Both McCain and Obama want Angelina Jolie’s endorsement

Angelina Jolie is being sought by both the Obama and McCain campaigns for an endorsement. The 33 year-old actress and unmarried mother of six says that she’s waiting to reserve judgment on who she’ll vote for and is considering both candidates. When each candidate states their position on the refugee crisis and international justice issue Angelina might be able to make up her mind:

It may seem as if most entertainment industry figures are aligning with Barack Obama and just a few with John McCain, but there are still a handful of famous names who are still on the fence. And both campaigns are well aware of one star who stands out among the undecideds: Angelina Jolie.

Both campaigns have reached out to her, apparently to court her support. But in a statement to Variety provided by political adviser Trevor Neilson, Jolie says that she is waiting to make up her mind.

“I have not decided on a candidate,” Jolie says, “I am waiting to see the commitments they will make on issues like international justice, refugees and how to address the needs of children in crisis around the world.”

Unlike many other celebrity endorsements, Jolie’s carries the weight and influence of her extensive humanitarian work around the world, as the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Her statement was an indication that she would be open to choosing a candidate.

[From Variety’s Wilshire & Washington via Huffington Post]

Many of you have said that you don’t really care who a celebrity endorses and are going to make up your own mind based on the candidates’ positions on issues that matter to you. Angelina is such a polarizing celebrity despite her charity work that you would think that candidates wouldn’t actively ask for her support. Variety reminds us about Angelina’s op ed piece in the Washington Post, “Staying To Help,” in which she talked about the plight of the 2 million refugees in Iraq and called on the candidates “to announce a comprehensive refugee plan with a specific timeline and budget as part of their Iraq strategy.”

Obama has outlined a phased Iraq withdrawal that does include a provision for “preventing humanitarian crisis” and mentions refugees and international justice specifically. His campaign website says he will provide $2 billion to go to refugee support and that he “will form an international working group to address this crisis.” He also says that he will ensure that those who commit war crimes and genocide will be held accountable.

McCain says we should stay in Iraq until Al Quaeda is defeated and the Iraqi government is “capable of governing itself and safeguarding its people.” He focuses in his policy outline on success in the war and ensuring that US troops stay in Iraq until the government is self-sufficient. There is no mention of the plight of refugees or displaced people on his website, but he does claim that violence and deaths have been reduced there under the counterinsurgency strategy he advocated. He is quoted as saying that staying in Iraq for 100 or “even a million” more years “would be fine” with him, and he didn’t think the American people would have a problem with it.

Staying in Iraq costs $720 million a day by some estimates. It seems the US would have a lot more money and resources to help the Iraqis as well as to partially address the dire economic situation at home if they would withdraw from Iraq under Senator Obama’s plan. That’s my opinion of course, and Angelina seems to believe that too. She said at the Clinton Global Initiative in September, 2007 that an appeal by UNICEF she was advocating at the time would be able to educate 150,000 children at the cost of “eight hours of current spending in Iraq.” I can’t see her backing McCain and the war that never ends.

Somehow both these candidates want Angelina Jolie to announce her opinion and support them. I would have liked to hear her say she’s staying out of it rather than that she’s reserving judgment. Maybe Angelina has already made up her mind, and thinks that if she plays it like she’s waiting both candidates will be pressured into coming up with comprehensive strategies for helping displaced people in Iraq and the surrounding countries. Her father Jon Voight supports McCain and wrote an op-ed piece criticizing Obama, but it’s not likely Angelina is influenced much by her dad’s opinion considering that she hasn’t seen him in years.

Angelina Jolie is shown in photos from the Sudan that appeared in Newsweek in March, 2007

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  1. Enonymous says:

    Angelina actually looks very nice in the picture when she is smiling with the children. I am actually a fan of hers but I just wish she and Brad would not expose and sell themselves so much to the media.

    As for Obama and McCain, they should spent less time chasing after celebrities and more time on things that matter the most to the people.

  2. elisha says:

    I don’t really like Angelina Jolie, but I will have a LOT of respect for her if she just DOESN’T endorse someone. I’d like it if she said something like “she encourages people to vote but does not feel the need to publisize her private vote in the public and would rather concentrate on [insert a cause here], where [insert a statistic here] and hopes people will join her in [insert how to help the cause here].”

  3. geronimo says:

    Yeah, agree with Elisha. Best to steer clear and just focus on the causes she supports rather than getting caught up in either campaign (apart entirely from the fact that it will bring down the wrath of hell on her since this piece makes it sound like Obama and McCain are sitting by their phones, feverishly waiting for her endorsement!!)

  4. Bodhi says:

    ^^Agree 100%. I think it would be for the best if both she & Brad stayed out of it.

  5. RAN says:

    I’m with Elisha too… I couldn’t have said it better.

    Quick note, AJ looks sincere and happy in these pics. I guess I can see where some of the over the top worshipping comes from – at face value she seems very kind.

  6. daisy424 says:

    I don’t respect the opinion of celebs that campaign for candidates.
    Keep your vote to yourself Angie.

  7. Dingles says:

    I personally cannot fathom the idea of her voting for McCain.

    And say what you will about her humanitarian work, I don’t think it gets any more human than that last picture.

  8. journey says:

    sorry, but i just don’t get some of the anger at famous people who voice an opinion on politics. this is america, that’s what we do. we should cherish our hard won freedom to discuss politics openly without fear of arrest or retribution. famous people shouldn’t be expected to stop speaking their mind just because they’re suddenly famous. last i knew there was no law revoking their citizenship once they stepped out on a red carpet.

    some people seem personally affronted, as if the celeb is ordering them to vote for who they say. but that’s ridiculous, they’re merely expressing their opinion, same as me, same as you.

    it’s not people freely voicing their opinions that freaks me, but rather apathy. people not bothering to have an opinion, not bothering to vote. and i admire every person who campaigns for the candidate of their choice, be it a teenager who hands out buttons and bumperstickers, or a multi-millionaire who is speaking out for who they believe in.

  9. DogRunner says:

    I could care less about who the celebrities endorse.

  10. Annette says:

    Angelina’s people obviously put this story out. Didn’t Obama’s camp distance itself from Brangelina last year? Brad wanted to endorse it but they couldn’t let him.

    I smell PR why would Obama want Angelina Jolie badly when he is already suffering from Celebrity overload. Some analysts believe it may even hurt his campaign? Angelina represents everything celebrity and over the top, private jets, dozens of homes, fake charity for attention. Any one seeking her endorsement would be suicidal. She would be more a liability than an asset. Aside from a group of fanatical fans, a certain section of the public really hates her regardless of all the charity she does to be liked.

    I smell PR stunt.

  11. Kaiser says:

    I think Brad has already endorsed Obama, Bodhi. Or at least given him money.

    Yeah, I actually think Angelina shouldn’t do a public endorsement, but not because of the ZOMG FAMEWHORE reasons listed by some. Humanitarian and refugee activists have to work with whomever gets elected – their job is made harder if they were standing next to the other guy in a heated election.

    Sidenote: Of all the people on the periphary of this election, I think Gen. Petreaus is the most dedicated to the plight of the Iraqi refugees. He seems like the only one who’s thinking long-term humanitarianism.

  12. Mairead says:

    Thanks a million for the breakdown in both candidate’s approaches. From your synopsis it looks like McCain is the only one who actually does have a clear policy not an intention to withdraw justified by “politic-speak” – and worringly fluffy politic-speak to boot.

    Without a clear direction of what he wants to do and a good idea of how he wants to go about it, Obama is leaving himself wide open to undue influence from advisors and lackey who may have a much clearer line on how things should go. Which, to an outsider without a full understanding of the nuances of US politics, sounds worryingly like how the US military wound up invading in the first place.

    To be honest, if I was her and looking at a refugee situation in Iraq alone, I would err with McCain – when there is direct US involvement it will be FAR easier to ensure that funding streams are available to refugees.

    Working groups without mandate and ring-fenced funding streams are worthless. Phrases such as “preventing a humanitarian crisis” which already exists without a clue as to how to go about it is feckin’ laughable frankly.

    Of course – that’s just on one very specific issue, whereas perhaps the more generalised approach of Obama is more appopriate to more generalised situations allowing him and his government react appropriately without having a “one size fits all” mindset.

  13. Bodhi says:

    Yeah, Kaiser, I think I remeber that now.

    Why would AJ need any PR now? She has more than enough as it is.

  14. Orangejulius says:

    I would be turned OFF by an endorsement by her, but not because I don’t like her personally, I’m neither fan nor hater, but… – can’t quite put my finger on it. It doesn’t seem appropriate to me to have entertainers and politics too much in bed together. (Sorry)

  15. Kink says:

    I don’t think she will “endorse” anyone, but I think she obviously will vote for Obama. I think she knows better than to endorse someone, it just makes you a target as well. Besides, republicans go to movies too.
    I agree with most of the posts here, (except “Mairead” LOL…same ol poopaganda, first you’d have to believe a republican would actually do what he said he was going to do), but i also disagree with whoever said the Pitts try to live in the media. I think that is quite obviously the opposite of their intentions, but made difficult by their high profile status.
    Of all the celebs who sold baby pictures this year…who else gave all of the money to charity??? No one gives more to charity causes than they do, and they give themselves, not just their money. I think the very least everyone can do is remember that they deserve respect and privacy too.

  16. Celebitchy says:

    Mairead Obama does have a very clear phased withdrawal plan for Iraq and it’s not just filled with superlatives. It’s well thought out and will bring Americans better security, IMO. I know you’re not a US citizen but you may want to read both candidates positions:

    I didn’t do Obama’s plan justice because I focused on the humanitarian aspects of it, while with McCain’s I just had to describe it in general because it had no provisions for refugees. Obama’s plan strikes me as much more sensible.

  17. Enonymous says:

    Although celebrities have a right to voice their support for the candidate of their choice, it seems that the politicians today are using them as a destruction from the real issues. If celebrities like Bradangelina get involved, then most of the attention will go to what they have to say then what the candidates stand for to make the country right. With all these celebrities, it has become like a rap video.

  18. geronimo says:

    Agree with Orangejulius. ALL celebrity endorsement is a distraction, it focuses attention away from where it should be and just gets people’s backs up unnecessarily when a celebrity’s opinions are perceived as having more weight than those of non-celebs. The media’s job is to provoke as well as report and so much of this celeb endorsement just seems to become fodder for prejudice and bad feeling.

  19. Liz says:

    I don’t think this is new actually, I think it came out around the time of Cannes and maybe was rereleased when asked. Brad is an Obama supporter and had said so on the record, but I believe also said at a different time that his role would not be a big or public one because of charity work. He had Bill Clinton at make It Right for example.

    So I think Angie was asked and rather than say she wouldn’t say she said she was being responsible and reading positions : ) Kaiser is right, she would have to work with and lobby whomever is in office.

    It’s a dual edged sword. A lot of people say they don’t listen to celebrities, or don’t like to, but in fact they usually do. Gwyneth Paltrow for instance, she just did a get out the vote ad for Democrats Abroad and while it was mocked in a lot of places in the end it was the most successful PR campaign resulting in quantifiable hits and emails being opened.

  20. Mairead says:

    Thanks for clarifying that CB and providing those links; I’m a bit preoccupied today otherwise I would have remembered political commentators talking about Obama’s roadmap for withdrawl and the very detailed policy he needed in order to gain credibilit against McCain ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    It’s the international working group bit that made my eyebrows raise a bit – on whose mandate are they working? who (s)elects them? what is their individual bodies’ agenda? will they have any teeth or just a talking shop for policies? How are they going to be any different for the UNHCR – or will they report to the UN?

    But could I recommend that you edit your Obama section slightly and include the quotation from the paragraph in its entirety?:

    He will provide at least $2 billion to expand services to Iraqi refugees in neighboring countries, and ensure that Iraqis inside their own country can find sanctuary. Obama would also work with Iraqi authorities and the international community to hold the perpetrators of potential war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide accountable.

    I know that’s what you were trying to condense, but the meaning had changed quite substantially – in politic-speak if nothing else.

    Without wanting to sound like I’m talking down to you – when reading anything in politics and especially in governance very careful attention must be given to the following terms “will”, “may”, “shall”, “must”, “should”.
    In normal speech they are almost interchangeable, but never assume they are in a policy document – they really do change the complexion of the piece and definitely define future actions.

    There are lots of “will”s and “must”s in the section that I have just read – which is reassuring. It’ll be interesting to see how that’ll translate if he gets a chance to draw up an official policy document .

    But in either event there is contingency for long-term military involvement in Iraq (and presumably Afghanistan) with either candidate; one being more intensive in the short-to-medium term.

  21. Mairead says:

    you and orangjulius probably do have a point geronimo – you remember the absolute disaster the mass-celebrity backing New Labour had in 1997. Them celebs weren’t long learning the true nature of politics ๐Ÿ˜†

    And to be fair to politics – it’s not even the case that they’re lying on the campaign trail – it’s that they are complete eternal optimists (possibly to the point of delusion) and possibly do believe all the nonsense they spout – until they realise there’s no financial backing or they’re backing themselves into no-mans-land ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. I choose me says:

    I agree with journey to some extent. celebs have a right to express their politic opinions same as anybody else, as long as they’re not shoving down our throats then that’s fine by me.

    CB said “I would have liked to hear her say sheโ€™s staying out of it rather than that sheโ€™s reserving judgment.” But why shouldn’t she reserve judgment about who she’s going to vote for, I’m assuming that she was asked the question and that she gave an honest answer, however I do agree that she should not endorse either candidate as it can only come back to bite her in the ass. Nor would her endorsement do Obama or McCain any favours due to the reasons geronimo & orangejulius cited above.

    Welp that’s my 2cents.

  23. Kaiser says:

    I suppose some of my ambivalence about Angelina’s maybe-endorsement is the fear that she’ll endorse McCain. I’ve been thinking for some time that my girl has some neoconservative tendencies.

    I’m hoping that Brad will talk some sense into her. If not him, than I will! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. pamela says:


    If as you say Angie represents celebrity with her “dozens of homes”, and “private jets”, what do you say about Oprah, whose lifestyle is even more over the top, and she is openly endorsing Obama. Give it up dearie, Angie is influential.

    As far as her publicly endorsing anyone, i dont think she will, because as someone has already mentioned, she needs to show a non-partisan front, as she needs to work with whoever wins. She never has stated before who she will vote for, and I dont think she will do so now. As far as i can remember, Brad has not said who he endorses.

  25. Syko says:

    If she does, Kaiser, I’ll be resigning from the BADettes and going to the other side.

    The dark side.

  26. Exiled says:

    I think what Angelina Jolie does is wonderful, but PLEASE…they are likening her to Mother Theresa.

  27. Kaiser says:

    WAIT! Syko, if my girl endorsed McNasty, you would become a Hater?

    For shame!

    But seriously, I doubt she’ll endorse anyone. And as God as my witness, I’m voting for Obama regardless of what any celebrity says. *fingers crossed I don’t have to become a Hater*

  28. daisy424 says:

    Kaiser & Syko, it’s supposed to be politics, not hollywood. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You can never give up your BADette cards, we are a select group. We all can disagree on politics, but not AJ. ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Kaiser says:

    @Daisy & Syko – The few, the proud, the BADettes. Semper Fi, girls. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. daisy424 says:

    Syko, walk towards the light.

    BTW did you see the lip injections that Jen had?
    D-listed also has a write up on Angie’s vote, hysterical.

  31. steph says:

    That’s pretty amazing to be just 33 years old and have both presidential candidates wanting your support. Say what you will about Angelina, but she sure has accomplished a lot in her short life.

  32. Snowblood says:

    Wow – this will be a guaranteed hot-topic thread. We’ve got both Angelina Jolie AND poitics, BOTH party presidential candidates no less!!

    *rolls out her portable full bar, begins to set up glassware, plugs in the blender, sets out the garnish tray*

    Anyone up for a morning cocktail? Actually, it’s almost noon, ladies! Ta hell with it, it’s a Monday, let’s do Monday Lunchtails!

    Now I gotta read all the comments…

  33. Snowblood says:

    BADettes, relax, AJ will never in a million years give McCain the vote.

    Plus, I second what Kaiser noted, re: Ange not divulging who she votes for/not giving anyone a public endorsement — “Humanitarian and refugee activists have to work with whomever gets elected – their job is made harder if they were standing next to the other guy in a heated election.”

    Anyway, her man has already endorsed Obama.

  34. daisy424 says:

    Apple martini sounds about right.

    My husband and I vote for different candidates most of the time, opposites attract ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Snowblood says:

    Here you go, Daisy – fresh Grannysmith Apple Martini, made with Belvedere vodka –

    You have a great point, opposites really do attract. My own boyfriend believes Obama is really special, a kind of genius but “stupid,” if that makes any sense. ๐Ÿ™„ Anyway, I radically, vigorously disagree with a great deal of my boyfriend’s oddly conservative ideas. I’m nothing like him in this respect. I’m “liberal,” or maybe I’m Libertarian. *goes to google that term…*

  36. Kaiser says:

    Semper Fi, Snowblood. It’s actually not that bad today. No need for internet mocktails.

    I agree, Steph. For a woman who was wearing vials of blood seven years ago(oh, yeah, BADettes, I opened *that* can of worms), Angie has accomplished a lot.

  37. Syko says:

    I read in an interview that it wasn’t “vials of blood”, but more like smears of blood on tiny slides. Which is a TOUCH more palatable.

  38. Nan says:

    Snowy, it’s monday…I’m taking it easy. Do you have a Molson Golden back there? Daisy, yes I saw it. Thanks to AJ every white woman is trying to have the lips of an African. I just try to picture Marlene Dietrich & Greta Garbo with lip injections. Trends amuse me. Daisy, do you comment on DListed?

  39. Nan says:

    My BF & I were watching Mr. & Mrs.Smith the other night & he said to me, “You do know that this is the film that started it all?”. Duh, I guess it’s good that he doesn’t realize what a gossip blog loving individual I am. I then said it was a shame that Angie’s career is about these sexy shoot ’em up roles especially after her oscar win. He didn’t know AJ had the coveted statue. He is now finally understanding the public’s fascination with a Miss Angelina Jolie.

  40. Snowblood says:

    Molson Golden for you, Nan – the lip injection craze always makes me think of that classic scene in First Wives Club, when Goldie Hawn (whom I absolutely adORE) shows up to the ladies’ luncheon with her friends sporting gigantic, pushed-out duck lips from her recent plumping. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

    Is it really true that Anniston went out and got duck lips? If so, how hilarious is THAT. ๐Ÿ˜† Considering her legendary rival has the lips naturally.

  41. daisy424 says:

    Nan; No, I don’t comment on d-listed, I just love the nasty commentary. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith was on FX here yesterday. They have a DVD that has behind the scene shots, a different ending and funny facts about the filming.

  42. Snowblood says:

    Mr and Mrs Smith is such a fun treat to watch, yeah yeah yeah I realise it isn’t “high art,” but who cares, not all films have to be Lawrence of Arabia and Citizen Kane and the Seventh fu**in’ Seal. It’s just so – downright fun, this movie!

    It’s all about that flashing, intense chemistry between Pitt & Jolie, they fell in love during shooting of Smith. And you can literally watch them actually in the process of falling in love – one of my favourite scenes is when they’re at the dinner table, sizing each other up.

    I love the nasty Dlisted articles, too, I’m a Dlisted junkie but I never post commentary anywhere except here at CeleBitchy.

  43. Kristin says:

    Lol her statement is soo fake. Yeah, right, she is really gonna vote for McCain. No way.

  44. pamela says:

    It seems that FX shows M&MS every other week. They probably still get a lot of viewers for them to be showing it so often.

  45. Steph says:

    A libertarian.. That explains a lot.

  46. czarina says:

    I thought her statement was very politically savvy. She is very likely NOT going to publicly endorse either candidate, but she is standing up for the political issues that matter to her.
    More importantly, she reminds people that it isn’t a popularity contest.
    She says (and whether she means it or not its a good thing to say), that she isn’t blindly voting based on party support or what kind of President either Bush or Clinton was, or because it’s what Brad is voting.
    Everyone should vote based on the issues that mean the most to them (primarily), and take that in context of the candidate’s overall platform.
    It was a smart answer. Good for her.

  47. Paloma says:

    I thought I read somewhere that after working on The Changeling with Clint Eastwood (a noted Republican), the media asked her about her dinner political discourse with him. She said that she had more in common with Eastwood than people think; that people assumed she was an Obama backer but she was still holding judgment; that she perhaps had an international perspective to add to his views and he was teaching her more about domestic issues.

  48. Me says:

    We are assuming that she would sway a large chunk of the population here or indeed that she has a huge following. If people do not like her enough to watch her at the box office, what makes them think they will be swayed by whatever she thinks? She never even makes it on the list of favourite actress. She is on so called ‘influencial’ lists manipulated by the media.

    I think Angelina’s people take a lot for granted when they spread these stories. I am sure neither camp cares that much where she falls.

    Let us be realistic, this woman is a former prostitute/ drug addict/ incestious etc of hollywood turned obsessed do gooder/ Child collecter, attention seeker. After the birth of her twins, her cards for attention are as good as used up. I don’t see Obama’s or Mcain’s camps running to France to get her to endorse them.

    Her magazines with the twins have had disappointing sales. I say this is total rubbish.

  49. Me says:

    Of course she is not consevertive, she is a lesbian/ bi sexual, who has three bastard children, who does not believe in God, has six children with her lover who she will not marry unless all gay people got married. Has no respect for marriage, thinks we should forgive terrorists who have killed our loved ones when she can’t forgive her father… etc.

    The only thing she has in common with conservatives is she is capitalist, selling her children to the highest bidder and maybe telling lies all the time.

  50. Bodhi says:

    ^^ ๐Ÿ™„

    Me~ Angelina was never a prostitute. Hate the woman for whatever reasons you want, but don’t blatently make stuff up.

    Vodka & Cran over here!!

    Personally, I doubt that she’d endorse McCain, but one never knows another’s private political leanings. I have some very strong opinions on very sensative topics that I almost never talk about.

  51. pamela says:


    You had better calm down, and making up lies about Angie does not make them true.

    Damn, all the woman said is that she is still listening and has not yet made up her mind, and all hell breaks loose. More people than you will imagine think the same way.

  52. Snowblood says:

    Here you go, Bodhi, I made it a double but the vodka’s really premium stuff, so it’ll go down like cranberry silk.

    Well! Hi, there, “Me,” a.k.a. Spite Personified. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ I KNEW it was only a matter of time before the mouth-foaming bitter insane hatred came sneaking into this thread! They wait, you see, I’ve been noticing a trend – the HaterTrolls wait until they think the coast is clear and the BADetes have all logged off for the day, then they come ’round with their sick insanity and venomous hatred.

    Let US be realistic, “Me,” and face it – no one wants to have anything to do with a religion that churns out sick hate-filled minds like yours. You sound like a sanctimonious bible-shaking hypocrite. Shame on you for your culture of backward hypocrisy and hate! God is Love, not hate. Jesus would NOT be impressed.

  53. czarina says:

    Okay, as I’ve mentioned before, I am not an American, but is there really this huge division between Republicans and Democrates?
    NO Democrate is in favor of marriage and family and against abortion? NO Republican is okay with gay marriage and wants the American military out of Iraq?
    I mean, it seems from the comments that I read here, that these parties are excessively polarized. Is there absolutely no middle ground? Is there no way to be a Conservative in, say, the budget, taxes, & domestic policy and still be in favor of gay marriage and a withdrawl from Iraq?
    See, I’m from Canada–we, too, have two main political parties, but they have so little clue what distinguishes them from the other (except for not liking each other), that it’s sometimes hard to tell who is who!!

  54. Whitey Fisk says:

    She seems pretty damn genuine.

  55. Nan says:

    End. Again…i’d rather be some of you & def. me than any of these lost, uneducated souls in Hollywood.

  56. Bodhi says:


  57. Nan says:

    Hey, ME, don’t be calling Angie a prostitute.

  58. lunachick says:

    I do like that she’s keeping her vote private. I have to think she’d be with Obama…cannot imagine her going with McLame, but regardless…

    I DO think we should all spend more time talking about the actual issues, and making our own judgments based on the candidates’ approaches to solving them, than trying to sway one another with “you should like so-and-so because I do.” Or because she does. Or whatever.

    Pay attention, and think for yourself!

    (steps off soap box)

  59. Mairead says:

    “Me”, as it happens YOU are the only person who thinks that she’ll have a widespread influence, not her supporters.

    Kink, apologies, I didn’t notice your post yesterday. I’m afraid I can’t see for the life of me where I was spreading propaganda for McCain (or indeed “poopaganda”). I don’t think that’s fair as I’m not American, will have no control over either of their foreign policies and my preference is moot.

    All I said was that it’s a damned sight easier to enforce your polices when you have a presence there. But on reading Barak’s approach to Iraq, it’s fairly obvious that both men foresee the probability of a presence there in the medium-to-long term.

    In fact, on reading McCain’s page, his foreign policy in Iraq doesn’t really seem as detailed- lot’s of ensure Iraq’s neighbours support the government type thing – including putting their profits from oil into the country. Which made me scratch my head tbh.

    My reaction is to the story rather than the politics. I’ve no favourite at the moment, although traditionally I would lean more towards one side than another.

    I don’t know the track record of either presumptive candidate in delivering on pre-election promises, which will be the most telling way of seeing how they’ll follow through.

  60. geronimo says:

    I quite enjoyed the refresher course yesterday, Mairead, ta very much! Like you, not being in the middle of it, loads of things pass me by so it’s quite useful to have informative idiot guide updates from time to time. ๐Ÿ˜›

  61. VA78 says:

    You forgot incestuous, Kissing her brother the way she did during the oscars was disgusting. Makes me wonder how much further angelina and her brother have taken their relationship.

  62. daisy424 says:

    VA78, I just read another one of your posts. You’re being attacked because you are spouting off lies and passing them off as fact.
    You’re confusing fact with opinion

  63. d says:

    Very good sum up ME.ITA.