New brunette threatens to disturb balance among Hefner’s girlfriends

The inevitable has occurred. Hugh Hefner is falling for the charms of a woman outside his trio of girlfriends. According to the National Enquirer, Hugh has been paying a lot of attention to a brunette Ukranian model named Dasha Astafieva. The two have been seen holding hands and Hugh has attended nude photo shoots with the striking young woman. This is royally pissing off Hef’s women, especially his most devoted girlfriend, Holly, who has talked about how much she wants to have the 82 year-old Playboy founder’s baby. Holly mayt have some minor competition in Bridget and Kendra, and by some accounts she’s fighting with Kendra, but she’s in charge in the girlfriend heirarchy. If another woman enters the picture she could find herself lower on the totem pole or get pushed out entirely

Dark-haired Ukranian model Dasha Astafieva has caught the eye of the “Playboy” mogul – and his bleached blonde three-pack of gal pals are fuming mad!…

Dasha snared Hefner after being invited to the Playboy mansion recently as part of a competition to chose the cover model for the magazine’s New Year’s issue. Since then, Hef has been accompanying Dasha on outings, holding her hand and even sitting in on her nude photo shoots.

“Dasha’s natural endowments and beauty stunned Hef,” said the source. “Dasha has upset the pecking order by pushing her way into Hef’s heart. The competition for his attention is really intense among the girls because of her.”

They worry that Dasha is going to end up a regular on the show, taking air time from them, the source said.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 18, 2008]

Sporty girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson recently explained that she gets along with the other two women in Hef’s life because they have different roles and basically stay out of each other’s way. She said “If we all wanted the same thing it wouldn’t have worked… We don’t spend time together every day – girls just can’t do that.”

According to Russia Today, Dasha is a winner of the reality show “Stars Factory” in the Ukraine. They also claim that she’s also already moved into the Playboy mansion and started living there in late July. The Enquirer didn’t have her living in the mansion yet, and said Hef’s girlfriends were “terrified” at the prospect. They’re also said to be worried that Dasha will become a regular on their Girls Next Door reality show.

It’s got to be hard to keep three women happy. Even as an octogenarian Hef isn’t satisfied with three young gorgeous women. Like a marriage, the familiar gets boring after a while – even if you have three choices.

Update: Hef’s rep denies this is true, saying Dasha lives in the Ukraine and there are no plans for her to move to the US.

Header photo is from 7/19/08. Credit: WENN/Fayes Vision. Photo below from 7/14/08. Credit: Jody Cortes / WENN. Inset photo of Dasha Astafieva credit: Russia Today

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  1. daisy424 says:

    My only questions is;
    He can still get it up? 😯

  2. elisha says:

    If this is true, it’s probably just to replace Kendra on the show… since she wants to leave and isn’t really his gf.

  3. Niel says:

    I have to laugh. Did those three really think they had a “relationship” with hef? C’mon. It’s all about his money and attention for them. Why do you think Holly wants his baby so bad (cha-ching)?

    As they get older, what do they really continue to bring to the table that some other younger girl can’t bring?

    No, none of them are all that original or special. They’re all gold diggers. Hef is not a dumb man. He knows this. He also knows he is not a one, two or even three girl kinda guy.

    It’s a testament to the low IQ of those 3 gals that they haven’t yet figured Hef out. Or a testament to their vanity that they really felt they could overcome the man’s personality somehow (“I’m special…” sure you are honey…sure you are…lol).

    You reap what you sow. And those 3 sow’d a temporary fling with a playboy who has a penchant for moving on to new girls.

    Dumb blond takes on new levels of truth with those three.

  4. Megan says:

    Well firstly that girl Dasha is a LOT more attractive than Hef’s three girlfriends… they’re all just fake blondes, nothing about them is real in terms of beauty. And secondly, I have to agree with everything that’s already been said, these girls can’t expect their relationship with Hef to be a real relationship that will last forever. Holly is deluded if she really thinks that. I suspect though that they’re more worried about her hogging their limelight. Once Hef starts hanging out with this beautiful model, nobody will care about these three hags any more.

  5. Tanille says:

    well that should make for some good drama on the show if shes going to be on it. I believe Holly probably got in the relationship b.c of money and greed but im sure after the amount of time she has been with him, its probably grown to actual love(as gross as i think that is)at least a little bit. Yet she is crazy if she thought she could change Hugh Hefner, hes been that way forever so why would he change now

  6. Kaiser says:

    Uhhh… his three girlfriends *are* brunettes. The carpets do not match the drapes – or they wouldn’t if Playboy wasn’t so obsessed with the Brazilian wax.

  7. Jen says:

    Why so negative? I think all 3 are beautiful and obviously they have Hef figured out if they have decidedly become his girlfriends. Also, this is probably some bogus rumor b/c girls are in and out of that mansion constantly, duh! And honestly, all 3 are millions of times better looking than the general population so there is really no need to say they are “hags.”

  8. Shandi says:


    Do you really think Holly is millions of times better looking than the population? If so, you can thank plastic surgery for that. Do some searches and look at her before pictures and she was utterly frightening. Kendra is not that pretty to me, and she is pretty scary with her makeup off. And I think they are ALL surgically enhanced for their perfect bodies. So really there is nothing special about any of them.

  9. anon1234 says:

    I don’t think any of the Girls Next Door are stupid (with the possible exception of Kendra). I think they knew what they were getting into, and just decided that they would ride the gravy train as long as they could. While it wouldn’t be my choice to sleep with an 80+ year old (no matter how rich), it’s a free country.

  10. Amy says:

    Wow, I thought Holly was the prettiest of the three! Here’s her before and after plastic surgery shots:

    Yep, it’s all store bought, but at least it was done well! I still think her hair is too platinum, though…

  11. snickerdoodle says:

    Daisy, it’s called Viagra – he has stock. 😆

  12. daisy424 says:

    Yeah, I know Snickerdoodle, but he must also have a steel rod implanted in that old thang. 8)

  13. JoGirl says:

    I just don’t understand how any of them could stand having sex with him, regardless of the fame and money.

    Holly wasn’t bad-looking before; she just wasn’t exceptional.

  14. Anne says:

    When I saw Heff’s pic on the page this morning I was hoping it was breaking news that he has suddenly fallen off the face of the earth. I wish he and his harem would go away already.

  15. Mairead says:

    HOMERekkkuuuuuurrrrrrrr!!!! 👿

    😆 sorry, couldn’t resist 😆

    I’m on the record as saying Holly is my favourite. To be honest, I don’t think she’s had that much work done apart from the nose – the main thing that’s different is that she’s learnt to smile more photogenically and not lapse into a rictus grin. I remember in the early programmes she was saying that the Hef wouldn’t put in the magazine (at that time) because she didn’t photograph well – so perhaps she’s even prettier in person?

    Really they’re just terrified of someone the age they’re meant to be coming along as then they’ll look even older 😈

  16. Kaiser says:

    LOL Mairead!

    I didn’t even pick up on that…

    Now I *must* defend this girl.

  17. geronimo says:

    “Really they’re just terrified of someone the age they’re meant to be coming along as then they’ll look even older.”

    Love it! They will not like you for saying that, Mairead. :mrgreen:

  18. Maritza says:

    I love that show! It’s really quite interesting.

  19. spoonman says:


    Holly was there when Hef had seven GF’s. and she will be there as long as he allows this washed up blond to stay.

    Kendra is hot-but getto white trash,

    Bridget is a plump alternative to the two waifs

    Holly-well she is the want to be father of Hefs love child-hahahaha

    Dasha-the Ukrainian gold digger out to sabatoge all the others percieved relationship with the main man.

    You couldn’t pick a better script for ratings. Get serious. Hef see’s the ratings for his show GND dropping and being the business man he is-why not inject (literally) a new ho into the scene!!!

    Kudos to Hef!!!

  20. hello says:

    I don’t think that Hef is going to break up that trio…it’s such a huge cash cow. He finally got women would wouldn’t like Playboy to buy into something he created. I personally think it’s genius. People even let their kids watch the show and buy the crap for it. Hef got the under 18s, LEGALLY! smart.

  21. Genevieve says:

    Well supposedly Kendra is living soon so this chick can take her place. I don’t know what his girlfriends expected, this is who he is.

  22. DLR says:

    lol, yet another woman goes for an 80-some skinny guy. i don’t care how much plastic surgery or viagra hefner has, his penis has got to be the wrinkliest and saggiest, not to mention his balls must reach his knees by now. oh, can i say flat ass? well, i don’t get cable so i don’t watch the show, but it still makes for funny reading. 😀

  23. Snowblood says:

    You’re right Hello, didn’t think of that but you’re right – total business genius.

    That Ukranian girl is hot, VERy beautiful. BEAUtiful! I want to see more pics of her. Think I’ll google her and do some research into Hef’s new girl. She’s so seductive-looking, mysterious-looking, and she appears to be all natural – no surgery has effed up her face and chest yet. I loathe plastic surgery. 99% of the time it ruins a person’s beauty, not enhances. Fake is unattractive to me.

    Kendra’s my favourite Hef-girl. She’s more interesting than the other two, that’s why.

  24. Snowblood says:

    just google-imaged Dasha Astafieva – OMG she’s so f**kin’ beautiful!@! I am so, so on this beautiful homewrecker’s side! She’s all natural, and insanely beautiful. Not many pics of her out there online yet, though. I barely came up with one page of images for her, mostly from Ukranian or Russian sites. She is very, very beautiful. Hef’s harem defininitely has something to get nervous about, if this gorgeous natural beauty comes to the mansion to join the party. The blondes are gonna be TRIPPIN’! ‘Cause there’s not even any competition.

  25. GC says:

    This story is obviously fake. Kendra has been on the outs with the other girls for months, so this is a story that they concocted because they’re gonna kick her a$$ out of the house. And do you guys really believe that Hef “dates” these girls? Having them live in his house isn’t exactly “dating.” They’re more like his daughters for crying out loud!

  26. Codzilla says:

    Hef has it pretty rough. His upbeat demeanor in the face of so much personal tragedy is an inspiration to us all.

  27. Tanille says:

    After looking at the few pics of her on google i don’t think this girl is that beautiful, she is pretty but i don’t really see anything that special there either. She does have a very nice body though, doesn’t look like a 12 year old boy with boobs like lots of playboy girls

  28. All Adither says:

    Hugh needs to get himself some seeds and start a garden. Or something.

  29. brent says:

    Where he’s is old as he is, the girls call him “peckerwood forest.”

    Damn! I made myself laugh.

  30. Christina X says:

    Do people really think that just because your hair is its natural color that you’re more genuine?

    Please. She’s just as much after the attention as the money as all the rest of them, and she only wants to be included to feel special, different, and prettier by comparison.

    Spare me.

  31. Lissa says:

    First of all, I don’t think the three blondes are that stupid at all. If you watch the show, they are all trying to get as much as they can out of the “relationship” with Hef before their time runs out. I doubt there is that much sex involved, if any. And at this point, they shoukd be pretty happy with what they’ve achieved — far more fame than any other past Hef girlfriend.

    As for the new chick — this is all part of the Hef/Playboy media empire. I’m sure it’s mostly to promote the idea that he is still virile and can still draw in the ladies, even if it is just for his money and fame. It’s all a business, kids, and I think the players all know their roles.

  32. M says:

    This is NOT TRUE!! Good God, people believe anything!
    First of all the show is DONE filming so the crap that the girls are worried she’ll butt in is garbage!
    This was just a cute article from a paper in the Ukraine about the girl. They said how Hef holds her hand( he holds everyone’s hand for pix when they go out) and went to her shoots. The shoot was at the mansion! They were just making a joke about how the girls had better be careful with their Dasha there, and National Enq. ran it like a real story!

  33. mollination says:

    I happen to flip this show on the other night and actually said, “Man, Holly and Bridget aren’t looking so young and fresh anymore. I bet they’ll get rotated out soon.”

    And boy am I happy that they are! Kendra is the only one that understands what her role is, and the other 2 are money/fame-hungry c*nts. They are really fucking bitchy…

  34. Victoria says:

    This is all so silly I can’t even comment, now that I’m here. Hefner is just, well………forget it.

  35. Christina X says:

    Kendra always seemed like the most catty, self-important little witch out of the three of them.

    I find the other two likeable. I don’t know.

  36. Snowblood says:

    Well, then, ChristinaX, I can already see that we won’t get along, ’cause the other two bitches are catty and self-important little drones to me, and Kendra’s just chill. She could truly give a f**k. And furthermore, in re: your comment about haircolour, I’m sorry but when, exactly, was it that anyone here said anything about haircolour and intelligence being somehow interrelated? Oh, that’s right, NO one did, just you. You assert that Dasha the Ukrainian just wants to feel “prettier by comparison.” 😆 😆 Seriously?? She IS prettier by comparison, by far, far and away!

    Having brunette as opposed to blonde hair has zero affect upon Dasha’s natural beauty. Blondes and Brunettes are equally as gorgeous, if the person who has the hair is gorgeous. Colour means nothing, it’s an adornment, a side-note. True loveliness is colourless.

  37. Christina X says:

    To be fair, I’m a little sick of everyone saying that the three blondes are gold-diggers, like this one’s going to be different or anything.

    Jesus Christ, lighten up.

  38. bahappy12 says:

    I have to stick up for my girl, Bridget. She is not stupid by any stretch. She has gotten a degree in broadcast journalism. And guess who paid for it? My guess would be Hef. So Bridget took advantage of a situation that she knows isn’t going to last. Smart girl. As for the Ukranian bimbo, she would be lucky to have the brains (and beauty)that Bridget has.

  39. What a shallow situation, indeed.

  40. Nan says:

    A show like this could never hold my attention. Watched it once. Boring. The people in my family & in my life are interesting for real.

  41. Run, Kendra! Run away from there as fast as you can! No more boinking an old dude!
    You’re famous now. Say, YAY!!!

  42. Tonya says:

    kendra has 3 masters degrees so you can’t call her stupid. Holly is the only one that is not thinking straight. She wants to get married and have a baby with Hef. His wife lives next door. He doesn’t want to divorce her because he doesn’t want his boys to be from a broken home. So the baby might happen but I doubt it. Somewhere I heard that he doesn’t date women over 27. If that is true, I think Holly’s time is up.

  43. julia says:

    all the three girls bridget, holly and kendra are all golddiggers all they care about is hef;s money. why would you want to sleep with an 80yr old thats like sleeping with you own grandfather we all find that very disgusting but they dont care all they see is $$signs. they hav e no morals and whatyever else and how possibly could they even have an masters degree or whatever the way they act. holly especially always says shes not jealous of other girls being around hef but you know she is what shes trying to do is make everyone feel sorry for her so she can get all the attention which she shouldnt get she needs to get her can kicked out of the mansion because hef will soon get tired of her antics and wise up someday. we hope.bridget is the prettiest of the three and should deserve the attention. kendra is the ugliest and should be kicked out of the mansion too. holly your time is up and itds time to get another girlfriend go work out in the real world and see how it is to pay your own rent and bills not getting your job you have now by sleeping with the old wrinkly man gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Phoenix says:

    this crap just makes me laugh. i think the girls are all fake. they should have known from the begining this wouldnt last. after all i do remember when mtv cribs did a show about the mansion he said he was in his “platinum Blonde PHASE”… i think dasha is more natural but i think once she is more in the limelight shell start getting plastic surgery too and everything. she’ll be just as bad as them. 🙄

  45. Nan says:

    Ya know what’s annoying? All but 1 of these 3 girls are brunettes. They are not blondes. They were not gerber baby types. They maybe had strawberry blonde hair ’til they reached 2 years. Nothing tackier than a brown eyed woman sporting platinum blonde hair. Save that for the green & blue eyed women. Dark eyed woman w/blonde hair just look like they are trying to be one of us. Tack-kay!

  46. R C says:

    Tonya, Kendra is not the one with degrees! It’s Bridget with two master’s degree. Kendra didn’t even go to college~

  47. some one says:

    from holly’s myspace page

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    New Brunette in Town

    There is an article in this week’s Enquirer about my new friend Dasha Astafeyeva, an upcoming Playmate from the Ukraine.

    I just have to blog about her in her defense . . . . she is one of the most beautiful, sweet, intelligent and talented women I have ever met. Not to mention a great model and a pleasure to work with. One might not expect someone as stunning and photogenic as Dasha to be as down-to-earth and approachable as she is . . . . but take my word for it, she is unreal. She reminds me of a Disney princess. We had so much fun when she was here in the States, and I hope she can return soon. She is a singer in the Ukraine . . . hopefully she blows up here, too and you all can get to know her like I do.


  48. Morgan says:

    stop being haters of the girls… it is hef he is the gross one… the girls are good people. hef isnt

  49. says:

    None were REALLY his girlfriend, as if that were true they’d have no time to pick up the real boyfriends they do have as no guy would really stand for his girl banging some old rich fossil.

    How did Kendra get engaged if that were not true? Did see she get engaged after just one date? Nope as she and her fiancé have been going out for quite a very long time. Same for Holly and Cris Angel,they have been going out for almost a year. What we see on TV is just for the show I.E. Ratings and a lie.

  50. VTT2 says:

    When I first saw her on the show, I was blown away.

  51. Ada says:

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    thanks in advance

  52. bitch says:

    fuck hugh hefner

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