline.

    He’s like the trailer for Single White Female, glad I never saw the movie so I don’t know how that ends.

  70. Whatever says:

    Her tooth isn’t growing in because she is too young. Most kids don’t lose the front tooth until kindergarten or first grade. She is only 4, so she may have knocked it out playing rough or something. Since the new tooth is not ready to come in until age 6 or 7, she will probably look like that for a few more years.

    I had a preschooler in my class years ago who knocked out a front tooth. Her parents had a temporary false tooth put in, which was a little nutty, but they were trying to turn her into a pageant queen and that is why they opted for the false tooth.

  71. nnn says:


    I feel sorry for people like YOU who think that non caucasian folks need to be adopted and surrounded by only caucasians ones to feel insecure about their skin.

    I feel sorry for people like you who think that that type of insecurity that is prevalent in the african american community, the latino community, even the indian and asian community is part of the equation : white parents = inecurity, non white parents/black parents = secure in one’s skin.

    Educate yourself, it’s much much more complex than that and as it has been pointed to you it’s the adult, the society, the media who impose their perception, codification of beauty standards unto the kid who made them feel insecure about themselves.

    African-American community is full of self loathing and skintone code identification, even giving themselves some different skintone related name. Something we don’t see in Africa.

    And Zahara with a much more broader exposition to Africa is about to appreciate even more the different beauties of her roots, languages, people, skintone than many African-Americans whose skintone is not as light as redbone (as they call it in the Africa-American community) Beyonce or even as Tina Knowles and graced with a perfect small nose and permed hair, lacewig or better yet, with perfect good hair like they say in the Black US community and with the constant obsessive need to point out their different background as to validate why they are the beautiful proud African-Americans versus the non beautiful ones, graced with perfect light skintone, green eyes and GOOD hair….Hair, the number two preoccupation after skintone WITHIN the community.

    So, much that they already lached out on Jolie for letting HER child Zahara embrace hers naturally like all Ethiopian kids do in Ethiopia.. They were the ones who were ashamed of those AFRICAN locks and hair texture flowing freerly. Not Zahara, nor her WHITE parents, nor her siblings who find her beautiful in whole her glorious africanity.

    Now, this is SELF loating to the core.

  72. Shay says:

    Zahara really wants the bow and arrow doesn’t she? Talk about giving the little boy death stares.

  73. e says:

    next to dr van vuuren is his wife marlice. she runs a charity and a shelter for wildlife in namibia called’s pretty great, they do some good things for the animals and the people there and she’s done a commercial for a car, I can’t remember the brand, with her three legged cheetah. so yeah, brad and angie keep some good company. good for them

  74. munchies says:

    just imagine brad long ago..
    when he joined Angelina his life turned 360. Probably even himself wont imagine he will travel places like Namibia and earn friends there.

    Look at the people around them, precious! Unlike those in Hollywood.

  75. Isa says:

    I don’t understand how people can read so much from one photo. They seem happy and relaxed, they are on vacation, so more power to them.

  76. breathtaking says:

    What an amazing place to visit…I went to their site- not only do they do very admirable work, the facility is just breathtaking!!

  77. Kasey says:

    @ Trish: I recall years back Jolie admitting to having some trouble bonding w/ Shi (this is actually common w/ new moms and their biological children and I always wondered if that played into it more than she knew/suspected). Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if Papa Pitt had to be more of the nurturer and developed a deep bond with her as a result. Also, lots of little girls have eyes almost only for Daddy and boys who only care for Mummy while they are young. That plus the fact that Shi has an affinity for all things masculine at this stage in her life.

    @PeeFlaUSA, I’ve actually wondered the opposite. First, Angie always sings praise of Z’s wit, humor, charm and has told us that she runs the show. I hope Angie is careful with how her comments may affect her children but I wonder if her sisters might look longingly at her unique beauty and her winning personality (especially since the family is so multi-racial and accepting). Second, these kids have been privileged enough to more easily see that outside of America black women are viewed as just as beautiful and attractive as women of other ethnicities. They’re not confined to the south, America pre-2000 or even America alone. Further, America is slowly (EVER-so-slowly) opening up to the idea that beauty is more than just some Euro-centric box that they’ve tried to limit it to. I wouldn’t be surprised if those kids end up wishing their hair could be like hers or their skin be darker like hers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they’ll have a complex over it or be ruined by it. I’ve heard all of these things from non-black friends during the 10 years I spent in America and from non-Americans since leaving. And in the time in my own country and other countries, it was just accepted that I’m different and beautiful in a different way, not inferior. Ok, done with that!

    Empress Z: I TOLD that boy we’d resume our game AFTER I was finished with my photo shoot! How dare he try to dethrone me in such an obvious and unsneaky way. It’s insulting! Little does he know my loyal siblings are ready and waiting to attack on my signal! Don’t mess with the Empress!

  78. mistake says:

    Kasey- you are mistaken. If you heard a story about a new mom who had trouble bonding with their child, it wasn’t Angie. She’s admitted to all kinds of things, but NEVER not bonding with ANY of her kids. There are many, many sweet pictures of her with ALL of her children. People who have admitted have having child bonding issues include gywneth paltrow & Brooke shields- maybe you are thinking of them or reading tabloids.

  79. Kasey says:

    @ mistake, First, YAY! My first response from a comment! I was actually JUST reading an old post on this site about this and then read Trish’s comment and it made me wonder if this was connected. I have read something to this effect elsewhere that Angie at least said she “feels more” for her other children and recall people being all up in arms about it. Maybe “bonding’ isn’t the right word. Check out the Jan 9 2007 post and tell me what you think would be a more accurate description of what she expressed feeling. Connection?

    I don’t remember hearing this about the other 2 and so it made me wonder if she was dealing with what I know other new moms are surprised by after they give birth and don’t connect with their babies right away.

    I LOVE babies but don’t care for them as newborns because I too feel like they are delicate, small, boring and have no personality to attract me until they are a few months old. But I know this already and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if ever I do give birth. I figure if that’s what she was going through her comments would make sense.

  80. fanny says:

    These people are constantly in front of a camera. They like to pull out their kids like rabbits out of a hat.

  81. mistake says:

    Hi-her comments were about how lucky- in a VERY good way-that Shiloh was right from birth. Kids that aren’t born into good circumstances engender A LOT more empathy from her or anybody else who has seen firsthand how horrible conditions are for some kids RIGHT FROM BIRTH. heck, you don’t even need to see it firsthand, just watch a Nat Geo doc or watch an episode of The Wire- the emphathy will FLOW! So, Angie’s comments have nothing to do with how much she loves or has bonded with ANY of her kids, it’s about feeling moved by the sadness of birth circumstances. Whenever I have a day where I’m feeling sorry for myself, I think how lucky I am to have been born where & when I was born- accident of fate! I hope this helps- happy new year!!

  82. Trish says:

    December 29th, 2010 at 7:39 am
    @ Trish: I recall years back Jolie admitting to having some trouble bonding w/ Shi (this is actually common w/ new moms and their biological children and I always wondered if that played into it more than she knew/suspected). Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if Papa Pitt had to be more of the nurturer and developed a deep bond with her as a result. Also, lots of little girls have eyes almost only for Daddy and boys who only care for Mummy while they are young. That plus the fact that Shi has an affinity for all things masculine at this stage in her life.

    1. Quotes are usually taken out of context.
    2. Your comment “Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if Papa Pitt had to be more of the nurturer and developed a deep bond with her as a result”
    Interesting that YOU feel he HAD to be more of the nurturer, when I look at the photo, it reminds me of me & my Dad when I was at that age, I got the same happy feeling when I saw AJ with one of the twins – it reminded me of my Mom. I was/ am very blessed.

  83. Sakyiwaa says:

    @fanny, well how nice of you to refer to the JP kids as “rabbits”… i hope you don’t have any, “rabbits”‘ i mean…
    @redlips: and again, “what do you care?”
    @cyui, i adore Shi’s playing with her pop’s necklace too! so cute! as for Zee, there are no words to describe…:)!

  84. fanny says:

    #84 I’m sure you understood very well that I wasn’t referring to the kids as rabbits. I was referring to the parents’ habit of pulling the kids out like magic for the cameras when they want good press and empathy.

  85. Kasey says:

    @mistake & Trish

    Yeah, I get that she thinks Shiloh is more privileged but b/c I hadn’t read about it with the twins it made me ponder if it was that new mummy thing some mums go through. I’m an analyzer by nature and I can’t imagine that thinking and publicly expressing those things wouldn’t cause some kind of internal conflict in her initial connection with Shiloh as she rationalizes how she should act lovingly and fairly towards her child. I think I may be on the mark too b/c of her saying that she’s conscious of making sure she doesn’t ignore her needs. Clearly she worked it out because she had 2 more biological children. I commend her for her honesty b/c I have no doubt some other parents of adopted and biological families may struggle with this and its great for them to see that it doesn’t have to be a barrier to loving and nurturing their entire family.

    Trish, like you, I was very close to my Daddy as a little girl. Maybe Pitt didn’t HAVE to do anything extra but my musings were in regards to those statements she made years ago and how that might have affected the foundations of their relationships with Shiloh.

    It is very clear to me that they both love their kids and in light of being Hollywood parents, I think they comes across as very good parents.

  86. Toe says:

    @nnn. You said it perfectly.

  87. Nova Scotia says:

    How hot is Brad in this photo?

    Zahara is eyeing arrow lad -love it.

    I agree with both comments made here re: “Z”‘s place/feelings/emotions within this family, here and now and in her future. Because, I’ve felt BOTH ways. I am humbled to be reminded that it does not matter, since the child is loved by her parents. It is obvious, in my opinion, photo ops or not.

  88. mln76 says:

    Here is the thing about Z having an African sibling sure it’d be great but only if the family is ready for another baby. There’s already six kids and they just had twins 2 years ago. I am betting eventually ONLY WHEN THEY ARE READY they will have more. Whether it’s biological or adopted is really none of our buisiness.Meanwhile she has African cousins, makes regular visits to Africa and is loved by her family and all the rest of her subjects.

  89. Sakyiwaa says:

    @fanny, well, i’m sure your parents kept you locked indoors whenever they had company… never took you on any trips with them like to the zoo or the aquaruim or to an animal santuary where you would just be fascinated with the animals… I hope they didn’t hug you and kiss you in public places cos you just loved to stick to them like glue when you were little and wanted to follow them everywhere and would cry and mope when they didn’t want to take you at first…
    cos if your parents were famous, everyone would just say, “hey, look they are doing it for the publicity again. they don’t really care about those kids.”
    @NovaScotia, yep, Brad is really hot in these pics! hubba hubba! he and Ange both! they look the best when they are not even trying!

  90. fanny says:

    #90 I think the kids would prefer NOT to stick like glue to these parents. They always seem to want to be somewhere else.

  91. mistake says:

    If Brad & Angelina’s kids appear in photos only when they press “good press or empathy”, then they must not need good press or empathy very much at all. On the other hand, Jennifer Garner, Heidi Klum, Jessisa Alba, Halle Berry etc. must all be the incarnation of hitler or twins w/ Bin laden bc we see their rabbits/good press machines/empathy gleeners/kids WAY more often. Good gravy- what could these women have done to be pulling out their rabbits soon much- I know Halle did the hit & run thing & Jen G may have home wrecked a time or two, but geesh!

  92. Cheyenne says:

    Cyui: when did Jolie and Pitt say they weren’t going to adopt again.

    They haven’t, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t. They seem comfortable with six children but they may have reached their limit. In any case, they know how many they can give individual attention to, which seems to be important to them as parents.

  93. Kim says:

    I find it interested that people are concerned about Zahara being the only black child in this family. Where is the concern for Tom Cruises black son 0r Hugh Jackman’s son or Michelle Pfeiffer black daughter or Joely Fisher,Mary Louise Parker’s….black kids?

  94. Vic says:

    They are now in Springfield, i got this pic fron a fan site:
    Angie and the girls in Springfield

  95. Kim says:

    Angie gets criticized for praising Shiloh, calling her funny, daring creative, sylish etc in interviews like Vanity Fair than she is accused of favoring Zahara.She has said Shiloh is just like her and if you’ve read her interviews she talks more about Shiloh than the other 5 kids combined. She can’t win I guess.

  96. anon says:

    @Kim concern is only for Angelina 🙂 seems like Tom’s son is not photo analyzed and I didn’t even know Hugh Jackman had children of color (which is why I come to this site so I can stay informed). I have also heard Angelina speak about Shiloh many, many times. Angelina wins where it counts,with her children, how they feel is all that needs to matter 🙂

  97. LUCI LIU says:


  98. Whatever says:

    I LOVE babies but don’t care for them as newborns because I too feel like they are delicate, small, boring and have no personality to attract me until they are a few months old. But I know this already and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if ever I do give birth. I figure if that’s what she was going through her comments would make sense.

    I remember the comment and people freaking trashing her for it, not here, on The moms there were ripping her to shreds. I thought at the time that it was because Shiloh was her first newborn baby. The others were older, which means they interacted more, and had more of a “personality”. I also think that is why similar comments were not made about the twins. She already had experience with a newborn by that time and realized that the bonding would come in time. No need to bash her for it. Seems like a normal reaction to me. It does seem that she can’t win, regardless of what she says or does.


    Maybe they want to be held. I have one that wanted to be carried until I could not physically lift her off the ground. A good mom responds to the needs of each child and they all have unique needs. Some like the closeness of being held or carried, while others want to walk the minute they are able to do it on their own.

  99. Cheyenne says:

    Hey Luci, you want to hit that Caps Lock key one more time? We can hear you fine, no need to shout. Besides, it’s bad manners.

  100. AC says:

    I’m so sick of the whole “Zahara has an attitude problem” or “she is just like Grace Jones with only more attitude” (actual quote from above).

    Give it a rest already, she’s just a kid. I know they’re just jokes (at least I hope so) but seriously, how can people make so many negative assumptions about a cute little child from a photo? And for the last time, Zahara does smile! 🙂

  101. annaloo says:

    Maybe Zahara has a little crush on that boy… he does seem to have all her attention….=0) Were there any picture sof her smiling at him?

  102. Dani says:

    Zahara says, “PUT the arrow down, Cupid!”

  103. kuku666 says:

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  104. 美丽无边 says: