Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson dating other people

File photo of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee from 12/19/05. Credit:
They fooled us again. Just when Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson had us convinced that they were containing their special strain of Hepatitis to each other exclusively, the rumor mill has the on-again-off-again duo paired up with other people- in spite of their living together. Pam has said that she and their sons have been living with Tommy strictly platonically while her home is being renovated- but their touchy feely antics recently suggested otherwise. Not so- Pam has taken up with a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family (!), while Tommy is slumming with an even more nasty version of his ex wife.

Anderson has been quietly seeing a man from the United Arab Emirates. And he’s not just any man—the dude is a member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family, a source exclusively tells me.

The blond bombshell star of E!’s new Pam: Girl on the Loose is being tight-lipped about the mystery beau, but we’ve got some details for you…

She’s actually only revealed his name to a few friends, so she usually refers to him by a pet name: Milk-Sheik, or Milk for short.

Most recently, they were spotted hanging out with friends this weekend at the Abbey, a gay bar in West Hollywood. “He’s very handsome,” says my source.

Anderson apparently met her new beau when she visited Abu Dhabi in June with the Make a Wish Foundation. Since then, she has announced she is partnering with the royal family to build an ecofriendly hotel in the area.

Now it seems that Tommy’s going tit for tat. Literally.

Sources tell E! news that the Mötley Crüe rocker is dating Rock of Love 2 hottie Daisy De La Hoya. And despite assertions from De La Hoya’s rep that the duo are “just friends,” our source says they’re much more.

At the very least, De La Hoya is hot for Tommy’s fans. She’s featured on Lee’s Titty Cam video—girls flashing their breasts for the camera—which plays at the beginning of Mötley Crüe’s current concert tour.

[From E!Online]

I’d say Pam is going for an upgrade here- but knowing her it won’t last long. Especially if their hangout of choice is a gay bar. As for Tommy, if he is hooking up with duck-lipped Daisy, the pair will put their superpowers of skank together to create the most invincible STD known to man.

Daisy De La Hoya is shown below in a photo from her Myspace:

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  1. Roma says:

    I think I caught an STD just reading this article.

  2. Exiled2hp says:

    *Shudder… I don’t care if she is the sister of Oscar De La Hoya, she is NASTY!

  3. javagirl1 says:

    Tommy and Daisy are perfect for each other

  4. xiaoecho says:

    Not only is everything about that photo cheap and tasteless, she has a very off putting look on her face.

    Everything you don’t want for your daughter

  5. JoGirl says:

    She’s a man, baby!

  6. Heidi says:

    Actually she’s Oscar de la Hoya’s niece not sister.

  7. Jessica says:

    Are you sure that is not a tranny?????

  8. czarina says:

    I wonder what it’s like for their children, the way these two behave? On the one hand, for the kids’ sake it’s a good thing they seem to have a friendly relationship, but I wonder if they (the children) get their hopes up every time Mom and Dad get back together (however briefly)–most kids want their divorced parents to reunite, so I hope the kids aren’t being constantly disappointed by this on-again off-again merry-go-round.

  9. california angel says:

    I thought she was Oscar’s cousin?

  10. california angel says:

    now i see your comment heidi, you’re right 🙂 😛

  11. Blackalicious says:

    Chola wannabe will cut you with a broken piece of that Jack D’s bottle, Pam, careful..

  12. bros says:

    thats what I was thinking jessica

  13. Jenna says:

    We had a huge STD outbreak in Macon last Saturday. The location is called the Dirty Iguana. Turns out Daisy was the guest ‘celebrity’. Crazy how that works out… 🙄

  14. Whitey Fisk says:

    Funny, Roma!

  15. Lauri says:

    Wow. I didn’t think it was possible to look skankier than Pam herself, but this person way outdoes her!

    Who would be attracted to that…thing? I had to go use the emergency eye wash down in our ER after reading that article! 😡

  16. Nouvel says:

    Going to a gay bar is uber cool.. what are you talking about?

  17. Michele says:

    She’s not the sister of Oscar people, she’s his neice. I think she’s really his NEPHEW if you get my meaning. She’s a shim and a tranny all in one.

  18. lola lola says:

    She IS a tranny. How else would she get booted off of Rock of Love?

  19. jaundicemachine says:

    It’s like they’re in a competition to see who can cram the most silicone in their bodies. Grossy.

    Well you should see Polythene Pam
    She’s so good-looking but she looks like a man
    Well you should see her in drag dressed in her polythene bag
    Yes you should see Polythene Pam
    Yeah yeah yeah

    Get a dose of her in jackboots and kilt
    She’s killer-diller when she’s Jacked to the Hilt
    She’s the kind of a girl that makes the “News of the World”
    Yes you could say she was attractively built
    Yeah yeah yeah

  20. Snowblood says:

    MSat? You mentioned, “Especially if their hangout of choice is a gay bar.” The Abbey’s not a gay bar, per se, that’s a misnomer. The Abbey is a super-popular, classy bar/restaurant on the corner of Robertson Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd. with a sprawling outdoor patio, and two inside areas, a bar and a restaurant.

    Yes, it’s almost all gay bartenders & waiters, but that doesn’t make it a gay bar. So many celebrities and business-lunchers and just normal people – like me – love to go there for lunch and drinks, the Abbey has the BEST fruit martinis ANYWHERE!! They wrote the book on Apple Martinis. They’re $11 a drink, but oh, so worth it…

    Oh! @ JaundiceMachine – thanks for putting that awesome Beatles song in my head! God, I love the White Album…

  21. jeannified says:

    She looks like a slutty “Phoebe” from “Friends!”

  22. daisy424 says:

    I think it was Abbey Road. Love the Beatles also, I’m humming it too.
    Then into, “she came in thorugh the bathroom window…..”

  23. trvlbug529 says:

    An Arab man in a gay bar?
    I don’t think so. That would compromise his beliefs.

  24. Snowblood says:

    I’m telling you, it’s not a “gay bar,” you guys! Arabs go there just like everyone else does! It’s a really hip kinda lunch-place/bar. I love the Abbey.

    And I love the album Abbey Road! that was funny…

  25. Lisa says:

    she’s such a skank, I can’t even stand to look at her.

  26. hello says:

    Wow…why does she so desperately want to date an 80s rocker?

  27. Carrie says:

    She looks like Alicia Douvall. For those of you who have never heard of her, she is a runner up to the Bride of Wildenstein for Biggest Plastic Surgery Victim.

    Go on, Google her….

  28. SuperNova says:

    Actually… she’s not even Oscar’s niece, she’s faking it Ali Sims’ style.

  29. gg says:

    Holy Plastic Balloons, Batman! I saw that trashtastic show, and wow, 😯 , I was embarrassed as hell for those stupid, stupid girls. She is particularly bizarro. They are perfect for each other; the stripper and Tommy Donkey Weewee. Engorged organs a go-go.

    Also, I love that kitten viking video “I’m Goin To A Gay Bar!”

  30. gg says:

    Thank you for the reference, jaundicemac. 🙂 The Beatles have a proverb for everything, God bless them.

  31. G. says:

    My eyes have gone blind after seeing Daisy again…who would want lips that look like they’re swollen?

  32. Carena says:

    Some days, the comment section of Celebitchy is absolutely fabulous! It’s impossible not to giggle.

  33. Christina X says:

    I couldn’t stand Daisy on Rock of Love.

    And it seems to me that Daisy jumps from one washed-up rock star to the next.

    And Tommy Lee jumps from one skanky groupie to the next. It amazes me that Tommy Lee still needs to screw around with Barbie dolls to stay relevant, whereas the serious metal musicians don’t need to screw bimbos.

    I like(d) Motley Crue. I quite like all their music from the eighties, but it’s time to let go.

    You don’t see Bruce Dickinson making sex tapes and jumping from one trashy little novelty prize to the next.

  34. Christina X says:

    Did I mention that she photographs better than she actually looks “moving”?

  35. Christina says:

    i watched all the rock of love episodes and i thought daisy was kind of sweet (in a way). i mean she seemed to be picked on a lot… and i don’t think it’s fair to say that she sleeps around just cuz she looks the way she does… on the show, she never gave me the impression that she sleeps around… granted, she might be saying that to save face but what else do we have to go on… besides pure speculation…

  36. sam says:

    she reminds me of a plastic Lisa Kudrow

  37. milkandkisses says:

    So Tommy likes Trannies now? Maybe she is related to Oscar De La Hoya. Hmm wasnt he the one who had some interesting boudoir lingerie shots leaked onto the net? Coinkidink?

    Dont mind me, its early and I cant think straight.

  38. gg says:

    The funniest part is when she was up on the block for the final two, and her arms and hands did all this freaky shaky thing, like she can’t freak out unless she’s showing off her plastic manicure. She speaks like a 9-year-old little boy from the ghetto who never learned how to talk “for grownups”. And the weave? really, really bad. I find zero redeeming qualities in this tranny. 😕

  39. fee says:

    Eeeewwwww – I feel dirty just looking at pics of these 3……Im going to scrub myself clean in a hot shower. They have diseases that havent even been named yet – hybrid STDs haha

  40. browning says:

    Ugggh. Just looking at her makes me shutter with disgust. She was obviously born male and has gone overboard on plastic surgery. nasty! I think Tommy Lee has finally found his lobster. Yay for him. 😆

  41. Jason says:

    “The Abbey’s not a gay bar, per se, that’s a misnomer.”

    HaHaHaHaHa…. that’s funny.

    I’ve been living in West Hollywood for just over 10 years now and can say you are totally wrong.

    The Abbey is totally a gay bar & restaurant….. 100% true & true. The reason that some people don’t see it that way anymore is because of the fact that it’s slowly been infiltrated over the years by the straight population who see it as a “trendy” spot to hang out at….. Ya know, where all the fashionable, powerful and trendsetting gays are. Ask any bar tender, staff member, the owner, any West Hollywood resident or any gay / lesbian customer that go there and you’ll get the same answer.


  42. Snowblood says:

    I’m not “totally wrong,” Jason, and I’ve been living in West Hollywood and West Los Angeles for almost ten year, myself. The Abbey’s not a gay bar in the same sense that Rage and Fiesta Cantina and here Lounge are gay bars, admit it! The Abbey’s definitely run & staffed by gay people, but as far as the clientele who eat and drink at the Abbey, I’d say that, much like the general population in the area, it’s a melange of everyone, gay or straight.

    Technically the Abbey is billed as a “gay bar,” but my argument is that nowadays especially, that’s a misnomer, ’cause this is NOT strictly a gay bar. Just a really cool bar; I love, LOVE the Abbey.

  43. mollination says:

    Does anyone consider that the editors of Rock of Love edit the show to make everyone fit into a certain “persona”. I know Daisy outside of the show, and she is not as dumb as she appears. She is actually a lot more “real” than Amber is/was. Who do you see commenting on all the VH1 countdowns now? It’s amber. She’s the fame-whore.

    I still and always will love the crue. Just got back from their Seattle show and they still know how to push boundaries and make great music. I didn’t even notice Daisy at the beginning of the tit e. cam segment, that’s hilarious.

  44. Shane says:

    After Rock of Love Daisy began advertising on her myspace how she had set her sights on screwing the members of Motley Crue – she’s done Nikki and Tommy, and she’s definitely Vince’s cup of tea so I guess he’s next once Tommy kicks her to the curb in about 3 weeks.

    Meanwhile the Sheik will kick Pam to the curb as soon as he catches an STD from her. She had best hope he breaks it off while she is in the USA and not while visiting an Arab country where pending on his mood at time of break up, she could end up in a life threatening situation depending on what he sees fit to do with her skanky ass, which no matter how drastic or barbaric, would all be perfectly legal in most Muslim countries.

  45. Mari says:

    She is not related to Oscar De La Hoya at all

  46. Camera Girls says:

    Shes got a shit load of tats on that babes arm not to hot for a camera girls 🙂

  47. XinXin says:

    people don’t see it that way anymore is because of the fact that it’s slowly been infiltrated over the years by the straight population who see it as a “trendy” spot to hang out at….. Ya know, where all the fashionable

  48. Grady Res says:

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