ITW: Empress Zahara demands Brangelina adopt a Namibian orphan girl


What potentially could have been a great scoop for In Touch Weekly – if they’re telling the truth – quickly turned into another “Angelina is hungry for babies, Brad is exhausted and gives in to whatever crazy demand Angelina makes” story. In Touch claims that when Brad and Angelina were in Namibia for Christmas, they visited the Unesco Center orphanage. This I will buy. Even if they are looking to adopt, Brad and Angelina have a history of visiting orphanages and passing out toys. But then In Touch spins a story about how Angelina and Empress Zahara met a little Namibian orphan girl and the Empress was all “Mother, you need to adopt her. I demand it.” And Angelina was all “Okay, whatever you say, your highness.” And Brad was all “Angie, ANOTHER BABY?!!?” Maybe that’s not exactly what happened, but I like my version better.

During their recent trip to Namibia, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie visited the Unesco center orphanage. As they met with the children, Angelina and Zahara fell in love with a sweet 5-year-old girl.

“She was adorable,” an insider reveals, adding that Zahara bonded with her immediately, and told Angelina that she thought the girl would “fit right into their home.”

Angelina was so moved with Zahara’s bond with the girl, she presented Brad with her most impulsive plan yet – adopting a seventh child from Africa as soon as possible.

“The problem is that Brad is just about to go to New Orleans to begin a new movie and Angelina is starting post production on the film she directed. It seems like a really bad time to bring another child into the family.”

But while Brad suggested they postpone the paperwork until one of them is less busy, Angelina told him now’s the time.

“She knows the timing is bad, but she told Brad, ‘We need to bring home another child very soon.’”

Brad begged her to reconsider, but it looks like Angelina is about to get her way once again. Even though they are “overwhelmed” with their six kids, the insider says Angelina’s “heart melted” at Zahara’s request for a little sister who “looks like her… Angie says that Zahara has fantastic maternal instincts for a little 6-year-old girl.”

“Brad suggested they wait a year,” the insider reveals. He finds it difficult to keep up with all of their kids – “The twins are in their ‘terrible 2s’ and need a lot of attention.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

The story just kind of falls off after that, like In Touch is unsure of whether or not to claim that Angelina did in fact begin the paperwork to adopt. Now, I’ve said it many times before – I do think they’re adopt again. And hell, maybe they would even adopt from Namibia. I do tend to think they would do another African adoption if and when they adopt again. But I’ll say this – the fact that ITW spun this tale about Angelina “getting her way” and Brad being sad and letting Angelina do whatever she wants… well, it makes me doubt all of it. Whatever.





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  1. nnn says:

    I call it BS !

  2. tpass says:

    Brad did say on Oprah that he can only handle 4 kids at a time.

  3. Girafe99 says:

    Wow,who writes this with a straight face, honestly what a load of turd

  4. phlyfiremama says:

    Empress Zahara, indeed!

  5. REALIST says:

    Has anyone heard the phrase “odd man out”? Everything is perfect now: Z has Shiloh (to kick around, or perhaps to be kicked by-time will tel!), Mad and Pax have each other, the twins have each other. Why not get a friend for the snappy English bulldog; he seems to need one..(Maybe a French bulldog-oooh, I love Frenchies!).

  6. Majosha says:

    Brad wears more makeup than my crazy old granny. I wonder if he also douses himself in Shalimar before leaving the house.

  7. Kj says:

    I’ll buy the story but I won’t buy the turmoil. Hell, I’d even buy that when/if they will adopt again is a point of contention between Brad and Angie. When the best time to have kids is like that for many couples. But I agree that when these tabs try and spin these non-stories into sweeping statements about a relationship, they lose what very little credibility they do have.

    Side note: zahara is going to be a total heartbreaker. What a gorgeous, regal looking little girl. Just lovely. God I want one now, and I hate kids.

  8. Eleonor says:

    @Majosha: LOL!

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    lol at the pic of them coming out of the toy store.

    Shiloh all crazy-happy, Zahara getting a kick out of it, and Maddox in the back thinking “SIGH…my crazy sisters…”

    oh, and I don’t believe this story at all.

  10. kiko says:

    oh please empress zahara adopt me!!!!

  11. Whatever says:

    Why do I feel like I’ve read this story a dozen times before? Oh yeah, because I have.

  12. soso says:

    Brad loves kids just as much as Angelina and they plan their family, Angelina would never make such disrespect her partner when it comes to their family and when or how to add to it. From everything Angelina says, you can see how much she respects and is very grateful for Brad.

  13. Kait says:

    I’m calling BS because I’m almost certain Namibia doesn’t have any precedents set for international adoption, meaning IF they did it would take years OR they would have to prove residency.

    I hate these kinds of stories because it makes international adoption look like it’s as simple as going to an orphanage, picking out a kid, signing a check and taking the kid.

  14. Javagirl1 says:

    I doubt this. Zahara isn’t Suri Cruise.

  15. someone says:

    I thought Shiloh was namibian???? just saying. they need another kid like they need a hole in thier heads.

  16. EdithP says:

    Zahara: *clapclap* So shall it be written, so shall it be done! (Yul Brenner voice).

    Love Empress Z!

  17. Liana says:

    I believe that intercountry adoption is illegal in Namibia. So yeah… who knows.

  18. orion70 says:

    Wait, so when a kid wants a baby brother or sister, that means they have “maternal instincts” ?

  19. Kim says:

    This story is BS.IT claimed they were adopting an Ethiopian girl last year. to add to the boy from Prague, the Burmese child , the girl from NOLA-that they were renaming Katrina, the Indian child, the girl from Syria…. Lastly why is the title Baby #7 if the girl is 5 y.o. I guess that stole the headline from Star Magazine. Baby#7 GMAB. Also IT used a pic of AJ in Haiti last year to give the impression she was visiting an orphanage in Namibia.They haven’t adopted in 4 years(Pax Feb 2007) so I don’t understand this obssession with them adopting by the tabloids.The quote Zahara wants a sister that looks like her is funny because of course All African’s look alike Namibian, Ethiopians, etc

  20. WhiteNoise says:

    “She was adorable,” an insider reveals, adding that Zahara… told Angelina that she thought the girl would “fit right into their home.”

    I am loving this line from a 5-yr old. I hope it’s verbatim. 😀

    I’m sure she added “I know it’s a big responsibility, Angie, but I think you and Brad can reassess your schedules and prioritise this.”

    Whatevs, if this little girl has the Zahara seal of approval, nothing more needs to be said.

  21. judyjudy says:

    It would be neat to get to hand pick your own sister. I didn’t have a choice and got stuck with a stinker.

  22. Kbomb says:

    I love Z’s side shank eye.

  23. Kaiser says:

    LMAO @ White Noise

    Empress Z: “Mother, I will fill out the paperwork and do a follow-up meeting with my lawyers. I really think that you should consider this with the utmost care.”

  24. Sigh. says:

    Jolie has said she intends to “balance the races” in their household (on GMA YEARS ago?), with Zahara in mind, so that is not TOO far from the truth. That comment caused a lot of…”frustration” for some.

    I also get that the addition of children into ANY household could be a bone of contention (too many/not enough, bad timing, money, the strength of the adult relationship outside of parenthood, etc).

    But I don’t wholly buy that IF another child of African descent (by bloodline, not just birthplace) is added to their brood, it’s because on a 3 day vacay, Zahara sauntered thru an orphanage and deemed another child worthy of her graceful presence. I’m surprised they didn’t say she whispered it to Shiloh (cos Lady Z only speaks to a handful of people directly) to notify their parents to take care of the mundane details quickly because we all know the burning urge to mother/nurture in a five year old is overwhelming and all-consuming.

    But someone does needs to check on that kid she was skunk-eyeing, make sure he’s still here, I mean “healthy.” Zahara is (was) not at all pleased.

  25. skibunny says:

    The little black girl is so cute! The claw on her shoulder is somewhat scary though. Is that AJ’s hand??? Yikes!

  26. December says:

    Zahara is going to be absolutely stunning when she gets older.

  27. Kim says:

    AJ mentioned “balance the races” in 2007 Is it possible that that is no longer a priority since Zahara has 3 Ethiopian cousins? Maybe Zahara likes being the only black child in the family.To my knowledge Angie hasn’t mentioned “balance the races” since that interview with Diane Sawyer.She also just mentioned in an interview that they would wait to add kids if at all until the twins were no longer toddlers. So that’s at least a year or two. Skibunny- “the little black girl is so cute” Are you referring to Zahara whose name is featured several times?

  28. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    All Hail the Empress…

  29. WhiteNoise says:

    @Kaiser – that’s exactly how it went down.

    That 2nd pic has to be the best ever pic of Zee and Shiloh. Every time I see it, I grin madly.

  30. Zelda says:

    I had zero real opinion of them before, but that pic with Jolie holding Zahara and looking into the camera..I don’t know, that just looks like a really honest, lovely picture…

    Suck it Jolie haters, I’ve chosen a side.

  31. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    If they adopt another child for the Empress PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let that child have the same shank eye the Empress has!!! I love it so much

  32. toy-plaza says:

    Looking forward to reading more. Great post. Cool.

  33. Cheyenne says:

    Oh sweet Christ. ITW is off the freaking wall. Last week it was the secret wedding in the Seychelles. This week it’s the Namibian adoption. Tune in next week for the next exciting episode in The Adventures of the Jolie-Pitt Family.

  34. jayem says:

    I think Angelina said the “balance the races” thing amidst a whole conversation about how Shiloh and the twins look like Angie and Brad and the older boys are both of Asian decent and they didn’t want Z feeling left out because no one looked like her. But like it’s been said, she had Ethiopian cousins, so it’s probably not an issue anymore. I don’t think she’ll have a problem because I still think she looks just like Angelina. They have the same nose and lips and mile-long stare. They even both have big foreheads! If I was Z and Angie told me she was my mother, I’d believe her!

    It’s gonna be so fun watching these kids grow up. I’m sure they’ll be a really close bunch of gorgeous siblings.

    OFF TOPIC: Teen Mom Jenelle’s son is SO cute!

  35. albeli says:

    Brad begging Angie to slow down on the child collecting is the most realistic part of this story.

  36. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Majosha: ROTFL!!!

  37. mymy says:

    My thought are it is true. Not the wording about Zahara. But the sentiment behind it.Jolie has always talked about evening her family out . Odd but true.
    You would think it is of no consequence the color of her children. But it appears from what she says it is. And I had a feeling when I saw photo’s of the in Namibia that they were looking for A child to adopt.It has been almost 3 years. And it is time for all the extra press that comes with adding to the “family”

  38. gg says:

    That Zahara is really a beautiful little girl. 🙂

  39. Someone Else says:

    I always thought Brad would look like Robert Redford as he aged.

    Never saw him as a Jeff Bridges clone, but as time passes…

    (Oh, and can I have Shiloh? Please???)

  40. jc126 says:

    I think, not sure, that the “balancing the races” talk was before the twins came along? My guess is that the twins have been totally exhausting, and that they had plans to adopt more kids, but that they’ve either decided not to do so, or are delaying doing so, because of how much energy the twins plus the other kids need.
    Who knows if it matters whether they should get another African kid, this “balance”. Does that mean they think Zahara needs a sibling who looks like her, or one she can bond with, or what? For all we know, Zahara and hypothetical African sibling would fight. People talk about having another kid so the first kid has a sibling, but you never know if siblings will get along, or have lifelong rivalry.

  41. SexyBrownGirl says:

    The girls are going to be stunning in their own way, I hope they remain friends when they grow up…

  42. lucy2 says:

    BS as usual. We should start tallying how many times the tabs claiming they’re adopting. And yet every time they have, the tabs don’t know until last minute.

    I’d guess that the reality of 6 young kids set in and slowed down their family growing plans!

  43. mauibound says:

    A new reality show about the Jolie- Pitt household
    ” kid hording!!!” The tabs will be on this like stink on poo…

  44. truthzbetta says:

    It’s weird we stalk the celeb kids now.

    They’re innocent until Papa Will Smith makes them work, then fair game.

  45. Syko says:

    Nobody can do a side-eye like Zahara!

  46. Sigh. says:

    The main point of my mentioning what she said (not “insiders”), which I did clearly state it was “YEARS” ago, is that even IF another African-descended child is added to THEIR family (don’t know how often Z actually interacts w/ her Ethiopian cousins) months to years from now, it could very well be by INTENTION, planned in private, by the adult(s) months to years ago, not just an IMPULSE acquisition decreed by the 5 year old on holiday, as this piece is trying to infer.

    I’m AGREEING that ITW is taking YEARS-old unsubstantiated gossip, info, and earlier pics, and then building a weak story around them, because she had also said they were “open,” but NO kids were in the immediate future a month ago.

    As Kait said, what’s insulting is to imply that their is NO serious consideration on their part for international adoption, just a matter of pick it out, pick a date, pick it up. Especially if they make it out to be initiated because of a child’s persistence, like they do with the reason they’re supposedly getting married every. single. friggin’. year.

  47. skibunny says:

    Kim: Yes I was referring to her if that is her name. Problem?

  48. Remote Control says:

    @skibunny you didn’t know her name? Really? Pfft.

  49. texasmom says:

    I like how happy the kids in this family always look, even at airports after long international flights — in stark contrast to, say, the Gosselin kids. Here are two families with lots of kids that go lots of places. The Gosselin kids have dead eyes compared to this lively bunch. Maybe the Pitt-Jolies could adopt the Gosselin 8 and be done in one fell swoop?

  50. louise says:

    Why is this even a story? Every other week a tabloid claims that they are about to adopt. When they don’t say they are adopting they claim she’s pregnant. Besides this isn’t news considering both Brad and Angelina said they will have more children in the future. I don’t know why no matter where they go people get all worked up claiming they are adopting. They adopted 2 kids together. People act like they have 100 adopted kids and another child is coming within the hour.

  51. skibunny says:

    Is there an issue here?

  52. MrsOdie2 says:

    I’d love to see these millionaires adopt a child with Down Syndrome from an institution in Romania instead of some magazine perfect specimen like the others.

  53. nnn says:

    # 52

    They adopted a sick child with rickets, diarrhea, malnutrition and possibly HIV positive named Zahara. She turned fine, but she was sick when they adopt her and fortunatley HIV negative.

    I hope what you wish to others in your sick mind won’t happen to you or to one of your loved ones or entourage. THAT you don’t have to face to have a sick child whatever he or she looks which is the least preoccupation of any parents. They just want someone who is healthy and grow healthy without any lethal desease they may face in their childhood like leukamia.

    You are one true sick individual..

  54. mln76 says:

    @52 Katherine Heigl did adopt a child with lots of disabilities and yes it’s true when Zee was adopted she was very sick and there was a possibility she was going to be HIV + if you look at early photos of her she was way underweight and her skin was greyish.

  55. JenJen says:

    Wow, what is it about Angie that brings the claws out? I really just don’t care that much about her at all anymore, she bores me. But if they have the means and desire to give another child a home that needs it,that’s a good thing. I think we can all agree on that 🙂

  56. latam2012 says:

    so now angelina has done wrong by adopting healthy children? Do you criticise sandra bullock oor any other celebrity for adopting healthy kids.

    The double standards are ridiculous

  57. Kim says:

    As for Brad not wanting more kids there is an interview with Charlie Rose where he said we will “crap out between 7 and 9” at the time they had 6. Mrs Odie2 -its interesting that your refer to them as ‘magazine perfect ‘because almost every day I read comments about how unattractive the kids are.Most of the vile comments are about Zahara, Pax or the twins.Lastly I didn’t realize adopting 3 kids since 2002 is “child collecting” I guess Sharon Stone is a ‘child collector’too

  58. CB Rawks says:

    Surely Zahara wants that particular child, not just any child? They say the two girls bonded. If so, it would be pretty harsh not to adopt her right away.
    I find it weird if they are just going to keep looking.

  59. Raven says:

    The comment about balancing the races was made several years ago. Reality may have entered in, with the birth of the twins. My brother and his wife wanted several children, esp. after the birth of the first one. Then came kid number 2 and exponential responsibilities. They quickly decided that two was plenty. I can see this happening with Brad and Angie. Six is enough.

    One of them also talked about a second family, i.e. adopting more young ones once the older kids get to be young adults.

  60. mln76 says:

    I think eventually they will have more kids when the twins are older. But I doubt this story is even slightly true. They visit orphanages all over the world and I applaud them for that. It helps the adopted kids to remember where they came from and that eventhough they are about to take over the world with the Empress as their leader they each had a humble beginning.

  61. Kim says:

    Rawks- The tabloid made the story up. Namibia doesn’t even allow international adoptions. There is no evidence they even visited the orphanage. The pic in tabloid is of AJ visiting an orphanage in Haiti last year.I recognize the signs in French. I guess they thought all black orphans look alike and used the old pic.We don’t know if Zahara’s bio mother is alive. This same tabloid (InTouchWeeklY)interviewed a lady who they claimed was her bio mother. At least Two other tabloids have interviewed different woman claiming to be her bio mother. chickieboo- Her Ethiopian cousins were adopted by Brad’s sister Julia and her husband From the same agency Zahara was adopted from Wide Horizons for Children.Julie has an adoption blog but I will not link it because last time she got hateful comments from people who hate Angie and Brad.She helps other people interested in adopting from Africa ,there are pics of her accompanying them on the trips to pick up their kids and in some cases to meet their adopted kids’ bio relatives.She posted pics of her last trip to Ethiopia a few months ago.I believe her husband’s sister also adopted an Ethiopian child.

  62. CB Rawks says:

    Ah, okey dokey. Ta, Kim. 🙂

  63. DD says:

    A 6 year old with “fantastic maternal instincts”? Oh brother… now I’ve heard it all.
    Thanks to ITW

  64. crtb says:

    Z needs to see other People of color in her life and these people can not all be employees. Does AF and BP have any black friends. Does Z ever have play dates with other black children? She needs a sense of racial idenity. They do need to adopt another black child just like Madonna did.

  65. nnn says:

    # 63

    Hope you’ll give the same advice to Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pfeiffer, marie Louise Parker, Tom Cruise, Meg ryan, Katheryn Heigel and all the other anonymous (or not) White people who have adopted Asians, Africans, Haitians, ect.

    Good luck with your national campaign for race parity inside adopted familiesfor the sake of the adoptee.

    And as for Madonna, setting that parity won’t do nothing in terms of education if she has to expose her children to a round of boytoys (one different per year) who can easily pass for Lola’s boyfriend or their older sibling. That’s a bigger concern than setting the race parity between her youngest ones.

  66. lisa says:

    Zee has cousins who are black. And Zahara is not the ONLY African child on the planet that was adopted by white parents who may or may not have had another sibling of color. I am sure Brad/Angie know what is best for their family. The fact that faceless people that don’t live in their home think they have the right to say what they should or should not do regarding expanding their family is the height of arrogance. NO ONE knows what goes on in their home. They don’t seem to be the kind of celebs that have to scream to the world who their friends are and parade them for the public.

    Truth is it is no one’s business. But I am sure the concern as always is only about them. Maybe the questions should go to Sandra B and her BLACK son. Who are the black people in his life. or ask George Lucas how his Black child adjusted, or maybe Meg Ryan and her daughter.. does she have Asian friends. Mary Louise Parker has a black daughter.. I will wait for the concerns about her to be printed… Tom Cruise should be asked about Conner..why he didn’t adopt another child of color for his son.

    But those questions will NEVER be asked. Because all this FAKE concern is ONLY for the JP kids.

  67. Camille says:

    @lisa: You nailed it. Agree 100%.

  68. Cheyenne says:

    @MrsOdie2: So how many orphans with Down syndrome have you adopted from Romania or anywhere else? I thought not. Until you do, shut up.

  69. sakyiwaa says:

    what a thread! i see Skibunny escaped from her holding cell again…

  70. sakyiwaa says:

    …ohhh, and MrsOdie2 too!

  71. MrsOdie2 says:

    “@MrsOdie2: So how many orphans with Down syndrome have you adopted from Romania or anywhere else? I thought not. Until you do, shut up.”

    Angelina Jolie Voight is a saint. She is also a millionaire. I, myself, am neither one.

  72. Salem says:

    Her name is Angelina Jolie, and NO ONE but the haters have ever called her a saint – how ironic. Yep, you are neither one. That is why you are an immoral, jealous, bitter nasty bitch. I hope you never have children so they aren’t poisoned by an evil black heart. I pity you. Whatever happened in your life to make you so nasty, hateful and bitter? You are a NOTHING, and you are not even fit to lick Angelina’s boots. You’re just scum on the bottom of her shoe. That will never amount to anything decent or good. Now go back to your dungeon you sad bitter loser. Don’t come out into the light again, you’ll burn up.

  73. Aspie says:

    Zahara will be gorgeous when she grows up