Charlie Sheen pays $380 pediatrician bill entirely in nickels

One of the main things that Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards continue to fight over is whether to vaccinate their two daughters, Sam, 4, and Lola, 3. Sheen is adamantly anti-vaccination, and his insistence that the girls not be vaccinated was the first thing Denise mentioned when asked on Larry King how they differed in their parenting approach. She said “number one, I believe in vaccinating our daughters and health — I know there’s a lot of controversy around vaccinations. I don’t believe in all of them. I believe they need some of them.”

Sheen is said to have been livid when he heard that Richards vaccinated their children without asking him first. Sheen’s lawyer sent a sternly worded letter to the girls’ pediatrician in May saying that his client did not consent to him treating Sheen’s daughters. The letter also mentioned that the pediatrician insisted that he would treat the girls despite Sheen’s objections.

Sheen has paid the pediatrician back for his refusal to stop treating and immunizing his daughters. He sent over a big box full of nickels by courier in order to settle a $380 bill:

Dr. Peter Waldstein, a Bev Hills pediatrician, has treated Charlie and Denise’s two kids in the past. Charlie was pissed that the doc was immunizing the kiddies, because he doesn’t believe in it. Charlie sent Waldstein a letter, demanding that he no longer treat the kids, but the Dr. fired his own letter back saying he would treat them if they needed medical attention, no matter what.

So, there was this outstanding $380 bill that Charlie paid by messenger today. It was a big box filled with $380, all in nickels. By our calculations that’s 7,600 nickels.

We’re told the Dr. is donating the loot to the March of Dimes.

Charlie’s rep, Stan Rosenfield, said, “Dr. Waldstein should spend more time treating his patients than leaking stories to TMZ.” Rosenfield adds, “Maybe Dr. Waldstein would like to be featured in John McCain’s next television commercial [famous for being famous].”

For the record, we’re not saying who gave us the story.

Stan Rosenfield also reps George Clooney and he comes up with some of the best responses to stories about his clients. It’s pretty obnoxious to send a box of small change to someone instead of a check, but it’s not illegal. According to, there’s no law against paying a debt even entirely in pennies. At least the doctor is donating the money to the March of Dimes, but that also probably absolves him of the responsibility to roll all those dimes. One of those automatic sorting machines would probably come in handy.

Can you imagine Charlie Sheen walking into a bank and asking for $400 worth of nickels? I can see his face all contorted in a twisted smile as he contemplates his revenge while ripping open the cardboard tubes and dumping the nickels into a box. It’s a much better idea than slashing someone’s tires or sending them a bunch of magazine subscriptions.

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  1. julie says:

    I know everyone seems to hate Denise (Im certainly not a fan of hers) But I think sometime probably after his show is gone and the girls are older, a lot of things will come out about him. He seems like a total Ahole and seems to get pleasure out of getting away with whatever he can. Im sure those girls are going to make Paris and Nicky Hilton looks like nuns when they are teenagers.

  2. daisy424 says:

    C’mon, that is creative & clever.
    He is wrong about the immunizations, in my opinion.

  3. mrs favre says:

    Those poor girls don’t stand a chance with these 2 aholes. Maybe grandpa will run away with them. You have to get your kids vaccinated in order for them to go to school. I don’t understand why you would risk your childs health

  4. Lauri says:

    He’s wrong on this one. The children need their vaccinations. I know there are some who think that vaccinations are bad for the kids, but that is based on anectodal evidence, not scientific evidence. These parents hearts are in the right place, certainly, but forgoing vaccines is not the way to protect your children; rather, it is creating a risk that the parents don’t seem to understand could result in devastating consequences later on in their childrens lives.

  5. Wif says:

    I think that’s hysterical. I would be totally pissed if my ex vaccinated our children without my consent, so I understand his motivation.

  6. Emily says:

    All of you are wrong about the vaccination thing, and from what I have read about there relationship and everything, he seems the most sane out of the two. Denise just seems like a vengeful b*tch IMO.

    Back to the vaccines, it is just autism parents should worry about. It is behavioral problems and learning disabilities, so just don’t assume he is saying these things because of autism.

  7. Shane says:

    Mrs Favre:


    Actually, most states allow children to enter schools WITHOUT vaccinations if the parents sign a form stating they do not believe in vaccinations:


    The law allows (a) physicians to write a statement stating that the vaccine(s) required would be medically harmful or injurious to the health and well-being of the child, and (b) parents/guardians to choose an exemption from immunization requirements for reasons of conscience, including a religious belief. The law does not allow parents/guardians to elect an exemption simply because of inconvenience (a record is lost or incomplete and it is too much trouble to go to a physician or clinic to correct the problem).

    Just so ya know!

  8. daisy424 says:

    If that is true the law need to be changed.
    Any of you remember the polio outbreak.

  9. Syko says:

    I do, Daisy – and the little boy across the street getting it, and everyone in the neighborhood being terrified for weeks. I also went along on a visit to someone in an “iron lung” one time.

    I think the kids need the vaccines, too. The diseases they prevent are far worse than any complications that may arise from them.

    That said, they are his kids too, and he should have an equal say in how they are cared for.

  10. Curly Fry says:

    Charlie, you get the passive aggressive award for the day. (You had some stiff competition after the email queen in my office sent the slightly hostile note about not leaving the coffee pot empty…)

    However, a coldness just settled over me as I realized that I actually had a positive thought about Denise. (Is that hell freezing over?) But when I read the quote, “number one, I believe in vaccinating our daughters and health — I know there’s a lot of controversy around vaccinations. I don’t believe in all of them. I believe they need some of them.” I thought to myself, that sounds like a pretty good compromise, which is something that I didn’t think she was capable of. I had to think of all the reasons why I can’t stand both of them just to ward off the oncoming apocalypse that would result in Denise being correct about something.

    Charlie, your trophy for passive aggressive hero of the day is in the mail…along with a sternly worded note accusing you of doing the impossible: making Denise seem like the level headed one in this scenario.

  11. Missy says:

    Just another confirmation that Charlie sheen is a jerk. And this is a great example of why two people should date each other for a least a couple years and truly get to know how they feel about every subject before getting married.

  12. ri23 says:

    Oh, Charlie, that shit is funny. 🙂

  13. Ron says:

    Who hasn’t wanted to do something like this before. I love it.

  14. Rhianna says:

    Not only is the Ahole risking his own children’s health (who the hell thinks that some $380 bill is worth the lives and health of his 2 kids?!?), but he’s risking the population at large as well. HIV/AIDS patients can be killed by the most minor of illness, and he’s risking his kids getting major illnesses. He’s a nut, and a bad parent. Denise isn’t better, but in this one she’s right to worry about the health of her children. That’s a damn sight more than Cwhore’s doing.

  15. Snowblood says:

    😆 My father did this SAME exact thing!! When I was around 12 years old staying with my father for a couple years he had to pay an electricity bill to PG&E which he emphatically disagreed with. So having to bite the bullet anyway and “pay the Man” he got the idea to go to his bank and pull out $300 some-odd dollars in half nickels half pennies 😈 and I had the “chore” of helping him break the rolls open into two gigantic sacks. Then we waited, parked oputside PG&E until 4:55 right before closing and marched in with those sacks of cold hard cash, and he plopped the two sacks on the counter with his bill and that was that! They HAD to take the payment and all the people working that branch had to stay late in order to count the money.


  16. ziggybutterfly says:

    That shit is funny.

    The ideal is an unvaccinated child in a vaccinated society.

  17. cc says:

    Whatever, I thought him sending payment in nickels is hilarious. The vaccine thing is another thing all together.

  18. ugh says:

    I work with autistic kids – virtually all their parents saw a decline after the mmr shot at 2. One even had a before and after picture – very scary. And yeah, just because a kid doesn’t get full-blown autism, he/she may have adhd,auditory processing problems…there is most definitely a link. Don’t listen to the “authorities” that have a vested interest in vaccinations — and that means the CDC,pediatricians, and “studies” funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Oh and the polio vaccination? Google “simian virus and polio vaccination”.

  19. Bodhi says:

    😆 That is funny as hell!

    I worked for an attorney when I was in college & there was a huge messy divorce & the other guy had to pay the attorney’s fees & sent it all over in ones! I had to count out $2,000 in ones! THAT was a pain in the ass, but it was still funny

  20. Mairead says:

    In this country the main controversy is over the MMR or 3-in-1 vaccine and that anecdotal evidence is linking that with increased awareness of autism.

    But to be blunt, I don’t see any excuse for not vaccinating against polio, TB and rubella especially. Take Ian Dury (who asked us to “Hit [him] with your rhythm stick”), even without the cancer he was in obvious distress towards the end of his life.

    In Ireland especially the country was lain low by TB up to the 1950s. best prevent it than deal with super-strains which develop from trying to cure it.

    Until such time as definitive proof and a method for testing if and why vaccines have an effect on autism, a basic number should be given.

    Oh yeah – Charlie Sheen is a feckin’ eejit of the highest order.

  21. ri23 says:

    Bodhi: LOL! Hilarious. Maybe Charlie paid that bill too.

  22. geronimo says:

    This very nearly makes me like Charlie Sheen. Childish and petulant, sure, but still very funny, and Stan R’s still THE MAN when it comes to brushing off those pesky news reporters!

  23. Chamalla says:

    I know kids who have classic autism who have never gotten a vaccine in their lives.

    Vaccinate your kids or keep them home where they can’t hurt anyone else.

  24. boomchakaboom says:

    Tacky, tacky. Really. This was just an asshole move on his part.

    No matter Denise’s many malfunctions, she’s looking out for the welfare of her kids. Millions of people do the same thing every day. They can relate to this. Yeah, immunizations cause a certain amount of stress for the parent(s), but the thought of your children suffering childhood diseases that could have been prevented by a simple vaccination, millions of people put their worry aside and put their children’s welfare first. She said she didn’t go along with all the inoculations, so she must have agreed to the ones she determined to be most urgent. That’s good parenting.

    Not agreeing to a series of inoculations is very self-centered. I have the feeling Charlie’s mom had him inoculated from everything they could think of and it didn’t kill him. Don’t even say it!

    Paying the doctor in nickels was petulantly childish. Is there any he and Denise failed to make it work? The failure was obviously in the stars, and not just one person’s fault. She’s a total ditz who will do anything for pay as witnessed by her TV show, while he shells out money to whomever will fulfill his personal fantasies. You’d think it would be match in heaven, but there you have it.

  25. Missy says:

    That move won’t get the Doctor angry, he can use COINStAR. ha-ha

  26. Lauri says:

    The idea that autism is caused in any way by vaccines is just false. It is not true. There is absolutely no evidence that there is a connection.

    Rather than blaming vaccines, I would wonder more about lifestyles, such as the things that kids are eating (loaded with chemicals/preservatives/dyes) and breathing (air quality) and other such things that surely have some sort of impact.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but it certainly is not vaccines that cause autism.

  27. paris herpes says:

    They both act like children…whatever…

  28. paris herpes says:

    Snowblood that was PERFECTLY HILARIOUS! I love your dad!

  29. Syko says:

    I would tend to agree, Lauri. Although I don’t think we can put our finger on what causes it yet (if we did, we’d cure it), but I think the vaccines are taking a bum rap to an extent. Kids have been getting them for years. I’m not up on vaccines any more, because even my grandkids are past that, but isn’t the 3-in-1 for diptheria, whooping cough and tetanus? At least it used to be, and we called it DPT. Or is the new 3-in-1 that you call MMR for mumps, measles and rubella? Those can be very serious diseases. Mumps can cause sterility, rubella can cause birth defects if a pregnant woman contracts it, and I once knew a little girl who actually died of measles at the age of 4. While some of these diseases are only dangerous to adults, we have a lot of adults out there who did not have the vaccines, and somehow missed contracting the diseases as children, who are vulnerable to contracting it now, from an unvaccinated child.

    I think we need more research on autism before we blame the vaccines for it.

  30. Gracie says:

    I’m pro-vaccinations, but think that people should be allowed to skip them if they have strong objections to them.

    That said, the paying of the bill in nickels is childish. Seems like he and Denise were more aptly matched than I would have thought.

  31. gg says:

    THANK YOU, Missy. If they HAD waited two years to get to know each other, before having children, they would not be in this situation. People just have babies without thinking FAR TOO OFTEN! It’s a shame it’s so easy to get pregnant, because I sure know a lot of kids who have absolutely crap parents.

    Also, Charlie Sheen is a psychopath. 👿 I had a sister who died age 2 from measles.

  32. Wif says:

    In defense of the anti-vaccination movement…I know someone who is paralyzed and deaf due to a vaccine he got at 8 months old. The doctor’s admitted it, the family opted not to sue, as it was just “one of those things”. There are risks involved in vaccinations. When it was time for my children to be vaccinated, I asked my doctor if his practice had ever seen a child with tetanus, measles, diptheria, etc. He said that he’d never seen one in his 30 years of practice and the odds of my children getting them are nil. So then I think to myself, “he says the kids won’t contact these diseases, I know someone who suffered from the vaccination…what to do? What to do?” We delayed vaccination until 3 1/2 with my daughter and 2 with my son. We decided that vaccinating them was our part in the social network of health (because if everyone stops these diseases could outbreak again.

    I’m just saying that it’s a serious thing to consider, not something to be taken lightly. To not vaccinate doesn’t make a person selfish, or tight with money, our children are precious and we need to do what we feel is best for them.

  33. lb says:

    I think the vaccine argument is right up there with circumcision. There seem to be compelling arguments on both sides as to the pros and cons of these procedures. It has divided many couples. I could see why one would worry about their child developing autism but today we have the reemergence of so many diseases that were dormant for decades. Many people that have recently come to the US from third world countries and some have never been vaccinated and are carriers of serious diseases. TB is even on the rise. Scary. I don’t know if I would want to take that chance with my kids.

  34. velvet elvis says:

    That Dr was under no obligation to accept a box of nickels as payment. The US Treasury Dept says that while coins are legal tender as payment for a contractual debt or payment to a government organization, private merchants are free to determine whatever legal tender they do and do not want to accept. I used to work in a parking office. People came in all the time and tried to pay their tickets with all loose pennies, thinking that it would piss us off. We cheerfully told them that we didn’t accept coins.

  35. Anne says:

    Talk to autistic people, there is no need to ‘cure’ it, it’s not a bloody disease. I know autistic adults nad children who have never been vaccinated.

    The whole vaccinations cause autism thing has been studied to death, and it’s pretty conclusive, vaccinations do not cause autism.

    It’s genetic – look at the study of kids of parents who both work in silicone valley, more cases of Aspergers because the right genes have come together.

    On a side note, why is autism such a bad thing? I know people who are brilliant because they are autistic not in spite of it.

  36. Anne says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the obvious, Charlie Sheen is an idiot.

  37. Victoria says:

    Most people I know with small children are delaying their vaccinations until the age of 3 years. The pediatrician’s seem to be in agreement on this at least where we live. But what bothers me is that the Sheen’s pediatrician’s did not listen to the lawyer’s order’s and even stated that he would deny them. I would not have a Dr. like that. He could easily do the same thing against Denise and she would not like that at all, and would have Charlie AND that Dr. in court so fast it would make your head spin. He seems arrogant to me and someone who enjoys the limelight a little to much if he let this story leak out.

  38. Jill says:

    Wif– the doctor doesn’t see those diseases anymore because PEOPLE VACCINATE THEIR KIDS. it’s not that the diseases are gone– the more people who refuse vaccination for their child, the more these diseases are going to come up in the community. England is seeing measles outbreaks for the first time in 40 years because people aren’t vaccinating their kids properly. There are vaccinations for these diseases because they are deadly. Vaccinations are the number one reason kids don’t die in childhood as often as they did in the “olden days”.

    I don’t mean to be harsh toward you personally, but vaccinations are so important. I know a couple who didn’t vaccinate their son, and he contracted Haemophilus influenzae and almost died. He is now up to date on all his vaccinations.

  39. Judy says:

    If it was true about the shots causing autisim there would be a hell of a lot more of kids with it. They do not know but they are doing a study about” Genes from Middle East families yield autism clues – AOL News Autisim” go look that up. It says some pretty interesting things. No one can prove those shots gave their kids Autisism and I for one see no reason why unvacinated children to be able to go to school and spread these diseases around. This article says that they have found that somewhere along the line that a cousin has married another cousin and this could be the reson for Autisim. Look it up and read it.

  40. Kim says:

    Any fool knows you don’t follow an attorney’s “orders”…you follow court orders. And you can’t sue a doctor because he vaccinated your kids unless you are the primary custodian. Which he is not. Please get your facts straight, whether you believe in vaccinations or not.

    And he said he would treat them “if medically necessary”, which is to say he would simply do his job if called upon. There’s no restraining order against him. I hate attorneys who try to bully people.

    Sheen just keeps making himself look more unfit for parenting with these sorts of incidents.

  41. Jinxy says:

    When it works it’s called co-parenting. They need to come to an agreement privately, both sides of this have points. I think at this point though you have to realize that more new cases of autism are diagnosed in the state of CA. Any sane parent would be afraid. You do have to look at what is the commonality. Shots may be one of them.

    She’s getting 52 million dollars as part of the divorce agreement in residuals for his work. She and the girls will live better than anyone looking at this blog, maybe all of us together, I feel no pity for her at all. Personally I’d be buying a cabana new boy every other month, and having the time of my life with the girls rather that chasing a non-existent career, and causing embarrassment for my ex – her kids are going to hate her later on, you watch. The fact that the doctor actually violated their privacy, and possibly HIPPA should be addressed though.

    Moral of the story: None. Everyone needs to step back and behave, the kids are going be the victims in all of this.

  42. Trashaddict says:

    Wif, understand what you are saying and that seems a reasonable compromise. Just hope your kid doesn’t get pertussis before vaccinations – babies do die of the apnea, the pauses in breathing, that go with the coughing spells. I have seen them, they are terrifying for the patient and the caregivers. Some people have elected to separate the component vaccines. Just remember the design of the medical climate today is quick visits, and the consumer gets what they pay for. It would be easier for pediatricians not to have to use this “one size fits all approach” if they were allowed the TIME. If doctors spent this much time with parents they would be out of business and you wouldn’t have enough baby doctors to go around.
    To Anne, yes, some people with Asperger’s are brilliant but for most parents of children with autism it can be an exhausting endurance run through life – so that statement was kind of insensitive. That being said, you are right about the issue being studied to death and no relation to vaccines bearing out.
    Life is not risk free, people. You probably accept more risk in driving your car every day (especially those of you with coffee in one hand and cigarette in the other) than you do getting vaccines for you or your child, if the doctor screens appropriately and you inform your doctor about any real contraindications.

  43. Anne says:

    Trashaddict, that was a well thought out and balanced comment. I guess I am insensitive but not to the autistic person, they deserve to be listened to, maybe being the parent of an autistic child wouldn’t “be an exhausting endurance run through life” if there was more time spent understanding the autistic mind rather than the useless attempts to ‘cure’ it.

  44. Aud says:

    Im one of those parents who’s child started showing symptoms of autism after the MMR shot. I didnt know about the possible link to autism til afterwards. My “normal” child went on to have Asperger’s disorder (autistic genius), ADHD, OCD, ODD, & mood disorders. He’s now 5, and some days are a living hell. He’s been in and out of therapy, and admitted to the mental hospital for a week after he started a fire and tried to stab the dog.

    But you know what? I’ll deal with it, rather than have him come down with polio, whooping cough, measels, mumps or rubella. His autism brings special joys along with it too, ups as well as downs. He faces challenges every day that my other children had no problems with. And it makes it that much more joyful when he rises to the challenge and overcomes it, and he’s well on his way to getting his violent tantrums and destructive impulses under control and will be able to lead a productive life. Its rough, but those are the special joys that come with the territory.

    Sending the payment in nickels was incredibly immature. Kinda funny, but immature. How are those kids gonna turn out, already being more mature than their parents?

    And a side note, thank you Anne:
    “On a side note, why is autism such a bad thing? I know people who are brilliant because they are autistic not in spite of it.”

    Thats my son. There are days you can simply tell him “clean up” and he doesn’t understand. Yet he started reading at 3. We started homeschooling before he starts kindergarten, he’s on a 4th grade level. One of his obsessions is taking screws out. He can take anything, ANYTHING, apart. He took his doorknob off with a penny. If I need something opened or taken apart, I give it to him. HE continues to amaze us every day with what he can do above and beyond his age. So I agree with you Anne, its not necessarily such a bad thing.

  45. Dinky says:

    These two are a classic example of ingnorant people should breed. Neither one of them are mature enough to handle parenthood. There are things you do to protect your children and vacinating is one of them. Refusing to vaccinate your children is rediculous. Lets just hope that all the fighting and arguing between them dosent sour those two beautiful girls.

  46. Mairead says:

    I’d like to commend Aud for their insightful comment – it’s good to hear from those who are living with the challenges everyday.

    Your son’s interest in taking screws apart certainly rings true for some kids I used to work with. Two different kids, some years apart both independently decided to rewire the house, using a knife as a screwdriver, starting with a light-switch outside a bathroom. In each case they both either got bored or realised it was a bigger job than they thought and just left the fitting hanging open. 🙄

    At the time I thought they were annoying twits, but with the benefit of hindsight, as well as knowing people who have been diagnosed as Aspergers – has made me convinced that there is a chronic under-diagnosis of all forms of autism in society.

  47. ms adamantia claus says:

    Break the vaccines up. And NO I’m not comparing children (so put down your pitchforks and torches) to puppies but ANY vet worth his or her salt knows to BREAK UP THE VACCINE schedule so you dont bombard the animals immune system.
    But on vaccine clinic day we made it MANDATORY that you had to allot at least 1 hour to sit and make sure that the pet didnt have an anaphalatic reaction because you really dont have alot of time to stop it before there are serious complications. Ideally, physicians should set up a shot schedule like that.
    We REALLY have to undertake a serious discussion in this country about whether or not to continue allow medicine to be a for profit profession…because it seems to me that “First do no harm…” is REALLY no longer taken as a serious part of the oath. Its all about the $.

  48. Aud says:

    “Ideally, physicians should set up a shot schedule like that.”

    That is actually a really good idea, MS. My kids have gotten up to 5 shots at once, and not all of em boosters. Then we were sent on our merry way, leaving me to deal with the fever and screaming.

  49. Anne says:

    Hi, Aud, you sound like such a fabulous parent!

    I guess I should come out of the closet, I suppose it’s obvious that I’m passionate about the subject of autism – I do have personal experience with it, my son (7) is autistic (Asperger’s as his IQ is high and he has exceptional vocabulary 10/11 level – if he iq were lower and he had speech trouble he would be classified ‘autistic’ not Aspergers, lovely labels) I am Aspergers as well. Undiagnosed until this year and I’m now 37. It runs in my family, far back before vaccines were available.

    My grandma contracted polio at 28 – she was in a wheelchair without the use of both legs and she died 78, so that’s 50 years in a wheel chair – I’m pro vaccinations seeing first hand how devastating these diseases were/are. So, of course my son was vaccinated but he didn’t change at the age of two, he was the same kid before and after.

    My son is also home schooled and is at at least a grade 3 level right now, when he speaks people are always amazed that he’s only 7. We haven’t had any real behavioural issues other than the normal ones every parent has to deal with.

    He does a few autistic things, like when he thinks, really processes information, he paces back and forth as do I.

    The vaccination debate gets me all worked up. People like Jenny McCarthy drive me nuts. It sounds to me like she and Jim Carrey spend a lot of time with her son and his abilities increased with time and attention but she insists high dosing her child with vitamins has ‘cured’ him and that vaccines caused his autism. It’s sad because it’s all very negative.

    Autistic people are now starting to speak out about therapies that have done more harm than good.

    Type into google ‘autistics speaking out’ or something to see a lot of autistic people talking about themselves and experiences. Far more valuable than the crap organization ‘Autism Speaks’. I once saw the head of that organization talking about how devastate she was with her daughter being autistic she considered driving off a bridge with her child in the back seat. The worse part about that statement was her daughter was right in the same room with her, the woman assumed I’m sure that the child didn’t comprehend what she was saying (the child was 8 or 9) and can assure you, the child did comprehend or we should assume she did and be mindful of the chld’s feelings.

    ‘kay, I’m done. Thanks to anyone to took to time to read my novel.

  50. Wif says:

    Jill, I never said that people shouldn’t vaccinate, I said that it’s a risk that people have to weigh. And if you noticed, I DID have my children vaccinated because I think that it’s important to keep the diseases at their current reduced rate.

    And Trashaddict, no my kids didn’t get pertussis. Although I delayed vaccination, I nursed them till they were ready to be immunized, so they were quite safe using my immunities.

  51. Cinderella says:

    I bet he never paid the hookers with nickels.

  52. Mairead says:

    😆 – or his (alleged) dealer 😈

    Again, great insight Anne.

  53. Anne says:

    Thanks, Mairead. I’m surprised I shared so much about myself and my family, I hope it doesn’t come back to bite me in the butt. I also wanted to mention, neither my son and I have genius IQs. We are normal people with a few quirks.

  54. Aud says:


    I dont think the vaccine caused it, I think he inherited it from his father. I think it was just coinidental timing that he started acting out and showing signs of Autism. But when I read about the research into it and realized that was right about when I started having trouble with him, it was a very scary moment.

    And you are most def right about some therapies making them worse. I have social services on me, my reward for hospitalizing him when he was a danger to himself. They tried to force me to put him in this therapy and that therapy, when he’ll tell you flat out, he doesn’t want to see a doctor, doesn’t want to be treated like he’s different. He says it makes him feel stupid and singled out, and I can def see why. When he’s not in therapy and he’s just “one of the kids,” he raises to the challenge. But there’s so many idiots out there that you can’t tell em nothin.

    And I dont buy that vitamins “cure” either. Only thing vitamins did to my son was make him have a growth spurt. I did cut out red & yellow #5 tho, and have found that a glass of milk first thing in the morning eases the autistic symptoms drastically, usually for the whole day.

    Unfortuneately, its almost like the 2 sides to his brain can’t fire at once. Some days he’s most def autistic, some days he’s smart as a whip. We never see days where his intelligence shines through, he just has a little more trouble focusing. Its one or the other day by day.

  55. drm says:

    You would think for the well-being of his children Mr Sheen would cease and desist with the childish, passive aggressive nonsense. I feel very sorry for those two girls and think both their parents need to just grow up and shut up. I’m no fan of Denise’s either but I thought what she said regarding immunizations and needing “some” but not all, was in the words of another poster, a good compromise.

  56. Ginny says:

    In my thoughts, autism might not be ideal, but it won’t directly kill your kid.

    I really hate the general thoughts spread that autism makes your kid broken. It can be dealt with, it can be worked through. Right now it won’t be cured, but a person can live a successful life with it. My father-in-law is most certainly autistic — but he was never diagnosed with it as a child because they didn’t know about it. He’s an absolutely brilliant engineer, has been married for 40 years, has four children, and a decent amount of money. Sure, his idea of fun might be making random spreadsheets and he might be terribly awkward and confused in social situations, but he works through it. He keeps on going.

    It feels to me that a lot of the autism-hype comes from the idea that you end up with a kid that’s not normal. They’re more work for their parents, they’re not what their parents imagined they’d be. Not that everyone feels this way, but that’s the mainstream vibe I get.

    The connections between autism and vaccines are coincidences. Correlation does not equal causation. The same time babies get their vaccinations is when autism starts to show up. That’s why I think a delayed vaccination plan is a good compromise; your children aren’t getting drugs pumped into them at a young age that might hinder your development, but then they aren’t heading off to school with no immunity.

    I know everyone hates Denise, but I’ve always been meh on her. She’s childish, but Charlie’s always been the one that’s made me roll my eyes.


  58. Aud says:

    My child might be autistic, difficult to live with, and some days a flat out pain in the ass. But if I had a chance to trade it all in for an “ideal” child, I wouldnt do it. My son is who he is, he’s overcoming his challenges, and thats good enough for me

  59. Gigohead says:

    😀 I happy to report that my two children ages, 14 and 8 have yet to get the chicken pox, measles, mumps I got as a child. I think the vaccines now are a better strain than what I got. Hopefully, my kids will be spared the anguish these diseases caused me.

  60. Heather says:

    Charlie’s done every drug known to man, and he opposes vaccines? Wow. He’s likely injected a hell of a lot of crap into his body…surely it hasn’t all gone up his nose.

    Denise is right on this one. Charlie’s feeding into a fear campaign.

  61. boblabla says:

    ok, charlie sheen may be a dog, an animal that hump dame near anything and has proven so; but he does not strike me, in any way, as a father who would intentionaly put his daughters in harms way. if he was, he would have already, and im not talking about stuff you tell a therapist over latte’s like seeing daddy naked in the shower with someone who isn’t mommy, im talking about real trauma like daddy beating you unconscious with your shoes because he tripped over them going up the stairs. you know things that make you pick up a crack pipe later on in life.
    kudos on the bill payment, i might have taken it a step further and used german marks, or yen or something that would require more than just a box to deliver, im think more like a fork lift.
    as i like to say, if i have to do something that i don’t want to, i might as well do it my way.

  62. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Gotta rant on this one:

    My autistic (Asberger’s) child is the Greatest Thing Ever. There’s nothing “wrong” with him. He’s different. And kids, the Different People are what propel society forward.

    Have you ever heard about Newton? Severely autistic, and still considered the greatest mind EVER. Back then, they didn’t have the labels we do but if you read about the personality traits of some of the greatest minds, most had some form of Autism.

    We have calendars because of autistic types. They are the people who notice things like where the moon and stars have moved. Or how the seasons change in a timely manner. Or come up with things like calculus. The list goes on and on. We ‘normal’ types? Most of us follow belief systems with no basis in logic. Who the h*ll are we to judge?

    Autistics are the people who come up with the math/engineering to make all the wonderful crap that we have, so why try to quash it? My autistic uncle was an engineer with the space program. He said that most of the people he worked with were some type of social misfit. But that’s what makes them them — and that’s a Good Thing.

    My son is 10 and makes movies that would blow your mind. He storyboards, writes scripts, builds sets… I have other parents (with ‘normal’ kids) jealous of how creative mine is. He doesn’t need to be entertained. He’s always got a goal. He knows who he is and isn’t pressured by his peers unless he truly chooses to be. I couldn’t do that at his age, but his self-awareness is not to be compromised. I’ve no doubt my son’s ability to succeed, and I’m sick of this mentality that he’s somehow diseased.

    In my opinion, we need more brilliantly “crazy” people, and a few less stupidly “sane”. The so-called sane ones have made Jon & Kate and Heidi & Spencer celebs. So who’s more mentally impaired? I realize that some parents have more to take on than I do (my son is very high-function), and maybe my rant doesn’t apply to them, so if I offended anyone, I’m sorry. Not my intent.

    I just want our children to be appreciated and the stigmas destroyed.

  63. Sharon says:

    I just got my new dictionary in the mail and what do you think… next to the word “JERK” it has a picture of Charlie Sheen.
    He is just a dog. Why on earth anyone watches his tv show is beyond my understanding. I would rather watch a test pattern than him.