Tom Cruise’s mother and sister finally move out – at Katie’s insistence

It seems Katie Holmesbot may have a backbone after all. Or at least a tail bone. It may have taken years and years, but Katie has finally gotten her way on one important issue – living alone with her husband and their children. Tom’s mother, sister, and his sister’s two children have been living with him for several years, since his divorce from Nicole Kidman. His sister Cass even homeschooled Tom and Nicole’s kids, and took care of them whenever he was traveling.

Katie has been rumored to be unhappy with the living arrangement pretty much since the time she first came into Tom’s life. Of course the thought of Katie Holmesbot having a say in who lives in her house is kind of ridiculous, so it didn’t seem like anything would ever come of it. But she’s finally gotten her way – when the couple moved into their new home, mom and sister Cruise stayed behind, and are now living at the Scientology Centre.

…when Katie and Tom recently moved into a $35 million home in Beverly Hills, Katie put her foot down and insisted that everyone — other than Suri and Tom’s two children with Nicole Kidman, Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13 — find another place to live. “It’s about time for Tom and Katie to live alone,” another pal adds. “They never have before.”

The adjustment may be difficult for Tom, 46. His mother, Mary Lee South, and three sisters have been a constant presence in his life since he divorced Nicole in 2001. All are Scientologists, and Mary Lee and sister Cass have lived with him at different points. “He’s very close with his sisters and his mother and he always welcomes his family into his house,” an insider says …“Cass and her sons have been an integral part of Tom’s life, and Cass helps take care of Tom’s children when he is away,” adds the insider.

But when Katie finally said enough is enough, “Tom agreed things needed to be different,” the family friend says. “He assured her that they would not be moving in with them.” Instead, Mary Lee and Cass will remain at a duplex apartment at the Scientology Centre on Hollywood Boulevard, where the entire Cruise clan stayed while their new house was being renovated.

[From In Touch]

Somehow a duplex apartment seems like a big step down from a multimillion dollar mansion. Since it’s part of the Scientology Centre I’m sure it’s nicer than most other apartments. But it still seems like a significant downgrade. I’m pretty damn sure that Tom Cruise could afford to buy his mom and sister a decent house if he wanted.

It’s his money and they’re all adults, so I’m not saying he should, I’m just saying if he were so inclined, it’s not like it’d be a hardship. And if he’s as close to them as everyone says, it seems odd that he’d shuffle them off to the Scientology Centre instead of a nice little cottage in Studio City or something.

I bet they’re really there for reprogramming. Tom needs to keep up his bot maintenance a little better. Clearly he’s falling behind on Katie’s.

Here’s Tom and Katie in downtown Los Angeles on July 16th. What is going on with Katie’s shoes? Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. Jay Leno says:

    Ok, now who’s going to do Tom’s laundry and clean up his room…oh thats right, katie will!

  2. CelebitchyFAN says:

    I notice your little tag says, what’s with Katie’s shoes” but the better question should be, “ARE HER PANTS TIGHT ROLLED AT THE BOTTOM?! HELLO 1991!!!” LOL And, I wonder, were these pics taken during the “purple hand” phase of brain washing or was it really just that cold in California on July 16th? Hmmmm…

  3. Jann says:

    Even better…Black stockings? Socks?

    I think she’s been invaded by body snatchers…the blank stare

  4. LC says:

    What the hell is up with that look???

  5. bc says:

    what’s wrong with her face???

  6. daisy424 says:

    Couldn’t imagine having the in-laws living with me, hard enough putting up with them at holidays.
    She’s a young wife and mother, maybe now she can start living her life with her husband and child(ren) without the rest of the family.
    Good luck to them.

  7. ziggybutterfly says:

    Notice how he looks taller than her in these pictures. The floor looks slanty, like the shot was doctored. Look at his freak shoes!

  8. Kelly says:

    Too bad the story has no truth to it. Tommy’s mommy is happily ensconced in the new creepy mansion. Please, as if Katie would actually be allowed a say in anything!

  9. Exiled says:

    Wasnt her hair etc… for her guest spot on Eli Stone (probably a musical number) See she’s wearing tights in her sandals..

  10. ri23 says:

    This explains soooo much.

  11. All Adither says:

    Holy crap. Who cares about the headline. Are her freaking pants pegged? No likey. Not at all.

  12. Bodhi says:

    Yeah, these pics were taken during the filming of her eppy of Eli Stone. Good God, at least I hope so!

    The fact that she put up with that passel of Tom’s family for so long, for me anyway, just proves her bot-ness. I love my soon to be in-laws to death, but ain’t no way in HELL I could live with them!

  13. steph says:

    Don’t like the hair-do…too 80’s.

  14. xiaoecho says:

    Posh has been photographed two or three times now wearing the same style jeans and now Katie turns up in them. Unfortunately they look like crap on her because she doesn’t have Posh’s daring or style. She’s a follower

  15. Chrissie says:

    Every one of you should be ashamed for the amount of time you spend here bashing Katie and saying the same things. Yes you maybe teenagers and former scientology kids, but get a boyfriend and get a life. Don’t you think freak freak freak gets old?

    By the way, Tom and Katie were living at the scientology centre while cass and his mom remained at the old house. Celebitchy, didn’t you cover that story? Then again, you are too biased to see what is infront of your face.

  16. Bodhi says:

    Chrissie, honey, I’m not a teenager & I’m getting married in 3 months. And thank Buddha I wasn’t raised a $cientologist. Is commenting on TonKat stories your job for the $cientologists?

    No-one in thier right mind can deny that the TomKat relationship is, um, different. Or that Kat(i)e has changed.

  17. ladee says:

    I’m sick of their asses too!

  18. bros says:

    god its amazing what a good makeup person can do for your face. Katie’s makeup in this pic really brings out all the bad features of her face. im aware its catty, but gee whiz.

  19. Yardie says:

    I don’t care if the is true or junk. I’d like to know who put Katie’s outfit together and thought they were doing her a favour.

  20. DLR says:

    Isn’t Tom’s mum still married to some guy in Florida or did she divorce him? The Cruise women do not have any ability to live on their own, they’ve always depended on Tom to look after them. Tom also doesn’t know what to do without them. I bet the whole family will all be living together again in a few months. Katie won’t have any say for much longer.

  21. Samantha says:

    =( She looks so empty in the eyes now..

  22. aleach says:

    FIRST things first…her outfit/hair…haha yikes.
    and WHY is tom the same height as her, and shes wearing heels. that doesnt even make sense. weird…
    its so funny how some people that get on here get so uptight and bent out of shape bc people are “ragging” on these celebrities.
    its just gossip, lighten up. these people arent really your friends, so theres no need to get upset and feel the need to defend them. lets not take it so SERIOUSLY!
    its a GOSSIP website, its just for fun…jeeeeesh!! 😀

  23. snappyfish says:

    Congrats Bodhi on your impending wedding. Best wishes to you.

  24. dew says:

    I’m guessing the reason they’re going to the center instead of Tom buying them their own home is that he’s thinking this will all blow over soon after he temporarily appeases Katie.

    Katie’s new hair looks cute, but what’s up with the shoveled-on make-up? And I agree with everyone in the entire universe about mixing those shoes, hose, and hideous jeans. Is she getting fashion tips from the Olsen Trolls now?

    Those shoes are supposed to be for skin-tight mini-dresses ❗

  25. Snowblood says:

    Everyone’s flipping out over Katie’s insane wardrobe/make-up but you guys aren’t getting that she’s still in costume between takes on some film shoot in these photographs. I mean, she isn’t THIS nuts, yet, give the woman a break, here, ’cause of all she’s lost about herself from this contractual life-for-soul arrangement, she’s gained in both the smarts about the best clothes in the world and the cash to buy a brand new Armani suit with Pashmina shawl or Balenciaga dress or air of Ferragamos every single day if she felt like it.

    I’m tellin’ you, there is NO way Katie Holmes would, or Tom would let, dress like this on the normal. 😆 😆 Are you KIDding?! No way!

    BTW, Scientology is a dangerous, abusive, fraudulent and entirely destructive cult; undercover cultists who might pop into the Cruse or Scientology-related threads to “work,” please know you’re in danger and are being very mentally and financially abused, get OUT of that cult and save yourselves! Or not, suit yourself. But you’re just feeding the beast, supporting a force of destruction and madness like that. You’re victims, but you’re complicit, too.

  26. Kat says:

    Tom still lives with his mommy?? Who knew !

  27. Annette says:

    I rarely comment but I love this site.

    I never understand the need to be hateful about Tomkat. Yes their marriage is different, their beliefs are wierd but who cares. get over it and move on.

    Bodhi, don’t you have a wedding to plan and a baby to prepare for? Do you plan to have pictures of Brangelina on the cake and a chant of ‘down with Tom Cruise’ at your wedding? I can already guess the name of your baby. Shiloh, or Knox or Vivianne…

    You seem to be an extreme on these two couples. Any one who posts here can clearly see you need mental help with your obsessive hate for Tom and Katie and Obsessive love for Brangelina. I am starting to feel sorry for whoever is marrying you and that baby. Clearly you have mental issues that you are grappling with. Camping on the internet is not healthy. Obsessive love and hate for strangers is not healthy either. Seek help before you go completely wacko. You are nearly there.


  28. Kevin says:

    Annette,,, thank you for rarely posting.

  29. drm says:

    Kevin…can I second that? Motion carried…Annette please continue to rarely post…and Bodhi have a ball at your wedding 🙂

  30. duda says:

    well thanks for your arm chair analysis… and thanks for rarely posting, we appreciate it.

  31. xiaoecho says:

    Kevin….thank you for thanking Annette

    Don’t worry Bodhi, you’re not the only one who gets accused of obsessive hate….it seems to be the accusation of choice for unhinged people

  32. geronimo says:

    Seconding (and thirding etc) all of the above from Kevin onwards.

    (ARE you going to have Brange on your cake, bodhi? Pics obligatory if you are 😆 )

  33. ri23 says:

    Bodhi: Maybe you should have an Annette cake…but then again it’ll be misspelled and taste a lot like crazy.

  34. tom is 46 years old why the hell would he have his family live with him and katy i think she has lost it, i think she is living with a controlling husband i hope some day she wakes up and takes suri with her and get the hell out of dodge, she can do better,.mm

  35. i am a survivor of domestic violence katie wake up and get out and be smart do what is best for you and suri, get away all together scientilogy to me sounds like a cult and you need to be as far away from that as possible , i thought katie you are smarter than that are we all wrong than???????????? i know i am not the one acting crazy letting a man control me like that,.mm

  36. Carrie says:

    They both look terrible in these pictures. Yes, she had to have her hair done for a part but dont they have stylists on hand to wash it and blow it back to normal afterwards?

    As for Tom’s 12 year old’s bowl haircut….if anything he looks worse.

  37. boomchakaboom says:

    Kevin,drm, duda,xiaoecho, geronimo:

    Thank you all for thanking Annette, and DITTO.

  38. Bodhi says:

    Wow, alot has happened since I turned of my laptop & went on about my life.

    I’m not even gonna bother with Annette, he/she/it isn’t worth it. 🙄 I do seem to be attacked quite often these days, I guess more psychos are reading CB. My intial comment wasn’t even that bad!

    I doubt my fiance would be down with a Brangie cake. Its not really my style anyway. Although he wants his groom’s cake to be a tattoo machine! 😆 Thanks for all the well wishes & thanks for all the back up!

  39. daisy424 says:

    Bohdi, the BAD’s are being attacked. Notice the mention of AJ on this thread?
    They are the same 3 posters under different names. I have been attacked on non-AJ threads by them also.

    When they sign up for Gravatar and we know who’s who, I might take them seriously.

    Yes, that’s a challenge.

  40. Bodhi says:

    Yeah, you’re probably right, daisy. And WE need to get lives? 🙄

  41. geronimo says:

    Just to check: You did know I was joking on the cake front, didn’t you, bodhi? No, of course you did (forgot who I was talking to there for a minute.) Whew. It’s just that we have to be so careful these days for fear of being taken seriously when we’re just having a laugh. 🙄

    ps. I KNEW a tattoo would be involved. 8)

  42. poopie says:



  43. EVELYN says:


  44. Christina says:

    Well, it’s obvious Katie is wearing her clothing that way because of a special detoxification process every Scientologist has to go through. She is wearing black stockings to cover up the bruises and her flushed purple skin. She tried to cover her hands for the same reason as well. She is wearing a freaking SWEATER in heat and long thick jeans? Think. Her jeans are rolled tightly so as to not reveal anymore flushed skin. Her makeup is on thick because her face is as pail as a ghost. I am not judging but stating a fact that she is going through a very body ripping, detox.

  45. holly says:

    The only thing better would have been for her to kick him out too. She does look like she’s in a daze most of the time.

  46. Chris S says:

    Back in college, we LOVED to ‘Pick,’ on him. He IS fake! And, we decided, that he has a small, penis, and that is why he is, the way he is! With that movie, where he starred as a, ‘Motivational Speaker,’ we could just picture him, standing on stage, saying, “I have a small penis, and, I am PROUD of it!!”

  47. hellnurse says:

    Katie is looking pretty these days.
    Tom I am sorry your a short little troll guy.
    Best of luck to you guy’s anyway-

  48. AL says:

    Katie wore her shirts/sweaters like this on Dawson’s creek; as did “the ghost whisperer” on party of five 💡 and many other girls in that genre… didn’t they say then that it was b/c they made themselves throw up and were covering up their damaged hands? ❓

  49. ri23 says:

    holly: That dazed look just means her batteries are low.

  50. Betty says:

    I cannot believe that Katie stood for those in-laws living with them one day after marriage. So way to go, Katie!!

  51. Elizabeth says:

    Don’t care about the living arrangements, but just want to know – hey, what’s with the hair Tom. He must be a fan of Moe Howard.

  52. Rather live without the parents says:

    lol @ the comments

  53. solomeeeo says:

    OMG, who gives a rip!!!

  54. Jo says:

    Along with Katies new dew she got a new attitude…from commoner to royality (or so she thinks). Frankly most of the hollywood social set thinks they are above everything.

  55. Michele says:

    I always come to this site for some laughs. There is always opposing ideas and interesting stories. I can not say I like either couple, but that’s show biz, I guess. It’s all about them, they use their kids to make money for them. Good thing they have nannies, because, it’s hard on them with all the travel, rehearsals, dinners and programs to promote their shows. Did I say that? I mean’t it’s hard on the kids, I was being sarcastic. Poor Katie looks like a little waif from “Les Mis”.

  56. Liz says:

    My gosh Tom is the one who needs the makeover. The older he gets the bigger his nose grows. Hope he isn’t a liar. And yeh the little boy hair do. Imagine at 60.

  57. jusbnfrank says:

    N***A PLEASE!!! I have never been one to use the N word, but I will not have Whoopie Goldberg, or anyone else tell me they have the right to use a word and that I do not. In the spirit of unity, I urge all bloggers to start their posts with N***A PLEASE!!! until Jesse Jackson resigns from Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. If enough folks do what I suggest, it will bring news attention, causing him to resign or be fired. For years he has blackmailed companies and gotten people fired for committing the same sin. Jackson must go.

  58. jusbnfrank says:

    N***A PLEASE!!! These two are freaks, especially the little munchkin, Tom. He is a man of marginal intelligence desperately trying to come across as smart. He sports the same hairdo he had in Risky Business, only now it is to hide going bald. They should live alone and I feel sorry for the kids. They’re the ones who will pay the price. Pray for them. It’s too late for Tom & Katie.

  59. Jerry says:

    I knew Tom would do the right thing, he is a great man. I like Katie too and I think they are great together( without the extended family).

  60. pat lantz says:

    i am so sick and tired of hearing about these rich stuck up people. tom is a sick sob involved in a anti-christian and anti-american cult. in my opinion he should be in a rubber room. being rich does not change the fact that he is one sick twisted sob! god help him. he will sure need it!

  61. Jim says:

    Who gives a rats posterior? All these cult nuts need company of one another.

  62. Cassie says:

    Yes, it probably is petty to rag on TomKat. I think Tom Cruise scares people, and people tend to lash out when frightened.

  63. Ken says:

    My fiance’ was locked up, threatened, held against her will, and chased (after she escaped) by $cientologists in Orange County. Her life and her son’s life was threatened for 3 years afterwards. She became a recluse b/c she was even followed when she traveled or walked her child around the neighborhood. Private investigators posed as attorneys and reported her to the authorities for abusing her child – false accusations that caused her to leave town until she could prove herself innocent. They knocked on her family’s doors late at night to shout accusations, and tried to alienate her from her family completely. She feels she is one of the lucky ones that rejected their teachings…she is alive.

  64. Tim says:

    I always figured Tom to be a “Mommas Boy”, but I didn’t figure it was this extreme. I wonder how long before Tom brings them to the mansion under cover of darkness. “Hey Katie!! SURPRISE!!!”

    Also, I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but when Tom was dating Penelope, she cut her hair short…Tom dates/marries Katie…she cut her hair short…hmmm, guess little Tommy really likes short hair (not that there’s anything wrong with that…I just don’t think the two ladies did it of their own fruition)

  65. Lynda says:

    ➡ Quoting Chrissie “Every one of you should be ashamed for the amount of time you spend here bashing Katie and saying the same things. Yes you maybe teenagers and former scientology kids, but get a boyfriend and get a life. Don’t you think freak freak freak gets old?

    By the way, Tom and Katie were living at the scientology centre while cass and his mom remained at the old house. Celebitchy, didn’t you cover that story? Then again, you are too biased to see what is infront of your face. ”

    ➡ Reply: Oh come on Chrissie. What do you expect people to say on a site like this? 💡 I have my PhD and work in the medical field but do you think most people reading “celebitchy” (including YOU)are not going to bash people just as this site does? It’s reading material and I don’t put too much stock in the site yet as this is my first time here. Time will tell if this story is true but I don’t blame her for wanting her family to live without inlaws. She’s young, smitten with her DH, a Mother of a beautiful little girl and his wife. Time for his family to go elsewhere even if he builds another upper scale home for them. They need time alone as a couple and family.
    So others don’t like her rolled up jeans? Big deal, neither do I but I wish I were in here shape, then again I was at her age. I’m just 40 and can’t keep up with the young people physically although I stay in decent shape for my age.
    If you don’t like what’s said here then don’t read it.
    Have a great evening all. 😀

  66. gg says:

    I can’t get over that whack hair and makeup job she’s sporting. Never noticed a lazy right eye before either, but she may just be bored to tears. I do that sometimes in meetings to entertain myself. Maybe that’s what she’s doing. lol

  67. Ed says:

    Katie should grow more than just a tail bone in this situation. Katie needs to seek out some professional help with the brainwashing that was done to her by these Scientology kooks. Also, when she regains her mind and her free will, she should run as fast as her two legs can carry her, and get away from this cult. I thought that for years, the worst people to come knocking on your doors was the Mormons and the Jahova Witness, but the worst kooks in this world are the people that believe in the raving from a mad man who is dead in L. Ron Hubbard. I don’t care what power Travolta, Cruise, or any of the other Hollywood people have, if they come to my door, they will be meet with a baseball bat upside their head. Sciencetology is nothing more than a brainwashing cult.

  68. ab says:

    “Bodhi: Maybe you should have an Annette cake…but then again it’ll be misspelled and taste a lot like crazy”

    I was trying to think of some words to make Bodhi feel better and then read that… So good, so funny, and very precise. All the regulars on here are usually well informed and thought out commenters and I enjoy reading them. Congrats and I hope you have a wonderful wedding Bodhi.

  69. carolann says:

    what happened to her hands they are covered with her sweater? They have been married for such a short time and the only one who seems to be always trying to change how she looks is Katie.
    It seems she may feels she is not good enough just being Katie.

  70. Jill says:

    i know i am a little late on this, but apparently annette is saying that she *doesn’t* have a wedding to plan, other things going on in her life, etc… thus has time to write her not-so-little rant on bodhi? don’t be such a jerk, you’re on here reading celebrity gossip just like the rest of us.

    and bodhi, congrats on the wedding!

  71. Bodhi says:

    Wow! Again, thanks for all the lovely thoughts everyone!

    Ken~ That is crazy!! I hope your fiance, her son & her family are doing well & have stopped being stalked!

  72. Victoria says:

    Congratulations to Bodhi!!!! I have always been on Just Jared, and have just found this website. It is great and I love it. To Ken, that is awful about your fiance`. But has anyone noticed how Katies mom has been with her alot the last few weeks? It is like Tom has called upon her to keep in eye on her. She has been so depressed looking for a long time and I believe that Tom has finally become really worried. What do you guys think???? And that lawsuit ongoing against the Church of the Robotics and Stepfords. I somehow believe that poor man who is filing it may disappear. This same time last year, Katie looked great with her classic clothes and make-up on daily, and her new cute bob hair cut. Now, she has aged and looks pale and pitiful. Even though she shops, the store managers ( people magazine ) say she just picks up stuff and lays it down, then leaves quitely. Very saddly and slowly and stoic. Comments anyone?????

  73. PIPPA says:

    I think that the jeans are very ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.’ All hype and no style – yuk!

  74. rippatoot says:

    ok. katie holmes with tom cruise is kind of like ben affleck with jlo. i liked him before. but couldnt stand him with her. i loved katie holmes pre tom cruise. now she is just. weird. kind of like ole tom too.