Paparazzi no longer interested in John Mayer without Jennifer Aniston

Not all that surprisingly, John Mayer isn’t all that big a deal. Actually I guess I should say “not all that surprisingly – except to John Mayer.” It’s always been pretty obvious that John thinks he’s the cat’s pajamas. But apparently he thought that by dating Jennifer Aniston he’d somehow magically propelled himself to Aniston-like heights. Unfortunately that’s not the case. The pair were paparazzi magic when they were together, but now it’s appears John’s photog value is about 1% of what it used to be.

You know that gaping hole in John Mayer’s heart, the one in the space Jennifer Aniston used to occupy? Mayer has found something to fill it, and it’s not another lady — it’s the paparazzi. The only problem: Mayer’s relationship with the shooters is a one-way street. Mayer might love the attention he gets, but the paps aren’t interested in him now that he’s no longer with Aniston.

“He thinks he’s famous as Jen now. Last week he went to a party, tipped off the paps, and even had decoy cars at the ready when he was leaving,” says one paparazzo. “Nice, but no one bothered to follow them, which made John think he ‘lost’ everyone, when really no one bothered to follow him.”

Considering how accessible Mayer often makes himself to reporters, bloggers and paparazzi, news that Mayer’s world is no longer a wonderland for the masses might not make sense at first. As it turns out, the explanation is simple: Mayer simply doesn’t sell now that he and Aniston have gone separate ways. According to one paparazzo source, “Pictures of him and Jen were selling for $20,000 at one point. A picture of him alone gets $200 now. Chasing him from his apartment to Nobu is hardly worth it.”

[From MSNBC’s The Scoop]

The Scoop’s Courtney Hazlett is the same columnist that had Aniston’s side of the breakup story, including details on how she was the one who ended things with Mayer, so it seems like she’s probably got an inside source.

Not that I’d ever wish any sadness on John Mayer – he seems to have more than enough on his own – but I’m sort of glad he wasn’t able to use the Jennifer Aniston relationship to raise his profile long-term. So he’s back to dating everything with two legs and singing mediocre faux-insightful songs. Big deal. Why should that net anything bigger than it did before? If John dated anything less than three different women a week, I could understand how that could/should get some attention. But other than that, why expect a big markup for maintaining the status quo?

Here’s John and his hot ride a month ago when everyone still cared. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. cali angel says:

    Overall, it has to be embarassing for the both of them. It was obviously just a little fling and go blown into these huge proportions by everyone else. At least Jen is being smart and keeping relatively quiet about the whole disaster.

  2. Orangejulius says:

    I only read one interview with him. What a pretentious, egotistical jackass he is. I don’t wish ill on anyone, but get a clue, John, you’re not ‘all that and a bag of chips’.

  3. daisy424 says:

    He is a legend in his own mind…….

  4. Savanah Anderson says:

    They shouldn’t have never been in the first place. Thats their business!

  5. Syko says:

    I like him better than her.

  6. Jenna says:

    I’ve never cared for either but the stories do make for an interesting afternoon.

  7. Kaiser says:

    Me too, Syko. I’m still within my self-imposed Week of Not Calling Him A Douchebag.

    Cali Angel – Uh, this *is* Jen’s side of the story. Just because Jen gets her Goddess Circle losers to get out her side to the media, doesn’t make it any less of pathetic, immature Pity Party.

  8. Trace says:

    Don’t like either of them, but this is another attempt by Jen’s PR to make John look bad and Jen look good. Please, Jen is only a star in the tabloids. She is now infamous for being a desperate woman who is perpetually dumped by all the men in her life. I caught 5 minutes of a Friends rerun not too long ago. She really was quite charming back then, but my, what a fall from grace since her divorce and the end of Friends.

  9. princess says:

    This is great! I just love it.

  10. Snowblood says:

    @ Trace – “this is another attempt by Jen’s PR to make John look bad and Jen look good.” ExACTly! Trace, you’re absolutely right, this is precisely what Anniston does, on a DAILY basis. This is her M.O., the daily tabloid feed. It’s what she does.

  11. Nan says:

    I knew it! Hey, did anyone else see that stupid paraody John did w/some other guy eating icecream to ‘2girls,1 cup’? SLACKER!

  12. vicsmith says:

    why is anyone following either one around? She has done nothing since Friends except one crappy movie after another where she’s place a hippy, dippy girlfriend. She’s a horrible actress and I kinda like some of his music.

  13. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Both of them suck.

  14. KERRI says:

    Here, Here Kaiser, Snowblood, vicsmith, syko…

    “Jen never kisses and tells”??

    No, she doesn’t have to – not with all her gabby “SOURCES” telling every single detail about her relationships to the media, this is, Of course, after CHINNIFER reviews and edits the scripts handed to each of them. Cunning gal.

  15. Bodhi says:

    Ya know, I really hoped they’d last forever. Its selfish hope because I can’t stand either one of them & want them both to go a-friggen-way.

    BTW, what exactly are Aniston-like heights ?

  16. Trace says:

    Bodhi – “BTW, what exactly are Aniston-like heights ?”

    Aniston-like heights = Queen of the Tabloids

  17. pamela says:

    I think the fall-out from all this will make men reluctant to date Aniston, because they see how everyone who has ever broken up with her, gets targeted and ripped apart in the tabloid press, while she trys to come out smelling like a rose. It will back fire on her though, and i can’t wait.

    I loathe this woman.

  18. Snowblood says:

    You’re right, Pamela, except that apparantly men have ALways been reluctant to date her, so this Mayer debacle can’t really do much to change what has always been, you know? She cannot keep a boyfriend, no matter the guy, and it doesn’t look like there’s ever been an eager pushing & shoving impatient line of wannabe suitors lined up outside her door. Unfortunately, it looks like Mayer was her best match yet – they seemed so ideal for each other. 😆

  19. Bodhi says:

    Trace~ I know; I was being facetious.

    Its the “heights” that got me. Who in the hell would want to reach those “heights”

  20. czarina says:

    See, I totally agree with all of you saying that this is still the work of Jen’s PR people spinning this to make John look bad…and yet, I dislike this guy so much I can’t bring myself to care.
    He strikes me as an egotistical jerk who doesn’t really invest any genuine emotion in his relationships; i.e. a total user.
    So, let Jen’s PR machine dance on his entrails…maybe he’ll have a wake up call that treating women like potato chips may not be such a bright idea.

  21. mollination says:

    Maybe I’m naive but when I see Jen in interviews like the time she was on Oprah (they weren’t on the couch, they were at Oprah’s house just chilling and drinking with cams set up to record, which would appear to make one act more like themselves and less like they’re “turning their personas on”) but she comes off quite mellow and likable.

    I feel bad that this is her persona she’s been pigeon-holed into, what a drag. It might even make one get desperate enough to try and counteract the nonsense by enlisting friends to spill the stories that reflect the positive. I imagine if I were a celeb I might think that was a good idea (unfortunately on the outside looking in, it is a BAD idea because it backfires and makes her look more suspicious).

    But I don’t know for sure. And hey, neither does anybody else, hence why we read gossip-sites. 🙄

  22. rue says:

    WOW – seems that there is a lot of hate here for someone that not one of you even knows execept through tabloids. No one who posts here has a clue as to what Jen is like. Any single women in hollywood will always have rude statements from the press. Once they get married and have babies however the press treats them much nicer – really sad. Jen is a big tabloid magnet. Jen could marry a guy off the street and it would be huge news. It actually must be really hard to live this way. Anyone she dates the press rips apart. Every article that is printed she is compared to her x-husbands new wife. Every time she does anything it is analyzed. Party because Jen is so quiet. See Jen has not given interviews for so long that no one really knows what she is like now. Her last interview was very vague and she gives nothing away. I really think that the whole PR thing is really overblown by people who hate her. Huvane has dozens of clients and works the same for all of them. For some reason however people have this really odd theory that her whole life is spent trying to get PR – likes she needs it. Jen will always be a huge famous star. And by the way she has taken two years off. Before that however her last movie made over 200 millions dollars. I don’t know but I am sure that if any of you made a movie and it made 200 million dollars you would think that you had accomplished something. Right?

  23. Blair says:

    mollination.rue.-true,true, yep i agree 😀
    well, i feel bad for the mayer, but it seems this is what self-absorbed people get. everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. (i think some people get more then him, 😐 ,though.) anyways, i do hope jen and a few other stars can try to not get themselves into a pickle;i am tired of hearing about them. crap. who am i kidding? we should be expecting at least a few more days of this jen-mayer business before it all dies out.

  24. pamela says:


    Jen is a “huge famous star” in her mind, and in the US to the few people who refuse to see the light, not in any other part of the world. Atually, not even in NYC, as she was seen walking quite incognito last week.

    Jen dating is like a car wreck that you slow down long enough to watch, and then you carry on with your day, hoping no one was seriously hurt. Except in her case, i dont care one way or the other.

  25. pamela says:

    By the way, i wonder what a picture of Aniston goes for?

  26. pamela says:


    Sorry I did not acknowledge your earlier post, but i was still at work, and was literally on my way out the door when i submitted my comment.

    I always LMAO when i read your posts. You have a great way with words, and should be a comedienne. I am just happy you are a fellow Brangeloonie. LOL.

  27. AE says:

    “You know that gaping hole in John Mayer’s heart, the one in the space Jennifer Aniston used to occupy?” Is that code for something we missed? While their dating seemed so staged and phoney, this juvenile break up makes it all seem kind of like a Marketing 101 project gone terribly wrong. All around bad strategy and silly presentation, especially for her. It should be interesting to see how Dark Dick is going to react to the news that his picture is worthless without her. Any guesses?

  28. Gladys Stomp says:

    Gad,He is a no talent, tiresome singer & She is a washed up ex t.v. star! I wish they would both just go away. “Friends” was just a huge collection of dreadful, mediocre hosebags who had been around ( & suckin) forever.And I would rather listen to my cat hackin’ up a furball as to listen to that creature tryin’ to sing! 😛

  29. pamela says:


    I think John is going to drop a bombshell one of these days. Be prepared.

  30. pamela says:

    Gladys Stomp,

    Preach Sista. LOL.

  31. AE says:

    pamela – I think you’re right. With all the vitriol coming from her side, I think her PR people must already know whats coming next.

  32. Mme X says:


  33. RAN says:

    Good, I wasn’t interested when he WAS with her so it makes no difference now that he’s gone.

    Well said Mollination. Rue, I wouldn’t say she’s a HUGE star, but she is bankable and a very likeable actress (outside of Celebitchy 😉 ) and remains in the top 100 on the Forbes list. I can’t remember a movie that made $200 mil, but I don’t follow the movie gross stuff that much. She DOES have decent earning power though, so… I’d venture to say that she’s not completely without talent and worthless.

    For those that say she spins the stories herself, which one of us didn’t make sure our friends knew what was going on in a break-up? In our lives? Is she supposed to just run away? If she did, she’d be criticized for that too. C’mon, it’s a little unrealistic and unfair to slam this woman for behaviors that are commonplace for most everyone.

  34. pamela says:


    She remains on the Forbes “top 100 “list because of her Friends residuals, not because of her bankability. How come we never heard the friends of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, or other celebrities who have had break-ups talking to the media? This woman is very image-conscious, and worst, vindictive. That is why it is so important to her that “her side” gets told. She is also the only celebrity who constantly denies stories to the tabloids. That is no coincidence.

  35. Kaiser says:

    AE – Always happy to see that “Dark Dick Rot” may be a name that sticks, but let’s be careful. Shhh… we want him to do a tell-all interview bashing Jen and her god-awful Pity Party.

    Pamela & Snowblood – Preach!

  36. bros says:

    exactly pamela. JA is conniving, immature, and her satisfaction in life seems to be seeing how often she can be in the spotlight, for whatever reason. why are we constanlt hearing from insiders about her private life when much more serious breakups have happened and not a peep comes out of these other people’s camps. jen leaks and leaks and spins and spins and thats what her life consists of. that and (i know ive said it before, but hey) sunbathing, shopping, working out, thinking about herself, and making strings of romantic comedies that suck.

    oh and rue or ran or whatever,

    she has NOT taken two years off. what the hell are you talking about? shes been making bad movies the whole time since friends. go look at her IMDB page if you need clarification. she has 5 movies in post prodution or in the pipeline.

  37. Kaiser says:

    @Bros – well, she did sort of take two years off, after she filmed The Break-Up (with a couple of small exceptions, from roughly Fall 2005 to Summer 2007, she was just sunbathing and having a Pity Party).

    But I think “taking two years off” was code for “no one wanted to hire her after her self-absorbed, lie-filled Pity Party backfired and also she’s a really horrible actress” — also, a lot of those films “in the pipeline” are diasters. No distributors, release dates getting pushed back, etc. Few care about Aniston unless we’re pitying her or rooting for her to fail.

  38. Guest says:

    She did take two years off (from the end of the filming of The Break Up to the start of filming of Management) and then made 3 movies (Management, Traveling and Marley and Me). If she made three movies I don’t think that “no one wanted to hire her”. She took time off to enjoy life. If few people care for her why did her last movie (The Break Up)make over $200 million, why does everyone watch her every move, and why does she have three new movies to come out? Marley and me will be a big hit. It has had a release date now for months and has not changed. I am not sure where you get the idea that her new movies are diasters they have not even been seen yet. She is not the only celebrity that denies reports to the tabloids most celebrities do that freqently but Jen is watched so much that every single word she says is analyzed to bits. Not one other person in show biz is watched as closely as Jen is. If Jen sneezes it is in the news. Also note that most Jen posts here always have the most posts. Why is that – because Jen is just watched by so many people. Whether you hate or love her everyone wants to know what Jen is doing and how she is feeling. And by the way having a pity party is a great thing. Most women do that alot it helps clear anger and hurt. You guys should try it more often obviously you have alot bottled up insdie of you to come and post over and over on someone who you hate. Really weird.

  39. Kaiser says:

    …And the Pity Party never ends.

    Guest – read back over what I was saying to Bros – I was correcting something he/she said.

    I also said “a lot of those films “in the pipeline” are diasters. No distributors, release dates getting pushed back, etc.” – A LOT not EVERY. Marley & Me is the only Aniston film that is still on it’s original scheduled release & with a distributor.

    “He’s Just Not…” has been pushed back three times, I think, and one of the reasons is The NeverEnding Pity Party.

    Also, I’ve never claimed to ambivalent about Aniston. I actively enjoy making fun of her and self-imposed victimhood. I pay attention to her life because it warms my heart that not everyone is falling for her bull$hit.

  40. bros says:

    lots of shitty movies in the US do well overseas. the break up was probably very popular elsewhere. I see kaiser, so she did “take a break” from her really tough schedule of movie making. I know her roles take a lot of time to prepare for, sort of like daniel day lewis. she really has to get inside the mind of her characters, who are usually really intense and complicated. so I can see why she needs a lot of downtime in between movies.

    guest, you forgot to mention ‘he’s just not that into you’ in her movies that are set to come out. thats also a really imporant, complicated role that she apparently has needed her whole life to prepare for.

  41. KERRI says:

    She attaches herself to A-list comics/actors who bring in the bucks: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Jim Carey, Vince Vaughn, etc. She cannot open a film on her own as a lead actress. She has proven that three times, and all three films were bombs. She knows this, so she plays it safe with romatic comedies that will be a sure fire hit (whether she’s in the film or not). She’s really a side-kick.

  42. Kaiser says:

    @Bros – EXACTLY like Daniel Day-Lewis. 😆

    @Kerri – Yep. Interchangable “girlfriend” roles where she can just stand around whining and flipping her hair.

  43. aleach says:

    why do you all seem to hate anniston so much?just curoius…i have a feeling it has something to do with brad & angelina…i know theyre are a WHOLE bunch of brangaloonoies on this site.
    its so people really do hate her, and im sure not one of you has met her before. no, im not a jen supporter/lover but jeeeeesh.
    you dont like her because Pitt dumprer HER? i just dont get it, i know youre all going to hate me but, please…explain.

  44. Guest says:

    Jennifer plays an extremely small role in He’s Not That Into You. See what I mean. Here Jen has a small role and there are at least 6 other big stars in that movie. But when anyone talks about that movie whose name is always mentioned – Jennifers. Did she produce it? Does she play the major role? She she the one promoting it? But if it fails or is pushed back it is all her fault? No to all questions. Why her then and not the others? Becasue everyone wants to talk about Jen. Your posting here shows what a big star she really is. Death to any actress or actor is no one posting about them. Even posts filled with hate and scorn bring attention. If Jennifer really was washed up, sad, etc. no one would be posting on her you guys included. Oh and by the way the A-list men you mentioned Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Jim Carey, Vince Vaughn have all had big flops lately doing movies with them is no indication that the movie will do well. As a fan of Jen I personally love the pity party title. I think that it is cute and signals what most women do. Jen is just like the rest of us – well not like you guys here – but the average women. She has friends, she goes out, she tries in love and fails and then is sad and moves on. I love that about her. So keep throwing out the pity party thing I think that when you do that you think you are insulting Jen but in reality you are not. About her not moving on. Honestly Jen moved on years ago – who hasn’t moved on are the people who openly hate her. No one posting here has any clue as to how Jen is feeling because she never gives interviews it is all guess work based on tabloids. Jen is a very private person and keeps it that way. Good for her! But keep up with the hate because even hate brings success infact I think that people who are hated thrive better and are stronger. jen is doing great only her haters love to believe that she is not.

  45. KERRI says:

    Guest: She doesn’t need to give interviews, she has her “sources” slip a line here, a feeling there. She’s a manuplative whore who knows how to work the public. Did you happen to see those shots of her by the pool in Miami? She knows she is being photographed from powerful camera lenses, so what does she do?? Goes on all fours and sticks her ASS into the happy paps cameras. Give me a break please. Do you really think that wasn’t planned. Some people are so naive.

  46. bros says:

    so gues, by your incredible logic, people having a negative opinion about a B list actress who we think sucks and is not a huge box office draw means (in your world) that she is a huge star because people are talking about her.

    so I guess heidi montag is a huge star and a talented actress/singer because people post about her dumb ass too?

    your logic needs an upgrade.

  47. Kaiser says:

    @Bros – By those calculations, I think Paris Hilton is a bigger star than Pity Party. 😆

  48. susan says:

    Question who is a huge box office draw. Of course the only person who is always a big draw – is – Will Smith. Other than that no one is a huge box office draw. Jen’s movies have done as well as all the stars out there. Some good, some bad, some make money – some don’t. You might consider her B-list but in reality she is as A-list as all the others that carry that title. Just admit it if she was washed up no one would be posting here at all. By posting you actually prove that she is a big star. And by the way you might thinks she sucks but millions don’t or else her last movie wouldn’t have made any money and it made over $200 million. Hey I’d take that kind of failure and I’m sure that you would to.

  49. czarina says:

    I read a really interesting article (that was on a link on DListed) on Jen and the whole PR issue.
    The article expressed what I think most people feel: that we sympathize with Jen getting dragged into every Brangelina headline, usually not to her benefit (i.e. all those front cover pics of happy Brad and Angie with a sidebar of Jen looking sad and a question of her wishing she had kids or poor Jen still alone, etc.), but her attempts to counter that with more positive or interesting PR is really not going well.
    I don’t blame her at all for wanting to deflect that tabloid-selling media hook of ‘Jen still not over Brad’
    (I just saw today some tabloid with a headline saying something like: ‘Jen Turns To Brad–Her Call To France’)
    It must be galling and frustrating for her.
    But she really needs a new PR team to come up with something to get her out of this image rut she is in. NOT having her date some hot guy (unless, of course, she WANTS to!), but something to make her stand out as Jennifer Aniston…not the ex-Mrs. Brad Pitt.

  50. bros says:

    susan, no. faulty logic. refer to previous posts about heidi and paris please.

  51. Lola says:

    The only reason Brangeloonies hate Jen is because they know deep in their hearts that if Brad Pitt could, he would rather he had those kids with Jen. That really bugs them. Not rocket science.

    Angelina is not a box office draw. Even wanted which had a huge opening weeked has only wrecked in $133,760,305 to date making it the worst performing blockbuster this summer.

    I guess the studio has had to come to terms witht he fact that the handful of loonies and a few action geeks turned up in the first weekend. Word of mouth too did not help the movie. Actually it may yet end up a box office dud at this rate. I have seen movies open at 30mln and go one to make 200 or 300mln. Angelina alone has never been a BO success. Mind you, JA has not been a huge success either, but atleast her name has never had audiences running away from a picture like Angelina’s did for AMH.

  52. Bodhi says:

    What basis do you have for saying that Brad would rather have kids with Jen?

    Ok, for real, peace out

  53. Lola says:

    Bodhi, you Brangelooonies always say he left Jen because she refused to have kids with him. Which leads me to conclude that she was his first priority for mother of his kids. Obviously she did not want kids of low intellect. Or she figured that he would run with his next co star and leave her with the kids, who knows.

    He did say on Oprah that he could not wait to have little Jens running around the house. And that she was the love of his life.

    Unless I hear some ones from him about Angelina being the love of his life (how many lives does one guy have 🙄 ) I will not pretend to be a mind reader.

    What kind of man has kids with Angelina Jolie anyway? He is dumb but christ he is going to wake up one day and cry ‘what have I done….’

  54. czarina says:

    Lola–but here you’ve just proved my point. In a thread about Jen and John Meyer, the first thing you say in your post (of 1:39)is about Brad Pitt and/or Pitt-Joile fans.
    In fact, your whole post is actually about Angelina Jolie (with a little tag-on mention of Jen at the end)
    THIS is the problem with/for Jennifer Aniston. That nothing in her life now is more interesting than her past. That even someone who is ostensibly defending her talks more about Brad and Angelina than they do about her.
    THIS is why she needs serious PR help.

  55. RAN says:

    Bros, you might want to check your facts before challenging others with your faulty logic… just saying. One lacks credibility when one posts shite like you do.

  56. nina says:

    A question – where is the site based? I.e. – where is the bulk of commenters/the admins from? (as in country/continent)

  57. dumdee says:

    kaiser and syko are working out their magic again to bash jen with whatever it takes. you guys are lame. get a life!

  58. Kaiser says:

    Seriously, doesn’t the Pity Party get tedious after three and a half f–king years?

    You HaterTrolls are defending a woman who f–ked Dark Dick Rot, after all. Just saying.

    Lola/Tia/Carla/Nina/Laila – you are an utter failure. Seek psychiatric help. Seriously.

  59. dumdee says:

    who makes up words like HaterTrolls? sounds like a word a 5th grader will make up. what the hell are hater trolls anyway old wise one? 🙂

  60. Bodhi says:

    lola, I’ve never said that. Ever. Feel free to comb the site for all my comments if you want, but you won’t find one to that effect

  61. nina says:

    Kaiser, I never posted as anyone else. You have some kind of a problem that makes you insist on things that are not there, because it is certainly not normal. Doing that does not sound like a recipe for success in life. Single-mindedness is a sad backwards thing. Also, if you continue your repeated personal abusive comments, I’ll report you to CB, along with your odd accusations….

  62. Lola says:

    Sorry Bodhi, maybe it wasn’t you but another of your kind. Infact many Brangeloonies think Jen deserves all the humiliation Brad and Angieho put her through because she refused to have kids with the saintness called Brad Pitt.

  63. czarina says:

    Lola–don’t you think that you are less a Jennifer Aniston fan than a Brangelina non-fan?
    As I pointed out in my above post, here on this Jennifer Aniston thread, Brad and Angie are all YOU talk about.
    If you really admired JA, wouldn’t it be more supportive to NOT discuss Brangelina and their fans, to focus instead on JA?

  64. Elizabeth says:

    You are correct. She needs a new PR team.

    And BTW folks,
    Jennifer is much prettier in person than she photographs.

    Just saying…

  65. jfly says:

    when was the last time you paid 20 Gs for pictures, asshole… get lost and pay for the pix you are using…

    The pink panther king of paps.

  66. vdantev says:

    *Nelson Munz laugh*