Camille Grammer says she hasn’t decided whether to do RHOBH season 2

Spoilers for last night’s RHOBH
This week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills didn’t involve the amount of cat fights and bitchiness we’ve come to expect, but that wasn’t for lack of trying on Camille’s part. It just seemed like Kyle and the rest of the women were wise to it and didn’t let her cheap tactics get to them. I won’t do a full recap here as I want to focus on some other stories about Camille, but the highlights were:
– Cedrick’s story of a childhood on the streets
– Camille’s tennis party followed by a swim in which she paraded in a bikini, (As to why the other women didn’t want to swim she said “I guess it’s just female jealousy,”)
– Camille’s passive aggressive gift to Kyle, a book called How to Behave and Why, and
– Kyle’s awesome white party for Mauricio’s birthday, which looked like so much fun.

The main drama this episode focused on Taylor’s problems with her husband Russell, who is a dud in social situations and left the party before Taylor, bringing her to tears. Oh and I have to mention that Camille told Lisa that she wasn’t speaking much with Kelsey in New York. She said “The lack of communication [with Kelsey] is disturbing to me.” It’s about to get a whole lot worse for Camille.

Back in real time, Camille is aware that her husband has ditched her for a much younger British flight attendant. She’s also unsure whether she’ll return to RHOBH next season. We’ve heard that she’s already quit the show, but according to Radar Online that was a negotiation tactic aimed to increase her salary. (As if she’s not set for life with the $50 million she’ll probably get in her settlement.) Camille will appear on Ellen in a segment that airs today, and she told her that she’s still in talks with Bravo for Season 2. She also said that she doesn’t talk to Kelsey:

On the rumors that she is returning for the second season and details about her divorce…
Ellen: And so now, the rumors are that you’re quitting. That you’re not going to do it again.
Camille: We haven’t decided that yet. Right now, as everybody knows, I’m going through a divorce.
Ellen: Well, let me ask you about that. You said Kelsey wanted you to do this. So you got divorced while you were shooting?
Camille: I found out he wanted out of the relationship during the shooting.
Ellen: How did you find out? Did he tell you?
Camille: A mutual friend called me and said, “I don’t like what he’s doing to you and I don’t like the timing because you’re still in the middle of shooting a reality show.” And then I called him that night and texted him. No answer from him. I waited for three hours and then he called me and said, “I don’t want to be married anymore.”

On deciding to return for season two…
Ellen: Then when you say you haven’t decided yet, I just don’t know why you’d want to put yourself out there. Everybody’s going to have an opinion when you’re on television. People are going to love you. People are going to hate you. I try not to pay attention to any of it because if you believe the good, you have to believe the bad. But there are people, and you know, are saying not nice things about you.
Camille: Oh, they’re saying awful things about me and it’s very hurtful.
Ellen: So why do it?
Camille: If I would do it, it would be to try to change my image. To try to change it around and have people see the other side of me that you don’t see on TV.

Does Camille talk to Kelsey?
Ellen: Since this is happened and it’s airing now, has Kelsey, do you speak at all?
Camille: No, we don’t speak at all.
Ellen: Because I was going to say, “Has he watched and what does he think about this because it was his idea?”
Camille: Everything I find out is through the press with him. Or he writes me an email or text. I think it’s really important for us to speak if we’re going to raise children together. We need to co-parent. So right now, my focus now is that we hopefully become friends and we move on from this and we can become good parents to our two young children.

[From The Ellen Degeneres show, aired 1-7-11 and received via e-mail]

So if you read between the lines, Camille wants to return to RHOBH, but she wants to make sure they don’t portray her as the villain. This seems to be supported by Radar, who claims that she’s waiting to see how she comes across on the reunion episode, which supposedly involved Camille going off as usual. Camille can’t change her image by continuing to appear on that show. She has only one setting, “petty bitch,” and you know she’s not going to change. What little money she’s making from the show isn’t worth it in the end to her either. She’ll probably stay on it though, because she’s delusional like that and has more bikinis to show off.

Radar has video of Camille’s appearance on Ellen, in which they exercise on stationary bikes the whole time.

Photos courtesy of BravoTV and The Ellen DeGeneres show.



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  1. Marjalane says:

    I knew this was nothing but a money grab. Camille’s such an attention whore she would never just walk away from the only TV gig she’s got. I kind of want her to stay on the show but I’ll be hugely disappointed if Bravo edits her to “look better”.

    Ans yeah, that bit with Camille in the pool was such an eye roll moment- for someone with “life altering” irritable bowel syndrome, she sure works out a lot.

  2. anoneemouse says:

    As much as we all love to hate her the show just wouldn’t be the same without her. My bet is that she holds out for more money and she’ll be back.

  3. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I don’t know, I think the show needs fresh blood too. On the one hand I think Camille is a great villian but on the other hand I think she’s played her hand and it’s just boring now .. so my vote is new villian …

  4. Msshuffleupagus says:

    Am I the only one who feels super bad for Russell? I just think he’s this regular guy trapped in this Beverly Hills party bullsh*t with a wife who basically stalked him for his money for her precious precious lip injections. Taylor completely ignores him when they go out, and she expects him to be cool about it?

  5. mary jane says:

    #1 I am not so sure that Kyle/Mauricio’s marriage isn’t in a bit of trouble. Especially because she endangered his business. And I think he gets sick of her.

    #2 By the time this episode was filmed Camille already knew Kelsey was gone. You can tell they’d barely spoken to each other in a couple of years. So she’s faking the whole reaction to his non-communicating.

    #3 I’m skeptical of Cedric. What guy doesn’t want to get out and get his own place and um a steady job? He’s a user.

    #4 I agree with Msshuffle #4. Taylor sends her husband very mixed messages. I think he’s miserable. But then why did HE marry HER?

    #5 Adrienne is so frickin boring.

    #6 I hate Camille too but without her there’s no bite to the show.

  6. Tess says:

    I feel kind of bad for Russell, too.

    It sounds like Taylor set out to land him, and now that she has him, he’s an embarrassment to her.

    She likes to swim with a bunch of very socialble and attractive types—who are social predators—sharks—-and he isn’t comfortable with them.

    He’s awkward and uncool. But she chose him…and now she wants more, as she, herself, says in the intro.

  7. Jayna says:

    She needs to stay. I love her narcissistic, delusional scenes and all her self-congragulatory comments, not just the Kyle/Camille scenes.

  8. Riley says:

    I am kind of tired of writing about Camille so I will comment on a couple of the other housewives. I am starting to have doubts about Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage (and it has nothing to do with Alyson Dubois). I do think that their whole connection revolves around their children (and I do think they are great parents together) but once the kids grow up and are out on their own, K and M will not have much to talk about. But you can tell they really try hard to make their marriage work. I thought it was very sweet of Kyle to do that bike race with her husband and for his part, he tries to relax and have fun and give her the spotlight when they are at parties. He really seems like a gentlemen. About Adrienne, she is boring. I rolled my eyes last episode when she was talking about how “deverse” her taste in music is: “I like Jay Z, Timbaland, Usher, etc.” Um, that is not deverse since all of those are hip hop artists. Just say you like hip hop, honey. And Cedric, he is getting on my nerves because he seems so unmotivated. I really do think he gives Ken some lovin’. Not that I think Ken is gay, but bi, and at this point in her life, Lisa probably does not want to do too much with him down there. I do think Lisa loves her husband dearly but I don’t see a whole lot of sexual attraction between them. What kind of man walks around with a little dog dressed in bull fighter outfits? Ken, that’s who.

  9. Jayna says:

    I don’t feel bad for Russell. He shows no affection or interest in his wife. He shows zero personality and doesn’t try. She would be the prettiest housewife if she would take those fishlips out and her cheek implants (which she says is genetic haha) out.

  10. pebbles says:

    I love Lisa. I would be friends with her in a heartbeat, if I could. Jiggy is king!
    Can’t stand Kyle and her smug little perfect marriage/family life with Mauricio. It may be sad, but I wouldn’t mind if the crazy psychic’s predictions would come to pass, and she would find her ideal world shattered. Mwuhahahahahah!

  11. guesty says:

    haven’t watched the epi yet but based on the clip that was on us mag yesterday…can’t wait!

  12. Lindsay says:

    Why are they on stationary bikes?

  13. jessica says:

    To me, Kyle looks as if she is trying to make herself a plastic doll of Demi Moore.. Does anyone agree with me on that???

  14. RHONYC says:

    i love ellen. 🙂

  15. smith says:

    In the first moments of this series I saw right away that Kyle is indeed the typical HS mean girl, all the signs were there. She was just usurped by the narcissistic whirlwind that is Camille and as with most bullies, Kyle can give but she crumbled at the feet of dear Cammie. Also, why can’t she muster any sympathy for her sister (who is clearly struggling mentally – but does have a funny sense of humor)? I know sister dynamics are difficult, but still I don’t like the way she treats her.

    Mauricio seems to be a gentleman and often defers to his wife to keep peace. I wonder how much longer he’ll jive with that. She is not a prize despite being a welcome brunette change-of-pace from most of the women in BH.

    I’m meh on Cams return. She’s very one note and it’s way played out already. She feels like a socio-path … or is just so dilusional that there’s no coming back.

  16. wunderkindt says:

    Camille is a punk.

  17. MG says:


    She easily has become my favorite housewife of all the series. She has a class, style, and grace that is bar none.

    Kyle: I agree that she tries very hard with her marriage but there is just something about Mauricio that I just cant put my finger on.

    Fishlips oh sorry Taylor, I somewhat feel sorry for her but not really. She had to have known that Russell was a dud when she married him. She just saw some cash and thought that was going to make her happy… WRONG.

  18. Lisa Turtle says:

    It sounds like Camille is trying to “pull rank” – she wants more money and she wants to be portrayed in a positive light.

    I’m not interested in Camille redeeming herself. To me, she is beyond redemption.

  19. anoneemouse says:

    I actually do feel sorry for Taylor. You can feel quite lonely even at a party with 200 people if all the other couples are close and together and interacting and your hubby is non-responsive. All she wants is closeness with her husband altho I do agree she gives him mixed signals. She needs to be honest with him and tell him what she needs/wants and given him a chance to give it to her but somehow she thinks he must be able to read her mind…

  20. Laurie says:

    I hope Bravo refuses to edit the show in a way to make Camille look better. Camille is just trying to get a better image since she was thoroughly exposed this season. I say – good riddance Camille, leave the show & spend some time with your kids…they probably need it.

  21. original kate says:

    i wish they would all quit the show and go back to the holes from whence they slithered.

  22. HotPockets says:

    This housewives franchise is one of the only ones I watch and shamefully enjoy. Camille is delusional, but I think Kelsey is probably just as bad. He obviously suggested her to do the show, so we would feel some sort of sympathy towards him and why he was forced to stray from his marriage.

    I actually like Kyle, but I don’t approve of the way she treats her sister, Kim. I like Kim and I think she has a harder time adjusting to these outlandish social situations than Kyle. I read somewhere that Kim’s first husband was murdered and I’m not sure about the second? She clearly has some baggage and the way Kyle is treating her only perpetuates it. I’m not sure what to think about Kyle’s husband, but he is sexy!

    I do feel for Taylor in a way, her husband shows no affection towards her and he never looks happy. I think it’s hard for her to deal with, because she wants him to be something he clearly isn’t and he just wants a submissive wife who doesn’t question anything he does. I think Taylor deserves someone who compliments her, not just a companion.

  23. Garvels says:

    Msshuffleupagus and Tess-I agree with both of you regarding Russell. Taylor after all was the hunter and she pursued him as she openly admitted in an earlier episode. She saw a wealthy successsful man who could provide her with all of the material trappings she desired and she aggressively hunted him down:)

    I think Russell is an introvert whose mistress in life is his work. He probably knew that and that is probably why he wasn’t pursuing Taylor. I also think as I think someone had mentioned earlier on this site that he may have a touch of Asbergers.

    Taylor needs to stop her whining and playing the victim and realize she made,what I think, is the biggest mistake when choosing a mate-Don’t expect to be able to change them and if they have a behavior that is so contrary to your personality. Taylor is very social and likes to be seen, lips and all,ha ha:)-marrying someone who exhibits antisocial behavior was not very wise:(

  24. Henriette says:

    Camille is just trying to get more money. Grabbing $50million of Kelsey’s clearly isn’t enough for her.

  25. TeeTee says:

    1. I don’t feel sorry for Taylor-she knew what she was getting..he tried h came out.

    2. Lisa nds to dump her houseguest immediately, her husband wants him out.
    He’s driving Bentley’s and living in the lapse of luxury and he can’t find anything to do and make some money..he ought to be ashamed a grown man.

    3. Camille should come back, cause I love the fuckery, she’s never going to change.

    4. LOVE Kyle and Maurico is hot, they have been in love for a long time and I want to give her lil baby girl a smooch.

    5. Kim is weird and must be on meds most of the time.good thing she did not hook up w/that older guy–heard he is in jail or just got out for some kind of finanacial scam.

    6. I feel sorry for Adrienne’s husband, those kids of hers are brutal. She nds to give her husband some TLC, she’s so hardcore but maybe he likes that.

    This is the best series by far in my opinion, all the other housewives, end up broke and just fronting for television. JMO

  26. shepirate says:

    I feel lonely in my love of Kyle.

    But I’m with all of you in the immense love of Lisa. She’s levelheaded without being a snooze fest like Adrienne.

    The editing at the end of this episode was done beautifuly. The music, sad Taylor, Taylor putting on a brave face, the party, sad Taylor again, Taylor smiling at the driver, sad Taylor voice… It was REALLY well done. All that ruins it is Taylor’s baby voice. Hate baby voice.

  27. lin234 says:

    I think Camille targeted Kyle before the show ever started because I’m willing to bet she sees Kyle’s family as her employees since Mauricio was her real estate agent.

    Russel doesn’t have a problem with his emotions. Look how he was towards his daughter. He just doesn’t love Taylor.

    Anyone else notice how the richest housewife (Maloof) doesn’t really throw parties? I mean she did treat them all to Vegas but that was more of a promotional thing for her casino. Lisa too. All her little shindigs are thrown at her restaurants. Yet Taylor, whose husband declared bankruptcy a few years ago is always throwing these bashes to “keep up with the crowd”.

    Camille will be back and her excuse will be that now that she’s a ‘poor’ single mother, she has to work.

    I may be too cynical but I have doubts about Cedric’s story.

  28. LittleDeadGirl says:

    shepirate: Don’t feel alone … I love her too … mostly … but there are moments she annoys me a little bit but I think she’s the second coolest housewife I just think Lisa is so much cooler and level headed.

    lin234: Yeah, I think he’s not a very emotional guy but you can clearly see he loves his daughter and could be more loving to his wife IF he loved her. On the other hand Taylor whines he doesn’t pay attention to her but I almost think it’s a bit of a ploy on her part because I remember thinking in earlier episodes how SHE ignored HIM alot … and she seemed fine than and now there’s the tears … I dunno … I have mixed feelings about it …

  29. Kim says:

    Adios whack job! Dont let the door hit you on the behind on way out. So glad she is leaving the show. She is to ugly & dumb to be a good villian. Shes just an insecure nut. They will replace her with someone fabulous-i cant wait!

  30. Confuzzle says:

    What Lifetime movie or Harlequin Romance novel did Cedric pull that fake ass sob story from? 😀 It was hilarious! Damn poor Lisa is so gullible to have fallen for it, and trotting that OTT story out for her friends cements his free ride, doesn’t it. Now if Lisa kicks him out her pals will give her grief about picking on poor widdle Cedric who has gone through so much 😆

    I can’t wait for next week’s episode, I hope Kelsey kicks that hideous beotch.

    And I like Kyle, good for her for sticking up for herself. Pity she’s stuck with such a neurotic mess of a sister.

    Russell needs to grab the kid and flee as fast as he can from fishface. She’s a parasite, only after his money.

  31. Megatrona says:

    Camille: blinks slow motion to make her self interesting.I want to punch her face

    Taylor: Trout mouth, is she fucking blind that she doesn’t see how ridiculous she looks?

    Kyle: I like her but she needs to cut her hair a few centimeters, it doesn’t look classy at that length

    Adriannne: husband has the worse nose job and is a freaking nose surgeon… Mmmh go figure

    Kim: LAME, girls with that type of personality have a horrible time finding a men, too needy and no back bone

    Lisa: Why the fuck does she have that Cedric gigolo in her house? Is she fucking him? Well at least he would be good for something then…

  32. Anonymei says:

    I like all of the housewives except Camille.

    Lisa is hilarious and has a fun spirit and prankster, but never malicious. Always classy and carries herself with grace. She is clearly hard working and kind. Giggy is just too darling.

    Kyle is strong willed and lets her emotions get a bit out of hand at times but she is never pretentious and very friendly and fun loving. She and Kim need to work on their relationship but it is 40 years plus in the making and complicated. Kim has problems coping and probably has made many bad decisions that frustrate Kyle. Kyle does get a bit mean with her and hopefully she will reign it in after seeing their dynamic on tape. Kyle seems like a great girlfriend. She was very kind to Taylor at her time in need and stood up for Faye when Camille attached her. She seems like a wonderful Mom and loving wife with a solid marriage. I agree Camille targeted her because she views her as an employee and had no idea Kyle would be a fan favorite and she would be exposed as vile.

    I like Kim and just want to give her a hug. She is troubled but nice and loving.

    Taylor is growing on me and I have compassion for the fact her marriage is a disappointment. Russell is antisocial but clearly adores his daughter.

    Adrienne is fun and down to Earth.

    Camille is just vile. pretentious, self centered, mean spirited and plays the victim. Her treatment of Faye was just nasty and she brought Allison to the party to stir up trouble. She has no friends only people in her employ. Karma is a bitch.

    I find the show an entertaining, guilty pleasure. Love it.

  33. Kiska says:

    If my husband’s nose was busted TWICE by my kid, I’d be concerned. It is serious because bone fragments could enter the brain…there can be infections happening and what does she do? “Oh, what a baby” “Suck it up” “He snores so bad”

    Don’t like Adrienne at all.

    Lisa is awesome. Funny, beautiful, caring, and very down-to-earth.

    Cedric is a Kateo Kaelin type. Big mooch. They need to show some tough love and kick him out.

    Taylor and Russell should divorce. There is no love there and nobody deserves a loveless marriage.

    Camille tried. She hasn’t vindicated herself yet but I have to say the book she gave Kyle was kind of funny.

  34. icantbelievethis says:

    Did anyone else noticed the look on Nick’s wife’s face when Camille kissed him on the mouth? I have had some great guy friends over the years but as a married woman I would NEVER kiss another man on the mouth. I swear the body language between those two, Kelsey wasn’t the only one with a side piece.

  35. Anti-icon says:

    I’m NOT watching this again.,…because I hate the franchise and everything it stands for… thanks for bloggers who report.

    Taylor seems like such a gentle and damaged soul. I pity her in that marriage. (I pity all their marriages, but I do understand high end discretionary income and how it soils a lot of important relationships unless a person works on their own faith, and spirituality).

    So, I’ll leave it at that. These women are FAR richer than all the others in the franchise.

  36. JenJen says:

    I just saw the show for the first time the other night. I only made it about 15 before I fell asleep, but it did look entertaining. She has no idea Kelsey is about to ditch her,which is kinda sad and must be pretty embarrassing for her,whether she deserves it or not,it’s sad for the kids, however old they are. He is still a crackhead, killed too many braincells.

  37. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Am I the only one who believed Cedric’s story? I’m having second doubts now about it but I don’t know … I saw real pain in his eyes … and I doubt what he describes is as fantastic as others make it seem to the point it COULDN’T have happened. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt if only because what he describes is so horrible I hope he has some decency and wouldn’t lie about it but who knows … he probably is lying … sad sad world …

  38. Trippin says:

    I think Camille should let her hair go back to brunette, quit RHBH, move to Jersey and go on RHNJ. Theresa would be kicking Camille’s ass outside a tanning salon, when Danielle drives by in her SUV with her kids. Camille hops in and the 2 plot together their psycho-paranoid revenge plans. Danielle also calls her spiritual guide and Camille phones her sonic cigarette smoking medium. Priceless. Downside for ex-Ms. Grammar,Danielle is a mooch and Camille would have to pay for everything. But when you got 53 mil, hey forget about it!