Katie Price upset by Cartier polo match snub

Katie Price (aka “glamour model” Jordan) really doesn’t seem to have any idea that she’s not part of the upper echelon of society. I can’t claim to be totally in the know about who’s who in the U.K., but I’m pretty sure that if each one of your fake breasts is bigger than your head, you’re not going to be considered A-list anywhere. It’s a worldwide thing.

Katie is absolutely livid that she wasn’t invited to attend the Cartier Polo International match last weekend. To be fair, it wasn’t the most elite event: 35,000 other people were invited. But in Cartier’s defense, if Jordan came they would have had to cut the guest list down to 33,000 to make enough room for her boobs.

Jordan wrote a very upset piece for the Times Online in which she complains about being told she was “not the sort of person” Cartier wanted at the event. Here’s a few excerpts:

…I’m a successful author and businesswoman, a rider, I am learning to play polo and I compete in dressage events. I rode my first horse when I was 7, and saved up to rent my first pony, Star, when I was 11. He was the ugliest, hairiest pony in the yard but I adored him. My mum couldn’t afford for me to go to Pony Club but it didn’t stop me going to gymkhanas. I just wanted to beat all those smart little girls in their perfect jodphurs and jackets.

All my life I’ve been surrounded by horses, I earned my pocket money sweeping out stables and I now have six horses. I’ve been invited to take part in the Royal Horse of the Year show, I’ve even played a charity polo match at Cowdray Park.

My book Perfect Ponies: My Pony Care Book was shortlisted for the WHSmith children’s prize and I have written a bestselling series of stories about ponies. I know more about fetlocks and forelocks than most of the celebrities invited by Cartier and the Chinawhite nightclub. I’ve certainly mucked out more horses.

It’s pure snobbery. However good a horsewoman I may be, I’m also a glamour model. That embarrassed the organisers. I paid Chinawhite £6,000 for my table, but my manager was told that I was not the sort of person they wanted. Eliza Doolittle went to the races with Henry Higgins after a few elocution lessons, In Pretty Woman Julia Roberts went to the polo straight from Sunset Boulevard, but in the 21st century we have become even more class-ridden. Unless you are a toff or an aspiring actress, they don’t want you.

Polo should be for people who love horses, not a media charade. It should be about the sport. Horses are a wonderful hobby, one that gets you outside and keeps you fit. They should be for everyone – little girls, glamour girls, working-class girls like me. No one should be excluded.

[From the Times Online]

When I started writing this article I was translating all the British slang and equine terms in [brackets] above. But there’s so much of it that I’m just going to summarize: Katie Price is pissed. And she knows some big horse words to back it up. It annoys the crap out of me, but she actually has a really good point, especially at the end. I understand that Cartier and Jordan mix together like oil and water. But Katie Price clearly loves horses and has talked about it for a long time – even aiming for the Olympic equestrian team.

I never thought I’d defend Jordan, but she does have a successful career she built from nothing; she worked hard even as a little girl to be around horses and she hasn’t outgrown that love. She paid a lot of money like everyone else, only to hear that her $12,000 wasn’t good enough. I hope Cartier doesn’t make the same mistake next year. Because I really don’t ever want to agree with Katie Price again.

Here’s Katie Price promoting her new bedding range at Matalan Milton Keynes, England on Wednesday. Photographer: Vince Maher; Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. jinx says:

    Perhaps they didn’t want some drunken chav who sticks her celly up her cooter for a photo op, to be plastered everywhere in print and online. Or perhaps it was her drunken behavior when she was pregnant with her monster child, who you know has a million alcohol related birth defects… pick one, because they’re are million reasons why she’d be back at around 100k on a guest list.

    The decline of the British Empire right up there folks.

  2. someone says:

    I’m sure there must have been people equally lacking in class at the event…perhaps just not as public about it.

  3. Beautifully Human says:

    So Dita Von Teese (or whatever her name is) was invited? She’s a D-list stripper….so whats the difference between her and Katie? Hhmmmm whatever.

  4. Beautifully Human says:

    Jinx WTF is wrong with you? That kid did nothing wrong,it’s not his fault. He’s not a monster, he’s a disabled child. Youre the fucking monster, asshole.

  5. Ron says:

    Who is this chick?

  6. hello says:

    Umm. Dita Von Teese is a stripper. You can replace the pole with a martini glass, but they all wear pasties and get their money for showing their breasts.

    This is awful because she obviously loves horses. Isn’t that why you’d go to a polo match? I mean the other obvious reason is to check out Prince Harry, but I don’t know if he was there, so it had to be horses.

  7. Trashaddict says:

    So do Charles and Camilla the tampon talkers rate as the kind of people they want there? Girl’s got a point.
    But I’ve love to hear more overseas lowdown from Jinx…

  8. vdantev says:

    Stupid tart. Too much spray tan.

  9. Christianne says:

    jinx: monster child? that was very harsh…

  10. Persistent Cat says:

    You can’t seriously feel sorry for her. Think about what she wore to her book launch. She’s so many kinds of tacky. And in her argument, she referenced two fictional movies to try to back up her point. WTF was that?

    Dita may be a stripper as well but at least she looks human.

  11. xiaoecho says:

    er, Katie poppet, Eliza Doolittle and Pretty Woman weren’t real people, they were just made up.

    You’re a smart girl – smart enough to know that it takes real artistic talent to break through the class ceiling in Britain – knocking out cheap moneymaking ideas won’t cut it

  12. Other Karen says:

    Dita Von Teese is sort of like Gypsy Lee Rose, methinks. Gypsy Lee Rose was invited pretty much everyone and was very A-list, I believe?

  13. Christina X says:

    What exactly is a glamour model?

    Is it just a regular fashion model with a fancier name or something?

  14. Amy says:

    @Christina X — A “glamour model” is a topless chick who appears in British tabloids. They aren’t real models and usually aren’t very pretty, just surgically enhanced and wearing more makeup than a drag queen.

    Also, someone made an excellent point about Dita being there. True, she looks classy in her daytime attire, but Gypsy Rose Lee she ain’t. She’s a full on skank, stripper and occasional porn star with a great stylist.

    Like JayBird, I hate agreeing with Jordan, but she has a great point. She has the money to pay for a table and loves polo, so why not let her attend? If Prince Charles is off hiring Dita to strip at his son’s b-day party, why is Jordan given the heave-ho?

  15. Dee says:

    I like how she has the sob story about the ‘ugliest, hairiest’ horse.

    Also, there’s something very strange about Katie. She’s pretty but at the same time, she’s not. I think she has gorgeous cerulean eyes, but that’s it.

  16. Christina X says:

    Dee- I’m guessing that’s her attempt to sound deep.

    Amy- Ugh. You know, I’m not a prude or anything, but I think it’s bullshit how these women get paid to take their clothes off.

  17. geronimo says:

    ‘pregnant with her monster child’ ….way harsh, jinx.

    Yeah, I’m sure their pissy little party would have been ruined by the presence of someone genuinely interested in polo. City boy cokeheads, the really dodgy (aka criminal) end of Eurotrash and women who’ve made a career out of f*king rich men for a living make up the bulk of the attendes, just for anyone thinking it’s still a classy gig. At least Katie’s not pretending to be something she’s not.

  18. Sluggo says:

    “at least Katie’s not pretending to be something she’s not”

    Let’s recap: Boobs. Face. Spray tan. “Writing” career. What, precisely, DO we see of the real Katie? What’s left that hasn’t been teased and tweezed and inflated and engineered and orchestrated and maneuvered? How much of the real Katie remains behind that plastic facade, anyway?

    Having seen how Miss “Glamour Model” rigs up for important events such as book signings, it’s possible they were were afraid she’d dress similarly for the polo match, and turn up looking like a cross between Barbarella and Swan Lake.

    As for comparing Dita’s appearance … judging by all accounts, she was invited BY ACCIDENT: the royal twit(s) not precisely knowing what she does for a living, and merely assuming she was a “dancer.”

  19. geronimo says:

    Whoa there. She’s talked publicly, in way too much detail, about every single surgical procedure she’s ever had. Pretence would be her saying this is how she looks naturally….plastic and chavvy she may be but at least she earns her own money, unlike the Windsors who live off public taxes and most of them have never done a hard day’s work in their entire privileged lives.

  20. boomchakaboom says:

    Dita Von Teese is exceptional. She knows how to dress herself and really always looks pretty classy. A stripper she may be, but she saves the “look” for work, not for strolling around town on a daily basis. Plus, she’s a beautiful woman anyhow.

    Katie, not so much.

  21. geronimo says:

    Agree completely on Dita. But Katie Price, chavvy and cheap as she is, has a genuine interest in horseriding and polo and has attended and taken part in other horse & polo related events in the past where – HOLD THE FRONT PAGE – she dressed appropriately.

  22. AC says:

    there’s a big difference between her and Dita. Dita isn’t embarrasing… katie is… one is classy and the other poses on her knees (for some odd reason) to show off her product. Im not sure if i agree with Cartier or not but i see why they wouldn’t want her around… Dita’s someone you might want to see wearing Cartier

  23. RAN says:

    Geez! It’s not the only polo event in the world. Get over it Katie, there are horses in most countries.

  24. dan says:

    as much as katie price loves horses, it doesn’t surprise me she wasn’t invited. i think the organisers were more worried she would make a boob of herself (no pun intended) with all the alcohol. her exploits of falling out of clubs and even getting her tits out in the middle of the street after being s***faced have been keeping those glossy womens magazines in business for years. if she wants to get invited-she should start dessing properly and not like a cake ornament.

  25. Alecto says:

    Katie is just another person that I wonder why in the heck is she famous? She doesn’t have any talent other than getting plastic surgery. She doesn’t write her own books that she’s so proud of. And she’s completely hidious. I wonder what she used to look like.

  26. geeeee says:

    Dita and Katie Price are one in the same. And they’re just like any celebrity who takes off their clothes.

  27. alex says:

    I wasn’t invited as well :(

    We here in the UK have a good laugh about her.
    She’s a chav….that’s the word!

  28. hello says:

    I’m sorry but Dita Von Teese lost all claims to classy when she dated Marilyn Manson and made a PRODUCED porn movie (meaning for sale in stores and not leaked) where she and another chick are getting it on together with a double headed dildo!!!!

  29. I choose me says:

    ^^ Do tell. :mrgreen:

    I mean it; tell me more.

  30. Jaundice Machine says:

    I don’t get it . . . is the Cartier Polo Match the only polo match in the country? Or is it the only polo match in the country that gets this much media attention? Hmmmm. . .

  31. Victoria says:

    I agree with you Alex, I was not invited either. I’m so sad, I could just spit. But, really who IS this Katie person, really. She and Paris Hilton would make wonderful and interesting ( but odd ) room-mates. I don’t know who would whine more about attention getting or mirror time, but in the end someone would be standing. Probably Paris in her famous pose with that face turned to just a smidgned to the left or right depending on her mood, and her hands super glued on her hips. Katie seems arrogant like that. Poor thing. Stay home honey. It will be ok.

  32. Meow! says:

    It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can’t buy class.

    Charles and Camilla are twits.

    Jordan is a great business women but her books are ghostwritten and everything about her is fake, She was seen out drinking and partying while pregnant with Harvey, she also recently took Princess out to be papped while the poor little girl had chicken box and had to be taken to the hospital at the end of the day.

    She does do a lot of good but she has made numerous decisions to be seen in the public eye that have affected the way that she is seen.

    While both Jordan and Dita both use their bodies for livelihood, one is men’s mag material, the other has the grace of Anais Nin’s erotic fiction.

    I can only wish the both of them the best with their career choices and family but both have to see that there are repercussions to their actions.

    I can understand that Cartier would not want someone like Jordan to be associated with their image.

  33. Кстати это все придумали приблизительно лет 10 назад , а то и больше.:

  34. georgie says:

    jinx what is wrong with you the little boy is disabled he is not a monster

    if you had a disabled child how would you feel if some1 sed some thing like that to you i think you have a problem saying a thing like that!!

  35. Janey says:

    I am going to the Cartier Polo on Sunday and you do not have to be invited, if you have the money to get a table you can.

    Katie Price says she should be treated the same as everyone else but she has made sure that she is not the same and this will have its good and bad points!! Ths happens to be one of the bad suck it up and accept it!

    Its a great day put but these sort of events always attract the lowest form of life including City Boy coke heads and slutty women with only one ambition – to sh*g a footballer and get their photo in the paper. There are however also a good crowd that go stuck up or not. If i wanted to hang out in a free for all I would go to Basildon. Wheather these people have real class or not thats the way it will always be.