Did Mila Kunis & Macauley Culkin break up after six years together?

LAS VEGAS - OCTOBER 15:  Actor Macaulay Culkin (L) and actress Mila Kunis attend the launch of the 'uBid for Hurricane Relief' charity auction and benefit at the Empire Ballroom October 15, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of the proceeds from the auction will be split evenly between the Brett Favre Fourward Foundation, the RockWorks Foundation and the Child Welfare League of America. The organizations will use money raised to help areas in the Gulf Coast devastated by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. The online part of the auction continues on uBid.com through November 1, 2005.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Sad news, if it’s true. In Touch Weekly is reporting that Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin have called it quits after six years together. They were a really low-key couple, and they rarely walked red carpets together or anything like that, so I wonder if we’ll even hear a confirmation or a denial of this report either way. And even though it’s ITW, I still think this report could be true – Mila hasn’t mentioned Mac once during her Black Swan interviews, and they haven’t been spotted together (in candids, out and about) in a while. Could it be?

After six years together, Mila Kunis, 27, and former child star Macaulay Culkin have called it quits.

“They broke up a while ago but kept it quiet. They weren’t on the same page,” an insider tells In Touch. “Mac lives in New York, and she lives in LA, and since her career took off, it was too hard to keep the relationship going.”

The Black Swan star once gushed: “He’s an amazing guy, who is probably the most brilliant person I’ve ever met. He’s so, so smart and so aware and so kind.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

I hate to say it, but Mila could do so much better. It kind of reminds me of Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe – Chad knew Hilary when her biggest credit was 90210, and then suddenly she’s an Oscar winner. While I don’t think Mila’s transformation into an A-list film actress will be that dramatic, Mac is still giving me Chad Lowe vibes. Oh well… I hope they’re both doing well if they have split. Now who should Mila be with? The rumor was going around that Justin Timberlake was trying to get up on her, but that Mila put a stop to it pretty quickly. So… she’s got a good head on her shoulders. Hopefully, she’ll find a non-douche.

LAS VEGAS - OCTOBER 15:  Actor Macaulay Culkin (L) and actress Mila Kunis attend the launch of the 'uBid for Hurricane Relief' charity auction and benefit at the Empire Ballroom October 15, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of the proceeds from the auction will be split evenly between the Brett Favre Fourward Foundation, the RockWorks Foundation and the Child Welfare League of America. The organizations will use money raised to help areas in the Gulf Coast devastated by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. The online part of the auction continues on uBid.com through November 1, 2005.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS - OCTOBER 15:  Actor Macaulay Culkin (L) and actress Mila Kunis attend the launch of the 'uBid for Hurricane Relief' charity auction and benefit at the Empire Ballroom October 15, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of the proceeds from the auction will be split evenly between the Brett Favre Fourward Foundation, the RockWorks Foundation and the Child Welfare League of America. The organizations will use money raised to help areas in the Gulf Coast devastated by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. The online part of the auction continues on uBid.com through November 1, 2005.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS - OCTOBER 15:  Actor Macaulay Culkin (L) and actress Mila Kunis attend the launch of the 'uBid for Hurricane Relief' charity auction and benefit at the Empire Ballroom October 15, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of the proceeds from the auction will be split evenly between the Brett Favre Fourward Foundation, the RockWorks Foundation and the Child Welfare League of America. The organizations will use money raised to help areas in the Gulf Coast devastated by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. The online part of the auction continues on uBid.com through November 1, 2005.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

42739, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Tuesday July 20 2010. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake film scenes for Friends with Benefits in Central Park, NYC. The SexyBack singer and the Forgetting Sarah Marshall hottie looked serious as they filmed, while the paparazzi looked on. Kunis, also of That 70s Show , has been dating former child star Macaulay Culkin since 2002. Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com

48266, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Monday December 6 2010. Mila Kunis signs autographs for fans after recording a talk show in Hollywood.Photograph:  Greg Tidwell, PacificCoastNews.com

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  1. lucy2 says:

    I forgot they were ever together. Very low key. Like her a lot, I think she has a very, very promising career ahead of her.

  2. KatScorp says:

    Talk about a low key couple. I didn’t even know the pair were dating! Didn’t Culkin only just get divorced last year? Oh well, I’m not hip on most gossip outside of country music stalkers. Culkin should be fine. He’s got that duckling look working for him that so many straight women go all “awww” over.

  3. the original bellaluna says:

    LOVE the side-eye she’s giving Skippy in that pic. Classic!

    (Even though I’m sure it’s a still from a movie, it sums up my opinion of him perfectly. “Douche-tastic”, with a bit of “bitch, please” thrown in for good measure. AWESOME!)

    I think she & McCauley look happy together, so I hope this isn’t true. Any time you’re with someone “so, so smart, and so aware, and so kind,” he/she is worth more than a second glance. Work isn’t everything, and it will only carry you so far.

  4. mslewis says:

    They always seemed like a strange couple to me, like they just didn’t belong together. It’s strange for me to think that since I never judge couples but to me Culkin is still the ugly little boy from the “Home Alone” movies. Having said that, I can believe that he is smart, intelligent and fun to be with. After all, he was smart enough to dump his manager-father. (Too late to save his career but soon enough to be able to keep most of the money he earned.)

    Anyway, I hope Mila wins the best-supporting Oscar and I hope she finds someone to be with. She seems like a nice lady.

  5. KelBear says:

    Love those candid pics of them sitting at the table!

  6. Anon says:

    First of all, they are not broken up. Second of all, they’ve been together EIGHT years since may 2002, not six years. Third of all, the long distance and Mila working excuse is absolute BS. Her schedule was way more demanding almost every day of the week doing a Sitcom for 8 years while dating mac for 4/5 of those years where she was more busy than now. hey both live in the same house in both LA and NYC. Also, they’re reps etc rarely or never comment on Mila or Mac’s personal life, yet these “insiders” are talking about Mila’s career supposedly being too much? I know both Mac & Mila. They are staying more low key than ever right now since Mila has gotten more recognised and she won’t talk about the relationship at all anymore. When will morons stop believing these stupid media rumors.

  7. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I thought they were together longer than that. Sad. She could date the Gosling & it would be OK.

  8. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I hope she finds a guy who is low key like her and is really good looking.

    I like her as an actress too but I think she can do WAYYYYYY better than Mac…

  9. lin234 says:

    She is gorgeous and seems so nice.

  10. Someone Else says:

    Thank you, Anon. I didn’t want this to be true — I’ve way too much respect for her.

  11. malachais says:

    I hope they’re still together, personally if Macaulay made big bank as a kid and wants to live a normal life, good for him. I honestly don’t think he is pursuing acting at this point, or interested in acting for that matter.

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Anon – Thank you! I feel so much better now. I’d fervently hoped this wasn’t true. (I still do.)

    (But my comments about JT/”Skippy” stands!) 😀 I don’t think she’d EVER be so silly as to get involved with him. I certainly hope not!

  13. Samigirl says:

    I am struggling to think where, but I watched or read an interview with her where she said she was single, and that her and Mac where on a break, taking time apart, etc.

  14. deedee says:

    Why is everyone putting down Mac for his looks and that Mila can do soooo much better??? Seems all the Good looking guys are jerks anyway. The peeps who posted those comments are the superficial ones. Looks aren’t everything. Just sayin. I think those comments are mean.

  15. LT says:

    Aw, I hope they didn’t break up. I love low-key hollywood couples and they always seemed so sweet on each other.

    edit: @deedee – TRUTH.

  16. Lenore says:

    Ugh, seriously, all those people saying “she could do better” – you need to look at yourselves. Are you kidding me? What value scale are you using to define “better”? So she should have a guy who’s hotter, more ripped, more famous, what? Not the guy who has apparently been making her happy for the best part of the last decade? (News to me, I’d no idea they were together, but they certainly LOOK happy in those pics.)

    Imagine if this story was “Mila Kunis ditches Mac for hot model”. Would you be applauding her for “trading up”? Or would these same people be calling her out as a traitorous bitch for dumping her loyal BF?

  17. Listerino says:

    I really hope a good role comes up for Macauley and that he gets back into the acting scene (If he’s still pursuing that line of work that is). I really liked his work in The Good Son, and I do think that he has talent. It’s sad he just got put into the “child actor” basket and hollywood sort of forgot about him once he grew up.

  18. taye says:

    I’m enough of a fan of Mila’s that I have seen several articles or pictures of her on various websites and I can give some insights.

    –Regarding the pictures in this story of Mila and Mac, they were taken at a charity event in 2005, so that was a long time ago.

    @original bellaluna: yes, the picture of Mila with Justin was taken while they were filming a scene for Friends with Benefits, so don’t make anything of it…her character is having a heated discussion with his character.

    –as to the rest of this story, I think you have to consider the source as far as where it originated from. In touch weekly is not one to necessarily get things accurately reported.

    I have no idea at this point if it is true or not. But I seriously doubt it. They have actually been dating since 2002, so it is getting close to 9 years, not 6….they are very private and it would probably take time before the truth is known. I know as recently as 6 months ago in an interview she gushed about how wonderful Mac is. And as others have mentioned already, they have dealt with the distance NY to LA for years and Mila still spends a lot of time in NY. Right now I seriously doubt the story is true. But I guess time will tell.

  19. JSal says:

    I have to agree with some of the other comments. How exactly can she do “so much better? Since when does a person’s level of stardom/looks define their worth? I could see if the guy were a jerk, but by all accounts he’s a nice-looking, kind, decent person. What an ugly remark.

  20. Samigirl says:

    I cosign with DeeDee….If he treats her well, what does it matter what he looks like. Good looks don’t last (with the possible exception of Paul Newman), so all one needs is a good person to spend their life with 🙂

  21. FatJennyFromBurgerBlock says:

    I’m completely baffled why Mac isn’t good enough for her? Just cause her career is taking off and he had his days doesn’t mean anything. Blame it on the distance between LA and NY. Maybe their relationship ran its course, but to insinuate that she is getting too big for him because of her ‘transformation’ into A-List is pretty shallow. I’m sure Mac is a pretty amazing guy, just like Mila stated.

  22. nycmom10024 says:

    In his standup (Netflix) Russell Brand talks about meeting Mila during Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He thought she was beautiful and approached her to hit on her, and then she introduced him to her boyfriend who he calls Macauley F’ing Culkin. That kid from the movie!”

    A very funny scene. In any case, I wish them well.

  23. Iggles says:

    Thanks Anon!

    I don’t believe this BS. They’ve been together for 8 years and I wish them continued happiness!

    I don’t know what people are talking about, saying she could do better. Mac is an attractive guy and he’s successful. The dude never has to work again, but I don’t consider him a has-been!

    And whoever said he was an ugly kid – what a hateful thing to say! I completely disagree! My sister and I loved him when we were kids AND he wouldn’t have been such a successful child actor if people didn’t think he was cute!

  24. devilgirl says:

    I don’t get the ” She could do sooooo much better” comments. From things I have read about Culkin, he is a nice guy who lives a normal life and picks and chooses his projects because he can. He was excellent in Party Monster.

    Just because she isn’t always blabbing about their “date nights” and home life, doesn’t mean they are dunzo. Some actors like to keep their public lives separate from their private. Shocking, I know.

  25. Lori says:

    When I first heard they were dating, I thought they were an odd couple. They certainly seem happy and I think he’s kind of cute. I had always just considered him a child actor, then he was on Will & Grace and was hilarious. I hope he finds a good grown-up role. If he wants it, that is.

  26. Hautie says:

    One of the funniest things I saw Macauley work on as an adult, was a guest role on Will & Grace.

    Playing Karen’s soon to be ex-husband’s, lawyer.

    Oh and that wonderful little movie called “Saved!”. Loved it.

    Macauley is a man in need of a great TV show. He has such great timing and does comedy so well, that I think TV would be a great fit for him.

    And I will for ever love him for Uncle Buck. (It is still my favorite John Hughes movie.)

  27. Embee says:

    If they are finished (which would be sad, but entirely understandable given their ages when they got together) we should not be so eager to match her up with someone. Girlfriend may need some single time to figure out who she is NOT in a relationship! I like that she admires her man’s intelligence…beauty fades but stupid is forever!

  28. tango says:

    Well I don’t know if they are togather or not. I expect if they have broken up, they behaved the same way ending their relationship as they did while togather. Low key, private and respectful. So it’s possible the relationship is over and these two didn’t feel the need to make a big announcement about it.
    I think both are very nice people so if the relationship didn’t work out for whatever reason then it didn’t work out.

  29. Kevin says:

    On cue,,,,,,Enters the Dark Dickster himself, racist pork pole in hand. Always thought she could do better than him, (irrespective of what every poster before me said) but I could make a list of those.

  30. Bodhi says:

    OMG Saved! is SUCH a fabulous movie!! I am seriously hoping that they didn’t break up (thanks Anon!!).

  31. I Choose Me says:

    Co-sign with Lenore and everyone else who doesn’t get the she could do so much better comments. I like to look at hot guys as much as the next red blooded female but looks are not the be all end all. Who would want to do better than “an amazing guy, who is probably the most brilliant person I’ve ever met. He’s so, so smart and so aware and so kind.” And IF they are broken up, I don’t think it’s because she wants to trade-up or whatever. Mila’s better than that. Isn’t that why we like her?

  32. Tia C says:

    This is a gossip website, not group therapy. If we can’t come here and make superficial comments about people we don’t know, where the heck can we do that? LOL! I think those who are commenting that Mila could do so much better are only commenting about outward appearances because obviously none of us (or not many of us anyway) know these people personally. She IS way better looking than him, IMO. It’s merely a subjective observation. He may be a good comic actor, but he’s simply not a physically attractive guy. Obviously Mila doesn’t feel that way though, and that’s all that really matters.

  33. Alejandro says:

    Watch her come out dating Justin Timberlake in six months or so. I’m calling it already.

  34. crtb says:

    Had no idea they were dating.

  35. Cidee says:

    @Tia c – THANK YOU!
    People take this sh*t so personally. IT’S GOSSIP. PEOPLE! Sheesh.

  36. LolaBella says:

    Preach it Tia C! LOL.

    That said, if there is any truth to this story,I could definitely see her with The Gosling.

  37. mojoman says:

    Wow I didnt even know she is/was dating Culkin (still and will think of him as the adorable home alone kid), I must be living under a rock

  38. albeli says:

    I had no idea they were together, much less since 2002. In fact, I’d forgotten all about him (and her, too, before Black Swan).

  39. devilgirl says:

    I really don’t take anything on here personally. Like the rest, I make comments and express opinions. Isn’t that why we are here?

  40. Michael says:

    I don’t know if it’s true or not. First of all they were/are together since 2002 which is 8 years.

    I think they may just be guesing.

  41. danielle says:

    Anybody see Culkin in Igby goes down? Great!!

  42. jzhz says:

    Well, I don’t know if she can do better in Hollywood, honestly (though I’m sure she could find someone better-looking, which doesn’t mean much, in the end). Seems like they had/have a relationship based on real substance, and that is a hard thing to find anywhere, let alone in the tv/movie industry. I hope she does find someone awesome because I really like her! She’s a good actress and seems very down-to-earth. She’ll do just fine.

    Not taking it personally, that’s just my opinion! 🙂

  43. taye says:

    @danielle that was’t Mac, that was his brother Kieran.

  44. archiepelago says:

    She’s the one Hollywood actress I would go gay for. If it’s true, she will have people lining up. She’s just that hot.

  45. The Truth Fairy says:

    Wait a sec CB … so if you are B-List and with a great guy who’s career is maybe C-List or D-List, you have to dump the guy and trade up The List when you become A-List???? That’s kinda crappy.

    Besides, two A-List egos are too big for one couple (right Ryan and Scarlett?!). I think if they are good together she should stay with him regardless of her career, and that if they break up it should be for more legitimate reasons than just trading up The List

  46. Jeri says:

    I think he probably wanted someone to hang at home with him and wasn’t happy when she got so busy.

    Hope she eventually finds someone worthy.

  47. Jeanette says:

    I have no clue whether they’re done or not. I’m not going to speculate. But I’m more intrigued by someone who supposedly knows the private couple, Anon, coming on here and spilling their business. Yes, it’s only to say that they’re still together. OK. But this person is still commenting about their very private personal life on a gossip site. I’m sure they wouldn’t want that. But Anon is probably full of crap anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end.

  48. Michael says:


    Mac’s actually been quietly working on a Abstract art film with Devandra Bernhart and Adam Green.

    From what i Know about the relationship, he basically came and went whenever he felt like it. He traveled through europe this summer while whe was working on FWB’s.

  49. fanny says:

    I saw Home Alone this Christmas and was so impressed by the acting abilities and cuteness of Mac. I think he was let down by the adults in his life when he gained kid fame. He is a talented actor so I hope he continues in that field. I don’t see why she would do better. If they have a low-key relationship that is great!

  50. Kazoo81 says:

    she is so beautiful and has long been one of my girl crushes. i never thought she got enough attention when she was on “that 70’s show.” it was always the redhead chick getting the magazine features. glad mila’s finally being noticed.

    culkin actually works more than some people on here seem to think. he does mostly indie films now (which is probably more by choice than not), and he’s great in them. i respect him for not being completely screwed up because as former child actors with shitty parents usually end up being very fucked up adults.

  51. ctkat1 says:

    Mila and The Gosling would be hot- and she’s much, much better than Blake Lively (said by a person who doesn’t know any of these people and has no idea whether her opinions are the correct ones.)

  52. taye says:

    As far as Culkin’s recent work goes I guess it depends on how you want to define it.

    His last major release film was “Saved” which came out in 2004. Since then he had an independent film that I don’t think was ever released in theaters…probably went straight to DVD….called “Sex and Breakfast”. That came out in 2007. And in 2009 he did a small part/recurring role in the cancelled TV show called “Kings”. I think he did about 5 episodes. That is it. I wouldn’t consider having done two very minor things over 6 years much work.

    However, I do think that is mainly by choice on his part. He made a ton of money with all those Home Alone films and Richy Rich, etc…and he never has to work another day in his life if he doesn’t want to.

  53. Kristin says:

    Kaiser, your comment is disgusting. Wtf are you to say she could do better? Because he doesn’t look like Gerrard or Clive he’s not good enough for her?

  54. latam2012 says:

    i can’t decide if i like her or not, i think she might be cool and its the ovverrated hotness thing that puts me off. Still i find it kind of sweet she was with him for so long, he’s kinda fug. I hope theyre still together

  55. Phie says:

    What I love so much about this couple is how they don’t define each other.

    When I think of Mila, I don’t automatically think of Macauley, even though they have been together for so long and it has been known for years that they were a couple. It is so refreshing from every other celebrity couples, whether they be on the A or D list. I love the fact that their relationship is genuine, and not just a ploy for more attention.

    I really hope they haven’t broken up, love these two so much!

  56. echolocate says:

    Hopefully, it’s not true.

    Even if it is true, I doubt she’d go with Timberlake or the like. After all those years working with Ashton and that teen molester Fez, she got some great examples of the types to avoid. If she was with Macauley at the same time, the contrast had to be stark.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I find Macauley Culkin more physically attractive than Timberlake. Timberlake’s features remind me of a bank robber wearing pantyhose over his face.

  57. Jacqueline says:

    They were actually one of my favorite couples-I was rooting for them.

  58. Hakura says:

    I agree with Tia (#32) – that some people need to relax.

    @Anon – If you know them personally, that’s great. And if they’re still together and the story is wrong, that’s *also* great. But it IS a gossip site, and not all stories are going to be true. In fact most probably aren’t. And everyone is welcome to express their opinions.

    If you had info to add to the story, you could’ve done that without (First of all) taking a superior attitude, (Second of all) implying that anyone who would believe this story is a moron (which would include Kaiser, and is extremely insulting to anyone who posted as though they believed it), and (Third of all) taking the whole thing way too seriously.

    Honestly, the comment sounded like you were talking down to everyone, and that just makes you look like an asshole.

  59. Eleonor says:

    I discovered their relationship seeing a photo taken at Michael Jacskon burial.

  60. Camille says:

    Love her and I agree that she could do much better. How about her and Alexander Skarsgard? Now they would make a HOT couple.

    Still, more than likely this story isn’t true.

  61. Anti-icon says:

    I have the sads…..I wasn’t really a Mac fan–the Home Alone stuff was cute, yeah. But, I was in the biography section of the library….and he has written his….and I read it in one fail swoop—and guess what? It was really good. The way in which he told his story; how he preseved his family’s dignity while still spillin’ the beans….well, it made me really like him. He seems very mature for his tender age—and he did more than survive his childhood actor status with careful/cautious spending and keeping a lid on abusing his freedom.

    I wish the best for both of these two. I really adore Mila, too.

  62. KatScorp says:

    @deedee: if it helps, I, myself, am one of those straight women who says “awww” and thinks he’s kinda cute.

  63. di butler says:

    A friend of mine saw them together in NYC a few mos back. They seemed pretty happy together to him. Like them together. They make a cute couple.

  64. eja102 says:

    what a great read.

    not the story, I could care less. but the comments.

  65. truthzbetta says:

    She really seems talented. She played a role that was supposed to be the bad kind of rich bitchy yet everyone seems to find her so likeable.

    Yeah, time for Mila to move up.

    How bad is this, I got reality and showbiz so confused I thought Mac was gay. I think it’s a combo of his Party Monster promotion and him and Doogie being almost the same thing to me. Whatev, two sweethearts, hope they both end up happy.

  66. Dhavy says:

    I hope this is not true, they seem to be happy together not the type that goes and poses for pictures the moment the tabloids mention that they split just to “prove” that they don’t have any problems

    I think she’s a smart girl as well as beautiful and I doubt she would “downgrade” and date someone like JT, especially after being in a relationship so low key. It’s obvious she likes men that want a normal life.

    I also think Mac is an excellent actor and I believe that if he’s not part of the A-List is because he choses not to be not because his career is a failure.

  67. JQ says:

    @#6Anon: I do hope you’re not kidding. I always thought Mila and Mac made an adorable couple and have been huge fans of them both. Mila has never seemed to get the recognition she deserved until now. She’s incredibly talented. And Mac, well, sadly all people remember of him is Home Alone. But he did a brilliant job in Saved (I love him in that movie) and also in Party Monster. Love love LOVE them and wish them both all the happiness in the world!

  68. Nguyen says:

    Why is everyone saying they hope she finds someone better. Was he mistreating her or something? Also, he be happy as well? Maybe he needs to find someone worthy. She could be the one with the problems. It is not always the guys that mess up.

  69. Isa says:

    nycmom10024–I remember that! Russell said she kept saying, “Oh you’ve got to meet my boyfriend Mac!” And then he met him and was like Macauley F’n Culkin.
    I love that name btw.

    And he was all kinds of awesome in Saved.

    I think they are sweet together. They seem like an odd match but there is obviously something there since they have been together for so long!

  70. Eleonor says:

    If she’s smart enough to stay away from JT, she’s not the kind of woman for Eric Norton, he likes Kate Bosworth.
    Even if they’re an unusual couple I like them together.

  71. K-Burrrd says:

    All of the Culkins are superb actors & she’s meh in serious roles. It will always be hard to shake that she’s Meg/Jackie and he’s home alone. How in the world will I be able to watch Black Swan without imagining Meg in a tutu?!

  72. taye says:

    @Burrd see the film before judging. She isn’t just meh in serious roles. I thought she was very good in The Book of Eli, and she is now recevied several award nominations for her performance in Black Swan. It’s good to shake the stereotypes once in a while.

  73. DD says:

    Macauley’s a cute kid, and I think it’s great that he doesn’t seem to care for the acting business. I like that he’s not a famewhore and judging by that he probably has good character.
    Mila is gorgeous and likeable, so I’d rather see her with a good man who doesn’t mind letting his woman shine, than some douchey popular beef cake.

  74. OMG. SERIOUSLY says:


  75. DiMi says:

    Macauly Culkin is no Chad lowe. He was part of one of the must lucrative franchises in the history of American film. I wonder how much his connections have helped her over the years. I think he’s just over the whole film industry. This is sad because they seemed to really care for each other.

  76. higgity says:

    Her rep confirmed their breakup. LOL @ Anon. That should teach everyone how smart it is to believe people who “know” things on the internet.

  77. the yapper says:

    They got together way too young. Mila needs time to grow as a woman and a person. She’s beautiful…I’d like to see her with seth macfarlane if he’s a nice guy.

  78. Jacki says:

    I think Mila got the big head and thinks she can do better than Mac. This is just my opinion. I think she is in for a letdown bc most Hollywood guys are jerks and Mac was the nicest guy ever for her. She’s making a mistake.

  79. ManFromMAAZ420 says:

    I suppose this post is a little late for this thread but I have to ask …”what the hell is wrong with people?” Anyone that’s ever been in a relationship knows that one of the worst possible problems that can potentially occur in a LTR can be caused when small, shallow, & insensitive people outside the relationship can’t mind their own business. Some people have no life & just want to bring everyone else down to their level of misery. Our society truly needs a better people so God damn…stop gossiping like school girls & start making the world a better place. And BTW, Mac & Mila are both stunningly gorgeous so some of you folks need an eye exam. Peace