Tara Reid isn’t wholesome enough for DWTS; can’t find housemate

The American public reacts strongly to a nipple, just ask Janet Jackson. Perhaps an entire boob slip (link NSFW) is part of the reason that Tara Reid will not be featured on Dancing with the Stars next season.

According to our inside source, the perennial party girl has applied for the show multiple times but was rejected each time on the basis that she isn’t “family friendly” enough. Ouch.

Reid’s rep confirmed she will not be appearing and denied that she had ever applied.

Pop Tarts also has been told that the show’s bigwigs were in serious negotiations with Dan Quayle about competing in the upcoming season. Apparently, the former vice president got cold feet at the last minute and decided he wasn’t ready to expose his dance-floor skills.

And speculation has been stirring for quite some time about whether Kim Kardashian will bring her booty into the ballroom — but it looks as though it’s going to be a double whammy this season. A Kardashian camp insider said that Kim will be battling against her mom, Kris Jenner.


Adding insult to injury is the potential line up. Kim Kardashian and her mother. Times are tough for Hollywood party girls when Kim Kardashian’s ass is more in demand than your services.

Fox adds that DWTS wanted to have a mother/daughter dance off with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne but word got out about it and they decided to call it off.

Tara is also looking for a housemate, and she’s feeling a little friendless right now. A potential housemate dished to In Touch Weekly about her living situation.

She dishes to the magazine, “I backed out because I didn’t know if she’d be reliable or if the living situation would be too out of control.” ITW speculates that perhaps the applicant was right to be cautious. They report that “A lonely Tara, 32, has already hosted a string of house parties this summer.”

“She’s desperate to get people to her place,” a friend is quoted in the article as saying. “She’s been throwing lots of get-togethers.” “Nobody’s living in her three-bedroom home with her,” says an insider.

National Ledger

I find it hard to believe that she can’t find a tenant – what self respecting party girl wannabe would turn down a chance to learn from a master?

Picture note by Celebitchy: Tara Reid is shown at the “The Launch Party of the T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition” in Hollywood on 8/1/08. Her hair and makeup could be better but she’s not as scary skinny and she looks healthier. Credit: Starbux / WENN

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  1. FlamingoNut says:

    Why aren’t her 15 minutes up yet?

  2. lulu says:

    she sure has some raggedy hair extensions!!

  3. CelebitchyFAN says:

    “what self respecting party girl wannabe would turn down a chance to learn from a master?” I think even the party girls realize that she is a has-been. I was listening to a radio show the other day and one of the DJ’s had gone to L.A. and he was complaining that the only “star” he saw was Tara. Apparently she went into the club, was completely smashed, dancing by herself because even the drunk guys wouldn’t dance with her, and then she left. When the DJ saw her outside he said that she had a jacket over her head protecting her from the paparazzi, but the best part is that there were only two guys out there, and they just looking at her. Even the paparazzi don’t care about getting her picture anymore!!

  4. Bodhi says:

    Um, duh!

  5. Vermillion says:

    How is a boob slip, no matter how risque, considered less “family friendly” than a sex tape?

    Oh I forgot that the Kardashians are actually making money/getting attention. My bad.

    Crap, now I just feel pity for Tara. I mean, she is hardly of sterling reputation, but even she deserves a friend, or at least a roommate.

  6. california angel says:

    Everytime I watch that stupid, but guilty-pleasure-worthy, urban legends movie I’m always blown away by how much better she looked before the skin & bones/plastic surgery look she’s rocking now.

  7. Because I say So says:

    why can’t she go the Parasite Hilton route and just try to buy some? I can’t believe she’s THAT broke!

  8. vdantev says:

    I bravely volunteer for this dangerous assignment of being Tara’s housemate, sometimes you gotta take one for the home team (and I’ve crushed on her since American Pie) 😳

  9. paris herpes says:

    I’d only live with her if she paid my rent. It would be fun to party with her and watch her get smashed. I know I’m mean, but I’m sure everybody else would do the same thing. She’s a bit of a freak!

  10. kate says:

    whoa! look at that alcohol bloat.