Did Ali Lohan get a boob job?

Credit: US Weekly
US Weekly has side by side comparison photos of Ali Lohan, and she looks to have grown boobs overnight. She’s possibly using those chicken cutlet inserts to enhance her natural assets, but the girl is 14 years old. If she did stuff her bra to achieve this look, it’s a much better alternative than surgery at her age, but neither is appropriate.

Ali denied a rumored nose job, and she’ll probably say she didn’t have anything done to her chest, either. Her sister Lindsay is widely believed to have had a boob job at 17, which she is though to have had reduced. Ali says she wants to be just like Lindsay and that she wants to be famous. Her mom, Dina, claims she’s just helping her daughter fulfill her dream to be a singer, that she’s not a “stage mother” and isn’t pushing her into show business.

You can see Dina allowing Ali to get a boob job at that age and claiming she’s just helping her daughter with her career. Girls’ bodies change a lot at 14 and it’s possible Ali just got curvier along with wearing a bra or inserts that add a cup size or two. I’m voting for chicken cutlet inserts because it would be too creepy if she had breast augmentation at 14. Wait for the Lohans to deny this in their gravelly hysterical-sounding voices and act like it’s everyone else’s problem that people are pointing out how age-inappropriate Ali looks.

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  1. daisy424 says:

    A reputable plastic surgeon would not do a nose job on her until she was at least 17. She has not stopped growing yet. She does look alot older than 14 though…….

  2. antony says:

    Poor girl never had a chance…to be normal, that is.

  3. lilah012 says:

    She looks older because of all that styling and makeup. She also has some strong features.

    I would hold off on breast enhancement rumors until we’ve seen her in a variety of outfits. Usually a celeb will wear a pushup bra once and suddenly everyone thinks she checked in with a plastic surgeon. Lindsay was naturally top-heavy so maybe it runs in the family.

  4. Syko says:

    I can totally see a boob job happening in this family, but I think it’s a matter of posture in those two top pictures. In the first she is sort of hunched over with her shoulders forward, and in the second she’s standing straight with her shoulders back. She has cleavage even in the first picture, so I don’t think it’s a boob job yet. Maybe some pads or a push-up thingy. (Being a DD, I don’t know much about those things).

  5. neelyo says:

    That headline seems like a rhetorical question.

    Ali’s just not that attractive. Take away the makeup, extensions and desginer duds and she’s just your average run of the mill senior citizen.

  6. Msfortune says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ali got a boob job. Her mom seems like that type of mom who lets 12 year old kids have pill and beer parties in her basement. LOL! I mean she was letting Lindsay sleep over at Aaron’s house when she was 14.. i mean, a boob job seems very tame compared to that.
    But I bought some “chicken cutlets” once because I am naturally small on top and they worked great! I got rid of them because I would accidently drop them at random places, i.e a grocery store.. lol..so i just use a push up bra and believe me those things work miracles! So if she didn’t then she has a great bra from Victoria Secret.

  7. RhymesWithSilver says:

    I went to middle school with hordes of chicks who looked like Ali. I never realized what slutbags they all looked like until I was a grown woman myself. When I was a 14-year-old, I envied those girls, but now I would slap any girl that age who left the house looking like that.

  8. Kaiser says:

    I’m a DD too, Syko! I have cleavage laying flat on my back.

    Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past Dina Lohan to make Ali get a boob job, but it’s probably just normal teen development. When I first got mine, I was a C-cup for years, then around the age of 18, I had a second growth spurt – grew a few more inches in height, and went up to DD-cups.

  9. Codzilla says:

    I’m sure her pig of a mother could find someone to do the surgery, for the right price. And Daddy would undoubtedly be on board if it meant more cash in his pocket.

  10. CelebitchyFAN says:

    I think it’s probably not only the different posturing in these pics but also the clothes. In the first one she is slouched and wearing layers of clothes, in the second she is standing straight up and has on a form fitting thank top. And she’s 14. When I was 14 I changed bra sizes about every 2 months until I finally hit the grand daddy mother load.

  11. CB Rawks says:

    I think she has had a nose job, because it used to look like it was on upside down.
    If she really had a boob job too, at her age while her body’s still growing, then that utter trash she calls a mother should be arrested.

  12. Syko says:

    Kaiser, I used to have cleavage lying flat on my back, but now when I lie on my back, my chest is flat and I can’t put my arms against my sides.

    I was also a C until I had kids – first kid took me to a D, and by the third I’d reached the magnificence that is a DD. I’d just as soon have stayed a B or C, when you’re a DD, men never look you in the eye.

    Now they all call me “ma’am” anyway. :cry:

  13. Kaiser says:

    “when you’re a DD, men never look you in the eye…”

    Yep. I get tired of supermarket bag boys asking my breasts if they want paper or plastic.

    *sidenote – in your experience, what’s the best bra for DD’s? I was with Maidenform for a while, but I moved to Playtex.

  14. Nova says:

    She has had something done because no girl, no matter how much puberty sets in is going to grow that much boobage. Here’s a link to beach pics from last summer. She’s as flat as a board then…..and despite the much to mature bikini she is wearing, she atleast still looked like a kid.


  15. Syko says:

    @Kaiser – I’ve found a Bali I like a lot, it’s an underwire (really saves those shoulders) that advertises itself as the “comfortable underwire” or something like that. Costs around $30, but when I caught them on sale for $9.95 I bought a dozen of ‘em. Never have to buy bras again for the rest of my life! They are truly comfortable and give good support and separation.

  16. heatherrr says:

    Kaiser, do you like playtex better? I really love maidenform and their minimizers, they’re still actually cute (I’m 18 and I still want to look good in my undies haha) and they hold me in without making me feel like I’m wearing one of the olympic swimming suits trying to push them all the way back in and out my back haha.

  17. california angel says:

    I’m a D, so I’m not quite as gifted as some of you ladies, lol, but mine did not fully develop until I was 20. I’m thinking that it could be a combination of Ali having grow as well as a padded bra because you can tell that the lower part of her boobs are wider across than her cleavage and her boobs seem to go lower on her chest than before, meaning she is probably wearing a bra with inserted padding on the bottom portion to create more cleavage at the top portion. Just my guess though.

  18. DogRunner says:

    Maybe she is wearing a water bra?

  19. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I CANNOT get over the fact that this girl is the same age as my daughter.

    My daughter has freckles, blue eyes, blond hair, and looks younger than her age (14). She’s also smaller than most 14 year olds.

    And this Ali Lohan looks like a 37 year old divorcee. It’s amazing. And really sad. What the hell is she going to look like when she really IS 37?

    Plastic surgery or not, someone needs to slow this girl down.

  20. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    And now having looked at those pics of her last summer, when she at least looked somewhat like a 13 year old (though the bikini is WAY too mature for her), I have some questions:

    WHY are they dying her hair black? What are they doing to remove all her freckles? Spackle or bleaching her skin or what? In that very top pic on this page, on the right, she looks like a stripper on her off day.

  21. rlr260 says:

    @ kaiser and syko, I’m a DD, sometimes a DDD depending on the bra. I like Wacoal bras. They cost too much, so I try to catch them on sale. I wear the life out of them so I get my money’s worth. Lately I’ve tried Playtex and found some that fit pretty well, but I still prefer Wacoal.

  22. B says:

    I was very flat-chested when I was 13 and by my 15th birthday I was already a C cup.

    Ali is no ugly, she’s an average 14 year old. She just looks terribly ugly and disgusting with all that makeup and those hideous plump lips.

    I don’t think she got a boob job, I think she’s just growing up, and her mom exaggerates all that with make-up and padded bras; Dina just wants to accelerate the whole process so she can profit from it sooner.

    I never thought Lindsay had a breast augmentation either, she looked pretty harmonious and her boobs always looked proportional to her body, and people started saying that she had had a boob job around the time she was terribly skinny so it was only natural her breast would shrink as well. If you look at her breast now, they look about the same size they were when Mean Girls came out.

  23. ladybug says:

    Why can’t celebrity teens just focus on their studies? (SAD question, I know) With all the money their families have they could easily afford an excellent education. Why must they all have tits, coke, bleach and camera flashes in the brain?

  24. Tanille says:

    Hopefully she didn’t get them done shes way to young. But i have a bra that makes me look like i’ve had mine done, so hopefully thats all it is

  25. Nan says:

    There is no way that is a nose job. I have the identical nose & I’d like to get my tip sculpted. That is her nose. If I had more Irish blood in me my nose would be perfect.

  26. Syko says:

    Me too, B. Girls go through amazing growth and development spurts at that age. At 12 I was 4’11″ and flat as a board, and at 13 I was 5’7″ and a B cup bra. I don’t think she’s had a boob job. Lots of pancake makeup and hair dye, and encouragement to behave beyond her years by her idiot parents, but I think the body is all hers. This week.

  27. hello says:

    Maybe she has a fake birth certificate like that Chinese gymnast! :mrgreen:

    That doesn’t really makes sense, but you get what I’m saying.

  28. cara says:

    How is this acceptable? Aren’t mother’s supposed to protect their children and teach them that their bodies are their temples…and the only one they get, so PROTECT IT, it’s gold. Not push them to grow up too fast, when in the ruler of life, youth is the minority. What’s next, Ali Lohan starring in “The Story of O”?

  29. Susana says:

    Are you kidding me……No type of enhancement can bring you up that many sizes. That is clearly implants or photo modification. That family is so off!

  30. alyssa says:

    ok i dont think that she got a boob job cause for 1 when i was 12 in the beginning of summer i was a b cup by the end of summer i was a d cup so it can happen everyone needs to chill out and like other people said she could be wearing a really good push up bra. stop sweating her she is 14 years old!! plus i dont think they are allowed to do a boob job even with parental consent she is still developing they would deff have to wait.

  31. Christina X says:

    I think it’s the bra. It probably has extra padding, although I find it a little bit disturbing a 14 year old is trying to draw attention to her boobs like that.

    I developed a chest at a young age. I was about nine or ten. I’m a DD cup and have nonexisting cleavage.

  32. clair says:

    go onto bravissimo website- the bras there are fantastic and they do bikinis in a bra size. i am a 32e and i have not found a better fit. on topic though, i have a bra that makes me look 2 sizes bigger than i already am so i do not think that she has had a boob job.

  33. Shannon says:

    Hmmmm…I’ve long since stopped caring about the Lohans, but I did catch some of their show and it’s pretty clear Ali doesn’t have an ounce of talent in either the singer, dancing or acting department. And there’s also the fact that her name recognition ensures she’ll never be a Disney queen.

    Basically, I’m not surprised she may have had a boob job, or that a boob job is somewhere in her near future.


  34. Say whaaaa? says:

    Regardless if those breasts are real or not – this girl is fourteen and should not be looking like she’s 20-something or even 30-something.

    She needs a real mother, not all this media attention.

  35. Kaiser says:

    Rir260, Syko, Heatherr – Yeah, I do like Playtex a lot. They don’t hurt my shoulders or back at all. But thanks for the info on Wacoal and Bali. Will try them if they’re on sale.

    Maidenform was good for me for a time, but I feel “boobtastic” when I wear Maidenform bras – something about the underwire, it just pushes my boobs out big time. I did try M. minimizers for a time, but they hurt my shoulders something fierce. So Maidenform “classic underwire” for dates and night-time stuff, Playtex for daywear.

  36. vdantev says:

    Hope she did, and I hope it gives her cancer, and I hope it spreads in all directions, and I hope she get’s one of those new young philosophical doctors who doesn’t believe in pain-killers during her treatment. Maybe then I won’t have to read about her ever again. :evil:

  37. crippy says:

    Her Mother has already allowed Ali to have her lips artificially enhanced. A boob job doesn’t seem that far fetched.
    How many mothers would arrange lip surgery for their 14 year old daughters?

  38. LucaBella says:

    Well…. here is Ali “The hot Senior Citizen” Lohan 5 months ago… now you tell me how she grew that chest overnight:


  39. Ron says:

    It is entirely possible for a 14 yr old girl to have breasts that size.
    My wife’s niece was a full C cup at 12 yrs old, and she had a small body the size of a normal 12 yr old, but big breasts.

  40. xbabiix3 says:

    How’d she get boobs overnite??? If she did then how’d she do it. How did you guys get ur boobs to grow? Im 16..and wayy flat chested! They havent grown at all. Please help!!

  41. joey says:

    Umm… I think everyone needs to wait and see …It could be boob/job – or good bra. It wouldn’t surprise me either way – but would put nothing past Dina Lohan.
    And no Lilah012 – Lindsay was not naturally top heavy – she was flat as a board – then “suddemly” huge at 16 or 17.
    I do remember the pics and the press on that – because i’ve been a fan of hers. Lindsay,actually has alot of talent – unlike Paris, Kim, Nicole etc… and I’m rooting for her.

  42. BONNiE says:

    She might have stuffed it or it may have just been a really good push up bra! Bra’s can do that you know, even take you up a few cup sizes.Lindsey also had a naturally large chest so maybe it runs in the family. Plus, in the second picture her shirt is a lot tighter than the first. She IS only 14. No family is that stupid.

  43. Rose_Anderson says:

    Ali Lohan looked like she was 21 when she was 10. She can’t help it. Im 18 and I look like im 12. It is genetics. My best friend is exacly like that. She is 19 and people always think she is 25 or 26. She can’t help it.

    Ali probably grew from a B cup to a C over the summer, which isn’t abnormal. In addition, she probably wears a water bra or a push up bra. Plus people who are really skinny always look like they have bigger boobes. I am an A cup but when I wear a push up bra and a tank like the one Ali is wearing, I look like I have C boobs.

    No plastic surgeon would put implants in a 14 year old. No matter how much money he or she was offered.

  44. Mary says:

    I’ve met Ali. She is adorable. She looks her age and acts her age. She has local friends and hangs out with them having pizza, laughing, chit-chatting, and singing. Her hair is gorgeous, and all her own. As for her body, it is developing and growing. This speculation is ridiculous. I don’t think it’s a big deal for a teenager to try an enhancing bra. Give me a break.

  45. angela says:

    Her boobs def look bigger in the 2nd pic than they do in the first and on the show (embarrased to admit I watched) But I remember it seemed like Lindsay grew over a short period of time too. She needs to lose all that makeup though and they clothes…she’s looks 30 in the last pic.

  46. xoxoxo says:

    it could just be the bra. but when you have a reality show on yourself, and the world sees what you look like, and your sister is famous. Of course you’re going to be in the spotlight. I dont understand why she would get a boob job right now. I mean it’s really asking for gossip to happen.
    She looks really good though, but 14! ….i guess we will see..

  47. capri, 15 says:

    ali is 14. u can’t have breasts surgery until ur at least 16. there’s no way she got a boob job.

  48. lalalla says:

    she looks so freaking old, i can’t get over the fact that she is 14, i’m 16 and i look younger then her, is that horrible or what?

  49. katreena says:

    she looks so old for her age- like 35! how sad

  50. Tash says:

    This girl is fourteen years of age. Give her a break. Don’t tell me you dont’ remember how akward it was, settling into puberty.

    And honestly, you people should ashamed of yourself. There’s no way any surgeon in his right way would give a fourteen year old girl a boob job.

    She probably just grew over the summer OR took breast enhancement pills. But I think the former is more plausible.

    As for the makeup, I suppose she’s just trying to fit in. You can’t blame her, what with those cameras and the stalkarazzi tailing her all the time.

  51. serena says:

    her nose, her boobs, her face is far far different on how it used to be. of course they lied..could they say “yes my daughter/sister have gone on surgery” ? ahhaah that not surprise me anymore. She is very different and I don’t think that “growin’ up” makes all that changes.. not at all, I am very sensitve on this matter so don’t come and tell me -she’s grown- I don’t believe it. All of her is fake.

  52. Alyssa says:

    I’m 16 and already an E cup :(

  53. Shaba says:

    Shaking my Head “/ poor little girl never had time to grow up becaue of her Sister Lidsay…. She should had never done that to her, and whats so messed up is that shes on 14 YEARS, if she was 17 or older it would had been a different but no “/

  54. ughwhat says:

    uhh shes not 14 shes 16. wtf.

  55. kermit says:

    @ughwhat This original article is from 2008 when Ali was 14. The 5 foot 9 inch Ali of early 2010 is 16 whose looks have changed and matured from the girl in these pics about 1.5 years ago. Now, she rarely wears makeup in casual settings. For some reason people think she’s had surgeries that there’s no evidence of that she has had. She used to wear the blue contacts but rarely does now and sometimes uses lip plumper lipstick. She’s very slender, tall, has medium sized breasts (topic of article), is a brown-eyed brunette with similar natural dark hair color as her 21-year-old brother Michael Junior (very dark brown that appears almost black). Though she spends much time with Lindsay, she’s not Lindsay and appears to be drug-free and reserved with the media and is very quietly working on mostly singing and modeling currently. Hopefully she’ll avoid the pitfalls of her older sister and can cope much better with any success she may have in her career aspirations.

  56. lymn2 says:

    It’s hard to believe that some people really are stupid enough to think that Ali had a boob job.
    Have they never heard of going through puberty?
    She has gradually developed into a beautiful supermodel with the Ford Modeling Agency.
    Apparently too many people believe all the negative comments about the Lohan family.

  57. Sam says:

    It’s so stupid to think this girl had a boob job. I was a B cup my first two years of high school and then the summer before 11th grade my boobs grew seemingly overnight to a D cup. I never had a boob job they just grew. Girls bodies at that age are changing, it’s not crazy to think she is just going through puberty. What is crazy is to think she had a boob job. Or- here is a crazy idea- maybe she is wearing a pushup bra!