Naomi Campbell’s fiancé spent Christmas with his wife and kids


Several months ago, I had some new photos of Naomi Campbell and her boyfriend/fiancé Vladamir Doronin out and about in Europe. When I wrote about the photos, I questioned why there wasn’t more reporting on Doronin’s marital status. You see, he’s still married. There are reports that he and his Russian wife – they have several children together – are living apart, and that there are divorce negotiations underway, but those reports have been around since Naomi and Doronin got together, several years ago. My point? Nothing’s happening. So Naomi Campbell is pretty much carrying on, having an international affair, with a man who is still married. And they’ve been doing that for years. It’s sketchy, right?

Anyway, Page Six reports that Doronin spent Christmas with his wife and kids. Oh noes! It’s like he’s just asking to be beaten with a phone.

Naomi Campbell’s Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, spent Christmas with his wife, Ekaterina, his daughter, Katia, and his mother-in-law before he jetted off for New Year’s with the supermodel.

Sources tell us Doronin, who’s not divorced from Katia despite his public relationship with Campbell, spent the week leading up to Christmas at the Beverly Hills Hotel with his family. Campbell then flew to LA, and she and Vlad headed off to Cabo, Mexico.

A source said, “Despite rumors of a wedding in 2011, he and his wife are nowhere near a divorce settlement.” Reps for Doronin and Campbell couldn’t be reached.

[From Page Six]

Look, I am the kind of person to give many couples the benefit of the doubt as far as jumpoffs/hookups/divorces/separations go. There is an overlap sometimes, and that happens in celebrity couplings, as well as average-person couples. It happens. So be it. But you’ve really got to wonder if this divorce still hasn’t been finalized after all of this time – AND that he’s spending the holidays with his wife and kids – well, maybe he’s never going to marry Naomi. And I’m wondering why people still refer to Naomi as his “fiancée”. Perhaps at this point we should just be calling her his out-in-the-open mistress.





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  1. Eve says:

    Naomi Campbell’s fiancé spent Christmas with his wife and kids

    …instead of being with her. Maybe he wanted to avoid any possibility of being hit with all those Christmas’s decorations? Those pointy, glassy things?…

  2. Jacq says:

    Why buy the Mad Cow, when you can get the milk for free?

  3. anjasmomma says:

    Well I suppose that would keep things interesting.

  4. brin says:

    How do you say “Duck, Vladamir!” in Russian?

  5. nnn says:

    His wife has said time and time again that she will never grant him the divorce and that she considers Naomie as one of his mistresses.

    Plus the guy spend his time between the two, sometimes he i with his mistress, sometimes he spent times with his wife in the UK.

    He is a polygamist and both women are idiots to accept that situation just because he is filthy rich.

    You should get some integrity, especially to show a good example to your kid.

  6. Kaiser says:

    nnn – Well, Naomi said something completely different when she was on Oprah. Did his wife actually give an interview? Do you have a link?

  7. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    He also spent christmas with HIS MOTHER IN LAW???

    This man is not getting divorced.

  8. Kaiser says:

    nnn – Thank you for that! That’s very interesting. But it does say a “source” said all of those things, although it is pretty clear that the source is his wife.

    So why did Oprah let Naomi get away with the whitewash? Ugh.

  9. Karen says:

    This entire situation sounds all sorts of complicated! All I’m here to say is that Naomi looks damn good in that last photo and I’m sure the sex between Naomi and the Russian must be hot.

    I’ve never been married so I don’t know how realistic that a spouse can say, “I will never grant a divorce”. Vlad can still divorce his wife but spend years in court fighting over custody and alimony issues…is that right?

  10. nnn says:

    I tend to beleive that source. I mean the guy often spend times with his wife and child.

    I also don’t understand that one can claim to be enganged to a man who is still married and not officially separated.

    I also would beleive that if you intend to be serious with someone, you would at least introduce your children to her and i don’t beleive it has been done.

  11. guesty says:

    playa. wifey for the win on this one.

  12. cara says:

    (in RE: to #8′s link)Yes, but I’ve seen pictures of him, the wife, Naomi and the daughter together. Naomi, it said under the pic, was helping the kid with her pursuit in modeling and mom was on board as well.

    (this pic was recent – post ’09 when the article was written. Maybe things have changed. Who knows, who gives a shit).

  13. Raven says:

    Even if there is a divorce, which I doubt, he would be insane to marry Naomi Campbell.

  14. Kevin says:

    I wish these two would have a couple of sons. That way they could buy them a couple of baseball mitts and a cell phone to play catch with in the back yard.

  15. Fishlips says:

    @ Jacq: Good one! I have to use that sometime! HAHA!

  16. sickofit says:

    paid arm candy, thats whats going imo.
    and naomi is a former super model, but there have been rumours for years she did not take care of her earned money properly

  17. Bailey says:

    we don’t really know what is going on in the inside. I must say that the title of this post is hilarious! and Naomi is gorgeous!

  18. Jayna says:

    Good Lord, making something out of nothing. They’ve been separated a long time and he lives with Naomi. She moved to his country for him. It’s no secret. No scandal. Maybe there’s money reasons tied up in businesses they don’t divorce and so tied up. Who knows. Many divorced/separated parents try to spend part of the Christmas day together with the children if their relationship/breakup is amicable, or even if not. They do it for the kids.

    • lkanony says:

      Look, I LIKE NAOMI….I do…she’s my favorite supermodel. On the personal side of things though, she is nothing but a glamourized, glorified KEPT woman. His wife KNOWS HE HAS MISTRESSES…it doesn’t necessarily conclude that they are actually/legally separated. Naomi is use to the finer, read richer men of life….it comes with the territory when you’re a world renowned model or even being in the fashion/modeling industry period. SHE probably has found her BIGGEST catch yet. EXCEPT THIS TIME HE’S MARRIED….PERIOD….NO EXCUSES…NO “BUT HOW ABOUTS”…NO “BUT WHAT IFS”….HE’S MARRIED and she is choosing to be along for the ride possibly HOPING/WAITING (which may be forever…hell she’s 41 now) for him to actually file for divorce.

  19. mslewis says:

    So why did Oprah let Naomi get away with the whitewash? Ugh.
    Uh, Kaiser, honey, are you not familiar with Ms. Oprah? If Oprah likes you she will have you on her show and she will NEVER say anything or ask you any question that might contradict your view of the world! Guests on the show are allowed to say whatever they want and Oprah just nods her head and moves on to the next comment. That’s how the woman works because that’s what her audience wants.

    Anyway, I don’t understand Naomi’s relationship with this man but I understand his . . . he is dating a supermodel/arm candy while he still has a wife and child/ren he can return to when he tires of her. The man is a player and will never marry any woman he is playing with. Naomi should know this since this is not the first married lover/playboy she has been with.

    My concern is that Naomi is 40 years old and has been making “baby noises” lately and I doubt this man wants a child with her. This will end badly, I’m afraid.

  20. meg says:

    It’s an open secret that Russian dudes do what/whoever they want- married or no; and their wives usually stay. I’ve heard it has something to do with the lack of eligible men/overabundance of women. But who knows? It could just be having your cake and eating it too. Let’s just say it ain’t gonna pan out like it did for Waity Katie!

  21. Whatever says:

    He’s in no hurry to get a divorce because then Naomi would pressure him to marry her. As long as he is legally married, he can avoid it and still get her to stick around.

    As for the wife, WTF? I can’t imagine staying married to a man like that. I could live very well with our daughter on half his money, if it were me!

  22. JRenee says:

    they have lived separate lives for years & it appears that neither are in a rush for a divorce. Naomi is an openly flaunted mistress!

  23. Marina says:

    Actually Russians celebrate Christmas on the 6th of January.

  24. malachais says:

    I would put this past Naomi, she is self-entitled b*tch that would flaunt a married man on her arm.

  25. Lydia says:

    I thought it is old news that they have an arrangement. He is not getting a divorce and he spends time with both and the two women appear to be okay with the situation.

  26. bros says:

    I was gonna say that too MArina, but I figure since the wife and kid live in london, they probably go along with the non orthodox date to coincide with everything else. just a thought.

    I also remember reading about the wife and seeing pictures of her as one of londons worst dressed, although I could be wrong. they must have some arrangement, because here they are attending a fashion show together.

  27. Parisienne says:

    As Russians are in 99,9% Orthodox Christians, he will not be celebrating Christmas before the 7th Jan… so maybe he spent just some of the free days with his kids and his wife and his in-law was just also there, so what?

  28. eva says:

    @bros – fascinating picture! I wish I could read body language.

  29. mln76 says:

    I don’t think the wife cares there is that pic with Naomi the daughter and the wife and him all smiling together. The guy is LOADED and she can do whatever she wants. Talk about old fashioned family values.

  30. December says:

    Naomi Campbell is quite the bitch, but man is she a gorgeous bitch.

  31. malachais says:

    Maybe’s he’s gay and Ekaterina/Naomi both flaunt him like he’s the best thing since cake? lol. Just a thought. I have no idea who he is.

  32. Dee Vine says:

    Who cares about whether he is getting a divorce or not. Check out those man heels on him! Guess he has to if Naomi insists on wearing 5 inch stilletos around him.

  33. st says:

    Christmas in Russia is on the 7th of January, not on the 6th. And he’ll never marry Naomi.

  34. Kim says:

    Naomi is friendly with the wife I saw pics of them on a ski trip in 2010 the daughter was there I didn’t see him. They have been seperated for years.

  35. Westcoaster says:

    I wonder what his mother in-law has to say on the subject of Naomi! My mother would certainly have a few choice words!

  36. bluhare says:

    Wish I could find the photo of Naomi Campbell without makeup or wig. Not a pretty sight.

  37. lili says:

    she is an idiot, low self respect, gold digger

  38. TG says:

    I would be terrified to mess with a Russian Billionaire and I don’t know anything about Russian divorce and child custody laws so maybe there is a reason they are still married. He is hot and she is too but I have heard too many bad things about her to like some of them involving blood diamonds.

  39. nycmom10024 says:

    Another picture of the 4 of them together… Odd arragement not for me, but different strokes for different folks…

  40. N.D. says:

    Russian divorce law is very liberal, everything is fast and simple. If he wanted he’d be divorced in a few months.

    Catholic Christmas isn’t celebrated by russians, Orthodox one doesn’t get much attention either, it’s NY that gets all the big celebrations/vacations/family gatherings and some such. So it’s telling that he choosed to spend lesser-if-at-all-important Catholic Christmas with his kids and opted out of spending NY with them. It’s definitelly offending unless they’ve abandoned all russian traditions and adopted Brithish ones.

  41. Cyui says:

    They have been separated for over 10 years. If he divorces her in Russia he is entitled to half of everything….meaning he won’t be a billionaire any longer. He and Naomi live together, but who knows. As far as the blood diamond stuff on Oprah she just seemed scared to speak against the guy cause he’s dangerous. Understandable, but I don’t know these people. Naomi is a crazy gorgeous chick…lol.

  42. December says:

    The only reason Naomi got scared was because she was afraid the diamonds would have been taken away from her and she would be implicated along with the guy who gave her the diamonds.

    She pretty much made up her own defense to save her ass. Which is only human, but still. Kind of hard to believe after there’s several accounts of her telling people who she got the diamonds from.

  43. Cyui says:

    So the fact that he is a murderer wouldn’t phase you into not talking to much….not to mention ….she didn’t like the diamonds…so she gave them to some childrens fund. She didn’t care about the diamonds. You wouldn’t think about changing a story so you’re not linked to some murderer. She 10 years ago flirted…got some free diamonds …didn’t like them….gave them away. She shouldve just told the truth, but I’d be scared about saying something too. The guy was at Nelson Mandela’s house….why isnt Mandela being looked at. I give them all the benefit of the doubt ….that they didn’t know what this guy did. Mandela Naomi and everyone Elsa that was smoozing with this dude.

  44. Cyui says:

    @ December Implicated….implicated for what. It was said by Mia and Naomi people didn’t know the guy. You’re ridiculous. He was at Mandela’s house not Naomi’s. I’d assume since he was at Mandela’s house…a guest if his….he’d know more about the guy than Naomi or anyone elsa there.

  45. Victoria says:

    I’ve been to Russia – there are not many men who look like that. The men have very, very bad teeth and are horrible.

    Maybe the wife has a lover?

    No one knew him before Naomi. She is probably under contract – no matter that supposedly she got into a fight with a limo driver over him.

  46. beanie says:

    I’m sure the wife could care less at this point as long as she gets her half and probably has a lover herself. Vladimir told all the guests at the lavish birthday party he gave Naomi they were getting married this year. He is fantastic looking though. And your right, Victoria, about Russian men in Russia. Wtf??!!

  47. Katherine says:

    I am Russian, and I would not date Russian Man they’re misogynist, alcoholics, and expect their woman to accept anything, including cheating and they have very bad teeth. When I was a little girl everyone bought a Christmas tree for New Year, unlike Christmas here. I don’t remember anyone celebrating Christmas in January, unless you traveled in the countryside.

  48. crtb says:

    If he was going to marry her, he would have done it already. He’s wasting her few last baby making years. So if she really wants to have a baby, she just better get pregnant and stop waiting for him to put a ring on it. If it is true that she’s have money problems, I’m sure he would take care of his child. But his wife has made it very clear that she isn’t going anywhere, so there is little or no chance of Naomi getting married to that man any time soon.

  49. Seer says:

    Fiancé my ash. In the photo with his wife and NC, the wife looks too comfortable, as if she knows he’s not divorcing her. She knows NC is being used, but if she wants the cash, she also has to play nice. She’s no fool, and obviously neither is that jerk who’s playing all of them. I think the only way he would divorce his wife is if she met someone, but he’s too rich for her to look elsewhere. IMO.

  50. December says:

    woah, calm the hell down. Excuse me for not committing everything to memory about the damn trial. I only remember the basics of it, so please, forgive me, and seriously, don’t jump down the throat of people you don’t know.

    my mistake, ok? chill the eff out.

  51. Kiska says:

    I’m Russian and its true, Russian men are TERRIBLE!!!!! That is why so many Russian girls would rather leave and marry an American man.
    As for Christmas, the Orthodox is more by people in the country or older folks bound by tradition and Gregorian calendar. We do have a second dinner but by no means is it in replacement of Dec 25.

  52. P.M. says:

    So the difference between a mistress and a side piece slut is how much money the man has???

  53. Brenda says:

    I’m Catholic and we celebrate Christmas on the 25. We celebrate 3 Kings day on the 6 of January. Not trying to be a smart ass just wanted to clear that.

  54. jemshoes says:

    The whole situation has “ICK” all over it!

  55. Whatever says:

    So if she really wants to have a baby, she just better get pregnant and stop waiting for him to put a ring on it. If it is true that she’s have money problems, I’m sure he would take care of his child.
    This made me dizzy. Are you suggesting she just get knocked up, if he refuses to marry her? Like on purpose to trap him into paying her? Wow.

  56. Ally says:

    As far as this “engagement” goes,

    Naomi Campbell = Kim Zolciak

  57. Faye says:

    Yes, I’d also like to marry a hot Russian guy named Vladimir, but I think I’d like one who is single. But I also don’t beat on people when the mood takes me.

  58. Jeri says:

    Lets call her his “companion.” She’ll hate that too but it’s truthful. Hee hee.

  59. WilliamRamsai says:

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