Eddie Cibrian cut child support at same time he ‘bought’ $85k ring for LeAnn

Eddie Cibrian’s ex, Brandi Glanville, has given interviews to both In Touch and Radar stating that Eddie’s child support payments have been cut in half recently due to his lack of employment. The current amount of support Eddie pays Brandi isn’t enough to cover her rent. Brandi even had to pay money back to Eddie for supposed overpayments he made in earlier months. The cut in child support payments came at the exact same time that Eddie ‘bought’ LeAnn Rimes an engagement ring worth $85,000. (Although LeAnn probably bought that ring for herself, or was somehow comped part of it, as E!’s Answer Bitch explains.) Eddie is also driving a new Porsche. Brandi told In Touch that Eddie didn’t even bother to give her, or their sons, the heads up that he was getting engaged to LeAnn, and they all had to find out about it through the press.

Here are some of Brandi’s comments to In Touch and Radar:

On how she found out about Eddie and LeAnn’s engagement
“They dropped the kids off with me, and it was all over the press – and the kids had no idea. How dare you not tell your children before you tell the whole world!”

On how Eddie told her that same day he was cutting child support
“I get an e-mail from Eddie saying not only am I halving what I’m giving you, but you have to pay me back the money I overpaid you for the last six months. And this was as he went to Cabo with the 5-carat rock on her hand.

On how current child support doesn’t cover rent
“What he’s paying me now doesn’t even cover my rent. Yet Eddie’s living this lavish lifestyle. He got a new Porsche, and he has an assistant and a full-time nanny”

On how he’s living the high life while their kids suffer
“I don’t want my kids to have it all on one side, and then they come to my house and I’m like, ‘We’re not getting a Happy Meal because I have to watch every penny I spend. He’s not thinking about our children.” – From In Touch

How she will have to move
“The lease is up on my current home and I will be looking for a new place to live shortly while also trying to take care of my sons.”

On her future
“I’m looking for work and trying to get my real estate license but it is a gradual process – I’m not saying Eddie is a bad guy and he is a great father but I just wish it all could be a lot easier.” – From Radar

[From In Touch, print edition, January 17, 2011 and Radar Online]

In Touch explained how Eddie was able to get away with this – Eddie and Brandi’s “divorce agreement states that if Eddie, 37, hasn’t worked in the previous six months, [Brandi] has to repay everything.” Doesn’t this sound like exactly what LeAnn would want? Eddie isn’t working, so he’s available for her 24/7 and owes half the amount of child support to his ex. LeAnn can set up a home for “her boys” that’s in drastic contrast to the lifestyle their mother will be able to afford, all the while transforming herself into a carbon copy of Brandi. If I were Brandi, I would have much more to say about this. Brandi has been incredibly civil about this ridiculous situation.

Radar has another new interview with Brandi in which she talks about her counseling session with Eddie and LeAnn. She’s very classy about everything and just says that the therapy didn’t go well, that she feels blamed by those two for no reason, and that “it is a process and that our sons have to come first.”

Brandi Glanville is shown on 10/11 and 8/13/10. Credit: WENN.com LeAnn and Eddie are shown on 1/2/11. Credit: BauerGriffin




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  1. Motor35 says:

    what a piece of work EC is! i cannot believe brandi had to pay that asshat back for child support. niiiiiiice.

  2. Motor35 says:

    and by the way-notice how leann and kate gosselin have the same tattoo? what is it?

  3. guesty says:

    leann is a conniving bitch. team brandi all the way. as for eddie…what a ho.

  4. Marjalane says:

    Hopefully this Brandi is just biding her time until Eddie and Leann become Mr. snd Mrs. Big money Douche’s, and then she promptly introduces herself to some really nasty attornies that can renegotiate her settlement.

  5. Jezi says:

    This has all to do with Eddie and his inability to care about anybody but himself. I hope Brandi gets that Real Estate license and starts banking some money off of high rollers looking for houses. I’m so tired of her suffering over and over for those two selfish a-holes.

  6. Rita says:

    Let’s look at the bigger financial picture for just the last two weeks.

    Kid’s Christmas gifts- $20,000
    Engagement Ring- $85,000
    Silicone Chew Toys- $10,000
    New Porche- $75,000
    Cabo Vacay- $10,000

    For Eddie and LeAnn no expense will be spared for seperating Brandi from her children when they go to court and demand full custody.

    More later? you can bet your ass on that.

  7. LesliPaige says:

    I hate Eddie!

  8. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @Jezi.. couldnt agree with you more.

    He’s living the high life while she’s scraping by. Reminds me of my mom and dad. As a child, its really hard not to get a little bitter when you wear hand me downs and eat spam for a week straight but your dad and the new wife have a huge big house and nice cars.

    What a douche bag. His children should ALWAYS come first.

  9. brin says:

    Way to raise my blood pressure today, CB! First douche John Edwards and now double douches leann & eddie!!!
    Eddie probably won’t ever work again (which leann would lovE)and poor Brandi is doing everything she can for her sons while those two morons go off & play.

  10. Samigirl says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. And it pisses me off. If my ex told me he needed me to pay him back some of his child support, I would laugh in his face. Eddie is a douche, plain and simple. I can’t wait for Brandy to have the very last laugh in all of this.

  11. happygirl says:

    Oh! For the love of all that his Holy!
    Can we please get a “B*tch Got What She Deserved” thread on here soon? I’m getting depressed with all of these “The Jumpoff is the Winner” stories. This sucks. They have no shame.

    Edit – @ Jezi – yep!! , @ JD’s Girl – co-sign, @Rita “silicone chew toys” – that just made my morning!

    • Smartypance says:

      Hopefully Camille G. will be able to help her new found castmate/friend ms. Brandi. I know quite a few litigators who would jump on her case all the while billing it to her ex and his wifey…what’s hers is his and would be taken into account in terms of support for ms. Glanville

      LR is a thieving gutter-snipe who is trying to poach Brandis entire life…no doubt we’ll be seeing/hearing more on this issue….

  12. skilo says:

    I think Brandi tried too hard to be nice and screwed herself in the process. I would never have let EC have joint custody of my kids if I were her and I could have prevented it. In my state if two people are living together and aren’t married that is grounds for loss of custody. There is no way I would willingly let my ex play house with his mistress and my kids and not do my damnedest to stop it.Ec is a pos for reducing his support alone much less expecting BG to pay back money he paid in support for his children.Very petty and selfish on his part. Leann can’t see that it’s wrong because she has piss poor morals herself.

  13. KatScorp says:

    If Eddie didn’t work for six months, Brandi had to repay him? WTF? That’s an incentive to not even TRY to work! Eddie just sat on his arse for six months, living off his girlfriend and driving a new porsche, knowing that he would get paid by his ex-wife for deliberately doing nothing.

  14. Darlene says:

    I cannot WAIT until he cheats on LeAnn. I cannot WAIT.

  15. skilo says:

    @ Rita “Silicone Chew Toys- $10,000”

  16. brin says:

    @Darlene….yeah, that’s what we’re all waiting for. And leann will have a complete psychotic break. No amount of plastic surgery & fanatic excercise will keep him from cheating on her.

  17. Salina says:

    Cheating aside, Eddie is disgusting. you can be unfaithful yet still take care of your family. why would he need the money back when he has leann? nice to know leann is wearing her future stepchildren’s former house on her left hand. ugh terrible people

  18. jump start says:

    what is wrong with the courts out there in Calif to allow a man to reduce his child support payments and in the next breath ,he goes and buys an 85,000.00 ring for his mistress. and if we are to believe Leann she was surprised by the ring and Eddie designed it and so making everyone believe HE bought it. He should sell one of his fancy motorcycles, or his porsche or give up gym memberships or GET A JOB ANY JOB and pay for his own kids. doesn’t matter if he hates his ex or not he loved her enough at one time to make 2 beautiful kids with her and those kids are the only thing that is important in this mess GET A JOB,EDDIE AND QUIT SPONGING OFF HORSE VENEERS

  19. deb says:

    You just know the LR PR trolls are out trying to spin this? Hows it worked so far for them? They will never learn ever.
    Saying child support shouldn’t go to help
    to pay the rent. Why shouldn’t it Aren’t those kids with Brandi 1/2 the time? Also how can he afford that ring and not CS?
    You have the usual chants of “get a job Brandi”. Brandi is working on that. Whats Eddie doing? Is he even trying? Is the choke chain that tight?

  20. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Why would Brandi allow that repayment nonsense in her divorce agreement? Is that standard in CA? Eddie’s a douche, no doubt, but Brandi signed that agreement of her own free will. Don’t cry about it now.

  21. malachais says:

    I can’t imagine having to sit with these two in a therapy session. Honestly, if I was her, I would move as far away from these people and look for support from family.

    The stress level has to get to their kids at one point or another. This makes me feel bad for Brandi, which I was apprehensive about before.

  22. Darla says:

    If Eddie is too damn busy being Leann’s lap dog to work, then he needs to go out, drop to his knees, and give hummers on the street to pay for his kids. God, these two are a waste of good air. What complete and total pukes!

  23. Leticia says:

    Brandi should have sold Eddie to LeAnn for $2 million, which is allegedly what Julia Roberts had to pay her current husband’s first wife for the first wife to divorce him for Julia.

  24. lucy2 says:

    She needs to stop talking to the press and instead talk to the courts, because her divorce agreement sounds pretty crappy, and with the way he’s been documented living, she’d have a good case. He should have to pay child support NO MATTER WHAT. If he can’t get work acting, go flip burgers or stock shelves at Walmart, and take care of your kids!

  25. Crash2GO2 says:

    Yeah, what is up with that repayment nonsense? Did she not have a good lawyer in the divorce?

    Once again, I don’t think she’s being classy about this. Yeah, she’s having a rough time, but airing it all out in public with only hurt the kids, because it hurts their father in their eyes. And that damages them FOR LIFE. Put your kids first BOTH OF YOU.

  26. Jezi says:

    @dread pirate cuervo at the time when Brandi signed that divorce agreement she was desperate for some money to come in. Eddie had been holding out money from her so that she would be forced to sign any POS settlement agreement. She couldn’t afford the attorney fees to keep fighting the battle. Unlike Eddie, she doesn’t have a rich sugardaddy supporting her. So she had to take what she could get. It’s unfortunate but true. Leann will pay all of Eddie’s attorney fees as long as it means Brandi comes out on the losing end.

  27. Rita says:

    Brandi had to agree to the divorce agreement because Eddie and LeAnn blackmailed her. They told her that if she didn’t sign, she’d be responsible for her legal bills as well as all future bills.

    Eddie and LeAnn planted a story in Star magazine about how Brandi hates LeAnn because the kids like LeAnn. Brandi tweeted that it’s totally untrue and that is why she talked to the tabs again. The tabs are her only outlet to get the truth out. The Star story is meant to deflect attention from this story.

  28. irena NL says:

    The comments are PH are NOT on Brandi’s side. Brandi needs to put her rear in gear and become a working mom like MOST of us. No pity any longer. She’s a nag…no wonder he jumped.

  29. deb says:

    Maybe some of the nay sayers should walk in her shoes for 5 minutes. I can guarantee you wouldn’t like the pinch.
    How many men out there have pulled this crap do you honestly think women won’t
    have empathy and sympathy for Brandi?
    Now look for the posters to appear out of nowhere to say “It’s happened to me she needs to buck up”. She is trying! Whats Eddie doing? 5 carat ring check new Porsche check multiple vacays check check check…
    @Rita I agree with you sista

  30. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I have to say while I totally hate Leanne and even Eddie this whole interview was a little bullshit. She can’t afford a happy meal for her children? Really? Maybe she should get a job and support her own children? Maybe they do get more money related things at Eddie’s house but who really cares? If she’s a good mom the kids will love her best cause she’s the mom.

    I’m not taking Eddie’s side but she needs to get off the cross and build a bridge … than again I’ve not had my coffee yet and whinning annoys me this early in the morning

  31. brin says:

    Just read the Radar Online item and Brandi said she did not & would not sign a confidentiality agreement….that is golden! She needs to write a book & make millions off of those two scumbags!

  32. dread pirate cuervo says:

    CA laws must be quite different from NJ, b/c when my fiance was getting divorced from his first wife, he had to keep paying everything during the divorce process that he had been paying before. Status quo. Was Brandi considered a stay-at-home mom? If so, WTF would she have to repay Eddie? Mr. DPC looks at his child support as his kids’ money, not his ex-wife’s. & I can’t imagine why anyone would look at it any other way.

  33. Rita says:


    It was Brandi who asked for the court approved mediator to supervise the reconcilliation meeting that Brandi begged for. Within 24 hours of coming to an agreement between the parties, Eddie and LeAnn broke that agreement. Brandi has been the one trying to build bridges while Eddie and LeAnn are busy destroying them.

    PS-Irena, we know where your job is at. Waiting for co-producer Heavenbound.

  34. Salem says:

    How the fark is he ALLOWED to get away with this?!??? Is Brandi allowed to submit as evidence to the judge, evidence/exhibits of the car, the jewellery, the ring, the vacations etc? Surely there must be SOMEthing Brandi’s lawyer can do??? Its not like LeAnn and Eddie are quiet about it or cover their tracks well. The amount of opulence and luxury Eddie indulges in, and constantly, is public knowledge and proof would be easily obtained by a private detective and/or lawyers. Why isn’t Brandi’s attorney DOING SOMETHING about it? Surely it can’t be this difficult! Unfairness pisses me off, and this really pisses me off. I think Brandi needs a new attorney, because I simply cannot understand how Brandi’s attorney LET this happen….. Wtf?!

  35. Jezi says:

    @Irena well we already know you are Leann’s PR so I’m probably beating a dead horse by commenting to you but that is really a messed up thing to say. When Brandi met Eddie they were in their early 20’s. She was becoming a very successful model and both agreed when they got married and started having kids, that she would be a stay at home mom. She was that for the entire relationship. So basically out of work for let’s say 10 years. As a model, you only have so many good years of work you can do. So having to jump back into the work force after not working for so long is not easy at all. You won’t get many modeling jobs at 37 so think about that. She’s working on getting her life together, however, that takes time, especially when you’ve relied on your “partner” for so many years. So why should she kill herself but Eddie can sit on his ass all day and watch football, go on lavish vacations and drive around in a Porsche? Seems a bit unfair to say the least.

  36. BReed says:

    A. They need to STFU
    B. “EDDIE” didn’t spring for the ring…LA has deep pockets. Or maybe he pulled a Burt Reynolds and gave her CZ!

  37. Salem says:

    Just read the Radar Online item and Brandi said she did not & would not sign a confidentiality agreement”

    Thank goodness for that. Theres the answer then. She needs to write a tell-all book, it would expose those 2 pieces of scum in the sewer AND give her some money.

  38. ThirdChris says:

    OMFG, the more I read about this pair, the sicker I get. Eddie has to be the biggest douchenozzle ever. And LeAnn, does she REALLY believe she smells like a rose in all this? That people are too stupid to see her for what she is?

    As an aside, I thought Brandi said they’d been engaged for a few months before they finally announced it?

  39. brin says:

    @Salem…yep, and everyone will be buying that book, hope it goes into multiple printings!

  40. Salina says:

    To those who said she needs to get a job, eddie should too. According to IMDb he’s pretty un employed himself. He can always get a job outside of acting since brandi has to work outside of modeling.

  41. Jezi says:

    @Salem it’s because it’s not Eddie’s money that’s being spent, it’s Leann. Eddie could possibly be broke but it’s Leann that is carrying the weight. The courts probably see he isn’t bringing in a dime. It’s his children, not Leann’s. It’s unfortunate but that’s how the court system in this country works.

    @ThirdChris yes, they were engaged for months and she was waiting to see when they were going to tell the kids. Not her engagement, not her job.

  42. Jayna says:

    Brandi, shut up, please. You live on these gossip sites giving interviews. You’re not much better than LeAnn that way. Eddie needs to get a job and Brandi needs to get a job. Leann’s money has nothing to do with Brandi. If she chooses to support Eddie, that’s her own foolishness, and it appears she’s spending a lot on the children, too, anyway. But Brandi deserves none of LeAnn’s money. Everybody keeps saying she stole Eddie. No. Eddie went after another women and cheated on his wife and left her. Whatever financial obligations are owed are from him.

  43. Jezi says:

    @Jayna Actually you’re incorrect. Eddie did not leave Brandi, she kicked him out. You’re right, Leann’s money is not Brandi’s, but Eddie needs to still contribute to his kids. That’s how child support works.

  44. Rita says:

    For anyone criticizing Brandi for not being the pinacle of class in this, I say fuck off. If you bring class into a situation where your opponents are two scum bags, you’re going to get shanked with a rusty blade.

    Eddie and LeAnn blame Brandi for the loss of their careers and are causing a hardship on the children to make it tough on Brandi. From day one, LeAnn made and kept this public with the restaurant finger sucking video she sent USWeekly, photos her with Eddie at the hotel, dragging a photog to the ball game, and on and on. They destroyed themselves but like true narcassists, they’re looking for someone else to blame.

  45. Jayna says:

    Jezi, I did say Eddie needs to get a job. Let’s face it, it was passive aggressive. He wouldn’t give up LeAnn and was probably trying to get his ducks in a row and not hurt his career but left her no choice but to file. He was already emotionally out of the marriage, just an a hole for not manning up and leaving.

  46. Jezi says:

    @Jayna Eddie would not have left Brandi as long as he could continue cheating on her. Eddie was not faithful with Leann either, he was boning Scheana at the same time as both Brandi and Leann. Scheana was really the reason why Brandi kicked him out. He wants his cake and eat it to. That’s what that’s about.

  47. brin says:

    Brandi has every right to speak out and I’m glad some of these tabloids are interviewing her and not just showing those two cheaters all the time.

  48. fabgrrl says:

    Um, not to sound pro-LeAnn or anything. But why doesn’t Brandi work? Aren’t these kids school-aged, and only with her half the time? She could have a job and pay rent herself. Sure, she probably can’t afford the lifestyle they had before, but she could teach the kids about hard work and self reliance.

    And, also, if they are school aged, why do they need a nanny at LeAnn’s house?

  49. sunseeker says:

    If that was my son I would kick his ass whatever his age. What are his parents doing letting him treat the mother of his children with so little respect.

  50. Grace says:

    @fabgrrl: The younger one is only preschool age. But good point about the nanny. Leanne tweets practically every minute of the day when the boys are with her, about how she’s cooking for them and playing with them and giving them baths, and the whole time I’m always wondering how she could possibly be taking care of them and putting up 4 tweets per minute. I guess we have our answer now.

    I find it even more nauseating that she’s tweeting about taking care of the boys when she’s not even really taking care of them. I also find it nauseating that Eddie is unemployed and yet he apparently can’t be bothered to take care of the kids while they’re with him.

  51. JustBe says:

    Rita, as always your hilarious:

    “If you bring class into a situation where your opponents are two scum bags, you’re going to get shanked with a rusty blade.”

    I can speak directly to this (well directly secondhand). One of my best friends experienced something similar and she lives in Maryland. She and her ex have one daughter. Upon the dissolution of their relationship, they went to court for custody/child support. Even though he had been cheating AND unemployed the last several months of their relationship, the judge still ordered joint 50/50 custody and he was only ordered to pay about $40/week in child support. This means that their daughter (then 4) had to be shuffled between two homes every week and every other weekend. The douchebag also married his mistress (their relationship is currently in the crapper nevertheless), but he has constantly dragged my friend into court to attempt to reduce the CS payments. He refuses to contribute to extracurricular costs, constantly breaks promises about Xmas/birthday gifts and/or just showing up for the child’s events.

    Their daughter will be 12 this year and although she is a beautiful girl and is thriving, the scars from being the daughter of a douchebag are easily seen.

    I don’t know what I would/could do in Brandi’s shoes. I’m sure she wants her sons to have the best relationship with their father and at this point, he won’t ever leave Leann because she’s his meal ticket. But, constantly having to fight for your dignity through the press and having to undo the mental manipulation that her boys are subjected to must not be an easy feat.

    Perhaps she shouldn’t tell everything to the press, but in this situation, how else is she supposed to fight back?

  52. sunseeker says:


    Eddie and Brandi decided that she would not work, I read an article some time back about this. Also it does take some time to get back into a career after such a long absence. Also what ever Brandi is doing he should still be responsible for his children. What Eddie and Leanne are doing is very simple, they are playing a game of “Look what we are doing for you” , knowing Brandi has no money and if she is working, no time for the children and she would not be able to afford child care. Both are nasty and egotistical, no character no morals and no class

  53. Jason says:

    Brandi will be okay. Can’t blame her for airing the dirt b/c LeRe can’t stfu about anything. The truth is twisted four ways – Brandi, tit/twat and the paps.

    EC is a piece of work. He looks at LeRe with $$$ in his eyes. If she had any brains at all, she’d get a prenup – one that boldly states ‘if the motherfucker cheats, he gets nada’. I’m sure he’d disagree with a prenup tho – you don’t trust me?? It’s true love, baby – true love lasts forever (LeRe is young and stupid to eat that shit up).

    Weird setup with the support. First time I’ve ever heard of the mother paying back b/c the dad is a dead beat. When EC/LR marry does anyone know if Brandi can challenge/change support payments?

  54. Amanda says:

    I thought he was employed by CSI? What happened to that?

  55. Rita says:

    The oldest child is seven and the youngest is 3. Both my parents worked with 4 children at home but Brandi and Eddie agreed that Brandi would raise the children and take care of the home. Now Eddie threw away that commitment and feels he doesn’t owe Brandi anything for using up the ten best years of her life.

    He got fired from CSI for the same reason no one will hire him…he can’t act. He spent all his money on booze, partying, and cheap women. Now he’s LeAnn’s flaccid inflatable pool tool.

  56. happygirl says:

    And this is why Rita and Jezi are my girls. 🙂

  57. krissy_kitty says:

    Whatever happened to making someone find a job to pay the child support that they are responsible for, and throwing their asses in jail until they pay it?? What the hell kind of lawyer does BG have that would EVER agree to her having to pay back ANY child support that is owed to her?
    Of course EC has not “been able to find work”! He has a freaking CASH COW and personal ATM.. He is not gonna be “able to find work” for a VERY long time.
    I can’t wait until those selfish A-holes get married.. Then BG will be able to count LeAnn’s income as Eddies.

  58. deb says:

    @ Irena We all know who is posting on the PH site. If you have to point it out it’s you and PR damage control? Shall I name them for you? I would just bet 3horses ass is one of them?

  59. Jezi says:

    @Amanda he’s not very likeable anymore, they fired him from CSI. The ratings took a nose dive when he started on the show. Leann actually got him that job. His arrogance and Leann’s tweeting and constant justifications of the affair and forced acceptance of their relationship have killed the two of them and their careers are paying the price.

  60. Jezi says:

    @happygirl 🙂

  61. fabgrrl says:

    Look, I think it is terrible when a woman sacrifices her career ambitions and youth to be a stay-at-home mom, only to have her jerk husband run off and leave her with nothing. I KNOW being a full time parent is a full time job. And, yes, Brandi was a model, a career based on youth and beauty, and not something you can jump right back into.

    But this complaining about not being able to pay the rent, buy Happy Meals, etc. just seems over the top. When my parents divorced we were 5 and 3 and my Mom had to go back to work after being a stay at home parent. My father was constantly weaseling out of child support. My mom worked sh*t jobs for years, and this is an educated woman we are talking about, until she was able to secure a full time teaching position. So forgive me if I think Brandi is being a bit of drama queen.

  62. Jezi says:

    @fabgrrl She’s making a point, she’s saying she has to pinch pennies, she may be exaggerating but it’s to say, hey, this dick is living the high life while she struggles. And you can read in her article, she’s doing whatever it takes to make money. She’s going back for her Real Estate license and I KNOW she takes any job she can.

  63. Eileen says:

    Brandi could have gotten a LOT more in her divorce deal but there was always one thing hanging over her head: if she had gotten what she deserved than Leann and Eddie would have sued her over and over for full custody to drain the money she had gotten. She knows they have the resources to do that and I’m sure they pointed out that things could be a lot worse for her if she doesn’t comply. Thank God she didn’t sign the Full Disclosure deal!
    Leann is systematically pushing Brandi out of this little family unit because she wants to have it all the way she wants it-and so far that has worked for her. When Eddie didn’t leave his wife, she leaked their affair to the press and got the video of them to MAKE sure he had to leave. The girl has no dignity I’m telling you.

  64. redlips says:

    Eddie paid for the ring? No way! This relationship (Eddie and LeAnn) was doomed from the get go. It is only a matter of time until it combust!

    Eddie honey, ever heard of the word “Gigolo”? Get use to it numbnuts…

    @Krissy_Kitty, one can NOT make anyone find a job and go to work. It sucks yes, however, true!

  65. why? says:

    She is being majorly screwed over by the courts, that is why she has to go the press. I also think that she needs to get a new laywer, a new judge, and set some major boundaries with EC and LR where these two will be punished for breaking those standards(ie-tweeting about the kids and tipping off the paps).

    Why should BG be quiet when Leann and Eddie are walking around and gloating about how they have managed to defraud the courts and BG and EC kids? That man is driving around with a new car, yet he just can’t afford child support and Jayna/irena/fabgrll want BG to be quiet? Why? Because they don’t want people to see just what lowdown and horrible people LR and EC are?

    I see that yet another LR supporter has popped up out of the blue, despite the fact that her song on Itunes still isn’t in the top 100. Where are all these LR supporters coming from and why do they all seem to show up at the same time?

    So Leann damage control is for her and her assistant to come to these sites and write posts where they slam BG for daring to call EC and LR out on their mess. Just think, if LR hadn’t been so vocal about her ring and staging photo-ops where she flashes it to the world, she wouldn’t have even been in this position.

    Perhaps by going to the media, the courts will see what a terrible mistake they have made by allowing LR and EC to get away with so much.

  66. brin says:

    I hope these two z listers never work again. Even the opening of a flea market is too good for them.

  67. deb says:

    @Eileen This has been my thought the whole
    time. B needs to watch her back with these 2 idiots. A fish stinks from the head down and these 2 are one rotten fish. Is Eddie even trying to look for work? My guess not likely?

    @redlips Of course he paid for the ring *wink wink*

  68. why? says:

    What is even worse about this is the fact that we all know that EC hasn’t been looking for work as evidenced by those twitpics of Leann and EC on tour and LR daily leaks to her mouthpieces.

    It looks like EC deliberately remained jobless just so that BG had to pay him. I agree it looks like they are trying to put her in a financial mess so that she has no other choice but to give the boys over to LR and EC for full custody.

    Doesn’t EC have to have proof that he has been job hunting, or does that standard go out of the door when LR money is involved? Can BG appeal that section of the settlement by submitting evidence that EC wasn’t looking for a job AT ALL. For instance LR and EC have provided enough evidence in photo-ops to show that EC could have used that time he spent on tour with LR and LR very own twitpics of her and EC dining out and partying as proof that EC wasn’t looking for a job.

    When EC and LR get married, can BG make amends to his child support payment and request that EC reimburse her for the money she had to pay back because he deliberately sat on his behind doing nothing just so BG had to pay him back?

    I’ms starting to think that EC has it out for BG because he is upset with her for not taking him back. It’s like he is saying, “I’ll show BG, how dare she not recognize that I’m God’s gift to women?”

  69. deb says:

    Yeah what was up with that Judge? Weird

  70. Mshuffleupagus says:

    As much as I hate Leann and Eddie, I can’t feel bad for Brandi. Here’s my thing, does Eddie look to ANYONE like a stand up guy? He’s like an Abercrombie and Fitch, you can smell his douche from 50 feet away. If some girls were smarter, Eddie would have a vag embargo put on him and would never have the chance to cheat on bitches to begin with….but do the embargo thing after he cheats on Luann, I want that to happen first.

  71. Fire says:

    I think this whole situation is RI-FUCKING-DICULOUS! He is a total scumbag for doing all this in public – vacations, engagement rings, new car – when in private he is claiming poor and getting the “overpayment” of support back. I think the courts should take some of this into account before deciding Brandi has to give the money back. When (or should I say IF) those fucktards ever get married, will the court take LA’s money into consideration when they decide what EC has to pay? I certainly hope so! Or maybe EC is savvy enough to know not to ever get married to LA. (I SERIOUSLY doubt he even wants to. I feel like he is stringing her along at this point.)

    Also – I still find it hilarious that LA talks about her “fans” – does she have any left at this point? And if she does, they must not know how to read or operate computers or maybe this kind of behavior is commonplace in trailer parks and truck stops ?

  72. Eileen says:

    @why that is for sure! Just look on Leann’s TWITTER for the evidence, she tweets what they are doing every second of the day! Shouldn’t be too hard to point out that Eddie has been too busy being Leann’s lackey helping her through her “stomach problems” aka lipo and bubby surgery, escorting her to her shows and going on vacations….too busy to even try to find work.

  73. MissyA says:

    “She’s very classy about everything and just says that the therapy didn’t go well, that she feels blamed by those two for no reason, and that “it is a process and that our sons have to come first.””

    I’m sorry, CB. I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not – but leaking details of couples/group therapy to the tabloids is never classy.

    Their karma is intertwined. These three high maintenance, famewh*ring idiots deserve each other.

  74. Leticia says:

    I wonder if the posters who are critical of Brandi either work for LeAnn or can relate to LeAnne because they are also responsible for breaking up a home with small children and feel defensive about it.

  75. 4Real says:

    Typical California deadbeat dad! We have millions of ’em! Brandi just needs a better lawyer. ITS CALIFORNIA you can have a judge review your case about every 90days. DONT SIT ON YOUR RIGHTS BRANDI! CA FAMILY JUDGES HATE THAT! FIGHT IT!

  76. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Rita: “If you bring class into a situation where your opponents are two scum bags, you’re going to get shanked with a rusty blade.”

    I disagree. Stooping to their level is grade school mentality and won’t get her anywhere. Taking the high road is always the best way to go and in the end the truth will out. It will be MUCH less hurtful to her children as well, instead of bashing her ex publicly. What possible good is that going to do any of this?? Can’t she see she is just compounding the pain this is all causing her boys? It’s sad really. It’s like she’s saying, “Well they’re doing it, so I might as well too.” F*cking tragic, all of it. You’d think a mother would want to protect her children not use them as pawns to get back at her ex. But I guess it happens all the time…

    And Rita, before you jump down my throat, you know my story. I have plenty of reason to harbor ill will toward my ex. But I choose not to, because I know how important it is for my daughter to have a relationship with her daddy that is not tarnished by that crap. She is more important to me than my ability to ‘get back’ at him. So I work my ass off in thankless jobs and don’t see her nearly as much as a mother should see her daughter. But I think she’s doing OK and I buy her frickin’ Happy Meals.

  77. icantbelievethis says:

    Both parents should be supporting these children. I’d be pretty upset if I was paying CS and my ex didn’t work. I didn’t get a dime when ex and I have closer to 50/50 custody. I barely get anything now and I have sole custody. When I got divorced I had to work 50 hrs a week and went to school full time. You marry a douche, you end up paying for it.

    Why would she get a real estate license? Has she seen the housing market lately?? She should go into an area that is actually making money. She could be an event planner or event designer. Anything in an industry that is growing right now (unlike real estate).

    ‘Once again, I don’t think she’s being classy about this. Yeah, she’s having a rough time, but airing it all out in public with only hurt the kids, because it hurts their father in their eyes. And that damages them FOR LIFE. Put your kids first BOTH OF YOU.’


  78. brin says:

    Brandi called Eddie a great father (now she’s the one who’s a good actor!), I don’t think she’s stooping to EC & LR’s level. These kids will know soon enough what their father is and it’s not coming from Brandi.

  79. Rita says:


    I get hot with people pushing the LeAnn agenda not with people who intelligently express opinions contrary to mine. You’re a babe with me.

    As always, you make a very good point but the high road requires Brandi to go quietly to court. Money she does not have. When Eddie was behind on child support before, Brandi took it public and he paid up. Unless Brandi publically rattles their cage, LeAnn and Eddie will simply do whatever they want. In the article Brandi states that Eddie is a good dad (not by my standards) so she doesn’t bash him “directly”. Brandi has tried very hard to negotiate for peace but the dynamic douches don’t care. They only care about their careers and they’re over. Eventually, Eddie and LeAnn will see the light in treating Brandi with respect or she’ll write a tell-all book. We’ll see which happens first. As far as the kids go, they’ll soon understand what a terrible man their sperm donor is without Brandi’s help.

  80. Jacquie says:

    Seriously? How can you people feel bad for this woman? Child support is to take care of the children not a full grown woman who is capable of working. You don’t have to have a career to get an effing JOB. The non custodial parent is only supposed to pay HALF of the CHILDREN’S living expenses. Not the baby mama’s rent. I don’t feel one bit sorry for her, regardless of what happened. Guess what Sh!t happens the rest of us put on our big girl panties and deal with it. We don’t blame or go after our exes because obviously they aren’t going to take care of us anymore. It’s not their job, either find a new bank boy or take care of yourself

  81. Jezi says:

    Brandi can talk all she wants in my eyes. And that’s because I see what the ex’s new soon to be wifey tweets daily. So I have no problems with Brandi speaking out. If it was a tell all book would that be different? I think her children will know the truth one day and I don’t think it’s Brandi’s actions that they will be disgusted with.

  82. Jezi says:

    @Jacquie she is entitled to be kept in the same type of lifestyle she was accustomed to during marriage. That’s how it goes. He worked, she supported him and held down the household, per their agreement when married, and now she’s got to suck it up and live horribly? She met him when he was a nobody and just building his career. Pretty lousy thing to do to her.

  83. Johnny Depp's Girl says:


    I am appalled at the blatant disregard LeAnne has for the children who are the MOST important issue in all this. EDDIE needs to man up and take care of those children. PAY THE RENT A$$HOLE!
    Child Support is for anything the child needs to be supported, that includes rent, utilities, daycare, food, water and sport activities.

    What a land of CRAZY these two losers live in. Creeps!

  84. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Eddie may seem better and classier because he’s a celebrity and gets vacays to Cabo, but he’s just like every other deadbeat loser dad who intentionally stays unemployed so he doesn’t have to pay child support. Sadly, these slobs are a dime a dozen. When I went to court for my divorce hearing, I got there way early (you guessed it, my ex didn’t even bother to show up, but I digress) and had to sit thru a bunch of child support hearings with the defendants on a video feed from jail. They all had the same crap story: “I’m looking for work, I’m just trying to scrape by, I meant to send money but got fired, blah blah blah.” Eddie is NO different. I can’t wait until he and LR get married and Brandi can go after LR’s income for child support!

  85. TXCinderella says:

    Word to Leanne – Bitch go eat a sandwich, you are too skinny! Instead of working on your body so much, why don’t you try working on your soul.

  86. Eileen says:

    @Jaquie BABY MAMA? Uh he was with her for over a decade and they were married for 8 years! She’s not just some random hook up. She like many moms, me included, decided when it was time to start a family that she would be the primary caregiver and focus on the family while he worked and made the money. JUST because she wasn’t pulling in an income doesn’t mean her job was any less valuable. In fact he wouldn’t BE where he is if it wasn’t for her sacrificing her career. If my husband pulled an Eddie Cibrian and did this to me SURE I can go out and find a job at Burger King if I can’t reinsert myself into my old career which isn’t likely since its been 10 years but then what about child care? Burger King doesn’t pay me enough to make ends meet AND take them to child care. Plus with a 3 yr old like Brandi has-he would be in day care all day instead school for most the day and a few hours of care. And Burger King or most jobs like event planners are NOT 9 to 5. What does she do with the kids then-sure Eddie and Leann will be there arms wide open getting exactly what they wanted in the first place: for Brandi to have less time with them.

  87. deb says:

    Looks like the PR sheep have hit the board
    *waving* Hi 3horses ass and it’s little ponies

  88. deb says:

    Are you kidding me??!! Are stay at home moms being bashed now as well? WOW JUST WOW
    @Jacquie…So Jacquie how do you feel about Eddie not working and living high on the hog off of LR money? You conveniently left any mention of that out of your post. A little biased are we?

  89. brin says:

    @Rita….do we think alike or what?…lol…look at our posts.

  90. Eileen says:

    @Deb I’m not sure how people BLAME the one in the relationship that was in her marriage for keeps, tried everything she could to make it work and gave up her professional life for their kids. How does that work out in the mind exactly?

  91. Samigirl says:

    @Jacquie, you don’t think that the kids need a place to live? Child support is to take care of children, which includes a roof over their head, transportation, food, health insurance, etc. If Brandy wants to spend the check on happy meals or new tennis shoes, she can do that, because it’s something the kid needs. I’m certain you are not a mother.

  92. Crash2GO2 says:

    “As always, you make a very good point but the high road requires Brandi to go quietly to court. Money she does not have.”

    At this point, she doesn’t need an attorney – she can represent herself. It certainly can’t hurt to try. If I go back to court, I will be representing myself. Still paying attorney’s fees!

  93. Samigirl says:

    Also, shocked Gloria Allred hasn’t jumped up and offered her services to Brandi yet.

  94. Rita says:


    Sista, I LOL when I saw that too.

    I admire the hell out of you for taking the highest of highroads but remember the old addage when you’re not a lawyer facing opposing counsel. “The person who represents oneself in court has a fool for a client”. Best of luck, always.

  95. Jezi says:

    @Crash2Go2 I agree, I would love for Brandi to fight this tooth and nail but don’t you think that the minute she goes back to court Leann won’t pay for an expensive attorney just to beat down Brandi in court? If a judge allowed this action of Brandi paying that dirtball back, then what would happen if she went against a shark lawyer?

  96. Jezi says:

    @Rita we are posting close to the same things like a minute apart 😉

  97. MeMyself says:

    Does LR even have that much money?

    The new Porche and the ring, plastic surgery, trips to Cabo, etc…

    I thought she only had a couple of hits..does that give her millions?

  98. Eileen says:

    I agree-if she went to court on her own and they show up with the best of the best attorneys she could end up even worse than she already is. Its 50/50 she could get a judge that is majorly feeling for her or she could get a judge that ends up with an iPod of Leann Rimes songs. Its a risk that’s hard to take when you’re scared someone is trying to take your children from you and has a lot of money to do it.
    Ok I’m going back to bed! Ugh head cold! =(

  99. MSat says:

    I hope Brandi plans on fighting this tooth and nail! I really can’t believe how similar this is to my own story. My ex and his jumpoff piece are driving BMWs and Mercedes and living in a $500,000+ home, each making over $120K a year, and my ex was trying to claim poverty to get out of paying the full amount of child support! His mistress was walking around with a huge rock on her hand and he spent $10,000 on a vasectomy reversal but didn’t think he should pay the court ordered amount.

    I hired a lawyer, we went to court – I won. And the judge wasn’t very impressed with him. At. All.

    Fight back, Brandi!

  100. weeble says:

    Everyone keeps saying EC should get a job and BG should get a job, too. Well, EC has a job being LR’s man. Plain and simple. Doesn’t matter if we agree with it or hate it. It is what it is.

    It’s time for BG to get up, get out and get something….let the fates handle EC and LR. There are kids involved — they learn how to handle business from parents.

    BG should stop whining, make some money from writing a book and look for work in the meantime. The kids must come first.

  101. brin says:

    Brandi Bunch is in full force, rockin Celebitchy, a ha!

  102. DGO says:

    Brandi should get a job out of state and move those kids far away from Falcor and her scary claws. I know, I know, it’s not good to move the kids away from their father, but in this case, it might do more good than harm. Brandi is the better parent.

  103. deb says:

    @ Eileen…It’s a PR tool to take the heat
    Off the offending parties by throwing shit out there and hoping some sticks on the victim. They do this to try and change public opinion so its more favorable

  104. DGO says:

    One more thing – the youngest child was withdrawn from pre-school because Eddie said he couldn’t afford it, yet he’s got a full-time nanny over at Squinty’s place. It’s beyond disgusting that LeAnn and Eddie would use a 3 year old to get back at the child’s mother.

  105. mimi says:

    I think Brandi should write a book. I know I’d buy it just to show my support. I cant imagine going thru all this and then have all these articles on squinty’s ring and fancy trips thrown in your face while having to give back part of the child support. I dont get that part AT ALL. There is no way in h*ll Id want that bat-shit crazy LR around my kids. I dont understand why they have a nanny on his time with the kids but then maybe its a good thing if it means less time around LR.
    So many questions with this saga. I’m glad Brandi didnt sign that confidentiality agreement too, at least she can use the media to set the record strait.

  106. skilo says:

    Leann and Eddie have a nanny because they are both worthless. They like to drink all the time and not do jack sh*t which is why they need someone else to do the actual work taking care of kids entails. I honestly think that they get they boys more for petty reasons like hurting Brandi and trying to make themselves look like they are good parents(ha). It’s unfortunate but lots of people do it.

  107. Whatever says:

    She needs a lawyer to drag his sorry ass back into court. Just print out LeAnn’s twitter rantings for plenty of evidence that he is living the high life and spending tons of money. That’s how it will look in court.

    WTF is wrong with women?? WHY would anyone go for a bum who doesn’t pay for his kids? I don’t get it. I really don’t. LeAnn doesn’t need a crystal ball to see the future. She just needs to take a good look at Brandi to see her own future.

  108. Shelley says:

    There are few things more loathsome than a deadbeat dad or mom who tries to slime their way out of paying child support. I have never heard of a parent having to *refund* child support money – is this really true in CA?! If so, that’s beyond insane.

    Let me ask this – EC is almost 40 years old. What has he been doing for the past 20+ years? From what I’ve read here, he was on CSI briefly; I saw him on ‘Ugly Betty,’ in a small, short-term part, coincidentally playing a slimy guy. He must have somehow supported himself and then a family for all those years? Does he not have any savings? Did he and Brandi not own a house together at the time of their split? I’m really wondering where did all the money go…?

  109. 4Real says:


  110. betty says:

    Getting rid of that dirt bag Eddie is the best thing Brandi has done. Who wants a half-ass man like Eddie?.No one but Leann thats why she is using all her resources to hold on to that gigolo. Brandi did right to call him out and as far as the kids go they have been subjected to this type of BS since Leann and Eddie went public and Leann started tweeting.So don’t tell Brandi to take the high road, they didn’t. Mason is no fool he knows whats going on. Brandi will get a job but Eddie will be still looking if he thinks anyone will want to watch him in anything. Who respects a man and I use that term loosely who has no regard for his children but nothing but a lapdog for his companion. My sympathy goes out for the kids.

  111. SHAZ says:

    Does anyone really think he paid for the ring…….? Please…

  112. Crash2GO2 says:

    “So don’t tell Brandi to take the high road, they didn’t.”

    Too bad there are many who think like you do, just as I said in my post. Because as much as the children have already been hurt, Brandi going public with this will just make it WORSE.

    As for going back to court, it’s not like a criminal trial – there, if you don’t have an attorney to represent you, you *are* doomed. But I can see why many would advise her not to represent herself. So much for a fair legal system, eh? You only get as much fairness as you can pay for. Achpthooey.

  113. TeeTee says:

    I’m late to this party but when Eddie marries LeeLee will his support payments go up???

    you know she is not going to be “engaged” forever.

    but if support payments stipulate only when he is working, damn–its ot lloking good for Brandi.

    Eddie is not going to work, WATCH.

    Brandi should have held out on the divorce and made LeAnne PAY for her cheating prize…like Julia Robert’s husband’s ex wife did.

    I hope she can get some employment soon.

    She ought to get a reality show, on “starting over”‘ w/o the douche.

    Brandi has been too nice.

  114. McMe says:

    While I feel that Brandi is justified in speaking to the press, I think she should really own more of the responsibility of financially supporting her children. Yes, giving up a career to be a primary caretaker is a very noble sacrifice, but, with a divorce rate over 50% (and who knows how high in Hollywood) it is really not in the best interest of the children to completely remove oneself from having the ability to rejoin the workforce. You can stay home and still remain marketable. She is tyring to get her real estate license now??? She should have always had her license and remained in the network of her professional peers. Women who want to be the caretaker of their children need to always be ready to fully take care of their children. That’s just the world we live in.

  115. munchies says:

    LEEANN looks like a Turtle. Period.

  116. Lyla says:

    I’m not sure how it works in CA, but here in IA, here’s how it works, once a guy gets remmaried, the courts can use the new wife’s income as a way of gaging how much child support he should pay. So hopefully once LA and ho Eddie get married, maybe Brandi’s child support payments will skyrocket.

  117. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘Too bad there are many who think like you do, just as I said in my post. Because as much as the children have already been hurt, Brandi going public with this will just make it WORSE.’

    I agree. I also think that the more she comes out with things like this people will wonder why she hasn’t gotten over it.

    I’m not a LR or EC fan and I definitely can’t stand deadbeat dads, but reading this just makes me wonder why she doesn’t work. To me it comes across as her expecting him to pay the entire way. And yes, I do understand how childcare, schedules, etc work as I’ve dealt with an ex and visitation and going from being a SAHM to divorced. It happens.
    I’m not Team anyone and I do feel for Brandi, but they all need to shush it (as my 2 yr old would say). Although they are all entertaining.

  118. icantbelievethis says:

    @Lyla does the step parent then get legal rights to the child? Because if you are paying child support you should get some say.

  119. betty says:

    @Crash2Go2 You are like Eddie and Leann you won’t Brandi to be better then they are. If they wanted resolutions why didn’t they cooperate with that moderation meeting. Leann tweets every thing but when Brandi speaks out she is whining to the press just shows what hypocrites Leanns PR people are. What is Brandi suppose to be getting over.?What can’t Brandi get over is all this drama one thing after another with this scumbag and that tramp. Eddie is no love lost. If she moved to Encino she tried to get away as far as she could. I can’t stand people who throw dirt but get angry when it gets thrown back. Why isn’t Eddie working? He is the one required to pay child support not Brandi.,until the kids are 18 so he has a long way to go and those boys will be grown by the time he finish paying all that support that he couLdn’t pay. PAY NOW OR PAY LATER.

  120. Kim says:

    Wait is he or is he not a bad guy? She says he cut her payments, is driving a Porsche and isnt thinking of the children THEN says he is a great dad? I think she is still in love with Eddie and there is nothing wrong with that but he is a moron and she can do much better.

  121. Crash2GO2 says:

    @betty: I’m not sure what if any of that post was supposed to be addressed to me. Because it certainly had nothing to do with anything I have ever said here.

  122. deb says:

    @ icant…..May i ask you some questions? What do you think about Leann’s tweeting do you think it’s a bit too public? How about the photo
    ops and TV shows were she seems to pat herself on the back for cheating. Think that’s a little bit too public? This isn’t an issue about Brandi not working at least she is trying. Is Eddie? Please go take another look at the title of this article.
    That says it all
    p.s. your wrong she has gotten over Eddie. Is that what you really mean?

  123. Tammy1 says:

    Brandi Glanville needs to get a job and stop being envious of Eddie and LeAnn. He’s in love with LeAnn! Brandi is being vindictive on twitter and in the press. Move on with your life like LeAnn’s ex-husband did. He has his own business now and got engaged. Brandi is the one hurting her children with her bitchiness, negativity and obsession with LeAnn and Eddie. He’s paying you enough child support. Get a job if you want to live like a queen and get more face lifts and plastic surgeries.

  124. betty says:

    @Crash2Go2 &ican’tbelievethis You both quoted from my post. When malicious things are done to you you never get over it or forget it just forgive and try to move on. Neither of you have walked in her shoes so you wouldn’t know how she feels. Eddie is mad because she told him she wouldn’t take him back and probably other unprintable things if he so in love and with the woman he wants to be with why the all animosity. Leann is immature and has insecurity problems but that what happens when you are afraid you will lose a man the way you got him. When you don’t take responsibility for your actions that what happens.Eddie lost his job because of his actions not what was said about him. Like now it is HIS action that keeps the backlash going Either his timing is wrong or he is stupid as H. A sensible man would never do this.Brandi finding or not finding a job will not help Eddies or Leanns image.

  125. KatScorp says:

    #72 Eileen: Okay, after my third coffee of the morning, I am now beginning to wake up and make some synaptic connections. You mentioned her stomach issues and for some reason I am now thinking “Oh God, her twitter followers like Perry and AsuJuliette are fucking morons”!!!

    Late last year LeAnn was cancelling concerts and begging her idiot Twitter followers to “pray for her” because of her “stomach problems”. But the awesome Brandi Bunch (and I remember your posts specifically) were pointing out that the Incredibly Painful Mysterious Stomach Ailment that required hospital visits and swallowed cameras didn’t stop this bitch from tweeting about playing with the boys and about her sex life. I believe you, yourself, pointed out that Eddie was a shitty boyfriend because LeAnn tweeted about getting “her boys” dinner from a Greek restuarant, after spending the day getting “tests” for her Mysterious Painful “please pray for me” Stomach Ailment. After all, if she was in that much pain and getting medical tests done all day, why wasn’t her leech of a boyfriend getting dinner?

    Lying Bitch wasn’t seeing a gastro-entorologist. She was seeing a cosmetic surgeon in preparation for her new false tits and using the Mysterious Painful Stomach Ailment to cover her arse if she was papped going to the medical clinic. Her abs make it ever the more obvious! If the Lying Bitch was in too much pain to even get on a plane, she could not have kept up the intense abdominal workouts required to have abs she has now. You can’t get that stomach from just a couple of weeks of situps, and she was complaining of the Mysterious Stomach Ailment through to December.

    Who is dumber? Me for not making that connection until now? Or the Lying Bitchs’ Twitter Followers who have not – and will not – call LeAnn out for asking them to “pray” for her during her Scary Unexplainable Awful Stomach Ailment? For a church goer who often plays the Christian card, that should cross a line, especially for the fans who sympathised and supported her during those months she was pretending to be suffering.

    I’m gonna get another coffee. BRB.

  126. Crash2GO2 says:

    @betty: “When malicious things are done to you you never get over it or forget it just forgive and try to move on.”

    Of course you do. Life is unfair. Those of us who accept that, go on and do the best we can with what we are left with. It’s either that or live a life of constant turmoil and negative emotion. No thanks to that. Leave the negative emotions to those who beget the ill deeds. Refuse to let them win by taking it on – it’s what they want!

    My friend in high school said it best I think. “The best revenge is to live well and ignore them.” Can you imagine how freaked out LeAnn would be if Brandi never said another word about her? Never twittered another comment in answer to her plastic surgery – never made another comment about how Eddie sucks? They’d think she’d moved on! *gasp* What would they base their relationship on?? Then Brandi would be free to focus on finding a career and new meaning in her life. She needs to do that.

    My thoughts.

  127. icantbelievethis says:

    @betty ‘If they wanted resolutions why didn’t they cooperate with that moderation meeting.’

    Brandi said the mediation helped, well she did right after it:
    Brandi’s comment on mediation: ‘Im seriously being stalked by media outlets about my meeting with EC& LR I think it helped otherwise it is confidential! Team Mason & Jake!!’

  128. Blaster says:

    @Tammy1 aka LeAnnsonlyfan

    How about you go tell LeAnn and Eddie to start answering their phones! And tell LeAnn to stop talking about Brandi’s kids on Twitter like she’s been asked numerous times!

    And please do not use LeAnn’s ex-husband as an example of “moving on.” The Horsie paid him 8 figures to go away. Did you not see how fast it went through. So maybe if Eddie “Deadbeat” Cibrian got off his currently doughy physique and GOT A JOB (no, being a pretty little princess for LeAnn doesn’t count) and paid Brandi figures like his mistress did, this would all go away.

    You know what they say: The man who marries his mistress, creates a job opportunity. Brandi is not envious. She saw the true nature of her husband. A pathetic man who cheated on her any chance he got. Leopards do not change their spots.

    And as far as plastic surgeries go, LeAnn has gotten veeners, a nose job and implants. That’s hardly au naturale

  129. Grace says:

    @Tammy1: I would imagine it’s quite a bit easier for Leann’s ex to move on since he doesn’t have children with her and therefore doesn’t have to deal with LR and EC on a regular basis. He was lukcy enough to be able to have a clean break.

  130. Samigirl says:

    I guess it’s obvious who LeAnn and Eddie’s publicist is (Tammy1)

    It’s also obvious Tammy1 doesn’t have kids. Regardless of how much of a shit one’s ex is, if you have had a baby with someone, there will ALWAYS be emotional attachment. Idiot.

  131. Megatrona says:

    Wow Rita is so popular
    I want to be her celebitchey friend too! 🙂

  132. betty says:

    Crash2Go@ That same advice you are giving Brandi would apply to Leann also. Who cares what they think it what Brandi thinks that count.No matter what Brandi does Leann tries to compete. She is immature with a high school mentality and no morals or values.An example of her recent tweet:.Having dinner with family best GF and their kids. Ribs,,yummy. If this was one instance I could see but this is constant.She uses the term family to get a rise from Brandi but I’m sure Brandi laughs at her as we all do. When you are self confident you don’t need to be validated Thats the difference between a woman and high school mentality.What Leann needs to do is to grow upandE

  133. betty says:

    and Eddie needs to man up. Then maybe they can resolve their problems.

  134. DGO says:

    @Grace – Plus Eddie Cibrian isn’t taunting Dean in the press and via Twitter like Falcor taunts Brandi.

  135. Cakes says:

    Child support is meant for the kids not your rent. Maybe Brandi should get a job so she doesnt have to rely on Eddies money. Eddie and Leann are scum, we know this. Brandi- get off the cross, other people need the wood. Im not trying to be mean but I HATE it when women bitch about not maintaining a certain lifestyle because “his child support doesnt cover it”. Its not for YOU its for the KIDS! I have zero sympathy for women who rely on men as their only means of support then bitch when it all runs out. Man up, get a JOB, and find a way of supporting yourself without him.

  136. Jennifer says:

    Eddie appears to be a paid gigolo. Leann can have him because no one else does. What an example he sets for his sons. Sort of reminds me of Tiger Woods dad.

  137. Crash2GO2 says:

    @betty: “Crash2Go@ That same advice you are giving Brandi would apply to Leann also.”

    That goes without saying. But since this thread is about Brandi, I was talking about Brandi. Plus, with the children involved, and Brandi being their mother, I feel more strongly about her actions and the consequences they will have on the children. LeAnn I really couldn’t give two hoots about. I think it’s nice that she welcomes the boys – it could be a lot worse for them. Certainly she has big issues. Anyone can see that.

  138. Dana M says:

    @MSat: so sorry to hear your story!!! I feel your pain. My mother went through something similar.The whole ordeal did affected my brother and Me.

    @ tammy1 ( Leann or her publicist)
    I wish people would consider children’s feelings before they decide to have affairs. Affairs, divorce, two house hold families, going back and forth from house to house, dealing with new step-siblings….all this may affects children emotionally in a negative way. So, yes it is easier for Leanne’s (your) ex to move on because no kids are involved. But is harder for Brandi because she has to speak to Eddie about pick up and drop offs, child support or lack of, how the kids are dealing emotionally with the break up, how the boys are having night terrors because daddy isn’t home anymore, why the boys are acting out at school, why one of the boys will have to be put back a grade level, etc. 

    THINK PEOPLE, think of consequences to actions, especially regarding the children before you decide to have an affair or homewreck a family. Stop being so selfish and take responsibility.  Don’t have kids if you are the self-centered type, please! It will make life easier on you when Eddie decides to jump off.

  139. betty says:

    @Crash2go2 You seem to be applying a double standard saying that Leann and Eddie are not suppose to be as responsible although the kids are with them half of the time. Leann big issues will create problems for the kids and Eddie is no role model so who is suppose to teach and guide the children, Brandi cannot do it alone.I never seen a 50-50 arrangement work yet.It just bouncing kids from place to place with no stability. Brandi is the mother but undoubtedly Leann wants that role instead of working with the mother she trying to takeover that role. What does Leann know her mother didn’t teach her she was emancipated while a teen. In order for it to work the parents must act like adults and Leann must know her boundaries. This thread is not about Brandi that what some of you are trying to make it as if her not having a job makes her responsible for Eddies not taking care of his responsibility.That what child support is about and the money is used to help pay for the housing,food and clothing of children also medical and schooling or childcare.Child support is no luxury item since some of you don’t seem to know. What is Eddie doing to find work.? He claims to be struggling but we know better. If he loved his kids he would do everything possible to make sure they had a comfortable lifestyle when they are not with him instead of trying to shortchange them.

  140. Tina says:

    Brandi grow some balls and start defending whats rightfully yours!!!

  141. Heaven bound says:

    @ Crash2go2

    Let it go, it seems that your well written posts are falling on def ears. Waist of key strokes if you ask me.

  142. jemshoes says:

    I’m very late to this party, but my 2 cents are firmly with BG. She’s trying to be the best mother she can be under the circumstances, and if she has to speak to the tabloids and media to get some part of the truth out, then so be it. This is an awful situation, made worse by the fact that two children are involved.

  143. Lady D says:

    #124, Crash2Go2, Love the 3rd paragraph, completely cosign. LR would lose it, she’s paranoid where BG is concerned and to hear nothing from her would drive her crazy. If she isn’t doing drive-by’s now she will after a couple weeks silence.

  144. CB Rawks says:

    Jeezus he’s an asshole.

  145. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘That what child support is about and the money is used to help pay for the housing,food and clothing of children also medical and schooling or childcare.’

    This is exactly right, LOL. CS is supposed to help.

  146. Meerza says:

    So let me get this straight. Brandi was promised money for future security if she agreed to a hassle-free divorce. But Monsieur Douche [egged on by his sugar-momma and backed by their posse of lawyers] was clever enough to put the clause of BG returning half the money if a situation where EC remained unemployed for six-months ever arose. And snap! We have EC sitting on his ass in Leann’s “fairy-tale abode” probably watching her binge-purge-tweet. Rinse and repeat! Such upstanding individuals, aren’t they?

    Lady D:-“LR would lose it, she’s paranoid where BG is concerned and to hear nothing from her would drive her crazy.”

    EXACTLY. You know the first time I got to know about Eddie-Leann crap was when Brandi got arrested for her DUI and the news was posted on celebitchy.(Prior to that I had always avoided clicking on the douche-duo’s smug asses…err…I mean faces with creepy smiles plastered on them.)After reading that piece of news about the DUI, I went to LeLe’s twitter page and lo and behold she had posted a pic of herself cowering in a pair of handcuffs while she was being trailed by a burly bodyguard posing as a policeman. I was like wtf…this chick is a total whackjob!

    And it amazes me that some people here don’t see that or deliberately overlook that! In each of Leann-related posts we have at least four posters singing the same tune without fail “Brandi is a mother. She should know better and keep quiet for the kids’ sake!” Umm…sorry to burst your bubble but I think the kids might already have some inkling about the reality of the situation without getting on twitter or reading mags or the 3 adults talking to them about it. Children are very astute. They will definitely compare the image of their jobless dad sitting in Leann’s lap enjoying the luxurious lifestyle w/ their mom frantically changing homes, pinching pennies and looking for jobs. The two boys are going to realize that something’s wrong. And when they grow up they are going to put 2 and 2 together and realize how their mom was screwed over by their father. Yes she was! When your partner asks or gives consent to you to leave your career in order to take up the job of trophy wife, child-bearer and primary care-giver in a marriage…you are damn well entitled to half of everything that belongs to your husband!

    Also, I see the number of comments (mostly negative about the cheaters) on Leann’s posts and L-E supporters/sympathizers make fun of that fact saying “you don’t know the truth! It’s none of your business! Why are people so invested in this issue?” The answer is simple: Compassion. It is an instinctual reaction when one sees someone being verbally trampled and bullied incessantly. And no I have never been married, birthed children, divorced, cheated upon by an ex or fallen prey to SWF phenomenon by the OW, nor have any of my family members or friends gone through similar situation. Nor am I even an American. In fact, I come from a totally different world that has a different set of rules. Yet I recognize, understand and call-out Bullsh-t when I see it! But god forbid if I ever have to go through a similar situation in my life, I can assure you that I definitely WON’T sit on some msg board passing comments filled with veiled criticism and contempt against a woman who has already lost so much. That is like sinking to a new low by kicking someone who is already down!

    And as for Falcor, I would only like to say that “Misery thy name is Leann!” The way she sits on twitter for hours on end looking for attention and validation shows that all is not well in their love-nest. Nor is she secure in the love of her “sweets” as is evident by her multiple surgeries and gradual-transformation into a plastic-factory. Leann is in the same situation that Brandi was ten years ago, i.e., “basking in the love of Eddie.” Well, Lele dahlingggg! Let ten years pass then we’ll be back to hear your pearls of wisdom with reference to the love of your life! Judging by the way you both look and behave 2 years into your relationship we are predicting a life quite opposite from blessings of rainbows and sunshine that you love to throw around in your tweets!

  147. Rita says:


    Wow. What a wonderfully articulate comment. You’re not related to KatScorp are you or maybe just a down-under (Aussie) sista? They all seem to use really goodly english in that place.

    Anyway, just wanted to say kudos on your comment.

  148. KatScorp says:

    Oh Meerza, I can already tell that I am going to love you 🙂 Excellent post; you hit every vital point in this issue with deadly accuracy. Welcome to my favourite reality show.

    LeAnn is now three fries short of a Happy Meal and I am not ashamed to admit that I’m looking forward to the rug being pulled out from under the narcissistic bitch; it’s been a long time coming. I’m just worried that Eddie and LeAnn are planning to put Brandi into such dire financial straits that they can sue for full custody. After following her tweets for four months, I believe LeAnn is dangerous to the extent that she’d pull a Britney when Eddie is (inevitably) caught out… and lock herself in a bathroom with the youngest kid.

    The six months priviso in the divorce settlement; violating the parenting agreements; witholding child support payments to force Brandi into signing a divorce agreement that screwed her… there’s an endgame looming here. LeAnn’s ruthlessly competitive and jealous nature has her stalking Brandi on twitter; wearing outfits, shoes and hairstyles shortly after Brandi is photographed wearing them; using Brandi’s surgeon to get the same size and shaped breast implants; and I’ll be damned if the insensitive little troll hasn’t just refered to Eddie and the boys as “her family” yet again on Twitter. She’s trying to replace Brandi. Full custody will be one of the final steps.

    Meanwhile Eddie’s endgame will have the same result, but for different reasons. Eddie didn’t leave Brandi for LeAnn. LeAnn’s “Sweets” called LeAnn a roadbump in his marraige to Brandi and would have stayed with his wife had Mistress Number 2 not been revealed. Brandi kicked his whoring arse out and when he realised she wasn’t going to take his gutless and sorry hide back, his bruised ego went running to LeAnn’s open loving arms, open loving legs and… open credit card. I fully agree with others here who have asserted that Eddie encourages LeAnn’s childish antics and is using the deluded woman-child to get back at the wife who (rightfully) rejected him.

  149. Jezi says:

    @Merza that was a perfect response. 🙂

  150. Blaster says:

    @Merza Everything you said was spot. on.

    I LOVE you. Will you please have my children?

  151. Crash2GO2 says:

    @betty: I am not trying to absolve anyone of their responsibility. That’s not even my job. But as a mother who has been in a somewhat similar situation I am simply relaying the well known fact that trashing the father in public WILL hurt the children.

    It is as simple as that. No more wasted key strokes (as Heaven bound said). You clearly have some entirely different agenda going on that you insist on twisting my posts to fuel.

  152. deb says:

    @Merza Awesome post….there are some posters that pretend to be neutral but aren’t. It’s pretty obvious who they are.
    When some chant incessantly about B getting a job but but don’t mention E getting one as well I don’t need a clue stick to whack me on the head as to who they are and what they are about.

  153. Liana says:

    @Merza awesome post.

    Unfortunately, if and when Eddie marries LeAnn, Brandi won’t benefit from that. There will be a prenup that will prevent any third party from accessing her money for Eddie’s benefit unless she approves. So it will remain separate and Eddie will remain one of LeAnn’s “boys” – the older and stupider one.

  154. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Liana: “Unfortunately, if and when Eddie marries LeAnn, Brandi won’t benefit from that. There will be a prenup that will prevent any third party from accessing her money for Eddie’s benefit unless she approves.”

    Now THAT truly sucks. I was wondering about that. He’ll never work again as long as he plays his cards right, will he? What a craptacular way to be a deadbeat dad, Eddie.

  155. why? says:


    This is what I mean.

    Wow,another LR supporter just pops up out of the blue, so how come Leann’s single still isn’t doing very well despite this major influx of fans?

    Basically, you are upset because people have more sympathy for BG, than they do for LR and EC?

    You do realize that taking care of the children also means providing them with a HOME correct? That is strange that you don’t consider things like RENT as apart of taking care of the kids. Why? Because you only consider HOME to be LR and EC? Seriously, do you even think about the kids once they leave LR house? Of course not because that would mean that you had to acknowledge BG existance and LR just can’t do that.

    EC is also capable of working, yet we are not seeing you write any of those posts telling EC to get a job or be a man. Since it’s EC who has a new car and “bought” LR that ring along with all that jewelry he had designed to match her tattoo, shouldn’t you be telling EC that child support is not supposed to be used to support his fiance? Of course not because according to LR, everything that happens to her and EC is always BG fault. LR single isn’t charting on Itunes and I suppose LR thinks that this is BG fault as well?

    Where did you hear that the noncustodial parent is ONLY supposed to pay half? The fact that EC just had his payments reduced to half contradicts what you are saying. The article even states that his payments were reduced to half because he didn’t have a job, which we know he could have done if he wasn’t always on tour with LR.

    Are you serious? EC is going around reducing his child support payments despite the fact that we can clearly see that he can afford it, and you want BG to sit back and take it? Perhaps your theory can be applied to LR and EC, so instead of staging photo-ops perhaps EC should go job hunting?

    EC gets the blame because he is WRONG. We all have seen with our eyes, that EC isn’t financially suffering. If he is driving a NEW CAR, then BG has every right to go after EC.

    It’s not EC job to take care of his kids? On what planet?

    So how many more of these “BG needs to get a job and BG is just plain EVIL for expecting EC to take care of HIS kids after he managaes to buy his finance custom made jewelry” are going to show up because it’s getting really funny watching as someone tries to prove that LR and EC have support by using a different name every min?

  156. Eileen says:

    Hi KatScorp! How are you this fine Saturday?
    Meerza-bravo bravo! That is every single thing I’ve tried to say but it never sounded so good!

  157. why? says:


    Great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. the original bellaluna says:

    Ok, I live in “reality land” as well as the state of California (not proud; don’t judge – I was born here).

    When I couldn’t afford to stay in the “house” I lived in when I left the cheating asshole who is the ex “Mr. the original bellaluna” I MOVED TO A MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSE. DUH. It’s called “adjusting your lifestyle accordingly” at least until the judge makes his ruling. No rocket surgery required here!

    The state of CA does NOT CONSIDER the “new” piece’s income when considering child support/alimony. Even AFTER re-marriage, the new spouse’s income is not considered in child-support or alimony. Therefore, if Eddie wants to live off of Leann, there is absolutely NO WAY for Brandi to try to “include” Leann’s income into the equation. All those trips, cars, etc…don’t matter in the eyes of the court, if Leann’s the one who pays. PERIOD. Grow up, deal, and move on. Nobody likes a whiner.

    And her face is W-A-Y too shiny in that header pic.

  159. brin says:

    @Meerza…ITA, excellent post. With you and KatScorp posting, I am enjoying coming back on board today. As you can see, we were all on yesterday!

  160. why? says:


    Wow, really, “another” “BG needs to get a job, BG is not the victim, CS is not for rent” poster? What are the odds?Well I like how you tried to pull a Bait and Switch with the EC and LR scum line, nice touch!

    Now why is this a hard concept for you to understand? Apart of taking care of the child is to ensure that the child has a HOME. A child needs a place to eat, sleep, do their homework, and to take a bath. So why you seem to think that CS does not cover that is beyond me.

    Now you wrote that EC and LR are scum, but if that was the case you wouldn’t even be here trying to convince people that BG is the villian simply because she calls EC out, which she has the right to do because LR was the one that the media writing about how EC paid for her ring. And now what we all said has been confirmed. What does LR think that she can justify EC paying for her ring by arguing that RENT is not apart of taking care of the kids?

    We know that you don’t have any sympathy for women who have decided to be stay at home mothers, you said something similar when you were posting as Jacquie. Being a stay at home mother is a problem when losers like EC argue that they don’t have any money when we can clearly see that he isn’t wanting for anything since he has the time and money to dine out EVERY week and vacation in exotic places.

  161. why? says:

    tammy 1,

    Really, yet another LR supporter that shows up out of the blue to tell BG to get a job and to say just how mean BG is being to EC and LR for daring to call them out their mess?

    What about BG actions say that she is jealous of LR and EC? The fact that LR set up her engagement date so that it fell in close promixity to the day that EC proposed to BG and made sure that she had a 5 carat ring just like BG is proof enough that it’s LR who is jealous.

    What about EC actions say that he is in love with LR? Because he holds her hand? Well we saw him doing the very same thing with his wife and in that ABC interview LR said that they were unhappy and unfilled even though they kept right on holding their spouses hands and kissing on them. So all the pda that EC and LR do just says that LR and EC are not happy and in love. So do you think that EC loves LR because he says it? Well EC also said that it wasn’t child focused to expose his kids to the media and press, and then he sits back and allows LR to do just that via her tweets and photo-ops.

    How exactly is BG being vindictive on twitter and the press? I get it, you think that BG is being vindictive because she won’t glorify the things that you and EC are doing?

    Perhaps you should tell LR to move on with her life, you know that there is something wrong in EC and LR relationship when LR opts to spend more time on her iphone than with EC. BTW, DS is able to move on because he doesn’t have to share custody of TWO little boys that LR and EC use for props to promote their careers. DS doesn’t have to deal with EC asking for reductions in his payments while EC drives around in a NEW CAR. Dean has also been calling LR out. Like Dean made some tweets on his twitter page when LR opened that WEWENLOVE account, did that People mag interiview, Shape interview, and ABC interview, and Showbiz Spy even had a comment from him in regards to how LR publicly sent him congrats after she trashed E for talking about her engagement to EC.

    BG is hurting the kids? What exactly do you think LR and EC bitchiness, negativity and obsession with BG are doing to the kids? What do you think this kids are going to say when they are able to see that their father had his child support payments reduced, and then according to their stepmother, bought and designed her a $85,000 ring? You don’t think that something like that is going to make the kids dislike their father?

    EC is paying BG enough child support? And you know this how? Because you are Leann?

    Are you really going to go there with the plastic surgeries thing because as we all know now, LR has had comestic surgery.

    So how many different names are you going to use to write the “get a job” post?

  162. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Liana – No pre-nup necessary in the state of CA – the “new piece’s” assets never into consideration, period.

    And the vein-y boobs are MOST unfortunate, most unfortunate indeed. Makes BG look like she’s nursing. No bueno.

  163. why? says:

    EC hallmark movie (which flopped just as badly as LR first single because acording to EC and LR “It’s all BG fault that people find their behavior disgusting”) is airing 3 times this month and you know what that means.It means that EC and LR are going to be using those kids as props to promote their careers.

    So the internet (in particular, LR 3 most favorite mouthpieces in the world) is going to be be slammed with “devoted father”, “devoted stepmother”, or “happy family” PHOTO-OPS in 3, 2, 1.

  164. Lee says:

    Here’s it in a nutshell…remember LeAnn, he left his wife and children for you. He trashed the previous wedding vows he took for you. At some point, he WILL do the same to you…and no one will shed a tear.

  165. betty says:

    @ 2Crash2Go2 I guess publicly humiliating and disrespecting the mother does not hurt the kids? At least be objective. @Meerza Excellent post and telling like it is.

  166. Auntie Nonimus says:

    Who cares.

  167. Rita says:


    Blogging etiquette would have me keep quiet….but that’s never stopped me before. Crash2GO2 is a good honest gal who is posting from a slightly different perspective than some of us. Crash’s perspective is that it would be best for the children if Brandi did not go to the tabloids, suffer in silence if you will. I tend to agree with that but I also think that E&L have made this sooooo public that it doesn’t matter anymore. I have no conflict with Crash’s perspective. I merely raise my voice from a different perspective.

    Crash2GO2, I hope I don’t offend by appearing to speak for you. Betty’s a good honest gal as well.

  168. JenJen says:

    I hope Brandi finds a nice very rich man (if she hasn’t already) to stomp that nasty attorney’s azz that Miss Margarine is obviously paying very well. Shitty-on is a disgusting pathetic excuse for a man.

  169. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘@betty: I am not trying to absolve anyone of their responsibility. That’s not even my job. But as a mother who has been in a somewhat similar situation I am simply relaying the well known fact that trashing the father in public WILL hurt the children.’

    You are amazing and your child will reap the benefits!!
    There are things I would’ve done differently over the last decade, but I do not regret how I’ve treated ex b/c I’ve always kept in mind that what hurts him will hurt my child.

  170. DGO says:

    LeAnn Rimes is getting twitter accounts shut down of anyone who disagrees with her. Crazy stuff.

  171. brin says:

    Her tweets are hilarious, not just because of what she says but she can’t spell and she makes so many mistakes.

  172. betty says:

    @ican’tbelievethis You should relay your last sentiments to Eddie.What hurts their mother hurts them!!!

  173. Nat says:

    Is it just me, or does LeAnn look like she walked straight off the set of one of the old Planet of the Apes movies in that pic of her?

  174. Whatever says:

    What is up with family law in CA? If you can’t be an actor, you just don’t have to work or pay support? She needs a new lawyer to drag Eddie back to court and have the judge tell him to GET A JOB. I don’t care if its at the damned Walmart! This is absurd. Then if Leann doesn’t like him going off to work everyday, she can pay his support and use him as her lap dog all she wants.

    I can’t believe this is even allowed to happen. I know people who have lost work, gotten behind and been tossed in jail, while this douche gets away with living like he does.

  175. Eileen says:

    Oh boy-Leann is on twitter saying the counseling went fine. Obviously! lol

  176. gg says:

    Great post Meerza. TwitterDumb is burning up her twit page today with serious slings at Brandi. Just pathetic and scary. Sending support and best wishes to Brandi.

  177. why? says:

    I can’t believe this:

    There you go again trying to make EC and LR out to be the victims. Now how is BG trashing EC in public? Because she tells the truth, which is EC is living it up, yet he tells a court that he is financially suffering?

    How come your standards are always one way? It’s always about what BG should do. Isn’t LR still tweeting about those kids even after her own boyfriend said that it wasn’t child focused?

    If you were truly concerned about those kids, then you would start by encouraging LR to close that twitter account and then to stop with the photo-ops.

    How can BG do things differently when she has LIMITED resources, because EC doesn’t have the money to pay his child support and can’t find a job despite the fact that we see him shopping and driving around in those nice cars and he has time to watch “Inception” with his fiancee (which is odd because if he couldn’t find a job acting, then perhaps he should find a night job working at a gas station or something like that because a real man would do whatever it took to support his kids instead of sitting on a couch like he usually does), yet he doens’t seem to have a problem dining out and going on those nice vacations.

    Stop acting like EC and LR are the victims.

    It’s EC and LR who are causing problems for themselves. E blasted LR for tweeting all the time, you would think that she would get the hint. But no. She keeps right on tweeting and gloating. And she just doesn’t understand why people “hate” her so much. The bad part is when she drags God into. God also said repent and do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing(I know this was in reference to charity work, but since LR is always quoting scripture, it would be a good thing if she learned to live her entire life by that Bible verse).

  178. KatScorp says:

    @why?: post #55 is right on the mark. Thanks; saves me from having to reiterate myself.

    @DGO #62: what was that?! Ms Margerine is having twitter accounts shut down? Okay, now I have to leave and go google this (please give details!).

  179. icantbelievethis says:

    @why ‘How can BG do things differently when she has LIMITED resources, because EC doesn’t have the money to pay his child support and can’t find a job despite the fact that we see him shopping’

    Why is all on EC? Yes, he should be spending his time securing a job, but so should BG. BOTH should be working towards supporting those kids. Why is EC expected to foot the entire bill for BG and the boys? I just don’t understand this. That isn’t defending EC, I just can’t understand why 1 parent is expected to be responsible for everything. Besides EC is a douche and who depends on a douche?? When your ex is like EC you are better off being fully prepared for the crap they will pull (like reducing CS).

    @betty I never said it was okay for EC or LR to badmouth Brandi. I’ve said before they should all zip it (another 2 year old phrase).

  180. icantbelievethis says:

    @why Stop acting like EC and LR are the victims.

    why is it that anytime someone has a different opinion they are LR/EC supporters??

    I guess we aren’t allowed to have an opinion unless it is 100% supportive of BG? Which is funny b/c I’ve said multiple times I feel bad for BG. All I’ve said is that I don’t understand the need to broadcast things. Take the high road and you take away their power.
    Like Crash2Go2 said, if BG just acted like LR didn’t exist it would be the best revenge. The best way to tick off an ex like EC is to go on and have a happy life. Make your own way and show them you don’t need them (other than their role as the other parent).

    That isn’t siding with LR/EC. That is just pointing out making yourself a ‘victim’ only hurts you in the long run.

  181. Blaster says:


    The problem with Brandi taking the “high road” and not saying anything is the fact that the ONLY time Brandi has ever got any sort of response from them, ie “Hey, can you please give me your phone number so we can talk about parenting our children? You don’t want to? Huh. That makes things awkward…” is when she calls them out on their bullshit publicly.

    She had to go on that show….with Lisa Ling I think….to talk about how sad it was that Eddie refused to talk to her or give her his phone number so that they could discuss the kids….and guess what? The following week, there was a mediation between all three of them.

    LR and EC only respond to one thing and one thing only: When people call them out on their sh-t. They don’t call Brandi, don’t try to compromise like adults. As far as they are concerned, they’re lives are peeeeerrrrfect, and anyone else who tries to shatter their bubble is to be ignored. They are both under this impression that they can salvage their reputations in the public eye, which is why when Brandi talks, they have no choice BUT TO LISTEN.

    But as far as I am concerned, they will be no rehabilitation for either of their reputations. After that “I do not regret the affair” interview to People, Falcor was finished. Which is why her music “career” is basically dunzo.

  182. Salem says:

    I’m thinking perhaps Brandi should go before Judge Judy. No lawyer needed, and JJ doesn’t eff around, isn’t fazed by celebrities, calls it as it is and she’ll call out Cibrian for the scum he is and ORDER that he pay. That tough mother of a gun will humiliate Eddie AND LeAnn on tv. Go to Judge Judy, Brandi.

  183. Salem says:

    I think is hilarious how icantbelievethis *pretends* to be neutral, but has NOT ONCE said anything thing AGAINST LR, on the CONTRARY – goes to any lengths to defend LR, and has NOT ONCE said anything POSITIVE about Brandi. You ONLY ever comment on people attacking LR.

    Please. You are so transparent, its past ridiculous. You have made it MORE than obvious that you are so far from neutral.

  184. Rita says:


    One must remember that dishonesty is a prerequisite to being associated with Rimes and Cibrian. Exhibiting truth and fairness will only get you cast out of the snowglobe and blocked in the twitter universe. Passive aggressive taunts are merely tools of their trade as they giggle at the fools who they think accept their arguments as reasonable. However, as the Princess of Perpetual Perjury is learning, selling records to a bunch of bobble headed zombies ain’t much of a living.

  185. Meerza says:

    “why is it that anytime someone has a different opinion they are LR/EC supporters??

    I guess we aren’t allowed to have an opinion unless it is 100% supportive of BG?”

    icantbelievethis – I think that people here generally call you out over the constant digs that you take at Brandi in your comments. You are very subtle and sugarcoat your words with “Taking the high road like I did with my ex is the only way to triumph in this situation!” But every commenter here has the ability to read b/w the lines and understand all that you are trying to convey. For instance:-

    “EC is a douche and WHO depends on a douche??”

    Translate: Brandi is at fault for not being able to foresee her pathetic future with douchey Eddie!

    I don’t have time to go further than this small example but the readers find such instances in each and every comment of yours. “I can’t believe” that you don’t realize that you come off as immensely contemptuous and critical of Brandi in your comments. This level of insensitivity (although I’d prefer the term callousness) becomes more blatant when you repeatedly announce that you have been through a similar experience. Some of the peeps here are constantly trying to measure Brandi against the standard they have created of a “good” divorced mother. Let me remind you that it is also every mother’s responsibility to teach her children the lesson of EMPATHY. And your comments show that you are lacking in that department. And sorry but you can’t tell Brandi to zip it up about her ex in public when you have been repeatedly bad-mouthing your ex on a public forum. We all know that your reasons for doing so are different from Brandi but YOUR EMOTIONS AND WORDS through which you describe your ex are SIMILAR as her. Your anonymity on celebitchy does not excuse the fact that people read your story, sympathize with you and consciously/unconsciously send bad thoughts towards your ex. We all wish and pray that such men get their comeuppance. And when those prayers are heard and your ex gets his just desserts then obviously your kids will be affected badly for they will be upset at their father’s plight. So how are your actions different from Brandi’s. Coz the end result will be your children getting hurt one way or another. Please, just think about the hypocrisy underlining your entire argument!

    And I don’t think Brandi is trying to make herself into a ‘victim’ here. I think she is trying to make sure that no one (including her sons when they come off age) sees her as a ‘doormat’. As it is well known, it was Eddie who suggested/asked/demanded her to leave her career to look after their family. No job throughout these years=no independent savings. After the divorce she has been left floundering in the financial department. She is left with no financial backup as Eddie is demanding her to pay back more than half of alimony. She can get a job but her kids are small and regular babysitting services are expensive. Nevertheless, she is moving to a less expensive home and looking for a job that doesn’t take her away from her kids for longer periods. To be honest, I find her demands to be justifiable. Yes, she comes off as bitter in some of her tweets! But knowing the way she has been duped and “undeservedly” humiliated publicly it is understandable. Although I have never been able to understand where LeAnn is coming from! She takes the term ‘psychotic’ to a new level. I so wish that Eddie had someone like Camille Grammar as his ex wife! Because being occasionally catty like Brandi is not sufficient for fighting with someone as nasty and delusional as LeAnn. LeAnn needs to be pitted against someone like Camille!

    And I think that your concern that “Brandi is unintentionally poisoning the minds of her kids by giving IV’S or tweeting” is quite misplaced. I find it to be highly unlikely that a small child is going to shop for In touch magazine or make a twitter account to stalk the profile of his parents or daddy’s ho! On the other hand, I think the kids are more in danger of knowing unwanted stuff when they are being papped by EC-LR to the media. We all know that the presence of a small child is not going to dissuade the paparazzi of asking unsavoury questions to the duo about their home-wrecking saga or their impending nuptials. Yet you guys are never seen calling out EC-LR when they take kids out to get maximum media exposure for the “love-affair of the century.” (Request:-Next time LR cries about keeping quiet to protect the kids, someone please tweet her this little home truth.)

  186. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Rita: You’re a doll. 😉 Thanks for being one of the few posters here with some objectivity and the ability to see in shades other than black and white.

    Speaking for myself, I suppose I appeal mostly to Brandi because I identify with her the most and see her as being the most reasonable person in this Bermuda Triangle of a situation. To me, it’s obvious that Eddie and LeAnn are lost causes, and I don’t see a need to constantly bash them in every post, which apparently gets me labeled as an EC LR supporter (same happens to icantbelieve this I think).

    That is just me. I become extremely uncomfortable when I talk badly about others. It’s not like I’m some paragon of virtue – far from it. It’s just this weird tick I have. And when others do it to the extreme I sometimes feel the need to interject some objectivity ‘like: Oh, she doesn’t look so bad’ which I suppose gets me in hot water. 🙄 Perhaps that means I don’t belong here? LOL

  187. Rita says:


    Don’t ever lose your “wierd tick” and if you don’t belong here none of us do. You know better than most that if you’re going to post on Celebitchy you better have skin as thick as Jessica Simpson’s flip-flops. I think the statements about “icantbelievethis” are right on but I want her to keep posting as well.

  188. DGO says:

    @KatScorp – LeAnn and her band members got CharityIAm’s account shut down by repeatedly reporting her to twitter. Charity now has a new account.

    They did the same thing to a few other tweeters who suddenly “disappeared”. LeAnn’s band members and “friends” goad them on, then as a group report the person and eventually the account goes kaboom.

  189. brin says:

    Leann is a real piece of work. She is such a hypocrite, miss anti-bullying is the biggest bully of all.

  190. icantbelievethis says:

    “EC is a douche and WHO depends on a douche??”

    Translate: Brandi is at fault for not being able to foresee her pathetic future with douchey Eddie!

    No, that mean one a douche, always a douche. That isn’t Brandi’s fault. It isn’t her fault EC was (is) a cheater. Also isn’t her fault that LR is a whackjob.

    I guess b/c I’m not invested in any of these people I come across as ‘cold’. I come across like that in person too. The reason I don’t say much about LR/Ec is b/c they aren’t going to change and LR is the type that feeds into both negative and positive comments. I don’t want to feed into her ego further by analyzing her whackedness. I think by now its pretty well established LR/EC are both douchey.

    Brandi is the only one I see hope for and the only 1 out of the 3 that those boys have a decent chance of getting a good role model.

    My opinions are based on my past experiences, everyone’s are in some way. It is easy to misread words so just to be clear: I do not/have not/will not ever buy LR’s music, watch her movie(s), follow her on Twitter and the same goes for EC. I won’t put my $$ in the pockets of people like that.

  191. Eileen says:

    @Crash I see you on all posts and you’ve ALWAYS been fair -even your comments disagreeing about someone are nice. There’s always going to be someone taking everything you say to the extremes because its hard to get the sentiment on the internet. Oh and your “tick” is called a conscious! Not a bad thing 😉

  192. Eileen says:

    I got on Twitter a few months ago after I read the article CB posted that DiannSteph had sent info in on (hey guuuurl!) and had to go see this freak show for myself. What I saw was so completely insane I decided to join those giving a united front for Brandi so she’s not out there by herself getting harassed daily by these crazies. And yes we get the craziest sh!t thrown at us you could even imagine. One fan called my friend’s child a bastard (yes they stoop THAT low) who she’s never talked to and when I sent a tweet to one of my friends that my kids were driving me nuts one day, a crazy sends me a tweet that its because I’m a drunk and hate my kids. They just hit you out of no where and are ruthless. I got one the other day that said “Go f*** yourself Whore B!tch” They just watch what you tweet to your friends and then they send you tweets if you say something bad about Leann. Its crazy! And guess what? They are people Leann tweets several times every day. She doesn’t give one crap that they send those things to us or Brandi. She feeds the frenzy by giving them attention. Then sends a tweet out a few minutes later questioning why there can’t be “peace” and there’s one that said she feels like she “gagged & bound” and has had the “worst and ultimate form of bullying” -and her crazy harassing fans eat it up and come to us for more. It scares me to see people out there this manic just to get a tiny lil’ tweet from her with a “;)” in it. They will say ANYTHING to get it.

  193. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Eileen: “It scares me to see people out there this manic just to get a tiny lil’ tweet from her with a “;)”

    That is just vile. I honestly do not think her career is going to survive this. I really don’t. And she is sinking it all by herself.

    Thanks for the kind words Eileen. 🙂 This is a tough weekend for me – I’m having to move for the second time in 6 months, and my job situation is up in the air again. You and Rita have buoyed me.

  194. JenJen says:

    Some highlights from Ms. Margarine’s twit account just in the past 24 hours-

    Sometimes I feel gagged and bound! Kids come first, not about me anymore. Wow, how life changes!

    Happy Sunday! Hope it’s filled with LOVE LOVE LOVE

    You try to extend a hand to make life better and get slapped in the face…BOTH sides of my face hurt LOL

    Seems to me if you follow negativity and enabling, negativity will remain and you’ll never find change

    You are responsible for your life. You can’t keep blaming somebody else for your dysfunction.


    Why is it easier to give advice than to take our own?

    Also, she is milking the eating disorder thing, while Brandi can’t find a home for herself and her boys.

  195. JenJen says:

    This is classic-from the profound Ms. Margarine-

    “If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy” -Proverb

    Meanwhile…..Brandi is asking that her facebook not become a hate-fest against LR and EC.


  196. betty says:

    It appears this is a very sensitive topic with all of us and we all have varying opinions but the real culprit is Eddie Cibrian.Brandi has her faults and Leann is in love ,immature and misguided.He knows exactly what he is doing,keep both women cat fighting that way he will continue to get what he wants from Leann and will keep Brandi at bay. He moved his children into Leanns home knowing he was unemployed and allowing Leann to flaunt the kids with photo ops, school activities and calling them her family knowing that would upset their mother as any mother would feel not so much as being threatened but just the nerve of it all.Didn’t Eddie say he did not want his kids exposed to the media tab fodder but he is allowing his girlfriend to do it and he also does it. Brandi was right about Eddie he is a pathological liar and a shallow man. I have grandchildren and have life experiences and I know men that have supported kids all their lives and found out they did not father that child and they never tried to recoup support payments they come to love that child and would not hurt the mother.But Eddie Cibrian does not fall in that class of men. Eddie is upset because now everyone can see him for what he is not his image as a macho sex symbol.A real man would respect his children and their mother enough never to jeopardize their welfare If Brandi was trashing Eddie she would never have called him good father.thats more than I would say because we can all see he isn’t. As far as Leann goes who is going to shut her and her cohorts up she need to stop spouting bible verses and quotes and start practicing them. Words without good intent are nil.Also,why doesn’t Brandi have the phone number where her children are being housed parttime.

  197. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘Also,why doesn’t Brandi have the phone number where her children are being housed parttime.’

    B/c EC is the typical controlling, vindictive Ex. He will uses anything to hurt Brandi and when one thing doesn’t work they go onto the next thing. His actions have followed that pattern. 1st moving in with LR (this meant kids had to stay there during visits too), then flaunting the 4 of them as a ‘family’ (negating Brandi’s role), not calling from the ER, withholding a phone number, withholding Christmas and now reducing child support. It is all about control and hurting here. That’s why some suggested the best way for her to screw him is to be publicly happy. When BG meets someone and is engaged he will lose his mind (EC) and I guarantee he will want BG back.

  198. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘They just hit you out of no where and are ruthless. I got one the other day that said “Go f*** yourself Whore B!tch” ‘

    People lose their mind when they figure out they can communicate through the Internet and not face to face. I’ve got pretty thick skin b/c I’ve dealt with it for over 10 years (b/c of my job). I once posted on a group the specific chronic pain condition I have and then was shown an anon blog where someone was making fun of a lot of people and one post was dedicated to how I can’t take care of my 4 kids (my kids are well taken care of, LOL) and I should just kill myself b/c of my condition.

    I could never imagine calling someone those names.

  199. KatScorp says:

    Thanks DGO and Eileen. Holy crap on a stick, perhaps it is time I got myself a Twitter account (for no reason than to record the shit that the LeAnnFans do and LeAnn’s goading of them on). Gonna have to get that Complete Idiot’s Guide to Twitter out from the local library however.

    I’ve had it up to here (imagine my hand is about three feet over my head) with people claiming that Brandi is the person in the wrong in this cluster f*ck. She has been far more civil then I could be under these circumstances. Brandi has been harrassed, left in financial hardship, pressured into signing a cruel divorce agreement, is being targeted by bullshit stories LeAnn’s camp put in the press (FUCK YOU STAR MAGAZINE!), made powerless to do anything when EC/LR breach the custody agreements… the list goes on. But she still DOESN’T badmouth Eddie the Deadbeat or LeAnn the Narcissist. She never called the paps or arranged photo-ops to exploit (and endanger) the boys.

    Her douchbag ex and his sugarmama are behaving horrendously and to my shock, LeAnn’s money lets them get away with it.

    Some of that money came from me *downcast eyes*. I knew she was a manipulative, spoiled, lying brat, but I really liked her music and continued to buy it all albums (multiple copies of a few) and every single. I encouraged friends to become fans. Ugh. I wanna take it back.

  200. Eileen says:

    “When BG meets someone and is engaged he will lose his mind (EC) and I guarantee he will want BG back.” I agree 100% on this and thought the exact same thing the other day when I saw a Tweet from Brandi saying she’s going on a date. He’s going to loose his shit when she meets someone and MOVES his ass in!

  201. Hakura says:

    @Katscorp – I completely agree with you. Brandi has been really wronged in this whole mess, I can’t understand how people can possibly blame her when she’s not said half of what she should have in response to Leann’s actions.

    Even up to the point of supporting her music for a while, though I admit I didn’t know what a spoiled immoral monster she was up until after ‘Can’t Fight The Moonlight’, That’s when I stopped. (I can remember watching tv years ago with my grandmother, seeing a 12 year old Leann blow people away with her voice. Such a shame…)

  202. why? says:


    Why is all on EC? Well let’s see, because during their marriage HE was the primary breadearner.

    There is one major flaw in your own logic, EC isn’t financially suffering nor has he been looking for a job. We only know this because LR stages a photo-op EVERY WEEK or posts stuff on twitpic and her twitter page that show EC enjoying the finer things in life.

    EC is expected to foot the entire bill for BG and the boys because according the courts he has to keep them in the same lifesytle they had during the marriage. Because LR and EC stage weekly photo-ops we all know that EC has the money to do it.

    Of course you don’t understand this, in your mind EC and LR are ALWAYS the victim. You are defending EC. No one in their right mind would be asking why EC is expected to foot the bill after we have seen him in new shoes, shopping sprees, many vacations, and his own girlfriend tweets about all the jewelry he had custom made to match her tattoo.

    By being fully prepared for the crap they[LR and EC] will pull (like reducing CS), you mean BG shouldn’t dare call EC and LR out when they do things wrong, like “buy” a ring after EC tells a judge he can’t afford it?

  203. why? says:


    “why is it that anytime someone has a different opinion they are LR/EC supporters??”

    Because YOU have written several posts stating that Leann is the victim and that we are all “hating” on Leann for no reason at all. Only a LR and EC supporter would get mad at people for not seeing LR as the victim. Only a EC and LR supporter will ask why should EC be responsible for financially taking care of his kids.

    I’m not saying that you have to be 100% supportive of BG, the problem seems to be that you are ALWAYS taking digs at BG while you make nothing but excuses for LR and EC. Considering your own experiences, that is just odd that you ALWAYS side with LR, even when it is clear that EC and LR are wrong.

    That is just it, you say that you feel bad for BG, but then your actions say something different. I think you are just pulling a BAIT and SWITCH(just like that Cake person), you say something nice about BG to sugarcoat the fact that you are about to slam her.

    What you are really saying is that you can’t understand why BG won’t sit back and take EVERYTHING that LR and EC are dishing out. BG is taking the high road, she didn’t sacrifice her kids home by going out and buying a man a $85,000 ring. If BG power was being taking away by always calling out EC and LR, then all of these “BG needs to get a job, BG is mean, CS is not for rent” posts wouldn’t exist. Evidently what she did worked because Leann and her pr team are doing some major damage control to make it look like BG is the villian. Which always backfires.

    Once again, how can BG act like LR doesn’t exist when BG kids spend 50% of their time with LR and LR makes EVERYTHING she does public by contacting EVERY blog/media outlet so that they post her photo-ops? BG does have a happy life, I mean she isn’t flashing a $85,000 ring knowing full well that EC just asked the courts to decrease his child support.

    BG is making her own way, again, if you knew that your new fiancee had reduced his child support payments would you go around proudly flashing an $85,000 ring and then telling various media outlets how EC designed it? That was sick. Yet you want to lecture BG on taking the high road.

    It is siding with LR/EC because your rules NEVER include what EC and LR should do. This is what I mean. How is BG making yourself a ‘victim’ by calling out EC for “buying” a ring after he had his payments reduced?

    You just want BG to be quiet and disappear because the more we hear and see BG, the more the public is reminded of what scum EC and LR are.

  204. why? says:

    So if the kids come first why is Leann STILL tweeting about them after EC said that it’s not child focused?

    If LR was so bound and gagged by the kids, then why does her post about being bound and gagged by the kids even exist? In fact the next time she stages a photo-op with the kids after annoucing it on twitter, someone shoud remind LR just how bound and gagged she is.

    If her world was so full of LOVE, then how come she still won’t show BG and EC any compassion? Does she not understand how awful she looks flashing that ring and the whole time EC had asked a judge to reduce EC payments?

    If LR tried to extend a helping hand, why then is she still tweeting? When she stages yet another photo-op flashing that ring, can someone please ask LR about that helping hand?

    Exactly, so when LR tweets and tips off the paps, she is enabling negativity and will not see any changes until she stops tipping off the paps and tweeting.

    If LR believes that she is responsible for her life, why then does she and EC keep blaming BG for their stupidity? If you are being called the next Heidi and Spencer, why go out and stage another photo-op with wedding mags in her hand? If you are being called out for tweeting 24/7 by E, why keep tweeting? If E points out how EC isn’t working and had his payments reduced, why then tweet about how EC is watching Inception with you instead of going out and finding a job?

    LR of all people knows all about how easy it is to give advice than to take it as she writes “it’s a sin to judge” and then turns around and writes post where she judges others for not seeing that her love is REAL.

    The next time she says that it’s a sin to judge someone should tell her that it’s also a sin to put idols (ie-iphone and twitter) above God. And LR often uses the name of God in vain, so someone should remind LR that this too is a sin. Does LR not read the Bible?

  205. betty says:

    Leann appears to want another mediation session in order to make peace for the children sake with Brandi by her tweets.Brandi tweeted you don’t shit on someone and then ask for favors. Brandi should tell her to kiss you know what and start planning her future. Undoubtedly she and Eddie are getting a lot of backlash. There are no gray areas in this saga you do whats right or you do wrong. Leann and Eddie having been doing wrong its as simple as that. Eddie kids can feel the tension and stress their mother is going through. Mason needs to ask that scumbag why his mother is moving again.He knows whats going on.Thats whats wrong with parents when they sell their kids short like Eddie does.They announced their engagement but didn’t tell the kids first but yet had it blasting on CNN and other outlets like it was headline news. Eddie is one sorry SOB to allow his kids to have to live in this turmoil because of his selfishness and that psycho he is with.

  206. betty says:

    @Why The next time Leann says its a sin to judge someone should tell her “Everybody isn’t judging her, somebody is telling the TRUTH” !!!

  207. DGO says:

    Here’s one of LeAnn’s supporters bragging about how he can close down twitter accounts of anyone who doesn’t like Leann:


    And you know what? Twitter accounts ARE getting shut down or hacked into. Sick stuff.

  208. Blaster says:


    LeAnn made her tweets PRIVATE!!!!!!!!


    Bet it lasts two weeks tops.

  209. Tammy1 says:

    Brandi Glanville is looking more and more like a nutjob obsessed with LeAnn and fame. People get divorce if they dont want to be with a person anymore, and Eddie has chosen to be with LeAnn because they are in love. Go find yourself another man and get a job Brandi! Obviously you had problems in the relationship in the first place before he even met LeAnn. LeAnn has talent and awards and works hard at her career and she will prevail. All the people who follow Brandi writing crap about LeAnn need to move on. And LeAnn is trying to look good for herself, and not copying Brandi. Brandi has an aging face and big cheek bones implants that makes her look like a transvestite. Its obvious she is the one obsessed with LeAnn. Sooner or later Brandi will go away and we will stop hearing about her nonsense. And I’m not LeAnn’s publicist as someone claimed. I’m just tired of that vindictive Brandi woman and her fellow bullies. Get over it!!

  210. Hakura says:

    @Tammy1 – Loathe though I am to take the ‘bait’ your comment is no doubt meant to be… I will say this.

    I fully believe Eddie’s staying unemployed, cutting back on the child support (due to the unemployment), & demanding Brandi repay the ‘extra’ money (included in child support payments in recent months) in a bid to railroad her. He obviously doesn’t need that money right now (being completely supported by Leann), so had no reason to demand it back now, other than to make things deliberately more difficult for Brandi.

    Brandi could be left financially completely unable to care for her children, if he insists upon this, & remains unemployed (Thus not sending enough money to help supporting them). That will give EC & LR a huge advantage when they inevitably drag Brandi to court to sue for full custody of the boys. I can *see* that happening, & would bet money on it.

    Leann is very talented, but the ugliness I can see inside (through her actions) has poisoned any enjoyment I could’ve gotten from her music, now. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants, to hell with everyone else. & God help you if you end up being in her way.

    No one is perfect, but Brandi has been trying. But passive aggressive little ‘highschool’ girl tactics on Leann’s part have driven her to her wit’s end.

  211. brin says:

    Leann had her tweets protected…..that was about a year too late. Guess not everything is rainbows and lovE in the snow globe kingdom.

  212. Liana says:

    Oh Tammy, your naivete is refreshing. It appears that all Brandi wants is fair custody and ample child support and she isn’t getting that.

  213. charityisme says:

    I am on twitter again and my name was charityiam I didn’t get run off twitter had 3 powerful elect surges and I lost everything on my laptop was able to get back on wirh slightly diff name. I didn’t have it plugged in at the time to the surge protector that I use, anyhoohow this is a message for RITA from a bunch of my twitter friends and from me,to. would you consider coming on twitter, you make so much sense and you’re funny as HE** think about it ,please

  214. Rosa says:

    Every time I think I can’t dislike Leann Rimes any more than I already do, I read/hear something, and I dislike her even more.

    Just like Hakura said, Leann has “has poisoned any enjoyment I could’ve gotten from her music, now.”

    What a disgusting excuse of a human being Leann Rimes is. She’s just like an ugly person with lots of money. She uses her money to buy her a gigalo who can’t find any other work. Sad example of a man for his sons.

  215. Rita says:


    This is why I love the Brandi Bunch. You could have left everyone with the misperception that LeAnn’s crew was attacking Brandi’s twitter friends’ twitter pages, but you didn’t. Just like Brandi, you put the truth out there even when you could take advantage. LOVE YOU GALS.

    I won’t be chatting with you on twitter any time soon (mostly because you’d soon grow tired of me) but I want you to know I check your tweets often.

  216. GeekChic says:

    I’m way late to this party, but did want to share my story after reading Crash’s posts and seeing her get repeatedly lambasted for being fair and seeing in shades of gray.

    My parents divorced when I was just about to turn 6. My father immediately moved in with a woman 12+ years younger than him who just happened to be a sociopath. The two of them just fueled one another’s intense, irrational hatred of my mother, and together they refused to pay child support, sent my mother hate mail, and called her up on the phone to insult her repeatedly. Every time I saw my father and his new bride, they made an effort to talk as badly about my mother as possible. They would pump me for information about her, plant ridiculous stories in my head (that my mother stole money from my paternal grandmother, that she was wasting the child support on herself and that was why they stopped sending it, that she was a whore, etc.). I would just sit and cry and beg them to stop, which they never did.

    Through all of this, my mother never said a word about it to me. I only found out about the hate mail and phone calls by accident, much, much later in my life. She knew fully well what they were saying about her and what they were doing to her, but never did she lower herself to their level and repeat their behavior. She was working full time and going to school full time and still could barely keep a roof over our heads because he refused to pay child support. All of this, and she never uttered a word about it to me.

    The last time I saw my father and stepmother was when I was 15. I was visiting for a week or so in the summer, and they were STILL, 10 years after the divorce, going after my mother. I broke down and begged them to stop and defended her, which resulted in my stepmother wrapping her hands around my throat and choking me, slapping me, and sitting on me while pinching me with her nails repeatedly until I bled (I still have scars on my hand from it).

    Needless to say, I haven’t spoken to my father in over 15 years, but am very, very close with my mother.

    I cannot stress enough how important it is for a parent to take the high road, no matter how tempting it is to fight fire with fire. If this sounds like I’m on LR and EC’s side, I’m not. If this sounds like I’m giving them a pass, I’m not. They are beyond help. They will continue to do this garbage and hurt their kids. But that doesn’t mean that Brandi has to follow suit. Eventually, her boys will understand and in all likelihood cut off contact with EC and LR, while still loving their mother dearly. I think that’s the best revenge of all, personally.

  217. Jezi says:

    The reason why LeAnn got spoken to harshly where she felt like she was slapped and was disgusted was because she emailed Brandi asking for more therapy for them so that their can be peace for “our boys”. I shit you not she referred to them as our boys. Now this is the second time therapy will be attempted and everything that was discussed during that session obviously didn’t do much to change the way LeAnn or Eddie behave. Basically Brandi’s reaction was telling LeAnn that she was the one who needs therapy and She us insane to think Brandi’s boys were hers. That Brandi was too busy looking for a place to live then waste time so LeAnn and Eddie can feel better about themselves.

    Being a mother myself if the whore who contributed to breaking up my family, taunts me constantly, has used my kids for PR and continuously disturbs my life called my kids hers, well lets just say she would’ve gotten my foot so far up her ass she would be pulling the laces out her nose.

    @Tammy1 you are obviously paid PR. Brandi has had the same cheek bone structure since forever.You have nothing else to talk about but her looks. Your idol isn’t exactly au natural.

  218. Rita says:


    I just wanted you to know I read your incredibly well written comment. Your mother is obviously a magnificiant woman deserving of the respect and love she has in her highly intelligent, self aware, and equally magnificant daughter. Thanks very much for sharing.

  219. brin says:

    @charityisme…you go girl!

  220. brin says:

    @Jezi….I don’t know how Brandi keeps her cool dealing with her douche ex and his psycho mistress.

  221. Majosha says:


  222. Jake says:

    @GeekChic: Truly empathize with your childhood experience and understand why you respect your mom, however, disagree with the high road approach, because the mother and the child both lose. If your mother would have been fully truthful (not bashing) about your dad & his co-adulterer, you would have HATED both early on, avoided their manipulations and never encountered the choking situation. Brandi/your mom better protect the children by being truthful, telling them of the betrayal, legal manipulations, financial disadvantages and how it’s hurtful and wrong it is, so the child has a clear understanding and choice of right and wrong. It’s teaching the child the morals and values of the “good” parent. Better for the child to hate the father for knowing the truth, than for the child not to respect the mother for lying to them as a child, that Eddie and LeAnn are good people, and Brandi’s boys viewing/learning/being taught to respect/love/ and adopt the morals/values of their dad & LeAnn. This is a guy’s perspective, and Brandi’s children are both boys, believe me they will resent and lose respect for their mother as a patsy if she continues to tell them to love LeAnn & respect Eddie, and they will mature into adult males like their father. They will use and abuse women in their personal relationship and be dishonest and ruthless in their chosen profession if they don’t die first of a drug overdose or car crash.

  223. GeekChic says:

    @Rita: Thank you for the lovely words. My mom really is a special person. She drives me nuts sometimes, but that’s what mothers are for, isn’t it? I’m sure I drive my daughter nuts, too, lol.

    @Jake: I appreciate your sentiment but respectfully disagree. Had my mom told me at age 6-7 about my father’s antics, I would have been just as devastated and angry as I was when he badmouthed my mom. Even if she had put it nicely and gently, I would have been horribly confused and felt like I was being torn in two directions, and like I had to choose sides. Would I have hated my father? No, her words wouldn’t have changed my opinion of him, just like his words didn’t make me hate my mom. I loved him, just like I loved my mom. I had to learn for myself the kind of person he really was. It was painful, but at least I knew that I always had my mom, no matter what.

    Kids love their parents and it hurts to hear anything negative about them, even if it’s true. Issues of child support, legal manipulation, and so on are for adults to deal with. Kids simply don’t and can’t understand. I’m not trying to tell Brandi or anyone how to handle their lives or their children. All I’m saying is that it hurts like crazy when parents put kids in the middle of their squabbles. By taking a high road she would ensure that her kids feel safe and not torn between two parents. Those boys will learn eventually what their father did to them and to their mom.

  224. betty says:

    Everyone is different and handle situations differently. Some take the so called high road and some push back. In the case of this psycho Leann the high road is not an option. People will only do to you what you allow and when they see they can’t push you around like they have being Brandi they will find a more accommodating way to deal with you.Some mistake kindness for weakness. Eddie staying unemployed is not going to help his situation he asked for reduced payments if he went to court to seek full custody California courts aren’t that stupid the welfare of children is not based on financial situations only. Eddie demanding repayment of support payments let him demand .Brandi has no job and the court is not going to penalize her and take support from those kids to reward payment to him for being unemployed.

  225. betty says:

    @Hakura Leann cannot sue for anything she is not a parent and as a parent Eddie has to show proof he can support his kids if he was working it might give him leverage using combined incomes but if he tried using Leann income only after they are married the court can use her income to increase the mothers support. @Tammy 1 Brandi does not want Eddie why are you trying to push him back on her.Leann has that loser she is the insecure one If she was so happy and in love Brandi would not still be a threat.

  226. Jake says:

    I recognize you are female GeekChic and I understand why you feel the way you did/do. I guess my main point that is lost is males/females, boys/girls have little in common when it comes to psychology and what makes them tick and their emotional needs and interpretation of things. Brandi’s boys will view things differently than a girl would. Boys do not have the same problem with choosing between parents/family than girls do ( as a girl you just can’t grasp that – but guys do),I’m not saying it doesn’t conflict them, but they will make a choice. Given the truth, boys would not have to be told to hate Eddie and LeAnn, they just would. They would reject LeAnn and her purchasing their affections from their mother. They would feel protective, and proud of it, to protect their mother from her attackers. They would grow up as young adults to be proud of their moral stand they took when confronted with the wealth of info on the internet, or made for TV movie about LeAnn Rimes. Alternatively, they will grow up ashamed of themselves for selling their mother out to LeAnn, they will be angry with their mother for hiding the truth from them when they most needed it, resulting in them choosing actions they are now ashamed of,it will haunt them! People that don’t like the boys at high school will taunt them for selling out their mom, and the boys will be ashamed of themselves. Boys aren’t girls, they think differently, don’t we?

  227. DGO says:

    To “charityisme” – LeAnn’s crew is bragging on twitter that they shut your original account down. If you look through her “friend’s” accounts, you will see they made mention of it the day your original account disappeared. You can also see at the link I posted in an above post, someone claiming he works for twitter and that he can shut down any accounts he’d like. He’s threatening to go after mysterious’s account for defamation.

  228. charityisme says:

    well. they did not get my acct shut down It was what I did by taking my laptop to my office without the surge protector hooked up to it If they think that anyone believes their lying about my acct so be it. they are not all powerful. they are sad delusional fans of a woman who career has been flushed down the toilet wish she would follow it down there. You don’t get thrown off twitter unless you threaten someone and none of Brandis Bunch has ever done that so think again twitter ignorant people

  229. Jezi says:

    Apparently I’m considered the ring leader and the worst one of the Brandi Bunch and they want to take down my account…lmao!!!! Maybe they should review the rules and regulations of twitter and realize that they can’t get us removed just by speaking about our dislike of their idols despicable ways. If they remove our accounts, they would have to shut down mostly everyone’s twitter accounts. Even her fans that have verbally assualted us and Brandi numerous times.

    P.S. My comments aren’t nearly as bad as others, yet they consider me the worst one because they know I know things. I guess my allegiance to a wonderful, kind woman who didn’t deserve the crap sandwich she was handed, frightens them. Oh well!!!

  230. CB Rawks says:

    “males/females, boys/girls have little in common when it comes to psychology and what makes them tick and their emotional needs and interpretation of things. Brandi’s boys will view things differently than a girl would. Boys do not have the same problem with choosing between parents/family than girls do ( as a girl you just can’t grasp that – but guys do)”

    That is total bollocks.
    Oh Jake. It brutally diminishes your point to make sweeping generalisations like that. Ignorant and sexist ones, at that. Is that a *male problem*, would YOU say?

  231. brin says:

    Well these wackos sound just like their psycho idol. BTW, isn’t what they are doing called BULLYING? Thought dear leader was against that.

  232. Crash2GO2 says:

    @GeekChic: “They are beyond help. They will continue to do this garbage and hurt their kids. But that doesn’t mean that Brandi has to follow suit. Eventually, her boys will understand and in all likelihood cut off contact with EC and LR, while still loving their mother dearly. I think that’s the best revenge of all, personally.”

    Thank you so much for sharing, and saying so succinctly what it is that I have been trying to say. And to hear it from the perspective of the child makes me all the more determined to keep my own child protected from any difficulties I might be having with my ex. Awesome.

  233. Uncensored says:

    @230: My guess is CB Rawks=Darrell Brown or the likes. LeAnn’s biggest concern right now is not having the boys reject her before the I do’s. They otherwise would not so aggressively try to attack, diminish or intimidate (LOL – I’m so scared and “hurt”) another poster’s POV. Just telling it like it is. I was posting over a year ago that LeAnn would spoil the boys and buy their affections from their mom & would use her legal team to bankrupt Brandi and ultimately seek full custody of the boys because she could better provide for them. I got attacked by virtually all the mothers saying it would never happen and the courts would protect the mother. Think again. Brandi is running out of time to redirect the boys knowledge of events.

  234. happygirl says:

    Wow! I’m so lost! I guess because I’m not on Twitter….but…

    @Jezi – what’s the deal? Someone is threatening to shut down twitter accounts if they are not LR fans? WTH is the world coming to?? UGH!!! – Keep me posted!

    @ Crash – I sent you some love on the Michael Fassbender this morning =)

  235. Friend of says:

    @#230 CB Rawks: Apparantly a LeAnn fan/friend, such as Darrel Brown, “reported” Jake for his POV above to have him censored (“moderation”). LeAnn’s biggest fear right now is the boys would turn against her, especially before the wedding. Nothing sexist or vial was said from what I read.

  236. Jezi says:

    @happygirl yeah they always threaten us in some way or another. Some of her fans are completely evil. As Eileen said above, we’ve had the worst things said to us. They won’t be able to take our twitter pages down, there are no grounds for it.

  237. happygirl says:

    @ Jezi – Wow. This gives me even MORE insight about LR and I’m certain that my opinion of her is well-deserved (I can ONLY IMAGINE what I must miss not being on Twitter). I feel like I’m on the Tilt-a-Whirl. Just so I understand…when you say “they,” do you mean Twitter or LR’s fans? Either way…ridiculous. I know people bicker a bit here on CB, but it’s the only site I write on, because I think, although there are so many differences of opinions, it’s interesting to read everyone’s, and I don’t think CB or Kaiser would let things get too out-of-control. If I’ve read correctly, and forgive me, there’s a lot to read here, so I sort of skimmed, but if these are LR’s fan “threatening” you, then that is really scary. People are crazy.
    LR & EC are literally making my stomach turn.
    **puts Lean Pocket back in freezer**

  238. Hakura says:

    @Betty (#224)- I definitely understand that nothing legal could move forward until they’re married. I admit I know little of how this works legally. If EC & LR were to keep their finances technically ‘separate’, could Leann’s income still be used to increase the child support payments EC is responsible for? It sounds like they’d have to choose, since EC would need LR’s financial backing to have an advantage in custody court.

    @GreekChic – I completely empathize, as I had a similar experience with my paternal grandparents.But I know there’s a difference when it’s a parent, seeing as my grandparents didn’t have custody, nor could they claim it. But I wish I had understood what they were doing was wrong, & had realized early enough to tell my mother about it. She would not have tolerated it, & would have protected me from years of pain & confusion.

    But I mean absolutely no disrespect to your mother. She sounds like a strong, intelligent woman who made the best decision she could, based on her (& your) circumstances. And that was likely the right decision, for your family. I’m also so sorry for what you had to go through, your father & his wife sound like horrible people…Hopefully someday, they’ll get what they deserve for their actions.

    @Jake (#226)- Unfortunately, I believe what you say (the difference between boys & girls dealings with emotional situations) is true. I’ve seen my brother make decisive choices in regards to emotional situations, seeing things in terms of black & white… more willing to cut himself off from a negative situation, & avoid the ‘doubts’ or continued concerns about the situation.

    In my experience as a girl, I know that we see situations in an enormous, complicated spectrum of grays, especially emotional conflicts with family. We’re less able to cut ourselves off from a situation we deem as painful & difficult. We most often focus hard on attempting to fix things that we *know* full well likely can’t be fixed. Even when we *do* distance ourselves after realizing that fact, we *still* think about the situation, less able to let go.

    So we take on a lot of baggage, pain & anxiety as a result. I really wish that wasn’t the case. Life would be much more simple if we viewed things like boys.

    That aside, I know I wouldn’t be able to approach Brandi’s situation holding my tongue. LR & EC have crossed the line too many times, shoving *hard* to get their way at Brandi (& the boys’) expense. I simply could not allow myself to be pushed without wanting to make it known that that behavior won’t be tolerated.

    I’d feel the need to protect my children from them, & their actions.

  239. betty says:

    @Uncensored Unlike grownups kids can’t be bought. What makes you think Leann can do anything she is not a parent. She has been with those kids for a couple of months and their mother since birth.and you don’t know kids.Leann is like another nanny to them thats why they like her. The bond between mother and child can never be broken. Money or lack of does not determine custody. Brandi can also petition for full custody. First of all the kids are not pawns and if Leann wants to have kids she needs to have her own if she can.

  240. betty says:

    @Hakura When couples marry there is no such thing as separate finances,thats why they have pre nups you are protecting assets earned before marriage. Once married they become joint.

  241. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘Because YOU have written several posts stating that Leann is the victim and that we are all “hating” on Leann for no reason at all. ‘

    I have NEVER said LR is the victim, closest I’ve come is to say that I don’t understand why people get ugly about it and that was after seeing things calling her a whore, making fun of her face, etc. That’s just part of my personality. If I don’t like or agree with them I wouldn’t make fun of physical features or call names. Well, I wouldn’t call names on a public board. My close girlfriends got to listen to me rant about ex’s ‘wh*re’ when it happened.

    My point was just from my experience and not to put BG down. I went through Hell with ex and he tried every which way to hurt me until he figured out he couldn’t. When we separated he filed for full custody claiming I was “emotionally distraught” b/c I cried when he moved out and I cried when he refused to watch our son when I had to work (he was hoping I would miss work and get fired so he’d have more leverage). I learned very quickly to hide my emotions. It was one of the first things my lawyer advised me. He said the more emotional/angry I appeared the more things could go ex’s way in front of a judge.

    I actually threw out event planning b/c it is something Brandi seems like she’d be good at (and more lucrative than real estate). Average wedding is $20,000/$25,000 nation wide and planners make up to 10% of the budget plus they make their own hours and can work out of their house. Brandi has contacts in the industry that could help her. And it would be a bonus b/c LR acts like she loves planning things and it would burn her up to see BG be successful at. Another poster pointed out that EC is using reducing CS as a way to hurt BG and that was my other point. One of my ex’s tactics for trying to get custody was to say I wasn’t financially able to take care of our son. He left me with a -$1000 bank account (he drained the acct) and turned off my phone, threatened to take my car, etc. BG providing for her boys and herself is taking power away from EC. Yes he should pay, but it is better to not have to depend on him (one less thing he can hold over her).

    This was longer than I wanted it to be. I don’t like being accused of supporting someone like EC or LR. I was raised by an adulterer and have worked hard not to repeat that cycle and to instill values in my kids so they don’t do that (at least I hope not). I just focus more on taking control and not focusing on the anger. I have to.

  242. KatScorp says:

    Tammy1 is exactly the type of fool (and tool) I was talking about. I got into a bitch-contenst with a LeAnnfan on another board (now I realise they were probably PR) and it is often the same thing with these unbelievably dense jerkoffs. Brandi has been tying to move on – she keeps asking her supporters not to talk about her douchebag ex and his owner – but an e-mail wherein LeAnn refers to Mason and Jake as “our boys” is just more irrefutable proof that LeAnn is the one who wont move on. LeAnn bloody well knows better, she’s just a bitch who gets off on being a bitch and getting away with it.

    And yet, there will always be ***** like Tammy1 who claim that the ground is up, that the sky is pink and that LeAnn ISN’T the protagonist, and that Eddie ISN’T urging LeAnn on to get back at the woman who rejected his syphilitic arse. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see what LeAnn and Eddie have been doing.

    Regarding the argument brewing between Jake, Rawks and Geekchic, I think that everyone should shut up and listen for two sentences… here they are:

    How the boys react to their mother being railroaded by their father and LeAnn cannot be predicted by people who do not know them and I think that Brandi is the only person who knows whether taking “the high road” or “telling them the truth about Eddie being a shithead and LeAnn being a cunt” will prevent them from turning into the spoiled, misogynist arseholes that Eddie and LeAnn’s influence would create. We shouldn’t be telling Brandi what choices are best for her sons, because as their real mother, she already knows.

  243. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘The reason why LeAnn got spoken to harshly where she felt like she was slapped and was disgusted was because she emailed Brandi asking for more therapy for them so that their can be peace for “our boys”.’

    Even I would’ve lost my sh&t over that. While I would want my son to feel comfortable around anyone his father decided to live with I’d would never exchange emails with her or listen to her calling DS “our boy”. BG should forward the email to EC with a message that says communication will only be with the people whose names are ON the custody agreement. And BG should tell EC that she will only communicate about THEIR boys by email or written letter (from him). Attach a send receipt to the email (print both out) or send it certified mail. Document, document, document. Then BG hopefully gets a job that pays more than what EC is making and modifies custody with her documentation, youtube videos of them drinking then getting in a car and higher pay.

    And before anyone jumps on me I’m not saying EC shouldn’t pay for his kid, but more that BG should prove that she can do better. Watching her Ps and Qs, out earning EC and documenting the craziness is her best chance of being rid of EC. And if he tries to bring LR’s income into the equation then that can be added into child support amounts.

    But I’m calling it right now, the 2nd BG gets serious with someone EC will drop LR like yesterdays news. EC needs to be wanted (why he turned on BG after she kicked him out).

  244. CB Rawks says:

    I did not report anyone! Ask the moderators. If he was put in moderation it had nothing to do with me! Jeezuz! This falls right in with my theory about insane Krakens at this site.

    I am not a fan of LeAnn! Never have been!
    And the people that said that were all one person.

    I pointed out a sexist comment that made ALL women and girls seem weak and like they needed to be told what to think!
    “Given the truth, boys would not have to be told to hate Eddie and LeAnn, they just would.”
    Go ahead and read his posts.

  245. icantbelievethis says:

    @Hakura finances counted depends on the state for child support. (& sometimes the judge). Where I am only mine and my ex’s finances count regardless of who we marry. If we were to modify CS my DH’s income would not be asked for. If my ex remarries a millionaire won’t do our son any good. And most states have a set percentage that is calculated. I think mine was 20% of his gross income and if he had another child what he owed for our son could be reduced. I’ve had to deal with CS in 4 different states and it has been roughly the same. The state I am in now has a whacked out formula that goes by income of both parents, age of kids, amount of visitation time and other kids each parent has.

    From what I’ve heard CA is pretty bad about CS enforcement.

  246. KatScorp says:

    @Rawks: I doubt anyone who has been on this blog for more than a few hours would think you were a LeAnnFan or that you were reporting anyone. You’ve been posting here for longer than me and I reckon that Jake and the others just haven’t yet read previous Falcor/Deadbeat posts. Jake appears to have taken you out of context because you sufficiently kicked his arse vis-a-ve gender roles. I believe my post #241 trumps his… and hers… damn good post for someone who just rolled out of bed.

    What’s a Kraken? Sounds familiar but I don’t want to google it just in case (googled ‘skin tags’ last night and amongst the images was a rectal shot! Still can’t eat).

  247. Hakura says:

    @Betty & icantbelievethis – Thanks so much for explaining that to me =) I’ve not come into contact with much info about custody arrangements & support payments.

    I just can’t help but think they’re up to something with the CS runaround, otherwise why bother? Maybe not the theory I previously offered, but at the very least, I can see them pulling this crap just for their own vindictive amusement.

    So once EC & LR marry, the child support would be coming from their combined finances? (But a pre-nup could prevent that, & leave that responsibility solely on EC?) If pre-nups only cover money earned before the marriage, she’d still be exposed to any future earnings, if I’m understanding this right.

    Betty (#240) – I just wasn’t sure, after reading the story/comments regarding Marc Anthony’s tax problems (here on CB), I noticed that only his name was listed as being in trouble. Someone said they’ve tried to keep finances separate, which confused me as I thought marriage was an automatic merging of all responsibilities.

    icantbelievethis (#243) – If he’s unemployed, would he face any consequences for not actively seeking employment to live up to his obligations? You’d think that wouldn’t be tolerated by the courts as an excuse. I don’t see him getting a job anytime soon, not with how easy Leann makes it for him not to. (His ass is going to share a blood supply with the couch before too long.)

    I guess % of income is the most rational option, or at least the least complicated. The ‘have a new child, reduce required payment for previous children’ rule is absolutely insane. A new baby does nothing to lower the needs of those that came before, & the financial requirements should reflect that. The other children should never be penalized simply because a parent decided to have another.

  248. Hakura says:

    In response to my post agreeing with some of Jakes’ points, I realize how it may have come across in a way I didn’t mean for it to. >.<

    I can only speak for myself, & my brother. I have flaws in over-analyzing things, dwelling & stressing, have a hard time letting go in cases where it’s what I should really do.

    My brother has an easier time washing his hands of a situation beyond a certain point. That doesn’t mean he isn’t hurt or stressed by it, but he’s able to view things much more ‘simply’ than I can. I just approach it totally different, which is something I noticed my girl friends also do… where-as guy friends act similarly to my brother.

    This doesn’t mean I believe those things are true for *everyone*. Certainly not. Gender does not determine how someone is going to react entirely. Everyone is different.

    I hope my response wasn’t taken as making me sound sexist & closed minded. I’d *never* want to come across that way.

  249. CB Rawks says:

    @Katscorp, thankyou indeed for that.

    I think a Kraken is a sea monster, although Michael.K at Dlisted has a hilarious clip of a demented baby that he also entitled “Release the Kraken”. In either case the result is scary. 🙂

  250. CB Rawks says:

    @Hakura, I definitely saw your posts as simply discussing your personal experiences. Well written they were, too. 🙂

  251. KatScorp says:

    @ Rawks: I am so gonna go look up that clip!

    @ Hakura: it’s no problem sweetie. I have an obsessive personality combined with a severe anxiety disorder; I even have panic attacks when things start to go awry in my life and or television shows I’m obsessed with. So I empathize and you are always loved here. I have a Women’s Study degree and can get belligerent if I feel sexism is occuring so I’ll always be ready to back you up. But this looked like a no-win situation, so I figured that I’d just trump everyone with my “5:30am, caffiene deprived, just got out of fourth consecutive night of nightmares” morning self. I can be accused of being many things; a morning person is not one of them.

    There is definately merit to your argument. I just wanted to stop the blog from turning into a gender topic because I’d have to bring a truckload of wisdom down on everybodys’ arses and lets face it… no one likes a know-it-all 🙂

  252. Hakura says:

    @CB Rawks – Thank you so much for that. =) I was worried. >.< That’s the last sort of thing I want to come off sounding supportive of.

    Making sweeping generalizations about women being ruled by their emotions (or ‘hysterical‘ as they called it in the 50’s) to the point of being weak/incapable, whereas men are pillars of reason & strength, able to appropriately & decisively make the right decisions in regards to emotional/familial conflict. ( Please.)

    I finally got the chance to read back through the mountain of posts I missed. I also never got the impression you were trying to defend LR & EC. Taking cheap shots & being generally nasty has never improved anything. I don’t blame you for saying something to that effect at all.

    @KatScorp – “…(googled ’skin tags’ last night and amongst the images was a rectal shot! Still can’t eat).

    LOL. Aren’t image-search engines great? I’ve searched many a harmless random thing only to end up with various images taken from pornos. >.< What their ‘movie’ had to do with a ‘cruelty free live-rat trap’ I was searching for, I’ll never know. >.>

  253. Crash2GO2 says:

    The Kraken! Very scary eyes indeed.


  254. Friend of says:

    LOL ladies: Jake can’t post a response, but really at CB, the only people here uber-sexist in their remarks are the women pulling that “card” on a man who gave his POV, it wasn’t expressed from a “sexist” POV or “better” than a woman’s perspective – it was misconstrued as sexist by women that don’t recognize their own sexist thinking. Jake has no “argument” with GeekChic – just a different analysis. Jake is against LeAnn and Eddie, and supports Brandi, he is an ally to most of what you say. If you knew him, I tell you from experience he’s not a sexist, you “probably” can’t out think him , and you certainly didn’t kick his arse – only in your own mind. PS Betty: Jake disagrees with “The bond between mother (adds: father) and child can never be broken”. It can and happens all the time, lots of parents/children have falling outs and never speak again thru the day they die, get disinherited etc etc. It’s a nice thought though, just not true.

  255. Tammy1 says:

    Brandi obviously attracts the same paranoid, bitchy, vindictive people like herself which is evident in the mentalities of her supporters and some posts here. If anyone defends LeAnn you attack them and say they must be working for her. Are you family of Brandi or working for her? What makes you think people cant see things differently? You twist everything to make yourselves like the victims just like Brandi does, when you are the most mean-spirited people who relentlessly bash LeAnn from what I’ve seen. I read her twitter and Brandi’s, and its clear Brandi is an instigator and a manipulative woman who needs major therapy and you her followers are venomous negative people. LeAnn and her fans hardly retaliate. I read what’s in the media about this issue too, and I’m a good judge of character and Brandi is a negative woman, and that’s part of the reason Eddie must have gotten tired of someone like that. She wants to make herself like the victim but I can see through her true character. She got all crazy again once news of the engagement came out. She cant seem to let go of a man who is tired of her and obviously resents her now. With or without LeAnn their marriage would have fallen apart. Its obvious Eddie doesnt care for her anymore. He’s in love with LeAnn now. Move on!

    Also, she keeps trashing Eddie in the media at the same time accusing him of not getting a job. As if her vendetta is gonna make him more employable. If he cant get jobs then he cant be made to give her more child support, so she can live big as she wants like the shallow women of what she said is her favorite show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. You are biting your nose to spite your face Brandi. LeAnn has talent and has worked hard since she was a kid to make her money. Go get a job too Brandi, and stop using the kids as an excuse. Its obvious jealousy of Eddie and LeAnn’s love for each other and the up coming marriage is what’s really eating her inside – she gets enough child support and she doesnt care how the whole issue affects the kids. But LeAnn will overcome all this nonsense. She’s handling this issue with more decency than Brandi. And Eddie can see what a vindictive, envious, evil bitch of a woman Brandi is now. In time we will stop hearing this crap coming from Brandi in the media and you her followers will have to move on to other negativity and bullying that attracts you.

  256. Jezi says:

    @happygirl when I say they, I meant her fans. They will never be able to get twitter to pull down our accounts because we aren’t doing anything wrong. We just tell it like it is. They don’t want to see LR for the liar she is. And actually in the past few weeks we’ve had a few LR fans that have seen through all her bs and looked to join our Brandi bunch.

    Brandi has had a tough week, she lost her dog the other night and is really feeling down. She keeps getting hit hard but the good news is, Leann has protected her tweets for now at least.

  257. Rita says:

    I feel so bad for Brandi loosing her dog. They can be such a comfort and the boys must feel terrible.

    On another note, once again there is a very wierd coincidence in this mess. Both Brand and LeAnn step away from public twitter on the same day? Somethings going on. LeAnn is just plain mean to publicly recommend counseling to Brandi and refer to the kids as “our boys”. In the best of situations a good step mother would never make that referrence unless first invited to do so by the mother. LeAnn’s invitation is nothing more than a PR show to say to her tweet-wits “see, I’m reaching out”. LeAnn is not immature, misguided, or being influenced by Eddie. LeAnn is a cunt. There I said it. Spitoon for peen vomit. Wonder if she’ll be offended by my comment.

  258. Jezi says:

    @Tammy1 here are some Leann fans.

    “get some psychiatric help and some spiritual counseling. Your soul is beyond sick!!!”

    “_____ is a relentless hater. Pity her husband, children, neighbors, co-workers, parents”

    “_____ pobrecita, I feel sorry 4 ur kids. What a hateful soul their mother has. Don’t spread your poisonous vibes in the world.”

    “not a kid person? Get some help for your drinking problem! You definitely have one. Do it for the kids.”

    “U R too pathetic!!! Grow up u aging lady. The dates r set by courts & law. NO PITY!!! Anger & resentment r ur speciality”

    These are only a few of the nasty things that are spewed. So don’t say that we are just as nasty. You can see by your comments above that your words are cruel. Brandi is so over Eddie it’s not even funny. There is no love lost there. Leann and Eddie can have eachother.

  259. Rita says:


    Tammy1 is just one of LeAnn’s turds. She has no standing with thinking people of values and principles. To me she is like Charley Manson sitting in his cell trying to justify his actions. 99% of the public simply shake their heads at their rant. They are so far outside a proportional response that the public just ignores them.

  260. CB Rawks says:

    Ugh. *EYEROLL* “Fake Friend Of”, crawl back in your ignorant hole. If “Fake Jake” is not actually sexist, tell him to stop saying unbelievably sexist things.
    “Being a girl, you wouldn’t understand that”.
    I proved my point by simply drawing attention to HIS words.

    On a personal note, I stand as proof of a woman who can decisively cut off from family that are evil. And I didn’t even need the help of a man! Oooooh.

    And also, as you would well know by now, you don’t get moderated for having an opinion, you get noticed and moderated for breaking the rules here. I’m surprised you haven’t yet been banned for faking multiple names.

  261. Jezi says:

    @Rita I agree, just in case someone does come on and reads the rant I want them to see what we deal with and these are fans that Leann communicates with daily.

  262. CB Rawks says:

    @Katscorp: Behold the Baby Kraken 😀
    You have to scroll down a bit.


  263. brin says:

    It’s not a surprise that Leann attracts
    people as wacked out as she is.

  264. why? says:


    DAMAGE CONTROL. So let me guess, Leann is about to release the video to her single in a couple of days and she thinks that she can convince the record execs that the backlash isn’t real by arguing that the problem is BG?

    The only one coming off looking more and more like a nutjob is Leann. Do you really think that all those photos of her flashing that ring when she knew for a fact that EC had his child support reduced worked in LR favor?

    Based on LR inability to keep her private life private, this is more than just about getting a divorce. This is about EC and LR constantly playing every detail of their life out in the public and then getting mad because the public doesn’t like them; EC and LR compromising the wellbeing and safety of those kids because LR is very; and EC and LR lack of respect for DS and BG.

    If EC was so in love with LR, LR wouldn’t be desperately trying to morph herself into BG. If LR and EC have a great relationship, why is LR always on twitter?

    Since LR was the one sleeping with another woman’s husband, it’s LR who needs to go out and find her another man.

    Why do you keep trying to justify your affair with EC, by arguing that it was broke before you got there? So that was why you leaked that video and EC receipt to US Weekly? If EC wanted to be with you so badly, why then did he keep on denying that he had an affair with you?

    Leann has talent? Isn’t that the same tweet that you sent to Popsugar when they called you Heidi and Spencer? LR own fans don’t believe that she has talent, since they won’t even download her single. What is that about?
    People will move on when LR moves on. As long as LR continues to shove her farce down people’s throats, she is going to get slammed.

    Leann is not trying to look good for herself and the WEEKLY photo-ops prove this. Leann is trying to look like BG. Why would she need to do that if EC is so content and happy with LR?

    So you think that trashing BG face will somehow make people believe that LR isn’t trying to SWF BG? Photos don’t lie and the fact that LR keeps taunting BG with her own kids is proof enough that LR wants to be BG.

    So if BG is obsessed with LR, why then did LR plan her engagement close to the day that EC proposed to BG? LR slept with BG husband, so that in itself says that LR is obsessed with BG.

    That is what bothers you, the fact that BG hasn’t disappeared. As long as you keep staging these photo-ops people will always have sympathy for BG.

    We know that you are not Leanns publicist because you are Leann. You wrote the very same “Leann has talent” post to Popsugar, so that makes it very obvious that you are Leann.

    No dear, what you are tired of is the sympathy that people have for BG.

    Since LR is tweeting about another woman’s kids and taunting her with her own kids, it’s LR who is vindictive.

    When you say Get over it, what you mean is that the backlash is hurting your career. You have an album in March, a movie in April, and you are probably planning on releasing your video this week since you made it a special habit to show up posting as Tammy1 (instead of all those other different names you used before).

  265. why? says:

    Tammy 1

    I just have one question: What is LR trying to promote this week? Is she releasing the video to her song, that photoshoot from Mexico, or did she and EC do yet another interview where they try to jusity their actions?

    In other words, LR wants to release the video to her Crazy Women single this week, but with all the backlash(because LR just won’t shut up and stop tipping off the paps) the record execs don’t think it’s a good idea. But no problem. Leann’s easy fix is to blame BG. Now let’s see what good this will do for Leann because everytime she blames BG, something happens. Like the EIC writing an email to it’s readers apologizing for putting her on their covers.

    But that is just it, you are not defending LR. You are dehumanizing BG and then going so far as to stalk and harass BG and anyone who has a twitter account. So if you don’t work for Leann, then that must mean that you are Leann, right?

    Now why would people assume that you are someone working for Leann? Because NO ONE likes Leann. We know this because even the people who claim to be her fans won’t download her music.

    How typical, so the problem is that we are interpreting things wrong? I find this quite interesting because didn’t LR say the very same thing when she had that twitter storm against E? The more you write, the more you sound like LR.

    When did BG bash LR? BG is an instigator? How so? She wasn’t the one who kept tweeting about another woman’s kids and even encourages other parents to tweet about EC kids. You are mad because you and EC blew it this time with all the papping in Cabo and now you can’t get yourselves out of this mess.

    If you were a good judge of character, then you wouldn’t be here trying to redeem yourself by throwing BG under the bus. You and EC messed up, that is not BG fault. Coming here and posting all these “I hate BG” under all these different names isn’t going to save LR right now.

    There are many flaws in your with or without LR the mariage would have fallen apart. EC had never felt the urge to leave his family and YOU had to leak photos just to expose the affair because EC wasn’t moving at the pace you wanted. So that means that EC is only with you for one reason. It’s your money and connections. We know that EC doesn’t want to be with you, which is evidenced by your SWF of BG.

    Give us ONE piece of evidence that shows that EC is in love with you, and we can show you an example of him doing the very same thing with his ex-wife whom you claimed EC didn’t want to be with. If EC is in love with LR, then why does he encourage her to tweet knowing full well that she would be at it for hours? Because EC doesn’t want to be near LR. It’s just that obvious. When the tipping off the paps stop and LR shuts down her twitter account that is when people are going to believe that EC loves LR.

    Please note, the more LR tweets about the kids, the more she demonstrates that EC is a liar. EC said that it wasn’t child focused to expose his kids to the media. So why would he continue to allow LR to tweet about those kids when he knows that it’s going to be in some tab? So now LR wants us to believe that EC is in love with her because he engages in pda with her so says it in the interview, but no one is going to believe it because EC can’t even keep a promise to his own kids.

    Blaming BG won’t make EC love LR, well you know that, which is why you are here trying to redeem yourself by posting all these “I hate BG” posts.

  266. why? says:


    You write posts like this and then you just can’t understand why no one likes EC and LR.

    Tammy, EC hasn’t been looking for a job. We have as proof Leann’s photo-ops, tweets, and twitpics. So your problem is with LR, who has done such a great job at documenting EC laziness.

    Everyone knows why EC is not employable, and it has nothing to do with BG. EC can’t act, he lost any support he had from the viewers with each and every pda photo-op he staged with LR before their divorces were even final, and now we can add their media blitz in Cabo and at the airport to the list.

    EC can’t get jobs because EC doesn’t want to work and LR doesn’t want EC to work, seeing as how she will have to be on set with EC while he is filming (yes she did this for both CSI and Chase) and will have to cancel her concerts because she has “stomachaches”.

    Did you see Popsugar article about LR and EC? They called them the next Heidi and Spencer. So that should tell you that it’s not BG who is causing problems for EC jobs, but EC. EC has made himself into a joke. With LR flashing that ring and then he partying in Cabo after cutting his kids’s funds, how many enemies do you think EC has made?

    Yes Leann, we know that you think that you have talent. You sent the same tweet to Popsugar.

    Since the photos of the kids show up when EC and LR are promoting careers, it’s EC and LR who are using those kids.

    Leann, you are morphing yourself into BG and you even had your engagement date set so that it was in close proximity to the day that EC proposed to BG, so it’s you who is jealous.

    How would you know how much child support BG is getting? That would have to mean that you are Leann. So that must mean that you are Cakes and Jacquie too.

    Leann won’t overcome this, it’s why you are here desperately trying to make it out as if it’s BG who is causing all this trouble for you.

    Where is LR decency? When she tweets and tweets and tweets about BG kids after she claims that they are her top priority?

    If Leann was handling this with more decency than BG, then why are you here? Why are you calling BG all those names if LR is not that type of person?

    We will stop hearing about this “crap” when Leann stops tweeting and then she stops tipping off the paps. People are just plain fed up with EC and LR and I think that all those photos from Cabo and the airport after EC had his child support reduced is what sent the public over the edge. You have that man partying it up in Cabo after he told s judge that he couldn’t find work and that he doesn’t have a job.

    As long as EC keeps lying to the courts and putting BG in very bad circumstances, we will hear from BG.

    Or are you telling us that LR and EC are going to blackmail BG into being quiet?

  267. Tammy1 says:

    You are obviously delusional Jez if you think those few qoutes compare to the awful meanspirited evil things that comes out of you Brandi followers. Just reading 95% of the comments here proves my point that you are venomous bashers of LeAnn. You are too cold hearted and delusional to see your true colors apparently. LeAnn fans arent the ones dominating the posts here are they? I’ve read all your nonsense here and E! and twitter – and you people even twit LeAnn your rubbish for months now from what I’ve gathered, and I had enough that’s why I finally wrote back. (LeAnn fans arent twitting Brandi like you are) I’m not really part of LeAnn’s fandom even though I think she’s talented. And I dont have a twitter and I usually don’t care to participate in negative stuff, but you and Brandi deserve to be told how you really are. You are nothing but a bunch of mean bullies with evil hearts who dwell in negativity. Move on with your lives and stop taking whatever bitterness you feel in your lives out on LeAnn. Its not good for the soul. She will prevail in the end, while Brandi continue to wallow in her negativity. Brandi is nothing but an envious, manipulative woman who wants to look like a victim, but those who have character and principle will see through her.

    To “Why?”; You must be suffering from paranoid delusions. I read about the amount she was getting for child support in some article and from one you yapping about it. I don’t know LeAnn nor do I work for her. I’m not accusing you of knowing Brandi just because you defend her. What makes you think everyone agrees with you and dislike LeAnn? LeAnn is the one with almost 100 thousand followers on twitter. Anyway, you people are a waste of time who dwell in negativity because that’s your personality and nothing will change that apparently.

  268. Jezi says:

    @Tammy1 coming from someone who idolizes a woman who cheated on her husband, contributed to breaking up a family, taunts with passive aggressive tweets and lacks boundaries and sensitivity, I take what you say with a grain of salt. Those quotes I just gave you aren’t even tipping the iceberg of what is said to us. I admit some Brandi supporters can get ugly but most of us, in our group only lash out when we are being attacked. And who would feel it necessary to attack a woman who was the victim in this entire situation. Brandi didn’t come into Leann’s life, Leann came into hers. If Leann can’t take the heat, maybe she needs to get off twitter and stop talking about someone else’s kids. Why do you think Brandi has so many supporters and Leann doesn’t? I guess we all must be delusional and poor Leann is once again made out to be the victim. Puhleze!!! If you’re being bullied here, then by all means, stop posting.

  269. why? says:


    Hollyscoop site: Leann and Eddie pose for paps like it’s going out of style.

    Showbiz Tonight: LR and EC didn’t do themselves any favors with the ABC interview.

    Huff Post: LR set women back with the Shape interview.

    Showbiz Tonight: LR is missing a sensitvity chip, needs to go on twitter rehab, didn’t do herself any favors with the ABC interview, and will onlybe able to get the female population on her side by showing BG some compassion, LR resents the fact that BG has kids with EC

    Popsugar: EC and LR photo-ops are staged and they are becoming the next Heidi and Spencer.

    E: LR is famous because she keeps herself in the news via tweets

    Itunes: LR Crazy Women single was 99/100 just days before her engagement is annouced and since then, it hasn’t even with the daily media blitz from Cabo and E writing 3 articles about LR in just one day.

    Shape: EIC apologizes for putting LR on their cover because they got a lot of complaints.

    Radio station: A DJ was wondering why with over 80,000 twitter followers(and not just any followers these are people who profess their undying love for LR), why only 4 of LR “fans” participated in the T shirt giveaway

    And the list goes on and on and on. Now you can’t keep blaming BG for EC being jobless or EC inability to get a job when there is so much evidence that points to the fact that EC and LR are their own worst enemies.

    Now who wants to bet that because EC and LR are very bright, that they stage another pda photo-op or LR walks around LA flashing that ring that EC “bought” even though he can’t afford it and can’t find a job? Everytime people see that ring, they are going to see how EC threw his kids under the bus and who wants to support someone like that?

  270. the original bellaluna says:

    As the victim of a cheating spouse, and the daughter of a family law paralegal in the state of CA, let me just say this:

    “The judge won’t care about his behaviour, unless he’s fornicating with his mistress in front of the children. And even THAT’S not a guarantee.” My mother, when I wanted to file for “sole physical” and “sole legal” custody of our children. It takes an Act of Congress in the state of CA to be “awarded” “sole physical” and “sole legal” custody.

    The state of CA is seriously f’d up when it comes to family law (as well as probably every other aspect of law – look at Blohan!) and the children are truly not considered in the equation.

    CA doesn’t care if the (soon-to-be) ex-spouse is living in sin with the jump off. CA doesn’t believe in “at fault” divorces. No harm, no foul; ruin everyone else’s life, but hey, we don’t blame you! You’re human, right? It’s not your fault you’re a cheating bastard/bitch. It sucks, but it’s the way it is here. One more reason to move as soon as I’m able!

    Also, a judge can “compel” an absentee parent to find work, but it isn’t exactly a cinch.

  271. why? says:


    So what you are saying is that the backlash against Leann is so bad that the only way to redeem her is to insist that all this backlash is caused by BG despite the fact that just about every media outlet is calling EC and LR out on their mess?

    You know that blaming BG never works well for Leann.

    But then again LR has a video for her single she wants to release, a photoshoot from Mexico that she wants to flaunt, andf the two movies she has to film because another one of her friends hooked her up with a job. So by any means necessary, you are going to save yourself.

    Mean bullies? Really? Leann is that you?

  272. why? says:

    I can’tbelievethis:

    Yes you did say that Leann was the victim, please go back and read your own posts. Apart of your personality is making excuses for people like LR and EC, but having no sympathy for people like BG even though you claim to have been in her position, and then getting shocked because people would dare say that you were a LR supporter based upon the posts where you call LR the victim?

    If you don’t want to be perceived as an EC and LR supporter, then stop acting like LR is the victim and that it’s BG who is doing all wrong in all of this because she would dare call EC out for lying to the courts. You have seen the response in regards to this story, and the majority of people do not think that BG was being unreasonable or that she was unstable for even putting out that EC “bought” a ring even though he told a judge a different story.

  273. deb says:

    @ Tammy1 Character and principle? Really?
    You actually said that with a straight face. I’m going to ask you a few simple questions. How has that Brandi bashing worked for y’all so far? It’s failed miserably. How about all that incessant tweeting about 2 boys that are not her kids? That didn’t work out so hot either. How many women out here do you think have been betrayed? Do you think they look at this train wreck and think it’s awesome?
    Bet they don’t. Most do not think this is some magical fairytale. Most know exactly what kind of pain the victims(which isn’t LeAnn and Eddie) feel and the have compassion and empathy. Something you seem to sorely lack. So good luck with your crusade but as long as you keep trying to tear down the victim to somehow legitimize cheating I see a long road ahead of you.

  274. brin says:

    @the original bellaluna…that is screwed up. Glad I don’t live in CA.

  275. why? says:


    You said that BG was getting enough. Why do you seem to think that $20,000 is enough? Did you consider her expenses for those kids each month? The only way you can say with 100% certainty if this was enough, is if you have first hand knowlegde.

    You did accuse us of knowing BG because we defended her.

    Yes, LR has about 100,000 twitter followers, so why hasn’t her single hit in the top 100 on Itunes (for either Country or the reg list )yet? Why did her first single flop? Why did a movie she filmed in 2007 not get released until 2010, if LR has all that fan support. People question all this supposed fan support because it’s not supported by the facts.

    Tammy1, if we were a waste of time, you wouldn’t be here writing all these posts and trying to redeem yourself by trashing BG.

    You are either Leann or someone who works for her. Your “LR has talent” post is the very same one that Leann sent to Popsugar. So what are we to think when a “fan” pops up out of the blue posting the very same things we have seen LR write on her twitter page?

  276. betty says:

    @Hakura All married couples don’t file taxes jointly some file separately and when they do they are responsible for their filings or non filings.That could account for his tax problems. @Tammy1 Bashing Brandi is not and has not helped Leanns fading career. Leann is upset because Brandi put her in her place something she should have done long ago. When you allow people to walk on you they will. Leann is a whore been one since age 15 drinking and shacking up with older guys, where was her mother? This info was released in a court document when Leann was suing her father. We know what type of mother Brandi is and we also know what type of father Eddie is. Brandi was home nurturing the kids when Eddie was out bed hopping with Leann and any other trick he could find even when his wife was pregnant, so we know his character. Leann and Eddie claim to be happy and in love this is a quote from Tony Gaskins Leann likes to quote him LOVE REQUIRES MORALS IF MORALS ARE OUTTA WACK THEN THEIR LOVE WILL BE WACKED TOO!

  277. betty says:

    @Original bellaluna I can tell you do not live in CA by your comments and have no knowledge of CA laws. You are talking BS.Most divorced mothers in CA have and can get sole custody of their kids.Stop basing CA cases on Brandi and Eddies because we do not know the terms of their divorce or custody since Leanns money paid to have them sealed and I wonder why.? CA actively pursues deadbeat dads especially in LA County.

  278. icantbelievethis says:

    @hakura It depends how CA does things but typically CS will only be calculated on HIS income. If he goes into arrears then CSO can send his tax return to BG, even if LR/EC file jointly. Although there is a form you can send the IRS to dispute that.

    ‘If he’s unemployed, would he face any consequences for not actively seeking employment to live up to his obligations?’

    You are supposed to face consequences but depends on the state and CA isn’t great about enforcing it (from what I’ve heard). That’s why I say it is better not to count on it. Not b/c BG doesn’t deserve CS, but b/c the system is so whacked. I have spent thousands on my son’s medical bills over the years and even though x is supposed to pay 50% of that and insurance it has never been enforced. I would have to get a judgement against him.

    “The other children should never be penalized simply because a parent decided to have another.”

    I knew people who did this just to screw the ex out of CS money. (DH left his wife and kids, married the mistress. The new wife wanted to have a baby just so CS would be reduced on the Ex wife). Can’t you see LR doing? That’s why I’m so firm about paying your own way. It isn’t that EC shouldn’t have to pay, but I am cynical and have seen how the mom just gets screwed over and over. Better to make your plans knowing your gonna get screwed.

    And LR definitely has a plan. Since those boy’s are with them 50% of the time she doesn’t think BG should get anything and she is pushing EC to do these things to put BG in a vulnerable spot. She wants EC to file for custody. BG should get the kids into a therapist that specializes in kids/divorce so she can start documenting any issues this is bringing up for the kids. In family court it is all about best interest of the kids.

  279. brin says:

    Haven’t heard anything from the snow globe kingdom (very unusual)…maybe all is not well…

  280. happygirl says:

    WOW! I have no idea what to say! But..let me try.

    @ Rita – YOU GO GIRL!!! Just say what you mean. Love it.

    @ Jezi – I am pulling my slut shank out now to defend- I obviously am not informed enough to know who this Tammy 1 is…but seriously, she apparently doesn’t know you very well! Talk about evil things coming out of people’s mouths! UGH! It frustrates me beyond words to hear someone say this sh*t.

    @ why? – all good points. LMAO @ “Mean bullies? Really? Leann is that you?”

  281. Jezi says:

    @happygirl it’s all in a days work…lol. If only I did get paid for this. That is typical of what myself and the other twitter ladies experience on a day to day basis from her “fans”. I’ve been called worse…haha. Thank you for the defend though. It’s always nice to have supportive people in my life 🙂

  282. charityisme says:

    Well well well leann has blocked her twitter acct so she comes on here and posts under the name Tammy. Leann{Tammy} you are a lying cheating adulterous person who chased after a married man even while he was in counselling with his wife and maybe you are too stupid to know this but CB knows from whence the posts from tammy come. You buy Eddie a Porsche for Xmas and he gives you a ring you have paid for. he is some kind of bought and paid for gigolo and he is now just your BIT**

  283. happygirl says:

    @ Jezi – I’m here for ya. 🙂 I’ll keep my slut shank out just in case. I can’t imagine what you twitter ladies go through. Much respect to you all!

    @ charityisme – CLASSIC! love it.

  284. KatScorp says:

    @ Rawks #262 I snorted hot coffee! That kraken was freaky and hilarious! Thanks for the link.

    @Rita: I agree w/ you regarding Tammy1. People so far outside reality are best ignored. However, I will say that having Tammy1’s ludicrous and demonstrably inaccurate rants “on paper” so to speak is quite useful.

    Gather around, everyone, and watch at how desperately a LeAnnFan must dance to warp the fabric of reality to make LeAnn seem something other than the instigating, taunting, vicious, narcissistic and lying psycho she really is. Tammy1’s rants only strengthen our side because by trying to invent such such a demonstrably inacccurate reality, she/he/it is only drawing a dark picture of the position LeAnnFans are in. Taunting, verbally harrassing and blaming Brandi for the shit LeAnn gets deservedly called on just exposes how insanely desperate LeAnn fans have grown; neither Brandi nor the Brandi Bunch have the power to destroy LeAnn’s career… LeAnn did that herself.

    I’m amazed at LeAnn’s narcissism, her competitiveness and joy at “winning” this douchbag, her outrageous 24/7 lying, her taunting of Brandi and exploitation of Mason and Jake; LeAnn has done everything required to destroy her own image. As Why? pointed out, LeAnn has become a joke in most media outlets because of her desperation for attention. I have at least six pap pics wherein LeAnn is mugging happily for the paps, clearly enjoying their presence, contradicting her whines on Twitter.

    If LeAnn had even a shred of common sense, she could have salvaged her career and protected her image by acting like the “sensitive, caring, loving, domestic Christian woman” she’s trying to portray. Brandi extended multiple olive branches this last year but LeAnn publically bit the same hand that offered career protection. All LeAnn had to do was pay up a fraction of the money she has spent on this dick to prevent Brandi having any financial troubles, to not use the boys to promote her own image, and to publically show deep regret at her actions (no bullshit excuses about “unfulfilled marriages”, she should have said it was a reprehensible, HUMAN and deeply regretful action that will always trouble her, but now she is “trying to make it right with my God and with the people Eddie and I treated so callously” – very few people would have looked past this type of PR stunt because they’d be all weepy over the lovely story of redemption that wins a celeb great popularity). THIS could have saved her.

    Instead, LeAnn HAD to be LeAnn; getting off on winning some imagined competition over this poor excuse for a man and probably feeling that it somehow proves her femininity (I’ve got her song “Upper Hand” in my head right now), the way some men use aggression and dominance to assert their masculinity. LeAnn went about the post-affair period all wrong and the backlash is her fault. Nothing Brandi has done has affected my opinion (or the public’s) of this absurdist play; my opinions come from following the crap LeAnn and Eddie have done for the last year.

  285. Hakura says:

    @KatScorp (#251)- I even have panic attacks when things start to go awry in my life and or television shows I’m obsessed with.

    I’m the exact same way. I can completely relate. I actually start to freak out a bit whenever a series I love has a major angsty unpleasant plot development, I can end up really down about it (even knowing that I shouldn’t let it get to me like that.) I thought I was a spaz for reacting that way, but it’s really great to know I’m not the only one.

    And thank you =) I really appreciate your saying that. I know what a mine-field something as major as gender issues can be.

    @CB Rawks (#262)- Behold the baby kraken!
    WTF!? That’s absolutely terrifying O.O It’s like one of those demonic possessions in the movies that makes someone move in a way the human body is NOT meant to. *shudder* That always creeps me the fuck out.

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Tammy1 was Leann, or one of her close friends. I just can’t imagine even her most neurotic supporters being that incredibly deluded. (Then again, I don’t have a Twitter account. xD) Not to mention Leann has proved she has an inability to stop herself from responding to argue when someone says something she doesn’t like, even when said arguments only consist of repeating the same things over & over.

    @icantbelievethis (#267)- Unfortunately, I agree with you. The system is just so screwed up, that Brandi will have to approach life with the assumption that the courts won’t enforce the rules in such a way that it will benefit she & her children.

    Like you said, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be held responsible, but Brandi will be in a much better place emotionally as well, if she doesn’t have to claw & fight to be able to support the kids.

    Again, thank you guys for answering my questions =) I read every response, & appreciate them! (I’m trying so hard not to take up a whole page with my replies xD I’m long-winded, I can’t seem to help it.)

  286. Crash2GO2 says:

    @why: I’m sorry, but you are getting really tedious with your accusations of icantbelievethis’s supposed support of EC and LR. What is this, a f*cking witch hunt?? Both she and I have been through a hell similar to BG’s and are simply trying to relay the wisdom we have gained.

    Pearls before swine and all that. Bash Eddie, bash LeAnn, but for god’s sake, lay off the women trying to give BG good constructive advice. I have done my best to ignore you, but are really getting on my nerves for your epic novellas and your constant badgering of a woman who has stated REPEATEDLY that she does NOT support EC and LR.

    I’m sorry icantbelievethis for butting in. *harrumph*

  287. Rita says:

    Since this thread won’t die, I thought I’d wax a bit poetic (wax on, wax off: It’s from some old movie my dad use to watch). My poem is called “Put yourself in Eddie’s place.

    His head hung over his pieces, Eddie’s life is so unfair.
    Pooh wanted but a little taste and we know what happened there.
    Honey is the temptress, but getting stung’s the chance.
    From hive to hive did Eddie roam, ‘till the queen slipped down his pants.
    Her venom’s as potent as it can be, and painful when she bites.
    His happy days are behind him now, as are those happy nights.

    His first mistake was thinkin’, she’s just an average bee.
    Them veneers were hidin’ somethin’, that none of us could see.
    She’s latched on tight and won’t let go, it seems to have no fear.
    The horror of A Dream Come True, in Eddie’s Langolier.
    This ain’t yo momma’s chastity, the leash ‘bout six feet long.
    Each morning you can hear him scream, “Please get this off my dong!!”

    Note: A Dream Come True- Unauthorized biography of Rimes.
    Stephen King’s The Langoliers- Google for pic.
    Sorry Pooh Bear for bringing you into this.

  288. Hakura says:

    @CRASH2GO2 (#286)– I absolutely don’t want to look like I’m ganging up, because that is NOT my intention… but I agree that everyone has had the chance to say their peace in regards to that issue. I personally don’t believe icantbelievethis was ever making a defensive argument for LR&EC, but that’s aside from point.

    God knows I’m long winded, & make comments that are probably too long, all the time.

    But Why?, even after you post a reply, you don’t give a chance for the person you directed it toward to reply before posting more, saying something that comes off as a repeat of your previous statement.

    I totally get wanting to argue a point & express your opinion. But once it’s become clear that you disagree with someone (& that they aren’t going to change their opinion, no matter what you say to explain your own), then it doesn’t do anyone any good to keep going back & forth. It’s just good to know when to let go, & agree to disagree.

    But I say those things with all due respect. I enjoy reading everyone’s opinions, & like that others read mine.

  289. betty says:

    Ican’tbelievethis I can see you have had no dealings with CA Family Courts by your statement “it depends on how CA does things “if you have had the experience with the court system you would know. No one doubts your bad experiences but every situation and case is different. Once the courts rules it is binding and Child Support does not send tax files to ex wives or mothers that is not their job. Brandi would have to take Eddie to court and he would have to present the info to the court. In a court system you have to show proof You act as if Eddie and Leann have jurisdiction over the courts. The only thing Eddie doing is building up his arrears plus interest he will pay now or pay later.Jermaine Jackson is trapped in Africa now because of his arrears and CS suspended his driver license and his passport expired while he was there and cannot be renewed until he pays up that is the way he can get his license back and his passport restored. He could afford a trip to Africa but not child support. CA courts are no joke ask men that had to deal with it.I know women collecting back support now and the kids are grown.

  290. icantbelievethis says:

    @Crash2Go2 When I first read your posts I thought I loved you,now I know I do:)

    @betty reading comprehension is a really good tool. My comment to Hakura and she understood it so it is all good.

  291. Crash2GO2 says:

    Likewise @icant. 🙂

  292. why? says:

    Crash 2Go2

    Now look who is playing the victim.

    That is just it, I hear you and Ican’tbelievethis ALWAYS saying that you had a similar situation to BG and that you are trying to “help” her out, and then you turn around and support EC and LR. Your posts speak for themselves, and please don’t turn this into “you are picking on me for no reason at all” game, when we have seen your posts, which most certaintly are in support of LR and EC.
    People are not misreading or misintepreting your posts, your posts say what they say. You can say it over and over that you are not supporting LR and EC, but your posts don’t come off that way. Ican’tbelievethis said that LR was the victim, that is not my fault.

    What wisdom are you relaying you when you pretend to be neutral and then get mad when people question it?

    Constructive advice? If that is what you want to call it.

    My epic novellas? Have you looked at this thread? There are over how many posts and posters writing just as much if not more than I am? So your problem isn’t my epic novellas, but the fact that I am not buying into the fact that you are trying to “help” BG.

    I’m not saying that the two of you have to support BG 100%, you both just need to be honest on where you stand (which is that you are EC and LR supporters) and stop trying to support EC and LR under the pretext that you are just giving BG some “constructive criticism” .

    You only butted it because even Ican’tbelievethis can’t refute that she called LR the victim.

  293. why? says:

    I figured out why Tammy1 was on the blame BG train. It was indeed because LR is promoting something, but it is going to be something different from the things that I listed. Leann is hosting something on Jan 13.

    If you want to know how the HW PR machine works, just take a look at the EC and LR saga.

    Why are LR and EC so predictable?
    When posters like Tammy1 show up or EC and LR stage a photo-op, it should just be common knowledge to ask, “What are they promoting now?”

    Since LR has that show to host and EC has his Hallmark movie airing this week, it won’t be too long before they stage a photo-op with those kids.

    Britney’s new single which just came out is #1 on Itunes, Leann’s Crazy Women song has been out for about 2-3 weeks now(that is counting from the day it was posted on Itunes, and not from the day she posted it on her website and on People mag site) and it has yet to get into the top 100 list even with all of LR papping and tweeting and “fan” support.

  294. icantbelievethis says:

    @why can’t we agree to disagree and be friends:)

    I don’t think I, or anyone else, is a victim of anything. I think we should all celebrate that we are smart, articulate women (or men) and while we all have differing opinions we can learn from each other. There is nothing more interesting than seeing another’s POV. Communication via comments section are never boring:)

    And I don’t want to refute your opinion, I think it is fantastic that you are passionate about your beliefs.

  295. brin says:

    @Rita…awesome poem and morality tale!

  296. gg says:

    Rita as always your comments and insight make my day! Wonder how things are going in the snowglobe world. Also, thoughts and prayers to Brandi over the violent death of the family dog..xoxo

  297. Jezi says:

    @Rita eloquent as ever and very creatively done. My hats off to you. 🙂

  298. betty says:

    Crash2Go2 You must be Racy& Ican’tbeleivethis your MO does not change.It appears you are trying to play both sides of the fence.Ilivein the stAT

  299. betty says:

    Crash2 Go2 You are as phony as your name. It is obvious you are trying to play both sides of the fence as why commented. This thread is mostly pro Brandi and yet you keep defending Leann. I stated my opinion on Child Support because I live in the state dealt with the system and have firsthand knowledge not to make points . I am a grandmother with grown children that has been and going through the system. So my knowledge is also based on the experience of others. Reading comprehension is a tool but facts speak for themselves. Google CA Divorce laws and Child Custody.

  300. Crash2GO2 says:

    @betty: “Crash2 Go2 You are as phony as your name.”

    Nope. Not phony, although obviously ‘Crash2GO2’ is not my real name. But I only post by that handle, not by any other. And Celebitchy bans anyone who posts by multiple handles anyway.

    I know its easier to label people than to address their valid points. But in this case, you can’t make the argument that I am actually ‘Racy’ and therefore LeAnn Rimes, because I’d have been banned. Plus I’ve been posting here for nearly a year on a wide variety of subjects. And further more, I am certain, in the 15 or so minutes it took me to type this, LR has tweeted 4 times. So explain that! lol

  301. betty says:

    @Crash2G02If you think your point was valid thats your opinion. Racy has 2-3 computers and e-mails I never stated you were Leann and could care less. Since I have not requested to follow her I would not know. So how would you know? I have also posted on this site for a year and I have always used the same name so whats your point!!!

  302. Crash2GO2 says:

    *sigh* Forgive me betty, for getting mixed up about the people you are accusing me of being. All I know is, you accused me of being ‘Racy’ at some point in the past, and some other poster stated they thought Racy was LeAnn.

    F*ck me I’m done talking to the Kraken.

  303. betty says:

    @Crash2GO2 The truth won’t change because you are offended. What is a Kraken?

  304. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘& Ican’tbeleivethis your MO does not change.It appears you are trying to play both sides of the fence.’

    Eh, we can’t win. If you are honest your wrong, if you are nice you are wrong, if you blink you are wrong.

    I read the extract for Emma Forrest book today (she was dating Colin Farrell) and the part where she talks about how hard it was to see the fat and ugly comments on messageboards is exactly why I try not to call names or make fun of anyone’s physical appearance. I would never want to make someone feel that way with my comment on a gossip site.

  305. Crash2GO2 says:

    “I read the extract for Emma Forrest book today (she was dating Colin Farrell) and the part where she talks about how hard it was to see the fat and ugly comments on messageboards is exactly why I try not to call names or make fun of anyone’s physical appearance. I would never want to make someone feel that way with my comment on a gossip site.”

    I just finished reading that too! And yes I was also impacted by that very thing. How sad for Emma to have had to read those comments – for anyone to. I would never want to intentionally hurt anyone in that way, I don’t care how annoying I find their behavior. It just isn’t right, it’s really that simple.

  306. charityisme says:

    Tammy{leann} where did you go after I pointed out to your stupid pea sized brain that Celebitchy knows whose e=mail addresses all these comments are made under you have not been back to defend yourself Afraid CB will out some of your inside info/You and your jackass boyfriend should go to Alaska and live there where YOu FELL in love of course while marrried to other people and Eddie even having 2 small kids at home

  307. betty says:

    @Rita Love your poem. But you were much too kind.Leann been on radio trying to do damage control regarding another therapy session with Brandi. Leann needs the therapy.I guess by some miracle its dawn on her that all the negative press she and Eddie have been receiving is sinking her career further and further in the toilet and especially when it involves the mother of the children whose home she helped destroyed..

  308. Hakura says:

    @icantbelievethis & CRASH2GO2 – You’re right on this one. =) The best thing to do is agree to disagree, & end the argument (though the ‘arguing’ has been pretty one sided) by not responding to it. Hope you guys won’t mind a third on the ‘love thing ♥’ xD I admire the fact that neither of you allowed yourself to lose your temper in this conversation.

    Admittedly, that’s something I have trouble with. xD Can’t seem to stop myself most of the time. Kudos to you guys ♥

    As to the reading comments that are insulting… I know it would really hurt me to read things like that. I do try not to attack someone’s appearance (unless someone is jacking with their face/lips/is a Kardashian. I do talk about negative behavior… but that’s something a person chooses to do. (like plastic surgery, too).

  309. Rita says:


    LeAnn is obviously getting ready to release her video to push her last record that went right in the tank. No doubt she’ll being downloading thousands of copies to make sales look respectable. Her attempt at damage control by talking about the children and her bs about wanting counseling sesssions is merely her contemptable self thinking she can still manipulate the public. Dean’s sister said it all when she said, “I’m glad the public is getting to know the real LeAnn”. Poor Dean supported that witch and in the end she spit in his face. My only real interest in this story is to learn if country music fans will hold onto their values or will they once again buy her crap. This video is her last stand.

  310. icantbelievethis says:

    @hakura I missed your comment before, thank you!

    @charityisme umm, Alaska has Sarah Palin and that drama. They don’t deserve LR/EC drama too.

    But was the movie really filmed there? I wonder where? I grew up in the interior part of the state.

  311. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Hakura: 🙂 and xo’s to you too!

  312. betty says:

    If Leann was serious about counseling sessions since she and Eddie have been public about their affair and everything else why not try Dr. Phil that would be an interesting show,they could all go on his show because they cannot BS Dr.Phil and he tells it like it is. Leann days of fooling the public are over,her twitter diary, pdas and photo opts have revealed the type of person she is and her concert and record sales shows the public is not buying.

  313. KatScorp says:

    Rita, I share your interest in the effect LeAnn’s last stand with the “Crazy Women” video will have. It pisses me off that Brandi had to sign a confidentiality agreement for that counselling session, and yet LeAnn went on radio to use it for PR. From the transcript I read, LeAnn worded it as her idea (we know Brandi requested it) and that she (LeAnn) did it for the boys’ sake (the timing is undeniably a result of poor initial sales for the single and concern for the video’s reception).

    What stood out the most, for me, was that LeAnn (according to the transcript) said she’s “sorry it got this far”, but the transcript didn’t include the rest of the context in the excerpt. Is she really starting to be smart about her PR like I suggested higher up on this blog? Finally took some career advice?

    So I am curious now in seeing whether her career is going to see a resurgence; will be watching intently for the next couple of months. I can’t find a site that shows the charting for the single; every time I google I just get those faux lyric sites that try to load spyware onto your computer.

  314. Rita says:


    Don’t worry about trying find where Crazy Women charted. It’s somewhere around 500 right now. By my estimate, it’s been downloaded less than 2000 times and most of them by LeAnn Inc.. The day she protected her tweets, the record went from a rankinging of 28,000 to 5,000 on Amazon. Very few of her twitter followers are fans that actually download her music. Today Darrel Brown protected his twitter page so these idiots obviously don’t know about using the phone or private twitter accounts. They are going to try and blitz the video with thousands of downloads. The key to their effort will be if it makes the top 20 on CMT. If it does, she’s obviously calling in all her favors. Swingin didn’t make the CMT top 20 and it’s an honest site voted on by fans. You can bet when it comes out, I’ll be voting on CMT but you only get to vote once per week.

    Hey, just wanted to say I feel very bad for all your flooding. We are watching it closely here. Good bless all you Aussies and hope the water receeds soon.

  315. Rita says:

    One more thing, the planned video release may very well be timed to coincide with the Grammy Awards. If she wins the Grammy over Carrie or Miranda, we know the fix is in. It’s already fixed giving Rimes a nomination over Reba but if she wins, it will do her more harm than good.

  316. why? says:



  317. why? says:

    So I was right. Not only was LR trying to clean up her image for that show she was hosting, but she was also gearing up for yet another interview. Tammy showed up because LR was indeed trying to fix her image problems by blaming BG.

    So now LR has to come up with more “creative” ways to exploit those kids. Instead of tipping off the paps for a “happy family” and “devoted stepmother” photo-op, she goes on radio and once again talks about private matters. Now if she really cared about those kids, wouldn’t she have just not said anything about them? It is shame that LR has to exploit two kids just to make it. And she still doesn’t get that things like this, make the public dislike her even more.

    When will Leann learn? No form of exploitation of those kids is right.

    I heard that she also talked about the ring again in that interview, now why would she do that when everyone knows that EC reduced his child support to “pay” for the ring?

  318. Hakura says:

    @Betty (#312)- It would definitely be one hell of a show… but one has to remember that she & Eddie were the ones trying to convince Brandi to sign a ‘confidentiality agreement’ as part of the divorce.

    But because she didn’t… that means she could drag out all their dirty laundry in front of the world, including whatever they were attempting to hide by pushing Brandi to sign that agreement.

    (I’m awfully curious about that. I mean, it has to be something pretty juicy if they think it can make them look worse than they do now.)

    And there’s no way in HELL Dr.Phil would edit anything *juicy* out of the show just because Leann threw a hissy fit & threatened to sue. Ahh, if only.

  319. betty says:

    @Hakura Just goes to show how hypocritical those two are Leann went on radio re the counseling session so how confidential is she. Leann sued Brandi to cease and desist re a stalking charge Brandi made against her.Eddie was the one that told Brandi he was stalking her. If it was a lie he told it.Leann gave a mag interview shortly afterwards and Brandi went on TV and also gave an interview. So much for confidentiality. She has never shown humility or remorse for her past actions nor has Eddie they just continue to show how low they can go and using the kids as pawns. Leann needs to overcome her insecurities. If she and Eddie are so happy and in love whats the problem? Brandi is not interfering in their lives she only interested in her childrens welfare as any mother would be.

  320. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘by not responding to it. Hope you guys won’t mind a third on the ‘love thing ♥’ xD I admire the fact that neither of you allowed yourself to lose your temper in this conversation.’

    There is always room for a 3rd. (haha, that sounded dirty)

    For me it is difficult to lose my temper on a gossip site. I find the stories interesting, but I’m not ‘invested’ (I don’t know any of the people) and I’m of the mindset that when life sucks you pick yourself up by the bootstraps and make it better. Never been “team this or team that”. This is just site I come to in order to destress:) but I love seeing your comments, you always manage to look at both sides and never attack people.

  321. JenJen says:

    Where is a new Leann thread?
    She’s been whining about being sick but doing radio interviews,blah,blah. Somewhere in there she mentioned flying somewhere so where are the airport pics? Are the paps over her? Maybe her mug is loosing it’s money shot value. Good.

  322. Tammy1 says:

    charityisme: I posted to you earlier today but its not showing up here. I didnt see whatever you wrote before nor do I read all the comments. I dont spend much time looking here or this site cause I dont have time to dwell on negativity like the rest of you – its not healthy. I’ve posted under one name only in this thread, and haven’t read any other article on this site or posted in another thread cause I’m not interested in negativity – I only came across this one through a link from another site few days ago. This isnt a site I participate in. i said LeAnn is talented and one of you said she reffered to herself as talented too in an article therefore I’m her. How paranoid and illogical is that. Its obvious you twist things in your heads to convince yourself only your opinion is right. But if it makes you happy to think everyone who defends LeAnn and disagrees with you must be her or know her, go ahead and believe that. Its called paranoid delusions and they have treatment for it, look into it. Those who own this site can see I’m not LeAnn nor do I live in California where she is, so I dont know how you can say its from her email or whatever. Ridiculous. I doubt LeAnn would wanna read all this hateful comments here and reply to you. She is on twitter only to promote her career and speak to her fans like other stars, unlike Brandi who is there to instigate her vendetta. You can keep on wallowing in your negativity like Brandi does instead of moving on with your lives though, but I’m not interested in more communication with you here. I prefer to focus on positive things in my life and on positive things on the net. But I don’t doubt this is the right place for you. But this will go away from the press in time and LeAnn will persevere.

  323. KatScorp says:

    And yet again Tammy1 returns to only prove what I said about LeAnnFans to be right. One trick pony? She sounds so much like LeAnn that I’m getting suspicious. I’ve met parrots who don’t repeat as much bullshit as Tammy1 keeps doing; notice that she avoids my arguments and desperately tries to keep the focus on Brandi. Yep, probably LeAnn.

  324. betty says:

    @Tammy 1 You have the paranoid delusions and need treatment. Since when is tweeting about another womans kids promoting her career. Stop blaming Brandi because Leann career is toilet bound. If you are a Leann fan so be it but most people don’t like the broad so why can’t you accept that. Bashing someone else is not going to make people change their opinions and you are the deluded one if you think so. Talent and money does not compensate for character and morals. Tell Leann to try practicing a little humility,respect and sensitivity and just maybe the public might like her again.

  325. Eileen says:

    I’m holding out hope Brandi will put it all in a tell-all book. She needs the money now more than ever and I think it would be good therapy for her to tell her story. I used to work in the PR game 10 years ago and the work and cover-ups it takes to brand a celebrity is HUGE. So many things get pushed out of the way by powerful people who could loose money if the celebs dirty laundry gets aired. Being someone who worked with the people who repaired the celebs image so we could fit them with endorsements -I’ve seen enough to make your skin crawl. Celebs should NOT be held to a lower standard! I want to like people for being good people AND talented -and seriously its so hard to find them nowadays. I think Brandi is one tough chick who is sticking with her guns and not going to let anyone screw around her boys. I have the uppermost respect for her.

  326. why? says:


    The first time you showed up playing the blame BG game it was because LR was trying to clean up her image for her radio interview and the thing she was hosting. So now what does your presence mark? What are LR and EC promoting this week? Could you have shown up to clean or fix LR and EC image because EC Hallmark movie is airing on Mon, LR has a concert this week, and EC is going to be on Chase which premieres this week, and you are going to tip off the paps once againso that they get “candid” shots of you flashing the ring that EC didn’t pay for and “your family” ?
    If photos of LR and EC show up within the next 2-4 days, it will strongly support my conclusion that you are here to do damage control. You see, LR did a “good deed”(went to therapy for the sake of “her boys”, so that means that the public is obligated to like her and accept her latest “EC loves me because he is doing the very same thing we saw him do with his wife when he was cheating on her, but can’t possibly be cheating on LR because EC is a new and improved man even though he still allows LR to expose the kids he cares so much about to the media and paps” photo-op).

  327. why? says:

    Tammy 1

    It’s not paranoid or illogical to think that you are LR or someone who works for LR. Since LR “fans” are not downloading her song on Itunes, we can conclude that they are not going to come to these sites to defend her. So the only possible conclusion is that you are either LR or someone who works for her. Since you are repeating the very same things we have seen LR write on her twitter page, it is a strong possibility that you are LR. Didn’t LR also write in her tweets how she was going to focus on the positives?

    What else makes me think twice about these “fans” that show up defending LR? Did you see what happened to Britney Spears single when it came out? It wasn’t even out a day or two and it was #1 on Itunes and had over 600 plays on the radio. Now compare that to LR. I see all of these “fans” showing up and I see LR saying that her song is charting and getting a lot of airplay on the radio; so if her song is charting and getting so much radio airplay, how come it’s not being translated into downloads on Itunes like it did for Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, or any other artist?

  328. why? says:


    If LR doesn’t read or respond to “hateful” comments, how then do you explain LR tweets to E, Showbiz Tonight, Wendy W, Sunny H, and Tanika Ray?

    How is tweeting about two innocent kids and talking about her so called sex life with EC promoting her career? Unless of course you mean that Leann’s career is trying to convince people that all is well in her failing relationship with EC. Since talking about those kids and her sex life with EC hasn’t helped boost her song on Itunes, wouldn’t you agree that LR needs to use a different means to “promote” her career?

    You don’t have time to dwell on negativity? You just contradicted yourself. In your previous post, you said that people are always spewing “hatred” for EC and LR on every site that you visit. So if you don’t have time to dwell on “negativity”, why then do you put so much time and energy into reading what people are writing on all those sites so you can write a paragraph where you try to argue that all this backlash is caused by BG?

    If you were focusing on positive things in your life, you wouldn’t be here trying to take the heat off of yourself by depicting BG as the villian. BG is wallowing in negativity? How so? Because she would dare bring into question why EC picked “buying” you a ring over paying his child support? It looks like your radio interview didn’t go very well, since you are back again to convince people that all your problems are caused by BG.

    How is this going to go away, when you keep shoving it down people’s throats? Didn’t you just give a radio interview about your ring, EC kids, and your trip to Cabo AFTER you were slammed for talking about those kids on twitter and staging all those photo-ops?

    Leann is going to persevereAnd You said that it’s illogical and paranoid to think that you are LR? (Refer back to LR many tweets about her “still I rise” tattoo because according to her she is being unfairly bullied by the public and the media simply because she found true love and wants to spread her happiness). According to you, LR doesn’t read or respond to negative things, so she doesn’t have any adversity to overcome.

  329. why? says:


    Since you worked in the business, what do you think about EC and LR PR people or publicists? I don’t understand why their pr people or publicists won’t tell these two to just shut up and lay low for more than just two weeks(for some odd reason they think that not tipping off the paps for two weeks will redeem them in the public’s eyes). With all the backlash for flashing that engagement ring and staging all those photos in Cabo, it was very stupid of LR to go on that radio show and even discuss how she got that bruise on her leg in Cabo(EC kids just got their child support reduced and their father is playing rough with a woman he is trying to mold into their mother, but as long as LR and EC are happy that is all that matters in LR mind), that ring, or those boys. I have to wonder, is LR so sensitive to criticism that she surrounds herself with people who are going to enable her bad behavior? Her pr people or publicist don’t give her the proper advice because she pays them to agree with everything she says and does.

  330. why? says:

    So how does a song go from a ranking of 28,000 to 5,000 on Amazon in a day without it being translated into a HUGE change on Itunes? Yet another case of these “fans” disappearing when LR needs them the most.

  331. Eileen says:

    Personally speaking the engagement, mixed with Brandi’s killer kick ass timing on exposing him as a deadbeat dad, and Leann’s nonstop tweeting, I think they’re circling the toilet career-wise. We had a handbook so to speak of how to fix a cheating scandal and Leann has done every single thing a PR firm would advise you not to do…plus she’s made up a few along the way. PR firms are probably adjusting their manual because of her. I remember her tweeting that her and Natalie Portman share the same PR firm and you know they are good because Natalie is known in the business for taking any man married or not. But she follows the PR rules. Its worked for her so we can safely say Leann is single-handedly responsible for ruining her own career with her harassment and stalking the boys mother. Put a fork in her-IMHO

  332. why? says:


    So you will then practice the same wisdom that you are trying to bestow upon me?

  333. Hakura says:

    @icantbelievethis (#320)- I’m late to the party =) But thank you! Both of you <3

    That is definitely the proper way to approach such things. I sometimes get fired up with a strong opinion, especially when I think someone responding is full of it…I think Leann has been particularly difficult to hold back on as it’s a subject I’ve always found to be a peeve. (Cheating in relationships… crossing lines, even after you’ve attained what you wanted. ‘Rubbing it in’, as it were.)

    But I think we all come to this site to ‘destress’ because it’s so fun to be part of a site that allows everyone to have opinions without censorship (within reason, of course.). Even when I don’t agree, I really enjoy reading what others have to say.

  334. Salem says:

    Charityisme, I don’t get the whole Twitter thing, as I don’t do Twitter, but forgive me for saying this, but I fail to see how a surge that only fries a computer, could have caused your account to be closed? Your account details are created, made and stored at the website’s domain servers ie twitter.com. Unless TWITTER’S SERVER fried, there is NO way possible for it harm your account. I lost a computer (desktop) a year ago due to a surge from a severe storm, which fried my motherboard and the power supply box. However since my computer doesn’t host the servers of the websites I’m a member on, it caused nothing but electrical smoke fumes and a new powerboard surge protector board and computer purchase. If you go to another computer, any other computer in the world, even if you pop down to an internet cafe, you should still be able to log onto your twitter account. Like Hotmail, these things can be accessed ANYWHERE in the world, on ANY computer. A fried computer does not harm anything that isn’t PHYSICAL, it doesn’t harm any log-in accounts hosted by domains. Once you sign up, you’re there for life, no matter how many computers you go through, until you un-register or the group owners ban you. What you described, simply just does not happen.

  335. why? says:

    Leann tweeted that she and EC are traveling, so that must mean that the internet will soon be bombarded with photos of EC and LR at an airport either tonight or tomorrow in 3, 2, 1.

    Once again, why is EC on tour with LR when he could be using that time to search for work, so that he doesn’t have to go to the courts next month and claim that he can’t pay his child support because he doesn’t have a job?

  336. why? says:


    I agree, and the only thing keeping LR and EC “careers” alive are LR friends.

    I keep wondering why anyone would cast LR in any movie as the lead, seeing as how she can’t even get her own fans to download her music, she has to cancel her concerts under the pretense that she is sick because the ticket sales are low, and when her name and face are in the tabs/blogs everyday(just like we saw with their trip to Cabo) you will see less and less support from her “fans” (with the daily photo-ops from Cabo, her fans should have been downloading her Crazy Women single like crazy)? So those movie roles she is getting must be favors from her friends. Why would anyone pay to see a movie with LR in it when we can watch it for free when she tips off the paps, post twitpics, or tweets?

    LR and EC keep doing the same things and expecting a different outcome each time. You would think that by now, they would learn to lay low for more than just two weeks or at least stay away from public forums like twitter. EC and LR will go down in history as examples of “What not to do”.

  337. why? says:

    Why are EC and LR so predictable?

    The Heidi and Spencer of 2011 have struck again; tipping off the paps so that they could be spotted walking through airport (because in their mind walking through an airport smiling =love, didn’t we see EC walking through airports with his wife?). How many airport photo-ops are these two going to stage? Everyone knows that they are tipping off the paps, as evidenced by the fact that they just went two weeks without any photo-ops.

    You won’t believe which media outlet she contacted to get those “candid” shots of them at the airport. LR favorite mouthpiece, the same mouthpiece that got those “candid” shots of LR and EC on the beach as LR flashes the engagement ring that EC didn’t buy. Now why did LR go to People mag first instead of her usual mouthpieces? Does she think that she can convince people that she isn’t tipping off the paps if it’s People mag who is plastering the photos all over the internet? Maybe LR and People mag are testing the waters. Is People mag trying to see how people will react to their coverage of LR and EC proposal/wedding by posting photos of them each week?

    So now LR thinks that being spotted with EC at airports will prove that she and EC are in love(because they just can’t stand to be away from one another)? Everyone knows that LR is only following EC to the set of his show because she has to make sure that the news of his affair doesn’t get out.

    Well at least LR didn’t flash her engagement ring in this photo-op.

    Why won’t EC and LR learn? Staging all of these photo-ops doesn’t help them in any way. Will these photo-osp make people buy LR single or even watch Chase? What is wrong with LR and EC pr team and publicist?

  338. Wow she looks amazing, could pass for a 25 year old

  339. kristen says:

    um since when does he have to cover her rent?