Denise Richards blocks father in law’s access to grandchildren

Denise Richards is often seen out with her father, Irv, and her two sad-looking daughters, Sam, four, and Lola, three. Richard’s mother died of cancer late last year. Sam and Lola have another set of grandparents on their father’s side, Martin Sheen and his wife of 47 years, Janet Templeton. The two young girls aren’t seeing much of their grandparents on their dad’s side, though. Richards and Sheen went through a contentious divorce in 2005 and 2006.Sheen has visititation rights, which Richards has tried to block and restrict multiple times.

Richards is also said to be blocking access to the girls from Sheen’s parents. They can presumably see their grandparents on their father’s side when they’re visiting their dad, of course, but Martin Sheen is mighty upset that he has limited time with his granddaughters, especially after he tried to defend Richards to his son.

Denise’s ex-dad-in-law, Martin Sheen, regularly defended her when Charlie Sheen ripped her as a derange liar, cheat, skank… etc. – but [Martin] suddenly see’s things [his son’s] way now that she’s ruthlessly blocking access to his beloved granddaughters! Said a source:

“Denise stupidly ruined any good will Martin had for her. He was the one cool head in their nasty divorce battle, keeping his son on a leash when he’d start his attack-dog tactics… but no more!”

Martin’s frustrated because Denise – who’d poured her heart out to him in long phone calls when the divorce war began – blows him off when he calls to ask if he and wife Janet can see Sam and Lola, saying “now is not a good time…”

“Denise knows Martin has taken her side many times – so now it’s like she’s spitting in his face.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, Mike Walker’s column, AUgust 25, 2008]

Martin has apologized for his son for asking him to temper his comments about Denise and now sees exactly what he was talking about once she turned on him, too.

Do we expect any other type of behavior from this woman? She accused her husband of child abuse so that she could try and rip visitation away from him, but that was thrown out by a judge who saw it for the ploy that it was. At least her show has been canceled and she’ll have to go back to living on that child support from Charlie. Will she wither away once the spotlight focuses away from her vile self-righteous behavior?

The other day I heard a heartbreaking story about a grandmother who watched her grandson from the time he was an infant until he was five. Her son divorced his wife and she hasn’t seen her grandson since. It’s been 13 years. Charlie and Denise live close enough that they can share visititation despite Denise’s unwillingness to obey court orders, and Charlie’s folks can see their granddaughters when they’re in his care. It’s got to be a slap in the face for Martin to be told by Denise that he can’t see the girls after he listen to her sob story so many times and tried to help smooth things out between the harpy and his son.

Denise Richards is shown out with her dad, Irv, on 8/18/08. Credit: Zink/Fame Pictures

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  1. Spike says:

    Denise is a horrible person. These children are just weapons for her. She has no understanding of the “best interests of the child”.

    In many states grandparents can file a request for visitation rights with Family Court. I hope Martin sues her ass…

  2. Kaiser says:

    OH NO. You do not mess with President Bartlett. He will go to war for his grandchildren. WWWAAARRRR!!!

  3. Linda says:

    This woman is just so vile!! I feel so sorry for those 2 little girls!! Those children should be removed from her care before she ruins them completely.

    I’ve never disliked a woman as much as I do Denise.

  4. photo jojo says:

    LOL @ Kaiser.
    Denise is a nutjob of the highest order.

  5. Mr. T says:

    Wow, Denise is such a catch. I wonder why she is still single?

  6. Nikki G. says:

    i really didn’t think i could hate this whore anymore than i already did. yup, i was wrong…

  7. daisy424 says:

    She is obiviously a bitter woman. By acting out on her hate for Charlie, her actions only hurt the innocents in the fall out.

    She doesn’t see it now, she is too blind with rage. She will regret what she is doing down the road, but by then the damage will have already been done.

    As a Grandparent myself, I can understand the pain Martin and Janet are going through.

    Charlie isn’t perfect either.

  8. oxa says:

    We do not know what went down, Martin sheen and his wife were not denied access, they can see the kids on Charlie’s time.

  9. Blackalicious says:

    Poor girls. They will probably turn on Denise when they realize what they missed b/c of her. I love Martin Sheen! Even if Charlie is a jerk that’s no reason to screw over Martin. She’s miserable.

    I hate when guys wear chunky white athletic shoes with jeans and tucks in shirts to show belt loops and no belt. Her dad also usually wears his cell phone on his jeans too, ha.

  10. spoonman says:

    Just another feeble attempt to extend her 15 minutes of fame. I’m sure she came up with this idea for September sweeps to get ratings for her now cancelled train wreak of a show. E producers should be shot for allowing her to be on TV to spew this garbage.

    Forget it baby-You are cancelled!!!

    No one cares any more that you used Charlie Sheen as your sperm donor a few years back.

    Talk about fatal attractions-do you think C Sheen wishes he never banged this psycho Bitch???

  11. Chris says:

    I dislike this woman more every time I read about something she is doing. Could she be more selfish?

  12. Aspen says:

    She used to be photographed with her girls at the park and out doing mommy stuff with them ALL the time.

    I haven’t seen any of that going on since she started slobbering after Heather Locklear’s man. She’s gone from being a woman I admired for having the courage to leave an abusive (doing drugs when you have kids is abusive) and dangerous husband and protect her kids…to being someone I cannot even begin to understand.

    She’s become utterly revolting.

  13. Bodhi says:

    I have a feeling that Martin Sheen won’t go away quietly

  14. Snowblood says:

    @ Bodhi “I have a feeling that Martin Sheen won’t go away quietly.” Yep. Me, too. Now, THERE’s a man I’ve always admired, I love Martin Sheen.

  15. Wendy says:

    This bitch is just nuttier than a fruitcake. Think the judge should put her in a padded cell for a while

  16. Jinxy says:

    God, she’s so odious. Those girls will hate her when they get older, if they already don’t hate her now. I foresee a hearing when they are 10 and 12 asking the court to make their father full custodial parent with minimal mom visits. Can’t wait for that day, terrible mothering skills.

  17. SolitaryAngel says:

    If even half of the stories about this person are true, then Charlie and (YAY!!) Martin should join forces and take those 2 innocent pawns away from her, so she will have no more influence over them. Denise is destined to be alone, friendless, manless, and hopefully childless. Children are not weapons–and I think she’s too selfish ever to “one day regret what she’s doing to the girls”. The judge who threw out her “frivolous” child molestation case should have taken the girls from her then and there. God, how much more is it gonna take before the Sheens strike back?

    Something tells me this is the last straw–NOBODY messes with Martin!!! 😈

  18. Ron says:

    You know if Charlie didn’t have such a history of banging skanks this never would have happened. He really should start looking for the skank alert bracelets From Neiman Marcus and Kmart. Rachel Zoe wears one! So that means it’s stylish too!

  19. McKenna says:

    Ugh, hate this woman. I can’t believe she defends the fact that she dated her friends husband by saying that they were no longer friends. Yeah, that makes it ok. It’s sad that in a few years these girls are going to be old enough to read these things on the internet and find out what a wench their mother is.

  20. Jamie says:

    Does anybody understand, or even botherered to notice how MANIUPULITIVE Charlie and his Dad are with the press?

    How many rotten, horrible, ugly things has Charlie said that get out but somehow, someway on stay on the gossip scene for a matter of minutes before we never here them again?

    As a Mother of a Son with a Man that at times has the capability of doing just out right stupid things and spout out the most absurd uncalled for phrases of hate from what he refers to as a mouth (I personally think it was a waste of the persons who created him at birth time to do so)…

    I don’t see her like you all do. I know what it’s like hereing your child come back from Dad’s and saying things that NO toddler should know let alone repeat. DENISE even made it a point to find an ADVOCATE for the girls (a therapist) so that she, the therapist could help the girls learn what the difference between right and wrong is. So that right there tells me she is not worried in the least about herself or her reputation…she is worried about her girls. Period.

    Get a grip people and picture yourself as a mother, father anyone who has little children in a horrible spot and needing a way to grow in a healthy enviroment versus one that is tainted with anger and bitterness…

    GO DENISE!!!!

  21. Bodhi says:

    Jamie: How bout the fact that Denise curses constantly in front of her girls? What toddler needs to know the word “cunt”?

  22. Orangejulius says:

    Er, Denise, what little sense I could make of that post didn’t make much sense. A false accusation of molestation is absolutely vile. What kind of person would do that to her own kids? She didn’t give a thought (apparently) to how the girls would feel about that when they’re old enough to understand. Evil.

  23. Orangejulius says:

    Sorry, sorry. I meant Jamie~!

  24. Snowblood says:

    OrangeJ — That’s EXACTLY what I immediately thought when reading this comment from “Jamie,” that it’s got to, GOT to be Denise Richards herself come ’round to CeleBitchy to read what we’re saying about her and defend herself.

    It IS her! You guys, this Jamie, this commentor here really is Denise Richards. How hilarious is THIS!? Celebs do come into the gossip blogs from time to time, to not just read but post defending comments under pseudonyms. It’s always a treat when you can recognise them so clearly, and this Jamie I would be willing to place HUGE cash bets is Denise Richards, online with us right now. πŸ˜†

    Nice try, Denise. You nutjob loser.

  25. daisy424 says:

    Snowy; Nutjob loser, love it! πŸ˜›

    edit; Snowy, “Jamie” has been hurt by her ex, it’s plain. She is as bitter as Denise. Misery loves company.

  26. Snowblood says:

    And Denise, could you maybe explain what in the name of all that’s insane what this not-quite-a-sentence run of words here translates into in Sane-Speak?

    “As a Mother of a Son with a Man that at times has the capability of doing just out right stupid things and spout out the most absurd uncalled for phrases of hate from what he refers to as a mouth (I personally think it was a waste of the persons who created him at birth time to do so)…
    ” ~ Denise, a.k.a. Jamie

    WHAT does that mEAN? Is there a translator in the house? Anyone speak Lunatikese around here?

  27. oxa says:

    i am certainly not her yet i do see both sides. yes she aint muther teresa and has a foul mouth. She already has to share her time with her kids , let martin see them on charlies time.

  28. Jamie says:

    Heck you want to think that I’m Denise…fun for me! That means I should be getting 20k child support a month not the 400 I get currently. I am actually Jamie (I’m of course not going to disclose my last name) I live in OREGON, not California. I watched her show and I think she is quite honest about who she is. I never watched her program and felt she was trying to portray herself as perfect.

    I slip up from time to time about what I say in front of my 5 year old SON (not 2 daughters) Nobody is perfect…not one single person on this earth is.

    I again applaud her for being real and at all costs making sure her children are not exposed to all the crap her parents put them through. Yes, I say her as well, she is a party in this (again validating her self admitted lack of perfection) by employing a “child advocate” to help both girls understand.

    It’s hard to undo what a other parent has said or done. It’s hard to explain to a child, or in this case, children that what they are being exposed to or have heard isn’t correct and must not be repeated.

    Again it’s just little old me, Jamie, from Oregon in my early 30’s just stating what I think and what I see as a very noble effort from the Mothers camp, when it comes to the protection of her girls.

  29. Jamie says:

    Your right I stand corrected…the revised quote is listed below…

    β€œI am also a Mother to a Son who has a Father that at times, has the capability of doing and/or saying the most out right stupid things as well as spout out the most absurd, uncalled for phrases of hate from what he refers to as a mouth (I personally think that g*d and his mother wasted their time and efforts when creating this portion of his body while he was in the womb “his mouth”)…
    ” ~ Denise, a.k.a. Jamie

    ” ~ Jamie, a.k.a. Really just Jamie”

  30. Jamie says:

    Miss Daisy ~

    Ahhh how nice it must be to live in your world of rainbows, butterflies and fluffy kittens…

    I on the otherhand have chose to pro-create with a Man (who I should have known was a bad choice before I opted to open my lower extremities) but alas, I did not, and now I’m here facing the results of my actions…

    My ex reminds me alot of Charile actually, nice guy to most, anti-social to others, very charming but has a deep dark angry side that when it rears it’s ugly head becomes an evil mess…

    I’m not bitter, not in the least. I spend day in and day out either validating his actions (in order to keep myself sane) or undoing his wrongs so that my Son doesn’t think that is the way the real world works. When he yells, I do not yell back. When he name calls, I drive away or hang up the phone. Under NO circumstances attempt too aggrivate the situation because in the end the ONLY person who it would affect is our Son.

    So I smile and proceed on my merry way hoping that in the end my Son will learn on his own over time that the world isn’t according to “Dad”…

    Had I had a child advocate I would have used her/him in a second.

  31. Snowblood says:

    O.K., Miss Jamie, I believe you’re you. πŸ˜€

    And you are VERY MUCH indeed reeking of Eau du Bitterness. You’ve got some MAJORly bitter issues! The very tone of your commentary style is steeped in intense bitterness. You’re obsessed with your ex, and I get the feeling you are VERY, very similar to Denise Richards (you even speak/write like she does) in all the worst, craziest ways. I feel for your kids.

  32. Jamie says:

    Acceptance of my reality is no where near bitterness.

    My son is Autistic. I take him to work with me everyday. The then attends EIS (early intervention services) Tues, Wens, Thurs mornings. Wens he goes to sensory intergration therapy in the afternoon (500.00 a month). He has speech therapy classes he attends twice a month (30.00 co-pay) and all the other things that come with a very unique child.

    I pick him up from every activity and take him back to work with me or in some cases home, every single day and at no point have I ever thought to myself poor me…if anything I think poor (fathers name) for missing out on the growth that has taken place since our son began all of this. Matter of fact my son, will be attending K this fall in the mainstream class.

    You see…I look at it like you live, you learn and providing all goes well you do not repeat.

    I love my life, mistakes and all and wouldn’t change it for a thing πŸ˜‰

  33. Jamie says:

    You should listen to Dr Laura…Miss Snowblood.

    Simply stated. We as parents choose to make our kids lives hell when we seperate. They already have no solid ground to stand on and not a thing in their lives are stable. The worst thing we can do is fight or argue continuiously with our exes because in the end the only person that will hurt is the child.

    Put yourself above the situation and do what you need to do for your child. That includes just grinning and bearing it the majority of the time. πŸ˜€

    I don’t miss anything about my previous life. I only hope to offer my son the best life has to offer now….

  34. Jamie says:

    Miss SNOWBLOOD ~

    DO NOT SUGGEST that I DO NOT DO anything but what’s best for my child…

    DO NOT SUGGEST that you feel sorry for him (my son) because I can assure you that there is not one person in his life, Doctor, Teacher, Therapist, PTA, Friend or Family member that won’t tell you I’m anything but a SAINT for putting up with and tolerating the ingnorance of the man my son refers to as Dad.

    You my dear need to learn how to be a nicer person. It’s your ability to call a person out, whom you’ve never met, on being a bad parent, that leads me to believe that in fact it’s YOU not me that needs to be felt sorry for.:x

  35. Snowblood says:

    (er – we got a crazy one here, folks.)

  36. Kaiser says:

    *comforting Snowblood like a wounded kitteh*

    It’s okay, girl. We’ll get through this. Some days a little crazy comes through.

  37. daisy424 says:

    Jamie, “Ahhh how nice it must be to live in your world of rainbows, butterflies and fluffy kittens…”

    I am a realist and have been in your situation with 3 kids minus the autism, over 25 years ago. You’re not the only one who has a loser for an ex-husband.

    “We as parents choose to make our kids lives hell when we seperate. They already have no solid ground to stand on and not a thing in their lives are stable.”

    I chose not to stay and subject my daughters to their Father.
    I thank my lucky stars that I had the strength to get away from him and make my daughter’s lives stable. Dr. Laura is a nut if she is preaching that bile.

    But I do agree with not arguing in front of the kids. Children don’t feel safe with either parent when that occurs.

    Denise should never have put her kids on TV to promote her career, she is whoring her children for a buck.

    Say what you want about Charlie, but I have yet to see him pull a stunt like that with his daughters.

  38. Celebitchy says:

    Jamie is from Oregon, her ip address checks out and I also believe she’s telling the truth. I feel for what you’re going through with an autistic son and an asshole ex, Jamie, and if you are a fan of Denise and think she’s just protecting her girls that’s certainly an opinion that’s been hard earned and no one should attack you for it or call you crazy. Please don’t spend a lot of time defending yourself, though, it’s not worth it. You don’t need to be so condescending Snowblood. We don’t call names here or dismiss people. And Jamie please tone it down a little.

  39. Orangejulius says:

    No shit.

  40. Blanche says:

    Jamie, Please don’t take your pain out on the Celebitchy readers. That is unfair. You made some bad mistakes, hell we all do. And you are paying for them now. Hopefully you will learn from them. Do not take what people say about that skank Denise as any kind of accusation about you. This has nothing to do with you.
    Do you understand that?

  41. Jamie says:

    My apoligies for getting so riled up when it comes to this particular subject.

    First I must clarify that Dr. Laura does state that we must make it as easy on the kids as possible while, BEING A SEPERATED household, not while being togehter with the parent of your child.

    Of course she does point out that you should just stay where you are and make it work (which in my case wasn’t an option and I don’t entirely agree with)

    I see now where people are so quick to pass judgement on here. I can see where any celeb could be absolutley torn to pieces by the general population. I can’t imagine living my life in the public eye and being looked at from such narrow minded individuals. Not implying that all people are that way…please don’t assume that I’m saying everyone’s like that.

    I, even more than before, stand by Denise. After seeing what happens when just a normal female states her OPINION. To sit and watch and see what happens in just a short amount of time…I turned into a Villian of sorts. So too Denise I say this…

    Keep strong. Don’t care about what the public thinks and know that a few (even if it’s just a select few) people believe that your only doing what you know in your heart has to be done to protect your children.

  42. Blanche says:

    Jamie–You are right about one thing. Most people do not side with Denise. I just think that for your own well being you shoud not take anything that is said on these celebrity gossip sites personally. It’s not worth it. If I took it personaly everytime someone called Sarah Jessica Parker horse faced I would be in a world of hurt.

  43. Alecto says:

    Full custody should be given to Charlie right now. Denise should be comitted to a nuthouse for physc evaluation. She’s gonna screw those poor girls up so bad. I’m sure they have more issues than the average child right now. Poor babies.

  44. czarina says:

    The really sad part is that both Denise and Charlie are terrible parents, in that they put their own feelings ahead of their childrens’, and ultimately it is the kids who suffer for all their selfishness.
    I feel for Martin Sheen and his wife. Divorce has a lot of collateral damage. I think Martin has not supported Charlie’s behavior and, according to the article, has tried to keep cordial relations with Denise for the sake of the kids.
    For those suggesting he can see the kids on Charlie’s time, I agree, but she is also working hard to cut down on Charlie’s custody time, and there is no reason why the girls should not see their paternal grandparents at other times as well.
    Poor girls–my heart really goes out to them.

  45. Aud says:

    Both of those 2 are nutjobs, but she is far, far worse. She reminds me a lot of my ex hubby. But if she gives one iota of a damn about those kids, what she needs to do is take the high road, and give him a rope to hang himself with. If she wasn’t bein such a whackadoodle, he’d hang himself in no time. As it is, she’s makin him look like a (slightly spiteful) angel and making her kids miserable in the process.

  46. hello says:

    I get what Jamie is saying, and yes, at one point Charlie Sheen was the crazy one. She, however, has started using her children as a tool in the media and against her ex. I would completely agreed with Jamie until D. Richards fought to have her children on tv. It is NEVER in a child’s best interest to be filmed by strangers in their own home.

    Today, I think it is fair to say that Charlie is the lesser of the two evils. Denise Richards seems like she has a pathological need to be famous. In her show she Googled herself all the time. Normal people who are not narcissists do not do that. She’s a rotten actress (you CANNOT deny that!), so the next best thing for her is staying in the gossip mags. This is so strong for her, that she is burning her bridges with an very important ally in family court. It is so so rare to have the opposing side’s family on your side. It’s a major red flag for judges.
    By doing that, she showed where her priorities are, and that isn’t with her children.

  47. Orangejulius says:

    Ahem. Dr. Laura, Jamie? Are you bloody serious? That woman is a hypocritical BITCH of the highest order. If you’re listening to her, you’ve got bigger problems than your ex.

  48. thetinks says:

    You know I don’t like her either, but you never know what she’s doing to fight a very powerful family…and yes why shouldn’t she be allowed to be in the spotlight-she’s worked hard. Her few mistakes don’t account for cocaine nights and herpes fueled orges with Heidi Fleiss’ dream team. She had to get an AIDS test after they broke up!!! Talk about child abuse.

  49. hello says:

    I thought they claim that they met on set of a movie, but really she was one of Heidi’s girls. Or is that really out of left field gossip?

  50. Jamie says:

    As far as I’m concerned…Charlie Sheen at this point is just sitting back and reaping the benefits of the media focus on Denise’s battle against the “system”…

    Has everyone forgotten all of the things he has said? The actual sounds of his voice saying the most horrible things in regards to her mother’s death? Think about it we only get to hear a blip of all the things he’s actually said or done. I’m under the assumption that she most likely choose to use the media as a last resort to expose him, Charlie, and the way he really is.

    Charlies Dad has ALOT of friends in the biz and politically. Which in my opinion explains why coverage of any subject when in comes to his son is soon just swept under the rug so to speak. I think Denise did the best she could with what she had…

    You get to a point though that yes, you should just throw your hands in the air and let the cards fall where they may and hope in the end its a soft landing.

    Neither are perfect parents. I’m surely not a perfect parent and alot of what I’ve learned is through trial and error. I hope in the end all parties involved learn that same thing and grow past this.

    In the mean time stick with the child advocate and hope that an unbias party is able to help the children understand that NONE of it is their fault.

  51. hello says:

    if the courts thought that he’s as bad as she claims there would have been a guardian ad litem, who would have made an appropriate recommendation. ESPECIALLY after the sexual abuse allegations.

    I work with this stuff a lot. Judges aren’t stupid. Nor are the guardians, so I really don’t find her that credible.

  52. RAN says:

    Jamie, I don’t know you, but would like to tell you how honored I am that you’ve shared your story with us. I have two daughters and I’ve been very blessed in my life. But.. it sounds to me like life has offered you many blessings outside of the trials you’ve faced, and I’m very impressed by you.

    My sister went through an experience similar to yours – it’s never easy. I wish you all the best. Please don’t take anything that’s said on this website personally – it’s just not worth it.

  53. Shay says:

    This sounds rather silly. I don’t think grandparents have ultimate rights to see their grandkids. There’s no official block of Martin seeing the kids. He can see them when Charlie has them like most grandparents in a situation like this.

  54. RAN says:

    I have to come back and comment about the grandparents visitation thing – got so wrapped up in Jamie that I forgot this earlier. There are many states that have passed ‘grandparent laws’ which enable the gp to sue for visitation rights. I hope California is one of them.

    Why should Martin be held back from seeing those girls? Charlie gets the children for two days a week (if that) and one would assume that the father wants to spend as much time as possible with his girls. The first day is all about relaxing and reconnecting. A parent has to be selfish in this situation.

    Who suffers? The children and the grandparents – Denise needs to grow up and make sure her children experience the best of both worlds. I am disgusted by her behavior.

  55. countrybabe says:

    Martin Sheen called Denise crazy in the height of the madness. That might be her problem with him. I don’t recall that he defended Denise to Charlie before. But he can see the girls on Charlie’s time.

  56. Nan says:

    Godspeed some beautiful intervention into Denise’s life. Please. I’ve never seen such loss. Maybe I have in a 15 yr. old going through a bad time but she never grew up in most ways. Such a shame, her Dad is a wonderful person. Maybe a ‘lil too kind.

  57. Nan says:

    Don’t hate Denise for she is a lost 15 yr old. She naively thought she could change Charlie. It was as if she was thinking ‘I’m special & different so he will change due to me.’ She’s a victim of that syndrome ‘I’m Special!’ Actually, I can see where she gets it from being she has a kind Dad & all. I don’t know her dynamic w/her Mom though. The parents of Denise meant well. The problem is you need to be careful how you handle an attractive child. This approach did not work well for her.

  58. Jamie says:

    I want to thank those of you sent all of your kind words….

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart… πŸ˜•

    It’s been quite sometime since I put myself or my situation out there for those to see. Let alone a public forum to a bunch of complete strangers (which would be never in that case)

    I appreciate everything everyone said. Even the bad things. Heck they always say “Bad press is good press” and suppose now that even applies to me! 8)

    ~ Jamie from Oregon
    (also thank you mr/miss celebitchy forum person, thanks bunches)

  59. crispy says:

    too many opinions and these people do not know her!

  60. Kat says:

    Who cares ?? Go take your medication.

  61. Nan says:

    CB, you are commenting all over the place today & we just love it!

  62. Shane says:

    Hang in there with your autistic son Jaime, and God Bless You!

  63. Jesabella says:

    I don’t understand what the hate for Denise is all about or how it started. I think shes funny and I liked her show and I always hoped she would take Charlie Sheen to the cleaners. Those Sheens thought they were dealing with basically a nobody with no pull and no power.. well she showed them… she didn’t let them take her kids or run her out of town of a rail And as for the Richie Samboro thing, Heather found a naked picture of a mutual friend of theirs on his email and it wasn’t Denise. That is what broke those two up. Not Denise. I don’t know why everybody wants to blame her. Denise was never Heathers close friend anyuway, they just lived near each other and sometimes socialized. I have a lot of couple friends like that, and sometimes split ups happen. I have seen one partner of a previous couple hook up with another partner, of a split up couple, sometimes they even marry and join the Country Club and its excepted.
    I admire the girl for being tough and scrappy and standing up for herself. I mean every one knows what a manwhore Charlie Sheen is. I was hoping she wouldn’t marry him, but she did. At least she was smart enough to get out and take care of herself.

  64. Andrea says:


    Denise Richards did not get an ADVOCATE for her children in response to their needs. The courts in California assign an advocate to protect the rights of the children.

  65. Sarah says:

    Jaime, You should go to Amazon or Borders any bok store and get the book
    ” Why does he do that” By Lundy Bancroft. Its a really great bookand it is so helpful in making sense of abusive relationships. The kind where you dont get its hard to figure out.
    Also any of the books by Patricia Evans.
    Of course Dont let him see the books.
    These people dont understand becuase thei most liekly are not in abusive relationships.
    And I have noticed the people who understand Denise are, and they can see that Charlie is just like their abusive husband. Otherwise its hard to know whats going on with them. Mans the husband acts so charming and nice to other people that they would never believe how mean he can get. Infact Denise only wrote everything Charlie does to the judge to protect her girls, she had no say if it went public or not.
    Abusive men pretty much blame or accuse their wife of being exactly like them. Think about what you have been accused of , and you will realize it everything he does. Thats exactly what Charlie did to Denise, abd its actually everything he did.
    Its because they think that their wife is them. No kidding,(read the book) thats why you hear statements like” You think this or that. ” You know that” You like this. They think they know what your thinking, then they act on it as if it was truth, Meanwhile your still trying to explain that no thats not what you thought, thinking that it will get better when he realizes he misunderstood you. they-will get getting mad at you for ordering something they dont like.
    Sorry to go on and on, but reading the book will make things better, or google verbal abuse .
    If you think Denise is a skank then in no time at all you will all thing that Brook os a skank too.
    Abusive men get more abusive with kids.
    Its sometimes hard to convince mutual friends that your charming husband is abusive imagine a celeb with-his adoring public.

  66. Sarah says:

    one more thing, no She not perfect, who is?
    But she has said on her show that she does not swear in front of the kids.
    And I would fight for visitation too, if I pretty much knew my kids were not being treated well, acting strange when they got home, that is scary.
    Remember Charlie wanted to her to get an abortion with these girls.(Its in the court documents) And if you look at wire image you will see Denise out with those girls ALONE every single time. And that was when she was still married.
    He has threatened to kill her several times, he swore yelled and verbally abused her in front of the girls all the itme, even pushed her to the ground. all the while she was walking on eggshells, trying to keep him clam. The guy has a problem people.
    Guys like this always accuse their victim of what they do. So everything you think she does he has actually done. No kidding read a book on verbal abuse or do a google search on it and you will see Charlie .

  67. Mrs.C says:

    Don’t any of you people get it……..Charlie Sheen is a PLAYER and geez since when is a woman wrong to keep her kids from that atmostphere……….please people, whoever thinks Denise is the bad guy is sorely mistaken.