Sienna Miller’s home defaced with “slut” graffiti

Who could ever have imagined that there are some people out there who seriously hate Sienna Miller? I know, I find it confounding too. What is there to dislike about the girl? She seems kind. Normal. Self-aware. She just really comes across like the kind of person who’s genuinely concerned for the needs of others, and always working on self-improvement.

Sienna’s London home has been vandalized with the word “slut” written in huge capital letters, along with some satanic looking symbol.

SIENNA MILLER’s London house has been attacked by yobs.

An exterior wall of Sienna’s home in North London was daubed, in capitals, with the word ‘SLUT’.

The black spray-painted graffiti also included an unsettling circular symbol – which looks like an attempt to recreate the sign for Satan.

The actress has attracted controversy for her relationship with married man BALTHAZAR GETTY.

However Sienna maintains that he split from his wife before they got together.

The clumsily written graffiti materialised despite the apparent presence of security lights and a burglar alarm system on the outside of the building.

[From The Sun]

My first thought when I saw this picture was “Who knew Perez Hilton was in London?” Perez is (I believe) the one who originally started calling Sienna “Sluttyiena” Miller and writing “slutty” all over her pictures in cheap Microsoft Paint scrawl. And that’s definitely one of his kinder, less bodily-fluid-based things he’s doodled on her photos. I’d totally forgotten about the whole “now everyone hates Sienna because of the whole Balthazar Getty thing. That only leaves 2,394,382,282 likely suspects. The cops will get ‘em in no time, I’m sure.

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  1. lola lola says:

    If the ‘vandals’ tried to recreate some kind of satanic symbol and couldn’t even do it right, how satanic can they be? Even satanists can draw their own symbol, don’t cha think? Yeah, I’m sure they are sacrificing virgins as we speak….

  2. daisy424 says:

    Oooooh Burn. Nothing stings like the truth.
    Get the pressure washer out……….

  3. Zoe says:

    Too true, but where’s the graffiti on HIS house?

  4. princess says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The satanists would be looking for virgins and no one is going to confuse Sienna with one of those.

  5. huh says:

    Doesn’t her house look kind of ghetto?

  6. daisy424 says:

    Zoe, good point, but don’t worry, he’ll get his, either STD’s or Rosetta.

    He will need a backhoe to dig himself out of this one……….

  7. Scott F. says:

    Bars over the windows, reinforced steel fire door, flood-light, and a fully integrated (from the looks of it) motion detector system. Someone must have a REALLY high opinion of themselves to think they need that kind of protection.

    Not to mention the fact she probably dropped 20-30 grand on the system, and it couldn’t even stop someone from spray painting the front of her house :wink:

  8. Jenna says:

    That sign isn’t satanic! It’s the official sign of SLUT. It’s a group in which Miller is the president.

  9. :s says:

    I don’t think that is nice. Spray-painting someone’s house is very low. Why should people be so concerned with what this girl is doing? Her relationship situation only concerns the immediate people involved. This smacks of “burn the witch” behaviour. Mind your business folks.

  10. Megan says:

    Whoa is that seriously Sienna’s house? Looks like a prison.

  11. Enonymous says:

    For a seemingly rich actress, could she not buy a better looking house. Her house (with all those bars on the window and with the graffiti not helping either) looks like is situated in the ghetto.

    I agree, although she is at fault also, Balthazar Getty should definitely get it worse. However, why would anyone feel so strongly about this affair (when is non of their business and does not effect them personally) to bother and vandalize her home. They went too far.

  12. czarina says:

    OK, can’t stand the woman.
    I hate what she’s done and the careless, blase way she’s caused an entire family pain and embarassment. (with the twit Blatherer equally contemptable).
    And yet…I must admit, I would be so devestated to have my home violated like that. I can’t help but feel the faintest bit of sympathy…
    I’ll lie down. I’m sure it will pass.

  13. Jen in Dallas says:

    Seen running from the scene? Rosetta Getty. :)

    I hope Sienna’s career is over. The thing she’s best at is whoring herself out. She should stick to it and leave acting to the pros.

  14. Celebitchy says:

    I haven’t been to London in over 10 years unfortunately, but in Berlin graffiti is sadly common and people kind of shrug and live with it. The laws here against graffiti aren’t as enforced as in the states so it’s all over and takes some getting used to. I’m not saying this is acceptable, just that graffiti may not be as much of a violation in London as it is in American cities where you only find it in specific bad areas.

  15. Snowblood says:

    I think it’s sad, it’s really sad, and I feel sympathy for Sienna Miller, too. No one deserves to have their home defaced in such a cruel way. :cry: I think it’s just really, really mean.

    I do wonder, though, if Rosetta Getty and her friends knew anything about this… I heard Ms. Getty has a tight circle of powerful, influential and loyal friends, wonder if they had that done to Sienna’s house as a kind of “You humiliated Rosetta in public with your naked-tryst paparazzi pics, so we’ll humiliate YOU in public by covering your house with slut graffiti and then making sure everyone who reads tabloids will see it” kind of thing.

    Or maybe it was just a little gang of restless teenage hoodlums out on a lark, god who knows.

    Whoever did it, whatever their motive, still, it was a cruel and petty thing to do to anyone, just mean-spirited and ugly. Mean people who are mean just to be mean, truly do suck. :(

  16. elisha says:

    Judging by the X-men logo in front of it, it would appear they just think she’s a new X character called SLUT!

    I don’t think the graffiti crackdown in America has so much to do with the graffiti itself, but rather the gangs they are associated with. For good reason I suppose; I hate walking through the fence near my house labeled X4 for fear of getting jumped.

  17. Carrie says:

    I have no time for Sluttyenna but defacing someone’s property is taking things too far.

    As for the appearance of the place, as a resident of central London I can tell you that a jail like that will set you back in the region of $5,000,000. And having bars on ground floor windows in London is sadly all too normal. We don’t have enough space for gated communities or even driveways.

  18. tvf says:

    That’s not a satanic symbol, that’s Vonnegut’s depiction of an asshole, inside a circle. Don’t you people READ?!

  19. Aud says:

    Defacing her house IS pretty low. But I must say, if they were gonna do it, they couldnt have picked a better person to do it to.

  20. Enonymous says:

    Carrie is that true, that much money for that type of house? Why so expensive? 8O

  21. molly says:

    Defacing someone’s property for publicly screwing your husband in front of your family and the entire world is not worth much. Taking a wrecking ball to the home wreckers place is not worth much either when someone is placed in such a traumatizing situation. Everyone seems to place such a high value on a little scribble that can easily be removed. I wonder, how much is it going to take to get the images of a half naked Getty and Sienna out of the minds of his children. Count up that cost, cause this is going to get ugly. (and it should because this is some cruel mess right here.)

  22. Cidee says:

    “This smacks of “burn the witch” behaviour. Mind your business folks.”

    Mind your business?!?!?!? Logging onto this sight, much less posting, clearly indicates none of us are even remotely CAPABLE of minding our own business. Boring.

  23. Bodhi says:

    I’m sure her house is SICK once you get past the barred windows.

    Anyway, I can’t stand her at all, but damn, that is some low low class shit

  24. sam says:

    Sorry but I think this is just cruel and unecessary. Not only is it vandalism but a person deserves to feel safe in their own home.

    Besides that – it takes two to tango and its not fair that she is taking all the blame.

  25. ri23 says:

    “satanic looking symbol”? Just because you don’t recognize something doesn’t make it satanic. :roll: It looks more like a person with their legs spread and the word “slut” is beside it. Do the math.

  26. Aspen says:

    Guys…London is MUCH older than–say–San Francisco. The homes are closer together and the city is far more densely constructed.

    I challenge you to find a large 400 year-old home inside the city of London that looks “better” on the outside than that.

    You know…I’m an American, but having lived outside of my own country for a while (not voluntarily and I miss it), it amazes me over and over again how clueless my countrymen are about there actually being OTHER places–places that look different than American suburbia–outside of our borders.

  27. Aspen says:

    As to someone spraypainting “slut” on her door…what did she think was going to happen? You know, people are free to do what they like and indulge themselves as they like and say inflammatory things in public as they like and behave in outrageous ways in public as they like….but it seems that the kind of people who do these things are always just SHOCKED when they are introduced to the fact that there are social consequences to acting out or operating on the idea that they have a “right” to act out.

    That said…what a lousy, cruel, and low, LOW thing to do to someone.

  28. Bodhi says:

    Aspen~ Are you familiar with Eddie Izzard’s Alcatraz show? One part of it (hilariously) mirrors what you said!

  29. Carrie says:

    Enonymous; she lives in a very expensive part of London and all London real estate is crazy expensive anyway. Even the most modest townhouse would set you back around $1,000,000 and a studio apartment in a so-so area would be nearly $500,000. Even with the credit crunch.

  30. Shannon says:

    Flauting a relationship with a married man is one way to get “SLUT” written on your house or car.

  31. Kat says:

    Looks like Karma to me.

  32. RAN says:

    I came onboard to comment, but you’ve all beaten me to it. I agree with those who agree with me :lol:

    I don’t care for the girl, but vandalizing someone’s home is the work of common scum.

  33. Shane says:

    Regardless of her sexual escapades, it’s not cool to glorify criminal vandalism.

  34. Yes, vandalism is scummy.

    So is parading around naked with a married man.

  35. Shane says:

    This was awesome.

    Sienna is like the little brat who never got spanked and runs amuck breaking everyone’s toys (marriages). She needs an attitude adjustment. This won’t even come close but it’s a start.

  36. RAN says:

    Cindy, I’m sure THAT was fun for her and the word ‘scummy’ never occured to the girl. Being a dimwit and a promiscuous woman does not make her a criminal.

    I’m not sure of the rules in other countries, but vandalism is a criminal offense in the U.S. and can land you in the pokey – not forever of course… but it’s considered a thug crime.

    Shamelessly having sex with random men for fun and commiting a crime…hmm… they don’t balance on the equal scale.

  37. BABS81 says:

    Whose is Sienna Miller? What has she been in? From what I have seen of her, it looks like she needs a shower…some women just have a penchant for married’s sort of a game to them.

  38. Christina X says:

    She has more money than most people do for making boring movies. I’m sure she can afford repairs or a paint job at least.

    While I find vandalism in any way, shape, or form, I’d like it if Sienna Miller got knocked down a peg or three.

    I’ve disliked her before the Balthazar Getty incident. Her remarks about Pittsburgh were snotty and uncalled for. Now I REALLY don’t like her.

  39. Pity Party says:

    I bet she did it herself to try to get more sympathy as a means of repairing her image. She’s gross.

  40. Megan says:

    I live just outside London and yes the houses are small and generally terraced, but none of them have metal doors and bars on the windows, at least not the ones in Notting Hill where I think Sienna lives. She lives near Primrose Hill, right? Somewhere like that.

    Also to whoever thinks Sienna is rich, I highly doubt that. If she owns a property in London and has a mortgage, I’d say she’s very very poor!

  41. Mairead says:

    God I can’t stand Rebekah Wade (editor of The Sun) – how exactly is a burglar alarm going to stop someone putting spray paint on the wall? :roll:

    The house looks like a small terraced late 19th or early 20th century house, on a narrowish road. It opens straight onto the street and wouldn’t have the visibility or distance from the footpath that the larger terraces in Notting Hill would have.
    It could be in a conservation area as well, so taking off the paint is going could be a bit of a performance as certain methods or pastes will have to be used.

    Whoever asked why Getty’s stuff isn’t being wrecked is bang on as far as I’m concerned – HE’s the one who didn’t say no.

  42. jaundicemachine says:

    Sadly, barred windows are all the norm in major American cities . . . I think most of us just put the blinders on whenever we seem them, and accept them as the norm. ( Ps – Nothing screams “I’m a potential victim!’ like barred windows and doors – in fact in many cases it encourages more break-ins, vandalism and the like. Funny how sociology works.)

    And yeah, it’s shitty Miller’s home was vandalized. What’s shittier is that Getty got off scot free.

  43. Shane says:

    Neato! Now there are two Shanes.

    The first one here is an imposter.

  44. geronimo says:

    Some very strange comments on here about London houses. If you live in a wealthy area with a high incidence of burglary, you’re obliged to put screens/bars up to meet home insurance requirements. Security reasons not self-important reasons. Sienna’s house is off the pavement (sidewalk) and accessible by anyone who walks by. It’s just basis protection against break-ins.

  45. piedlourde says:

    The “it takes two to tango” feminist in me thinks this is so wrong, but the Sienna Miller loather in me thinks this feels so right.

  46. Lola says:

    I am trying hard to feel sorry for her and failing miserably. Maybe I will try again later.

    Next time she should make sure she has enough body guards before she ventures into adulteryville. Tricky neighbourhood adulteryville.

  47. MSat says:

    Getty isn’t getting off home free- I just read in Entertainment Weekly that the writers of his show, “Brothers & Sisters” have decided to put his character on the back burner for a while until this whole thing blows over.

    This graffiti incident reminds me of that scene in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” when the creepy guy who knocked up Jennifer Jason Lee was a no-show at the abortion clinic- so her friend (Phoebe Cates, rowr!) writes “PRICK” in huge letters all over the guy’s car, locker, etc. Childish, yes, but highly effective. And Awesome.

  48. gg says:

    8O graffiti is an immature act. And so is 4orking somebody else’s husband, with four kids, who is STILL MARRIED, and posing topless with him for a bunch of strangers. She doesn’t think.

    He is probably living in his own hell, and wishes a little graffiti was all he has to deal with.

    No sympathy here for either, and he is a PIG.

    Three words: She WAS WARNED!!!

  49. vdantev says:

    Too true, slut is not nearly as descriptive or accurate as WHORE.

  50. curegirl0421 says:

    This is pretty wrong; I mean whatever she’s slutty, but a) he was there too so how come all the attention is on her, and b) this is criminal vandalism.

    I’m not saying she’s faultless but seriously this crosses the line.

  51. Michele says:

    LMAO she’s 1yr away from obscurity. She’s a not even talented anyway. Find an island Sienna & please DO NOT move to America. We’ve had enough of you. I guess London has too. Maybe you could setup in Afganistan

  52. cas says:

    Okay, which one of you guys did it?!

  53. geronimo says:

    Rhys Ifans. Motive? Tick. Means? Tick. Access? Lives close by. Also, has been permanently pissed/off his face since they broke up and it’s the sort of thing you do on impulse on the way home from a night out. (Not that..ahem..I’d know anything about that….)

  54. british bitch says:

    I think I saw Rhys running off in the other direction.

  55. Kaiser says:

    Agree with Snowblood & Geronimo – it was either one of Rosetta’s nosy, immature, faux-feminist, “powerful” friends or Rhys Ifans. 8O

    Or, you know, someone else.

    I swear it wasn’t me, guys. If it was me, I would have left my signature “ZOMG HOMEWRECKER” — not some generic “SLUT”…

  56. Laine says:

    I’m sorry, but could someone explain to me why this is all Sienna’s fault. I’m not someone who knows alot about her, or has seen alot of her movies, but what I do know is that it takes TWO to tango.
    Sienna is NOT the adulterer, Balthazar Getty is. He is the one with a family he should be worried about, and HE is the one who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

    If you ask me Balthazar Getty is the slut in this story.

  57. A.J. says:

    True, Balthazar is the one who has the wife and kids. He’s the adulterer. But Sienna has a well-documented history of being a homewrecker, hooking up with married men. I don’t agree that the vandalism is justified- it NEVER is- but I have a difficult time feeling sympathetic for her. She makes shitty, callous decisions time and time again, and in doing so brings all these so-called troubles upon herself.

    I do feel kind of bad for her, because her actions and behavior make me think she’s an extremely insecure person deep down.

  58. Treasure says:

    No one can be a homewrecker, or steal someone from another. The relationship has to be already broken, that is at least one of the parties is not happy. So don’t blame the ‘other’ person. The blame lies with the original two people.

  59. kate says:

    why is she singled out and not him as well? i think his actions are far worse…after all he is the married one with children! does that make him a man-slut?

  60. Susan says:



    GROW UP!!!

  61. daisy424 says:

    As soon as you stop using all caps :roll:

  62. Courtney says:

    She got what she deserves. What goes around…………
    Sienna lacks talent, behaves like a spoiled brat and obviously doesn’t care who she runs over. My guess is she’ll fade into obscurity before long. Hopefully anway.
    P.S. That man is just as bad.

  63. Mme X says:

    As much as I dislike what she did–but then does anyone other than the three of them really know the story?–there’s no excuse for such acts of vandalism. I can’t imagine that his house was similarly sprayed. I agree with the comment re: smacking of witch burning. can you imagine how this must make her feel? Really, folks should leave the girl alone and mind their own bee’s wax.

  64. rave says:

    oh puleease…vandalism is a crime… how terrible. u guys really should be honest. this is funny and most likely well deserved. i know and i’ve no experience in this sort of thing like sienna miller, that if i go out with a marry man and flaunt it for all to see and still remain unapologetic by saying some crap like he left her and the kids before (yeah like 2 minutes before) we got together, well then i know i’ve got some pretty unpleasant things to look forward to and a spray painted slut on my house would be the least of it. my area an a$$kicking would be in the near future guaranteed so this is nothing just pretty funny though. :lol:

  65. Nicola says:

    I think what now happens should be a signal to cool down the emotional reactions. What you could read the last weeks about Sienna Miller looked sometimes really like she did something as evil as Osama bin Laden did. You may not wondering if somebody takes it serious when you can read at every corner and on every homepage: “Hang the slut!” The calling of her as “Slutyenna” is an ugly and hypocritical sort of slander, too, which also could lead to worse things. So it´s really time to stop abuses like that!

  66. Blair says:

    Nobody deserves to be treated that way! Being called ‘Sluttyiena’ and having your house read slut on the side, is something that no one should have to go through! It’s really mean what people are doing,even if her house is sort of..ehhh..beat up. Hahaha I don’t even know who Rhys is! :roll: hmmmmmm…reminds me of Rolls Royce. 8O
    oh, and kaiser and i are obviously not the vandalize-ers. lol. that leaves 2,394,382,280 people :!: oh and I think my friend, victoria was with me that day so make that 2,394,382,279 :mrgreen:

  67. Blair says:

    oohhhh! seems this rhys dude is a guy in ‘The Tudors’ ,well isn’t that the shiz~ seems like he is king henry in it! I didn’t watch The Tudors, so how was I supposed to know? :lol:

  68. Blair says:

    oh dear it seems I have the wrong person.. :?
    -continues to wonder who rhys is- hmm well that will have to be solved some other day. :P

  69. Woody says:

    All you Hate filled a-holes out there. What is a SLUT? It’s a Woman who love sex as much as a normal man does. I married a “Good Girl” and cheated within 2 years as I was bored out of my mind. I heard from a friend of mine about a girl he was dumping because she was a “SLUT”. I went after her, and been happily Married to her for 10 years. We have never wanted to cheat, why would I, I am Married to one HOT “SLUT”. She never dresses “Age Appropriate”, women give her dirty looks, and Men Hit on her all the time. My friend says that breaking it off with her, Marrying a “Good Girl” that he cheats on was one of his big mistakes. Girls, No Guy Wants to Eat at a Empty Restaurant. That’s why we love woman like Sienna Miller, SLUT’s RULE!