Jay-Z explains why he & Beyoncé won’t confirm their marriage

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z went about their union in a pretty uncommon fashion, as far as celebrities go. While most do try to keep the affair a bit private – and rarely openly announce the date – most of those that desire complete privacy jet off to some remote island and tell everyone about it when they get back.

Not Beyonce and Jay-Z. Not only did they very obviously get married in New York City more than three months ago, but they have steadfastly refused to confirm their marriage. God only knows what they could possibly be protecting at this point. So Jay-Z tried to explain their logic to Us Weekly.

Jay-Z says privacy is the reason he and Beyonce won’t talk about their wedding or marriage.

“I just think it’s really a part of your life that you gotta keep to yourself,” he tells Vibe in their September issue.

“You have to have something sacred to you and the people around you,” the 38-year-old adds. “I shared so much of my life… I should have something to hold on to.”

Beyonce, 26, and Jay-Z tied the knot over three months ago in a “very special, very private, very intimate” rooftop ceremony, according to a source close to the pair. He was finally spotted with his wedding ring last week.

Beyonce also showed off her wedding ring for the first time on Wednesday, when she saw Jay-Z perform at Madison Square Garden.

[From Us Weekly]

Okay I get the argument that a lot of people make that even celebrities have the right to a private life, and they’re not obligated to tell anyone anything. But what. the. hell. Everyone knows! It’s been forever. There is no big special secret they’re keeping to themselves anymore. They filed the very public legal documents.

Not just saying something like, “Yes, we’re married, that’s all I’m going to say about it,” makes it look like Jay-Z is trying to do the exact opposite of what he says. It makes it look like they’re trying to get more attention, and keep it less to themselves, because everyone is talking about their bizarre behavior. Jay-Z’s logic doesn’t hold up at all. Yes I know he didn’t ask me. But he should have.

Here’s Beyonce and Jay-Z with Diddy at the “Armand De Brignac” brand champagne party held at the VIP Room in Cannes on May 23rd. Images thanks to Fame.

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33 Responses to “Jay-Z explains why he & Beyoncé won’t confirm their marriage”

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  1. Carla says:

    Beyonce has been 26 since 2005. Weird!

  2. Lee says:

    Is that a maternity outfit?

  3. Jessica says:

    That’s kinda sweet if you ask me!!!

  4. Larissa says:

    I reckon its not about the wedding, but about their marriage itself! thats what they are trying to protect…cuz everytime a celeb gets married we know how it goes,rumors starts about infidelity,divorces,babies,fights, family issues,career problems…you name it! In some bizarre way people hope for the worse!!!
    They´ve been together for so long, and they managed to keep their relationship as private as possible and they wanna keep it that way! Whatever it works for ´em!
    Theres absolutely nth wrong with that, they REALLY don´t owe us any explanation in first place.

  5. lulu says:

    he doesn’t want to confirm the marriage because he knows it won’t last. and how the hell does beyonce really expect us to believe she is only 26??!!

  6. Bodhi says:

    I totally understand what he is saying. Why should they have to confirm that they are married? They don’t owe it to the public or anything.

    I also really dig the whole “not confirming a pregnancy” deal that has been going on

  7. Megan says:

    I agree with Bodhi, why should they confirm anything? Okay so everybody knows now, so they know! Why should they have to make a public statement? In fact public statements about personal lives of celebrities seems big-headed to me, like ‘I’m announcing to the world that I’m married’ or whatever. It’s like you expect everyone to care. Nobody has a right to know about their private lives apart from them.

  8. Hollz says:

    Hmm,I thought she was older then that as well- I was sure she was more then 6 years older then I am

  9. Kaiser says:

    LOL, Carla – there are a few celebrities like that! I think Naomi Watts has been “38” for about five years.

  10. CelebitchyFAN says:

    Beyonce will be 27 on September 4th…don’t ask me why I know that, it’s too embarrassing to tell anyone

  11. Hollz says:

    i know that to cbfan- it’s on her wiki-page

    It just seems like shes been 26 for a very long time

  12. dovesgate says:

    Personally, I like that they try to hold on to their privacy in some matters. Larissa is right – every time a celebrity confirms a relationship, headlines get splashed across tabloids to squawk about how one is cheating on the other, baby bump watches start, just a general lack of privacy. It’s hard enough to stay married sometimes but to have constant rumors about the state of your marriage just doesn’t lend itself to success.

  13. Salty Beans says:

    I second, third and fourth Larissa. It’s none of our damn business!!!!! The minute they give an inch the media will take a freakin mile…

    Don’t blame one bit.

  14. Salty Beans says:

    I hope they start a Hollyweird trend of keeping their affairs super private. That way us regular folks can “get a life” and stop worrying about those whose lives are splattered across the blogosphere.

  15. Prissa says:

    Beyonce is such a lier!! She is in her 30’s! Some “news” agency (TMZ or something like that) found her Passport and checked it against the Birth Certification on file with the Vital Statistics Dept in TX and the Birth Cert. listed her b-day as like 1974 or 1975, while the Passport was for 1982 or 1983. I know when Destiny’s Child was out she and I were almost the same age and I’m in my 30’s now, but she’s still in her twenties? Humph!! 🙄

  16. Jess says:

    “Not confirming” means “please, keep speculating & gossiping about it”. It isn’t to keep anything private, it’s too keep it in the news.

  17. lanette says:

    not saying yes we are married is not weird…
    i mean when they got the license it was all over the news media so the question is you know they got married…why keep asking?
    they are not bizarre. a marriage is not for the entertainmen of others..

    i respect them more…

  18. meli says:

    okay ppl calm down beyonce is 26 and she will be turning 27 on september 4th so chill out

  19. paris herpes says:

    It’s not like anybody actually cares that he married Beyonce. Most are just wondering why Beyonce would even shack up with that ugly gerbil of a man…! I know, money talks, b.s. walks…

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