Britney gives K-Fed a credit card with no limit

Britney Spears has shown the world how gullible she is by giving her husband an American Express Black card, also known as the Centurion. An invitation-only card with a hefty $2,500 annual fee, the Centurion gives holders automatic first class flight upgrades on all airlines and offers access to airport clubs and personal shoppers at luxury stores. It features a personal concierge and travel agent. If you can think it up, you can probably get it with an AmEx black card.

In the 1980s tales of the “Black” no-limit American Express card were just urban legends, but Amex responded to the black card lore and decided to offer it to high rollers. Now rappers name-drop it in songs, and uber-rich people have the opportunity to go deeper in debt than they ever dreamed possible.

By giving K-Fed access to her Amex Centurion, Britney is essentially letting him empty any bank account he wishes. He has the opportunity to spend lots of money in a very short time with a single phone call. Here’s what people have done with the Centurion card:

  • One cardholder wanted to locate and purchase the horse ridden by Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves. The horse was located in a stud ranch in Mexico, purchased and delivered to Europe.
  • Another cardholder wanted a handful of sand from the Dead Sea for a child’s school project on the Holy Land. Someone was dispatched by motorcycle to the shores of the Dead Sea to obtain the sand, which was couriered back to London.
  • Yet another cardholder required American Express to organize a wedding, including designing the wedding card, drawing maps to direct guests to the banquet, renting tuxedos and shoes for guests, and preparing the hotel room with a jacuzzi for the wedding night.
  • And for another cardholder who aspired to be an actress and wanted to be part of the crew of a weekly soap opera on TV, American Express contacted the director and arranged for an audition.
  • Hey maybe AmEx can help K-Fed with his rapping career! He should call them up now that the black card is in his posession. They seem capable of hooking people up with just about anything.

    Seriously, though, Britney is trusting her fortune to a guy who has a custom Ferrari worth more than a quarter of a million dollars, and a Maserati worth at least six figures. He also reportedly bought a $30,000 watch without asking Britney. Now is that the kind of person you would trust with your money?

    Here’s Britney dropping off a mini Escalade at her recording studios for Sean Preston to play with while she’s there, and Kevin getting a haircut and pumping gas. Sean Preston, 11 months, took his first steps in Las Vegas last week. So now he must be old enough to drive a car, right?

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    1. tina says:

      i hope he doesn’t make her broke, it would be a very hard lesson to learn

    2. jess says:

      at least he’s getting his hair cut…

    3. Angelika says:

      I.. I just don’t know what to say anymore. This family is just.. gosh.. unbelievable!

    4. jaz says:

      she’s beyond dumb..i can’t wait to see her go bankrupt..ugh..born trashy, always will be trashy