Did LeAnn Rimes “protect” her Twitter feed so she could go crazy on Brandi Glanville?


CB sent me this Amy Grindhouse post – it’s a complicated story about LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville, and I won’t be able to do every single nuanced, psychotic turn justice, so if you want the full story, go here to Amy Grindhouse.

It seems that in the wake of her engagement and the debut of her new tittays, LeAnn Rimes has decided to “protect” her generally psychotic and rabid Twitter account. This is unfortunate for bloggers and professional gossips, because LeAnn’s Twitter feed was always good for “Isn’t this bitch crazy?” post, especially because LeAnn couldn’t fart without sending ten tweets about it. When someone “protects” their Twitter feed, it means that only the people they want to “follow” them are allowed to see the tweets. Not only did LeAnn protect her feed, but according to Amy Grindhouse, LeAnn has also been dropping “followers” right and left.

But that’s not all! According to some of the people who have access to LeAnn’s tweets, LeAnn has apparently been especially insane about Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. There’s some stuff in this report that I already knew – LeAnn is cyber-stalking Brandi, LeAnn copies whatever Brandi is doing, LeAnn is Single White Female-ing Brandi, etc. Something new, however: LeAnn’s tour manager Bradley Moore has also been cyber-stalking Brandi, and Bradley seems obsessed with mocking and criticizing Brandi’s every move as well. See some of the screen-capped tweets here.



Photos courtesy of Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. NayNay says:

    Wow! It seems that Eddie has really picked a winner with Leann. Girl is CRAZY!!!!

  2. brin says:

    What a psycho. She is obscessed with Brandi. Maybe she should spend less time tweeting and cyberstalking and more time on her failing career.

  3. mln76 says:

    That Leann is one crazy bitch.

  4. Gabriela says:

    Hahah ok so cyber-creeping is a guilty pleasure. We all do it, we all love to do it but we never tell anyone about it shhh
    I’m with this crazy bitch, I just love her

  5. happygirl says:

    She’s definitely channeling some Norman Bates. Holy sh*t.

  6. SRM says:

    I saw a picture on some site that was from this week of them at the airport and she looked downright skeletal. Not that I really care but she seems headed toward a breakdown.

  7. December says:

    Ok, LeAnn is just psycho. Next thing she’ll do is start buying the same exact clothes like Brandi (only more expensive).

  8. lolwut says:

    Ill bet her follower count has dropped significantly now that she’s realizing most of them were following to watch her cyber stalking Brandi and not b/c they were fans.
    I feel so bad for Brandi having to deal with this nut job. I couldnt imagine having to have someone so psychotic around my kids and not being able to do anything about it.

  9. Rita says:

    LeAnn’s tour manager also tweeted something racist which got her in more hot water. She’s not only blocking her tweets, she’s dumping some very loyal fans who have been traced to having civil tweets with Brandi’s supporters. I think her tour manager should be more concerned with LeAnn ‘actually giving a performance. I believe she cancelled another one for tonight which makes about 30 in the last 18 months. Her band members will soon be blocking her tweets.

    I believe that even Dean Sheremet tweeted that “LeAnn is trying to become Brandi”. Yes, LeAnn is dickmatised, rose colored glasses only aggravate her sdickmatism, and Lasik surgery cannot help her dickslexia but her mental state is more than an obsession with Cuban dong; she’s just plain mean and crazy.

  10. Penelope says:

    Boy oh boy…..Crazy and creepy!

  11. Jezi says:

    @Rita Actually that Dean comment came from the In Touch article where Brandi gave an exclusive. The article showed side by side comparison shots of LeAnn’s single white femaling. Copying Brandi’s clothes and style. The day we noticed that LeAnn was tweeting the exact same things Brandi was writing on her Facebook page, I informed Brandi to make her page private. The Road Manager’s tweets were particularly offensive and after he got slack for it, instead of deleting the comments he tried justifying what he wrote and claimed he was being bullied, then protected his tweets. Guess LeAnn is sending her cohorts to do her dirty work since she can’t.

  12. brin says:

    I think Celebitchy should do a weekly countdown to breakdown report on leann.
    @Rita & Jezi…good stuff.

  13. TXCinderella says:

    The girl is nuttier than squirrel poop!

  14. Sad, but true. You wonder how Brandi has kept her sanity in the face of this blatant taunting etc…

    This is what I twittered earlier this week;
    @leannrimes We all remember the day when the shaggy banged girl with the wide smile and (cont) http://tl.gd/8840pi


  15. Rita says:


    Its incredible that LeAnn got everything she played for and yet won’t let Brandi live in peace. Also, I want to comment on the return of 221Jazz. She was selfish and thoughtless by leaving you gals worrying about her for months. Yes, just like LeAnn would do. If 221Jazz was my daughter, I’d take a switch to her britches. She owes you gals an appology. I don’t care how much you like her, it was wrong and she needs to be taken to the wood shed.

    @TXCinderella-Squirrel poop is just the tip of the turd.

  16. Jezi says:

    @Rita Jazz’s job requires her to be gone sometimes. I figured she was busy with work. I’m glad she’s ok. I will give her that lashing though just for fun 😉

  17. Praise St. Angie! says:

    agree that LeAnn is cray-zay…

    as Rita pointed out, LeAnn “won”, she got what she wanted, so why is she still taunting Brandi?

    a few reasons…1) Brandi will always be linked to her ex because of the kids. they’ll always have the deep connection, and a connection like that to a person like LeAnn is essentially competition.

    2) LeAnn knows that her man is a serial cheater. though she likes to think she’s tamed him, she knows in her heart that he’ll probably do the same to her that he did to Brandi. even tho Brandi (likely) won’t be the woman he leaves LeAnn for, she’s the easiest target for LeAnn and, in LeAnn’s mind, she’s also the biggest competitor. and who knows? maybe there’s been some behavior recently by Eddie that makes her think he wants Brandi back.

    3) it’s always easier to attack or be mean to a person you’ve already “beaten” than it is to a new, true competitor.

    bottom line…LeAnn Rimes’ behavior is that of a teenage girl who stole the cheerleader’s boyfriend.

  18. Roma says:

    Since we all know that Brandi reads this blog does she have her friends posting positive comments about her?

    Yes, I think LeAnn is ridic. But I also think that Brandi does disservice to herself by mocking LeAnn back. Elin Nordegren should be the standard for all scorned women.

  19. Jezi says:

    @Roma well since everyone is different they should be able to react anyway They wish to. And Elin didn’t have to deal with her ex’s crazy girlfriend for almost 2 years. Its not the same situation.

  20. Lemuria says:

    Poor, mentally-ill dog-face LeAnn.

    Brandi honey, you just keep focusing on being a good mum and a sweetheart, and keep counting your MANY blessings (precious babies, beauty, class, style, grace).


    Shame on LeAnn for not paying off Brandi’s house with some of her millions, so the kids can stay in their familiar surroundings! After stealing Brandi’s husband, you do NOTHING to compensate, but instead try to kick her in the c**t? Flashing your tacky-ass ring and bragging about buying umpteen shoes? FLAUNTING material things will not win you admiration….You are a loathsome creature.

    And Eddie, BWAHAHAHAAAA!!! Enjoy your money-prison, douche bag.

  21. Lemuria says:

    PS – Missy McDonald – THANK YOU for sharing your eloquent letter. You have far more verbal restraint than I do. What’s sad is that LeAnn is too mentally-ill to be able to stop herself.

    The only hope now is that by the grace of their loving mother, those boys will grow up to be strong, loving, MORAL people.

  22. Lemuria says:

    One last thing (I promise – lol) Anyone else notice how in the top pic, LeAnn’s “true colors” come out in her facial expression? With her curled up, skinny lips, all nasty-face and snarly looking. Ugh, to think this is what Brandi has coming at her….this hideous-looking, nasty mutt of a creature.

  23. Roma says:

    Okay, I’m going to say my piece and then stop because these obviously are Brandi’s friends.

    If Brandi was my friend I would sit her down and say the following: Girlfriend, shut up in public. LeAnn clearly wants attention from you and she’s goading you to get it. It’ll bother her more if you don’t say a word.

    And then I’d say to my friends posting on here: Girlfriends, shut up in public. You’re not helping and it’s just coming across as crazy as LeAnn.

    Have a girls night and bitch. Because that’s what girls do when they’re upset but you don’t air it out in public.

    Truly, and I’ll say it, this is all coming across as hella tacky. I’d shake my friend/girlfriends if this was going down. I understand you’re protective of her, but how about protecting her self respect?

  24. Hautie says:

    Well the real question for me is how crazy is Eddie. He has manage to have back to back crazy women. So he must really bring it out in them.

    If he wanted LeAnn to stop this behavior, he would put an end to it.

    But he is egging LeAnn on with her crazy stalker behavior.

    So he is just as nutty as both girls.

  25. December says:

    WOAH! Anyone else notice the look LeAnn has on her face as Eddie’s looking towards that blonde woman?

    I can only imagine that she makes Eddie call her constantly when he’s not with her.

  26. Stephanis says:

    I am a SAHM across the US and have no ties to Brandi. How is she crazy? I don’t see it. I see a woman who’s husband left her and their boys who was never a decent husband and now this woman cannot even say she is buying shoes without this horrible Leann stalking her? WTH? Even the most secure, sane woman would occasionally comment back, don’t you think? THIS behavior by Leann is a new all time low and, although I didn’t think this possible, my opinion of her has sunk even lower. What on earth would possess her to act this way? Eddie MUST be doing something to make her like this…”I miss brandis boobs” or something this is just too bizaare. I hope the tour mgr can find a life, he too is inexusable!

  27. Grace says:

    @Roma: There’s just one problem with your post. We don’t know Brandi. A person doesn’t have to know and/or be friends with Brandi to find Leann’s behavior appalling. Anyone with morals would easily find her behavior appalling.

  28. Lemuria says:

    Sorry, “Roma” …Brandi has EVERY RIGHT to speak out and seek support, HOWEVER SHE CHOOSES; she is being STALKED by a PSYCHO WHO HAS ACCESS TO HER CHILDREN, and I’m GLAD to be among those who support her. PUBLIC DOCUMENTATION MAY HELP IN ANY COURT PROCEEDINGS. Further, Brandi is not “actively” broadcasting in public – it is LEANN’S COMPLETE MELTDOWN INSANITY THAT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF, and obviously a LOT of women have strong feelings about who she REALLY IS … VS the fake public image this DANGEROUS SWF tries to spin. Far as I’m concerned, that evil little spawn DESERVES to be bashed mercilessly in public, which is what I’ll do every time I see some post on her!

    I’m a MOTHER of one gorgeous 20 yr old son, and let me tell you, if this shiz was ever happening to MY boy, if I was being STALKED by an insane SWF – you better BELIEVE I will be taking it public! I would stop at NOTHING to prevent this crazy whore from being around my child!

    And stop telling Brandi to shut up! She has nothing to be ashamed about, and stop telling people to stop publicly supporting her. We WILL continue, until LeAnn checks herself into the MENTAL HOSPITAL where she belongs, or stays away from those boys!!! She has SERIOUS mental problems and represents a danger to those kids, and so does Eddie, as he goes along with it all.

    Lastly, what kind of a girl ARE you? Or ARE you? LeAnn fan, much? LMAO

  29. icantbelievethis says:

    @Roma ‘LeAnn clearly wants attention from you and she’s goading you to get it. It’ll bother her more if you don’t say a word.’

    Totally Agree.

  30. Eileen says:

    ITA agree with your points and would like to add a small #4 to it if I may? =)
    #4 Eddie didn’t leave on his own, Brandi kicked his ass out after Leann leaked the photos coming out of the hotel and videos of them sucking on each others fingers to the press. So, yes Leann won her prize, but I don’t think she got it the exact way she wanted it: with the Edster dramatically entering his home and saying, “I can’t last another minute with out my LOVE, Leann!” He was trying to have all three pieces of his cake (Brandi, Shanae & Leann)…and “eat” it too. So I think it still eats at her that she had to flat out get him kicked out of his home to get him to be with only her so she’s fixated on Brandi.

  31. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Lemuria: Really, you aren’t doing Brandi any favors by acting this nasty and vindictive in public.

    @Roma: Well said.

  32. Salem says:

    Every time I think LeAnn might quieten down or change, she goes even FARTHER than before! She is DISGUSTING! I can pick manipulative fraud celebs at 5 paces, but this is a no-brainer! She doesn’t even have the presence of mind to be SUBTLE about it! Where others like Jennifer Aniston have extremely crafty publicity heavy-weights to scheme with and cover things up, LeAnn appears to be surrounded with complete fuqking imbeciles who, if one didn’t know better, would have you believing they were deliberately trying to SABBOTAGE her career but not stopping her self-destruction. And the only time a musician like her who wants to sell music ever protects their tweets, is if they have something to HIDE, and want to do something that isn’t socially acceptable; under the cover of darkness. Does anyone have anything that LeAnn, not her manager or tour guy or fans, but that she herself, has said recently? I don’t know why I’m asking really, because evil manipulative celebs like her really make me enraged. But seriously, how can she explain the protected tweets? She wants to sell her cd, no? Who protects their tweets or blogs, unless they have something to hide? She has actually stopped trying to pretend she is not the instigator. She no longer cares that people see the truth. Its sad that she can be that twisted that her self-image, self-respect and her career means NOTHING to her; hating a woman who has done nothing to her and whom she has already conquered, is more important to her than her career and livelihood and is worth throwing away over.

  33. kristin says:

    I think a lot of Brandi’s behavior is petty. I mean, yes, you got your life ripped apart by this woman, but you still owe it to yourself to behave in a way you can be proud of, and I don’t think she’s always done that.

    LeAnn is incredibly insecure, obsessive, mean, and generally disgusting.

    Eddie must be quite a winner, too. He’s good looking, sure, but all this drama has led me to believe there has to be something VERY wrong with him to take up with woman like LeAnn and then let her act out all her relationship drama in front of his children.

    All three disgust me, Brandi probably the least, since her behavior indicates that she is petty and a little immature, rather than hateful and crazy. And at least I can understand why she’s behaving the way that she is.

  34. REALIST says:

    Just get married and divorced already! These two are exhausting.

  35. Salem says:

    Missy McDonald, do you think it would be possible to add several paragraph breaks in that message you linked to? I honestly don’t mean to offend, but I think it will lose the effect you want as no one who may have been persuaded by it, such as her fans, will read it. Just a thought.

  36. Eileen says:

    @kristin: in general I would completely agree with thinking Brandi just needs to stay quiet and let these two self-destruct, but: from what little I’ve heard so far its been the only way she can get Leann or Eddie to follow through with their actions. They have made tons of agreements to do things for the kids and not even a week goes by that Eddie & Leann break their agreements. She calls them out publicly and they magically go back to their promises because they want to save face. But I think even that only works half the time-Eddie pretty much does whatever he wants when he wants and has absolutely no regard for how it effects Brandi or his kids.

  37. Rita says:


    “Does anyone have anything that LeAnn, not her manager or tour guy or fans, but that she herself, has said recently?”

    Last week in a national radio interview LeAnn said she was trying to get Brandi to come to a counseling session for the sake of “OUR BOYS”.

    To which Brandi basically replied, Fuck off you manipulative bitch (my words not hers).

  38. Salem says:

    I agree lemuria, its almost as if she didn’t see the paps and was her normal self. Then spotted a camera and changed her expressions. LeAnn is clearly a very very sick woman. She is not well at all, and I wonder if its possible for someone to forcibly commit her. Its more than obvious she is deeply ill and needs help.

  39. irena NL says:

    HaHa…..love how much press LeAnn gets! Brandi is the real psycho here, but you’re so far up her rear you can’t see the light of day!

  40. Salem says:

    To Roma, Kristin and others who think Brandi is petty;
    I just looked at her tweets for the first time last night and today and went quite a way back. She has barely said ANYTHING! She made a handful of pointed references; and thats IT!!! What are you guys going on about? The way you lot carry on, its as if Brandi is commenting several times a day about LeAnn. She seems to only tweet every few days or so, and its been a while since she has even so much as HINTED at pointing a post LeAnn’s way. I honestly don’t get where you are coming from. LeAnn has tweeted hundreds (no exaggeration) a day and making obvious jibes. The retaliation from Brandi would not even equal .00002% percent.

    Brandi has barely said anything. She is the one being attacked not just by LeAnn, but her entourage in her business and her fans who are bombarding her with hate tweets apparently. She is a real trooper and NEVER says ANYTHING about that.

    I truly am curious as to what this ‘petty’ behaviour of Brandi’s is all about, because I have yet to see anything.

  41. charity says:

    If LR and Ec PR people would just tell them to shut up and maybe concentrate on their careers “what they have left” and be separated for awhile until things get back on track>if it’s truly a deep down trusting love it will hold for a few months Leann would never allow that to happen tho she is addicted to him as much as someone addicted to alcohol Be willing to bet that that album of hers never sees the light of day. Brandi is a classy lovely person who was trashed by LR sometimes think LR is in love with Brandi

  42. DGO says:

    What worries me the most about this is the fact that someone as psycho as LeAnn Rimes is allowed near small children. Isn’t there anything Brandi can do about this?

    Also, the racist remarks made by Bradley Moore, LeAnn’s tour manager, need to be addressed. Why is she working with such racist people? I’ve noticed sexist and homophobic remarks made by her employees before via twitter. You should read some of the stuff they send to anyone who makes the most benign, friendly remark towards Brandi. Now there’s a racist on board? Goes to show LeAnn has more serious issues than just stalking.

  43. Rita says:

    Okay, let’s say Brandi and Dean kept completely quiet from the very start. The following would then be the public perception.

    “It’s so nice Lele and Eddie found their soulmates in each other. Obviously, it was time to end their marriages and their exes have moved on and living well will all the settlement money they got. Thank goodness LeAnn has embraced those boys as her own since his ex (nameless face) seems to have abandon them. This has worked out well for everyone. LeAnn’s music is selling better than ever and Bruickheimer is casting Eddie with Brad in his latest film. Somethings were just meant to be.”

    And to all this I say, Fuck That!!

  44. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Eileen, you most certainly MAY NOT! 😉

    I kid, I kid…you also made a very good point, and I agree completely. It wasn’t a “win” in the normal sense…she won because other team refused to play. that is, Eddie didn’t CHOOSE her, she was all that was left.

    Roma, to clarify…I am not Brandi’s “friend”. I am also not a fan of anyone involved in this. I have based my opinions of the situation SOLELY on what I’ve read on here and other gossip sites. while I do think Brandi could restrain herself a bit, it’s clear that LeAnn is the aggressor here, and in most cases anything Brandi has said has been in direct response to something LeAnn has said or done.

  45. moxy says:

    @ eileen- thats a really good point. leanne didnt “win” on her own merits, she “won” (if we can really call it that) because brandi made the tough but right call to divorce her cheating husband. and she knows it which is eating her up.

    there was a blind at CDAN about a woman getting breast implants because her bf said he liked his ex’s. blind solved!

    also, while i have watched all this crazy unfold, i never thought about leanne being dangerous, and unfit for children to be around. i would never let my children (if i had them) or even my dog around her. she has serious issues. i ALMOST feel badly for her, she is trying so hard to be brandi, to “keep” eddie but i just cant. she is mean and vindictive and crazy. the pity train stops at mean.

    lastly- i dont know brandi. but ever since that little snark about eddie drowning in his fish bowl i have been a fan. BUT i think its totally true- the best way to get back at leanne is to be silent. which SUCKS. but in the long run its the most effective.

    to brandi- we all get it. its hard to fight that level of crazy. but the real problem is that its hard to fight that level of crazy BECAUSE it makes you look crazy by association. i think its great that you have been keeping quiet, and i am sure that the battle rages on quietly. let her bury herself. she is doing an amazing job at it.

  46. Salem says:

    “irena NL:
    January 20th, 2011 at 12:28 pm HaHa…..love how much press LeAnn gets! Brandi is the real psycho here, but you’re so far up her rear you can’t see the light of day!”

    LeAnn is painted as a psycho in the PRESS, and you ‘love’ it? You LOVE her being seen as a LUNATIC? Some fan you are!

    You are either brainwashed, or you are LeAnn HERSELF. Brandi has been very classy about this from the start. LeAnn is insecure, because she KNOWS she only got Eddie by DEFAULT. She has been stalking Brandi, copying her and you claim she is not psycho? LeAnn is a VERY sick woman and if you truly are a fan of hers, you would be urging her to get help.

  47. Grace says:

    @Crash: While I do think Lemuria’s posts are a little over-the-top, I don’t see how it reflects on (or affects) Brandi in any way.

  48. sapphire says:

    I think Ellin had a whole different perspective- a non-national with literally millions at stake. If she wasn’t naturally reticent, her lawyers would have kept things tightly buttoned.

    Leann probably doesn’t realize there are celeb twitter sites that do nothing but feature feeds. So much for “protected”.

    Nice job, Missy and I mean that.

  49. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘Last week in a national radio interview LeAnn said she was trying to get Brandi to come to a counseling session for the sake of “OUR BOYS”.’

    Was there more than one radio interview? I listened to 1 to see what the fuss was about and never heard her say ‘our boys’. there was a rumor going around that she emailed Brandi and used the term ‘our boys’. The radio interview was a puff piece, but I didn’t think it came off bad.

    ‘Okay, let’s say Brandi and Dean kept completely quiet from the very start. The following would then be the public perception.’

    Actually I think it would be the opposite. LR craves attention and w/o brandi keeping this in the tabliods I think her craziness would be even more apparent. She would be even MORE over the top trying to piss off Brandi. And if BG acted like she didn’t give a crap and EC thought she was moving on (especially with someone new) he would flip out and be all over her.

  50. Jezi says:

    @Roma we aren’t all Brandi’s friends in fact I become her friend months after I began supporting her. The reason her and I became friends was for the fact that we can relate to the pain that comes from betrayal. Having said that when we publicaly support Brandi we do so by calling out LeAnn’s taunts and hypocrisy. In the past few months our support has made quite a difference and brings awareness to the mental abuse that is invoked on an innocent woman. There is no reason why Brandi should take it lying down. That’s what they wanted to do so LR & EC could create this fake “happy family” persona and slowly push Brandi aside.

    Hi LR PR Irena *waves*

  51. Roma says:

    Hey, all I’m trying to say is that Brandi should let LeAnn live in Crazy Town all by herself.

    Be quiet, don’t publicly respond to clear goading and get lawyers involved if necessary. I’m trying to give some advice on staying dignified throughout this.

    And before I get jumped on; my husband left me to run off and become a rockstar with a groupie who was barely legal. I get it. It sucks.

  52. DGO says:

    @ icantbelievethis – It was in an email message that LeAnn referred to Eddie and Brandi’s kids as “our kids”. I still buy the theory that LeAnn can’t have kids – or can’t have them for awhile – because she’s on Remicade for her psoraisis. She’s been tweeting about Remi for awhile, and it’s a drug with the potential for birth defects, so most women get off it for 6 months to 1 year before conceiving.

  53. Rita says:

    LeAnn has once again been giving Bruckheimer lap dances with her face to get Eddie another stint on Chase. This presents a real conundrum. On one hand, Eddie can pay his family support but on the other, Eddie is having some success. This is what evil does. It wedges itself between good so it seems we have to support Eddie’s career. I say no. I’ll send Brandi money if she needs it that bad, but Charlie Sheen will piss his pants before I let him use my bathroom and I won’t accept cockroaches in my house even if they promise not to poop in the bread drawer.

    @Crash2Go2: Glad to have you here. When the Alpha Bitches are sharpening their blades they need your goodness to temper the edge (I must be going crazy, referring to myself in the third person.)

    Attention All Alpha’s: Commentors are not slamming Brandi by giving advice. They offer a perspective and I for one am glad they do!

  54. brin says:

    Everything I’ve read about Leann screams crazy (and most of it came directly from her)and we don’t even know the half of it as Brandi does.
    If anything, Brandi has shown restraint in this awful situation. She has two young sons to protect from the craziness that is Leann & Eddie.

  55. deb says:

    Whats up with the tour manager and why in the hell was he following Brandi? Also whats up with that comment? Looks like a lot of people didn’t take that very well.

  56. Salem says:

    The more I think about LeAnn, the more I think that she truly is headed for a nervous breakdown. When it happens, its going to be ugly.

    I believe she needs to be committed, and if her Tour Manager, friends, family and fans TRULY care for her, they will maybe stage an ‘Intervention’ and get her the help she ever so desperately needs. If her closest and dearest truly do love her and care for her and have her best interests at heart, they will want her to get well.

    She may not be on drugs or anything like that, but she clearly is very psychologically disturbed and ill.

    And I don’t say this to be mean, I’m serious. LeAnn’s behaviour is a testament to this in itself. She seriously needs medical intervention. If she is loved, cherished and cared for, she will be given that medical intervention.

  57. icantbelievethis says:

    @DGO that’s what I thought. Now if I was Brandi, that is what I would put out there. No negative tweets, no bashing. I would just give the email to Celebitchy and let ’em print it. Then pretend someone “hacked” my computer:) (kidding about that part).

  58. Eileen says:

    @Crash-I hope everything is working out for you. I know you were questioning your job and home situation.

  59. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Grace: I suppose that you are right. What I meant was, acting just like LeAnn while in support of Brandi, is stooping and just adds fuel to the fire.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: LeAnn’s Twitter account is going to be her undoing, and I think she was talked into protecting it by her managers for that very reason. But it’s too late. The horse has already bolted the barn.

    Thanks ladies! New place to live and new job starting on the 1st of next month. Talk about a hat trick! Of course, I have a massive cold now, probably due to the stress, but what kills you makes you stronger, right? 😉

  60. lolwut says:

    I cant believe theres a few LR nutz on here claiming Brandi is the nut. I think Brandi has conducted herself well thru all of the shit. Ive read her tweets and Ive never seen her say anything publicly about that nut job, she’s certainly has more restraint than i would if it were me.
    And for the record, Im not her friend either, I would never have even followed this saga had it not been for crazy Leanne stalking this poor girl.

  61. 221Jazz says:

    Hi Rita! “I’d take a switch to her britches” Rita I love switches on my britches..he he he he
    Thanks Jezi!
    Leann’s fall will be hilarious and poetic. It will go down in history, just like Leann and her career.

  62. Grace says:

    @Crash: I suppose Lemuria’s posts do add fuel to the fire. But I can’t be too harsh towards her for that because all of our posts are adding fuel to the fire. The more we leave comments about this, the more likely it is that gossip sites will continue to print Leann stories, which only serves to fuel Leann’s egomaniacal behavior. I truly believe she is unstable enough that she would enjoy any attention, whether it be good or bad, and as long as she thinks we’re all watching, she will continue her attention-seeking behavior. The best thing we could all do (and the thing that would hurt Leann the most) would be to completely ignore all news stories about her.

    But it seems the public is addicted to Leann stories (myself included.) We all know that we follow this story out of shock, amusement at how delusional and crazy she is, curiosity about how much crazier she is going to become, or some combination of the three – but in Leann’s insane mind, I believe all she sees when stories like this come out are “I’m famous. I’m so famous. Isn’t it exciting how famous I am.”

    Damn I wish there was some way to follow this story and mock it with others without giving that immature, insane, egomaniac the attention she so desperately craves.

  63. Lemuria says:

    @Grace – Yes, my chosen words are VERY strong. Because I am a MOTHER. There are children involved. This LeAnn woman has shown herself in no way to be a fit person, let alone a step-parent. Her treatment of those boy’s mother is VILE, and so is Eddie’s allowance of it. And not only is it vile, it demonstrates clearly that they are BOTH absolutely mentally ill. And because it’s best for Brandi to keep her head down in all of this, I think it’s WONDERFUL that sisters EVERYWHERE are speaking up in defense of family and children. If Eddie wanted to leave his marriage he could have done so without cheating and lying. And even then, after cheating, he could have insisted upon his “new piece” that they be 100% financially supportive of his first wife of ten years, during a reasonable “transition period,” allowing her to recover her former potential for earnings independent of Eddie. If it were me sitting on a multi-million dollar fortune, and even if I HATED Brandy, I would still have enough basic human courtesy and SELF-RESPECT to pay off that house and give the mum a pay-off, for the sake of the CHILDREN she professes to “love.” And to all of you who say “well it’s LeAnn’s money.” DISGUSTING! LeAnn refers to them as “our boys,” which should mean they are ALL one big extended family now. What cruel, selfish rotten planet are you lot from, that you say things like Brandi should just go out and work MacDonald to pay the bills? This lady gave up her HIGHLY LUCRATIVE career to raise a family with Eddie, and now she’s treated with that kind of contempt? That’s just cray-cray. In a healthy situation, with healthy people involved, all parties would want to make sure each other are cared for. Besides all that – THAT B**CH OWES BRANDI! Steal the hubby – PAY UP. It should be Brandi out shopping for 100 pair of shoes, and off on a nice vacation to ease the pain of all this, not that pig-face mole!

    And again, if my words seem strong, it’s because this isn’t just about a cat-fight – LeAnn is INSANE and represents HARM to those boys. My words are in direct proportion to the gravity of the situation.

  64. Lemuria says:

    @Grace – oops, just realized that my last post might have come off as directed toward you; it’s not sweetie… it’s intended for the eyes of those who are attempting to minimize this terrible situation that not only Brandi has found herself dealing with, but many other women who find their lives suddenly “hijacked” by a crazy broad like this SWF, and have to now fight daily to protect their wee ones from mental and emotional harm. LOVE to those ladies who raise up their voices in support of loving mums everywhere!

  65. Lemuria says:

    @Jezi – well said! Give my love to Brandi, even though I don’t know her personally, I can sense she is a loving mum. I agree 100% about the public support helping, and I’m so glad to hear it. And to that end, if my words have helped, I’m glad. She’s got a long road ahead and it’s good to know we’ve brought some comfort.

  66. Jezi says:

    @Rita I know, Eddie’s career seems to be a difficult pill to swallow. I would love for Brandi to become wealthy in her own right, therefore not relying on Eddie at all. That takes time though and I’m sure she is doing her best to become independent. However, if Eddie’s career takes off, Leann will lose her f-ing mind more than she already has. She will cancel more and more shows just to follow him around. Because she knows damn well if he’s working he will be banging the next chick on set. It’s a tough call.

  67. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Lemuria: I am a mother as well. A mother who lost primary custody of her 6 year old daughter to a manipulative alcoholic creep of a husband. A mother who is putting her daughter first above all else, including any desire of revenge I might harbor.

    I just have a slightly different perspective on some of this – I have been in a somewhat similar situation to Brandi (albeit not so public!) and that is where my comments are coming from. 🙂 Certainly I am very supportive of Brandi. Just because I may not agree with everything she has said or done 100% does not mean that I don’t side with her in all of this.

  68. Jezi says:

    @Lemuria Thank you, I will let her know. She really does appreciate everyone’s support.

    FYI to all….this story had nothing to do with Brandi. She didn’t even know what was going on with the Road Manager and Leann’s tweets. I’m the one who told her to make her Facebook private because of the copying of tweets. She had no idea it was even public. We were the ones who noticed that the Road Manager was following her, we were the ones who saw his obnoxious and inappropriate comments and we were the ones who made sure the story got out. Brandi has been living her life, she hasn’t even tweeted about Leann or made any comments about her situation. Just thought all should know.

  69. Lemuria says:

    @Grace – I don’t think if people were suddenly quiet, LeAnn would stop. Her actions are the result of her MENTAL ILLNESS. And I agree that people who truly love her should help her get right in the head and heart.

    I’m not “amused” by this at all, in fact it’s deeply upsetting, and needs to brought out into the open, and not allowed to continue unchecked and ignored. Brandi is up against this woman who has MILLIONS of dollars, which are being used AGAINST HER at every turn! Our voices are of support for a loving mum, condemnation of her persecution, AND urging those surrounding LeAnn to get her help, before she causes further damage to Brandi’s children.

    I want to make clear two things: 1. Brandi has support, and 2. LeAnn is not just a nasty girl seeking attention, she is MENTALLY ILL and UNSAFE to be around those beautiful boys!

  70. Lemuria says:

    @Crash2G02 – My heart goes out to you. And to all the ladies on here, I joined this group because I’d been following for a while, and enjoyed the comment section. Everyone (except the obvious shills) always has such great things to say; so intelligent, supportive, and thought-provoking. I appreciate you all. Not only that, but the bloggers posts (Kaiser and ???) are HILARIOUS and so well written! – thanks ladies! Mike K over at D-List is my favorite Gay BFF blogger, and now I have you girls. Yay!

  71. deb says:

    @Jezi Dead on as usual sista… Tour dude had been following Brandi for what looks like over a year. If he was just some random guy I wouldn’t even question but a tour manager? That has a stink all on it’s own.

  72. Kim says:

    Im of the school that anyone who tweets there every move is a LOSER with no life. Leann has no career so i guess Tweeting is her new career.

    Who cares what u had for lunch, who cares where u r w/ ur boo etc. No one cares.

  73. kas says:

    LeAnn has been a petty vindictive girl for a long while. This is the same young woman who sued her parents for emancipation because her Father objected to her having sex with her boyfriend on her tour bus.

    I’m quite sure Eddie is enjoying every moment of this, which says all you need to know about him.

  74. Crash2GO2 says:

    “I’m quite sure Eddie is enjoying every moment of this, which says all you need to know about him.”

    You know – I think LeAnn must be exhausting to live with. I think he had no idea of the price he was going to have to pay when he went for this jump-off. Think about it – if he and LeAnn where truly happy together, they’d have no need to try and make Brandi’s life miserable. But misery loves company, as they say. And Brandi is an easy target for LeAnn to foist all her relationship troubles with Eddie on.

  75. Heaven bound says:

    I co-sign with Roma. It is very obvious that Brandi and her gal pals are posting on this site. I’m Team no one. But if you want to criticize LR you are acting in the same infantile behavior as LR is.

  76. whitedaisy says:

    Let’s see….

    “irena NL” if you rearrange the letters they are

    “Leann Ri”

    Leann is sufficiently narcissistic and lacking in imagination to make a simple jumble of her name, her identity on Celebitchy. Either Leann or her PR person.

  77. brin says:

    @whitedaisy….good call.

  78. lucy2 says:

    Pretty clear that LR is either mentally ill or just severely unhappy. If she’s so in love and getting married and has everything she ever wanted, why spend so much effort to attack another person? Not to mention all the physical stuff she’s doing to herself. I’d almost feel sorry for her, if she weren’t so vile.

    Roma, I agree with you about keeping it as private as possible. Everyone has their breaking point I’m sure, but take the high road as long as possible.

  79. icantbelievethis says:

    @Crash2Go2 I’m so glad you found a new place and a new job!! I hope this new job is great:)

  80. deb says:

    Thank you White Daisy there are many who believe just that.

    @ heaven bound what do you make of a tour manager who follows Brandi and makes what looks like mocking commentary to her tweet? When he his called out on said mocking commentary he then tweets a GEM of a tweet that was pretty stupid of him, got heat for that and then turned around and tried to defend it? I will ask once again WHY was the tour mgr following Brandi?

  81. Eileen says:

    @Heavenbound: what the hell are you doing on a gossip site if you don’t want to criticize any celebs behavior? I get on here in my free-time to talk about the crazy shizzz these celebs think they can or do get away with. And I can damn well tell you that just because I do talk about it on here and call it like I see, in no way puts me in the category of someone who literally stalked a man and his family until he got kicked out and busted for cheating, puts children in danger by tweeting where she is going to be for the day with the boys and then openly and nastily taunts the exwife. Uh I don’t know what you are on but please elaborate how I am like her?

  82. Me says:

    @Heavenbound – it’s a gossipsite. We can take sides and express our opinion if we want. The information that Leann puts out there makes her look crazy and we have opinions on it. If Leann was not acting like she is, no one would have this strong an opinion either way.

    I don’t follow Brandi, but I follow multiple sites that cover this and quite frankly I support her because it’s never fun being disrespected by the mean girl. If Leann didn’t provoke this, Brandi wouldn’t have anything to say. So if Leann, shuts up Brandi can go back to her own life, which it seems like she’s attempting to do.

  83. why? says:

    To Roma(yet another poster who shows up out of the blue to defend LR by pretending to offer BG some “constructive criticism” because she went through the same thing as BG) and heavenbound

    Well things surely don’t look good for LR because here comes the posts where someone tries to redeem LR by arguing that the backlash against LR on this site (which mirrors the backlash on other sites) isn’t real and is all caused by BG and her friends. Or that they are trying to “help” BG because they were in a similar situation.

    So if all the backlash against LR on this site is caused by BG and her friends, then how do you explain what is happening on Itunes? Are BG and her friends hijacking that site too, so that LR single stays out of the top 100?

    Blaming BG won’t help redeem LR.

    So what is LR promoting now? The last time Tammy1 showed up playing the blame BG game it was because LR had a interview and was hosting that show . The second time Tammy1 showed up it was because LR and EC were gearing up for yet another staged airport photo-op. So what shall we expect today, tomorrow, or on Sat from LR since someone is trying to argue that the backlash against LR isn’t REAL but caused by BG and her friends?

  84. Eileen says:

    @why I think the funny part is Brandi hardly even knows how to check her Twitter or do anything online so to read anyone saying we’re all a big Brandi entourage is comical. She’s has also said several times on Facebook not to post anything about Eddie or Leann on there because its her private page and she is moving forward. She NEVER gets involved with all this online stuff aside from the rare tweet venting. She appreciates people who support her, but in all has no clue how may people actually do get on here and stick up for her-which makes us all happy to know she is moving on and trying to find some peace. We are all just women with some compassion for her plot and feel like if we don’t speak out who will?
    Today’s celeb can do just about anything if they pull in the right numbers…it really needs to change.
    These posts with all these comments from fans who have dropped her or people who are not going to ignore Leann’s behavior hopefully send a message that just because you’re a celeb and have money doesn’t give you the right to step all over someone who gets in your way.

  85. skilo says:

    I think a big reason LR wants to try and take over as much as she can of the boys time and lives is because she thinks the kids will help her keep EC, I’m sure she would have gotten pregnant with his child already if she weren’t afraid it will make him cheat on her that much faster. I’m sure she knows to get pregnant she will have to stop taking her psoriasis meds, I’m sure she’d die if EC saw her with an outbreak cause he is shallow enough to be turned off by it. Plus the pregnancy would mean weight gain, again EC would be turned off. Also if she gets preggers she can’t drink with EC all the time and go on all the expensive vaycays EC loves to go on. So it’s easier for her to try and take over Brandi’s kids. Which any mom knows you just don’t do.

  86. why? says:


    I could have thought that EC said that it wasn’t child focused to expose his kids to the media/paps and that anyone who does that is trying to use those kids to get attention for themselves, so even though you think that LR didn’t say anything bad in that interview about the kids, by talking about those kids, she did those kids a disservice.

    I also find it odd that she would even talk about those kids on that radio interview, since she is always talking about how she and EC respect those kids privacy, she is bound/gagged by the kids, and that they teach the kids by example. So what examples are they teaching those kids when they expliot them for their careers?

    How much of LR and EC mess is BG supposed to take? You keep insisting that BG be quiet(which she did in the beginning, but was soon forced to speak out because she had no other option), which always seems to fall in line when LR is trying to promote something.

  87. icantbelievethis says:

    @why I’m not getting back on the merry go round with you.

    Please re-read, I asked if there was more than 1 radio interview, I was curious b/c I’d only heard the one.

    BG can take/not take whatever she wants. I was agreeing with another commenter(s) statement.

  88. JenJen says:

    Miss Margarine’s bragging that Shitt-y-on has been working on this “Chase” show. I hate to say it, but I hope he doesn’t get fired like he was from CSI Miami, so he can pay that child support.

  89. Camille says:

    So bizarre!

  90. betty says:

    Leann is unhappy or else there wouldn’t be a need for her to taunt anyone or have her cronies do it.First of all,her career isn’t doing well and secondly, her relationship with Eddie isn’t what she wants it to be. Every woman knows when a man is truly in love with her. Leann wants what Brandi had with Eddie. Brandi had a romantic proposal and Eddie bought her a 5 carat ring Leann had a proposal for publicity and had to buy her own ring. Eddie supported Brandi ,Leann has to support Eddie.Brandi has kids by Eddie Leann wish she had in addition to that she has this fear that Eddie is going to leave her for another woman so you can see why this woman is so obsessed and insecure. Actually Leann knows Eddie did not leave on his own accord but after he was kicked out thats why she pursued him and moved to his neighborhood. Leann was just a second choice with a lot more to offer. $$$$

  91. betty says:

    @JenJen Eddie guest starred on 2 episodes of this show and his appearances and lines were very brief. The shows ratings are not good thats why they took it off the air briefly and I will be surprised to see it in the new fall lineup. But actually it is a good show.

  92. Confuzzle says:

    I look forward to the day where Lewhore freaks out, shaves her head and attacks the media. It’s coming soon now.

  93. Eileen says:

    I’m out for the night but I wanted to give a quick G’day to our Aussie girls that will be on here in a few hours!!

  94. Heaven bound says:

    @ Eileen and the rest… Have you ever heard of freedom of speech? I have been coming to this site for years and like everyone else I come to enjoy the gossip “du jour” I do not get so entangled in this mess because quite frankly what happened to BG has happened to millions of women. She is not the first and will not be the last. The behavior of EC and LR is absolutely low and vile, but I really do not see how BG is any different. This is my opinion and I make no apology for it.

  95. CB Rawks says:

    Note to LeLe (-bleeeeeurgh),
    when your body reverts to a prepubescent state through starvation, it will also refuse to get pregnant.
    In short, eat a burger.

  96. SuperSleuth says:

    Best of luck in your new place and new job, Crash.

  97. KatScorp says:

    Crikey. Did my housework first this morning and missed out on the fun.

    Firstly, kudos to White Daisy #76 – how did it take so long for us to see that ‘Irena NL’ is an anagram for ‘LeAnn Ri’?

    Secondly, I am fed to the teeth with the delusional idiots who keep complaining that Brandi is instigating the controversy or is somehow as petty as LeAnn. Brandi was been remarkable restrained throughout all of LeAnn’s Twitter stalking and LeAnn’s “LOL”s and “;-)”s at those of her followers who make vulgar, slanderous and abusive tweets towards Brandi and any person who sends a positive tweet in Brandi’s direction. I wish I had a way to get in contact with Shape’s previous editor and bitchslap that woman for even considering doing a “cyber-bulling is wrong” project with LeAnn. LeAnn’s complicity and support in cyber-bullying Ms Glanville is repulsive and I wish more media outlets had been picking this behaviour up a year ago.

    Revoltingly, ‘Crazy Women’ has gone from 60 to 55 on the country charts and LeAnn’s new faux-tits on display in the new video will likely push it higher. I wish there were a way to get arse-kissing country media like CMT.com aware of LeAnn’s behaviour. Considering the response to the Dixie Chicks over one stupid comment that the media normally would have ignored, LeAnn’s stalking and aggresssive behaviour towards Ms Glanville should have a lot more people up in arms.

  98. Salem says:

    Heaven bound: ” It is very obvious that Brandi and her gal pals are posting on this site.”

    Lol, how ironic. Its very obvious that LR is posting on here. And her staffers.

    “I’m Team no one.”

    And I’m the Pope.

    “But if you want to criticize LR you are acting in the same infantile behavior as LR is.”

    So pointing out that someone is very unwell equals the SAME behaviour? You have to be really sick yourself if you TRULY actually BELIEVE that.

  99. why? says:


    Please stop acting like people are misreading your posts.

    I know that you asked if there was more than one interview and then you went on to say that you didn’t think that what LR said about those kids was bad. And that was why I pointed out EC comment about his kids not being exposed to the media and the many statements where LR herself constantly says that she and EC respect the kids privacy. So how is LR respecting the kid’s privacy, when she is giving radio interviews about them? That is what is wrong with/bad about LR interview.

    The point being is that LR had no right to even talk about those kids in that radio interview because even her own boyfriend seems to think that using those kids is just an attempt to draw attention to LR and her career.

    I know that you were agreeing with another commenter’s comment, the thing is that once again it just so happens to be yet another “I am trying to help BG” or “BG needs to be quiet [because LR has something very important to promote and she can’t do that if people see or hear BG] posters which show up right when LR needs to whitewash her image. We can predict LR and EC behavior by these “I’m just trying to help BG” or “BG needs to be quiet” posters. So what will we get from EC and LR camp this weekend? Yet another photo-op? A photospread with People mag? Something major must be in the works because the damage control is full force.

  100. why? says:

    Someone said that LR tweeted that she was getting back to work now that she followed EC all the way to Dallas just to make sure that he didn’t have chemistry with another woman, and guess what? She wants everyone to know that she isn’t as insecure as we all seem to think she is because she was able to allow EC to film for Chase without having to physically plant herself on that set like she did when EC was filming CSI and those first episodes of Chase. Yeap, she “hung out”(which means she had someone literally babysitting EC and providing her with details on EC every move while he was on the set filming)with her parents while EC was filming Chase. I wonder if one of the conditions for allowing EC to appear on Chase again was that LR was not allowed to show up on the set.

    Photos of LR and EC at an airport in 3, 2, 1.

  101. betty says:

    Why is it when Brandi is criticized you never hear objections coming from these so called not on any team folk . Leann and her paid cronies badger and taunt Brandi constantly. Some might call the actions infantile but we are just telling like it is. Whatever criticism Leann gets is rightly deserved.and so does Eddie. I’m sure he feels the heat about asking his ex to repay support money back because his sorry ass is not working and is taking money away from the childrens mother to help support them makes Leann looks as desperate she is to want a man like that.I believe its the spousal support not child support. Spousal support is different from child support but either way it takes a small man to even request such a thing,knowing the mother needs time to get on her feet. If he didn’t have his meal ticket how would he live and support his kids.

  102. mitsy says:

    Has anyone noticed that LR is in the process of becoming a Brandi clone. Now has the boob job, lipo and getting thin like Brandi. Next the hair will be the same. All to keep a cheater. Waste of time. Parasites just feed of their hosts and bleed them dry and move on.

  103. Nicole says:

    this post was great, but the comments were AWESOME. I was on the edge of my seat reading!

  104. brin says:

    I think that people close to her probably do tell Leann to tone things down and that she looks too thin but I think Leann just listens to Leann and does what she wants.

  105. Roma says:

    @why?: For the record, I’ve posted here for years. And I’ve been neutral on probably every celebrity breakup. I think anyone who would think I’m new hasn’t been around very often or doesn’t read the comments.

    And to everyone else: I never stood up for LeAnn, FYI. I’m sorry that staying classy during a breakup took such a beating on this post.

    There were some rational and articulate comments on here and there was some sheer craziness. This is why I don’t comment on Angelina/Brad posts and I’ll probably stop with the Brandi/LeAnn ones as well.

  106. Jezi says:

    @why? I mentioned the same thing on twitter last night. That her tweet was meant to convince people that she wasn’t stalking EC on the set of Chase. I thought I recalled someone mentioning that she did in fact cancel a show. So I guess following him was more important.

    @Roma well I for one appreciate your comments. Not everyone has to have the same opinion. I wish that Brandi could live her life without having to deal with such insanity. The amount of taunting that is public is nothing compared to what she deals with each and everyday behind the scenes. I do believe that Leann & Eddie are narcissistic and dealing with two of them is a difficult task. I feel like it’s important for Brandi to ignore most behavior and only really deal with the bigger issues when she has to.

  107. Eileen says:

    @Heavenbound I have no problem with anyone having different opinions on here, but don’t you think maybe your two posts contradict each other? Nothing makes me crazier than when someone gets on here and rips on people for talking about the posts and saying were “judging” celebs. Seriously if you don’t to see that, don’t get on a celeb gossip site-its like going into a steakhouse and freaking if someone eats a steak.

  108. Rita says:


    LOL- Don’t you just hate vegans?

  109. Eileen says:

    @Rita I’m for everyone having a place but one time I met a bunch of girls at Benihana and I sh!t you not one girl freaked when the guy made her veggies on the open grill that they use because even though it was clean it had been used at one time to cook meat. Why in the hell would you go to a Japanese steak hibachi house if you won’t eat your food cooked on the grill? lol That poor chef was completely at a loss as to what to do-so she sat there with her bowl of raw veggies and sulked.

  110. icantbelievethis says:

    @why It is okay to say it . . . . .
    I missed you too:)

  111. deb says:

    @ Rita Just the pretenders 😉

    @ Jezi I’m sure what we see out here in the blogoshere is just the tip of the iceberg.

  112. brin says:

    Hope Brandi is staying strong and keeping her head held high. She’s got a lot of people wishing her well.

  113. Crash2GO2 says:

    “@why It is okay to say it . . . . .
    I missed you too:) ”

    *giggle giggle SNORT* 🙂

  114. why? says:


    The problem is that everytime this site writes an article about EC and LR a “different” person (probably a LR “fan”) shows up trying to deflect from EC and LR bad behavior by blaming BG, which often takes the form of these “BG needs to be quiet/BG is being mean because she would dare call out EC and LR on how they are treating her and those boys” posts.

    Staying classy? So are you saying that any HW woman/man who would dare speak about their ex’s infidelity or constant taunting (which is being played out in front of thousands of people just about everyday of the week via twitter/People mag/ABC/Shape mag/ or certain blogs that glamorize LR bad behavior) is not being classy? Why do people always seek to look for fault in the victims of these HW affairs? If these women/men stay quiet they are considered doormats (ie-Jennifer Aniston/Elliot Spitner’s wife)and when they do speak they are considered _________ or as some of you “neutral” posters keep claiming as not being classy(ie-Jennifer Aniston, Mary Jo Eustace, etc…).

    It’s not sheer craziness to be suspcious of these “neutral” posters always claiming that they are trying to “help” BG (because they share a similar story as hers) because their presence always falls in line with something LR is promoting. It’s almost as if they want BG to be quiet because they think that she will steal LR thunder.

    I think that BG has shown some restraint because she could be telling us a whole lot more, but she doesn’t. It appears that the only way she can get EC and LR to do the right thing is to expose their misdeeds to the public.

  115. why? says:


    Well at least you didn’t respond by saying that I misread your post again.:)


  116. jemshoes says:

    Argh, I’m 2 days behind you KatScorp! 🙂 Hi, by the way! And I co-sign with everything you’ve said. I still do believe BG is trying to be the best mother and parent that she can be, and that this is complicated by the ugly mess LR/EC has dragged her into.

    And g’day to Eileen, Rita and Jezi *waving hello* Your comments always give these LR/EC posts much food for thought.

  117. why? says:

    I thought that Leann and her “fans” said that Leann didn’t care what we think? So why does she keep going through the trouble to debunk whatever we are pointing out?

    a) It gets out that EC doesn’t have a job and couldn’t have possibly bought that ring for LR because he asked for a reduction in his child support the week before LR claims he bought it. And the next week LR fixes it by talking her friend into allowing EC to make more appearances on his show. And then LR makes tons of tweets to let everyone know that EC does indeed have a job.

    b) LR tweets that she is traveling with EC to Dallas and people point out it’s because she is so afraid that he is going to hook up with his co-stars while he is filming for Chase. To covince us that she isn’t insecure or worried that EC is going to cheat on her while he is filming for Chase, LR makes a tweet about how she hung out with her parents while EC filmed Chase.

    c) We point out how LR Crazy Women isn’t doing very well on the charts and that she has to cancel her concerts because of her low fanbase/low ticket sales. LR then tries to fix it by first tweeting that she had two sold-out concerts. When people still don’t believe it (ie-because they go the sites and are able to see that even though she is saying it’s sold out, there are still seats available), LR then pays a media outlet to write that her concert was sold out.

  118. Miley says:

    Why no mention of LeAnn’s gay douche-bag Darrell Brown. He’s bullied Brandi as much as anyone!

  119. betty says:

    I wouldn’t call making a few guest appearances as working. He will still be unemployed afterwards. Leann is past pathetic if her concerts were sold out its because she bought the tickets.LOL It is sub-zero weather there and I bet few people would venture out to see a washed up has been like Leann. Carrie or Taylor,maybe.

  120. Sami says:

    Please don’t take this as an attack on Brandi, because it definitely is not. Just wondering if others who are friends with Brandi know the facts on this. I just read on contactmusic that Brandi is pleading NOT GUILTY to 2 drink-driving charges from last October? But didn’t she come out and admit it and own up to it? I don’t get why shes pleading not guilty to something she already publically admitted? Also, it said if convicted, she could get 6 months in jail? This is a real worry as then LeAnn will be even more smug about having FULL-TIME custody of the boys if their mother is in jail. What if Eddie then tries to sue for sole custody? This is a real worry, and truly so unfair.

  121. Rita says:


    I’m sure her attorney pled for her so she could tell her story, otherwise a guilty plea would result in a summary judgement that didn’t take circumstances into account. The 6 months in jail is BS and yes, E&L continually feed this story to the tabs to make Brandi look bad. E&L are perpetual lowlifes.

  122. why? says:


    I read something even funnier.

    I read an article (which was yet another fluff piece bought and paid for by Leann) where they said they brought EC back to Chase because he did well with the viewers. We know that this stuff about the viewers wanting to see more of EC can’t be true because:

    If his “hotness” was that great, then he would still be on CSI.

    If the viewers wanted to see more of EC, then how come he isn’t being offered more roles? Other than his Hallmark movie/CSI/Chase/ and probably a role in LR upcoming movies and video, EC hasn’t gotten any really big job offers (all of his jobs seem to be favors from LR friends) since he hooked up with LR. With all the photo-ops of EC and LR in Cabo, the movie producers would have been knocking down EC door by now.

    If the viewers wanted to see more of EC, then his Hallmark movie would have broken all types of records. His Hallmark movie flopped so badly that he has to resort to using his kids names and faces each time it airs.

    If the viewers were interested in seeing EC on Chase and the execs had every intention of keeping EC on Chase, then there would have been no need for EC to request that his child support be reduced or that BG repay him.

    The bad part is that according to LR, EC is just going to use that money he gets from Chase towards custom made jewelry to match LR LovE tattoo.