Kanye West’s awesome new puppet music video

Just when I think I can write Kanye West off as a completely narcissistic jerk, he does something so awesome that it reminds me why he is so successful despite his massive ego: he is really, really good at what he does. He talks himself up more than anyone I can think of, but he can back it up, it’s that simple.

Kanye’s video for his latest single champion just came out, and it completely shocked me. Why? Because Kanye himself isn’t in it at all: instead it features an amazingly realistic Kanye puppet. Before you judge and think puppets aren’t cool, watch the video. Because this is easily the hippest, most musically-inclined puppet since Rowlf the Dog. The video is charming, funny, and all-around down to earth – which is sort of ironic since the lyrics are all about how awesome Kanye is.

That Kanye West. He’s always got something new to entertain us.

The video for “Champion” not only gives in to our current Olympic fever (Michael Phelps, yeah!) but also a deep-seated love for all things puppets developed over the course of a childhood filled with Sesame Street and The Muppet Show.

In fact, we believe there are not enough puppets at work in Hollywood, so we hope an endorsement from Kanye will change all that. Give the video a view and try to tell us Puppet Kanye isn’t the most adorable thing ever.

[From E! News]

The idea of Kanye West being willing to hand over his music video and his likeness to a puppet shows that he doesn’t actually take himself quite as seriously as we all thought – or that he’s at least smart enough to know when to chill out and just have fun with his music. Thanks to Vimeo for the video.

Kanye West “Champion Video” Official Directed by NEON from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

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  1. Snowblood says:

    That was awesome! Thanks for that video, JayBird, that was really cool & I’d not yet heard this new Kanye song.

  2. Celebitchy says:

    The puppet is super cute and I really like the song.

  3. GirlyGirl says:

    Kevin, your lack of compassion is disgusting and sad. Just because Kanye is blatantly egotistical does not mean it’s ok to make jokes about the loss of his mother. My mother passed 3 years ago at a young age, and it is still very painful for me. It’s not the deceased you have offended, but their survivors. 😡

  4. GirlyGirl says:

    Celebitchy, thank you for deleting Kevin’s comment.

  5. chamalla says:

    Weee! That was fabulous, and it sampled Steely Dan!

    I like Kanye, massive ego and all. 8)

  6. Mizz Thang says:

    BFD. Nothing exciting here. I mean, so what if HE’s not in the video; so instead having a caricature of himself is “brilliant”? The lyrics suck, too. And as usual, he can barely keep a decent beat.

    Still not a fan.

  7. Sara says:

    that was a damn cute 3 minutes and 22 seconds.

  8. Crux the Magic Dragon says:

    Just like Amy Winehouse and her tired ass drunk/drugging hard-livin’ party girl and beehive routine, Kanye’s ‘arrogance’ is a shtick. It’s AN ACT, part of his stage persona. Cool video for a cool performer.

    He does a hell of a lot for his community, and for his fans. He’s a champion, in my eyes. 8)

  9. brista says:

    I love the sketch he did on SNL after he pitched a little hissy about not getting a Grammy. While I don’t have any real opinion either way about him, I think that was a hilarious sketch and he was pretty good to go along with it and participate.

  10. Bodhi says:

    WOOT! I love Muppets! I love the way they dance; its so funny!

    And that supercool little dude was a great non-Jim Henson muppet. I don’t really give a shit about Kanye, but that video is awesome!