Sunday Rose Kidman Urban finally photographed; is bottle feeding

Nicole Kidman, 41, was photographed holding her six week old baby Sunday Rose in Sydney yesterday. Kidman has chosen not to debut Sunday in a magazine and the photos taken of her boarding a private plane headed to London are the best yet captured of the newborn. You can see her cute little head and hands poking out of the blanket bundle mom Nicole is carrying.

Kidman told a radio station that Sunday was feeding every two hours but didn’t specify whether she was nursing the baby or bottle feeding. The photo agency reports that the nanny was seen with bottles of formula, so I guess we can assume that the baby is being bottle fed at least part of the time:

Nicole Kidman carries baby, Sunday Rose, in her arms and looks down at her lovingly as she boards a Gulfstream 5 plane bound for London, UK, and a new film. Sunday Rose has a nanny that carries her formula bottles ready for a feed as they take off. Husband, Keith Urban left Sydney for California yesterday. Before the couples departure from Australia, Kidman and Urban went out to a cafe to have some alone time leaving Sunday with the nanny.

[From Fame Pictures photos description]

How cute that Sunday was finally photographed (sort of) on a Sunday. There have been other photos of Sunday in a carrier, but you couldn’t catch much of a glimpse of her.

Nicole has reportedly been told to keep Sunday to herself on the set of her film Australia. Supposedly director Baz Luhrmann says the tyke is too much of a distraction to cast and crew.

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  1. Ana says:

    How does the photo agency know the bottles had formula and not breast milk? There is such a thing as breast pumps.

  2. Snowblood says:

    Is it just me, or does it look like Nicole’s carrying her baby really low? Maybe she just has an unusually long, long torso. But it kind of looks like she’s holding Sunday too far away from her heart/chest/face area. I know whenever I hold a little baby, I instinctively want to hold her quite close and high, near my face and heart.

    By the way – That tiny little Sunday-paw is the CUTEST, sweetest little hand EVER!!

  3. Oh gosh. The breastfeeding nazis are going to be out to get poor Nicole Kidman if they even suspect she is formula feeding. I actually feel sorry for her now.

  4. pebbles says:

    Who in heck cares breast, bottle …….whatever! I have two kids of my own……one breastfed, one had to be bottle fed…and the breast Nazis descended upon me with “no, breast is best! formula is poison!” A little clarity, in the name of God, please….let each mother choose!

  5. Blackalicious says:

    This will surely bring out the bad mommy brigade i.e. women who will make her seem horrid for bottle feeding. It could be bottles breast milk, sure. But what if she couldn’t breastfeed for whatever many possible reasons? I’m sure she loves her daughter just the same. She’s certainly waited for a child for a long time so she has to be enjoying every bit of it, breast feeding or not.

  6. Nan says:

    Nicole trying to garn
    er attention by doing the opposite of what others have been doing by selling their photos. Backfire! Fail!

    “Hey Keith, we’ll hide her & get more attention that way!”

  7. seVen says:

    Well, Some mothers are Unable to breast feed. My cousin breast fed for a few months then she stopped producing milk… Shes a bad mother i know o.m.g!

    Bish please, as long as the kid is being fed milk and not cheetos , all is well in her life

    Cutie baby

  8. Syko says:

    There is nothing at all wrong with bottle feeding. It’s nourishing for the child, and as long as you hold the baby while you feed it and get in that mommy/baby bonding time, the baby will be fine. Better a comfortable mom who is bottle feeding than one who hates breast feeding and does it only because she’s told it’s the best thing.

  9. Kaiser says:

    Nicole looks like Karl Lagerfeld in the header pic. πŸ˜†

    Is Sunday Rose a ginger? I can’t tell!

  10. Snowblood says:

    πŸ˜† You’re right, Kaiser, she DOES look like Lagerfeld there! That’s hilarious – a taller, younger Karl Lagerfeld.

  11. Codzilla says:

    Syko: Couldn’t agree more. Women in my family have trouble producing enough milk to breastfeed properly, and since both my sons were 8+ pounds and HUNGRY all the time, I ended up transitioning to the bottle very early. Needless to say, they’re both doing just fine.

  12. crazy canuck girl says:

    Breast feeding isn’t always easy – think cracked bleeding nipples, then your newborn throws up blood – you think it’s the end of the world, rush your child to the hospital where they perform a battery of tests, and then determine it’s from your bleeding nipples and tell you to stop breastfeeding – true story! Not every woman is meant to breastfeed.

  13. Syko says:

    Yeah, nobody mentions the pain. I spent two weeks nursing my first, who had me bleeding and one nipple nearly pulled off, and yet cried 20 hours out of 24. I fixed a bottle of formula for her. Not knowing anything, I made a full 8 ounce bottle. She drank it all and slept 9 hours. Hmmm, we may be onto something here! I never even tried to nurse the second or third. I always held them when I fed them, snuggled them and rocked them, and they all grew up perfectly healthy. In fact, the only one with any health problems is the one I nursed for two weeks. So much for colostrum.

  14. Roma says:

    I’m adopted so being breast fed wasn’t an option for me or my brother. Neither of us ever had health complications. To each his own.

  15. MsTriste says:

    This makes me wonder again if she had a surrogate. There were never any pictures of her in late stages of pregnancy, she hasn’t shown the baby (maybe she’s waiting for the baby to be older to make sure she looks something like Nicole) and if she’s bottle feeding rather than breastfeeding, it could be because if she didn’t get pregnant, she wouldn’t be lactating.

  16. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    MsTriste, I also really wonder about the surrogate thing. She barely ever even looked pregnant. Even for women who don’t show until pretty late (I have known women like that), they *eventually* do actually look like they are carrying a baby. She never did. I’ve seen women look more pregnant with taco bloat than she ever did.

    It seems extreme, but with the warped mindset of celebrity, I can see how it would look appealing to use a surrogate and pass it off as your own pregnancy.

  17. Tall women don’t show the pregnancy as much as shorter women do. I’m sure if Nicole used a surrogate, she would have said so. Dennis Quaid and his wife had to use a surrogate to have their twins.

  18. Leandra says:

    These surrogate rumors are hilarious. I always laugh when I read about these “secret” pregnancies the celebrities are supposedly having, stuffing pillows under their tops, etc.

  19. Hmm says:

    I’m with the doubters.Β  I say that as much as she tried to emphasize her pregnancy when she appeared on the red carpet at least one photograph would have surfaced with her showing her belly.Β  And I’m sorry, I just don’t buy that tall woman theory that keeps getting thrown around.Β  AJ is as thin as NK, she’s younger, and her pregnancy showed (I’m talking Shiloh, not the twins.)Β  I also don’t think that a woman who suffered more than one miscarriage would be doing the strenuous workouts that she was doing, and I don’t care whether the doctor said it was okay or not.Β  You would be so frightened of another miscarriage that you would be extra cautious. And as for the surrogate thing, Dennis Quaid acknowledging that his wife had a surrogate is different than NK saying she was unable to carry a child. The closest parallel for me would be a man admitting that he was sterile. If your womanhood or manhood was connected to your reproductive ability it may be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

  20. Amy says:

    She’s off to London now? She just can’t take a break and be a mother can she? She has to get right back to work. After all that damn whining about wanting a child. No wonder she has no relationship with her 2 older children. And don’t go throwing the damn COS factor in. Are they forcing her to sign onto movie after movie being shot anywhere but the US?

  21. Nan says:

    Again, nothing adds up w/Kidman. Nothing! She adopted kids but now can have a child of her own? So, supposedly can Cruise, now? They both had the money to do IVF years ago. She’s a fraud. Her style is that of a fraud. I remember how desperate she was years ago when she starred in a play completely nude (in UK, if I remember). Then, she won an Oscar & we hoped she would go away (as did the Academy). No such luck. She keeps going & going & going. Maybe she has some Energizer D cell batteries in her fivehead. Someone short her fuse! Some people act like she is Grace Kelly. Then again, those people can’t be all that now to not notice the difference, no?

  22. Snowblood says:

    She was pregnant. She carried her baby; you could see it in her face and her warmly glowing skin if nowhere else for the entire time she was with child.

    And by the way, what on earth does Nicole Kidman stand to gain by pretending to be pregnant for nine months, and secretly surrogating, like it’s all this great dangerous secret game? Seriously, you’ve got to establish a viable motive for such a conspiracy to be able to carry any (baby) weight. πŸ˜†

  23. Aspen says:

    I couldn’t breastfeed. I tried SO hard for such a long time. It just never happened and the story is full of TMI moments, so just leave it at: I tried very, VERY hard to make it work.

    The breastfeeding nazis made me feel like a total non-woman for a long time. I got so many nosey “comments” from random women in public who saw me bottle feeding, and the breast ladies at my ob’s office were just beyond belief with the hurtful crap they’d sling at me when I told them I was done with the excruciating pain and the stress it was causing both me AND my daughter.

    I really hate women, sometimes. Men just don’t behave this way. Women are so openly and horrendously cruel to other women.

  24. me says:

    Can you breast feed with implants? I’m curious.

  25. Rio says:

    I think the baby’s really hers…I mean, crazy conspiracy theories aside (and I’m one for a good conspiracy theory)– it’s pretty fβ€’cking insane to think a woman realistically waltzed around for 9 months with a pillow strapped to her stomach, with nary a hint to the press from “sources”. Human beings have a natural tendency to gab, and at *least* three people (Nicole, Keith, some assistant/parent/etc) would have had to be in on the “conspiracy”. After all, there’s no such thing as a ‘conspiracy of one’.
    And, from a personal standpoint, I’ve known plenty of rail-thin women who looked like they swallowed a basketball in their 9th month and went back to being “normal” a few weeks later. It happens.

  26. nag says:

    It looks like her lips are all plumped up..

  27. Erin says:

    Is everyone retarded? She was never pregnant. She never looked pregnant, never gained weight, and “lost the weight” within a week. The bottle feeding puts my theory to rest. Its ok if she needed a surrogate. It happens.

  28. xiaoecho says:

    Aww, little Sunday Roast….with mint sauce

  29. geronimo says:

    πŸ˜† xiaoecho. Really don’t think they thought that name through!

  30. dora says:

    I knew a woman who was TINY, yet immediately after giving birth to her first child she weighed less that before she got pregnant. I’m talking one hour after giving birth, not several weeks. We are all human, but we’ve all got our own bodies which function uniquely. And has no one else ever heard any stories about women not knowing they were even pregnant (i.e. because they didn’t gain any weight and kept having periods), then one day while in the bathroom a baby suddenly pops out? I knew a teen mom who this happened to. Luckily, she had a very supportive mom of her own.

  31. Lara says:

    “Is everyone retarded? She was never pregnant.”
    Retarded is as retarded writes. Seriously, how mentally challenged must one be to actually believe she was never pregnant. Do you believe Elvis is still alive too?

  32. MA says:

    I’m very pro-breastfeeding – I think all women who WANT to breastfeed should have the resources, help and supported needed/wanted to breastfeed. I also think women/mothers should have accurate information on breastfeeding and formula. I have never said one word about another’s choice being wrong/poison/etc.
    What’s with comparing women to Nazis though? Seriously, can’t people come up with something… less offensive. First it was Femi-Nazi (thank you Rush, you ass) now it’s breastfeeding Nazis. The comparison is ridiculous. Do people not realize what Nazis did?
    Another person cannot make you feel bad for a choice you made. Own your feelings.
    I do wish Nicole the best.

  33. xiaoecho says:

    Geronimo…….’fraid I can’t leave it alone. It’s too easy πŸ˜›

  34. duda says:

    If im feeding my child.. NO you dont have the right to come up to me and comment on it.. NO ONE has the right to comment on how you feed your child. breast or bottle is a personal decision.

  35. Kaiser says:

    Er… this thread went off the rails, didn’t it? And no one answered my original question: Is Sunday Roast (With Mint Jelly) a ginger? Does anyone know?

    And yes, I’m totally into the conspiracy that Nic was never pregnant. My theory? Her sister Antonia was the surrogate. Nic did the whole thing because she genuinely wanted a baby, and she genuinely wanted to jump-start the next phase of her career. ZOMG PILLOW BABY.

  36. vdantev says:

    Who ever took that pic should have his arm broken.

  37. Orangejulius says:

    Kaiser – Mint sauce is just a sweet jelly made with mint that really does taste good with roast lamb. It’s not a ginger. It’s one of those old-fashioned English dinners.

  38. Hollz says:

    This is why she should have sold the pictures…a nice, pretty picture debut or this?

    Oj, Kaiser is asking if Sunday Rose IS a ginger, meaning does she have red hair and or freckles

    imo not only are there Brestfeeding Nazis there are baby- having Nazis, people who will tell you that if you don’t have children your not a woman >.<

  39. Trashaddict says:

    I’m afraid everyone who hasn’t is going to get a horrible impression of breastfeeding here. It is absolutely an individual choice and I hope no one would ever force their ideas on another mom. That being said it is the healthiest (less gastrointestinal infections, transfer of mom’s antibodies to the baby, maybe less abnormal weight gain and less diabetes as an adult). It is difficult at first, just like walking is difficult to learn for any toddler who’s never done it before. A lot of women give up because they just don’t have adequate support or teaching in the hospital and after. The other thing it requires is patience and commitment, which is hard to accomplish with the pressures of the society we currently live in, for ANY woman. A lot of women who can breastfeed are blessed with easier jobs or husbands and childcare givers who help. But just wanted to say having been there, that it was a good experience for me and my kids, despite the challenges, of which there are admittedly many. I understand the life circumstances of people who don’t, but it is the best thing for the baby.
    PS the reason breastfeed babies feed more often is that breast milk is digested quicker! If the baby is peeing enough, they will be OK. That being said, sometimes one bottle of formula overnight gives a mom a really needed rest, if you’re breast feeding just don’t give it too early or the kid will take the bottle because it delivers the milk with less work.
    PPS it helps your uterus contract, the postpartum bleeding stop, and helps get you back to pre-pregnancy weight. Also reduces your chances of breast cancer. Not too shabby, eh???

  40. Kaiser says:

    @Orange – I was asking if Sunday Roast had red hair. You know, “gingers” are people with red hair. Why am I explaining this?

  41. geronimo says:

    LOL!! Orangejulius’s response to you is the funniest thing ever, Kaiser!!

    Re the ginge, since no one’s set eyes on this child, hard to say but there’s a strong possibility she would be…isn’s KU kind of sandy brown as well?

  42. Snowblood says:

    πŸ˜† OrangeJulius and Kaiser, that was the funniest exchange you two just had! Geronimo, you’re the bomb, bella for pointing that out! πŸ˜†

    You know, just as an aside, BADettes? These thread comments are SO much FUN when you’re comfortably blazed on Santa Cruz homegrown. This is how to do it:

    A little toke’ll do ya, then come to the Jolie-Pitt threads after 80 or so comments have been lodged over the last 20 hours or so, and then and ONLY then, read the comment posts all through, and comment.

    ‘Cause I guarantee you, after a righteous toke or two, it’ll all be helplessly hilarious, all prior potency of asinine, ugly posts as a poison having been utterly wiped out of the place.



    Kaiser, OerangeJulius, Geronimo, I love you guys! πŸ˜€ BADettes Forever!

    …now for some french vanilla ice cream with organic maple syrup poured on top and a couple spoonfuls of maranatha peanut butter…

  43. Kaiser says:

    That is funny. And that’s coming from someone who woke up still drunk at 6 am.

  44. Pbelle47 says:

    I didn’t look pregnant with either of my children; my husband kept asking me if I was going to get bigger. Every woman carries their baby differently, so some look bigger than others. I weighed 118 when I got pregnant and gained only 20 pounds, so after I had my kids, I pretty much got back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Why do people have to be so condescending anyway? Can’t they just be happy for Nicole and Keith whether or not Sunday Rose was carried by Nicole or a surrogate? I mean, get a life people!!

  45. lisa says:

    NK is a wacko…just look at her to see it! Drs in Sydney reported on her not having reproductive organs yrs back! She is quite nasty and deluded so to lie about a little pregnancy…oh well why not!!! Im sure she will be found out! Oh and she has never had anything done to her face either! πŸ™„

  46. samantha says:

    breast feeding or not , nicole looks happy and she loves her baby. shes wanted her own biological baby for ages. god , let the poor woman be happy ! it doesnt matter if shes not breast feeding or if she is, its a mothers decision not anybody else’s !
    and wth is it about the baby not even being hers ? thats ridiculous tbh. of course the babys hers !gosh , where do people get these silly ideas ehh ?

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  48. juliana says:

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