Madonna’s rep denies adoption rumors – just like before Davie’s adoption

Yesterday Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg said that claims her client was trying to adopt a baby girl from Malawi were untrue. British paper The Sun reported that they had confirmed with Malawian officials that Madonna’s adoption of a three year-old girl, Mercy James, is almost complete and that her people have been visiting the toddler. The Sun has had a few exclusives about the state of Madonna’s marriage and I’m inclined to believe this report. Rosenberg says it’s not true, though:

“I don’t know how official the Malawian offical [sic] can be because there are no plans for Madonna to adopt another child from Malawi,” Rosenberg told the Daily News. “She is getting ready to start her tour in l0 days.”

[From The Daily News]

Madonna’s rep denied last adoption a week before
On October 4, 2006, Rosenberg said that her client was in Malawi “building an orphanage and child care center” and helping Aids orphans. Rosenberg said at the time “She has not adopted a baby despite reports that she has.

Technically, Rosenberg’s comment was true, because Madonna didn’t illegally take 1/2 orphan Davie Banda out of Malawi until a few days later. She had just ended her Confessions tour a month before.

Maybe we can trust what Madonna’s rep says this time because she doesn’t say “she has not adopted a baby,” which would be true until she actually did adopt a baby – she said she has no plans to adopt one and is going on tour soon. Her tour ends at the end of November, and if a little girl suddenly appears around that time maybe Rosenberg thinks we’ll assume Madonna changed her mind. She certainly did after her last adoption denial.

Madonna said she wanted to adopt a girl
A month after she adopted Davie, Madonna is quoted as telling French Magazine Paris Match that she wanted to adopt again:

“Yes, absolutely. I’m going to adopt another Malawian child very quickly. A baby girl this time, in order to redress the balance.” [From NY Post]

Madonna’s adoption of Davie was considered controversial because she sidestepped Malawian law which requires foreigners to reside in the country for a year before adopting a child. Her adoption was eventually approved by officials. If she adopts another child from Malawi it would again be in violation of the laws of the country.
Madonna had been less than truthful about David
Madonna said she saved Davie “from certain death,” and that he suffered terrible diaper rash when she found him in the orphanage in Malawi, a claim orphanage officials deny. She also said Davie’s mother died of AIDS, which his father says is false and hurtful.

Madonna said that she would make sure Davie “after some time… can get to know his biological father and.. discover his homeland.” In a subsequent visit to Malawi in April of 2007 she canceled a scheduled meeting at the last minute between Davie and his dad. Davie’s father Yohane Banda regularly biked 23 miles to visit him at the orphanage where he left him after Davie’s mother died and he could not afford milk.

Davie’s grandmother recently passed at the age of 60 after succumbing to pneumonia. A month before she died, she said her wish was to see Davie again and have him meet his 1/2 brother.

Madonna has raised at least $2 million to fund her Raising Malawi project, which aims to provide support for orphans in the poverty-striken nation. The charity is run by Madonna and Michael Berg, the co-director of the Kabbalah cult.

David Banda is shown in the header in the header on 7/25/08 outside the Kabbalah Center. Credit: WENN. He is also shown with an unidentified woman, probably a nanny on 8/1/08. Credit: Fame

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  1. Kelly says:

    I love David Banda, he is one of my favourite celeb babies. Madonna should not adopt more kids with her schedule. She can always send them the money to help them get better but leave them with their relatives. At least she does not make money off them selling their pictures. She funds her Malawi projects from her hard earned money.

  2. Leandra says:

    These untrue rumors snowball so quickly. It’s hardly worth reading something that’s printed to find out a day later it’s nothing but a bunch of gossip and BS.

  3. xiaoecho says:

    Madonna’s a great mum. Go for it!

  4. Nan says:

    My, my…that David is attractive. He is going to be one handsome man some day. Yowerz.

  5. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, it’s probably not true. Madonna’s not one to let motherhood interfere with her tour schedule.